milapurrinvalid option p00:00
Eaglemanpancakes09 i already did, they are fine00:00
pancakes09milapurr: what... what distro are you using00:00
milapurrubuntu 12.0400:00
pancakes09milapurr: oh just do a "cp -p"00:00
milapurris there a way to just download Java-7-oracle?00:00
milapurrstill nothing00:01
qinpancakes09: what does "mv -p"00:01
milapurrsudo mv cp -p Java-7-oracle /usr/lib/00:01
milapurrmv: invalid option -- 'p'00:01
milapurrTry `mv --help' for more information.00:01
pancakes09qin: haha my bad, i meant cp -p00:02
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qinmilapurr: is not Java in software canter?00:02
fluxhunbunch of fucking typical linux fags.00:02
fluxhun+b me, assholes.00:02
LjL!ops | fluxhun00:02
ubottufluxhun: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!00:02
bekks!jdk | qin00:02
bekks!java | qin00:02
ubottuqin: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.00:02
qinbekks: that would be for milapurr00:03
milapurrin the current OS I have java-7-openjdk-amd6400:03
milapurrI think I got the wrong java...00:03
qinmilapurr: read the link?00:04
RandomStrayCatbrahdude: hmmm, type ..... sudo lshw | grep product .... so i can look up for your laptop00:04
RandomStrayCatthat is if it is not cutome :300:05
brahdudeRandomStrayCat, http://pastebin.com/gYgHZY2P00:05
milapurris there a terminal way to do it?00:05
milapurrI always get the box where I have to choose how to open apts.00:06
milapurrand the software center is no where to be found00:06
EaglemanAny idea why Apcupsd is not calling the doshutdown script i placed in /etc/apcupsd directory?00:06
brahdudehere RandomStrayCat http://pastebin.com/T7iB7Ejg thanks00:06
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RandomStrayCatbrah: what version of ubuntu are you running00:11
RandomStrayCatbrah: lsb_release -a00:11
miroHI Guys00:12
OerHeksEagleman, UPS with usb ?00:12
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Guest21877i have ubuntu 13.10 on my netbook but still i installed it, there is no sound. unfortunately I cant change the volume in the alsamixer00:13
OerHeksEagleman,  did you edit /etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf and comment out DEVICE ?? (it contains a TTY link, which will prevent it from working)https://help.ubuntu.com/community/apcupsd00:13
Guest21877is there anyone who has experence or an idea, would be great00:13
Guest21877I hae no experience with ubuntu or linux00:13
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brahdudeGuest21877, what netbook do you have?00:14
Guest21877I have an asus eeepc1015pn00:14
EaglemanOerHeks thats not the problem, it shuts down fine including the UPS, but i am having problems calling external scripts00:15
brahdudeGuest21877, do you get sound from headphones?00:15
EaglemanI can also read info from the UPS itself00:15
Guest21877no nothing00:15
Guest21877if I have a look in the pavcontrol there is only shown the hdmi output00:16
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pylearnerDo you want to run "CHROME", or display its contents?  <--- how can I have my link to my .sh file not do this in gnome desktop environment i want to suppress this00:17
pylearneri always want to run00:17
brahdudetry this page fcdragon https://sites.google.com/site/mtrons/howtos/eeepc-1015pn00:17
RandomStrayCatBrahdude: can you try updating you BIOS00:18
fcdragonthanks brahdude, I tried everything but nothing helps00:18
hitsujiTMOpylearner: call it from a .desktop file00:18
brahdudeRandomStrayCat, I guess I could, will see what I can do00:19
RandomStrayCatBrahdude: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/969485   although this was for 12.04 Ubuntu. It hints that a BIOS problem00:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 969485 in linux (Ubuntu) "Fan working non-stop" [Medium,Incomplete]00:19
pylearnerhitsujiTMO, is there anyway to hide the .desktop part??00:19
brahdudecheers RandomStrayCat00:19
RandomStrayCatBrahdude: cheers, if you want to check your bios version : dmidecode | less ..... then type / BIOS Info00:20
pylearneralso when i run a .desktop and try to add an icon for it it doesnt work for me00:21
hitsujiTMOpylearner: that shoud automatically happen as long as you give it a Name=00:21
brahdudeRandomStrayCat, "Pattern not found"00:21
pylearnerhitsujiTMO, could you should me a sample .desktop file00:21
Mace268pylearner, open file manager, go to File > Preferences, Behavior tab and tick Run Eecutables00:21
alansaul-laptopHey guys, bit of a stupid question but I need some suggestions as to whether i should use awk, sed, or go ahead and python script something00:22
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RandomStrayCatbrah: sorry /BIOS Info00:22
hitsujiTMOpylearner: anything in /usr/share/applications ir /usr/share/xsessions/00:22
RandomStrayCatI had an extra space xD00:22
alansaul-laptopI have a text document with say A b c d \n B e f g \n A h i j k \n B l m n o00:23
alansaul-laptopNow I want to say if the third column of the line is == "hello" (i.e. if c or j is == "hello") dont print the line following beginning with B, otherwise do00:23
alansaul-laptopThat sounds a lot more complicated than it is...00:24
brahdudethanks RandomStrayCat it seems I have an outdated bios00:24
RandomStrayCatBrahdude: hopefully that fixes the problem.. if t doesn't you might want to fill out a bug for :)00:24
brahdudeCheers will do, thanks.00:25
brahdudehnnnggg .exe file00:25
alansaul-laptopBasically if i have some basically multilined parsing to do, should I skip over awk and sed and go straight to python?00:25
sonic__ATTENZIONE: Non e' stata intercettata la versione originale di lynx.00:26
sonic__Questo script e' in grado di funzionare sono con lynx e non links2.00:26
k1l_!it | sonic__00:27
ubottusonic__: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)00:27
sonic__usa BuDuScRiPt [ http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript ]00:27
sonic__Version 3.7.8600:27
sonic__By  U D A ' S o f t w a r e00:27
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gordonjcpsudo rm -rf /usr/share/sounds00:37
gordonjcpbah, mispaste00:37
gordonjcpdon't type that, unless you really dislike that earsplittingly loud "BADABAMF" on startup00:38
gordonjcpwhy is the keyboard mapping broken in 13.10?00:38
gordonjcpevery time you log in, the keyboard mapping is set to en-US until you explicitly change it00:39
xtalmathcan I insert an audio delay in ubuntu 12.04 precise?00:39
gordonjcpxtalmath: an audio delay into what?00:39
jribgordonjcp: idk but how are you changing it00:39
gordonjcpjrib: with the thing at the top right, with the control panel00:39
gordonjcpjrib: I've even removed en-US from the list, still it comes up with a broken layout00:39
gordonjcp13.10 just should be removed from distribution00:40
gordonjcpit's fatally broken in too many ways00:40
jribgordonjcp: does the login screen offer the facility to change the layout?00:40
gordonjcpjrib: nope00:40
xtalmathgordonjcp: some of the crappy flash players dont provide increasing or decreasing audio delays like you can do with shortcuts in VLC00:40
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gordonjcpxtalmath: oh, no idea, I don't bother with that stuff00:40
jribgordonjcp: you're not using lightdm?  I can't remember last time i saw my log-in screen but I thought i remembered a way to choose layout in there00:43
gordonjcpjrib: maybe there is, perhaps because I've only got one keymap enabled it doesn't show it00:44
RandomStrayCatgordonjcp: sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration00:44
RandomStrayCattry that00:44
dunpealIs there a good, popular choice of a tiling WM for Ubuntu?00:45
gordonjcpRandomStrayCat: tried that, doesn't help00:46
gordonjcpalso, it randomly switches back to en-US00:46
jribdunpeal: use whichever one you like.00:46
gordonjcpdunpeal: "good" and "tiling" aren't really compatible00:46
jribwm is a personal choice00:46
gordonjcpI guess people like tiling WMs in the same way that people like Austin Allegros00:47
hitsujiTMOgordonjcp: i get that too from time to time. quite an annoying bug00:47
grendal_primekewl i got it all up and working ..bots and all thanks guys00:47
grendal_primeson is totally jazed.00:47
grendal_primehey if i have a maplist and one of the maps is not working the way i want with the bots...how can i skip to the next level?00:48
jribgrendal_prime: you are in #ubuntu00:48
hitsujiTMOdunpeal: its usually dwm vs xmonad. dwm if you know c. xmonad if you know haskell00:48
apb1963Anyone know much about jitsi?  I had it working and then I started messing with plugins and now I have no audio.  ubuntu 12.04.300:51
kostkon!info jitsi00:52
ubottuPackage jitsi does not exist in saucy00:52
kostkon!find jitsi00:52
ubottuPackage/file jitsi does not exist in saucy00:52
hitsujiTMO!info jitsi precise00:53
ubottuPackage jitsi does not exist in precise00:53
duped27Is ubuntu makin progress in tablets. PC's are becoming a thing of the past.00:56
sefrom all ?00:59
Apollohey so for the past couple of days i believe my ubuntu software center has had this bar near the center that looks like it is downloading something and is stuck at halfway, yet when i go to the application and go to progress it shows nothing? its small but irritating.01:04
daz646 #ubuntu01:08
DrGrovEvening yet again01:08
BOvernthere must be lots of private chats going on in here01:09
DrGrovDecided to give up the Lubuntu experiment in order to convince my dad to get a new computer instead :)01:09
daz646Hi all01:09
BOvernget one with secure boot01:09
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daftykinsand off we go01:22
qwebirc211does somebody know a solution for the problem that dropbox no longer works under ubuntu 13.10?01:23
theoremanyone here have teething problems with UEFI BIOS and Secure boot ?   I've disabled the secure boot on my BIOS (after installing from USB) and the UEFI keeps complaining "the current BIOS setting do not fully support the boot device"01:25
xeviousIs there a way to prevent apt from starting or restarting services when installing packages?01:26
theoremit's part of the install process01:26
dunpealgordonjcp: what WM do you use?01:26
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theoremthere can be a -D option if the package maintainer has seen fit to provide that option01:27
xevioustheorem: Oh well. Thanks for the feedback.01:27
xevioustheorem: I need to install services in a chroot and it's communicating with and messing up the non-chroot system.01:28
xeviousIt's talking to the wrong dbus.01:28
xevioustheorem: I'm debootstrapping an environment that I'll reboot into.01:29
xevioustheorem: So, I don't want any part of that new environment to start.01:29
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theoremxevious: then you need to install with the path that you need ... actually chroot to it first.01:29
gordonjcpdunpeal: whatever Unity is based around01:29
theoremservices shouldn't ...01:29
theorembut they may ..01:29
dunpealhitsujiTMO: it's going to be dwm then I supppose :)  Haskell scares me01:30
xevioustheorem: I am chrooted.01:30
xevioustheorem: It's strange.01:30
gordonjcpdunpeal: anything where you have to write pages and pages of code to configure it to a usable state cannot *possibly* be helping your productivity01:31
dunpealgordonjcp: I wonder why there can't just be a good tiling option/plugin for unity or XFCE or whatever01:32
bfi1714I'm installing a ubuntu iso in my laptop01:33
bfi1714so I'll need some help with the terminal01:33
bfi1714I hope that I could use this channel to clarify my doubts01:33
bfi1714Is it alright?01:33
mason-Fresh Debian installation. Installed sudo and added my user to the sudo group. The %sudo line is in my sudoers file, and yet it's still saying username is not in the sudoers file. Anyone know what gives/01:34
daftykinsthis isn't debian01:35
bfi1714what's the shortcut to call the terminal on ubuntu?01:35
mason-I know. They pointed me here. Snobbery.01:36
bfi1714how do I set boot to understand that my user is the root?01:36
obi1kenobebest way to remote acess two computers under Ubuntu?01:36
bfi1714Obrigado Segio01:36
bekks!root | bfi171401:36
ubottubfi1714: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:36
dunpealgordonjcp: actually01:36
dunpeallooks like XFCE 4.10 has some pretty good tiling support01:37
daftykinsbfi1714: you don't run as root.01:37
bfi1714but why does the terminal doesn't accept a blank password to run the command?01:37
bfi1714trick question01:37
bfi1714I hate that terminal01:37
bfi1714I try to use the apt-get and it denies me01:37
bfi1714login failed01:37
gordonjcpdunpeal: what's so great about tiling?01:38
TheLordOfTimebfi1714: if you don't have a password you can't use sudo commands, you must have a password on your account.01:38
dunpealgordonjcp: space efficiency for a programmer with many opne windows.01:38
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gordonjcpdunpeal: it's not efficient, though01:38
gordonjcpdunpeal: you can only have a couple of things open at a time01:39
dunpealgordonjcp: ...?  tiling is just about using all available space01:39
gordonjcpdunpeal: so why not let windows overlap?01:39
obi1kenobe best way to remote acess two computers under Ubuntu?01:39
gordonjcpobi1kenobe: ssh probably01:39
dunpealgordonjcp: because they're displaying important sh*t I want to see, like logs, a console, vim...01:39
dunpealit's not like I'm OK with an important log line just disappearing.01:40
gordonjcpdunpeal: I currently have 15 terminal windows open, a browser, and four PDF viewers01:40
gordonjcpdunpeal: how would that work with tiling?01:40
dunpealgordonjcp: great, I'm sure you don't need to see them all at once.01:40
dunpealI do.01:40
dunpealI make a code change, I need to see it reflect in the console program running, in the error log, in a browser...01:40
gordonjcpdunpeal: I need to see *some* things simultaneously01:41
catalase_can anyone tell me why  Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) is apache2 is already the newest version.01:41
obi1kenobeall i know how to install linux and do smal programs instalation01:41
gordonjcpI have six terminals and one PDF viewer visible just now01:41
catalase_i did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade01:41
dunpealgordonjcp: XFCE tiling features can help with that :)01:41
catalase_but apache2 2.2.22 is apparently newest version?01:41
gordonjcpdunpeal: yeah, but XFCE sucks01:41
gordonjcpdunpeal: and tiling WMs belong back in the 1980s01:41
gordonjcpdunpeal: I ditched that crap decades ago and will never go back01:41
spearheadgordonjcp, dunpeal, try i3-wm...01:42
dunpealgordonjcp: how is unity better than XFCE?01:42
Euclidis Gee, XFCE really sucks.01:42
dunpealespecially for a programmer01:42
obi1kenobei like LXDE01:42
gordonjcpspearhead: no, I have seen i3-wm and I don't really like it01:42
dunpealXFCE is the best desktop right now imho01:42
gordonjcpspearhead: it seems to be particularly geared up to people who have a bunch of terminals with tiny pixelly grey-on-grey text, and there's no easy way to make it usable01:42
dunpealall the features, none of the crap.01:42
gordonjcpdunpeal: it doesn't crash all the time, for a start01:43
dunpealgordonjcp: I haven't had XFCE crash on me once.01:43
gordonjcplucky you01:43
dunpealand I crashed components of Unity plenty (looking at you Dash)01:43
gordonjcpdash is *great*01:43
spearheadgordonjcp, that isn't true, it is very easy to configure and the colors definately are't grey on gray the terminal is a tan on blue, very easy on the eyes,  everything else is window specific01:43
gordonjcpgranted, Unity needs a fairly chunky machine01:44
xanguadunpeal:  gordonjcp spearhead you can discuss your favorite DE on #ubuntu-offtopic01:44
gordonjcpthis machine is a 2GHz core 2 duo with 1G of RAM01:44
DiamondciteThat's plenty.01:44
gordonjcpDiamondcite: oh yah01:45
gordonjcpDiamondcite: my 2.8GHz Core 2 Duo with 4GB of RAM is great01:45
DiamondciteWell ram could use just a little work, but otherwise great (Compared to a Pentium 3 1GHz with 512MB of SDRAM)01:45
gordonjcpthis one really needed another 512M added before Unity was happy01:45
DiamondciteIt's more amazing a 10+ year old system can run unity.01:46
gordonjcpnot really, Unity isn't particularly heavyweight01:46
gordonjcpyou need a semidecent graphics card01:46
BOverni have a 4 mega vga card01:47
DiamondciteIt's! It's.. err.. I can't remember which card it uses.. did that tower even have one?01:47
DiamondciteUbuntu also runs Kinda nice on a N270 Atom with 2GB of ram.01:48
EuclidisI've got an problem. I got an HP AMD A3500 APU Radeon HD 6620G. Happen that is running below 1.5 Ghz. Overclocking is overheating and slow..01:49
EuclidisA Samsumg Galaxy looks better than it.01:51
Euclidischange KDE for lxde don't look like a plausible deal..01:53
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DrGrovHi, now I am a bit lost here.02:01
DrGrovCan I easily reinstall my 13.10 with another flavor ex. Kubuntu/Lubuntu etc. for the default one without missing anything? I am looking to not having lenses and social media integration things around.02:02
Ben64DrGrov: the only difference between them is the desktop environments, and you can install those easily, like "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"02:03
DrGrovBen64: But I kind of want to remove Unity completely and switch to something else without lenses and social media integration things baked in the settings.02:04
Ben64well if you start up and choose kde, it won't have lenses02:05
DrGrovBen64: I do not like the excessive social media integration. I prefer to have those set up differently when I need.02:05
BOverntry steamOS02:05
DrGrovBen64: Could I completely remove Unity somehow if I install Kubuntu now without formatting the system?02:05
BOvernDrGrov: you are anti-social? O.o02:05
luis_hi guys, I was wondering if you can help me. I have the following issue with my grub menu: it doesn't show the latest kernels I have installed02:05
luis_when I try to run update-grub, it tells me I have to install grub or grub2-common, but when I try to install grub-common, it says this: "grub-common : Depends: liblzma2 (>= 4.999.9beta) but it is not installable"02:06
DrGrovBOvern: So? No, not really. I just prefer to keep all my social media things separated from the OS itself. Through a browser is how I like to use social media.02:06
Ben64DrGrov: something like this would do it, but this is for 12.10, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekubuntu02:06
BOvernsee what i mean02:07
BOverndo you really want to be associated with psychocats?02:08
n008help, I am trying to access github from a remote server02:08
n008but I dont want to add my ssh keys to that server02:08
n008i know I can use ssh tunnel or something, but dont know how02:08
n008or is it called port forwarding02:09
bfi1714please, I need to check my past messages replies in this channel02:15
bfi1714how could I do it?02:15
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.02:15
bfi1714I've try history #ubuntu02:15
jjavaholichow should I resolve "Sound only plays through headphones or internal speakers" Hda Intel Sound problem?02:18
NBhostinghow do i grow this to the correct size https://dpaste.de/1Z0O02:21
bfi1714Sorry, how do I fast respond someone here02:21
bfi1714I wouldn't like to write the nickname of the person every single time to answer a msg of him02:22
kostkon!tab | bfi171402:23
ubottubfi1714: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:23
bfi1714kostkon: thank you!02:23
kostkonbfi1714: :-)02:24
bfi1714ok! I'm installing my ubuntu on VBOX02:25
bfi1714I count with your help guys02:25
DrGrovAnyone know how to reset Cinnamon menu and separate all Unity stuff from the Cinnamon menu? Have duplicates all over the place. Running 13.10.02:28
digitaldefectorhey folks02:29
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
digitaldefectorDrGrov, sorry about yesterday but you caught me off guard when you described root as / . I assumed after that you know more about Linux than I do.02:30
designbybeck_how to I access my USB from a command line?02:31
designbybeck_i did a lsusb and I think i see the sandisk.... but then I run mount and don't see it there02:31
designbybeck_and it isn't under media02:31
DrGrovdigitaldefector: No problem :) No need to apologize :)02:31
DrGrovdigitaldefector: I am now desparately stuck with trying to get rid of duplicate menu entries in Cinnamon, residue from Unity. But I have both installed but would like to just get rid of Unity entries in Cinnamon. This is driving me insane.02:32
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anon_22jeg elsker stine02:33
bfi1714anyone could tell me a GOOD ubunt terminal cheat sheet02:33
bfi1714or linux command terminal tutorial02:33
bfi1714simple and easy to be understood02:34
meliobfi console tutorial?02:34
melioterminal implies one thing, console is what you use a terminal to get to02:34
bfi1714melio: to understand the commands02:34
meliobfi ok there's a few books and cheatsheets02:34
bfi1714like apt-get02:34
melioit's not easy for beginners02:35
meliobut it's learnable02:35
Bashing-omdesignbybeck_: later version have that mount point in /media/<user_name> . Anything there ?02:35
bfi1714melio: also what other commands have been using now a days02:35
digitaldefectorDrGrov, I'm frustrated. I've tried Linux Mint, PinguyOS, and Korora 20 (to see if my wireless is working on a different distro. Or on a 13.10 release. I could not even boot Korora. What pisses me off is that Ubuntu 12.04 works great with my wireless, but I can't use a better ati driver. I don't know what to do. Maybe I should try Manjaro. I'm just not sure anymore.02:35
bfi1714melio: like apt-get02:35
designbybeck_only one thing listed Bashing-om, it is his username02:35
designbybeck_i'm help;ing a friend Bashing-om02:35
meliothis is a pdf02:36
melioyou can tell by the extention :P02:36
meliobut it's actually not bad. just looked at it02:36
meliothere are html versions of this too02:36
meliobut i think it covers a few aspects of bash02:36
meliothe console shell you are probably using02:36
spearhead!enter | melio02:37
ubottumelio: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:37
meliothe shell itself, bash, contains a vast array of commands, or regex02:37
meliospearhead thanks, I apologize i'm from the 80's when everything took a long time to process and cycle to the next line and modems were slow02:37
spearheadmelio, np just a gentile reminder02:38
Bashing-omdesignbybeck_: What does dmesg have to say after the usb drive is plugged in ? does the system see it there ?02:38
=== BrianH is now known as Guest19961
designbybeck_Bashing-om:  we tried this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/37767/how-to-access-a-usb-flash-drive-from-the-terminal02:39
designbybeck_but it says coan't find /dev/sdc in /etc/fstab02:39
melioi have a usb issue too. but it's bluetooth. i have a feeling no one cares about bluetooth on linux02:40
Bashing-omdesignbybeck_: lemme go see that reference I will be back.02:40
digitaldefectorCan anyone tell me why 13.10, and 13.10 based distros, won't work with accessing wifi? It works in 12.04. That's why I find it so baffling.02:40
meliothe bluez site in the about dialog doesnt even go to a valid website anymore02:40
Guest19961Hey guys.  I'm having a problem with Compiz on Ubuntu 13.10, where the orange selection from the Expo selector remains displayed after switching to the selected desktop.  Anyone know a way to fix this?02:40
meliohi dswhite8502:41
Guest19961Here's a screen capture of what I'm talking about.  You can see the orange in the top left corner of the screen.  http://youtube.com/watch?v=n5Yh1AxW5Yo02:41
digitaldefectordswhite85, notta. Just wishing my wifi worked in 13.10  How about you?02:41
luis_Hi, how can I update grub so that it shows the latest kernels installed? update-grub won't do and I can't install grub2-common02:41
BitwiseHello. I'm trying to route all traffic from tap0 to wlan0. I tried bridging the connection using NetBridge to seemingly no avail.02:41
meliolook http://blueman-project.org/ the site isnt even around anymore02:41
dswhite85just wanted to say i left ubuntu after 13.10 and unity, just couldnt stand it anymore. I moved to Fedora 20 and honestly I thought I hated gnome3, but really I couldnt be happier!!!!02:41
meliodswhite85: neat02:42
digitaldefectorDrGrov, I did find Cinnamon was very fast, even in a live cd. Is it fast for you?02:42
spearheaddswhite85, just curious, why didn't you try gnome 3 in ubuntu?02:42
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Guest19961Just realized my nick is b0rk3d ... wtf02:42
GraphicBUGExtremHello i have a BIG PROBLEM. Since i had 1x mz grapic card connectet to hdmi tv to watch movie, i have big graphic problems with ubuntu. I have change back to normal and i get alwazs a verz strange displaz on the bootloader, also in ubunti so that i cant see anzthing onlz mixed colors because its like the displaz is wave splittet into hundren lines with displays. after a new instal it was worin onlz in a low 1024x768 mode,02:42
GraphicBUGExtrem also a uknown display. now i have install the nvidia 331 driver and now i get the message that it cant be used and its now startet in low grapic mode02:42
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melioI should try this bluetooth in fedora02:43
melioI'll run whatever makes it work :(02:43
melioi want to beable to play games and movies without disturbing my wife02:43
DrGrovdigitaldefector: It is, running though a Intel Xeon E5-2620 at 2GHz02:43
spearheadmelio, i don't know much about bluetooth in ubuntu but if you actually ask a question about it someone might answer you02:43
dswhite85i tried gnome3 before by added the repos in ubuntu, but it basically broke my system numerous times02:44
BitwiseHello. I'm trying to route all traffic from tap0 to wlan0. I tried bridging the connection using NetBridge to seemingly no avail.02:44
Bashing-omdesignbybeck_: Yeah the askubuntu reference looks good to me. What does ->sudo fdisk -l <- relate to you when the drive is plugged in ?02:44
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GraphicBUGExtremthe logs says no usable settings02:46
meliospearhead i agree, asking about it will help, but i'm searching too. when i come to conclusions that help or i need help with I'll put it out there. but i'm helping people too while i ask02:46
meliois my cloak gone?02:47
meliocurious, i might have to get another02:48
EuclidisI've got an problem. I got an HP AMD A3500 APU Radeon HD 6620G. Happen that is running below 1.5 Ghz. Overclocking is overheating and slow..  Nothing above 1.5..02:48
GraphicBUGExtremseems like nobody can help me :/02:48
kostkon!patience | GraphicBUGExtrem02:49
ubottuGraphicBUGExtrem: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/02:49
EuclidisGraphicBUGExtrem: You should search for another equivalent driver. It is a driver issue.02:49
desolatorI'm afraid of upgrading. I'm running 12.10. Someone please hold my hand.02:49
desolatorI have nowhere to backup my files.02:50
Euclidisdesolator: You can create a little fat or ext partition for backup.02:50
desolatoroh, can I resize my ext partition without losing data?02:51
GraphicBUGExtremhow can it be a driver problem_ this driver has worked before nice its onlz after i had connect it 1 time to hdmi with my tv. its also before anz starts i had this problem also when windows was check my hdd before start into the system02:52
kostkondesolator: upgradin is less risky than resizing your fs02:52
GraphicBUGExtremnow i have complete reinstall ubuntu as single os and after install the driver i get the problem with low graphic mode02:53
GraphicBUGExtremit looks a little like this on boot02:54
designbybeck_Thanks for the help Bashing-om sorry he had to leave. I'll try it again tomorrow and see if we can get it going. If not we'll reinstall02:54
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desolatoroh I've seen that before02:54
desolatorwhere did I saw it...02:54
desolatorI think it waas when I changed resolution02:55
desolatorI also have a radeon on this laptop02:55
GraphicBUGExtremi know but i have this since i had connect it via hdmi02:55
dswhite858585sup sup02:55
GraphicBUGExtremand its also before the os boot, also before windows02:55
GraphicBUGExtremi had this also in ubuntu thats why i have reinstall it02:55
desolatorI think I had to try another version of fglrx or whatever the propietary driver is called02:55
boohI just replace a failed disk for md0 raid1 for my / partition.  I boot now with the first disk but I would like to be able to boot with the new resync disk.  How to make it bootable too 602:57
boohtoo ?02:57
AlecTaylorKeyboard input isn't recognised properly for some reason... e.g.: I can launch a terminal with Ctrl+Shift+T; but can't type in it. I can use keyboard shortcuts in Firefox, but can't type anywhere. How to fix?02:58
* AlecTaylor is lucky KVIrc is accepting normal keyboard input!02:58
vin1i need help regarding pidgin02:58
vin1can anyone help me please?02:59
desolatorI'm using ChatZilla. It's ancient and sometimes gets grumpy.02:59
BrianH_Uhhh, Anon just compromised Dropbox?03:00
GraphicBUGExtremi will trz a other driver how i can change back to standart driver_03:00
AaronGraphicBUGExtrem, rmmod module03:00
boohhow to make a second drive bootable?  ubuntu 12.1003:04
boohfirst of all, is grub the bootloader in ubuntu 12.10 ?  partitions are in gpt I think.03:05
desolatorgrub is for 12.1003:06
boohIf I type grub command, it says to install grub...03:06
boohapt-get install.03:06
desolatorI know because it gets angry and it kicks me to a grub screen when I put my thumb drive before it boots.03:07
