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mappsquiet here last night05:07
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:45
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dogmatic69_popey: Got the 3700 router, but they sent a v4 :/12:27
dogmatic69_does not work with open wrt12:28
MartijnVdSdogmatic69_: .. yet :)12:59
MartijnVdSdogmatic69_: which brand? TP-Link or Netgear? Both have 3700 models..12:59
MartijnVdSor "both have models with 3700 in the name"12:59
dogmatic69_MartijnVdS: netgear13:14
dogmatic69_MartijnVdS: just installed dd-wrt which worked out the box13:15
dogmatic69_I think open wrt is better thought from what I read, more like a mini nix distro13:15
dogmatic69_one up side, the v4 has 128mb of space13:15
dogmatic69_or ram13:15
dogmatic69_MartijnVdS: any idea how I can setup virgin media -> ddwrt -> [pc's]13:18
dogmatic69_will the internet just work like that?13:18
dogmatic69_vm is 192.168.0.x and ddwrt is 192.168.1.x13:18
penguin42dogmatic69_: Yeh that should work13:19
dogmatic69_cool, will try quick. brb13:19
penguin42dogmatic69_: The other way is you can put the VM box into modem-mode so that your ddwrt sees the external IP (I suspect that might break the wireless on the VM box though)13:19
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popeydogmatic69: yes13:30
popeydogmatic69: thats how I have mine setup. virgin media super hub is setup in modem only mode13:30
popeyand the dd-wrt is the dhcp server13:30
popeydogmatic69: i wouldn't do what you've done, with double nat, that will likely cause more issues13:31
dogmatic69_penguin42: seems it works :D13:32
popeydogmatic69_: can you see what I said above?13:32
dogmatic69_now to figure out open wrt13:32
dogmatic69_nope, missed it13:32
dogmatic69_saw about the vm in modem mode. not worried about its wifi anymore13:32
popeyyeah, i wouldnt use the wifi on the superhub, its terrible13:33
dogmatic69_ok, will switch that to modem mode13:33
dogmatic69_the super hub is terrible :P13:33
dogmatic69_worst lock down ever, could not even assign reserved ip's13:34
ujjain2I am looking for a job in London, seems 90% of all jobs and everybody who calls me is from a recruitment agency :-(13:35
popeywhats wrong with using an agency?13:38
penguin42popey: They're often pretty hopeless at figuring out what jobs to offer you13:42
popeysome are, some aren't13:43
penguin42dogmatic69: I was fighting a problem with a SIP phone my employer had given me and it basically ended up with 'oh..you're on UK virgin media ....' and discussion about probably needing to put it into modem mode13:44
penguin42(which I've not done yet)13:44
popeyyeah. i had to do that for my cisco sip phone to work13:44
penguin42popey: This is one of the polycom ones, it works sometimes but otherwise it sometimes gets a 403 Forbidden back from what is apparently the SIP proxy, but the admins say they never even saw it13:45
penguin42popey: In modem mode what happens to the wifi? Is it possible to get it to bridge the wifi onto the ether ?13:47
penguin42anyway, time to pop out13:49
shaunothat sounds logical but is near impossible to setup.  if your wifi went right to the ether in modem mode, each client would be receiving an address from the isp13:49
popeyin modem mode the wifi on superhub is off13:50
ujjain2i hate also toleo, often you spend so much time14:06
ujjain2I just got blocked for 1 time writing wrong password arg14:07
ujjain2made a duplicate account, even lost password didn´t work14:09
WobboHow to let my ext4 usable in windows, i never used windows so i have no idea how to get it work14:36
WobboDamm windows, why doesnt open source like ext doesn't work... lol Oh, what its from Microsoft! ? Haha14:38
mappsanyone else on o2 broadband (bethere)15:08
mappsseems incredibly slow  atm for me15:08
shaunowell that's going to ruin someone's day; just had a call from a site that 'accidentally' inserted an armored cable into the rear of a 500kW UPS.15:15
MartijnVdSshauno: boom?15:15
shaunoit sounds like it's actually been surprisingly graceful.  I mean, dead, but gracefully so.  must have been a meaty cable15:16
shaunosmaller cables, screwdrivers etc tend to just evaporate15:16
MartijnVdSwell it was armored15:16
mappswhat does that mean inserted the cab;e into it?15:24
shaunowell, not where it's supposed to go, to put it mildly15:29
DJonesAs in sticking your finger into a mains socket15:33
