inetprogood mornings04:53
Kilosmorning all05:38
inetprogood morning Kilos, you are late05:53
Kilosohi inetpro ya man bad head day feels like05:57
Kilosdidnt want to open eyes this morning05:57
Kiloshet jy gesien die outjie se lappy werk met 12.0405:59
Kilosmaar soos hier, moes 3 keer instaleer05:59
inetproyep and I noticed you getting into trouble as well06:22
inetprofor giving the man a customised rather than the official version06:23
Kiloshi Gotango 06:55
GotangoHi Kilos06:55
GotangoI booted into an older version, it said 3.2 kernel06:55
GotangoThe first one had 3.5 kernel06:56
GotangoIts a small bit less hot , but still uncomfortable06:57
Kiloswhew you will need to get help from the clever guys06:59
Kilosbut it cant be running hotter than win706:59
Kilosonce you have data and do update/upgrade everything will work better07:00
GotangoThe linux graphics drivers for this lappy are for linux mint. And i dont understand this thread it gives alot of routes that will give me headaches http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=211887307:00
Kiloslinux isos arent a complete install of the os like windows is07:00
GotangoYes its hotter and loader than win707:00
Kilosto get the drivers you run additional and let it look for the correct ones from the correct place07:01
GotangoThat will require me to have adsl07:02
Kiloslinux always needs the update and first upgrade to be at its best07:02
Kilosor more data07:02
GotangoMan i wish i had a backup win7, linux works best on desktops07:02
Kilosnope all the guys run it on lappys07:03
Kilosall business peeps use lappies so they can take their work with them07:04
Kilosno one on linux channels carries a win7 lappy around07:04
Kilosyour only restriction is the data prob07:05
GotangoWell they got compatible hardware ofcours 07:05
Kilosgrame has ubuntu running on an old hp like yours07:05
Gotangohmm , no one seems to know the true size of ubuntu 07:05
Kilosyour not having data is whats restricting things07:06
GotangoI guess07:06
Kilosthe original cd was 730m07:06
Kilosin my understanding ubuntu installs the basic os, and then the update/upgrade completes everything07:07
Kilosif you can go plug in on someones adsl or uncapped mobile you can do it07:08
GotangoJust this one issue i got with the heat/noise, everything else works07:08
Kilosit will improve when you have the correct drivers07:09
Kilosdid you type in additional in the dash07:09
Kilosdash=launcher thing07:09
Kilosthen let it look for what is needed but dont install just give the info here07:10
GotangoIt wants to download07:10
Kilosnope it will first look what is needed then give you the choice to go ahead07:10
GotangoDownloading package indexes failed, please check your network status. Most drivers will not be available.07:11
Kilosthats because you have done sudo apt-get update07:11
GotangoSo i do it now ?07:12
GotangoI got 80MB left i think07:12
Kilosits 20m or a bit less07:13
GotangoOk will do it now07:13
GotangoIt says : Reading package lists... Done , and nothing after that07:16
Kilosi didnt think. if you had have told me what you needed for web work i could have installed them here before making the dvd07:16
Kilosok now do additional and see what drivers are needed07:17
Gotangoyeah and included a windows backup too. But we cant go back07:17
GotangoDownloading package indexes failed, please check your network status. Most drivers will not be available.07:18
Kilosnow you will see mysql in synaptic07:18
GotangoStill the same07:18
Kilosbut the first upgrade is needed to make everything work kiff07:19
Kilosbut thats gonna be 100m or so07:19
Kiloswhat the same no mysql?07:19
Kilosi told you last night the update only sees what is available. it doesnt update and running apps07:20
Kilosupgrade will upgrade everything needed07:20
GotangoI dont care about mysql and php runtime now, i just want ubuntu to use less of what its using now07:21
GotangoI disabled upgrades07:22
Kilosyes but one can see how big they would be in cli07:22
Kilosrun sudo apt-get upgrade and it will tell you how much data will be used07:23
Kilosthen you say no07:23
Kilosyou have the basic os running there now07:24
Kiloslike with a car that should have a turbo07:24
GotangoReading package lists... Done07:24
GotangoBuilding dependency tree       07:24
GotangoReading state information... Done07:24
Gotango0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.07:24
Kilosthe turbo only comes with upgrading07:24
Gotangolol , i dont want a turbo , i want a family car07:25
Kiloshasnt there been a popup of update manager07:25
Kilosok its like a basic car without the brakes connected then07:26
Gotangolol, more like an engine without oil atm 07:27
GotangoCan blow at anytime07:27
Kilosdo additional lets see07:27
Kilosit wont blow its not windows07:27
GotangoDownloading package indexes failed, please check your network status. Most drivers will not be available.07:28
GotangoI guess07:28
Kilosmaybe the repo isnt good07:28
Kilosthere are many07:28
Kilosopen synaptic07:29
Kilosthen tick settings repositories07:30
Kiloswhat does it say by download from07:30
GotangoMain Server07:31
Kiloswhat does it show i should say07:31
Kiloslemme just check if its down07:31
GotangoBtw i unchecked everything in that list yesterday07:32
Kilosno man i told you only to change the update one to never07:33
Kilosnothing else07:33
Kilosyouve killed something that sees the repos07:33
GotangoShould i check them07:33
Kilosopen update manager07:33
Kilosand go settings at the bottom07:34
Kiloswait im opening it to see07:34
Kilosin updates at the top07:35
Kilosinstall updates from07:35
Kilostick the top 2 and bottom one07:36
GotangoI cant its disabled07:36
Kiloswhere it says automaticcaly check use never07:36
Kilosok go to ubuntu software07:37
GotangoThe 4 checkboxes are disabled07:37
Kilostop left07:37
GotangoAll boxes there are unchecked07:37
Kilostick the first 407:37
Gotangook done07:38
Kilosthen go toother software07:38
Kilostick first 407:39
Kilosthen go see if updates is enabled again07:39
Gotangothere are 6 already ticked07:39
Gotangothe 5th is remastersys and the 6th is opera stuff07:40
Gotangoin Other Software07:40
Kilosuntick the remastersys and the last one07:40
Kilosremastersys is used to make dvds of your running os07:41
Gotangoyes updates are enabled07:41
Kilosok and check for updates must be never07:41
Kilosyou will do the checking for updates via cli07:42
GotangoYes already set. What about the 4 checkboxes and the other stuff in Updates07:42
Kilosyou must just go mad and tick and untick stuff that you dont know what its for07:43