Emilenethhow is it going for you'03:07
desolatorI also have 12.10 and I need to upgrade03:07
=== Mars is now known as Guest41497
Emilenethdo you know how safe is to upgrade without format?03:08
boohThe server is working, I just want to make my second drive in raid1 bootable.03:08
boohdist-upgrade works well most of the time.03:09
desolatorI do not know, I don't have any means to do a backup and I'm afraid to upgrade. How long do I have until support ends?03:09
Emilenethi like the sound of 'most'03:09
boohrelease_upgrade also... but you have to verify all services after .03:09
desolatoroh I tried upgrade but it won't let me upgrade 12.10 to newest directly03:09
boohyou have to relase_upgrade one version at the time...03:10
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
boohjust make an image of your harddrive before... with clonezila.03:10
desolatoris there a way to go from 12.10 to 13.04?03:10
booh12.10 to 13.04: do_release_upgrade03:10
boohsorry... I mean do-release-upgrade03:11
Beldardesolator, What happens when you try to update, and how are you doing it?03:13
Bashing-omdesignbybeck_: playing catch up here.. I am confused, (re)install what ? to the USB drive ?03:14
boohbefore upgrading... do a dist-upgrade of your actual version03:14
desolatorBeldar: it was a long time ago. I think the icon told me that I couldn't upgrade to 13.10 directly, I used the console and it told me the same thing so reading through some page it said I had to upgrade to 13.04 first and the only way to do so was by using CD.03:15
Beldardesolator, 12.10 should upgrade to 13.04 some have problems if the OS has broken packages or heavily modified.03:17
desolatorhow "heavely" are we talking03:18
desolatorI like to mess around a lot and uhm03:18
Beldardesolator, Hard to say no real measurement, can be ppa's .03:19
Beldardesolator, You say you read you need a cd, have you actually tried to 13.04?03:20
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
desolatorno, I was going to check how to do it but I suddenly lost interest back then03:21
desolatorit's just today that I read 12.10 was losing support recently03:21
cantstanyaIdleOne: rude.03:21
desolatorwell, what do you know. do-release-upgrade is working.03:22
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melioScanning for a bluetooth device i can't find it :(03:38
brutha37hey guys03:47
redGodidk if its only me having this issue but I can't seem to have any threads on it. Ever since I switched my new lenovo U530 to ubuntu I have an issue with the wifi connection. the connection will drop out but still show it connected and a strong signal strength and to regain the connection I have to disable the networking and reenable it, and that will work a few times until it refuses to even see03:48
redGodthe ssid and then I have to do a complete reboot03:49
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=== LarrySteeze is now known as LarrySteeze|Away
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sandmannain ubuntu 13.10 "evolution-calendar-factory" seems to be using 35MiB, is this what displays the date and time? if it's not how can i remove it, and would removing it be bad for my system?04:06
sittscan i try trusty ?04:07
sittsis it public04:07
spearhead_!trusty | sitts04:12
ubottusitts: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+104:12
jeffrey_fmelio: does it work fine after a restart from power-off?04:13
melioseems to work with the phone, but the headsets are not being discoverable right now. hitting the manual for the headset to see if there's a reset or osmething04:14
meliopress and hold for 10 seconds it sais. i will try04:14
jeffrey_fmelio: usually the headset needs to be in discover mode04:14
meliogot it!04:15
meliook so it's a pairing issue. because im not holding the button to get it discoverable. lemme try it on the linux bluetooth now04:15
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
meliook got it04:16
meliothe device is seen, but it failed to connect04:16
melioi wonder if it works now04:16
jeffrey_fTry a system restart from power-off.  I had the same issue with mine....04:17
melioi'm going to try pairing it again to see if it works04:17
meliothe fact that it's discoverable is a lot better then i got with the other bluetooth adaptor i bought at bestbuy04:18
meliothat one only saw my phone. but then again. it might have been working fine04:18
melioawesome it works04:19
meliohad to audio sink04:20
melionow i can play minecraft and listen to moo's04:20
melioit's kinda cool you can play music on your android phone, bluetooth the audio over to the laptop04:21
melioplay it there04:21
meliothen audio sync it to your headset.04:21
duped27I heard ubuntu is for hippies.04:21
melioduped27: it's for ninjas too. but you never see them using it04:21
duped27melio: u can run sound out of both devices at once if your brave.04:22
melioi am brave!04:22
duped27You need a work horse audio card or you'll get jitter problems to run audio out of two devices at once.04:25
duped27Why is ubuntu still working on PC's.  Tablets are where it's at today.04:26
duped27PC's are so 198004:27
melioubuntu is releasing a tablet version this year04:27
duped27melio: for what processor?04:27
Unforgivenmelio: a china company will release a ubuntu touch smartphone soon, Meizu MX304:28
meliothat's pretty cool04:29
melioI can dual boot my nexus 4 w/ ubuntu04:29
duped27There is about 3 to 4 tablet processor. Then Intel threw their donkey dic in the mix with x86 instructions.04:29
william_hi im trying to set up a email server useing squaremail interface any ideas04:30
duped27william_: Yes04:30
meliowilliam_:  is that posed as a question on how do i do it, or why?04:30
duped27william_: install lamp04:31
Unforgivenmelio: so how is it? all work flawlessly? the sim card? etc?04:31
william_im trying to make a contact system for my website04:31
meliowilliam, why not use a php contact form04:31
william_i already have lamp how do i set it up as a email server?04:32
meliothat just sends email thru a generic email provider04:32
meliowilliam do you mean squirrelmail04:32
melioyou called it squaremail04:32
william_i mean squirrle mail04:33
meliowilliam, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq04:33
william_looking it up now04:34
melionow understanding the differnces between desktop and server..04:34
meliois one will have a little more protection that you deploy before you start hosting lamp04:34
melioand your email04:34
meliogo find out how to secure your os before you setup email04:34
melioor people will use it for devious purposes04:35
william_ok im useing xubuntu04:35
william_lamp on a rasbarry pi04:35
meliowilliam, Ubuntu + Postfix + Courier IMAP + MySQL + Amavisd-new + SpamAssassin + ClamAV + SASL + TLS + SquirrelMail + Postgrey04:36
meliothat's all the stuff you need for email to properly work04:36
meliomind you I havent done this yet.04:37
william_heres a link the the webpage
melioi quit caring about servers04:37
meliowilliam, oh that explains why you called it squaremail04:37
melioyou're german04:37
melioyou can't say Squirrel04:37
william_im 1404:38
melioand german!04:38
melioand in english, it's nearly impossible for german people to say Squirrel04:38
meliothe accent nulls the ability04:39
melioit's kinda funny if your not german, because germans don't laugh either04:39
william_im runing my server headless so omrolit  useing teamviewer to controll my server04:39
melioanyhow william, that url has everything you need to configure an email server04:39
william_not all make it in :P04:40
melioit's a forum post. but it's pretty good04:40
meliohas very detailed sub information on postfix04:40
melioand alternatives04:40
william_good to know04:40
meliobookmark it04:40
fizyplanktonif i made a backup of a hard drive (i.e. dd if=/dev/sda of=backup.img), can i restore that backup with dd if=backup.img of=/dev/sda if the new harddrive is larger than the old?04:41
william_thanks dude04:42
RandomStrayCatDoes anyone know if CDs use MBR or GPT as well?04:44
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bfi1714 /filter add joinquit * irc_join,irc_part,irc_quit *04:50
oddisayHello RandomStrayCat.04:50
oddisayDo you think you can assist me with a slight issue I'm having with my dual nVidia cards and dual monitors, RandomStrayCat?04:51
oddisayAh... yes? I've heard of Bumblebee before.04:52
RandomStrayCatI'm pretty sure you will have to use that program04:52
oddisayI have both my monitors working perfectly when they're plugged into my first graphics card. It's when I plug in the 2nd monitor to my 2nd graphics card that the 2nd monitor stops working and simply shows a grey screen with an 'X' for the cursor.04:53
Gr4cchusguys i dont get it, i plug in my usb drive, it auto mounts, then i go to type sudo umount /dev/sdb1 and it seems to run fine, yet in my icon list it still shows the usb drive, however when i do a ls of /media/user it finds nothing?04:54
Gr4cchusand when i go to look at my files through the gui, it still shows the drive.04:55
oddisayGr4cchus, are you trying to boot from the USB or something?04:55
Gr4cchusno im just trying to manually mount it, and then unmount it is all04:55
oddisayI see.04:56
oddisayWhy don't you just unplug it?04:56
Gr4cchuscause its to easy and learning terminal is to fun, plus if u run a server edition u dont get easy mode.04:57
Gr4cchusfrom my understanding there is the  device and the mount point, maybe if i try the other it will work? otherwise maybe the automount feature is causing some sort of conflict04:58
oddisayHmm.. yes.. interesting.04:58
oddisaySure, make sure you are manually unmounting the correct media device from your Terminal.04:58
Gr4cchusim pretty confident i did cause when i sudo fdisk -l i find the /dev/sdb1 which is formatted fat32 and is usually the usb drive location or w/e05:00
oddisayThat sounds right to me.05:01
=== Sleepnbum is now known as Guest16631
oddisaySo when you unmount it via Terminal, the USB and its files are still accessible via Nautilus?05:02
oddisayWhat happens if you unmount it using the GUI?05:02
Gr4cchusmaybe i did it correctly, maybe the problem is with the gui itself, cause when i go to select it with the file manager or w/e and select it, it seems to then be mounted again cause after i selected it i did a ls on /media/username and then it showed again05:02
oddisayThat's probably it.05:03
oddisayMaybe try closing the current file manager window and then open a new one and see what happens.05:03
bfi1714what's the shortcut for the terminal on mint?05:04
oddisayEven though you unmounted the USB, I guess Ubuntu still detects that it is plugged in and can, therefore, re-mount it.05:04
oddisaybfi1714, I think it is CTRL + ALT + PRTSC + K (last time I read).05:04
melionow  next thing to do . get the printer working!05:05
Gr4cchusoddisay,  yeah that sounds plausible, just a little misleading.05:05
melioi'll take care of that tommrow or next week. or the next time i say. OH dam i need a printer05:05
Gr4cchuscause then u dont have to create a manual mount which is slightly confusing.05:05
Gr4cchusoddisay,  thanks for the help though05:06
oddisayGr4cchus, yea.05:06
fizyplanktonif i made a backup of a hard drive (i.e. dd if=/dev/sda of=backup.img), can i restore that backup with dd if=backup.img of=/dev/sda if the new harddrive is larger than the old?05:07
oddisayNo problem Gr4cchus, I am actually an Ubuntu-noob hehe.05:07
oddisayfizyplankton, I do not know.05:08
Gr4cchusoddisay, same, pretty much brand new. Its a blast though05:10
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treeprogramhi, I'm getting this error when I try to install namecoin-qt: "E: Unable to locate package libboost-chrono-dev"05:24
Aarontreeprogram, it seems that package is not available05:25
xanguatreeprogram: what ubuntu release are you using¿05:25
treeprogramxangua: ubuntu 12.0405:25
nomdeplume[LAW]can someone help with an upgrade problem?05:26
Bugbear76nomdeplume[LAW],  what is the problem you are having?05:26
nomdeplume[LAW]upgrades are incomplete. a file is locked05:27
nomdeplume[LAW]I lost the message05:27
xangua!info libboost-chrono-dev precise | treeprogram it seems not to be in 12.04, but it is in aviable on 13.1005:27
ubottutreeprogram it seems not to be in 12.04, but it is in aviable on 13.10: Package libboost-chrono-dev does not exist in precise05:27
treeprogramxangua: is there anyway I can get it in 12.04?05:27
nomdeplume[LAW]sigh, now I caan't figure out how to recreate the problem05:29
Bugbear76nomdeplume[LAW],  try using sudo apt-get install -f (option to fix broken) otherwise, try to get the error again and post a link to the error at a paste site like pastebin.com05:30
nomdeplume[LAW]thanks, I'll try that05:30
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nomdeplume[LAW]I got this: E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)05:33
nomdeplume[LAW]E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?05:33
mojtabaI want to use cat to concatenate pretty large number of files, based on their first 3 letters of the file. Does anybody how can I do that? http://paste.ubuntu.com/672933505:33
mojtabasorry, the correct link is http://paste.ubuntu.com/6730784/05:35
mojtabaI want to use cat to concatenate pretty large number of files, based on their first 3 letters of the file. Does anybody how can I do that? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6730784/05:35
=== Mythoz_ is now known as Mythoz
FBIWarninmojtaba: I would perfer cut in this case. find path_to_file -name some_filter |xargs cut -c1-3 > outputfile05:42
mojtabaFBIWarnin: Actually I just would like to do it in a for loop, because all the 001 files are going to merge to one file, all 002 in another file, so on. But I do not know how to implement that. Do you have any idea?05:43
FBIWarninmojtaba: if you want to run in parallel, you can use xargs -n 1 -P 8  in this case05:44
FBIWarninmojtaba: which run 8 jobs05:44
fizyplanktonmojtaba: does it have to be a shell script? i could whip you up a simple python script05:45
FBIWarninmojtaba: sorry, I misunderstand your question05:45
mojtabaFBIWarnin: I just want to merge these mp3 files, but I do not know how to do it.05:45
cfhowlettmojtaba, use audacity ...05:46
mojtabafizyplankton: python could be ok05:46
mojtabacfhowlett: is it command line?05:46
cfhowlettmojtaba, nope.  got to the party late and missed that.05:46
FBIWarninmojtaba: you can use ffmpeg05:46
mojtabaFBIWarnin: what would be the command based on that pattern then?05:47
FBIWarninmojtaba: ffmpeg -i "concat:1.mp3|2.mp3" -acodec copy output.mp305:47
mojtabaFBIWarnin: It could not be that simple, as I have about 6000 files, and I would like to merge all 001* files together, all 002* files together, and so on.05:48
FBIWarninmojtaba: the other stuff is just scripting05:48
cfhowlettmojtaba, actually ffmpeg IS that easy.  it's all in the wildcard command configurations05:48
FBIWarninmojtaba: if I were you I'd generate a script first, review it, then execute it05:49
mojtabaFBIWarnin: Could you please give me more hint? as I really do not know how to do this.05:49
cfhowlett^^^^ this05:49
cfhowlettmojtaba, read up on it.  www.ffmpeg.org/documentation.html05:49
FBIWarnincfhowlett: yes, wildcard do the trick05:50
mojtabaFBIWarnin: if I use for loop, how can I generate 001 in the for loop?05:51
fizyplanktonmojtaba: try this http://paste.ubuntu.com/6730830/05:52
FBIWarninmojtaba: seq -w 1 1005:52
FBIWarninmojtaba: for i in $(seq -w 1 100);do echo $i.mp3 ;done05:53
mojtabafizyplankton: Thank  you, should I put it in a script? or can I just run it with python command?05:54
mojtabaFBIWarnin: let me check that.05:54
fizyplanktonsave that to a .py file in the directory, then "python script.py". if you want it to output the files elsewhere, add the path before the 2nd %s in line 1105:55
mojtabafizyplankton: thank you very much. I will check it05:55
FBIWarninmojtaba: if you still want to use the bash for you job(I wish i know python as fizyplankton), the complete command is05:56
FBIWarninmojtaba: for i in $(seq -w 1 100);do echo ffmpeg -i "concat:${i}*.mp3" -acodec copy ${i}.mp3 ;done05:56
nomdeplume[LAW]can someone who can help me with a failed upgrade please query me?05:56
mojtabafizyplankton:  FBIWarnin: thank you guys, at least I learned something new05:56
SaravananPlease help me with working in flumotion05:56
fizyplanktonmojtaba: did the script work? i couldnt test it, obviously05:57
Saravananany body there to help me05:57
mojtabafizyplankton: I am going to learn it first, and then run it. in this way, I can cope with next same problems. thank you very much for your help05:58
Psil0Cybinhello how is everyone here tonight.05:58
Saravanananybody dre?05:58
Psil0Cybindr dre?05:58
fizyplanktonmojtaba: youre welcome. i used a lot of list comprehension, which can be a bit daunting at first. now, however, list comprehension is my all time favorite feature of python05:59
SaravananCan u help me?05:59
=== nomdeplume[LAW] is now known as nomdeplume
mojtabafizyplankton: Thanks man!05:59
fizyplanktonany time05:59
Saravanani need help in working with flumotion06:00
Saravananaudio live streaming is not working in flumotion ubuntu 12.0406:01
hkrI have an error saying "Default Terminal Error" when I launch mc through the menu in xubuntu. My default terminal emu is set as terminator.06:02
hkrAny help ?06:02
Psil0Cybinhkr: what happens when you run "exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator"06:07
hkrAnother wndow of Terminator is opened06:08
Psil0Cybinoh woops nvm misunderstood your question i think06:08
Psil0Cybinyou are having problems with a different terminal emu?06:09
sandmannadoes anyone know why 'evolution-calendar-factory' takes as much memory as compiz?  35MiB   or is this normal?06:09
sandmannain Ubuntu 13.1006:09
Oogif i want to install nginx using aptitude with the options --with-mail --with-mail_ssl_module how can i do it? or must i install from source?06:09
Saravananguys need help for audio streaming in flumotion ubuntu12.04 lts please06:09
birajshrAny solution to [Errno 5] Input/output error when trying to install ubuntu?06:11
ubottuSaravanan,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/06:11
mojtabaFBIWarnin: it gives this error. concat:045*.mp3: No such file or directory06:12
mojtabaFBIWarnin: it seems, it did not expand *06:12
mojtabaFBIWarnin: should I put * in ${i*} to fix it?06:14
FBIWarninmojtaba: then maybe you don't have file start with 045? you can keep going06:14
=== Mars is now known as Guest73449
mojtabaFBIWarnin: Yes, I have 045 files06:14
mojtabaFBIWarnin: but it gives no 045*.mp306:15
mojtabaFBIWarnin: it seems, it did not expand *.06:15
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Flying-PenguinHello, I have a USB remote/clicker and I am trying to change what the keys do. Thanks to evtest I know what buttons do what, and what I want them to do instead06:17
Flying-Penguinbut I don't know how to change it06:18
whopper_schnozHi I'm trying to share my external HDD which has stopped sharing after upgrading to Ubuntu server 12.10, it says X: is not accessible when I try to access it from win706:20
FBIWarninmojtaba: I don't know why, does anything else work?06:20
whopper_schnozI'm sharing with samba, i'm fairly sure its a permissions issue although I don't know anything about that06:20
mojtabaFBIWarnin: whit echo, it prints nicely all the needed commands, but when I remove it, it just give me 100 errors!06:21
ahmad_hey guys i've been using ubuntu for like 2 days but i cannot get my rhytmbox or video player to work06:24
killerhey , when i right click and select compress, the option to convert to .iso is n't there06:24
ubottuwhopper_schnoz,: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html06:25
FBIWarninmojtaba: then you did't change your path to the location of your mp3 file?06:25
mojtabaYes I did. I am there. The problem is that, it does not say 045009.mp3 is not there. it says, 045*.mp3 is not there.06:26
FBIWarninmojtaba: you must change  ${i}*.mp3" and ${i}.mp3  to the correct path, ie. ~/mp3files/${i}*.mp3 and ~/mp3files_merges/${i}.mp3 repectively06:28
mojtabaFBIWarnin:  let me see06:28
ahmad_guys help me i cannot get my rhytmbox or video player to work06:29
ahmad_always got this message06:29
FBIWarninmojtaba: can you save the output of the echo file into a script, say convert.sh06:29
killerhey , when i right click and select compress, the option to convert to .iso is n't there06:29
whopper_schnozwho should I have as owner of the drive?06:33
whopper_schnozroot, or the user that wants access. There is only me accessing it anyway06:33
killerhow can i compress something to .iso format06:34
apb1963Anyone familiar with nixnote?  I'm getting a sync error06:41
apb1963killer: try k3b06:42
whopper_schnozfixed thanks06:44
killerapb1963: i just need to know the name of package which will add iso compression in file-roller06:45
killeror whatever is it's name in nautilus06:45
mojtabaFBIWarnin: AFter adding the path, still getting the same error.06:46
apb1963killer: no idea.... my gut feeling is you won't find such a beast.  Typically you select a bunch of files as a "package" or "project" and then burn that to disk as a .iso... but hey, I don't know everything anything is possible.06:47
mojtabaconcat: ~/Downlaods/m/113*.mp3: No such file or directory06:47
Flying-PenguinHello, After looking around I see that keymap was removed from udev in 13.10, how can I re-map a key to a different code?06:50
apb1963mojtaba: for i in `ls ~Downloads/m/113*.mp3` do06:54
cfhowlettchto completely offtopic ; stop please06:59
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chtohotite pososat?07:00
ubottuchto,: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic07:01
killerfile-roller doesn't compress to .iso07:01
Lucid_Lynx.iso files are compressed ? :-|07:06
killerLucid_Lynx: need to compress a file to .iso07:07
anonymous_hiii all07:08
Lucid_Lynxi know how to write cd to iso..., but that´s pretty much it.. i think..07:08
Flying-Penguinanyone here know how to edit 60-keyboard.hwdb?07:09
codygmanWhat is the recommended way of installing google app engine sdk on ubuntu? I see there isn't a packaged deb. Should I install it to /opt?07:18
=== codethough is now known as codethought
=== paul_ is now known as paulus68
ahmad_kept having this error trying to play an mp3 on rhytmbox07:21
Lucid_LynxHi there, anybody knows, how to get the version and name of the shell current in use ? I guess there is a command..07:21
RandomStrayCatcodygman: https://developers.google.com/appengine/downloads, i guess you just have to unzip and install?07:22
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
codygmanRandomStrayCat: I know I can do that, but I was wondering if there were a more standard place to put it.07:22
thom_rahmad_ did you install the Ubuntu restricted extras?07:23
ahmad_can i open a private dialogue with you?07:26
RandomStrayCatcody: i think /lib but let me look for actual documentation07:28
RandomStrayCatcody : /usr: contains all user programs (/usr/bin)07:30
RandomStrayCatcody You might need a separate /usr/local partition if you plan to install many programs that are not part of the Ubuntu distribution.07:30
=== Mars is now known as Guest29483
RandomStrayCatcodygman: so yeah, per ubuntu documentation I would say /usr/local would be the correct folder to put it07:31
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
widdershinstrying to get webcam installed on a fresh-install of 13.10 for an HP ENVY17-010ca07:45
codygmanthanks for your help RandomStrayCat07:46
hitsujiTMOwiddershins: please pastebin the output of: lsusb07:47
RandomStrayCatyup yup, https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/amd64/directory-tree.html07:47
RandomStrayCatif you want more specifics07:47
widdershinsis a built-in camera on a laptop. will pastebin the same command, just throwing it out there. apologies, should have made it lcear that it is a laptop07:47
=== j_f-f_ is now known as j_f-f
hitsujiTMOwiddershins: your camera is  certified component so should work straight off http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/component/usb/04f2:b3a6/07:51
hitsujiTMOwiddershins: try installing cheese to test it07:51
widdershinshitsujiTMO: I tried recoding a video twice with cheese, and it recoded a 0-second gfile and then crashed07:52
widdershinstried another program, "gtk uvc" and it wouldn't let me record either. assumed it was not installed properly07:52
jeffrycan somone help me my mouse is moving on its own and clicks on its own just as if a rat whould on windows07:53
hitsujiTMOwiddershins: can you run cheese from the terminal and try again. iy should log info about the crash there.07:53
widdershinshitsujiTMO: cheese takes a photo, but where does the capture go?07:55
hitsujiTMO~/Pictures i'd assume07:56
widdershinsjust took three pics, nothing in pictures, downloads or documents07:57
widdershinshitsujiTMO: cheese just crashed. what did you want me to paste-bin?07:58
hitsujiTMOany output to the terminal07:58
Lucid_LynxHi, may i get an additional "bird" on my desktop ?07:58
hokihi guys, i have the following specs: intel dual core 2.1ghz, 4gb of ram, and an intel mobile GM45 Express Chipset  video card on  a four-ish year old laptop. Is this enough to have Ubuntu 13.10 run without hiccups on my computer?07:59
widdershinshitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/u6WBdFqv08:00
hitsujiTMOwiddershins: yup cheese photos goto: Pictures/Webcam08:00
widdershinshitsujiTMO: empty :(08:00
hitsujiTMOwiddershins: do you have something installed that is also accessing the camera?08:01
widdershinshitsujiTMO: when the camera is on the little white light ignites... it's out now. I Also use google talk, and skype... but neither are using it. i can do a restart and see if it clears everything away...08:02
hitsujiTMOwiddershins: is your camera light on?08:02
GnikLlortping FloodBot108:02
hitsujiTMOwiddershins: try a restART08:02
widdershinsokies. back soon.08:03
widdershinshitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/1XCzD8AK08:06
biomanJust installed my first Ubuntu08:06
widdershinshitsujiTMO: i ried it again, the light came on and the program froze the moment i hit record video in Cheese. here's the output08:07
thom_rwhat can we help you with bioman?08:07
widdershinshitsujiTMO: it'll activate, i'll see myself for a split second, and then it freezes. it lets me turn "off" the camera, but 00:00:00 remains on the timer. i turn it off, turn it back on again and the camera lights tays on but the progra, window dims08:08
biomanthom_r: I've found on the Net how to uninstall completely pule for alsa. But now, my DAC isn't detected, so no sound... (xubuntu 12.04 LTS)08:08
widdershinshitsujiTMO: the camera WORKS for google plus hangouts... was using that today08:08
thom_rwait, you uninstalled pulse audio?08:09
=== MomoNasty is now known as Momo|Off
biomanthom_r: yep, I prefer alsa08:09
edwardlyIs there any reason that when I modprobe an alias it outputs nothing to stderr or the kernel log, but doesn't insert - but when I modprobe the module directly it works fine?  I've been trying to use nvidia-331 on saucy; modprobe nvidia does nothing so it breaks automatically loading the nvidia module for X to work08:09
thom_rso you uninstalled pulse audio, and now you are having audio problems?08:09
hokihi guys, i have the following specs: intel dual core 2.1ghz, 4gb of ram, and an intel mobile GM45 Express Chipset  video card on  a four-ish year old laptop. Is this enough to have Ubuntu 13.10 run without hiccups on my computer?08:09
biomanthom_r: that's it08:10
edwardlyBut modprobe --resolve-alias nvidia returns nvidia_33108:10
widdershinshoki: should run ubuntu, it's pretty light-weight. I'm not a pro, but Im pretty sure that system requirements are out there08:10
edwardlyIs there any way to go further than modprobe -v to debug modprobe?08:10
thom_rmaybe you should install pulse audio.08:10
hitsujiTMOwiddershins: i'd file a bug in that case. what to file it against i'm not sure of. Could start with cheese08:10
widdershinshoki: http://askubuntu.com/questions/361356/minimum-system-reqirerments-for-ubuntu-13-1008:11
widdershinswell damnit. i'll have to do it later, it's almost 5am here... been at this for a while already. i know that it WORKS because i took a conference call today.08:11
hokithanks widdershins!08:11
hitsujiTMOhoki: may have some minor issues with unity with that gpu but otherwise perfect08:12
widdershinshoki: no sweat, pally. These guys have done me a LOT of service, the least I can do is pass along what I can08:12
widdershinsnight all. and thanks, hitsujiTMO08:12
edwardlySeems there may be a blacklist in place put there by bumblebeed08:14
edwardlybut bumblebeed won't run anyway since I don't have an optimus card..08:14
hitsujiTMOedwardly: then purge bumblebee08:14
edwardlyThat's what I'm trying now, yeah08:14
edwardlyThat was it.  How weird.08:16
edwardlyNo idea how bumblebee was even installed, but it included a blacklist for the nvidia driver.  Purging it fixed it.  Cheers!08:16
ahmad_why if i open xchat trough terminal the terminal cannot do anything else?08:16
rwwahmad_: because its input goes to xchat and its output comes from xchat08:17
rwwyou perhaps prefer to run it in the background: xchat &08:17
ahmad_so if i typed something now in terminal08:17
SloththeRockHey all. I am trying to make a script that I can execute no matter what directory I am in. Can anyone point me in the right direction?08:18
ahmad_it'll show up in the xchat?08:18
rwwno, because xchat ignores that input08:18
ahmad_i see08:18
hitsujiTMOSloththeRock: you need it to be in your path. there is a dir you can make for personal scripts. ~/bin   anything in there will be available for you globally08:19
