josedaker: ping23:43
dakerjose: pong23:43
josedaker: hey, I was wondering how can we update the logo displayed on loco.ubuntu.com for the LoCo Council23:44
dakerjose: can file a bug with the new logo ?23:45
joseoh, sure23:45
joseany resolution in specific?23:45
dakerlet's say 300x300px ?23:45
josefiling now23:46
dakeri'll make sure to fix it with the merge team stuff tomorrow23:46
josedaker: also, btw, bug 1251958 is not fixed yet, don't know why23:47
ubottubug 1251958 in LoCo Team Portal "LoCo Council Cannot Merge Teams" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125195823:47
dakeryes i was speaking about i23:47
josefiled, thanks a bunch! :)23:53

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