Gotangolol, i looked for things that will save me system resources sorry07:44
Kilosthe first second and 4th must be ticked07:44
Kilosnp most new peeps make mistakes07:44
Kilosbut rather ask here before you do things07:44
Kiloslinux and windows arent the same07:45
GotangoWill do 07:45
Kilosok if you done there close update manager07:45
Kilosthe do sudo apt-get update07:45
Kilosupdate manager is the gui for it07:45
GotangoSeems to be working07:47
Kiloshi theblazehen 07:49
theblazehenhey kilos :)07:49
theblazehenthat was fast, lol07:50
Kilosok now do sudo apt-get update07:52
Kilosbut dont say yes to upgrading07:53
Kilosit must have told you how much it fetched and in how much time07:54
GotangoIts already downloading stuff packages in terminal07:54
GotangoDidnt give options07:55
Kilospull the modem07:55
Kilosdidnt it even say how much it must get?07:56
GotangoI did sudo apt-get update07:56
Kilosyou have done that07:56
Gotangoand it started downloading07:56
Kilosthats to see what is available07:56
GotangoIsnt that the 20mb one?07:56
Kilosit will go quicker07:56
Kilosshould tell you fetched so much in so long07:57
GotangoBiggest number i see here is 4709 kb07:58
Kiloswhy did you do sudo apt-get update again?07:58
GotangoIts downloading 4 packages now07:58
Kilosin update they dont get downloaded07:59
Kilosupgrade downloads them and installs08:00
Gotangohuh , should i disconnect ?08:00
Kilosdont get mixed up with update upgrade08:00
Gotangodunno upgrade and update sounds similar08:00
Kilosif you did update then you can leave it08:01
GotangoIts almost at 100%08:01
Kilosyou must concentrate when you are given commands08:01
Kiloseasiest is to copy paste them08:02
GotangoNow it keeps on going , should i disconnect ?08:03
Kiloswhat does it say it is doing08:03
Kilosif its at 100% downloads its now installing08:03
GotangoFirst it loaded some packages , now its loading translations08:04
Kilosyou got your commands mixed somewhere08:04
Kilosoh the language stuff08:04
Kilosthats also helps it run better08:04
GotangoIsnt the Update to show the packages in synaptics08:05
Kilosbut you only need to do it once for starters08:06
GotangoSo i should be doing sudo apt-get update right08:06
Kilosthen once a month to keep up with security upgrades08:06
GotangoI am doing it once now08:07
Kiloshave you not done sudo apt-get update already08:07
Kilosyou were supposed to do that after we fixed update manager08:07
GotangoIs the Upgrade command the 20mb one08:07
Kilosthat will fetch everything that needs upgrading08:08
GotangoNever did Update , got errors you helped fix08:08
Kilosupdate sees what is available08:08
Kilosupgrade fetches what the pc needs08:08
GotangoI'm confused , what is the 20mb one Upgrade or Update ?08:09
Kilos<Kilos> the do sudo apt-get update that was at 9.4508:09
Kilosthe was meant to be then08:09
GotangoThats what i am doing now08:10
Kilosok let that run through08:10
Kilosit shouldnt fetch and  install stuff08:11
Kilosit just sees what is available08:11
Kilosand the 20m is to put that info in your synaptic and update manager08:12
GotangoIf it wont fetch and install stuff , why let it waste data08:13
GotangoI'm gona disconnect the modem08:13
Kilosbecause you need that info so you can see stuff in synaptic08:14
Kilosits not wasted08:15
Kilosand info about additional drivers08:16
Kiloswith windows you buy cds to install the extra programs you need08:17
Kilosubuntu downloads them08:17
Kilosand now?08:19
GotangoI'm confused, dunno whats what here. Got a headache from this fan noise08:22
Kilosdid it finished apt-get update?08:25
Kilosrelax and take 10 deep breathes08:25
Kilosjust remember linux is completely different to windows08:26
GotangoNope i pulled the plug08:26
Kilosso forget or put aside everything you use to do on windows and learn the linux way of doing things08:26
Kilosjust remember when it is busy installing dont pull the plug you will crash it because of some half installed package08:27
Kilosdid you take 10 deep breaths?08:28
Kilostell me when you have08:28
GotangoI'm used to knowing the size of whatever i'm installing. 08:28
Kilosyou will08:28
Kilosif you install anything in synaptic it first tells you how much it needs to download before you accept08:29
GotangoWhy will it crash, ubuntu should delete the old downloded stuff and load the new ones like any other OS08:29
Kilosforget used to for starters08:29
Kilosits like with windows when there is a registry file missing because of a bad install or something08:30
Kiloswrite down this command08:30
GotangoWhat now08:30
Kilossudo touch /forcefsck08:30
Kiloswrite it down08:31
Kilosif something isnt running lekker then you do that command and reboot and ubuntu does a file system check to fix the errors08:31
Kilossame as chkdsk08:32
Kilosok now go mow someones lawn or something so you can make some bucks and get more data08:33
GotangoThat command does nothing08:34
Kilossee you must listen08:34
GotangoI thought you meant type it in terminal08:35
Kilosyes thats right08:36
Kilosbut i told you on rebooting it will check08:36
Kilosthat command is now in the memory so will run on reboot08:37
GotangoOh i thought it will automatically reboot08:37
GotangoSo now i reboot08:37
Kilosto make the pc reboot you can type in sudo reboot08:37
Kilosyou dont have to now08:37
Kiloseverything is working still08:38
Gotangook, anyway i downloaded ubuntu-tweak last night08:38
Kilosfor interests sake you can open update manager and it will tell you how many megs are needed and what it will upgrade08:38
GotangoI want a Xubuntu type theme, or old gnome 2 type theme08:39
Kilosyou can do that in synaptic by install 08:39
Kiloslemme see08:39
GotangoI hate this transparent theme08:39
Kilosi dont know what that is08:40
Kilosyou can most likely change it in system settings08:40
GotangoI mean i hate the transparency effect and glowing icons in the base unity theme08:41
GotangoAnimations too08:41
GotangoNope i cant change it there 08:41
Kiloshi henkj_ 08:41
KilosMaaz, google how to turn off animations in 12.0408:42
MaazKilos: "12.04 - disable animation - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/152392/disable-animation :: "How to disable all Unity animations? - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/138622/how-to-disable-all-unity-animations :: "12.04 - How to change the level of animation in Ubuntu 12.10? - Ask ..." http://askubuntu.com/questions/211300/how-to-change-the-08:42
Maazlevel-of-animation-in-ubuntu-12-10 :: "How to Disable GTK Animations in Ubuntu 12.04.1 - S…08:42
