softcoderhello.. i just installed the dual boot touch + android on my nexus 4 phone00:22
softcodera few issues ineed help with00:23
softcodera) is there a text editor.... or a way to install apps ?00:23
softcoderi see no file manager or gedit00:23
softcoderb) i also have no sound and i am on 4.4.2 android and DID downgrade the radio firmware to the correct 4.3... still no go00:24
softcoderc) when i try to connect to my wifi router i have a large password to enter... while typoing it in (EVERY TIME) the ui seems to timeout and go back to the wifi screen not allowing me to finish entering the password00:25
softcoderhelp with any of these will be appreciated00:25
egrepsoftcoder: click the arrow that says something about the apps you don't have installed, and it spans out to have a list of every app you can install from the touch install place, i think, in no particularly easily decipherable order.01:50
egrepsoftcoder: Don't know anything about no file manager...01:51
egrep...I (at least) happen to have one. I think.01:51
softcoderi see no such option01:54
softcoderi installed latest dual boot01:54
softcodernow i want to install core apps01:55
softcoderi cannot01:55
egrepSo you don't have a thing that says "More suggestions" under your Applications home screen?01:55
egrepHrm. Then I have no idea.01:59
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immeaHi. Has anyone got UT to work on the Nexus 7 2013 yet ?06:01
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fr33r1d3Hello. I just installed Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 4, but it seems that it cant locate any wifi now!?08:56
mahadeerwill ubuntu support on tablets?11:11
mahadeersomeone please do reply?11:11
popeybug 1268115  ☹11:34
ubot5bug 1268115 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Cant pair non-headset device via bluetooth" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126811511:34
iSDPHey, how's touch coming along for Hammerhead?12:39
FuLgOrEiSDP: please check this http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/01/09/%23ubuntu-touch.txt12:44
FuLgOrEat around 14:39 the interesting part starts12:45
popeyogra_: if you get a chance can you confirm bug 126811513:41
ubot5bug 1268115 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Cant pair non-headset device via bluetooth" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126811513:41
popey(as I think you have an ouya)13:41
BlazetamaHello :D13:42
iSDPFuLgOrE: I don't really understand all the terms being flung around, but the N5 ain't worth it?13:43
BlazetamaI want to help about ubuntu development, is this the right place to ask?13:43
popeyBlazetama: sure13:43
BlazetamaGreat, thanks popey13:44
popeyiSDP: you used a term yourself - "hammerhead" :D13:44
popeyiSDP: it's being worked on13:44
popeyBlazetama: got any specific questions?13:44
Blazetama@popey test13:44
Blazetamayes yes13:44
Blazetamaim a android developer, not really good but not bad13:44
Blazetamaor in the other word, i know java13:44
popeyI'm sorry.13:45
iSDPpopey: I am more of a android knower than Ubuntu these days, I know my way perfectly around the os and Android, but terms like ABI are new to me13:45
Blazetamacan i help you guys with java?13:45
ogra_popey, heh, i not only have an ouya, i also have one of these http://cdn.ubergizmo.com/photos/2009/7/zeemote-js1.jpg ...13:45
ogra_popey, BT testing and fixing is on the plan for Core sprint, i'll bring both devices there (together with a ton of others)13:46
popeyi had a blinding flash of light in bed last night, to use a controller with Ubuntu touch to play a game13:46
popeyBlazetama: we don't use java13:46
popeyfor ubuntu touch that is13:47
iSDPWhat is the main language then?13:47
ogra_QML, C++, javascript13:47
popeydepends, for the platform, c, c++, qt, js13:47
popeyfor apps, as ogra_ says, QML, C++, JS13:47
popeyalthough there is one java app in the store ☻13:47
Blazetamajs, do you mean javascript?13:47
Blazetamai see13:48
popeyogra_: i thought I might be able to use my xbox controller (usb) but unfortunately the Nexus 4 provides zero power over USB OTG ☹13:48
popeywhich sucks13:48
ogra_you would need it in host mode13:48
ogra_iirc that requires kernel patches13:48
ogra_(intrusive ones)13:48
popeyits still provides no power13:48
Blazetamahow about the "unity" in this link : https://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity8/13:48
popeyso you need a OTG Y cable and external power source13:49