hitsujiTMOSloththeRock: you will need to reload the terminal to activate the private bin dir08:21
bilegtwhen creating make file. how to get ~ this directory? I see that I can get current dir by $(CURDIR)08:28
cristian_cI'm using mtpaint, I've looked for in the doc, but I've not found an answer08:31
=== Mars is now known as Guest95508
cristian_cI'd like to align the text for example, but I don't know how to do08:32
cristian_cAny ideas?08:32
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
bingohello. what is the envelope icon located within the taskbar, for?08:38
imghostbingo, for IM08:39
bingoi would ike to remove everything associated with it in the hope the icon will disappear. can you tell me what to remove?08:40
willbradleybingo: https://www.google.com/search?q=remove+envelope+icon+from+ubuntu08:41
hitsujiTMOwillbradley: wrong link, its actually http://lmgtfy.com/?q=remove+envelope+icon+from+ubuntu08:42
rwwwrong link, it's actually08:43
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.08:43
=== CEnnis91_ is now known as Guest21791
bingothis worked very well, ty willbradley08:45
DrGrovNot getting any sound to work on the live 64 bit Xubuntu 13.1008:50
DrGrovIt works on default Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit08:50
aaron91My situatian, I have a macbook pro with mac osx and ubuntu as a root partition. My battery life last longer using mac osx, is there a way to improve battery life on ubunu?08:55
cloudgeekwhat the wrong with Ubuntu with opening a port, I try to open ssh port , iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 22 -j ACCEPT .. after I also iptables-save , tried it using iptables-persistent still port is not open08:55
Ben64cloudgeek: by default ubuntu does not block any ports, maybe your router?08:58
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
cloudgeekBen64: other system are working with ssh09:00
cloudgeekmay not router issue09:00
Ben64well what happens when you scan port 22 using nmap09:00
Backgammonaaron91: You should probably find out whether that's actually the case.09:01
BackgammonGet powertop and start from there.09:01
BackgammonThere should be an analogous tool to measure power use in OSX.09:02
knightshadeaaron91: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerManagement/ReducedPower09:02
m3kkwhen will fgrlx-updates be updated?09:02
aaron91THanks knightshade09:03
Backgammon>no su09:03
Backgammon>recommends sudo su in a documentation page09:03
m3kkperhaps not "when" but why is it not updated09:03
Backgammonwhat the hell.09:03
ubottuIt's a wiki, *you* can edit it09:04
bingohello. im trying to drag a folder to /usr/share/themes/ but it wont let me. it just bounces back09:04
m3kkbingo: because it needs root09:04
BackgammonGiven that I think no su is silly, nah.09:04
m3kkbingo: dont put themes there09:04
bingook, where can i ?09:04
m3kkbingo: go into your home directory, press super+h i think ( to show hidden folders)09:05
m3kkand create a folder named .theme09:05
m3kkthe . makes it hidden09:05
m3kkthen put the theme there instead... saves you alot of issues09:05
m3kkperhaps it is ctrl+h09:05
bingodone, will that theme show in the menu of themes?09:06
m3kkthen just make those hidden again09:06
m3kkbingo: yes if you have unity tweak tools installed09:06
hitsujiTMO.themes not .theme09:06
bingoi am not sure i do09:06
m3kkhitsujiTMO: right thanks09:06
bingoty hitsujiTMO09:06
m3kkjust install unity tweak tool from software center and you will be fine !09:07
Ben64please do not use "sudo su" it can cause issues09:07
m3kksudo gksudo su apt-get pls stahp09:07
bingooh im using xfce09:07
sgo11hi, how to check what is inside "ubuntu-restricted-extras" without installing it? thanks.09:07
Ben64m3kk: make sense please09:07
m3kkbingo: then theme will be there09:07
m3kkyou wont need unity tweak tool09:08
hitsujiTMOsgo11: apt-cache show ubuntu-restricted-extras09:08
kostkonsgo11, or http://packages.ubuntu.com/saucy/ubuntu-restricted-extras09:08
sgo11hitsujiTMO, koivula thank you very much. :)09:09
ahmad_i watched some kind of tutorial for archlinux09:13
ahmad_its really not for noob right?09:13
m3kkahmad_: looks difficult?09:13
m3kkahmad_: what i have understood.. you install every package you want yourself09:13
m3kknothing is "included" by default09:14
ahmad_looks imposible09:14
ahmad_not difficult09:14
m3kkhaha yes09:14
m3kktry gentoo09:14
ahmad_are archlinux the mother of all linux?09:14
m3kkarch + infinite difficult09:14
ahmad_i mean it looks like creating a GUI ourselves09:14
knightshadearch is very simple :>09:14
m3kkif you know what you are doing09:14
ahmad_you've got to be kidding me09:14
m3kkeverything is simple09:15
MalinuxI thought Linus was the father of all linux :)09:15
ahmad_thats not what i meant XD09:16
DrGrovI have now installed Xubuntu 13.10. But I have my 2nd 1TB drive with my /home there. It seems like on my 120GB SSD where I have the OS is also my /home. How can I rectify this and get everything on the 1TB drive as I planned?09:16
jeffryGuys compiz keeps crashing on me can somone help09:17
DrGrovI have a backup of the original home which I want to put back after I empty the 1TB drive09:17
m3kkahmad_: check guide for installing gentoo ;)09:18
m3kknow THAT looks crazy09:18
ahmad_how to type to a spesific person like that?09:18
m3kkwrite my name09:19
m3kkor, begin to write and autocomplete with TAB depending on what irc client you use09:19
Ben64DrGrov: you have /home on a 1TB drive, but its not showing up?09:19
DwarfDefenderis there a gui program that is able to add additional swap file?09:19
bingohi again. is it very involved to change the blue window outline of Greybird to another color?09:19
DrGrovBen64: Yes, I have /home on my 1TB drive and it shows up. But it is that my new user now is on the 120GB SSD and the old original home is on the 1TB.09:20
m3kkbingo: sceenshot?09:20
Ben64DrGrov: i'm not following what you're trying to say09:20
bingohow may i show yu it/09:20
DrGrovBen64: So I have had Ubuntu 13.10 with the OS on the 120GB SSD and /home on the 1TB drive. Now when I reinstall for Xubuntu 13.10 I have my new user on the 120GB SSD and the old /home on the 1TB drive as I had before. The new /home is on the 120GB SSD, not on the 1TB drive.09:21
bingom3kk, http://imgur.com/TVsSVqL09:22
Ben64DrGrov: are the usernames and user ids the same?09:22
DrGrovBen64: No, I did specify a new user name for the new current Xubuntu install09:23
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
DrGrovBen64: But I should probably have kept the original username, yes?09:23
Ben64DrGrov: you said you could see the home on the 1TB, can you navigate to that directory with terminal and pastebin "ls -l"09:23
DrGrovBen64: Yes, will do.09:23
Ben64and no, you don't need to keep the same username, will probably just have to rename it, then add the 1TB drive as /home to the fstab and it'll work fine09:24
m3kkbingo: is that greybird?09:25
bingoyes, as i see it. I have trouble with Albatross as well, a documented one09:26
m3kkbingo: there is two places where you manage themes in xfce, check something that is called window manager customize"09:26
willbradleyrww: hitsujiTMO: my rule of thumb is, if i can copy-paste their question into google and the first result is a likely answer, then lmgtfy is legitimized09:26
willbradleynewbs gotta learn somehow09:26
m3kkbingo: there you change window border to greybird also.. they are seperated09:27
willbradleygotta be exact copy-paste though. i rephrased bingo's so didn't give them the douchey treatment ;)09:27
DrGrovBen64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6731518/09:27
bingoi see window manager and window manger tweaks09:28
m3kkbingo: chech either.. i know changing window borders isnt done in theme manager09:28
bingoill play around, ty09:28
bingoi think there is an issue that requires me to rename protected files for Albatross , how can i do this. I read it solves the issue09:29
MarGulI was running ubuntu before and now I installed xubuntu. I saved my id_rsa to log into my webserver. When I do ls -a in my home directory I dont have any .ssh folder where I can add my public key. Do I just create the folder and put my ssh keys in there or do I have to change some config?09:29
Ben64DrGrov: yep, so all you'd need to do is rename "deathstar" to "cj" and put that drive in /etc/fstab as /home09:29
DrGrovBen64: Should I remove all the /home/. directories first from there just in case?09:31
DrGrovSo there is no conflicting config files etc?09:31
Ben64DrGrov: not necessary, those are your old configs and stuff, unless you didn't like them09:32
=== Mars is now known as Guest59023
DrGrovBen64: No I did not like them too much. But perhaps Firefox config is good to keep but delete those not needed?09:32
Ben64DrGrov: if you'd like, but make sure you have a backup in case09:32
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
DrGrovBen64: Ok, then I just get rid of everything at once. I do not want any of the . config files from the old /home.09:33
DrGrovBen64: Better to start fresh, but .irssi I shall keep :)09:33
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
DrGrovBen64: So every . catalogue/directory I can safely just remove and leave the regular Documents, Pictures and so forth without compromising anything?09:34
Lucid_LynxHi there, anybody knows, how to get the version and name of the shell currently in use ? I guess there is a command.. an additional question i am intereseted in would be if it is possible to set different wallpapers for each working space09:34
bingois there a way to backup my current settings and theme similar to a windows restore point operation ?09:34
Ben64DrGrov: most likely09:34
DrGrovBen64: Ok, will remove all those.09:35
m3kkbingo: why do you say that09:35
DrGrovBen64: Ok, done. How do I get that to be home now then?09:36
bingowell i have my partition all nice and setup, i figured good idea to back it up and easy way is using OS. i dont want to make an image09:36
bingoguess i could09:36
bingocani just backup to my home folder?09:36
m3kkbingo: i thought you was theming09:37
bingoi am done :)09:37
Ben64DrGrov: pastebin both "cat /etc/fstab" and "sudo blkid"09:37
m3kkaah went ok?09:37
bingothyes :)09:37
m3kkhey, isnt greybird theme default in xubuntu?09:37
m3kkor did you install xfce on ubuntu?09:37
bingoya i think it is09:38
bingoim use xubuntu09:38
DrGrovBen64: Ok, will do.09:38
bingois the build in backup worth it if i dont  ahve files?09:38
bingoi just like my settings09:38
DrGrovBen64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6731561/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/6731563/09:40
Ben64DrGrov: add this to the bottom of /etc/fstab, without the quotes, and next time you restart your old home should be back "UUID=b3ca7c01-806e-4c37-805b-4aaa70e32f97 /home               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       1"09:41
DrGrovBen64: Just like that, nothing else?09:42
ankurhow to switch between different windows in ubuntu?09:42
DrGrovBen64: As root or regular user?09:43
ankurBen64: thank you09:43
Ben64DrGrov: you'd need to have root permissions to edit it, can use gksudo gedit, or sudo nano, or whatever you'd like09:44
DrGrovBen64: Ok, worked.09:45
DrGrovBen64: Ok, will restart to confirm.09:45
Lucid_Lynxankur, yes alt+tab, but if you intend to switch workspaces you configre your keyboard keys in the Systemmenu, or simple click into the working space indicator in the bottom left of your screen..09:46
Lucid_Lynxsorry, bottom right corner..09:46
DrGrovBen64: That did not work. I can not log in normally so I had to take the guest account.09:49
Ben64DrGrov: hmm, try logging in on the console09:49
DrGrovBen64: Ok, I will try.09:49
DrGrovBen64: Not sure how to do it though.09:50
vaneadoes anybody know a script that goes through all subdirectories of a folder a renames all files recursively so that the last file of a folder is named 345 the first file of the next folder will be named 346 and so on? thank you!09:50
Ben64DrGrov: CTRL+ALT+F1 should bring you to a console09:50
DrGrovBen64: But that is the guest, right?09:50
DrGrovI can do Ctrl+Alt+F1 now without problems while being logged in as guest?09:51
DrGrovOk, will do.09:51
DrGrovBen64: It said no directory, logged in with $HOME09:51
DrGrovBen64: "No directory, logged in with HOME=/"09:52
Ben64what does it say when you "ls /home"09:52
DrGrovBen64: deathstar and lost+found09:53
Ben64you didn't rename the directory :)09:53
DrGrovBen64: Ah, of course :)09:53
DrGrovBen64: Can I just do a root somehow while in ttyl1 and rename it there directly?09:53
Ben64if you're logged in, you can use use sudo09:53
DrGrovYes, logged in ttyl109:54
Ben64guests can't sudo though09:54
DrGrovIs it sudo rename deathstar and to what I want?09:54
Ben64sudo mv /home/deathstar /home/<your username>09:55
DrGrovBen64: Ok :)09:55
DrGrovBe right back, testing09:55
apb1963i've been unable to get java working on chrome....  any ideas on this?09:59
=== asus is now known as Guest60711
DrGrovBen64: Much better, seems to be working :)09:59
apb1963ubuntu 12.04.310:00
apb1963java version "1.7.0_45"10:00
apb1963javac 1.7.0_4510:00
Ben64DrGrov: yay10:00
DrGrovBen64: Thank you for that :) Now my second question... How can I get some sound to work? Worked well in Ubuntu 13.10.10:01
m3kkankur: you can also see in the unity dock which program is open10:06
mautog1how to update kernel if you are using propieriety driver like ndiswrapper?10:15
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RealNWOkubuntu is better than ubuntu10:24
RealNWOcuz kde is better than unity10:25
mautog1there any body there how to update kernel if you are using propieriety driver like ndiswrapper?10:32
shinguhi, how can i link library at /usr/local/lib instead of /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcrypt.so.1110:33
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krababbelHi, I want to send and receive email on the lan on the commandline. I setup my own smtp and imap/pop3 server on the lan. Do I have to install an MTA like Postfix on the clients?10:42
krababbelI ask because mailutils and bsd-mailx want to install Postfix, but Thunderbird for example doesn't? Does Thunderbird have its own MTA then?10:44
emoi guess10:45
krababbelI see10:45
emowhich V of ubuntu you are using10:46
gordonjcpkrababbel: yes, it does10:46
krababbelemo: 13.10 server10:46
gordonjcpkrababbel: okay, why are you installing Thunderbird on a server?10:46
nevynso you can just confure an MUA to use your smtp and imap server10:46
nevynthunderbird is a MUA it can't do what a MTA does.10:47
krababbelgordonjcp: no, only the clients could have thunderbird, I don't need to install any mail-reader on the server.10:47
emoubuntu 13.10 desktop n10:47
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krababbelWell, I'd like to install the simplest form of MUA for a client. This is just a testlab, so all machines run ubuntu server actually, but the mail-server should not have Thunderbird or similar.10:48
nevynmail, mutt, elm, pine etc10:49
nevynkrababbel: so you probably want to instaall a mta on the clients if they're servers10:50
krababbelnevyn: I was confused about the need to install postfix, but I could just use ssmtp then?10:50
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nevynpostfix is just the default mta.10:50
nevynit could be configured in a dumb configuration to just send everything to your mailserver.10:51
gabmushello, i have a gpt problem i am not able to solve10:51
gabmuscan someone help me?10:51
angelhello i need some help about sooperlooper10:51
interwebWhen does chromium added to ubuntu's repository?10:51
krababbelnevyn: There should be only one central mail-server. I just want to send mail from other machines using that central server. But still I'll need some MTA on all machines then? Correct?10:51
krababbelnevyn: OK, SSMPT maybe then.10:51
nevynthat would be the usual way to do it with unix10:51
nevynbut it's not the only way10:51
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krababbelnevyn: Do you mean there are different MTAs available?10:52
nevynno i mean you could just use a mua that can talk smtp to the central mailserver10:52
nevynand not have a local mta at all on the clients10:53
nevynbut that's a more unusual configuration10:53
krababbelnevyn: OK, I see, I thought that was the usual config. :) Thanks.10:53
nevynkrababbel: so the thing is LOTS of stuff sends email10:54
nevynin particular lots of system things send email10:54
nevyncron, at and log reporting systems10:54
krababbelBut having multiple users per machine would make it desireable to have an mta locally I guess. And cron etc also, indeed.10:55
krababbelI understand now.10:55
nevynangel: wassup?10:55
sushi can anybody help me10:55
nevyn!tell gabmus about ask10:55
ubottugabmus, please see my private message10:55
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:56
susvlc freezes in xubuntu 13.1010:56
DrGrovRunning Xubuntu 13.10. I picked nvidia-current with Synaptic. Perhaps I should get the nvidia-319 from the additional drivers instead or which one should I prefer to use?10:56
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susvlc freezes in xubuntu 13.10 why what is the solution my amd laptop10:58
nevyn!doesn't work10:58
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.10:58
interwebwhen did chromium add to ubuntu's main repository10:58
sushi can anybody help me10:59
yacc_How does update-grub decide where it installs GRUB? Basically how do I make another drive in my box the boot drive? (rootfs & friends are not part of the question, that's something that LVM handles perfectly fine)10:59
ubottu!sus: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:59
susvlc freezes in xubuntu 13.10 why what is the solution my amd laptop11:00
peyamHi. does anybody know how I can make my terminal more beautiful?11:01
peyamlike in elemtary OS11:01
EaglemanIs the apcupsd package broken? i've been trying for 6 hours to get it working, i made doshutdown in /etc/apcupsd but it refuses to run my custom script in anyway when powering down when the batteries are low. Why cant i get it working?11:01
interwebsus, yes ask11:01
susvlc freezes in xubuntu 13.10 why what is the solution my amd laptop11:01
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nevynsus: your question lacks enough detail to work on11:01
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peyamsus I wont recommend xubuntu 13.10. it was full of buggs11:02
nevynwhen does it freeze?11:02
susmy laptop has amd processor11:02
nevynwhat are you doing when it freezes.11:02
susvlc freezes11:02
knightshadesus: start vlc from a terminal and see if there are error messages11:02
peyamvlc otherwise use smplayer11:03
susno error msg11:03
peyamHi. does anybody know how I can make my terminal more beautiful?11:03
chemist^peyam, you can edit your profile11:03
interwebsus, could you install vlc from ppa11:03
chemist^peyam, there you can change the color scheme, transparency etc.11:03
nevynpeyam: find a non-proportional font that's nice.11:04
interwebpeyam, What terminal do you use ?11:04
peyamchemist^, nevyn Ive tried but the changes are very small and not the one lik11:04
peyaminterweb, xfce4-terminal11:04
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sushi can u ans me11:05
EaglemanIs the apcupsd package broken? i've been trying for 6 hours to get it working, i made doshutdown in /etc/apcupsd but it refuses to run my custom script in anyway when powering down when the batteries are low. Why cant i get it working?11:05
peyaminterweb, chemist^ nevyn , something like this http://ubuntuhandbook.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Elementary-terminal.jpg11:05
knightshadesus: does it freeze directly after the start or while playing a video?11:06
angelhow i connect sooperlooper there's a musician here?11:07
chemist^peyam, as i said, if you edit your profile, there are some options to set your background and background transparency11:07
chemist^peyam, there is nothing else to it... from what you showed11:07
interwebpeyam, Go to its color's preferences and play with them11:07
susvlc freezes and terminal shows the msg: Fontconfig warning: FcPattern object size does not accept value "0"11:07
susFontconfig warning: FcPattern object size does not accept value "0"11:07
sus[flv @ 0x7f1050ca8920] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate11:07
sus[flv @ 0x7f1050c7f460] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate11:07
sus[flv @ 0x7f1050c81860] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate11:07
sus[flv @ 0x7f1050c81860] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate11:07
FloodBot1sus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:07
knightshade!paste | sus11:07
ubottusus: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:08
peyaminterweb, it's not just eh colors. look at the picture11:08
chemist^peyam, you don't read what i write?? ... it's the background TRANSPARENCY option11:08
interwebpeyam, sorry I don't have any idea11:09
peyamchemist^, I read but do you look at the picture?11:09
chemist^i say both of your pictures11:09
interwebpeyam, or look at this: https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?4337-how-to-get-the-terminal-like-glass-like-in-BT5&s=6bec579006e9ac4124b768fb2455b55411:09
chemist^the only thing different from the original is the transparent background and some color scheme changes11:09
sushey interweb can u help me pls11:09
knightshadesus: so it's freezing while playing a flv video and there are no errors?11:10
chemist^sus how did you install vlc?11:10
susit freezes how can i mend it11:10
interwebsus, Did you tried the ppa version of it ?11:11
EaglemanIs the apcupsd package broken? i've been trying for 6 hours to get it working, i made doshutdown in /etc/apcupsd but it refuses to run my custom script in anyway when powering down when the batteries are low. Why cant i get it working?11:11
susno just write sudo apt-get install vlc11:11
interwebsus, Maybe it has fixed in the newer versions11:11
glitsj16Eagleman: could it be you're refering to acpid?11:11
susit is 2.0.811:11
Eaglemanglitsj16, apcupsd11:11
chemist^sus, maybe it's your graphics card ... do other players freeze as well when you try to play the file?11:12
chemist^have you tried a different player?11:12
susparole goes well11:12
chemist^well, try another player, so we'll know if it's vlc-related or if it's something else11:12
interwebpeyam, Did that link helped11:13
peyaminterweb, I foudn something better http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/tools-and-tips/how-to-customize-your-command-prompt/11:13
sushey chemist parole goes well11:13
lazytechsupportghey peeps11:13
chemist^peyam, that's too much work for what you want to achieve11:14
thinkusus, this could be bcoz of problematic .flv file., tried anyother .flv file ?11:14
chemist^peyam, are you using kali-linux or ubuntu?11:14
peyamchemist^, xubuntu11:14
chemist^so it's xfce or what?11:14
knightshadesus: if it works with a different player, I think it's a bug in vlc11:15
peyamchemist^, I would use ubuntu if it was as configurateable as xfce11:15
chemist^peyam, here you go: http://askubuntu.com/questions/63179/how-to-set-up-transparent-background-in-xfce-terminal11:15
interwebpeyam, That was not what you were looking for11:15
peyamchemist^, I know that dude!11:15
chemist^you are using ubuntu, xfce is just a desktop enviroment11:16
peyaminterweb, I wasn't so clear im sorry11:16
Bugbear76peyam,  you can customize any version of ubuntu to suit your needs11:16
peyamchemist^, yes I use ubuntu with xfce11:16
chemist^peyam so what do you actually want?11:16
peyamBugbear76, yes. it would take more time than installing a fresh xfce11:16
chemist^try to be more specific11:16
angelre install all Xfce4 peyan11:16
peyamchemist^, nothing right now..11:17
susvlc freezes and terminal shows the msg: Fontconfig warning: FcPattern object size does not accept value "0"11:17
angelpeyan use sypnatic reinstall all xfce411:17
peyamangel, why?11:17
knightshadesus: Only a warning, I don't think it'11:17
peyamangel, I dont have any problem with xfce11:17
angeli have ubuntu studio i use XFCE 411:17
susand then it freezes11:17
knightshadesus: I don't think it's related to the bug11:18
gabmusso, basically i have a gpg signature error: when i try to run sudo apt-get update, i get this output (sorry, it's italian, you should get the meaning anyway): http://pastebin.com/4DKgu020  I tried with sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys <keys> , which returns this: http://pastebin.com/RDM7dqPg  I even tried with sudo rm -r /var/lib/apt/lists and update, but still nothing, keep getting this same error11:18
peyamangel, yes the latest ubuntu S runs with xfce11:18
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knightshadesus: does it freeze with all videos or only one special?11:19
angelyes, but i have to reinstall XFCE many bugs before11:19
susno not with all videos11:19
cfhowlettsus, if it's ONLY .flv that fails, that suggests a codec issue.  run sudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras.       for good measure, also sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-pugrade11:20
angelthat's right codecs11:20
knightshadesus: only videos in a special format?11:20
interwebWhat player can I use to play .ts files ?11:20
cfhowlett*apt-get dist-upgrade*11:20
knightshadesus: which one?11:21
chemist^angel i have ubuntu and installed KDE after i tried unity out (did not like it), and installed the studio package for audio recording/editing11:21
peyamchemist^, you were right. it's lots of work haha11:21
knightshadeoh, right..11:21
chemist^angel, do you use it to make music?11:21
chemist^peyam, i don't think it's worth it :D11:21
thinkuinterweb, vlc11:21
peyamchemist^, ur right..im tired of my boring terminal11:21
knightshadesus: so it's a bug with the flv decoder in vlc or something like that11:22
knightshadesus: which version are you using?11:22
chemist^peyam hahaha :D11:23
chemist^peyam, do you use it that much?11:23
interwebthinku, It can't11:23
chemist^peyam, what's the purpose of your system?11:23
angelyes i'm musician11:23
chemist^knoppix, hi11:23
chemist^angel, nice :) me too11:23
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thinkuwhat you see, is that .ts file encrypted one ?11:24
interwebthinku, No11:24
chemist^angel, what genre11:24
knightshadesus: you could try version 2.1.2. maybe the bug is already fixed11:24
angeli do my albums there  write angel rada in google11:24
knightshadesus: or use a different player like mplayer11:24
angeluse that11:25
chemist^he want's to play video files not audio :)11:25
thinkuinterweb, then your vlc might have partially installed not full11:25
chemist^angel many pictures of you, ... seem like a popular guy :)11:25
thinkuinterweb, even mplayer also supports .ts file11:25
interwebthinku, I can play them on smplayer11:25
EaglemanIs the apcupsd package broken? i've been trying for 6 hours to get it working, i made doshutdown in /etc/apcupsd but it refuses to run my custom script in anyway when powering down when the batteries are low. Why cant i get it working?11:25
peyamchemist^, yes alot11:26
angelwe can reate some together11:26
peyamchemist^, i do programming stuff . just that and youtube o other things but i use terminal for different purpose11:26
brecht_i'm looking for some basic explanation on JList with ListModel (is this de right channel?)11:26
chemist^angel, i've just started using some windows vst plugins with lmms, it's cool11:26
chemist^peyam, ok11:26
yacc_brecht_, not really, I'd say ;)11:26
thinkuinterweb, any msg from vlc's msg window?11:27
chemist^angel, before that it was all about ardour :)11:27
Toyraztory2how do i get sc2 over 20fps?11:27
Toyraztory2starcraft 2 using Play on linux11:28
Toyraztory2it usually runs at 120 fps on windows'11:28
Ben64Toyraztory2: you can get help with wine in #winehq , not sure of theres a playonlinux support channel or not11:28
glitsj16gabmus: looks like keyserver.ubuntu.com is down, you could try with keys.gnupg.net ..11:29
gabmusok, im trying thanks11:29
gabmusstill nothing11:30
gabmusglitsj16 it gives me the same error11:30
Andreaswell, I got no help yesterday, so gonna try again: ubuntu installer can't detect my SATA drive... does anyone know a quick fix or do i have to try one of the myriad of solutions out there...11:30
glitsj16gabmus: what does 'non cambiata' mean in english?11:30
gabmusnot changed11:31
Andreasit's 13.1011:31
Ben64Andreas: please pastebin "sudo parted -l"11:31
knightshadeAndreas: what drive is it?11:32
gabmushttp://keyserver.ubuntu.com/ is online, what are you talking about?11:32
Andreasguess i came a bit unprepared: samsung HD103UI is the harddrive11:33
interwebthinku, I can play them using mplayer11:33
Andreascan't execute linux commands now im in windows11:33
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Ben64Andreas: well ... you need to be in linux for it to work11:34
interwebthinku, It doesn't get any error11:34
Andreasi read i could try different SATA port on motherboard, disable dmraid in linux, or change in bios from AHCI to something else i think it was11:34
chemist^Toyraztory2, #playonlinux11:34
glitsj16gabmus: i used http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/keyserver.ubuntu.com and that said it looked down, my bad11:35
Andreascan i connect to this IRC channel from the ubuntu demo?11:35
bekksAndreas: That still will not change your Windows into Linux. :)11:35
bekksAndreas: Yes.11:35
Andreasjust need the installer to detect my other harddrive so i can dual boot11:36