Gotangook thanks08:42
Kilosyou can install xubuntu-desktop but thats gonna be many megs08:43
Kilosover 100 im sure08:44
Kilosthats a completely differnt gui08:45
Gotangolol, compiz are for the 3D unity. I dont want that08:45
GotangoYes i wanted Xubuntu 08:45
GotangoA basic windows xp style UX is all i want08:46
Kilos301m download and it will install there and you can choose which one to boot from08:46
Kiloswith ubuntu you can install a few different guis and choose at boot time which one08:47
GotangoCan it be compressed in a zip to say 150mb ?08:47
Kilosit is already zipped08:48
Kilosinstalling does the extraction andinstall08:48
GotangoWhich GUIS are there to choose from08:48
Kiloskubuntu xubuntu lubuntu08:50
Kilosbut around 300m download for each one08:51
GotangoAnd all .deb programs will work with Xubuntu08:51
GotangoWill try to get my hands on Xubuntu then in a month or two08:52
Kilosfirst try disable animation and the transparecies things and give unity a fait trial08:52
Gotangothey say one can only disable animations in some file in ubuntu then that file has to be recomplied to make the changes permanent08:53
Kilosyou like someone that has a fiat and buys a ferrari but then wants to buy something else immediately because you arent used to it08:53
Kiloswhat animations do you see?08:54
Gotangolol true08:54
GotangoThe dash animations and window and workspaces animations08:54
Gotangoplus the icons animations08:55
Kilosthose show you what is working at the moment08:55
Kilosor what needs attention08:55
Kilosif one starts flashing go see whats happening there08:55
Kilosit means something08:56
GotangoWhy cant it just flash in a different color instead of having to move the world08:56
Kilosmaybe they can be changed some i havent bothered08:56
GotangoNo luck in the forums on that08:57
Kilosi hated unity to start with but after setting my mind to give it a fair trial for 2 weeks i started enjoying it08:57
GotangoSo i want a basic theme i can install using ubuntu-tweak08:58
Kilosi dont use that tweak08:58
Kilosyou need to read up on it08:58
Kilosbut be careful just changing lots of stuff at once08:58
Kilosdo one thing at a time08:59
Kilosi go cut hair quick09:00
GotangoI already registered at http://gnome-look.org , lots of themes there but dunno a theme thats similar to Xubuntu like09:00
GotangoOkay take care09:00
Kilosback on win 98 to make a bootable floppy with 2tb firmware10:21
KilosMaaz, coffee on10:43
* Maaz starts grinding coffee10:43
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!10:47
KilosMaaz, ty10:48
MaazYou are welcome Kilos10:48
GotangoWb Kilos , how was the hair cut10:49
Kilosty. all gone!  beard moustache and everything10:50
GotangoHaha , you feel like a new man now10:51
GotangoIts good to freshen up every now and then . Does wonders for the soul10:52
GotangoWell i will always feel like crap until Xubuntu i hope calms this lappies heat10:54
Kilosand with win7 it didnt get hot as well?10:54
Kilosfind that hard to believe10:55
Kilos12.04 runs better here than win710:55
Kilosdont forget you havent got the graphics drivers yet10:55
Kilosso no benefit from graphics memory10:56
GotangoOnly the fan blew a bit fast , but not produce as much heat as ubutnu does, the heat is insane10:56
GotangoI dont think graphics drivers will work10:57
Kilosrun additional in dash and see what is available10:57
Kilosmight be more than just graphics needed10:57
GotangoIt found drivers10:58
Kilosgive me the file names let me see if they in the repos and how big they are10:59
GotangoATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver11:02
GotangoATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver (post-release updates)11:03
Gotango3D-accelerated proprietary graphics driver for ATI cards.11:04
GotangoThis driver is required to fully utilise the 3D potential of some ATI graphics cards, as well as provide 2D acceleration of newer cards.11:04
Kilosi dont see them11:06
KilosMaaz, google ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver for 12.0411:06
MaazKilos: "BinaryDriverHowto/ATI - Community Ubuntu Documentation" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI :: "12.04 - Cannot install "ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver ..." http://askubuntu.com/questions/193140/cannot-install-ati-amd-proprietary-fglrx-graphics-driver-systemerror :: "ati - FLGRX (AMD Catalyst) driver issues in Ubuntu 12.04 -11:06
MaazAsk Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/142627/flgrx-amd-catalyst-driver-issues-in-ubunt…11:06
GotangoThats what is shows 11:06
Kilosthe best is always to let the additional tool do the work11:07
Kilosgetting stuff from sites often causes probs11:07
Kilosnormally the additional tools thing doesnt try an install and fail11:08
Kilosbut i cant see the size for you sorry11:08
GotangoDamn, i wanted the size11:09
Kilosmost likely 100m or so11:09
Kilosor even bigger11:10
GotangoI see fglrx in synaptics but no ATI with it11:11
Kilosfglrx-updates is 51 meg11:12
Kilosyou should see sizes there11:12
Kilosif you tick on the file you get readout below of what it does11:14
Kiloslooks like ati are still developing lots of stuff 11:16
GotangoDamn, i cant even run java apps, ubuntu crashes11:30
Kilosthey arent installed or you have something that runs them not installed11:31
Kiloslook in synaptic at java stuff11:31
GotangoOpen JDK was preinstalled. It opened my java app but then fan blew crazier than ever and ubuntu crashed11:32
Kilosmust use jdk stuff11:32
GotangoJava runtime should'nt be so intense , even windows runs them smoothly 11:33
GotangoYeah i used it 11:34
Kilosyour system isnt properly upgraded yet11:34
Kilosthat first upgrade will change lots and run faster too11:34
Kilosbut i dont know how to help you with data11:35
GotangoWill i have this headaches in Xubuntu aswell ?11:36
GotangoThis is crap i want windows back11:37
GotangoIf i knew about this adsl nonsense i would never have done this11:38
Kilosyou will need to do sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade with all of them11:38
Kilosgo to a windows chanel and see if one of them will send you a dvd11:39
GotangoThat sucks11:39
GotangoI need to find a windows 7 cd somewhere11:39
GotangoNone of them are in SA11:40
Gotangohaha you can laugh i dont mind11:41
Kiloswho is laughing11:42
Kilosif i had an income id buy you some airtime11:42
GotangoNope, network cuts out here , airtime wont help11:43
Kilosairtime gets data11:43
GotangoThe modem cuts out the connection i will lose anything i was downloading11:44