popeyhardware issue with n413:49
Blazetamawhat language did they use?13:49
ogra_powered hub should do13:49
ogra_BillyZane, QML and C++13:49
popeylots to lug around for just a quick game13:49
iSDPIf only I could use my phone as the main pc13:49
popeywhich is why i switched to trying my bluetooth controller13:49
ogra_Blazetama, ^^^ (sorry BillyZane)13:49
ogra_Blazetama, yeah, IRC client auto completion messup13:50
Blazetamai see, then its c++13:50
Blazetamai might need some times to learn first13:50
Blazetamai know c# but dont know c++13:51
Blazetamapretty rare eh13:51
Blazetamamy collage does NOT teach c++13:51
Blazetamaand i never used it in my office13:51
ogra_well, buy a book ;)13:52
ogra_if you understood one language, learning anothe one isnt so hard13:52
BlazetamaThanks guys for the help :D14:00
Blazetamai just used ubuntu for around six months14:01
Blazetamaand i think its amazing14:01
Blazetamathats why i think i might be a little help14:01
labsinI am running the emulator. Anyone knows how I can run qmlscene from the terminal/adb shell14:03
FuLgOrEpopey: regarding power over USB OTG: the nexus 5 provides power over USB. I tried to connect a mouse and it worked14:05
labsinI get QUbuntu: Could not create application instance14:05
popeyFuLgOrE: good news14:06
FuLgOrEat the moment, my nexus 5 is powered off and wait for ubuntu touch :(14:07
FuLgOrEI use my samsung galaxy s2 until ubuntu touch is available for N514:07
labsinfrom adb shell I get QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display14:07
FuLgOrEthat's the reason why I'm here every day or at least "study" all log files :D14:08
FuLgOrEwith cyanogenmod, my nexus 5 is not better for me than my galaxy s2. so hurry guys. :-D (i'm joking)14:09
FuLgOrEI would like to help if I could14:09
FuLgOrEmaybe I can be a beta-tester, if N5 will be supported14:10
ogra_the android 4.4 port of our HW trees should be ready soon, then it should easily be possible to port to N514:10
ogra_but with the focus on tablets this release cycle you will more likely see a fully supported N7 than N5 within the next monts ... the N5 will have to rely on community support most likely14:11
ogra_(N7 2013 that is)14:12
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iSDPWhat's with the subreddit being private?15:26
popeyiSDP: what subreddit15:32
iSDP  /r/ubuntutouch15:32
popeyno idea who made that15:34
iSeeDeadPixelsDammit stupid wifi and whatsapp15:34
popeyno idea who made that subreddit15:36
iSeeDeadPixelsWell, it's private15:36
popeythere's /r/Ubuntu and /r/UbuntuPhone15:36
iSeeDeadPixelsI'll hang out in Ubuntu phone then haha15:37
FuLgOrEogra_: do you think it will be possible to use the phone and sms function soon on the N5?15:53
FuLgOrEogra_: I ask because I cannot help with programming so I would need at least the basics of the phone15:53
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threshmeh, the screen on N10 is broken16:06
threshwhen I lower the right notification part, left part of it stays on the screen forever16:07
threshhmm, not there after the reboot16:11
threshah, it's something that appears when I go into settings only.16:14
Shiggitay|Nexus5OK there we go16:48
Shiggitay|Nexus5Sup peeps?16:56
Shiggitay|Nexus5rsalveti: r u here? I have off tonight so if you want me to test any hal images etc I can help with that16:57
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OrokuSakiSUP! Anyone know if I should use CM10.1 or 10.2 for Trusty?19:30
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ajalkaneOn Ubuntu 13.10 trying to run updates I get "Blocked     buntu-sdk-1.095.i386   Ubuntu SDK"20:47
ajalkaneIe. I can't update the SDK. How to resolve this issue, any hints?20:48
ajalkaneI'm trying to run FileManager's autopilot tests, but I get this kind of error:20:58
ajalkaneAttributeError: Class 'MainView' has no attribute 'wait_select_single'.20:58
ajalkaneI gather I miss some package. Anyone have idea what package I should install?20:59
pauloanyone around?21:46
paulono one....?21:49
sergiusensajalkane, you need autopilot 1.421:53
ajalkanesergiusens: okay... what's the correct procedure to update to autopilot 1.4 on Ubuntu 13.10 or should I be using 14.04 development version?21:57
sergiusensajalkane, I thought autopilot was available on 13.10; don't you have it?22:03
paulois mms still borked in ubuntu touch22:10

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