gabmusglitsj16, np, just it's not working with the other server either11:36
thinkuinterweb, could be different video payload, that your VLC is not supporting, you should get msg, i am wondering11:36
cristian_chitsujiTMO, thanks, tht method works (exports XAUTHORITY + sleep 2)11:37
Andreasso to connect this channel i get an IRC client from ubuntu one in the ubuntu demo?11:38
knightshadeI've never tried the ubuntu "demo", whatever it is.11:39
Andreasthink the service had another name11:39
bekksAndreas: No. The Ubuntu Live CDs contains an IRC client already.11:39
Andreasbekks: ok11:39
knightshadeAndreas: is your harddrive detected in windows?11:39
Andreasknightshade yes11:39
cfhowlettAndreas, webbrowser .... webchat.freenode.net11:40
Andreasubuntu installer detects my other drives, my SSD and my USB hd11:40
bekksAndreas: And are these "other" drives connected to the same controller?11:40
kostkoncfhowlett, irc.ubuntu.com  easier to remember11:40
cfhowlettkostkon, was unware of same.  thank you.11:40
kostkoncfhowlett, np11:41
Andreasbekks i looked inside the can yesterday and i think so. but i'll boot into ubuntu installer so i can solve it from there11:41
AricI'm using Ubuntu Server 12.04 x64 LTS... My PHP version is 5.3.10 but I want PHP 5.4... I saw on askubuntu to add a python-software thingy (forget exact name) so that I could add a PPA, then to do apt-get update and apgrade... but I am still at PHP 5.3.10?  Can anyone help?11:41
bekksAric: Well, did you add a PPA, too?11:42
Aricya, following this, but just found out I may have messed up sorry one sec11:43
Aricnope I didn't11:44
AricI did what was listed here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/109404/how-do-i-install-latest-php-in-supported-ubuntu-versions-like-5-4-x-in-ubuntu-111:44
Aricphp -v = PHP 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.9 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Dec 12 2013 04:27:25)11:44
chemist^Aric, in order to add PPA repositories you need to install "python-software-properties" first11:45
bekksAric: Well, then you didnt do what is listed there.11:45
cem_hi all11:45
Aricdid that11:45
chemist^and then do a "sudo add-apt-repository blabla"11:45
Aricadded the python software properties11:45
Aricthen the PPA11:45
Aricthen update and upgrade11:45
cem_i wanna learn is there any program like dreamweaver on ubuntu?11:45
chemist^still not upgrading?11:45
AricI'm trying "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" per a comment but it wasn't in the main answer11:46
greyhatpythonhi i am using Ubuntu 13.10 on USB, i want copy the data from windows machine to my usb key, but the copy and paste option is not highlighted. Please help.11:46
cem_i wanna make a wery small web page and i dont know coding11:46
bekksAric: So which PPA did you add?11:46
greyhatpythoncem_ go to codecademy.com11:46
greyhatpythonYou welcome!11:47
Aricafter dist-upgrade now = PHP 5.5.7-1+sury.org~precise+1 (cli) (built: Dec 12 2013 21:37:40)11:47
Aric5.5 is fine for me, it;s stable but some PHP stuff needed 5.4+ so I'm good now11:47
cem_but the site teaches coding11:47
cem_i dont have time11:47
Ariccem_: if you have no interest in coding look into something like wordpress11:47
cem_i need to finish this page today11:48
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cem_2 small pages that include a ling an biography11:48
cem_link and a biography11:48
greyhatpythoncem_ you don't need dreamweaver if you learn coding.  Just learn html is enough for basic website.11:48
AricThanks everyone, but I got it fixed o/11:48
bekkscem_: If you dont want to learn how to do things, no one can help you.11:48
thinkucem, try aptnastudio11:49
greyhatpythonhi i am using Ubuntu 13.10 on USB, i want copy the data from windows machine to my usb key, but the copy and paste option is not highlighted. Please help.11:49
chemist^greyhatpython, paste it anyway11:49
chemist^greyhatpython it sometimes gets grayed-out but you can still click on it11:49
thinkucem, http://www.aptana.com/11:50
greyhatpythonnope it's not working i tried gksudo but it's not installed and i can't even install it...11:50
chemist^(i think it's when you try to copy protected files or to a protected target path)11:50
cem_thanx im downloading it11:50
cem_i will try11:50
chemist^greyhatpython, try copying the files using terminal commands11:50
greyhatpythonbut why is this problem in new version of Ubuntu, while 10.10 was straight forward!11:51
chemist^it's not a problem related to a new version of ubuntu11:52
eyfourgreyhatpython: Are you trying to copy to the USB-stick while running Ubuntu from the very same stick?11:52
bekksgreyhatpython: Why "cant you install it"?11:52
chemist^it's strange you can't install anything on your live session11:52
greyhatpythonInstall on usb?11:52
chemist^it gets deleted when you shutdown11:52
greyhatpythonI am running ubuntu live usb.11:52
eyfourgreyhatpython: ...and you are trying to write to that same USB while running Uubntu, right? It won't work.11:53
chemist^yes...so what :)11:53
greyhatpythonwhy can't?11:53
chemist^you need to add persistence to your live usb11:53
chemist^in order to save files on it11:54
eyfourgreyhatpython: Because the "live" file system mounts itself as read-only.11:54
chemist^greyhatpython, you need to add a new partition ext4 on the remaining unpartitioned space available on your USB11:54
chemist^and name it persistence11:54
greyhatpythonok but it is not copying even to another hard drive11:54
chemist^well..that's odd :)11:55
chemist^greyhatpython, have you tried opening nautilus with sudo?11:55
Andreas_im in the ubuntu demo now. I can see the harddrive to the left. but the installer cannot detect it.11:55
chemist^greyhatpython, and what error does it give you when you try to copy via terminal commands?11:55
bekksAndreas_: What is the "Ubuntu demo"?11:56
eyfourgreyhatpython: I see. What kind of file system is on the "other" hard drive?11:56
eyfourbekks: Probably synonymous with Live DVD/USB11:56
chemist^probably ntfs :)11:56
greyhatpythonwell sudo nautilus didn't work so i tried gksudo it was by installed on previous ubuntu, now that's the problem.11:56
bekkschemist^: using graphical applications with sudo is strongly discouraged. Use gksudo instead.11:56
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greyhatpythongksudo not installed and not installing from internet too!11:57
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Andreas_bekks: when booting from the live CD, you get two options: try the demo, or install Ubuntu11:57
chemist^bekks, ok11:57
bekksgreyhatpython: because your USB installation does not support persistence.11:58
chemist^greyhatpython, try doing it in terminal, use cp command (copy, paste)11:58
greyhatpythonI don't think it's related to persistence of the usb key. I am copying file from one hard drive to another.11:59
greyhatpythoni need to try terminal11:59
Andreas_do I need to unmount the disk before I can install onto it?11:59
bekksAndreas_: yes.12:00
Andreas_according to this i should unmount, ill try that before installation http://superuser.com/questions/319661/what-does-the-following-disks-have-mounted-partitions-mean-while-installing-ub12:02
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sunmoonhi all12:04
Andreas_'install ubuntu alongside windows 7' will that allow me to choose onto which drive to install ubuntu?12:04
sunmoonam having trouble copying movie files onto my xubuntu system. can anyone point me in the right direction?12:05
mrp123Andreas - I'm not an expert but I beleive that it will install ubuntu actually on the same partition as windows.12:06
Andreas_mrp123 i think thats what happened last time12:06
Andreas_i'll choose 'something else'12:06
knightshadeAndreas_: We've all done that once, do you think we remember the installer options? :>12:06
Sven_vBOT/freenode question: is there another way to recover op (when nobody had registered the channel) than to wait for all others to leave?12:07
bekksAndreas_: Do you try to setup a dualboot?12:07
Andreas_bekks y12:07
Andreas_windows on 1 drive, ubunto on another12:08
mrp123Andreas_ If you want it on a seperate hard drive you could just boot up into the installer an select that drive to install it on and then the bios can be used to select your prefered harddrive to boot into12:08
universalany channel for printers ? specifically for dot-matrix printers ?12:08
Sven_vBAndreas_, i'd always use "something else", in order to see and modify what will actually happen.12:08
hitsujiTMOSven_vB: freenode questions go in #freenode12:08
bekksAndreas_: It is "Ubuntu", not "Ubunto".12:08
Andreas_i know, mistype12:08
RealNWOkbuntu is better than ubuntu cuz kde is better than unity12:08
bekksRealNWO: The words are "kubuntu" and "because".12:09
universalRealNWO: you can install kde on ubuntu and gnome/unity on kubuntu12:09
Andreas_i have only 28 gb available on my  windows drive isn't that too little to install ubuntu on?12:09
RealNWOso whats the difference then?12:09
bekksAndreas_: No.12:09
bekksRealNWO: The difference is a different set of preinstalled software.12:09
mrp123RealNWO - I have 4 different DEs on my installation, just pick and chose depending how i feel that day12:10
RealNWOi installed kde on ubuntu, and it says its kubuntu now12:10
RealNWOso am i using ubuntu or kubuntu?12:10
Andreas_bekks but after mandatory shit is installed ill end up with just a few GB left over right12:10
bekksRealNWO: You can change the plymouth splashscreen if you like.12:10
bekksAndreas_: No.12:10
RealNWOwhich is accurate?12:10
RealNWOi installed ubuntu from a CD, then installed KDE, now it says kubuntu12:10
Andreas_well ill try installing ubuntu on my windows drive then12:11
RealNWOso am i using ubuntu or kbuntu12:11
Andreas_installer still cant detect my SATA drive even tho its listed to the left on the demo12:11
bekksRealNWO: The preinstalled software sets are called "Ubuntu" and "Kubuntu". That does not mean you are are using "Ubuntu" or "Kubuntu" once you installed KDE on Ubuntu or Unity on Kubuntu. The only thing that matters is which desktop environment you are using.12:11
cfhowlettRealNWO, you installed the kubuntu-desktop NOT kde.  KDE would only add the desktop environment.12:11
mrp123RealNWO - what bekks said ^^12:11
gordonjcpAndreas_:  a standard install of Ubuntu needs about 5GB12:12
hitsujiTMO!ot | RealNWO please talk semantics in the off topic channel12:12
ubottuRealNWO please talk semantics in the off topic channel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:12
gordonjcpAndreas_: that won't leave much for additional packages and stuff though12:12
bekksgordonjcp: That would leave 23GB for stuff.12:12
Andreas_guess i could slim down my windows for some more gb12:12
gordonjcpbekks: no, I mean if you had 5GB available12:12
bekksgordonjcp: He has 28GB avail.12:12
gordonjcpbekks: in this case, 28GB is *masses* unless you want to get into ridiculous amounts of uncompressed audio12:13
Andreas_i checked inside the can and everything is connected to same SATA controller... ubuntu demo can detect the drive, just not the installer12:14
EaglemanIs the apcupsd package broken? i've been trying for 6 hours to get it working, i made doshutdown in /etc/apcupsd but it refuses to run my custom script in anyway when powering down when the batteries are low. Why cant i get it working?12:14
Andreas_but ill install onto windows drive maybe 28 gb is enough i can slim down my windows too12:14
RealNWOcfhowlett i think yer rite12:14
gordonjcpAndreas_: 28GB is *masses*12:14
Andreas_gordonjcp ok12:14
gordonjcpAndreas_: when you run the installer from the live desktop, what happens?12:14
mrp123Andreas_ - didn't you say that you had two harddrives?12:15
Andreas_mrp123 i have 3 hard drives, one SSD, one SATA, one USB 2.012:15
Andreas_its the SATA the installer cant detect. it can detect the other 212:15
gordonjcpAndreas_: unplug everything except the SATA drive12:15
Andreas_how big should my ubuntu partition be?12:16
Andreas_installer is asking12:16
gordonjcpAndreas_: as big as you like12:16
gordonjcpAndreas_: you're going to need more than about 5GB12:16
Andreas_gordonjcp no problems will arise if i put ubuntu partition to say 15 gb?12:17
bekksAndreas_: Why dont you just use 20G?12:17
Lucid_LynxHi, where do i get the souce code for ´Lucid Lynx` Ubuntu 10.04 ?12:17
Andreas_ok i put at 20 gb lets see12:17
gordonjcpAndreas_: you've got 28GB available, use most of it and leave a bit left over for swap12:17
bekksLucid_Lynx: man apt-get, find "apt-get source".12:17
gordonjcpAndreas_: how much RAM have you got?12:17
Lucid_Lynxthank you for your quick reply.. bekks12:18
glixtsj16gabmus: i used http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/keyserver.ubuntu.com and that said it looked down, my bad12:18
Anddreascan i connect to this IRC channel from the ubuntu demo?12:18
bekfksAndreas: That still will not change your Windows into Linux. :)12:18
bekgksAndreas: Yes.12:18
Andureasjust need the installer to detect my other harddrive so i can dual boot12:18
gabjmusglitsj16, np, just it's not working with the other server either12:19
thimnkuinterweb, could be different video payload, that your VLC is not supporting, you should get msg, i am wondering12:19
Andreas_bekfks i want to run dual boot12:19
crimstian_chitsujiTMO, thanks, tht method works (exports XAUTHORITY + sleep 2)12:19
bekks!dualboot | Andreas_12:19
ubottuAndreas_: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot12:19
Andvreasso to connect this channel i get an IRC client from ubuntu one in the ubuntu demo?12:19
Andreas_i still have some games i play that i need windows for12:19
knisghtshadeI've never tried the ubuntu "demo", whatever it is.12:19
Andrdeasthink the service had another name12:19
gabmuswhats going on12:19
Andreas_RAM = 8 gb12:19
bekkesAndreas: No. The Ubuntu Live CDs contains an IRC client already.12:19
gabmusgabjmus, what the hell are you12:19
bekksAndvreas: No. The Ubuntu livecd already contains an IRC channel.12:19
Andreas_gordonjcp RAM 8 gb12:19
Andreas_well gonna install it now onto 20 gb partition i should be able to slim windows down in case it bitches about small space12:21
bekks!language | Andreas_12:21
ubottuAndreas_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.12:21
Andreas_sorry ubottu12:21
sunmoonhi all..12:22
mrp123Andreas_ : If you want to us your SATA drive you'll have to get to the root of the problem of that. Can windows detect and use the sata drive? is so then can the program "GParted" which is installed on the liveCd detect this drive? if not then you have some strange issue with linux and your hardware.12:22
cristian_chitsujiTMO, sorry, there is a troll who wants to be me12:23
cristian_c<cristian_c> * crinstian_c (~crinstian@ti-224-198-22.telkomadsl.co.za) è entrato in #ubuntu12:23
cristian_c* crimstian_c (~crimstian@ti-224-198-22.telkomadsl.co.za) è entrato in #ubuntu12:24
mrp123sunmoon: hi12:24
cristian_c* cribstian_c (~cribstian@ti-224-198-22.telkomadsl.co.za) è entrato in #ubuntu12:24
sunmoonam receiving "error splicing file'" when attempting to extract dvd data from disk to mu xubuntu hardrive.. any recommendations?12:24
LjLcristian_c: ... we got it12:24
Andreas_mrp123 yes windows can detect it. im new at linux. the ubuntu demo can see it to the left. don't know which commands for gparted. but ill install it to windows drive. 28 gb free is enough im told.12:24
cristian_cLjL, ok, thanks12:24
hitsujiTMOhmm, you've some friends then12:24
bekksAndreas_: First, please read the links about dualboot you have been given.12:25
Lucid_LynxHow do i examine which version of Ubuntu 10.04 i am using exactly (`uname´ just says Linux) and i am not getting much smarter by typing ´uname -a`) is it 10.04.1 or is it 10.04.2 or one of the other releases... ?12:26
Andreas_bekks not worried about any problems all my data is backed up12:26
mrp123Andreas_: that's alright then you can just play until it's how you want it :)12:27
bekksLucid_Lynx: lsb_release -a   And the specific "version" designates a specific update level, nothing else. It still is 10.0412:27
EaglemanIs the apcupsd package broken? i've been trying for 6 hours to get it working, i made doshutdown in /etc/apcupsd but it refuses to run my custom script in anyway when powering down when the batteries are low. Why cant i get it working?12:28
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
Lucid_Lynxi want to check some thing on the source code.., and i dont want to mess.. bekks, thanks, once again..12:28
bekksEagleman: Which script did you put where and which permissionsdoes it have?12:28
bekksLucid_Lynx: For doing so, the "version" of 10.04 is irrelevant at all.12:28
bekksLucid_Lynx: And what exactly are you trying to do?12:29
Eaglemanbekks: >doshutdown in /etc/apcupsd so /etc/apcupsd/doshutdown with 744 rights and the user:group root12:29
Lucid_Lynxcounting words..., for now...12:29
adnanehi all12:29
bekksWeird name for a script. ">doshutdown".12:29
bekksEagleman: And by default there is no User named "user" and no group named "group".12:30
Eaglemanbekks thats what apcupsd needs according to their documentation12:30
Eaglemanbekks: > and the user:group root12:30
Eaglemanso root:root12:30
mrp123I've been having a problem with the ubuntu software center's reviews. The reviews of the software will not show and in it's place it says "No network connection, Connect to the internet to see more reviews". I am running 12.04 and this occured after the recent openssl updates. Has anybody else been having this problem?12:30
bekksEagleman: so you put root:root and not user:group.12:30
bekksEagleman: And ">doshutdown" is a weird name. /etc/apcupsd/doshutdown looks much more usable. Change the permissions to 75512:31
Eaglemanbekks it is called: /etc/apcupsd/doshutdown12:31
EaglemanI was using > to quote something i said before12:31
kostkonmrp123, did you reboot after the update12:31
Andreas_guess I should learn this if I am to use ubuntu? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal12:32
bekksEagleman: Pastebin the content of that script pleasse.12:32
mrp123kostkon : a few times now12:32
kostkonmrp123, ok12:32
Eaglemanbekks: http://lpaste.net/33691986488092262412:32
bekksEagleman: Does that command in there work in a terminal?12:33
Eaglemanbekks it does12:33
mrp123Andreas_ : I think ubuntu is trying to make it easier for users to not use the terminal but the more you learn, the better off you will be, and the more problems you will be able to solve12:33
PoolShark_hey all... I have about 20 instances of this message in rapid succession in my kern.log... it looks like it's trying to tell me something about /dev/sdd, but it doesn't say what... can someone tell me what this means? It's Ubuntu server 13.04 / 3.9.0-030900-generic... the kernel message is "Jan 10 08:59:22 beluga kernel: [306185.633289] sd 2:0:3:0: [sdd] CDB:"12:34
Eaglemanbekks, executing: /usr/bin/ssh root@ '/scripts/shutdown-all-vms.sh' does exactly what i want it to do12:34
Andreas_mrp123 yes its my experience so far that i need to learn commands to solve some problems12:34
bekksEagleman: Do you use vbox?12:34
Eaglemanbekks ESXi12:34
bekksEagleman: ah, ok.12:35
sayahHi, I´m using a article in Linux Format to set up a website on my computer and when I get to phpmyadmin I can´t seem to access any html page like the article suggests.  I´m not sure why.12:35
hitsujiTMOEagleman: where does it get the ssh key from?12:35
EaglemanIt works...12:36
Eaglemani can login without authentication12:36
interwebHow do I can install flashplayer12:36
mrp123Andreas_ : Yea, I only started using Linux lately and learning how to use the command prompt and reading the debian reference guide really helped me. I'm sure the ubuntu one is good aswell.12:37
bekks!flash | interweb12:37
ubottuinterweb: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash12:37
EaglemanhitsujiTMO ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "root@" and then i pasted it into ESXi and i can login without authentication12:37
interwebbekks, Thanks12:38
hitsujiTMOEagleman: but where's your id_rsa stored? did you put it in /root/.ssh/ ?12:38
EaglemanhitsujiTMO why does it matter12:38
hitsujiTMOEagleman: because your shutdown script is getting called by root, not by you12:39
EaglemanhitsujiTMO it is stored in: /root//.ssh/id_rsa.pub12:40
hitsujiTMOEagleman: thats the pub key. what about your private key?12:40
EaglemanhitsujiTMO it is stored on the other machine?12:41
hitsujiTMOEagleman: pubkey goes on the ESXi host. Your private key needs to be in the local /root/.ssh12:41
EaglemanhitsujiTMO well i suppose it is in /root/.ssh aswell, since i can connect12:42
hitsujiTMOEagleman: are you trying from the root user or your own user?12:42
EaglemanhitsujiTMO it is stored in: /root/.ssh/id_rsa12:42
Eaglemanroot user12:42
folivoraI am cloning 300GB SSD -> 512GB SSD with DD with bytesize 512. How long this takes about?12:43
hitsujiTMOEagleman: add a line early in the script to see if its at least being called. something like '''echo "called" > /root/got_called'''        then try again12:45
bekksfolivora: ages. Use a blcksize of 16M.12:46
hitsujiTMOfolivora: a long time. a ssd drive writes in blocks of 256kb (usually). so every time its writing each 512b block it has to erase and write 256kb.12:50
EaglemanhitsujiTMO i did not get called12:50
EaglemanhitsujiTMO will modify /etc/apcupsd/apccontrol now but i doubt it will work12:54
hitsujiTMOEagleman: have you checked that your ups is a supported model?12:55
EaglemanhitsujiTMO it can read everything so yes12:55
PendreaGood morning!12:56
cvtsxHey, anyone ever host a minecraft server on ubuntu?12:57
PendreaI have a question regarding UFW. I just enabled incoming SSH-packets in UFW, yet in the logs (and the end-result) it continues to block SSH-packets. Is there something I'm missing? All I did was ufw allow ssh12:57
Andreasnew problem: I installed Ubuntu and after boot it loads Windows 7. I get no option for booting into Ubuntu or Windows 7. I loaded the windows boot manager by pressing space and only Windows 7 is listed there.12:57
EaglemanhitsujiTMO, any more suggestions?12:59
DwarfDefenderwhat acdsee analog in ubuntu can handle few milions pictures in one folder?12:59
hitsujiTMOEagleman: looking thru the docs now12:59
Andreastry this for boot problems? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair13:00
arkrohi all, I have UEFI system in my pc( with windows 8). Today, I have installed kubuntu. After rebooting, grub2 prompt is showing up. I don't know where to go from there. Please help.13:01
hitsujiTMOEagleman: can you pastebin /etc/apcupsd.conf13:02
xylocainehi all13:03
EaglemanhitsujiTMO: http://lpaste.net/225905816668156723213:03
woodpusherghdI'm using clonezilla to image a ubuntu (Zorin 6) to a local disk.  How do I edit grub to have ubuntu boot from the new disk while not physically removing changing disks?13:04
bekkswoodpusherghd: Ask the zorin support please.13:05
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arkrohi, can anyone please help me with grub2 error.13:06
googHow can I turn docker container into a service that I can start with `sudo service <service-name> start` ?13:10
EaglemanhitsujiTMO, found anything?13:11
hitsujiTMOEagleman: can you pastebin your /etc/apcupsd/apccontrol13:13
EaglemanhitsujiTMO http://lpaste.net/525476572499122585613:13
hitsujiTMOEagleman: so /root/got_called isn't getting created still?13:15
Eaglemanno hitsujiTMO13:15
EaglemanhitsujiTMO, wait a second, i see got_called now, lets shutdown the power aigan13:17
hitsujiTMOEagleman: i also see you defining ESXI but not calling it13:19
EaglemanhitsujiTMO never mind, i created the root_called by executing ./doshutdown myself13:20
hitsujiTMOEagleman: ahh. ok. next lets see if the apccontrol script is getting called on the event. before the case statement add: echo "$1" >> /root/ups_events13:22
hitsujiTMOEagleman: then try the shut down again. /root/ups_events should start filling up the the called events and give you an idea if apcupsd is working correctly or not13:23
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EaglemanhitsujiTMO now the UPS itself is doing weird, going on battery when there is line power13:26
EaglemanThis mess13:26
EaglemanhitsujiTMO: http://lpaste.net/618904859079553843213:27
hitsujiTMOEagleman: no. add it before the case satement on line 6113:28
googchenghi all !  i don't understand  export PS1="\[\e]0;\u@\h: \w\a\]${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\u@\h:[\t]:\w\$ "13:31
googchengwhy it includes \u  two times13:32
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googchengthis snippet \[\e]0;\u@\h: \w\a\]    don't  need it ?13:35
EaglemanhitsujiTMO: 997 apcupsd: apclog.c:62 Cannot exec /etc/apcupsd/apccontrol onbattery: Permission denied13:36
hitsujiTMOEagleman: whats the output of: ls -l /etc/apcupsd/apccontrol13:37
Eagleman-rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 4026 Jan 11 07:36 /etc/apcupsd/apccontrol13:37
hitsujiTMOEagleman: cat /etc/passwd | grep apc13:38
hitsujiTMOEagleman: most likely the script isn't being called as root. try instead: echo "$1" >> /tmp/ups_events13:39
hitsujiTMOEagleman: if /tmp/ups_events gets created check: ls -l /tmp/ups_events13:41
hitsujiTMOEagleman: that should hint at what user is calling the script13:42
EaglemanhitsujiTMO adding the echo "$1" >> /tmp/ups_events makes apcupsd spam errors in the cli13:43
Eagleman928 apcupsd: apclog.c:62 Cannot exec /etc/apcupsd/apccontrol doshutdown: Permission denied13:43
hitsujiTMOEagleman: can you again pastebin /etc/apcupsd/apccontrol13:44
EaglemanhitsujiTMO: http://lpaste.net/402734769910264627213:45
hitsujiTMOEagleman: ls -l /tmp/ups_events13:46
Eaglemannothing there13:46
hitsujiTMOEagleman: hmm, does your /tmp have odd permissions? ls -l /tmp13:49
EaglemanhitsujiTMO drwxrwxrwt. 3 root root 4096 Jan 11 07:35 tmp13:50
hitsujiTMOall normal13:51
belgianguyCould Conky cause graphics issues?13:52
belgianguyeg compiz to fail?13:52
hitsujiTMOEagleman: also comment out line 110. its not needed right now.13:52
belgianguyI had to revert to fglrx-updates, but went to the latest AMD beta after a day (Steam), but now I'm wary of Conky :/13:53
belgianguyas that was the only thing I had added between when it still worked and when it didn't anymore13:53
EaglemanhitsujiTMO, adding that /tmp/ups_events breaks apcupsd i think13:53
interwebI've downloaded sublime text from its site and I want to add the software to ubuntu what should I do?13:53
hitsujiTMOEagleman: yes, but it shouldn't13:54
hitsujiTMOEagleman: hmm. out of ideas when can't even get a simple diagnostic line to run.13:58
EaglemanYeh this is a PITA13:58
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knightshadejamesaxl_: hi14:10
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jammie5I'm trying to connect to a samba share but I get mount error(115): Operation now in progress14:12
ubuntu-wreckhey all.  I need some assistance I think :/  My 13.10 install crashed out yesterday with errors install libc6-i386.  I went through some forums this morning to try to fix and long story short i did a dpkg -r --force-all libc6 instead of libc6-i386.  It removed my amd64 version and now i can't do a thing.  All commands seem to still exist in /bin/, however, when i try to execute anything through terminal it tells me they don'14:14
ubuntu-wreckt exist.  Any idea how I can go about undoing this and rescuing my system? :)14:14
belgianguyubuntu-wreck: the --force parameter makes it quite hard to undo, even imagining the changes it wrought upon your system are hard to estimate14:16
_cbUsing the firefox debugger console on Ubuntu the line number error is so far to the right it is truncated. Anyone knows how to fix this?14:17
hitsujiTMOubuntu-wreck: you could load up a live cd. chroot in and see if reinstalling libc6 will work14:17
ubuntu-wreckthanks hitsuji and belgianguy14:18
belgianguyhello Allison4314:18
Allison43hi  belgianguy14:19
gregor3005hi, i bought a second hand graphiccard and it works buch better than my old one, the new one is a nvidia gt630. after a time have the problem that the workstation freezes. i tried many different nvidia drivers which are available under ubuntu 13.10. does anybody know a good solution to test the graphiccard if eg. the memory is corrupt or other problems? i viewed the gpu temperature, it is between 45-52°C. my old one was much w14:22
Pessimistgregor3005, maybe the issue is not with the graphics card?14:23
gregor3005Pessimist: i tested the ram with memtest. no error after many hours. no output of any error in kern.log or dmesg during the freez. it happens since i switched the graphiccard14:24
Pessimistgregor3005, there should be a tool in ubuntu 'System Testing'. Uncheck everybox and leave graphics tests checked14:25
Pessimistevery box*14:25
hitsujiTMOgregor3005: anything in /var/log/syslog?14:25
LinuxBoeyAnyone know how to use Munin?14:25
gregor3005Pessimist: thx i let it run14:26
SchrodingersScat!anyone | LinuxBoey | Bueller14:26
ubottuLinuxBoey | Bueller: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:26
Allison43gregor3005, how much wattage is your PSU ?14:26
gregor3005Allison43: good, question. i open the case a take a look14:27
Pessimistgregor3005, yep, a bad psu or a too weak one can also be the problem14:27
LinuxBoeyHello. I need a little help interpreting Munin charts14:27
hitsujiTMOgregor3005: also what was your old gpu?14:27
Allison43gregor3005, if it's 250watts you can get by as long as you don't have too many video heavy apps running simultaneously14:28
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gregor3005Allison43: it has 300W. my old gpu was nvidia gt22014:29
gregor3005Allison43: is there a way to see how much wattage are currently used? i have also 4 hdd's and one blu-ray drive connected14:30