Kilosno man then you can get upgraded11:44
Kilosubuntu makes allowances for modem cuts11:45
GotangoWhats allowances11:45
Kilosto continue the download again where left off11:46
GotangoWell i will rather do that with Xubuntu than Ubuntu. Atleast i will know i'm in a less graphics intensive environment11:47
Kilosthe xubuntu-desktop adds the gui. everything else is the same11:48
Kilosbut as i say at the cost of 301m data11:48
GotangoThats about R40 in data 11:50
Kilosi get the 8ta 2+1 bundle and stretch it for 2 months11:51
GotangoIs Xubuntu like the unity 2D shell program11:51
Kilosdo upgrades after 11pm with the +111:51
Kiloscompletely different interface11:51
Kilosmy son uses kubuntu which he prefers over all other11:52
Gotangookay, i dunno what that pricing is11:52
Kilosand works full time with windows11:52
KilosR149 for the 2+111:52
GotangoSo thats for a gig11:53
Kilosthe smaller bundles you buy the more you pay per meg11:53
Kilos2g +1g after 11pm till 5am11:53
Kilosso 3gig in all11:54
GotangoHmm interesting, i dunno if 8ta got 3g towers here 11:54
Kilostelkom must have11:54
GotangoOnly vodacom pics up 3g here11:55
GotangoI will see if i can get a telkom mobile sim card and check if i pick up 3g11:55
Kilosthere is a special on with the telkom sims now11:56
KilosR49 and free 200m data monthly for a year11:56
GotangoIs that a monthly rate of R4911:57
Kilosnope once of11:57
Gotangooh ok11:57
Kilosfor the sim11:57
Kilosbest deal out methinks11:57
Gotangoprobably at special stores11:57
Kilosall the peeps have them like checkers clicks etc11:58
Kilospost office as well11:58
GotangoIf i buy a telkom mobile sim and i dont pick up 3g i will be withou internet for a month lol11:59
GotangoBtw why are the upgrades so large12:00
Kilosyou can check the telkom coverage map or fone them and they will tell you12:03
Kilosbecause there are lots of security upgrades and new kernels and so on12:04
Kilosdont forget with win you buy another dvd to install office. libreoffice is included in your install. but needs upgrading to make it a full package12:05
Kilosand all it costs is data12:05
Kiloslook at windows prices and see what it costs to equal what ubuntu supplies at the cost of some data12:06
GotangoYa , i guess open source aint so free afterall lol12:06
Kilosdata costs12:06
Kilospeeps with uncapped internet score heavy12:07
Kilosits only mobile peeps that suffer12:07
Kilosi think mweb offers uncapped mobile for R149 or something12:07
Gotangoyeah the adsl guys are rolling in data dollers12:08
Kilosif you already are paying for a phone line then adsl is good with mweb bundles12:09
Kilosmobile is the killer12:09
GotangoThat must be on contract12:09
GotangoPhone lines been cut for years here. Mobile is the only option here12:10
KilosMaaz, google mweb prepaid mobile12:10
MaazKilos: "••• MWEB 3GB Prepaid ADSL ADSL Account - Hellkom.co.za" http://www.hellkom.co.za/isp-prices/adsl-9645-MWEB-3GB-Prepaid-ADSL-R79-per-month.htm :: "MWEB mobile data prices revealed - MyBroadband" http://mybroadband.co.za/news/broadband/90875-mweb-mobile-data-prices-revealed.html :: "Mobile data – cheapest prepaid, month to month products"12:10
Kilosyeah here too12:10
KilosMaaz, google Mobile data – cheapest prepaid, month to month products12:10
MaazKilos: "200 MB of Free Mobile Data for the new Google Nexus 7 Tablet ..." http://www.t-mobile.com/landing/free-mobile-internet-data.html :: "Prepaid Cell Phone Plans - Unlimited Prepaid Wireless | Boost Mobile" http://www.boostmobile.com/shop/plans/monthly-unlimited/50/ :: "Mobile data – cheapest prepaid, month to month products"12:10
Maazhttp://mybroadband.co.za/news/broadband/91727-mobile-data-cheapest-prepaid-month-to-month-products.html :: "Prepaid Phones…12:10
GotangoI think thats mostly for existing adsl customers though12:15
Kilosthey have sim cards as well12:15
Kilosmobile isnt adsl12:15
GotangoI mean they only give those sims to there existing customers12:16
GotangoMWEB released its mobile data prices today, which start at R79 per month for 2GB of data on a month to month basis for existing Mweb customers.12:17
Kilosthere you go12:17
Kilosoih existing12:17
GotangoWould be the same for Afrihost12:17
GotangoThose are some insanly cheap prices, makes sense they will only give it to existing customers12:18
GotangoNow the big problems starts12:26
GotangoHave to turn the lappy off for a few hours. I cant do anything on this OS now12:27
GotangoThe heat is too much12:28
Kiloswb Gotango 16:04
GotangoTy Kilos16:06
Kiloshave you and the lappy cooled down now?16:07
Kilosi dont understans the getting hot thing16:07
Kilosnormally its from dirty fans and so on. blocked heatsink on cpe cooler etc16:07
GotangoI found a way to open the lappy. Blew out some dust and cleaned around the fan, but couldnt open the whole thing. I didnt study rocket science16:08
Kiloscan one see a fan in a lappy?16:08
GotangoIts a bit softer now , still hot though16:09
Kiloscan one remove the keyboard and blow in there with compressed air16:09
GotangoYes 16:09
Kilosyou need to get compressed air at a garage then or have you got a compressor16:09
GotangoBut i dont have that , rolled some paper into a tube and blew out what i could16:09
Kiloswith your mouth?16:10
GotangoYes with my mouth16:10
GotangoNope dont got compressed air16:10
Kilosyou just go to a garage ask them for an old valve from a bust tube and put that in the airline and use that16:11
Kilosthats how i do mine16:11
Kilosbut i have my own compressor16:11
Kilosyour lungs dont have the power to do a good job16:12
Gotangolucky you then. I cant do that though taking the lappy out like that, will maybe find a bicycle pump and see what happens16:13
Kilosno garage nearby?16:13
Kilosoh another thing16:14
GotangoNope, about 2 miles away16:14
Kilosdont libraries let you use their internet16:14
Kilosthey should have wifi and adsl connections16:14
Kilosyou got a bicycle?16:15
Kilosor even a spurs or coffee shop16:15
Kilospay for a cup of coffee and get their wifi password and use it to do the upgrade'16:16
GotangoIts not a peaceful place to carry around something like a laptop16:16
Kilospeceful in what way?16:17
GotangoI dont know about places like that16:17
Kilosmy sister goes to a coffe shop with her tablet and download stacks for the price of a cup of coffee16:17
GotangoAlot of crime here16:18
GotangoDamn, i was so stupid, lost almost everything i had for this16:20
Kiloslike what?16:21
GotangoTook me 7 months to collect all the runtimes and programs needed to run and create my apps. I lost that16:22
