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tjaaltonhrm, so xorg.git is at 1:7.7+1ubuntu6 and UNRELEASED, while trusty has -1u710:06
tjaaltonoh.. because of doko10:06
mlankhorstdoko really needs to use xsf.git :(15:09
Dandelricotz, did you ever fix the nvidia package from the xorg edgers ppa?15:14
tjaaltonmlankhorst: well, there's no obligation to15:54
tjaaltonjust that we didn't spot these earlier15:54
tjaaltoni've merged from debian but it's WIP still, will push next week15:54
tjaaltonwe can at least demote some drivers to universe, like -sis which is broken with exa15:55
tjaaltonanyway ->15:55
mlankhorstwould be nice15:56
mlankhorstmeans having to backport less next time15:56
tjaaltononce glamor is "ready", we could backport just -modesetting :)15:57
tjaaltonalso, I'll propose to TB that mesa would be allowed to roll..15:57
tjaaltonlike, the first bugfix release would be pushed to $lts-proposed15:57
tjaaltonyeah I'll wear asbestos15:58
mlankhorstcan't joke about asbestos15:59
mlankhorstexcept when suggesting  'asbestos-free' as label :>15:59
mlankhorstlike asbestos-free flour15:59
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