Allison43ok , gregor3005 so that eliminates the psu as a problem]14:30
Allison43gregor3005, raid or ?14:31
=== schnitzl_ is now known as schnitzl
gregor3005Allison43: yes. two raid 1 devices14:32
Allison43300W should handle that14:35
belgianguygregor3005: perhaps try the open source driver and see if the error is different?14:37
chemist^is anyone here without having "audacious" installed? Can this "anyone" please issue the command for installing it from the repos and tell what is the total size of the files to download? Thanks. :)14:38
bekkschemist^: apt-get install audacious ? :)14:38
chemist^i have it installed already so i don't know how to check out the size of the download14:39
gregor3005belgianguy: thx. i connected it before also to the other pcie port on the mainboard. i report in some hours if i the problem solved14:39
belgianguygregor3005: although Nvidia have quite good drivers, and fiddling about with the graphics drivers can get messy sometimes14:40
chemist^i need it on my GF's laptop, but she doesn't have internet where she lives...only through mobile phone (which is free only for 100 MB of download)14:40
belgianguyhang on14:40
bugs_buggerchemist^: apt-cache show audacious. it has file size listed14:40
gregor3005belgianguy: yes, i know but it is much better then years ago where the only way was to manually install it and after every kernel update you don't have to forget to build the kernel-image :-D14:41
chemist^bugs_bugger, what is the command i need to issue? :)14:41
chemist^bugs_bugger, is there a way to make a .deb and copy it to a USB and then install it on a remote computer without having to access the internet?14:41
xangua!aptoncd | chemist^14:42
ubottuchemist^: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline14:42
bugs_buggerchemist^: the one i gave above: apt-cache show audacious. you can grep for size with this pipe appended to the command: | grep Size14:42
bugs_buggerchemist^: i guess its kb14:42
chemist^xangua, that's great... i'll check that out14:42
KI7MTchemist^, Check in /var/cache/apt/archives   if you have not ran clean or autoclean any time after install it, should be there.14:44
chemist^i have14:44
chemist^ran it14:44
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD14:45
chemist^worst case scenario, i'll take her laptop with me, sit in my car and drive to the nearest wifi hotspot and install it ;)14:45
KI7MTchemist^, well all is not lost, you can download if from the package lists.. and copy it over.14:46
WobboHow to let my ext4 usable in windows, i never used windows so i have no idea how to get it work. Damm windows, why doesnt open source like ext doesn't work... lol Oh, what its from Microsoft! ? lol14:46
KI7MTWobbo, use Samba14:46
bugs_buggerchemist^: KI7MT's suggestion should work for you, assuming you have your own machine present14:47
bekksWobbo: Dont try it, it will break your ext4. Use Samba instead.14:47
spectredoes anyone have a fix for the blinking curser problem in 13.10?14:47
spearhead_Wobbo, I have use the first suggestion here successfully, http://www.howtogeek.com/112888/3-ways-to-access-your-linux-partitions-from-windows/14:48
knightshadespectre: Is that a well known problem? I don't know it.14:49
hitsujiTMOspectre: this when you boot up?14:50
WobboDamm windows, why doesnt open source like ext doesn't work... lol Oh, what its from Microsoft! ? Haha14:50
spectreyes, no its when i plug in another monitor14:50
hitsujiTMO!details | spectre gief details kthnxbye14:50
ubottuspectre gief details kthnxbye: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:50
spectrewhen i plug in a nother monitor which is detected as unkown in display settings my curser starts blinking and somethimes gets lost, ubuntu 13.1014:52
WobboNow I'm scared! You never know, I lost all my data!14:53
spectrethe only fix on the form is to disable unkown monitor but as I'm using it the fix is useless14:53
bekksWobbo: Then create backups before.14:53
hitsujiTMOspectre: what gpu do you have?14:55
hitsujiTMOspectre: you should have a look in the logs for any clues as to whats going wrong. start with /var/log/Xorg.0.log and also check dmesg and /ver/log/syslog14:56
spectrenvida geforce something14:57
spectrek will do14:57
spectreentry deleted from path?14:59
WobboAnother question, I try to convert svg to png. I made a php page that displays a random images that she turns, etc. .. But I want to save it as a PNG. I tried Inkshape and GIMP. But they just let all images together. While all browsers do it well. Does anyone know any other software or terminal text?  Example: http://www.mijnboodschappenlijst.nl/ernst/mbl_style/svg/15:00
MyrttiWobbo: what do you mean by "let all images together"15:06
WobboDid you see the link image?15:09
WobboWhen I open it in GIMP for example, then all images are just right together.15:11
rakeshi have recently installed ubuntu 12.04 .but the wifi hangs after some time .could that be due to torrent download.wats the solution15:11
rcw2i need to get my audio drivers in order.   skype won't work simultaneously when i have sound going from other apps like vlc or firefox15:12
SailorRrHi. I just installed Ubuntu on my laptop but its not detecting my wireless internet15:14
SailorRrhow do I setup internet15:14
SchrodingersScat!broadcom | SailorRr15:15
ubottuSailorRr: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:15
SailorRrubotto its a rogers internet thing15:16
hotmedalAnyone with any experience with an HP j110a printer? The hp utility picks it up, sends prints to it, but it doesn't do anything.15:16
FlowRiserhotmedal, what version of ubuntu are you using?15:17
Allison43SailorRr, do you mean a USB dongle from Rogers or is your modem from Rogers?15:17
SailorRrallison: its a modem15:18
SailorRrand I cant download any firmware or anything weird because the intenret isnt working im on a windows laptop now15:18
FlowRiserhotmedal, have you installed the drivers from their website ?15:19
hotmedalno, I installed hplip gui from apt-get15:19
FlowRiserhotmedal, i have to go but try purging that and go with the stock printer drivers that should work out of the box15:20
FlowRiserhotmedal, also, you could give a try to the drivers listed on their website15:20
FlowRiserhotmedal, good luck15:20
hotmedalFlowRiser: ok, thanks15:21
merandushello, can someone check this pleas? http://pastie.org/8623842  does this mean that i have  40gb free space?15:23
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest76671
=== Guest76671 is now known as jimco
jimcoubuntu / xubintu which will run better on 2gb ram?15:25
hitsujiTMOmerandus: that doesn't show free space at all. thats just the raw partition table. instead use: df -h15:25
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
hitsujiTMOjimco: ubuntu should be ok. but if you use a lot of applications at once go with xubuntu15:25
merandushitsujiTMO:  df -h shows  sda1 which is 20gb...15:26
jimcohitsujiTMO: yes alot of browser tabs video edits and what not15:26
ubuntu-wreckhitsujiTMO thanks for the chroot tip but didn't work, same error /bin/bash doesn't exist, can't chroot.  Back to windows for me temporarily I guess, lol15:26
=== hub is now known as Guest77290
jimcoi'm going with amd64 i have a intel core 2 duo(t5900)@2.2ghz it has em64t instructions so it will run fine right at least faster than x86?15:28
compdocjimco, 64bitness is the way of the future15:29
merandusbtw when i apt-get update, it takes 4 minutes at reading package lists... to be completed15:29
merandusi don't know if that's normal or not15:29
jimcocompdoc: yeah but developers are still catching on its going to take while for 32 bit to die like 16 bit15:31
compdocjimco, its all just works15:31
hitsujiTMOmerandus: ahh sorry. i get you now. you're wondering about unpartitioned space. well you've 125829120 and the last used sector is 41940991 so you have 125829120 - 41940991 = 83888129 unused sectors. multiply that by 512 to get the number of bytes: 42950722048 and divide it by (1024 * 1024 * 1024) to get the number of GB = 40. So you've 40GB of unpartitioned space15:32
waterlubberI want to install printer drivers, where would I put the downloaded "cupswrapper" and "LPR" drivers so Ubuntu installs em? Running latest LTR version15:32
hitsujiTMOmerandus: ahh sorry. i get you now. you're wondering about unpartitioned space. well you've 125829120 total sectors and the last used sector is 41940991 so you have 125829120 - 41940991 = 83888129 unused sectors. multiply that by 512 to get the number of bytes: 42950722048 and divide it by (1024 * 1024 * 1024) to get the number of GB = 40. So you've 40GB of unpartitioned space15:33
merandushitsujiTMO: oh wow! ... i can't add those to  the slash directory right? like increasing the current partition?15:33
SailorRrhi guys. I want to get my intenrt working. I assume I need to update my drivers. once I find out which one I need is there a way to put it on a usb and install it on ubuntu (since I have no internet)15:33
rcw2i need to get my audio drivers in order.   skype won't work simultaneously when i have sound going from other apps like vlc or firefox15:33
waterlubbermerandus You can partition it youself or let the installer do it15:33
hitsujiTMOmerandus: you'd have to move up sda2 if you want to enlarge sda1. you can do that from a live cd with gparted15:34
waterlubberrcw I think that might be Skype's problem...Microsoft bought it, so now it doesn't work well with anything others than Windows Hate (8)15:34
merandushitsujiTMO:  do you know if i can do it with the parted CLI?  it's a vps, i can't work with graphics.15:35
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
Beldar!sound | rcw215:35
ubotturcw2: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.15:35
waterlubberI want to install printer drivers, where would I put the downloaded "cupswrapper" and "LPR" drivers so Ubuntu installs em? Running latest LTR version15:35
waterlubberHey whats that thing with the !15:36
hitsujiTMOmerandus: you'd have to do it while no partitions are loaded. so you could only do it if the vps provider had a recovery iso that you could boot. you may find it in the host control panel15:36
=== parduse is now known as Guest238
Beldarrcw2, Be sure to use the skype in the ubuntu repos.15:36
waterlubberoops mistype it closed itself...dangit :/15:36
deevadSailorRr: to get your internet working ; try get linux-firmware-nonfree deb package somewhere and install via a USB stick or external disk15:36
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:36
merandushitsujiTMO: thanks, that totally made sense.15:37
hitsujiTMOwaterlubber: ! are bot triggers. they're used to provide predefined messages15:37
merandushitsujiTMO: can i make another partition if i couldn't  run a recovery iso on the server?15:37
jimcohow's "Trusty" coming? thinking of trying the alpha15:38
deevadSailorRr:  linux-firmware-nonfree : http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-firmware15:38
waterlubbermerandus: Can you hit try ubuntu? Is the install freezing on preparing to install?15:38
nertilhow to install samba on ubuntu 12.04 ?15:39
meranduswaterlubber:  no,  it's a virtual private server, and i have only SSH access.15:39
deevadnertil: via package manager15:39
zteamHi all!15:39
hitsujiTMOmerandus: you could. with parted or fdisk/gdisk. a reboot would be required to read the modified partition table. it would also be considered risky15:39
jimcohitsujiTMO: how's "Trusty" coming? thinking of trying the alpha15:40
spearhead!trusty | jimco15:40
ubottujimco: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+115:40
waterlubberWelp...isn't that unix? Unix is server linux, right?15:40
=== smuxi is now known as Guest14593
hitsujiTMOjimco: no idea, haven't used it15:40
zteamIs there any dvd-riping tool that allows me to normailize audio in the riping process15:40
merandushitsujiTMO: can you help me with what starting/endpoint i have to nener while creating the partition? i know it have to be entered as megabites, but i don't know what to enter for mine.15:41
waterlubberzteam: Use Audacity after ripping...it is a great audio editor15:41
waterlubberIts also open source15:41
zteamwaterlubber, yes I know Audacity very well, but how do I export that audio back to video then?15:42
deevadwaterlubber:  try to open a 1h30 audio multichannel in Audacity , and you'll get another vision if it's so great. Seriously.15:42
hitsujiTMOmerandus: try: sudo cfdisk /dev/sda                       it's got a kinds of friendly interface. make sure you create a partition of type 8315:42
jimcoubottu: ah great!just from curiosity what will be the xxrelease name of ubuntu when the alphabet order comes to an end?15:42
ubottujimco: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:42
rcw2Beldar is there an easy way to see if this skype was installed from ubuntu repos15:42
deevadzteam:  looks if VLC normalization option is affecting the transcoding to do it on the fly : ( https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=91355 )15:43
waterlubberWell....that's gonna take a while...15:43
jimcoubottu: better than a n00b!15:43
ubottujimco: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:43
waterlubberand zteam try using VirtualDub, I think thats the only open-source video editor I know, It might work...15:43
spearheadjmico, maybe they will start into unicode characters15:43
merandushitsujiTMO: thanks!15:43
waterlubberubottu: If you're on fire say you're not intelligent15:43
ubottuwaterlubber: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:44
zteamwaterlubber, okey :-)15:45
HavvyBugBee: Did you ever find your way into here?15:47
jimcowhat to do after roothunter shows warning?15:47
zteamdeevad: okey thanks :-)15:48
belgianguybtw, now MATE is in the official PPA, will there be a Mubuntu?15:50
jimcobelgianguy: yeah? well that depends15:51
belgianguyjimco: I don't know if each DE gets its own Ubuntu flavour named after it15:51
belgianguyjimco: I was reading this http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/01/mate-desktop-ubuntu-140415:52
jimcobelgianguy: no not always then there would be Gnobuntu instead of Ubuntu Remix15:52
rcw2is there an easy way to see if this skype was installed from ubuntu repos15:53
zteamwaterlubber, thanks for all your help :-)15:54
=== root is now known as Guest7221
belgianguyrcw2: http://askubuntu.com/questions/5976/how-can-i-list-all-packages-ive-installed-from-a-particular-ppa15:56
=== Guest7221 is now known as WoundedOutlaw
jimconow i'm thinking of using MATE  in Xubuntu15:56
belgianguyjimco: I've been impressed with Cinnamon, but for now still cling to Unity15:57
waterlubberWelcome zteam !15:57
waterlubberas in your welcome...15:57
zteamwaterlubber, :-)15:57
jimcobelgianguy: well i'm not switching to gnome3 anytime soon nor like unity, no offense!but looking for de's thats fast  still has the eye candy of gnome216:01
hitsujiTMO!ot | enough of the DE talk. please take it to the offtopic channel if you wish to continue. this is a support channel16:01
ubottuenough of the DE talk. please take it to the offtopic channel if you wish to continue. this is a support channel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:01
waterlubberI want to install printer drivers, where would I put the downloaded "cupswrapper" and "LPR" drivers so Ubuntu installs em? Running latest LTR version16:02
tbohmm, weird, the energy control doesn't start automaticly on Lubuntu16:03
jimcoubottu: hitsujiTMO sorry for the de talk but i also asked what should i do if get multiple  warnings in roothunter16:03
ubottujimco: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:03
jimcoand i keep on forgetting!16:03
lemetiswhois _raven16:03
=== tetsuo is now known as Guest17751
hitsujiTMO!info roothunter16:05
ubottuPackage roothunter does not exist in saucy16:05
tbothe lxsession-default-apps is also a huge fail for small screens :-(16:05
waterlubber!info printers16:05
ubottuPackage printers does not exist in saucy16:05
hitsujiTMOjimco: what is roothunter?16:05
waterlubber!info saucy16:05
ubottuPackage saucy does not exist in saucy16:05
belgianguywaterlubber: what kind of printer are you installing? Following advice from somewhere?16:05
belgianguydon't throw too much at the bot16:05
jimcohitsujiTMO: rootkit scanner16:06
waterlubberYeah, I'm trying to install a Brother MFC-790?MW (lemme check the ?)16:06
hitsujiTMOjimco: you mean rkhunter?16:06
hitsujiTMOjimco: why do you think you might have a root kit? did you run some nasty code as root, or give someone root access to a server?16:07
jimcohitsujiTMO: yes thats right!i always call it roothunter16:07
waterlubberits a Brother 790CW I'm using brothers website and it says on a step "Install the drivers to the Ubuntu driver folder from the terminal" (Nice tutorial, right?)16:07
=== giovanni is now known as Guest16451
jimcohitsujiTMO: i'm paranoid about security16:07
belgianguywaterlubber: is that a MFC-790CW?16:08
hitsujiTMOjimco: ahh ok. if you pastebin the results you're more likely to get a response16:08
waterlubberbelgianguy: Yes16:09
belgianguywaterlubber: I assume you are here: http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/before.html16:09
belgianguyso it's a network printer?16:10
jimcoyeah too much response!16:10
waterlubberYes...and yes...nice all-HTML site too...(Brother </3 linux...):16:10
cellenhello there16:11
belgianguywaterlubber: and the general wizard didn't find it?16:11
belgianguyDock > Printer Management (?) > Add16:12
waterlubberNo, unless I use the generic text-only drivers, but then again, I really don't like those/...16:12
belgianguy(Mine's in Dutch)16:12
belgianguyah k, then we shall continue onward with the site16:12
belgianguythey have some Ubuntu instructions, but it's indeed confusing16:12
waterlubberAnd I quote: "4-2. Open the terminal and go to the directory where the drivers are."16:12
waterlubberXD Thats just silly....16:12
streulmahello, on my SSD I have 1 reallocated sector (it is in the spare space I think) Should I care?16:13
waterlubberIf its small then I don't think so...16:13
waterlubber!details | streulma16:13
ubottustreulma: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:13
waterlubberWhat is it's name, size, etc?16:14
streulmawaterlubber: OCZ-VERTEX3, 256GB16:14
hitsujiTMOstreulma: might want to have a look at the smart info16:14
belgianguywaterlubber: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1470030&p=9291309#post929130916:14
belgianguysomeone with a similar issue, but more information it seems16:14
ayceeanyone running libxrandr-ltss2 (1.4) on precise with multi-gpu?16:15
waterlubberHow much is used? That might be an old OS...is Ubuntu fresh or runnign alongside WinDoze16:15
streulmaubuntu reports it is failing in Disk Utility, but the disk lifetime is 100, waterlubbe16:16
waterlubberbelgianguy: Thanks! Judos!16:16
waterlubberThat is suspicious...maybe corruption, maybe it's bios, but why would it need to be that large?16:17
waterlubberHow much of it is being used?16:17
jeffrey_fstreulma:  Even on spinning media, data in a bad sector, if readable, will be moved....16:17
hitsujiTMOstreulma: assuming the ssd is /dev/sda run: sudo apt-get install smartmontools pastebinit && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit16:18
=== patrick is now known as Guest68903
streulmahitsujiTMO: I'm not on Ubuntu now, but here it is: http://www.matthias.streulens.be/smartctl.txt16:22
hitsujiTMOstreulma: i wouldn't worry too much on 1. but anymore and then i'd start worrying. how old is the drive?16:24
streulmahitsujiTMO: 20 days16:24
=== spezi is now known as Cobarith
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
=== jkl is now known as Guest23407
hitsujiTMOstreulma: that young is a bit unnerving. would be an excuse to bring it back and ask for a new one16:26
=== codethough is now known as codethought
streulmahitsujiTMO: I have another SSD16:27
streulmathat is not failing hitsujiTMO, should I replace ?16:28
hitsujiTMOstreulma: only if you plan on returning that one16:28
streulmaI can't16:28
streulmait is second hand16:28
hitsujiTMOwhy not?16:28
hitsujiTMOgive it a bit. as soon as you see another error replace it16:29
streulmashould I install Ubuntu back on this Macbook ?16:29
hitsujiTMOif you wish16:29
juanjosehola un canal en español?16:33
DJones!es | juanjose16:34
ubottujuanjose: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:34
glenn9kany way to check which of my GPU's is rendering a certain application?16:34
phillyjhi, i'm trying to set up a second gfx card to handle my video out and use the 1st for something else but the second one won't output anything. help?16:35
phillyjboth nvidia and they show up in the nvidia settings16:35
waterlubber!spanish | juanjose16:37
ubottujuanjose: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:37
big-thi all16:38
juanjosewaterlubber oky  :p16:38
Calinouglenn9k, by default, all applications run on the IGP16:39
glenn9kcalinbu it's probably launched via optirun, but I would like to make sure16:40
glenn9kCalinou, *16:40
glenn9kCalinou, or.. let me put it this way.. if I look at ps -x, it seems to be launched via optirun, as it should..16:41
glenn9kCalinou, BUT, my framerate is still quite low16:41
hitsujiTMOglenn9k: what is the framerate?16:41
glenn9khitsujiTMO, I do not know. It's lower than 25 at least16:42
glenn9khitsujiTMO, not really playable.16:42
=== hub is now known as Guest90318
hitsujiTMOglenn9k: what app, what gpu?16:42
glenn9khitsujiTMO, I'm on a core i5 2.4ghz, Geforce GT 325M.. trying to play RUST via Steam. Ubuntu 12.04, 331.21 drivers, bumblebee installed and confed accordingly16:43
hitsujiTMO325? its 500series+ for optimus i thought?16:43
glenn9khitsujiTMO, Probably not. The label on the laptop is a genuine nvidia label stating Optimus16:44
glenn9khitsujiTMO, and ubuntu (and mint) detects both the nvidia and the intel gpu16:44
freefoxhi, what's the best way to run scripts that require root privileges at startup?16:44
knightshade!upstart | freefox16:45
ubottufreefox: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/16:45
hitsujiTMOglenn9k: pastebin: lspci -nn | grep VGA16:45
freefoxknightshade: can I do it without installing anything new?16:47
knightshadefreefox: Yes, i think so16:47
knightshadeI thought there would be a link to a tuturial in the bot info16:48
glenn9khitsujiTMO, http://pastebin.com/NJ6CTRfs16:48
glenn9kit's just that it doesn't really seem to increase the FPS while launching via optirun16:48
Calinouglebihan, which GPU? which program16:49
Calinouoh, 325M16:49
Calinouso, something not fast16:49
Calinoudon't complain :P16:49
freefoxcan I just include it in /etc/rc.local or is this bad?16:49
hitsujiTMOglenn9k: can you also run: sudo apt-get install mesa-utils && optirun glxheads                   pastebin the output16:49
glenn9kmestautils are already installed, been running some glxgears before, but sure, w816:50
glenn9khitsujiTMO, http://pastebin.com/yDupSH6a16:51
glenn9khitsujiTMO, http://pastebin.com/X6htcpBW16:53
glenn9khitsujiTMO, So yes, the FPS increases drastically with optirun...16:53
hitsujiTMOglenn9k: seems the 325 aint that powerful then. It's hard to tell if there's a problem or not. You're running an alpha game thay16:54
glenn9khitsujiTMO, and when I did "ps -x | grep team" yesterday whn running the game, all steam rows that included rust was prefixed with optirun..16:55
glenn9khitsujiTMO, maybe so.. crap.16:55
hitsujiTMOthat hasn't released the minimum targeted gpu16:55
hitsujiTMOglenn9k: what resolution?16:55
glenn9khitsujiTMO, maybe I should try to install windows to test it out to see if it's the linux version of the game that isn't optimized?16:55
glenn9khitsujiTMO, 1366x768 @ fullscreen, 1024x600 @ window mode16:56
=== jost__ is now known as jost
hitsujiTMOglenn9k: i doubt anything is optimised considering its alpha16:56
glenn9khitsujiTMO, that may be the case, yes.16:56
hitsujiTMOglenn9k: contact the devs and report your experience16:56
glenn9khitsujiTMO, will do.16:57
glenn9khitsujiTMO, in general, does games on linux perform worse than on windows?16:57
hitsujiTMOglenn9k: no, unless you're running steamos (its also beta).16:57
hitsujiTMOyou'd expect similar performance16:58
glenn9khitsujiTMO, okay thanks for the info.16:59
=== paddy_ is now known as paddy
hitsujiTMOglenn9k: oh and one other thing. glxgears vsyncs with intel gpus, so it caps at 60fps anyway17:03
glenn9khitsujiTMO, aaaah ok...17:04
glenn9khitsujiTMO, so no way to see an FPS difference in numbers on the two GPUs17:04
=== rbanffy_ is now known as rbanffy
=== root is now known as Guest53161
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
hitsujiTMOglenn9k: theres an env var you can set to disable the intel vsync iirc17:06
kohuhi guys, question: what would you say is unity's advantage over Xfce-desktop in Xubuntu? Since i see the resource usage isn't so radically different anymore...17:07
hitsujiTMOglenn9k: try running: vblank_mode=0 glxgears17:08
david38400Why hen videoing on skype the images flashes so much17:08
xanguakohu: I like the hud and also  global menu/close buttons in panel(more screen size)17:09
hitsujiTMOkohu: i prefer the cleaner layout17:09
kohuxangua: thanks for the answer. i'm still trying to decide between both, since i see Xfce is pretty full-featured nowadays. And i don't know what a major difference would it be.17:10
kohuand if i'll regret it further down the road :D17:10
xanguakohu: you can use both17:10
kohuthanks hitsujiTMO:17:10
hitsujiTMOkohu: simply try both for a few days17:10
HL521Does any System76 reps drop in here occasionally?17:11
TJ-kohu: Unity is bad at coping with multi-head configurations, and multiple X-screens, and is sometimes painful to use with HD+ monitors, and can sometimes mess up application menus when trying to render them to the top-bar (e.g. Eclipse)17:11
kohuTJ-: And which desktop environment would you say is more stable in any case?17:12
TJ-kohu: I've had to switch to KDE (kubuntu) to get stability for my configuration17:13
kohuThanks for that too :)17:13
siwicaWhen I try to install the proposed drivers for my printer on Ubuntu 13.06 the routine is always not responding anymore after a while17:14
siwicais that a known issues for some drivers/printers?17:14
kohusiwica: In any way, do switch to 13.10 or 12.04, as support for 13.04 is ending very soon. Checked if the problem also occurs on 13.10?17:15
siwicakohu: My mistake, I am on Ubuntu 13.1017:16
impossibledoes thunderbird alert me when i have mail17:17
impossibleeven when it is closed?17:17
siwicakohu: The driver is "Epson Inkjet Printer Driver (ESC/P-R) for Linux"17:17
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kohusiwica: what is not responding after a while?17:18
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kohusiwica: maybe this thread will help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=218264317:21
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alexa22222I'm using 13.10. I have 2GB swap partition, but none swap memory (when typing free -m, only zeros show up). How do I fix it?17:30
TYDIRocksIs installing Ubuntu to an extrenal HDD impossible? I've tried 3 times now and every time I get a different error, it's beginning to really frusturate me.17:30
hitsujiTMO!details | TYDIRocks yes it's possible. but need more info on the problem before anyone can advise on what to do17:32
ubottuTYDIRocks yes it's possible. but need more info on the problem before anyone can advise on what to do: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:32
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TJ-alexa22222: Maybe there is no swap file-system in the partition, or there is no entry to enable it in /etc/fstab and/or /etc/crypttab17:32
alexa22222there's swap file system17:33
alexa22222how to enable it?17:33
TJ-alexa22222: Is it encrypted?17:33
hitsujiTMOalexa22222: can you pastebin output of: free -m                    and: lsblk                and pastebin the contents of: /etc/fstab17:33
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TYDIRockshitsujiTMO, ubottu, Alright. I installed the live CD with 13.10. Eveything there is good. Then I made 3 partitions on my 500 GB External HDD within the installer. 500 MB for /boot, 300 GB for /, and 8192 for swap. The installation installs successfully (supposedly). I shut down, remove the live cd. I boot from USB-HDD in the menu. I forget what the first error I received was because it was a week ago, but the most recent one come17:35
TYDIRockss up with "error: no such partition" then goes into grub rescue.17:35
alexa22222hitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6733732/17:35
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hitsujiTMOalexa22222: your swap is commented out in your fstab17:36
TJ-TYDIRocks: I'd guess that you didn't customise the install location of the GRUB boot-loader at install-time, so that it would write it to the external drive, not the boot-drive as it does by default17:36
alexa22222should I uncomment it?17:36
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO, ubottu, I used some repair tool on the first installation that gave me this: paste.ubuntu.com/6699109 but that didn't help17:36
TYDIRocksTJ, if you're talking about the drop-down menu then yes I did change it to the external17:37
TJ-hitsujiTMO: alexa22222: Swap isn't commented out - it's via crypttab.17:37
hitsujiTMOalexa22222: wait. you've also got a cryptswap: pastebin /etc/crypttab17:37
siwicakohu: I tried to install the driver manually but get the following errors, that I am not able to resolve: http://pastebin.com/0MeQH7cG17:37
TJ-alexa22222: Whilst you're at it : "cat /proc/swaps"17:38
alexa22222hitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6733754/17:39