GotangoWith adsl one could probably download the same amount of stuff in 2 hours16:26
Kilosi thought you were saving it to your sisters cell16:29
Kilosbut you will only need them if you go back to windows16:29
Kilosthey dont work on linux16:29
Kiloslinus systems have their own16:30
GotangoYes i did save my apps to the memory card its now on the pc again. I mean the mysql, php, appengine kind of programs that made them16:30
GotangoThey will work on linux , its made with the same programming language16:31
GotangoLike a program written in python on windows will work with the python interpreter on linux aswell16:32
not_foundgood evening irc16:54
Kilosohi not_found lost again16:55
not_foundaren't we all?16:55
Kilosyou only lost when no one loves you16:55
GotangoHey not_found16:55
GotangoTrue Kilos many are riding that boat16:57
not_foundalo Gotango16:58
Kiloshi psychicist 17:04
Kilosnot_found, hows things young man17:04
psychicisthi Kilos 17:05
psychicisthi not_found 17:05
Gotangohi psychicist17:05
not_foundalive... slightly better than yesterday17:08
psychicisthi Gotango 17:09
not_foundo/ psychicist17:10
Kilosai! neelsie i told you what to do17:13
Kiloseat less dates and drink less camel milk17:13
not_founddidn't have time today to poison myself was in bed sleeping mostly :p17:16
Kilosyou the one with the bad connection tonight17:32
GotangoKilos do you know how to install plugins in Gedit17:33
not_foundseems so17:33
Kiloswhat you need plugins for Gotango 17:33
Kilosyou do funny things hey17:34
GotangoIts for syntax highlighting and auto-tabs . I want a similar editor to windows notepad++17:35
Kiloshave a look at nano17:35
GotangoWAYTTD ? whats that17:35
Kiloswhat file do you want to edit17:36
Kiloswhat are you trying to do17:36
GotangoAll web developers programming languages, like javascript, php, html, css etc17:36
Kiloswhat file do you want to edit17:36
Kilosyou use sudo nano "path to file"17:37
Kilostype in terminal man nano17:37
Kilosnormally man pages are difficult to understand for some peeps17:38
GotangoNo thats command line i want a gui17:38
Kilosman type in man nano17:38
Kilosthat is the manual page17:38
Kilosuser guide thing17:39
Gotangoman nano ?17:39
Kilosman stands for manual17:39
Kilosbut normally gedit does everything17:39
GotangoI want the syntax highlight plugin for Gedit though. I cant see where to install plugins17:40
Kilossomeone else must help you with that . i thought gedit did it17:41
Kilosmaybe gedit needs upgrading17:42
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall gedit17:42
Kilosbut i use nano for the stuff i need to modify17:44
Kilosand need help always with what to do17:44
Kiloslike you can change the boot splash screen to show text17:44
GotangoI think thats something different than what i wana do though17:45
GotangoI just wana color my code so its easy to read17:45
Kilosyeah but i think nano can do them programming files17:46
Kilosya nano shows all that funny stuff17:46
Kilosnot_found, you clever okes must help me man17:47
GotangoDoes nano have a gui17:47
Kilosohi superfly 17:47
Kilosshows coloured stuff with funny commands and characters17:47
Gotangohow to open the gui17:47
Kilossudo nano and the path to the file17:48
Kiloslike /home/tango/Desktop/filename17:48
GotangoHmm , i just wana right click on the file and set the default program to open it 17:48
* not_found isn't one of the clever ones :p17:48
Kiloshi magespawn 17:48
magespawnhey Kilos17:49
magespawnhowdy all17:49
Gotangonot type in a path to the file , besides i got many files17:49
GotangoHi magespawn17:49
not_foundafaik gedit will highlight correctly if it knows what type of file it is... so if it sees .py at the end it knows it is python and syntax highlighting for python will work etc17:49
Kilosok then right click and choose open with then look for nano and select it . i know gedit is there17:49
GotangoWait it works now in Gedit after i reinstalled it  :)17:50
GotangoMy python file is highlighted17:51
Kilossee thats one of the reasons you need to do sudo apt-get upgrade17:51
Kiloslots of things needed upgrading17:51
Kilosreinstall with aptitude gets the bit extra thats needed17:51
Gotangolol i guess so Kilos17:51
GotangoThanks too not_found17:52
Kilosnot_found, magespawn Gotango is new to ubuntu. 3 days now17:52
GotangoWell i wish i can know the size of that upgrade first17:53
not_foundapt-get has super cow powers17:53
Kilosim not sure but there has been an 80m update here since i made the dvd17:53
GotangoThat i can live with Kilos17:54
magespawni thought that was so funny the first time i ran up against tthat17:54
Kilosnot_found, apt-get is a long command for reinstall17:54
Kilosyeah the super cow thing17:54
Kilosnot_found, aptitude is safer for new peeps imo17:55
Kilosand more user friendly17:55
Kilosand gives you the y or n choice to go ahead17:55
not_foundI doubt is is safer or more user friendly17:55
Kilossuperfly, help17:55
not_foundand this discussion has happened before and will happen again17:56
Kilosalso if you want to upgrade aptitude does kernels too where apt-get doesnt17:56
not_foundafaik if you sudo apt-get upgrade you get to say y/n and it tells you how big the download is etc17:56
not_foundapt-get does upgrade kernels17:56
Kilosgreat then Gotango 17:57
Kilossudo apt-get upgrade17:57
not_foundindeed after installing 13.10 the first updates installs a newer kernel17:57
Kilosand when it shows how much you need to download you can choose no if its too much17:57
not_foundif you install a specific application and there are additional dependencies it does the same17:58
not_foundyou can see what and how much and you can say NO!!17:58
Kilosno man apt-get upgrade doesnt do kernel on 12.04 your update manager then opens17:58
Kilosgood then he can use apt-get upgrade and it wont want to do kernels17:59
Kiloshe dont have data to play with17:59
not_foundwith the update packs for 12.04 because it is LTS it works differently17:59
not_foundjust because there is a new kernel doesn't mean you want or need it17:59
not_foundif your system works on the old kernel and there isn't a security reason it doesn't update by default18:00
GotangoI booted from kernel 3.5 first , then chose kernel 3.2 to boot from , cause i thought its less heavy on the system18:00
Kiloswell we got him on 12.04 because of longer support and being stable with fewer updates18:00
not_foundbut you can with sudo apt-get dist-upgrade if you want18:00
Kilosno he dont need newer kernel18:00
GotangoDo i really need a bigger kernel18:00
not_foundjust saying18:00
