InHisName1so will you only talk in pictures, lazypower ?02:05
lazypowerI have been known to speak in gifs from time to time04:05
lazypowerBut I'll save that for reddit04:05
* CodemonkeyAlx is on my chromebook :D06:31
JonathanDhi rmg5111:19
waltmanfoggy out there13:06
ChinnoDogKyleYankan: jedijf: I am a ham now.17:35
rmg51what were you before?17:37
KyleYankanChinnoDog: congrats. What's the call?17:51
pvl1flyers need to step up their game19:41
ChinnoDogKyleYankan: I only passed the test today. No call yet. I passed the technician and then the general exam.20:58
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all and to all some good bacon!21:29
KyleYankanChinnoDog: ah, nice. Congrats!21:50
ChinnoDogI want to tune in athe local radio club repeater but I don't hear anything from it. Either it is silent or I don't know how to use my radio.22:47
KyleYankanChinnoDog: which club repeater?22:53
KyleYankanN3KZ and W3WAN are usually busy22:53
ChinnoDogThe radio club that tested me. The repeater is ~8 mi away. It is in Alexandria, VA22:54
ChinnoDogI should expect to get reception from 8 mi away on a walkie right?22:55
KyleYankanyeah, if anyone is on the repeater22:56
KyleYankanit might jsut be slow22:56
ChinnoDogI get nothing. :-(22:57
ChinnoDogI dialed down the squelch to its lowest setting so I get occasional bursts of static.22:58
KyleYankanCheck another repeater in the area22:58
KyleYankanor tune to an APRS freq to see if you hear that22:58
ChinnoDogIs that a beacon?23:01
KyleYankanIt's a digital location system23:02
KyleYankannetwork of radios23:02
ChinnoDogI am looking at aprs.org and I don't understand. Where do I tune? I set my radio for 144.39 and there is nothing there.23:10
KyleYankanthat's be right. it''s possible no-one is aorund you broadcasting23:12
ChinnoDogHow is that possible? I am not exactly in the middle of nowhere.23:14
KyleYankanI mean, as simple as no-one else near you broadcasting loud enough? It's not a cell network, it's not comprehensive23:16
ChinnoDogBut the repeater should have traffic from miles around and this is a dense area.23:19

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