alexa22222TJ, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6733754/17:39
TJ-TYDIRocks: OK ... is GRUB referencing a file-system it can't find... which suggests it can't find the boot files... which implies they weren't installed to the correct drive.17:39
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: are you on a live cd now?17:39
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO, no I am currently on Windows 717:40
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO, I can boot up in the Live CD now if you would look17:40
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO, like*17:40
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: can you boot a live cd and come back to us. We can have a look at what the installer has done17:40
TJ-alexa22222: You don't have a /dev/sdb17:40
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO, will do, thank you. Be back in about 10 minutes.17:40
alexa22222TJ, should I have sdb?17:41
hitsujiTMOalexa22222: he means your crypttab is set up to load /dev/sdb6 instead of /dev/sda617:42
TJ-alexa22222: I think when you installed there was another drive attached. I think you only need to edit "/etc/crypttab" to change "/dev/sdb6" to "/dev/sda6" but *before* you do that, lets confirm my theory. Show us the output of "sudo blkid /dev/sda6"17:42
alexa22222/dev/sda6: UUID="42e7a367-7913-47f1-89e3-e187ff9fb414" TYPE="swap"17:43
alexa22222that's the output17:43
hitsujiTMOalexa22222: did you manually create a crypted swap after the install?17:43
TJ-alexa22222: OK, that looks good. I suggest you edit "/etc/crypttab" and replace "/dev/sdb6" with this: "UUID=42e7a367-7913-47f1-89e3-e187ff9fb414"17:44
TJ-alexa22222: That way, whatever drive letter is assigned the system will find the correct partition17:45
siwicaAny ideas how to resolve these issues when trying to install a driver: http://pastebin.com/0MeQH7cG?17:45
hitsujiTMOsiwica: what are you getting for: sudo apt-get install lsb-multimedia17:47
hitsujiTMOsiwica: or is it just spitting the whole lot out again?17:48
alexa22222TJ, should I restart now?17:48
TYDIRocksOkay I am on my live cd now17:48
AndreasH_Hallo. Does anyone know a way to find out the kernel's current *in-memory* idea of the partition table of /dev/sda?  Context: in a moment of inspiration, I've just dd'ed over the first few hundred MB of my hard drive, killing the partition table and my system on /dev/sda1.  But the system's still up for the moment, with most system tools still usable.  I have backups of my /home on /dev/sda2, but restoring them will be slow.  If I17:48
AndreasH_could get the partition offsets and resurrect /dev/sda2, I'd save time (and feel smug).17:48
siwicahitsujiTMO: yes, thats what it does17:48
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: open the terminal: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit17:48
alexa22222going to restart17:49
AndreasH_I've tried asking Google, but all I find are a million results on using fdisk (which of course doesn't work because my on-disk partition table is trashed).17:49
Lucid_Lynxbekks , so i figured 10.04 gets round about 10.8 million lines of source-code on cd...., right ?17:49
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6733804/17:49
hitsujiTMOsiwica: /s -l /var/cache/apt/archive | grep lsb-multimedia17:49
EnergizerMy system now freezes on the loading screen when booting up after the new xorg server update. Can I revert to the previous release somehow?17:49
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: actually my external HDD is not plugged in yet so it won't show17:49
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: please plug it in17:50
siwicaTYDIRocks: "No such file or directory"17:50
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6733810/17:50
TJ-Andreas: "cat /proc/partitions"17:51
hitsujiTMOsiwica: sorry: ls -l /var/cache/apt/archives | grep lsb-multimedia17:51
AndreasH_TJ-: no good, that shows me the sizes, but not the offsets.17:51
siwicahitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/G5vHLxj417:52
alexa2222TJ, hitsujiTMO, it works, thanks!17:52
AndreasH_So far, the only idea I have is to scan for the btrfs filesystem signature, but of course writing a tool to do that would take me longer than just restoring. :)17:52
hitsujiTMOsiwica: pastebin the output: sudo dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/lsb-multimedia_4.1+Debian11ubuntu4_amd64.deb17:52
haclongi'm trying to sync an old ipod touch to my ubuntu 13.04. Do you know in which channel i can find help ?17:52
TJ-Andreas: Ahhh... sorry, didn't read your complete problem! "testdisk" will be the best tool to  recover it if you have to shutdown... but don't do anything, let me research this17:52
siwicahitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/agrJ5XEt17:53
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: cd ~; mkdir root; sudo mount /dev/sdc2 root; sudo mount /dev/sdc1 root/boot17:54
haclongi've tried with rhythmbox, gtkpod, clementine and i'll test with banshee real soon17:54
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: should that all be ran as one command or do the semicolons mean run each seperately?17:54
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: you can just run it as one command17:54
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: okay I ran it17:55
TJ-AndresSM_away: Try this: "cat /sys/class/block/sda/sda?/{start,size}" (assuming it is sda you've damaged)17:55
hitsujiTMOsiwica: ls -l /var/cache/apt/archives | grep lsb-core17:55
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: pastebinit root/boot/grub/grub.cfg17:56
AndreasH_TJ-: my hero! :)17:56
siwicahitsujiTMO:  http://pastebin.com/03w6KaxR17:56
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6733846/17:56
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hitsujiTMOsiwica: pastebin the output: sudo dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/lsb-core_4.1+Debian11ubuntu4_amd64.deb17:57
bcuraboyhi guys. i'm having some duplicate sources on my var/lib/apt sources...how can i delete them and get rid of the error?17:58
david38400I have a new webcam for Skype but am having problems. If I make a video call I can see the other person ok, but when I connect my webcam the screen shows half of me and half of the one I am calling, but it judders so you cant see anything. Any help please?17:58
Bauer1How do I go into something like: smb://bezeq/bezeq/usb2_3/Movies/Series/ ? it works on using file browser, but doing cd from command line, it not recognized17:58
EnergizerIs it possible to downgrade the xorg-server to a older release?17:58
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: sudo blkid | pastebinit17:58
siwicahitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/0Tm9MSiA17:59
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6733863/17:59
haclongnobody know where i can find help for synching an old ipod touch to ubuntu 13.04 ?17:59
hitsujiTMOsiwica: ls -l /var/cache/apt/archives | grep man-db17:59
AndreasH_TJ-: okay, I've sfdisked the values from /sys onto /dev/sda.  I go now to meet my doom.  Farewell and thank you. ;)18:00
Dualityhi I am running lubuntu 32bit and I just can't get my sound to work. I have also a 64bit version installed and in there my sound works. any ideas on how I can find out what is causing this?18:03
siwicahitsujiTMO: that doesnt return any output18:03
hitsujiTMOsiwica: what version if ubuntu?18:04
bcuraboyhi guys. i'm having some duplicate sources on my var/lib/apt sources...how can i delete them and get rid of the error?18:04
bekksbcuraboy: Yes.18:05
siwicahitsujiTMO: 13.1018:06
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lionrougehi !18:08
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: ok. Grub looks ok, so it could be an issue with your usb host controller. Theres a bug in debian/ubuntu where the ohci_pci module doesn't get loaded at initramfs which would result in it notbeing able to see the contents of the external drive. we'll have to chroot in and force in loading of it18:08
lionrougehow can i delete outdated packages ?18:08
bcuraboybekks any help for my situation?18:08
lionrougeespecially old kernels18:08
bekksbcuraboy: Well, yiu just said how to solve that situation.18:09
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: Alright well I'll just do whatever you tell me to haha18:09
hitsujiTMOsiwica: can you pastebin output of: apt-cache policy man-db18:10
Bauer1How do I go into something like: smb://bezeq/bezeq/usb2_3/Movies/Series/ ? it works on using file browser, but doing cd from command line, it not recognized18:10
bcuraboybekks the problem is that i go into that folder,delete all the files with the source that is duplicated,but after an update they're back in there...18:10
bekksbcuraboy: which "that folder"?18:11
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: sudo mount --bind /dev root/dev; sudo mount --bind /sys root/sys; sudo mount --bind /dev/pts root/dev/pts; sudo mount -t proc none root/proc18:11
siwicahitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/XSh7ZMU018:11
bcuraboy  /var/lib/apt18:11
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bcuraboy  /var/lib/apt/lists18:12
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: okay did that, there is no output.18:12
hitsujiTMOsiwica: sudo dpkg-reconfigure man-db18:12
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: sudo chroot root18:12
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: Done18:12
siwicahitsujiTMO: it says that it is locked by another process18:13
siwicahitsujiTMO: which could that be?18:13
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: echo "ohci_pci" >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules18:14
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: sudo update-initramfs -u18:14
hitsujiTMOsiwica: give it a minute and try again. could be update manager or anything18:15
siwicahitsujiTMO: ok, thanks for helping me out so far!18:15
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hitsujiTMOsiwica: its a very odd situation you've gotten yourself into. its trying to reinstall some of the core packages for some bizarre reason18:16
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/EPD1ksHn also is it okay to unmount my other drives to ensure I don't accidentaly do something to them?18:16
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siwicahitsujiTMO: I don't know what happened. The system is actually quite fresh and I didnt do too much installing18:17
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: reboot and see if you can now boot the external18:17
bekksbcuraboy: There is no need to contact me outside this channel :)18:17
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: Alright18:17
bcuraboyso,any idea how i can solve my issue?18:17
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bekksbcuraboy: you did not delete any sources, you deleted the package lists. The sources defined are to be found in /etc/apt/18:18
wildonbtw some times i got my solutions from explainshell.com18:18
bcuraboybekks but in the /etc/apt/ i can't find the one duplicated18:20
bekksbcuraboy: apt-get update tells you which is the duplicated source.18:20
bcuraboyit already did18:20
bcuraboybut i don't how to get rid of it18:21
siwicahitsujiTMO:   still locked... :/18:21
hitsujiTMOsiwica: reboot and try again18:21
siwicahitsujiTMO: ok,18:21
bcuraboyhere's the one18:22
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hitsujiTMObcuraboy: why do you have sources from 2 different ubuntu releases in your sources.list?18:23
bcuraboybecause i wanted the xubuntu desktop18:24
hitsujiTMObcuraboy: all you had to do was install xubuntu-desktop18:24
bcuraboywell,i'm still a newbie after all these years...what can i say?18:25
hitsujiTMObcuraboy: whats the output of: cat /etc/issue18:25
bcuraboyUbuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \l18:26
hitsujiTMObcuraboy: thats not even released yet18:26
bcuraboyare you sure?? cause i downloaded from the website18:27
hitsujiTMObcuraboy: 12.04.3 is the current 12.04 verison. 12.04.4 isn't released until feb 6th18:27
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: back on my liveCD. First attempt to boot up came up with "attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0' then the second time I tried booting it was just stuck on "Loading Operating System . . ."18:28
bcuraboybut does it matter for anything? what about the duplicated sources list with the cambrium?18:28
hitsujiTMObcuraboy: pastebin cat /etc/apt/sources.list && lsb_release -a18:29
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: crap. ok. the mention of hd0 is a bit odd. try this: sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=sda bs=512 count=1 && sudo dd if=/dev/sdc of=sdc bs=512 count=118:31
hitsujiTMObcuraboy: pastebin: cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*18:32
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/rDHmKxbp18:33
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: Also now that I saw it, I believe that is the error I got on my first fresh install18:33
Icehawk78I had a apt processes break in the middle of restarting my machine and now I can't get apt-get to install any updates. Is there a way for me to clear out any partially downloaded packages and tell it to just redo all of the installation steps from scratch?18:33
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: is the hdd disconnected again?18:34
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: Nope, it's plugged in with the blue light on18:34
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: sudo fdisk -l18:34
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: I noticed the command had sda in it. Not sure if you recall but mine is sdc18:34
daftykinsIcehawk78: run 'sudo apt-get -f install' and pastebin the output18:34
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6734081/18:34
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: well now it isn't showing...should I unplug and replug?18:35
hitsujiTMOyes. looks like it could be an issue with the drive18:35
Icehawk78daftykins: Will do as soon as sudo dpkg --configure -a finishes (another site told me to run that, and after a reboot, that might have worked)18:35
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: okay now it is seen18:36
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks:  sudo dd if=/dev/sdc of=sdc bs=512 count=118:37
wildon@TYDIRocks try deleting the cche18:37
hitsujiTMO!behelpful | wildon18:37
ubottuwildon: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.18:37
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6734095/18:37
pepper_chicohi, anyone has problems with ubuntu online accounts? I'm trying to add a google account on 13.10, but the accounts application does nothing18:37
pepper_chicoit opens and closes a window18:38
pepper_chicoanyone gone through that?18:38
Icehawk78daftykins: http://pastebin.com/B20kZ1EK18:38
TYDIRockswildon: I'd prefer to be helped by 1 person at a time to avoid confusion. Thanks.18:38
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: now there are 2 files you need to get online. ~/sda and ~/sdc            both in the home folder. can you put them on some file sharing site (or dropbox) and post a link to them18:39
haclonggtkpod cannot load my device18:39
haclongdo you know why ?18:39
daftykinsIcehawk78: you actually use MySQL i take it?18:39
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: Sure thing. Do you mine if I open a seperate chat between you and I when I send you those?18:39
daftykinsIcehawk78: try "sudo apt-get remove mysql-server-5.5" then "sudo apt-get clean" then "sudo apt-get -f install" again18:40
Icehawk78daftykins: Yes, among other thigns, it's the backend for my xbmc setup to sync watch state between machines18:40
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: no problems18:40
smallfoot-maybe people move from MySQL to MariaDB18:40
pepper_chicohi, anyone has problems with ubuntu online accounts? I'm trying to add a google account on 13.10, but the accounts application does nothing18:40
Icehawk78smallfoot-: Most of my primary development work is on postgres, but that's not an option for some programs18:40
Icehawk78daftykins: Will that remove my database, or just stop it from trying to upgrade?18:41
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: what website do you recommend that doesn't require an account?18:41
smallfoot-I heard good things about Postgres, it has support for JSON data type too, thats cool18:41
daftykinsIcehawk78: not sure if it'll touch any existing db's, but i definitely think a remove and later reinstall may help18:41
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: not sure to be honest. i use my own server for stuff like that18:42
Icehawk78daftykins: If there's a chance it'll touch existing dbs, then that's not really an option for me, I don't have those backed up elsewhere18:42
siwicahitsujiTMO: Ok, I ran your last command (sudo dpkg-reconfigure man-db) succesfully18:42
daftykinsIcehawk78: so back them up? :)18:42
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: https://www.wetransfer.com/ seems ok18:42
hitsujiTMOsiwica: ok. sudo apt-get -f install18:43
MrKeunerhello, I'd like to install ubuntu on a shitty macbook. cdrom does not work, so I connected an internal ide cdrom to a ide2usb connection and plugged into macbook18:43
Icehawk78tbh, I don't know how. But since mysql doesn't seem to be blocking other upgrades any more, I'm fine just leaving things as they are.18:43
siwicahitsujiTMO: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.18:43
MrKeunercan I expect to boot macbook from this cdrom?18:43
siwicahitsujiTMO: should I just do that18:43
hitsujiTMOsiwica: yes18:43
daftykinsIcehawk78: you've got a pretty nasty state right now though, mismatched versions18:44
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siwicahitsujiTMO: ok, both done18:44
hitsujiTMOsiwica: and again. sudo apt-get -f install18:44
siwicahitsujiTMO: yes, that too: 0 upgraded, "0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded."18:45
root_anyone here ?18:45
hitsujiTMOsiwica: sudo apt-get upgrade18:45
lionrougehey people i updated my ubuntu and now it freezes at boot18:45
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: I think I msg'd it to you correctly, not sure18:45
Icehawk78daftykins: Oh, is that what it's telling me?18:46
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: looking now18:46
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: Alright18:46
enedillionrouge: paste output uname -a18:46
daftykinsIcehawk78: hangon i have a new plan, try "sudo apt-get clean" then "sudo apt-get install mysql-server-core-5.5"18:46
lionrougeenedil, i can't18:47
lionrougei can't load it18:47
daftykinsIcehawk78: highlight me with the pastebin from that, i've just gotta go put some food on18:47
bekkslionrouge: you cant load what?18:47
lionrougebekks, ubuntu18:47
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: ok. grub bootstrap installed correctly. So my guess would be an issue with the drive itself unfortunately18:48
hitsujiTMOsiwica: not can you try installing what you were installing earlier?18:49
hitsujiTMOsiwica: s/not/now18:49
dust--hi. what is the most performant way of running windows 7 inside ubuntu for games?18:50
Icehawk78daftykins: http://pastebin.com/GNx0wYW718:50
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: Damn..alright. Well thank you for all the help. One more question. When choose where to install the boot loader from the dropdown menu, should I choose /sdc or /sdc1?18:52
hitsujiTMOTYDIRocks: /sdc18:52
anon4320does anyone know if there is a piece of software that will allow you to boot a sdcard from a cd?18:52
TYDIRockshitsujiTMO: Okay thank you for all the help, really appreciate being able to pinpoint the problem.18:52
henriqueHello guys! I'm having a problem with nautilus right now... I'm not used to ubuntu yet... Doesn't ubuntu cache the image thumbnails to load them when I open a folder? Or does it generates thumbnails every single time I open it?18:52
henriqueIs this normal behaviour?18:52
bcuraboyhitsujiTMO any news for me?18:52
anon4320does anyone know if there is a piece of software that will allow you to boot a sdcard from a cd?18:53
Icehawk78daftykins: Looks like manually installing the cached .deb file fixed the issue, though.18:54
Icehawk78daftykins: Thanks for your help!18:55
hitsujiTMObcuraboy: sorry, disn't see your last reply earlier. you've repeats in your ppa sources. delete the duplicates in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*18:56
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bcuraboyhow can i do that? because with the sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* it opens a lot of tabs in gedit?18:57
hitsujiTMObcuraboy: goto the folder /etc/apt/sources.list.d/     the dups should be clearly visible. if not you'll have to go through each one18:58
nasecan't install huawei mobile partner on ubuntu 12.0418:59
MrKeunerdo I need a non-regular ubuntu 12.04 iso for booting a macbook?18:59
daftykinsIcehawk78: np :) that's odd18:59
hitsujiTMOsiwica: how goes the problem?19:00
daftykinsMrKeuner: as long as you pick a 64-bit one, it should be fine. i have seen 'amd64-mac' versions though19:00
hitsujiTMOMrKeuner: the mac specific iso's are with later releases only19:01
MrKeunerhitsujiTMO, where do I get them?19:01
hitsujiTMOMrKeuner: from 12.10 on they're available in http://releases.ubuntu.com/19:02
daftykinsMrKeuner: check out http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04.3/release/19:02
hitsujiTMOahh, they're in the old dir for 12.04. goota not that one19:03
MrKeunerthanks getting this: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04.3/release/ubuntu-12.04.3-alternate-amd64+mac.iso19:04
siwicahitsujiTMO: excuse me, I quickly had to do one other thing. It does work now and I sucessfully installed the driver19:04
siwicaThank you very much!!19:04
daftykinsMrKeuner: not the desktop one?19:04
MrKeunerdo you think it might boot via cdrom on usb?19:04
MrKeunerah shoot19:05
MrKeunerthanks for pointing out19:05
siwicahitsujiTMO: Could you just recap shortly what I was just doing in order to resolve the problem?19:05
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
hitsujiTMOsiwica: seems you were in some dependency nightmare that was require man-db to be reconfigured, yet it wasn't actually being installed. running dpkg-reconfigure on it seems to have been the fix19:06
oxmoxhi i have some strange things going on my hdds are doing something  but iotop dont show anything and hdparm dont shut the data hdds down and when i shut them down manually, the system hdd is quiet19:08
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
snatchAnyone have any software suggestions for controlling my linux from my android phone?19:12
=== h[a]kr is now known as hakr
snatchanyone know of a way to control ubuntu linux from an android phone?19:13
ulkeshsnatch: Vnc and ssh19:13
snatchi've heard that before.. guess i'll search for tutorials19:14
MicroSDThe xserver package was updated today. After updating my computer now freezes on the loading screen when booting19:15
oxmoxsnstch connectbot is a nice way19:15
siwicahitsujiTMO: Ok I see, thanks again! What does man-db actually do?19:16
WeirdEnthusiastHey, can someone temme how to get MS office running in my Ubuntu 12.04?19:16
littelfoxopen office19:16
ulkeshWeirdEnthusiast: Try playonlinux with the ms office installer...assuming you need the actual ms office19:17
oxmoxwine 8)19:17
MicroSDGoogle drive has nice word, presentation and spreadhseet editing19:17
hitsujiTMOsiwica: its the database for the man pages19:17
snatch@weirdEnthn      Use Wine19:18
jeffryHey guys :)19:18
sjgpixwhy not open office or libre office?19:18
ulkeshPlayonlinux uses wine19:18
WeirdEnthusiastsjgpix, Everyone in college uses Ms Office..19:18
hitsujiTMOWeirdEnthusiast: use kingsoft office instead http://wps-community.org/19:19
WeirdEnthusiasthitsujiTMO, I think I want MS Office only.19:19
hitsujiTMOWeirdEnthusiast: its a really good MS Office clone19:19
Betuse wine then19:19
WeirdEnthusiastI'll check Kingsoft office too19:19
BetYou know what wine is?19:19
ulkeshWeirdEnthusiast: I ran ms office via wine from playonlinux for a good year19:19
WeirdEnthusiastulkesh, Wow.19:20
Betok just checking19:20
WeirdEnthusiastNo bugs?19:20
Betnot really19:20
WeirdEnthusiastThanks guys :D19:20
Beti use it and its fine19:20
sjgpixwhy would you not just dual boot the machine?19:20
sjgpixif it's that critical?19:21
Betwhy would you do that19:21
jammie5I'm trying to share a folder in samba but I get a mount error(115): Operation now in progress  when I'm trying to mount the shared folder19:21
sjgpixwine seems to take up a lot of power in emulation19:21
Betthen you would have to restart everytime you wanted to use word19:21
eerHow do I install an application in Wine? I downloaded an exe from partypoker.exe. Now how to I run it? I installed Wine right now.19:22
=== h[a]kr is now known as hakr
pontmanerr: just typing - wine partypoker.exe19:24
jhutchinsWeirdEnthusiast: THere is also crossover office, which is a commercial version of wine intended to run office on unix.19:24
pontmanin the directory where your partypoker.exe is19:24
hitsujiTMOeer: install java and use the in browser player. you'll prob have a much better experience19:24
eerBrowser player does not work on Linux. Have been trying for the last 2 hours.19:25
jeffryGuys idk if this is considered off topic but guys would it be weird to triple boot win8 Ubuntu and Kubuntu19:25
eerI can not install partypoker. It says a plugin is required. But I installed Java sun 7.19:26
sjgpixubuntu and kubuntu are the same, the only different is kubuntu is the KDE window manager vs Gnome19:26
hitsujiTMOjeffry: just install ubuntu and install kubuntu-desktop package in that. you can then switch between kde and unity in the lightdm menu19:26
=== rohit is now known as Guest90751
sjgpixif unity is ever inspiring enough to choose19:27
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
eerHas anybody installed partypoker on Ubuntu?19:27
jeffryOk thanks hitsujiTMO and sjgpix  thats cool i didnt know i could do that19:27
eerUnder wine ...?19:27
b3knn@ postman just right click on the .exe file and open with wine19:28
b3knnbut you do need to right click and select properties and allow executing19:28
eerb3knn, The installtion can not proceed. I click on next and then a wine windows show "a plugin is required to display this content".19:30
b3knnsome applications are near impossible to use under winbe19:31
jammie5most applications19:31
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
Bet@ eer can you not just play it the brower19:32
jhutchinswinehq has a list.19:32
jeffryIs anyone having the problem youtube tuning black when going to a different tab19:34
eerBet, no19:34
eerThe latest version does not seem to work on Linux,19:34
Beteer download flash on wine19:34
Betwhen you open the exe does it have a load bar then a missing plugin above it?19:35
Betif so, that is just the advert you can't see19:35
eerBet, yes. missing plugin19:35
Betand the advert needs to have flash installed19:36
hitsujiTMOits uses java not flash19:36
eerHow to I enable flash on wine?19:36
jhutchinseer: You might consider reading the wine documentation on how to use it to run various kinds of windows programs.19:36
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu19:36
bekkseer: you cant19:36
Betyou can19:36
bekksBet: why? :) there is Flash 11.9 in Chrome.19:37
=== root is now known as Guest73403
bekksWithout wine at all.19:37
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
Betbekks he needs it for partypoker or something19:37
bekksBet: He needs Java, not Flash.19:37
italian_manager_hi guys19:37
eerpartypoker uses Java, but during the installtion there is a window complaining about a missing plugin.19:37
ActionParsnipChecked the wine appdb?19:37
Beti have just done it and it works19:37
eerBet, done what?19:38
ActionParsnipEer: use the webupd8 java ppa to install oracle java19:38
oxmoxhi i have some strange things going on my hdds are doing something  but iotop dont show anything and hdparm dont shut the data hdds down and when i shut them down manually, the system hdd is quiet19:38
Beteer, the flash is just for the plugin you're missing19:38
thesebI have an old Dell PC..should I install 32 bit or 64 bit?  Can I assume MOST PCs that aren't from the dinosaur era nowadays are 64bit?19:38
Betbut that plugin your missing is just for the advert19:38
spearheadtheseb, how old is the computer?19:39
daftykinstheseb: depends how old we're talking, but yes most things are 64-bit :)19:39
Betas bekks said you might need java19:39
bekkstheseb: Just check the specs - if it is a 64bit CPU, use 64bit.19:39
eerBet, how do I install flash then?19:39
daftykinstheseb: can you identify the processor?19:39
ActionParsnipTheseb: what cpu does it have, how much ram does it have and what is the system to be used for?19:39
italian_manager_anyone know xps13 developer edition? i've tryed to reinstall new version of ubuntu LTS to solve wireless issue but now i can't install wireless driver, because ubuntu software center say me " dependancy is not satisfiable dkms (>=1.95)19:39
bekksBet: He said that he does. In #ubuntu-de19:39
thesebdaftykins, spearhead, ActionParsnip: pentium 4?19:40
Betbekks, ok. eer, download the windows flash and just install it19:40
bekkstheseb: which P4?19:40
ActionParsnipTheseb: id go for 32bit19:40
thesebbekks: ug...i was hoping P4 only had 1 kind :)19:40
spearhead!language | huttan_19:40