Kilosno data18:00
not_foundand 12.04 isn't neceserally more stable than any other release, just gets supported longer18:01
Kilosnot bigger just newer and more efficient18:01
not_foundif someones wants stable install debian18:01
Kiloswhen you upgrade to newer kernel the old one becomes redundant18:01
Kilosgrrrr 12.04 rocks18:01
magespawnwhat is the command to remove the old kernels automatically18:02
not_foundin apt-get18:02
Kilosaiaptitude removes them for you18:02
Kilosaptget clears you archives18:02
not_foundthen again if you have the old kernel available and you can't boot it is nice to have the old kernel available ins't it ;)18:03
not_foundif the new one is not good18:03
Kilosif you do any app install with aptitude it will tell you there are kernels not needed anymore18:03
not_foundapt-get also gives info when there are things that can be removed ;)18:03
not_foundto each his own18:04
Kilosin grub boot menu you have the choice of using earlier version18:04
not_foundapt-get is more than is needed and that is why you will find it in every wiki, blog and book about ubuntu as the default way to do stuff in ubuntu18:04
Kilossomething in the words supercow makes peeps think apt-get is better18:04
not_foundonly if the kernel is still available uncle Kilos, if you remove it then it is gone18:05
GotangoI'm using earlier version kernel, will that be an issue18:05
not_foundGotango: should not be an issue18:05
magespawni have a few old kernels cluttering up boot 18:05
Kilosthey are there to give you a choice to recover from an earlier kernel if one of your fancy programs crashes something18:06
Kilosbut normally the latest one showing is the best18:06
Kiloslinux doesnt just bloat stuff it improves things18:07
GotangoSo how do i get the 3.5 kernel back. It only gives me lots of 3.2 kernels now 18:07
not_foundvery often a new kernel has regressions, ask anyone that tried the early 3.x kernels with laptops that became so hot :p18:08
Kiloson boot you choose18:08
Kilosah not_found his lappy cooks18:08
Kiloswhere you been18:09
magespawnbrb got a restart18:09
GotangoHuh? not_found you mean my hot lappy is a result of the 3.2 kernel aswell ?18:09
not_founddon't think it was the 3.2 kernels, ones before them...18:10
not_foundbut it isn't impossible18:10
Gotangooh okay18:10
GotangoKilos i'm gona make more vents for the hot air to escape, it seems to help18:10
Kilosdont drill through the mobo18:11
Gotangolol its a second hand lappy :P18:11
not_foundif the system is creating more heat it means it is consuming more power and that means less battery and the shortening of the life of components...18:12
magespawnback again18:12
Kiloswb magespawn 18:13
GotangoHmm interesting not_found18:13
GotangoSo the correct software to compliment the hardware is the answer i guess18:14
Kilostell him how to see whats causing it not_found 18:14
Kilosya additional drivers18:14
GotangoWhere do i check cpu temperature18:15
KilosMaaz, google checking cpu temp in 12.0418:15
MaazKilos: "monitoring - How do I get the CPU temperature? - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/15832/how-do-i-get-the-cpu-temperature :: "Check CPU Temperature in Ubuntu 12.04 - YouTube" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOuJcaD4OBI :: "Install Temperature Sensors Indicators in Ubuntu 12.04/11.10/Linux ..." http://www.noobslab.com/2012/06/install-hardware-18:15
Maazsensors-indicators-in.html :: "Monitor Hardware Temperature In Ubuntu With Psensor ... - Web Upd…18:15
GotangoThanks Kilos18:15
Kilosbut dont forget everything extra running uses more cpu18:15
Gotangoyeah thats true Kilos i wana disable java runtime aswell 18:16
Kilosdoes is run all the time18:16
Kilosi dont know about these things18:17
* not_found doesn't know to much about this linux thing... he just shoots the breeze in the IRC channel...18:18
GotangoIt used to be a startup process running all the time on windows. 18:18
Kiloshee hee18:21
Kilosflame wars coming18:21
not_found:) as long as we don't debate GNU/Linux vs Linux, or vim vs emacs or linux vs *nix vs bsd it is ok I guess :p18:23
not_foundor wayland vs mir18:24
Kilosi wonder what mir is gonna be like18:24
not_foundend user won't notice a difference18:24
Kiloswhen do we start using it18:24
not_foundor that is the idea18:24
Kilosisnt it supposed to be more efficient18:25
Kilosthats all that is important18:25
not_foundbut how you going to notice it now if your system is already keeping up :p18:25
Kilosmagespawn, what are you doing?18:25
* not_found goes and reads more conspiracy stuff cause it is funny!18:26
Kilosefficiency is important18:26
Kilosone sees the difference in kde between 12.04 and 13.10 in install time18:27
Kilos13.10 installs in half the time18:27
Kilos1 min less than 1/2 actually18:27
Kilosi hope 14.04 is as good or even better then i might go kubuntu full time18:28
Kilossomeone else can help unity peeps18:28
GotangoI cant seem to get a cpu temperature reading from those link Kilos18:32
GotangoI get pci adapters temperatures only18:33
Gotango~$ sensors18:35
GotangoAdapter: Virtual device18:35
Gotangotemp1:       +256.0°C  (crit = +105.0°C)18:35
Gotangotemp2:        +30.0°C  (crit = +105.0°C)18:35
GotangoAdapter: PCI adapter18:35
Gotangotemp1:        +77.8°C  (high = +70.0°C)18:35
Gotango                       (crit = +100.0°C, hyst = +95.0°C)18:35
Kilosi had a cpu temp thing here one time. little icon in top panel but it used cpu so i removed it18:35
Gotangothat tut in the link should output the cores temperatures, but it wont show it18:36
* Gotango gets another grandpa for his ubuntu headace18:37
KilosGotango, make sure you always eat something before a grandpa18:38
Kilosi have no valves in my stomach from grandpas18:38
magespawnalways good to eat something before taking medicine18:39
magespawnKilos in what regard?18:39
GotangoYes i had something. Thanks will remember that Kilos18:39
Kilosmagespawn, ?18:40
magespawn<Kilos> magespawn, what are you doing?18:40
Kilosthat new job has corrupted you18:40
Kilosyou used to chat lots18:40
Kilosand help when i got stuck18:40
Kilosnow you a semi lurker18:40
magespawnbit tired now, drove to Volksrust to get fish from the grandparents18:41
Kiloslong way18:41
magespawngoing into work tomorrow to sort out cabling for the wireless network18:42
Kilosdid you get that mail about cabling18:42
Kilosi didnt read up on it18:42
magespawnnot sure18:42
magespawnlet me check, on the list?18:43
Kilosi mailed it to you man look for mail from me18:43
* Kilos cries18:43