shaunopretty much, but it sounds like they've hit the DC bar.  so somewhere around 4000 amps at 120V DC?15:36
shaunooh, and for windows .. I think that's actually doable with ext2fsd.  I'm not sure if it does win8 or ext4 (but I may be out of date on either of those), but it's big-picture possible15:43
ali1234shauno: do you ever get bored and cook hotdogs on the UPS?15:53
shaunoI'm .. curious how that'd work15:54
ali1234you get two forks and you wire one to live and one to neutral and then you stick a fork in each end of the hot dog15:55
ali1234then you turn it on15:55
ali1234it's important to do the steps int he right order15:55
MartijnVdSnow try that on a European socket ;)15:58
MartijnVdS99% of which don't come with on/off switches ;)15:58
Myrttiohm sausage16:00
Myrttithe most dangerous of snacks16:00
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daftykinsi went for a ride to one of the island's south coast beaches today, at the bottom of a very steep valley17:14
daftykinsit also has #15 of the many coastal defences on the island17:14
daftykinsin this case to protect the islands from the French in ~1778 due to the ongoing fun with the US establishing itself17:14
daftykinshere's a wee video of the sea, plus the tower itself17:15
daftykinsyou can't see it in the vid but you could see the French coast today17:16
MartijnVdSso that's looking to the east?17:22
penguin42shauno: Yeh, what I'd like would be for the wifi ap and the modem to sit on one ether segment; I'd like the wifi ap to have a local non-routable IP; then the NAT box I set up on that ether could route out of the modem and NAT stuff to the wifi ap17:28
shaunoI'm not sure you'll find that possible.  I'm pretty sure it's either all-in-one mode, or modem mode.  there's no "and a half" between17:32
daftykinssounds like you'd need at least: modem <-> router with 2 NICs <-> WAP on one + LAN on other17:41
shaunoif the wap can bridge, it'd just be modem<->nat<->lan & the wap sits on the lan.  but trying to use the wap out of the modem for that, would require two different routes on that device, and these home units just don't do that17:49
shaunothey're not designed for you, they're designed for my mum17:50
penguin42shauno: Nod17:50
daftykinsshauno: does your splendiferous DNS knowledge extend to the wonders if autodiscover subdomains?17:50
penguin42shauno: Give me a shell damnit :-)17:50
daftykinspenguin42: are you after segregating wireless and wired?17:51
penguin42daftykins: ideally, but the two things I need more are 1) To get the external un-nat'd external IP to my own NAT box 2) I'd still like to have a wifi ap downstairs which that box conveniently has17:52
daftykinsyeah sounds like it'd be too painful to keep17:53
penguin42daftykins: I'd be happy for my NAT box to do the routing for the wifi17:54
penguin42anyway, I've come back with two finds from the local Currys clearance store; a 16GB Sandisk SD for 4.95 (whose box looked like it was run over) and a low end DAB radio for #9.9917:55
daftykinshehe, i don't think you can get any DAB over here17:55
daftykinsprobably the fault of the French, most things are ;)17:56
penguin42you're not missing much17:56
daftykinsfor example, Channel 5 was never broadcast over here17:56
daftykinsnah :)17:56
penguin42hmm, Ch.5 has some stuff I watch17:57
diddledanok, contentious issue of the day: will the world be a better or worse place when dicky stallman pops his clogs?19:12
daftykinsi'm not even familiar with that name19:13
daftykinsheh, penny drops19:13
daftykinsthat's far too rude sir!19:13
shaunostallman's kinda like boiling water.  it's not meant to be consumable, but does define that end of the scale.  as long as there's a scale, someone will be the definition19:19
daftykinsthat's a very cunning explanation sir19:20
shaunothe bit that does worry me, is that I used to donate to the FSF, until I got tired of only ever hearing about them when they were trolling19:22
diddledanI still do donate to the FSF19:26
foobarryjust discovered the second series of the bridge is on19:56
diddledanreally? I still haven't seen the first19:57
foobarryepisode 3....iplayer mad rush to see if ep1, 2 are available19:57
diddledanis that the british or the original nordic?19:57
foobarry1st series was epic19:57
diddledanyeah the scandinavians are getting a really good rep for their crime drama right now19:58