ubottuhuttan_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:40
thesebbekks: lemmie go check again19:40
jeffryOh guys i need help im haveing a gpu diver problem i think cuase my screen blinks black randomly19:40
huttan_spearhead: sorry dude wrong chan19:40
ActionParsnipEer: what is the output of: uname -a19:41
eerBet, it won't let me. When I go to http://get.adobe.com/de/flashplayer/ it automatically offers me the Linux flash plugin. How can I download the Windows flash plugin?19:41
eerActionParsnip, Linux twister 3.11.0-15-generic #23-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 9 18:17:04 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:41
ActionParsnipEer: you dont need to go to Adobe's website19:41
ActionParsnipEer: enable the partner repo and install adobe-flashplugin package19:42
b3knnat the bottom you need to click "download for other computer/device"19:42
Betwhat b3knn said19:42
bekks!flash | eer19:42
ubottueer: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash19:42
eerActionParsnip, I want Flash in wine not in ubuntu.19:42
Betplease everyone stop telling him to install it for ubuntu thats not what he wants to do19:43
ActionParsnipEer: ahh, not sure there. Ask in #winehq too19:43
hitsujiTMOwhat does he need flash for?19:43
eerActionParsnip, OK19:43
eerhitsujiTMO, I want flash in wine in order to be able to install the application partypoker.exe19:43
hitsujiTMOerr: it uses java not flash. its looking for the java plugin19:44
bekksthats what I already told him.19:44
eerhitsujiTMO, have you used partypoker?19:44
eerbekks, I know it uses java19:44
hitsujiTMOeer: yes. i used to be an sys admin in a net case. all the poker apps use the same java engine19:45
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
eerI thought that somehow Wine would use the java installed on Ubuntu.19:45
ActionParsnipEer: does the wine appdb not have a howto guide for installing the application19:45
eerSo I have to install java 7 under wine then, too?19:45
thesebbekks: it is this Dell PC... http://www.dell.com/support/Manuals/us/en/04/Product/dimension-2350...page 92 of PDF has specs..System chip set Intel 845GL.....and PCI connector data width (maximum) Bus speed 32 bits .19:46
hitsujiTMOeer: have you tried installing java in ubuntu (including the plugin) and using the browser version?19:46
thesebbekks: does that answer it?19:46
eerI am on 64 bit Ubuntu. Is my wine then WIndows 64 bit automatically?19:46
thesebbekks: does PCI data width = 32bit mean the CPU is 32bit?19:46
ActionParsnipTheseb: 32bit will be fine :-)19:46
bekkstheseb: the CPU determines wether it is 32 or 64bit. Not the PCI bus width.19:46
YOURBESTFRIENDthe fedora community is awful, I liked ubuntu's better19:47
ActionParsnipBekks: isnt all PCI 2.2 32bit wide anyway...19:47
yacc_Btw, does an instruction how to migrate an UEFI system from old disc => new disc (including making new disc booting) exist?19:47
eerhitsujiTMO, yes I have. Was trying for 2 hours. no success19:47
bekksActionParsnip: Yes. :)19:47
ActionParsnipYOURBESTFRIEND: ok19:47
thesebbekks: just says Intel P419:47
eerhitsujiTMO, the java applet loads but all buttons are not clickable19:47
bekkstheseb: cat /proc/cpuinfo19:47
jeffryomg this flash problem im having is really anoying19:48
ActionParsnipTheseb: it will more than likely be 32bit. Some P4s are 64bit. If you just want to web browse and suchlike then 32bit is fine19:48
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: howdy19:48
thesebbekks: i bought this PC used...it has a WinXP install that i don't know password. :)19:48
thesebbekks: oh hey..live CD time!19:49
bekkstheseb: thats a linux command, not a windows one.19:49
thesebbekks: yup19:49
ActionParsnipTheseb: you can reset Windows passwords using Ubuntu. XP is dead in April this year so installing Ubuntu is a good call19:49
saskslayerJust installed ubuntu server 12.04 this morning, doing dualboot with win XP19:49
thesebbekks: still possible to book ubuntu from a CD-R or is DVD-R needed now if not net connection?19:49
bekkstheseb: a dvd is needed.19:49
bekkstheseb: or a cd and a network connection.19:50
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: strange mix, surely you'd want the server running as much as possible to serve its purpose.19:50
eerAll bullshit: I have now installed Java under wine and still the same problem19:50
saskslayerWell i want to install my IGP driver19:50
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: on a server, why? Its all text based....19:51
saskslayerxorg ?19:51
saskslayerIm not using server for hosting purposes ^19:51
daftykinssaskslayer: so you've installed X on a server install?19:51
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: yes, server installs dont have an X server. They are pure text based19:51
jeffryWhy is my copy of ubuntu so buggy :c19:52
tozensaskslayer: why not to install desktop then?19:52
bekkseer: then use a windows vm for playing poker.19:52
saskslayerO.o i just installed Xorg19:52
bekksjeffry: Is it? What happens?19:52
saskslayerWanted to do something with this old PC, since it has a good cpu clock19:53
eerWhich Java version do I need under Wine 64 bit or 32 bit?19:53
saskslayerBut small RAM19:53
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: why? If you want a desktop based OS, why did you not install the desktop OS and not the server OS which is text based and doesnt need a fancy GPU19:53
jeffrybekks, screen flashes black all the time compix crashes fifi hangs19:53
bekkseer: Depends on wether your wine is 32 or 64bit.19:53
tozensaskslayer: lubuntu or xubuntu?419:53
ActionParsnipEer: did you check the wine appdb for how to install the application?19:53
saskslayer256 RAM (224 to be precise, 32 shared IGP)19:54
saskslayer2.60 Ghz Celeron19:54
saskslayerWanted to test ubuntu here19:54
bekkssaskslayer: thats really slow.19:54
saskslayerWell i installed Xorg and Fluxbox19:54
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: but on the server and in a dual boot. Seems like a really odd mix19:54
susanhello. has anyone had any experience with dell inspiron 1501? the wifi is not working and i was wondering if there was any fix for this?19:54
=== EminentDomain12 is now known as EminentDomain
tozensaskslayer: well the best solution is install ubuntu mini.iso the fluxbox. profit19:54
eerbekks, I am on Ubuntu 64 bit19:54
bekkssaskslayer: and Ubuntu needs far more RAM and a 3D graphics adapter.19:54
eerbekks, then wine should also be 64 bit19:55
bekkseer: that doesnt answer the question wether wine is 32 or 64 bit.19:55
eerbekks, how can I find out?19:55
ActionParsnipsaskslayer:I see, so its a desktop OS now.19:55
ubuntu45567hi all, I have made a usb boot stick, but unlike last time (older ubuntu version), this one is read-only and does not remember my settings. How to make a writable usb boot disk with Pangolin?19:55
bekkseer: I never used wine for anything valuable, the last time is ages ago.19:55
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: i suggest using the minimal ISO in future, so you get a desktop kernel19:55
bekkseer: I dont know.19:56
ubottucasabonn: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:56
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: what GPU do you have?19:56
saskslayerWell my IGP drivers were made to Xorg 7.119:56
saskslayerI have a SiS 661FX19:56
bekkssaskslayer: Ouch.19:56
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: oh man those are far from friemdly19:56
bekkssaskslayer: Thats pretty much the worst graphics adapter ever.19:57
=== Matrixiumn is now known as CaveJohnson
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue19:57
oxmoxsusan  do you cant connect ?  or is there no wifi option ??19:57
susanhello. has anyone had any experience with dell inspiron 1501? the wifi is not working and i was wondering if there was any fix for this?19:57
bekkssaskslayer: Use lubuntu or xubuntu - ubuntuu will not perform nicely.19:57
eerI will try but how can I remove the 32 bit version of Java from wine now. Unter wine config it does not show19:57
saskslayerI know. Only to use love2d opengl canvases and shaders19:57
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: you will not get 3D support in that GPU but 2D will be ok19:57
susanno wifi option iwconfig says no wireless extensions19:57
saskslayerYea i want 2d only19:58
ActionParsnipsusan: what wifi chip do you have?19:58
bekkssaskslayer: that card isnt capableof 3d :)19:58
hitsujiTMOsusan: do you have wired internet available?19:58
susanbrodcoam i think. not sure19:58
saskslayerCan i post links here or what ?19:58
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue19:58
susanyes on wired. well through my phone19:58
ActionParsnipSusan: run: sudo lshw -C network ,it will tell you your wifi chip19:58
spearheadsaskslayer, you can post links as long as they are on topic.19:59
saskslayerI didnt installed yet19:59
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: links yes. Single line outputs also yes19:59
saskslayerI didnt install the drivers yet ?19:59
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: install what?19:59
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: the drivers are in a default install19:59
saskslayerok ok20:00
KewlguyI need some help20:00
hitsujiTMOsusan: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && lspci -nn | pastebinit20:00
RandomStrayCatWhat is the easiest way to pull an entire package tree from a ftp site? Should I use wget -r ?20:00
susansusan@jacob-AOA110:~$ sudo lshw -C network20:00
susan  *-network20:00
susan       description: Network controller20:00
susan       product: BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN20:00
susan       vendor: Broadcom Corporation20:00
FloodBot1susan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:00
susan       physical id: 020:00
susan       bus info: pci@0000:05:00.020:00
susan       version: 0120:00
susan       width: 32 bits20:00
spearheadKewlguy, what do you need help with?20:00
jeffrybekks, whould you know how to fix all these things20:00
saskslayerAlso here is the link oined #ubuntu20:00
spearhead!paste | susan20:00
ubottususan: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:00
saskslayeroined #ubuntu20:00
bekksjeffry: Not without you being much more specific.20:00
thesebTo boot ubuntu iso from usb stick to i just COPY iso to usb stick or must i do something special to make usb stick bootable?20:00
bekkstheseb: you need to use dd to copy it to the usb stick.20:01
saskslayerAlso here is the link http://www.winischhofer.net/linuxsispart4.shtml#download20:01
thesebbekks: wow..ok thanks20:01
susanbut yes its broadcom20:01
jeffrybekks,  im not sure how to be more specific20:01
spearhead!usb | theseb20:01
ubottutheseb: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent20:01
bekks!details | jeffry20:01
ubottujeffry: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:01
hitsujiTMOsusan: can you run: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && lspci -nn | pastebinit20:01
arunhi, good evening20:01
jeffryi did say whats happening20:01
saskslayerDamn O.o Sorry, can you tell me the path again ?20:02
susanwhat does that do?20:02
hitsujiTMOsusan: that should generate a url. paste the url here20:02
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-sis20:02
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: you STILL havent given the output of the command I gave earlier20:03
eerWhy doesn't sudo apt-get purge wine remove the hidden .wine dir under /home ?20:03
saskslayerWhats the command O.o ?20:03
ActionParsnip!broadcom | susan20:03
ubottususan: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx20:03
susanis this what you were looking for?20:03
susanGet:1 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ saucy/main python-configobj all 4.7.2+ds-5 [238 kB]20:03
susanGet:2 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ saucy/main pastebinit all 1.3-4ubuntu20:03
hitsujiTMOsusan: no. it will be the very last line20:03
ActionParsnipEer: none of removals gets rid of data in $HOME20:03
saskslayerI remember that in windows IRC clients i could 'private message' how can i do it on irssi ?20:04
spearheadsusan, the first part of that command (before the &&) will install the program pastebinit, basically a shortcut to pastebin the output of a command, the second part runs the command lspci and then prints a url with a link to the output of the command...20:04
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: /msg person text20:04
saskslayerAlso i cant read your name O.o20:04
saskslayerWhite background20:04
aruni have a problem with setting up ssh, I' am running ubuntu 12.04 and have installeopenssh-client openssh-serverd20:04
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: i dont set that, thats your client20:04
susanspearhead: lost me20:04
saskslayeri know20:05
rcw2cd ripping is at about 30 minutes per disk so far.  any way to speed that up with k3b20:05
ActionParsnipSusan: read the link ubottu gave20:05
saskslayerO.o So ?20:05
bekksrcw2: No.20:05
ActionParsnipRcw2: tried sound-juicer?20:05
spearheadsusan, you asked what the command that hitsujiTMO gave you did, so I was breaking it down into the different parts and trying to explain them.20:05
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: so what?20:05
susanubottu:what was that link?20:05
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:05
saskslayerWhats your nick ?20:05
rcw2ActionParsnip, will try that on the next round20:06
spearhead!broadcom | susan20:06
ubottususan: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx20:06
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: my nick is ActionParsnip20:06
=== jack is now known as Guest11309
TuringiI have /etc/network/interfaces configured with a static wan on eth1 and an alias eth1:1 as dhcp, what's a way to set up a so-called "bond" so that ubuntu tries to use first eth1 for wan access, then eth1:1 (with dhcp) if that fails?20:06
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: as the output is only one line, its ok to paste in here20:06
hitsujiTMOsusan: whats the output of: cat /etc/issue20:06
jeffrybekks,  screen flashes black all the time compiz crashes wifi hangs20:07
susansusan@jacob-AOA110:~$  cat /etc/issue20:07
susanUbuntu 13.10 \n \l20:07
saskslayerI forgot the command sorry20:07
bekksjeffry: And we do not know anything else, as mentioned in !details20:07
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: 3rd time: saskslayer: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue20:08
jeffryno it all just happens randomly20:08
bekksjeffry: So, please tell us the details.20:08
ActionParsnipjeffry: which release are you using?20:08
hitsujiTMOsusan: please try: sudo apt-get remove --purge bcmwl-kernel-source && sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree && sudo modprobe b4320:09
saskslayerUbuntu 12.04.4 LTS20:09
ActionParsnipjeffry: tried the Unity2D sesion?20:09
yacc_Any help on migrating ubuntu to a new harddisc?20:09
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: thats not what is in the file20:09
bekksyacc_: Just copy everything, reinstall the boot loader.20:09
eerGiving up now. I reinstalled wine, saw that it is 64 bit during the installation. Now I installed Java 7 64 bin under Wine. Trying to install partypoker I get the error "plugin is missing"...20:09
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: can you copy and paste the text please20:09
susanhitsujiTMO: ok20:09
jeffryhow whould i try that?20:09
vanishingyacc_: you can actually just cp  the whole disk and install grub..20:09
zack_can someone help me20:09
bekkseer: And did you finally look at the wine appdb on how to run that application?20:10
ActionParsnipjeffry: log off, xhange the session on the login screen, then log in20:10
spearhead!ask | zack_20:10
ubottuzack_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:10
vanishing!ask | zack_20:10
yacc_So how do I reinstall the "boot loader", update-grub in a chroot on the new disc resulted in a cmdline GRUB prompt knowing nothing, ...20:10
ActionParsnipZack_: with details, perhaps20:10
eerbekks, yes. 30 min ago.20:10
jeffryActionParsnip, ok brb20:10
eernothing there. even has gold status20:10
spearhead!details | zach_20:10
ubottuzach_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:10
yacc_vanishing, that does not work that well :(20:10
susanhitsujiTMO: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded.20:10
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: the text is there, it doesnt tak this long....20:10
susanAfter this operation, 4,943 kB disk space will be freed.20:10
brian_Hi there folks. Anyone on here with any Samba experience - especially with netbios aliases? See: http://superuser.com/questions/700303/20:10
susanDo you want to continue [Y/n]?20:10
saskslayerUbuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \l20:10
saskslayerUbuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \l20:10
saskslayerUbuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \l20:10
yacc_vanishing, starting from the issue of hdd size differences, ...20:11
FloodBot1saskslayer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:11
vanishingyacc_: how so? I migrated my install to my current ssd using that method20:11
zack_i have xubuntu and im trying to run a pogram and it will not load20:11
glitsj16eer: if you just want to play poker and it doesn't have to be from partypoker, there's a native linux one called pokerth20:11
saskslayerThats whats there : Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \l20:11
saskslayerAnything more20:11
saskslayerAlso there's an issue.net20:11
vanishingyacc_: if the disk you are trying to copy to is smaller than the current system size, you might have to trim the system down, otherwise size is not a problem20:11
eerglitsj16, no I already transferred money. been playing partypoker for years. always worked20:11
ActionParsnipZack_: what program?20:11
zack_anay tips20:11
yacc_vanishing, well, the grub does not know anything, plus in my case the original hdd stays in the system.20:12
glitsj16eer: fair enough20:12
vanishingyacc_: doesn't matter..20:12
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: if you install the sis driver package it will give what you need for 2D accelleration20:12
hitsujiTMOsusan: hit Y20:12
yacc_vanishing, actually it's the question how does one install a secureboot UEFI grub from scratch, so that it knows about the OS installed?20:12
spearheadzack_, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/minecraft-installer-for-ubuntu20:13
ActionParsnipZack_: do you have Java installed? Why didnt you say youbwere trying to run Minecraft rather than 'a program'20:13
yacc_vanishing, the curious thing is that update-grub seems to work fine, it's just that it drops in a clean GRUB shell on boot, ...20:13
susanhitsujiTMO:what is that suppose to do?20:13
susanhitsujiTMO:its loading whatever that is20:13
saskslayerI should install it using that command u gave me before right ? I dont remember20:13
saskslayerSorry again ;(20:13
hitsujiTMOsusan: it remove 1 driver and installs another20:13
ActionParsnipZack_: if you are more concide we can help faste lr as we dont have to ask questions when you can give the details l, saving us having to ask questions20:13
susanhitsujiTMO:o ok.lol. do you know if its the one i need?20:14
ActionParsnipZack_: webupd8 have a convenient ppa to install java20:14
zack_becuse i made it off of youtube ive bin trying to get help for days my software center wont run ether20:14
hitsujiTMOsusan: yes it should be the correct one. broadcom drivers can be a bit finicky so may have to try another20:15
zack_i have xubuntu20:15
ActionParsnipZaxk_: can you use http://pastie.org to give the full output of: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade20:15
zack_i have xubuntu20:15
ActionParsnipZaxk_: you said20:15
ActionParsnipZack_: hi20:16
zack_i have xubuntu20:16
susanhitsujiTMO:k. i'll let you know20:16
yacc_vanishing, the important thing is that I feel really unhappy about not knowing how to migrate the system. Just NOW it's not a big issue, because the install was a test install anyway, and the "semi-final" (as will do for the next months) SSD will be freshly installed into.20:16
ActionParsnipZack_: use http://pastie.org to give the full output of: sudo apt-gwt update; sudo apt-get upgrade20:17
anvidomhello. im on windows 7 and am trying to install ubuntu on virtual box. im about 80% way through the Copying files... and it seems to have froze. Is there anyway of fixing this or should I just try to reinstall? Or should I just wait...20:17
yacc_vanishing, but migration is necessary for a laptop user, it's not the desktop world anymore where discs somehow get added without ever really removing the old stuff.20:17
spearheadZack_: that should be sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade20:17
saskslayerActionParsnip : Whats the command to install the drivers, i couldnt pick it when you told me, sorry20:17
yacc_vanishing, my new laptop has exactly 2-3 2.5" bays and one mSATA slot, and that's it, I cannot grow it anymore slots.20:17
spearheadActionParsnip, are you having typing problems?20:18
eerI want to do a trick.20:18
DanaGhmm, whenever I switch my KVM switch away from and back to my Ubuntu machine, I get an annoying notification that my mouse battery is low.  How do I disable this?  It's rather annoying, considering the battery actually seems to be fully charged.  "Solaar" shows the battery status as "Unknown", not "Low".20:18
bekkseer: You're the third Ehrlich brother? :P20:18
ActionParsnipSpearhead: im on a tablet, i type faster than the keyboard picks up, or I suck at typing on it still20:19
spearheadzack_, so that we can see if there is something wrong that is keeping ubuntu from upgrading20:19
yacc_vanishing, just reinstalling because one has to switch hdd seems so wrong, somehow.20:19
eerI downloaded the latest firefox browser for wine and tried to play the java applet version of partypoker. But now I get the error that the browser plugin of Java is required. But Java is installed.20:19
spearheadActionParsnip, I understand...20:19
yacc_eer, java != java plugin20:19
bekkszack_: Why o you keep repeating that?20:19
ActionParsnipEer: why not use the native browser?20:19
spearheadzack_, xubuntu/ubuntu doesn't matter in this case...20:19
vanishingyacc_: I'm not sure about uefi..but the cp method and install_grub works fine for me...20:19
yacc_vanishing, yeah, and I've used it more than once in pre-UEFI days myself, ...20:20
ActionParsnipEer: you can install Oracle Java in Ubuntu and use that. Why are you using Firefox in Wine? It makes no sense20:20
zack_what do i do cuz ive tryed to update many times20:20
rcw2ActionParsnip, sound juicer cant find the cd drive, but k3b can20:20
vanishingyacc_: can you cofigure uefi in bios?20:20
yacc_vanishing, it's even nicer when doing it with LVM.20:20
saskslayerWhats the command to install the drivers ?20:21
ActionParsnipZack_: run: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade ,use a pastebin to host the text20:21
zack_k one sec20:21
jeffryActionParsnip, ok well ubuntu 2d won t open but kde will20:21
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: i sent you it in PM.20:21
spearheadzack_, run the command sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade and copy all the output from those commands then go to paste.ubuntu.com and paste them in the box there put your name in and hit paste and then tell us that the link that it gives you is.20:21
yacc_vanishing, what would I want to configure? => the laptop get a rather minimalistic BIOS, and after I've moved the install from HDD => SSD, and destroyed the HDD, I'm getting an empty grub cmdline, ...20:21
eerActionParsnip, please not again.20:21
saskslayerIm new to irssi and i dont know how scroll up O.o20:22
vanishingyacc_: one sec...doing some researching on the matter :)20:22
ActionParsnipEer: if you just need java, use the webupd8 ppa20:22
spearheadsaskslayer, page up and page down20:22
eerActionParsnip, I already explained what I am trying to do.20:22
yacc_vanishing, I think it should be documented ;)20:22
emjHi Everyone!20:22
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: PgUp and PgDn. You can use ALT+a number to switch between windows20:22
spearheadhi emj20:23
emjI would like to ask you if you know a software/similar to block a wifi intruder.20:23
yacc_Furthermore it's hard to experiment, because AFAIK VirtualBox & friends do not do UEFI yet, right?20:23
emjwith softguard and tux cut i have found ..20:23
emji see the IP and mac address..20:23
ActionParsnipEer: yes so why do you need firefox in wine when you have firefox in ubuntu20:23
hitsujiTMOyacc_: https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4506520:24
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-sia20:24
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: sis not sia, sorry20:24
yacc_hitsujiTMO, yeah I see it, seems like it could work :)20:24
eerActionParsnip, because partypoker does not work in Firefox for LInux20:24
eerit only works under Windows20:24
ActionParsnipEer: tried Chrome?20:24
eereer, no20:24
emjAnyone know how to do?20:24
ActionParsnipEer: worth a try, just to test20:25
bekksstart chrome, go to their website...20:25
emjI have tried IP tables with no result.20:25
eereer, ok, will try thx20:25
saskslayerWell, i still lag a bit in 2D games. I remember that in windows even with OpenGL i could run them smooth20:25
ROPAhow do I accept the terms of  Configuring ttf-mscorefonts-installer, which comes up in a command line. It appears like I can click on the '<ok>, but nothing happens.20:25
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: its a different OS so will act differently20:25
saskslayerGames like CounterStrike2d and Mari020:25
spearheadROPA, hit enter20:25
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: what Windows does or doesnt do is of zero impact or relevance to what Ubuntu does20:26
yacc_Ok, I'll be down, playing with screwdrivers and SATA devices.20:26
spearheadZack_, we are still here20:26
emjno answer...xD20:26
vanishingyacc_: sent you pm]20:26
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: its a completely different environment.20:26
zack_it dnt work20:26
ROPAspearhead wow, that's too easy!! No wonder I couldn't figure it out!!! Many tnx.20:26
spearheadROPA, np20:26
ActionParsnipZack_: let me have a quick blast20:27
zack_at what20:27
spearheadzack_, what didn't work?20:27
saskslayerBut its still impossible to port the drivers ? I know Lua Script, dont know if this can help.20:27
zack_it dnt20:27
rcw2how is hal installed20:28
spearheadZack_, run this, sudo apt-get install pastebinit20:28
zack_i sec20:28
bekksrcw2: By the package management system.20:28
bekkszack_: Why do you keep saying "hello" all the time?20:29
eerActionParsnip, Chrome lässt sich nicht installieren "Chrome konnte keine Verbindung mit dem Internet herstellen ..."20:29
rcw2apt-get install hal  E: Package 'hal' has no installation candidate20:29
zack_just checkin if u here20:29
saskslayer But its still impossible to port the drivers ? I know Lua Script, dont know if this can help.20:29
saskslayer But its still impossible to port the drivers ? I know Lua Script, dont know if this can help.20:29
saskslayer But its still impossible to port the drivers ? I know Lua Script, dont know if this can help.20:29
FloodBot1saskslayer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:29
=== crayon is now known as terrasapien
rcw2hal-info is not it, is it?20:29
saskslayerDamn i accidentaly flood20:30
ActionParsnipEer: just installing Java now. Gimme a sec20:30
spearheadzack_, i will be here for quite a while20:30
zack_dnt work20:30
saskslayerore --20:31
ActionParsnipRcw2: i believe omgubuntu has a howto guide20:31
spearheadzack_, you are going to have to be more specific... what exactly happened?20:31
eerActionParsnip, installing Java 7 under Wine also installs the Firefox browser plugin for Wine?20:31
ActionParsnipEer: not sure20:31
saskslayerBut its still impossible to port the drivers ? I know Lua Script, dont know if this can help.20:31
rcw2ActionParsnip, for hal or juicer20:31
ActionParsnipEer: did you check the wine appdb for if this app will work?20:32
ActionParsnipRcw2: hal20:32
bekkssaskslayer: No one will port drivers for that old SIS GPU.20:32
zack_it tryed to run but the package couldent be installed for some reason20:32
eerActionParsnip, I gave up on the app20:32
saskslayerI mean me O.o20:32
ActionParsnipEer: but did you check the appdb?20:32
eerActionParsnip, that is why I downloaded Firefox 26 for wine. I want to try to play the online version20:32
bekkssaskslayer: you need to know c or c++ and a lot of kernel development for porting a driver.20:33
eerActionParsnip, yes. Doesn't work. It is not up to date20:33
spearheadzack_, ok, do you know how to personal message me?20:33
gmachine_24greetings earthings. any recos for a newsreader?20:33
rcw2is there a site that lists repo's by keyword20:33
ActionParsnipEer: let me try Oracle Java in Chrome.....20:33
saskslayerSo theres no way left that i can accelerate OpenGl or something ?20:33
spearheadzack_, ok, in this window type /msg spearhead test20:34
ActionParsnipRcw2: go to duckduckgo.com and search for: !ppa packagename20:34
Turingiso it's not possible to configure ethernet bonding just by editing /etc/network/interfaces ? (ubuntu server 12.04.3)20:34
ActionParsnipRcw2: the bang syntax that search engine has is great20:34
AulaUpon booting up my computer gets to the loading splash screen and then freezes. This came about after todays update of the xserver package.20:35