Kilosdownloaded a 40m iso of freedos and it dont boot18:44
Kilosim still trying to fix that 2tb drives firmware magespawn 18:44
magespawnmight be a lost cause?18:46
magespawnright just read your mail now, i am already a subscriber, thanks18:46
Kilosyeah but what an achievment it will be if it comes right18:46
magespawnindeed it will be18:47
magespawnone of epic proportions18:47
Kilosmaybe i can try replacing platters too. that might cure the i/o error18:47
Kilosits near a year i been working on and off on it now. but found a new way to try today18:48
magespawnthat is a tricky thing to do, they are not very dust tolerant 18:48
magespawndo tell18:48
Kiloslast was with firmware patch now its flash firmware and install new frimware18:49
Kilosi just dunno where to get platters18:49
Kilosand no one from the lists sent me even one scrap drive18:50
Kilosto repair drives you need lots of spares18:51
Kiloshave to use parts from same models on each other18:52
magespawnthat is always that problem18:54
magespawnI am busy having a look at these two projects Commotion https://commotionwireless.net/ and Volatility https://code.google.com/p/volatility/19:06
Kilosi could enjoy doing networks like that19:10
Kilosdish and mesh antenna19:10
Kilossomething you can see19:11
Kilosand with modern test equipment it makes life so much easier than the old guys had it19:12
Kilosalso modern software that does the thinking for you19:12
magespawnor a lot of it. there are several online tools to help align your equipment19:13
Kilosyeah so lekker19:13
magespawnback again19:19
Kilosoh thats why i asked what you doing with the reboot19:20
Kilosinetpro, ping19:20
magespawntried to play a dvd with vlc and laptop stopped responding19:21
Kilosill get a pong for breakfast looks like19:21
Kilosoh magespawn found a kiff tool to fix cd/dvds19:21
Kilosgets the info off dvd/cd fixes it and make a new iso19:22
magespawnfor scratched disks?19:24
Kilosyip supposed to be for damaged cds or cds that are corrupt19:24
Kiloshad a xp cd that didnt boot anymore and made a new one that works19:25
Kilosin the repos too19:25
magespawncool beans19:25
Kiloscosts you one blank cd/dvd19:26
magespawnlooks like this machine has a problem with playing DVD19:27
magespawnold second hand machine so no worries19:27
Kilosi had to get a new dvdwriter to replace my old one too19:27
Kilosjust stopped working19:27
magespawnthey do that unfortunately19:29
magespawnhave you heard of portableapps.com19:30
KilosR149 + vat and couriers19:30
Kilosnope what are they19:30
Kilosi have made a bootable ubuntu installed fully updated upgraded stick with everything i use on it19:33
Kilosso can boot from it and feel at home apart from being slower19:33
Kiloscloud stuff uses data19:35
magespawnthis is for win only as far as i know, but it is a bunch of apps like firefox and thnderbird that will run from a flash when plugged into a booted machine but store all the data on the flash drive so you can take it with you19:35
Kilosyeah i went there19:39
Kilosoh have you sorted the password prob?19:40
Kilosmagespawn, ?19:46
GotangoKilos do i always have to enter password after doing sudo ?19:58
Gotangooh okay19:58
Kilosits so other users cant mess with serious tuff19:58
Gotangothats good19:58
Kilosyeah so basically you can have others use your pc but not change your system19:59
Kilosunless you actually give them admin tights19:59
Gotangolol i dont want anyone wearing my tights :p20:00
Kilosrights sorry20:00
Kiloseye dont see kiff so late at night20:01
GotangoYeah and past your bed time :)20:01
Kiloswaiting for 11pm to get http://sourceforge.net/p/drbl/feature-requests/2/20:01
Gotangooh that sounds good20:03
Kilosi dunno what im doing wrong but cant get the 40m version to boot from usb stick20:03
Kilossays it has a kernel missing20:04
Kilosthats so doff. .iso are supposed to be bootable as far as i know20:04
Kilosand no where do they say add a kernel before making a boot stick20:05
Gotangoyeah thats true20:06
GotangoDunno about that Bios stuff 20:06
Kilosoh i play lots in bios20:06
Kiloshave had a very sick pc with virus in bios20:07
Kilosflashing was the only cure20:07
Kilosi try fix scrap pcs20:08
GotangoFlashing cures alot but has its bad sides too20:08
GotangoYeah knowing about BIos helps alot when working with different pc's20:08
Kilosif you do it wrong yeah then you brick it20:09
Gotangolol thats the fun part 20:09
Kilosso good to get all your upgrade software in place first20:09
Kilosthe hassle is some ar only doable with floppies20:10
Kilosothers like more modern ones have the bios upgrade utility built in20:10
GotangoNewer is better but when you fix old pc's its hard to make things work since most parts are deprecated20:12
Kilosall i have is old stuff20:12
Kilos1 out of 7 not working yet20:12
Kilos1 out of 8 actually20:13
Gotangooh , do you know there agaes20:13
Gotango ages*20:13
Kilosi have 386 486 p2 p3  and p4's of different years20:14
Kiloslatest is dual core but still with ddr ram20:14
Kilosso a ral fast pc is still a dream20:15
GotangoWow! you collected 386 486 pc's :020:16
Kilosthats what i started with 20:16
Kilosin 2006 i think20:16
GotangoThat should be a guiness world record i think20:16
Kilosdidnt know what pcs were for before that20:17
Kilosno man20:17
GotangoThats alot man, wow. 20:17
GotangoWhat made you decide to collect pc's and fix them20:17
Kiloswas given a scrap 386 to give me something to do then the bug bit me20:17
Kilosand the need for speed grew20:18
Kilosred alert wouldnt play on 386 once i got it going20:18
Kilosoh in dos only20:18
magespawnsorry Kilos, password?20:18
GotangoAah that is a good bug20:19
Kilosthen 486 was a bit better20:19
Kilosyour site magespawn 20:19
magespawnyes that was not too much of a problem in the end20:19
Kilosthen p3 with win 9520:19
Kiloscool magespawn 20:19
magespawnjust a matter of asking those who know20:19
Kiloshope you taken full control20:20
magespawnyup of the one site but there is so much to cover20:20
Kilosthe it guy must have full admin rights20:20
KilosGotango, that freedos is not only for bios. you can do hdd firmware as well20:21
magespawnthat would be the normal way of doing things, normally there would also be some sort of hand over, with the info you need etc20:21
Kilosthats right magespawn but the previous oke walking out cant be good20:22
magespawnkind of makes you wonder why, and what exactly i am getting myself into20:22
Kilosthats why employers must learn to keep employees happy so when they leave they leave with a smile on the face and no hard feeling20:23