foobarrycos they can tell a story, unlike american troll tv19:58
foobarryunder the dome was 10 episodes longer than it should be, and they trolled everyone at the "ending"19:58
foobarryetc etc19:58
MyrttiI so want to watch the first series of that with the other half, but subtitles :-/20:02
foobarryhe needs finnish subititles?20:03
Myrttiif that were the problem it would already be solved since my online PVR already has it with the Finnish subtitles20:03
foobarryi watch most of my programmes with subtitles now because baby noise20:04
Myrttibut he's a slow reader, bless him, so trying to read the subtitles robs the show from him20:04
MyrttiI'm slowly introducing him to fantasy and science fiction books I read as a teenager through audiobooks20:05
foobarryor american films they mumble a lot so if i'm on my own i'll slap them on subtitle20:05
foobarryis he dyslexic?20:05
Myrttihad eye movement / head movement ticks when at school20:05
foobarrymrs foobarry prefers fiction aimed at younger ages for dyslexic reasons, since books require so much more investment for her20:06
foobarryalthough she's read the bible start to end quite a few times, in quite hard language versions20:07
foobarryso her willpower > dyslexia20:07
* penguin42 reads rather slowly as well20:08
foobarrybut she groans when i want to want "another french film"20:08
* penguin42 has probably only bothered with one or two foreign films20:08
Myrttiyeah, I'd want to show a few Kieslowskis and some Finnish films20:08
foobarryred > white > blue20:09
foobarry> dekalog20:09
* penguin42 has just finished reading GEB again - probably do only a few pages a night20:10
diddledanI'm a slow reader also20:10
penguin42although some of GEB is hard going20:10
* MartijnVdS is not20:10
foobarryif i find a fiction book i like, i completely devour it then get sad its finished20:10
Myrttihold on20:11
MyrttiI should know this20:11
foobarrygreat English bakeoff?20:11
penguin42Myrtti: Godel, Escher, Bach20:11
foobarrygary eats barry?20:11
MartijnVdSGunther Enoch Bobby?20:12
diddledanI want some of what you're got20:12
MartijnVdSdiddledan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptonomicon20:12
MartijnVdSdiddledan: there's a minor character (mentioned maybe twice) with those initials :)20:12
foobarryslow readers may find doctorows books easy going20:13
foobarryi think they are a bit teenfic though20:14
MartijnVdSStephenson's books, not so much (maybe snow crash)20:14
* penguin42 notes that I read the last dialog in GEB on the same night I watched the start of the Matrix again; I'm thinking of doing a comparison of quotes20:14
* penguin42 never does fiction20:14
MartijnVdSwhy not?20:15
penguin42MartijnVdS: Well as I say I don't read fast, and I've never found it worth putting the effort in to read fiction; I've probably read 4 or 5 fiction books in my life20:16
penguin42maybe a few more when I was forced to read at school20:16
MartijnVdSbeing forced to read at school made my reading speed go up20:17
MartijnVdS*a lot*20:17
MartijnVdSnow people complain I read too fast20:17
* penguin42 is on the look out for a good Genetics book to read20:18
diddledanlol, that won't be hard going :-p20:19
penguin42diddledan: Well I tend to read pop-sci, and I want a pop-sci genetics book that talks about all the neat bits rather than a text book20:20
diddledanaah gotcha20:21
diddledana "fun look" at rather than a "nitty gritty"20:21
* penguin42 is about to re-read 'the language of the genes'20:21
penguin42diddledan: Well I want the detail of the neat bits :-)20:21
penguin42diddledan: I mean I occasionally read articles or stuff and come across things like  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holliday_junction    now isn't that neat?20:22
diddledanfacebook has over a billion monthly active users20:34
Myrttioh wow21:38
penguin42wow what? says he seeing a popup in a language I don't know21:39
Myrttithey're transmitting a LAN event finals and also to abroad21:41
diddledansounds sweedish?21:42
diddledanoh, .fi finnish21:42
Myrttioh it's even in Tampere21:52
diddledanoh the trollishness: http://gwan.ch/faq#license22:21
* webpigeon head desks22:24
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ali1234diddledan check this: http://www.wikivs.com/wiki/Talk:G-WAN_vs_Nginx23:12
ali1234all that posted in like 2 days. the author is clearly nuts23:13

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