magespawnthat would be a smart thing to do20:23
GotangoThat sounds cool Kilos , nifty tool that20:23
magespawnhappy employees work harder too20:23
magespawnKilos i am actually mostly using this for the experience, and i am getting truck loads of it at the moment20:25
GotangoI think the only place i saw happy employees was at google :)20:25
magespawnnah happens in other places too20:25
Kilosian says the same magespawn because he is struggling financialy to make ends meet but he says the knowledge makes up for it20:26
GotangoYa magaspawn, that was 10 years ago 20:26
magespawnif you gather the knowledge now, then sooner or later you can make it start to pay for you20:26
GotangoMust be many places by now20:26
magespawni must be off to bed, have to get up early tomorrow, good night all20:27
KilosGotango, when you type in nicks type first 3 letters and hit tab to complete it20:27
Kilosit sorts caps too20:27
Kilosnight magespawn sleep tight20:27
Kiloshave a good week20:28
Kilosty for the chats20:28
Gotangotake care magespawn20:28
GotangoKilos i'm using opera chat in the browser20:29
Kilosmy opera uses more cpu than anything else20:29
GotangoXchat is too hard to figure out20:29
GotangoI'm used to Opera chat 20:29
Kilosbut then there are a few open tabs20:29
Kilosall you need to do is ask man20:30
Kilosnothing beats a true irc client20:30
GotangoMy fan has been running at one speed since the dust blowout20:30
Kilossorry ubuntu20:31
GotangoYeah , but i dont use the commands in chat20:31
Kiloswhat commands20:31
Gotangostill the heat is there though20:31
GotangoThe chat commands20:32
Kilosthere is most likely more dust deep inside20:32
Kilosyou dont need chat commands you can configure xchat lekker20:32
Kilosscroll back as far as you like etc20:33
GotangoI guess so, i just cant figure out how to totally open this things arrg!20:33
Kiloshave a sound when your nick is mentioned20:33
Kilosjust ask man20:33
Kilosyou are in a new world now on linux20:34
Kilosyou wont be asked for $49 for help20:34
Gotangoi know irc apps are great, but i like the irc client in opera, then i dont have to switch again to open facebook and a website , the tabs are handy20:35
Kilosai! facebook wastes data20:35
Gotangolol yeah its good to volenteer :)20:35
Kilosdo you tweet as well?20:36
GotangoNope i use a mobile user agent and facebook gives the mobile version 20:36
GotangoThe full site will waste alot of data20:37
Gotangoyeah but hardly use it20:37
Kilosim not a facebook fan. but go there now and agin'20:37
Kiloswe have ubuntu page there too20:37
Kilosand a mailing list20:38
GotangoI got the ubuntu group and fan page there, mostly noobs asking stuff then people get upset cause they keep answering the same queastions20:39
GotangoDont know about the mailing list on facebook20:39
Kilosyeah peeps need to be able to scroll back and see what has been asked before20:39
Kilosor be told to come ask here20:40
Gotangoor the forums20:40
GotangoMany places 20:40
Kilosthe forums get too busy at times for me to keep up20:40
GotangoThey make sticky topics for newbies with similar queastions but they never notice that20:41
Kilosand they arent as personal as here20:41
Kilosand they dont tell you when to use sudo and why20:41
Gotangolol yeah , this way is the best way :)20:42
GotangoFun to interact in realtime20:42
Kilosthey dont seem to appreciate that moving from windows to ubuntu is a major step for some peeps20:42
Kilosmy daughter in aus changed to ubutu and loves it but needs to use 7 to use her drawing tools20:44
GotangoThats nice, she sounds very talented in that20:45
Kilosshe does anime drawings20:45
Gotangoyeah not many programs have been made yet for ubuntu to support that20:45
Kilosi think thats what it is called20:45
GotangoAwesome , must be the Dragonball z type animations20:46
Kilosyes ubuntu supports the wacom tablet i think its called but she had bought a different one that didnt work on ubuntu20:46
Gotangoor the japanese anime20:47
Kilosshe also does portrate type things for peeps20:47
Kilosi dunno about that stuff20:47
Gotangothats great shes using her full talent to make a living 20:48
Kilosi think thats it20:49
Kilosaw you cant see anything there20:49
Kilosshe draws well20:52
GotangoYeah cant see anything, i thought it was hers20:52
GotangoI bet she does20:53
Kilosshe has her site there somewhere 20:53
Kilosshe also sings20:53
Kilosbut that eats data , she lives on youtube20:53
Kilosi make her send me the songs. so i dont have to go to youtube20:54
GotangoAh you must be a proud dad to have such a talented daughter20:54
Kilosand ive never met her20:55
Kilosonly online20:55
Gotangohuh ? like her mom left with her to Aus when she was small20:56
Kiloswe split before she was born20:56
Kiloswas only a short 4 month relationship20:57
Gotangooh okay20:57
Gotangoglad you are in contact with her20:57
Kilosyeah after 26 years20:58
Gotangotjo thats long, both of you gona be very emotional when you meet f2f20:59
GotangoI have to start building a boat now, SA will be flooded with tears :)21:01
Kiloshaha i dont know if we ever gonna get together. airfares so far are expensive21:01
Gotangoyeah true. Its a once in a lifetime experience though21:02
Kiloswhew download speed of 525 kB/s21:11
Gotangolol my maximum is 20 k/bs 21:13
Kilosthats like an edge connection not 3g21:14
GotangoYeah its 2G ,Cellc dont pick up 3G here21:14
Kiloswell your data last longer that way21:15
GotangoWill try find out if Telkom mobile got that21:15
Kilostelkom mobile is good and if you have slow connection they sort it for you21:15
Gotangolast longer the 3G way ?21:15
Kilosno 2g way21:16
GotangoThats good 21:16
GotangoAlways thought telkom gave bad service since it government 21:16
Kilosno man i would go mad at that speed21:17
Kilosnope telkom mobile are actually quite good21:17
Kilosand very helpful21:17
Kiloscellc sucks and mtn is the worst21:17
Gotangohaha, yeah but i usually find someting else to do while something downloads21:18
GotangoThen i will prefer telkom mobile then21:18
GotangoYa mtn is the worst and too damn expensive21:19
Kilosi struggle with mtn and cellc then went voda and it was a bit better but since 8ta came out im happy21:20
GotangoI use a vodafone port server to connect with cellc internet. theyre servers are buggy and cuts oout alot21:20
Kiloslook for a telkom sim21:20
Kilosanyway im gonna crash now21:21
Kilosnight all. sleep tight21:21
Kilossee ya tomorrow21:21
Gotangothanks i will try that :)21:21
GotangoSleep well Kilos21:21

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