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ActionParsnipAula: which release do you have installed?20:35
ActionParsnipAula: what GPU do you have?20:35
Turingiin particular, can I configure bonding between a NIC (like eth1) and an alias of that (like eth1:1) ?20:36
ActionParsnipTuringi: eth1:1 isnt an alias, its a subinterface20:36
bekksTuringi: That makes no sense at all.20:36
gmachine_24I am building a media server using Ubuntu 13.10. The wireless usb network device that I'm going to use is not supported in the initial server install; so I'm using the onboard lan but I need to know how to install the driver for the wireless device; it's a linksys/cisco wsub0100 and is compatible with Ubuntu desktop20:36
jeffryeh does anyone know how to manually remove software sources?20:36
saskslayerSo, guys, i get an horrible lag using love2d (love2d.org) It lags less with no vsync, but still20:37
gmachine_24jeffry: you mean from the repository list?20:37
ActionParsnipjeffry: you can delete the .list in /etc/apt/sources.list.d to remove the source20:37
jeffryyeah cuase i keep getting an error with http://www.sourceslist.eu/repo/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages20:37
gmachine_24jeffry: ActionParsnip said it best20:38
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: tried the love2d PPA?20:38
AulaActionParsnip I tried installing an older version via two packages from the ubuntu packages website but to no avail.20:38
rcw2ActionParsnip, cool, one point for duckduckgo20:38
AulaActionParsnip right now I'm back to the latest version of xserver-common and xserver-xorg-core 1.14.5-1 I have an AMD card20:38
saskslayerIm using the PPA20:38
ActionParsnipRcw2: its one reason I use it.20:38
saskslayerShould i use the deb package instead ?20:38
TuringiActionParsnip, bekks: this is what I'm trying to do: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6734707/  (I have a static gateway setup, but sometimes that gateway is not available, so I also want eth1 to use dhcp as a backup)20:38
rcw2ActionParsnip, im still trying to determine how its search compares to google20:39
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: then you may need to set an xorg.conf file up to accommodate your GPU and set better settings20:39
saskslayerWill google that20:39
ActionParsnipRcw2: http://dontbubble.us20:39
benccI've deleted /var/log accidently20:40
bencccan I recover it?20:40
rcw2but would you mind telling me precisely how to get to the repo for a package20:40
rcw2using that20:40
rcw2and is there a kubuntu equivilent to this?20:40
rcw2!ppa for kubuntu?20:41
ubotturcw2: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:41
gmachine_24bencc, did you back up your computer?20:42
saskslayerActionParsnip, i saw that my GPU default clock is 200 Mhz and remember that when i was playing with Xvidtune it was about 30~60 Mhz20:42
AulaI booted into recovery mode and dropped to console. I ran 'startx' and it just gives me a black screen20:42
benccgmachine_24: no20:42
benccgmachine_24:  is there undelete/recover of files?20:42
bekksAula: you should not use startx but start lightdm or the dm of your choice.20:43
ActionParsnipRcw2: !ppa kde20:43
AulaI've done both20:43
TuringiActionParsnip, bekks: is that a completely wrong way to go about solving the problem? i.e. on unavailable gateway fail over to an alias set up for dhcp?20:43
ActionParsnipeer: doesnt work here but I'm using Trusty so not a very good test20:43
rcw2ActionParsnip, http://dontbubble.us -- -- my question is more about the way they crawl the net, i already knew about the filtering/privacy20:44
bekksTuringi: Thats the complete wrong way for whatever problem. :)20:44
Turingibekks: what can you suggest?20:44
ActionParsnipRcw2: thats how it compares, you dont get filtered results.20:44
bekksTuringi: If the gateway fails, dhcpo is irrelevant, since the same gateway is still faulted when using dhcp.20:44
eerActionParsnip, OK thx anyway20:44
hitsujiTMOTuringi: it could help if you describe what the problem is that you're trying to solve in the first place20:44
ActionParsnipRcw2: you can search google from ddg with: !g thing20:45
Turingibekks: there is another low-power box on the network with dhcp, but I would rather not use that unless the static gateway is down20:45
bekksTuringi: Redesign your infrastructure, basically.20:45
TrubbleWithUbuntguys I need your help20:45
gmachine_24bencc there are recovery tools but I am not famliiar with them20:45
rcw2ActionParsnip, but do you know if it crawls as many sites and crawls as often as google20:45
ActionParsnipTrubbleWithUbunt: ask away20:45
Turingibekks: not possible to redo the infrastructure20:45
bekksTuringi: And the dhcp server uses which gateway...?20:45
rcw2and i hope they consider purchasing ddg.com domain20:45
ActionParsnipRcw2: no idea. I use both20:45
Turingibekks: that can change :p20:45
gmachine_24bencc, except to recover photos (photorec) or data from a partition (testdisk)20:45
TrubbleWithUbuntmy home partition is mounted but I can't access it… I mean, it's been created again20:46
ActionParsnipRcw2: its not for sale, ots already owned20:46
bekksTuringi: So you have multiple gateways in your network? I'd use a loadbalancer instead of weird bridge setups then.20:46
TrubbleWithUbuntit's been duplicated, man20:46
ActionParsnipTrubbleWithUbunt: did you add it in fstabñ20:46
=== gabriele is now known as Guest80315
TrubbleWithUbuntActionParsnip: I just installed ubuntu, I gave it a mount point20:47
TrubbleWithUbuntI have a /home directory, it's just not the one on the partition20:47
TrubbleWithUbuntas if it wasn't mounted correctly, I don't know20:47
AulaHow could I run x or lightdm and actually get output before it freezes?20:47
AulaI also installed and tried gdm in case it was something todo with lightdm but it wasn't20:49
ActionParsnipTrubbleWithUbunt: run: mount ,and you can see how it's mounted20:49
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hitsujiTMOAula: what exactly is the root problem. sorry been afk and can't find your initial convo above20:49
gmachine_24I am building a media server using Ubuntu 13.10. The wireless usb network device that I'm going to use is not supported in the initial server install; so I'm using the onboard lan but I need to know how to install the driver for the wireless device; it's a linksys/cisco wsub0100 and is compatible with Ubuntu desktop20:49
TrubbleWithUbuntActionParsnip: /dev/sdb3 on /home type btrfs (rw,subvol=@home)20:50
hitsujiTMOgmachine_24: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && lsusb | pastebinit20:50
hitsujiTMOgmachine_24: please paste the generated url here20:51
AulahitsujiTMO After it updated xserver today, I boot up and it gets to the splash screen (ubuntu logo with several dots) and freezes. Can't switch tty but I can press the power button on my pc and it does then shutdown20:51
MarGulTried to google it and can't find any information about this issue. Im going to buy a computer with AMD A10-5800K APU Quad Core and just want to know if its supported? Pretty sure it will be but I want to be sure before I buy20:51
bekksMarGul: Supported for what?20:52
ActionParsnipTrubbleWithUbunt: not sure with btrfs, maybe its the '@home' bit being present.20:52
hitsujiTMOAula: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo pastebinit /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log20:52
hitsujiTMOAula: please copy the generated url here20:52
gmachine_24hitsujiTMO, hi. thanks. I haven't gotten that far yet. I'll bbl.20:52
MarGulbekks: woops, ubuntu supports this APU technuiqe20:52
ActionParsniphitsujiTMO: is the log file not user readable?20:53
hitsujiTMOActionParsnip: no lightdm logs are 70020:53
AulaOkay brb20:53
TrubbleWithUbunt(  ;____;)20:54
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
ActionParsniphitsujiTMO: so it is. Thanks. Learned something new :-)20:54
hitsujiTMOgmachine_24: some wifi adapters can have multiple chipsets and drivers are based on the individual chipset. so not going to know about the driver without knowing what chipset its using20:56
EuclidisI've got installed Kubuntu Desktop from official repositories. I'm logged in and all gtk programs have gnome as default. Should I remove all Unity for have a complete plasma-KDE desktop?20:56
TrubbleWithUbuntpls guys I want my home20:56
Akiva-Mobileare there command line tools for connecting to the internet?20:56
Chuck_Norrisaloha ActionParsnip :)20:57
Chuck_Norrisyou are mah idol -.-20:57
TrubbleWithUbuntActionParsnip: can it be that it uses lvm? how can I know20:58
ActionParsnipChuck_Norris: yo20:58
ActionParsnipTrubbleWithUbunt: ive zero experience of lvm20:58
peppermint! list20:58
ubottupeppermint: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:58
eerAnybody knows how to activate the Java plugin in Chromium browser under Ubuntu 13.10 ?20:58
ActionParsnipEer: i use webupd8 ppa20:58
Chuck_Norrismeanwhile Chuck_Norris...   http://i.imgur.com/GEc2IQx.jpg20:58
saskslayerCant install mesa-utils-extra (12.04 LTS)20:59
ActionParsnipAkiva-Mobile: wicd has an ncurses UI you can use in CLI20:59
eerIs Chromium the same as Chrome?20:59
EuclidisChuck_Norris: Amazing. Which environment?20:59
Chuck_Norriseer, nope20:59
resizt0rcan i ask a question about a program error in ubuntu studio here20:59
Chuck_NorrisEuclidis, Openbox20:59
EuclidisAll right, all right. I liked, Chuck..21:00
ActionParsnipChuck_Norris: gotta love openbox :-)21:00
Chuck_Norriseer, Chrome is Google's browser, Chromium is comunity browser -.- afaik :P21:00
Chuck_NorrisActionParsnip, :)21:00
Chuck_NorrisEuclidis, ty21:00
Akiva-MobileActionParsnip: I am just looking for something like myself@here:~$  connecttointernetcommand [network name] [password]21:01
Akiva-MobileActionParsnip: hmmm, I guess wicd is the way to go21:01
LinnaHi, Is there anyone whi knows remastersys well?21:01
EuclidisCrunchBang uses OpenBox as default environment. I really appreciate it. I realized that I want it installed in my system.21:02
saskslayerWhy im not able to install mesa-utils ?21:02
ActionParsnipChuck_Norris: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2mpttq6khg5pxvi/7thJan2014.png?m=21:02
gregor30051hi, i have troubles with ubuntu 13.10. when i boot from an 64bit image i get an black screen.21:02
hitsujiTMO!nomodeset | gregor30051 try this first21:03
ubottugregor30051 try this first: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:03
ActionParsnipgregor30051: what GPU do you use?21:03
TrubbleWithUbuntwhy can't I access my home folder?21:03
MrKeunercan I install ubuntu on a hard drive in a PC and put the hard drive in a macbook and expect it to work?21:03
ActionParsnipChuck_Norris: ravefinity ppa has a theme to make LXDE and Openbox look like default Ubuntu21:03
gregor30051hitsujiTMO: thx i try it.21:03
MrKeunerthis macbook keeps not booting from my usb cdrom21:04
ActionParsnipTrubbleWithUbunt: you could unmount it then remount it21:04
gregor30051ActionParsnip: its a laptop with onboard gpu. maybe intel. i check it from another live system (systemrescuecd)21:04
gmachine_24hitsujiTMO: Yes, I understand. I should have waited to post that until the regular install is finished. thanks again.21:04
ActionParsnipgregor30051: manufacturer site will tell you21:04
TrubbleWithUbuntActionParsnip: device is busy21:04
Chuck_NorrisActionParsnip, cool, Euclidis yeah Archbang its a deb based distro wich comes with  Openbox as default desktop y its very well pre-configured, i installed Openbox on mah Ubuntu 13.10 so it wasnt that easy to me :P21:04
apb1963Anyone a swap expert?  I want to switch swapfiles, but I'm a little concerned about using swapoff to turn off a currently active swap partition - what happens to a process that is currently swapped out if I turn off the swapfile?21:04
ActionParsnipapb1963: its fine, just close as many applications as possible so that swap isnt needed21:05
bekksapb1963: It will be tranfer back intor RAM. If there is not enough RAM, it will segfault.21:05
Diamondciteapb1963: Anything in swap right now is moved into RAM when you do a swapoff, make SURE you have enough free ram21:05
hitsujiTMOapb1963: you'll be grand once used swap + used ram !> total ram21:05
EuclidisChuck_Norris: I will instal from official repository. I'm running the amazing KDE. It is just so much heavy..21:06
apb1963hitsujiTMO: well that's the problem... swap is in use21:06
ActionParsnipEuclidis: there is a light Qt based desktop call razr or similar21:06
bekksapb1963: How much swap is in use, and how much RAM is free?21:06
hitsujiTMOapb1963: whats output of: free -m21:06
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Chuck_NorrisxD good idea Euclidis, here some inspiration points -.-   http://goo.gl/odfw8U21:07
EuclidisActionParsnip: Did you saw my question? Take a look..21:07
EuclidisI've got installed Kubuntu Desktop from official repositories. I'm logged in and all gtk programs have gnome as default. Should I remove all Unity for have a complete plasma-KDE desktop?21:07
EuclidisActionParsnip: ^21:07
ActionParsnipEuclidis: razor-qt21:07
ActionParsnip!info razor-qt21:07
ubottuPackage razor-qt does not exist in saucy21:07
hitsujiTMOapb1963: if you're not deleting the current swap before creating the new swap you could always just swappon that first, then swappoff the origingal21:08
EuclidisChuck_Norris: Good..21:08
ActionParsnipEuclidis: http://razor-qt.org/install/ubuntu.php21:08
apb1963bekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6734834/21:08
apb1963hitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6734836/21:09
bekksapb1963: you have more free RAM than used swap.21:09
apb1963hitsujiTMO: well that's what I did... so I now have 2 swapfiles in use21:09
bekksJust compare the values.21:09
gregor30051ActionParsnip: its an via cn896/vn896/p4m900 rev0121:10
hitsujiTMOapb1963: you've 300mb to spare if you swapoff21:10
melioi spent like a week trying to fix my bluetooth adaptor to work w/ my bluetooth headset and i finally got it to work.21:10
melioeveryone that helped me here. thank you so much21:10
io_______melio: would yoy share some info?21:10
ActionParsnipEuclidis: if you set default apps it should open in KDE apps. Id just install Kubuntu in future21:10
resizt0ris there anyone here that can help me figure out why dvdstyler won't open, or why devede has a loud hissing static noise in every video it converts21:11
MrKeunercan I install ubuntu on a hard drive in a PC and put the hard drive in a macbook and expect it to work?21:11
gregor30051ActionParsnip: i tested it with some pxe images i have on my server. systemrescuecd boots, fedora 20 x86_64 boots. ubuntu 13.10 i686 and x86_64 doesn't :-(21:11
io_______melio: I am trying to use audio sink A2DP but to no avail21:11
melioio_______:  are you trying to get yours to work?21:11
meliowhat kind of adaptor21:11
ActionParsnipMrKeuner: yes absolutely21:11
melioI changed mine from a crappy one i got at bestbuy21:11
io_______melio: same hardware in Windows does work21:11
io_______also Android can connect21:11
io_______12.04 and 13.10 fail21:11
io_______i can do file sharing but audio sink is not working21:12
ActionParsnipio_______: connect for what?21:12
melioio_______: do you konw the make of your usb bluetooth21:12
io_______I ve spent quite some time on this one issue but nothing good is coming out21:12
io_______melio: not really21:12
ActionParsnipio_______: so you want to stream audio from phone to the pc? Is that it?21:13
io_______ActionParsnip: that works (from phone Android)21:13
io_______from pc does not work21:13
MrKeunerActionParsnip, should I be installing an +mac iso or a regular one21:13
saskslayerI cant install mesa-utils21:13
rcw2ActionParsnip, sure someone is already parked there, but do you think they would really ask too much?21:13
apb1963hitsujiTMO: I'm not seeing that.  First & foremost... free -m doesn't tell me units... so the output is confusing.  However, looking at just "free" w/out the -m, it looks like it's what... 610K swap used?   And 203K free mem?21:13
rcw2some small company like that21:14
ActionParsnipio_______: so streaming from pc to phone doesnt work?21:14
RandomStrayCatapb1963: use top21:14
melioI had to add a line to a file21:14
ActionParsnipMrKeuner: is it for a mac?21:14
apb1963bekks: Same comment as I just made to hitsujiTMO21:14
melioand it seemed to help21:14
io_______ActionParsnip: it is always frm main device to BT receiver21:14
hitsujiTMOapb1963: the -m = show in megabytes21:14
AulahitsujiTMO http://paste.ubuntu.com/6734843/21:14
melioio_______: is it a usb adaptor?21:14
ActionParsnipio_______: what is the reciever device?21:14
RandomStrayCator free -mh21:15
io_______melio: ActionParsnip it is a noname BT receiver21:15
saskslayeranyone ?21:15
melioio_______: what's it in lsusb21:15
l9why dosent any network monitor tools give me a bandwidth stat on eth0 just lo21:15
=== gerritjan is now known as fggff
=== jiffe98 is now known as jiffe
apb1963hitsujiTMO: so then it's 600M swap used, and only 200M free mem21:15
hitsujiTMOapb1963: without -m is in kilobytes. a simple look at man free will explain the output21:15
ActionParsnipio_______: so you cant stream bluetooth audio from ubuntu to the reciever?21:15
io_______ActionParsnip: correct21:15
=== saskslayer is now known as CanucoZumbykkk
io_______tried Blueman as well as stock Bluez/Gnome Bluetooth21:16
bekksapb1963: "Free" states 910xxx and "Swap used" states 6xxxxx - which is smaller? :)21:16
io_______ActionParsnip: 12.04 and 13.1021:16
hitsujiTMOapb1963: you look at the +/- buffers/cache. as this is without the buffered filesystem usage21:16
ActionParsnipio_______: if you look in output devices after you pair, can you see the device as an output device?21:16
io_______ActionParsnip: positive21:16
CanucoZumbykkkGuys, is there any problem with mesa-utils21:17
apb1963hitsujiTMO: I don't understand what you're saying21:17
io_______ActionParsnip: when I try to audio sink it connects and desconnect immediatly21:17
ActionParsnipio_______: is the device muted in sound settings and/or alsamixer in command line?21:17
apb1963bekks: so you're looking at the +/- buffers cache to get the 91021:17
io_______ActionParsnip: it does not appear on the mixer as I cannot connect21:18
io_______ActionParsnip: I can see the device and add it to the devices list but can t connect to it21:19
ActionParsnipio_______: press F6 in alsamixer, is the bluetooth audio there?21:19
io_______ActionParsnip: no21:19
hitsujiTMOapb1963: the first line of the free output gives used memory, but also includes buffers and caches releated to filesystem access. (the kernel caches files you read from the hdd, in case you want to reread them again, such as the chrome binary, etc) these caches you will be dumped for any apps that need them memory. The second line show the memory usage wihtout the buffers/cache. this is what you're interested in when determining free/used m21:20
DramorsHello, I have a question. You know how in the default .profile it includes $HOME/bin in the PATH? If I wanted to install stuff in there, would it recognize binaries in subdirs? For example if I had ~/bin/somedir/some-executable, could I run it with some-executable in the terminal?21:20
apb1963bekks: -/+ bu21:20
MrKeunerActionParsnip, I'd like to install ubuntu on a pc box but will use it in a mac, so yes21:20
ActionParsnipio_______: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload21:20
kakaI am having trouble making an alias for "clear", so that typing "c" inserts "clear". I typed into my terminal "alias c=clear" and it worked as expected on the terminal i had open, but did not continue to perform the same functionality later when i switched to a new terminal tab. thanks21:21
ActionParsnipMrKeuner: then yes. If it doesnt install then use the usual desktop ISO as Macs now use generic CPUs.21:21
Dramorskaka add it to your .bash_aliases then type . .bash_aliases21:21
io_______ActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=4afc3858692b956136d92f2baf3e60bf0618662221:22
ActionParsnipKaka: add the line in ~/.bashrc21:22
bekksapb1963: So you still have more free ram than used swap.21:22
DramorsDon't add it in .bashrc, no reason to dirty that file up with aliases21:22
apb1963hitsujiTMO: OK, that's more clear.  But when you say caches will be dumped... do you mean swapped out, or do you mean... re-used without saving?21:22
apb1963hitsujiTMO: w/out saving to swap.21:22
ActionParsnipDramors: why, it already has lots in there by default.21:22
Oogwhen sudo is configured to use mail_always where does it get the smtp settings?21:23
DramorsQuestion: You know how in the default .profile it includes $HOME/bin in the PATH? If I wanted to install stuff in there, would it recognize binaries in subdirs? For example if I had ~/bin/somedir/some-executable, could I run it with some-executable in the terminal?21:23
hitsujiTMOapb1963: as in gotten rid of. they're not actually needed. they're just used to speed up hdd access21:23
ActionParsnipDramors: so its already 'dirty'21:23
DramorsWell, no reason to dirty it further?21:23
DramorsBesides, if you keep your aliases in a separate file it's easier to go through them21:23
kakaDramors, where should I put it, then, to make it work?21:23
Dramorsjust make a .bash_aliases file21:23
Dramorsin your home dir21:24
ActionParsnipDramors: if you add more aliases it doesnt make it any beter or worse and is a common file for users to add their own aliases21:24
Dramors.bash_aliases is just as common :)21:24
io_______i do my aliases there as well21:24
DramorsAnyway, any idea if adding subdirs to the ~/bin will add the binaries in them to my path?21:25
kakaio_______ so the terminal commands dont work for you?21:25
DramorsSince that dir is already loaded in .profile21:25
l9all my network monitors shows eth0 as 0.0 up 0.0 down ifconfig tells me there has been no trafic on eth0 what so ever... is this normal???21:25
l9my computer only have eth0 and lo21:25
ActionParsnipDramors: with the subdirs in $PATH i'm not sure about subdirs. All i can suggest is make a subfolder and test21:25
io_______kaka: what? i was just saying that i also use that file21:25
GyurikkaCan you help me creating an installable live media from a running system with all my settings?21:25
DramorsEh, might as well21:25
hitsujiTMODramors: sub dirs dot get added. just that dir21:26
DramorshitsujiTMO: I see, thanks21:26
kakaio_______ oh i see. so, do you have any idea why alias c=clear didn't work, then?21:26
Chuck_Norriscya all, cya ActionParsnip, Euclidis   :)21:26
Dramorskaka if you added it to a file, it needs to be syntaxed as alias c='clear' I think21:27
=== root is now known as Guest30847
io_______ActionParsnip: i ve read about trying to remove gonme-bluetooth, but that seems to remove also a lot of stuff from unity/gnome21:27
AulahitsujiTMO Was that the correct log file? lightdm.log21:27
gregor30051ActionParsnip: i found a bugreport for such problem but no solution. i bootet into the shell but xserver-xorg-video-chrome is installed21:28
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
apb1963hitsujiTMO: bekks: so in other words... -/+ buffers/cache, is telling me that it is able to dump 900M whenever necessary (and is not in use at the moment), but 244M cannot be dumped?21:28
hitsujiTMOAula: sorry, didn't see your response. looking now21:29
kakaDramors no that still doesn't work. the alias becomes removed when i make a new terminal tab.21:30
hitsujiTMOAula: ok. getting an error when launching Xserver. please run: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log21:31
Aulaokay brb21:31
unknown_Hello I need help starting with irssi21:32
hitsujiTMOapb1963: this might explain it better http://www.linuxnix.com/2013/05/find-ram-size-in-linuxunix.html21:33
oxmoxi have some strange things going on with my hdds  but first i run xubuntu 13.10 with 6 sata hdds all with btrfs.  iotop  shows  btrfs-transacti and btrfs- endio kworker and of corse xchat atm  but all of these pop only after a few seconds not permanent. i want 5 of  the hdds to sleep with hdparm but the dont go in sleep modus but when i put them in sleep they stay in sleep and i have no strange hdd action21:33
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
bekksoxmox: Blame it on the design of btrfs then.21:34
hitsujiTMOoxmox: btrfs is an unstable filesystem. might have something to do with it21:34
oxmoxi have the question in the btrfs channel to21:36
apb1963hitsujiTMO: that helps21:36
apb1963hitsujiTMO: bekks: thank you both! :)21:37
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
apb1963hitsujiTMO: bekks: Hmm.. how long should swapoff take?  Been about 10 seconds so far... going on 20 I guess.21:38
=== CanucoZumbykkk is now known as _Myself
bekksapb1963: Some seconds.21:39
hitsujiTMOapb1963: just depends on how fast it can read from the drive and reorganise the memory21:39
apb1963hitsujiTMO: bekks: ok I can see it going down21:39
apb1963thanks again!21:40
RandomStrayCatHey, so I basically want to sum up all the bytes in this list. What is the best way to do it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6734980/21:40
bekksRandomStrayCat: awk, bash, bc, there are various ways.21:41
hitsujiTMORandomStrayCat: #bash would be a better channel for that. but you'd be using awk mostly21:41
RickyB98Going to bed.. cya guys :D21:42
_MyselfHello !21:42
RandomStrayCatThanks :)21:42
_MyselfAm i the unic who cant install mesa-utils in ubuntu 12.04 LTS ???21:42
vormephWhat's wrong with mesa-utils?21:43
bekksvormeph: What do you think?21:43
_MyselfCant install21:43
vanishingdefine can't install?21:43
vormephWhat error?21:43
_MyselfSince i cant copy paste will write this myself21:44
_MyselfThis is in portuguese, there's some words that i cant translate21:44
_MyselfNot avaliable ?21:45
hitsujiTMO_Myself: cat /etc/issue21:45
_MyselfUbuntu 12.04.0 LTS21:46
_Myself\n \l21:46
LvMisesI tried installing Ubuntu touch on my Motorola Xoom and softbricked it.  I did a bit of research back when I was using windows, and found I needed to purchase a factory cable to unbrick it.  Now I have completely switched to Linux and have no idea where I would issue commands to unbrick.  In windows when I run CMD I would do it there.  Can someone point me in the right direction for Ubuntu?21:46
bekks_Myself: Just pastebin the entire messag and provide the URL to the pastebin.21:46
AulahitsujiTMO Re-installing my driver worked. Probably should have tried that before. Idk why I should have have to have done that though. Thanks for your help.21:46
_MyselfThe issue ? In issue, just shows the ubuntu version.21:47
vanishing_Myself: enable universe repo21:47
vanishing_Myself: follow this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/148638/how-do-i-enable-the-universe-repository21:47
_MyselfI think that my sources.list contains everything i need21:48
vanishingpastebin it21:48
_MyselfAlso when i type sudo apt-get install mesa-utils, it finds the package. But not avaliable or something like that21:49
bekks_Myself: Pastebin the error message.21:50
bekks_Myself: "something like that" cant be supported or something like that :)21:50
_MyselfBut it is in Portuguese21:52
vormephjust paste it dude21:52
pueusing ubuntu 13.10 and eclipse kepler, is there a working way to integrate eclipse's menu toolbar into the ubuntu system bar like other programs? When i first installed 13.10, there were some problems with this..21:53
vormephYou need to enable the university repository then do apt-get update21:54
vormephIf it's enabled then we'll see what's up :)21:54
_MyselfMy sources.list file21:56
_MyselfWait brb 10 minutes21:56
hitsujiTMO_Myself: nope no universe there.21:57
=== yc[AUBURN] is now known as yc|CAR
siwicaGuest5831: yes?!22:00
Mongo44When I last updated my computer it seems Wine got deleted.22:00
Flux_hey, can someone help me? I'm trying to add login ability to an account that was created with no-login. OR I need to figure out a way to give ftp access to a directory for another user(the directory is chown'd by the no-login user, and I need to be able to delete and modify files via ftp)22:01
Mongo44Why did it do that?22:02
Flux_nobody? :P22:04
RandomStrayCatFlux_: I think you just have to add them to a lightdm config22:05
RandomStrayCatFlux_:let me check22:05
Flux_it's sftp22:05
Flux_on ubuntu server22:06
ubottutotaledapagare: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».22:06
RandomStrayCatFlux_: :P22:06
RandomStrayCatFlux_: are your options set correctly in /etc/vsftpf.conf?22:08
Flux_what counts as "correctly"? :P22:08
YOURBESTFRIENDgrub doesn't have a timeout, how do I change that?22:09
hitsujiTMOYOURBESTFRIEND: set a timeout in /etc/default/grub22:10
YOURBESTFRIENDhitsujiTMO: there's one22:10
hitsujiTMOYOURBESTFRIEND: then run: sudo update-grub22:10
YOURBESTFRIENDhitsujiTMO: did it already22:10
YOURBESTFRIENDthere's both timeout and hidden timeout22:10
RandomStrayCatFlux_: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/ftp-server.html22:11
=== Mars is now known as Guest24682
_MyselfSo instead of "deb http://pt.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main restricted multiverse" it should be "deb http://pt.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main restricted universe multiverse"22:11
hitsujiTMOYOURBESTFRIEND: try commenting out: GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=022:11
RandomStrayCatFlux_: I'm not good with ftp, but I hope that helps a bit. Also, there are references on the bottom22:12
_MyselfShould i ?22:12
bekks_Myself: no. Dont mix repos.22:13
_MyselfInstead of sources.list "deb http://pt.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main restricted multiverse" it should be "deb http://pt.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main restricted universe multiverse"22:13
_MyselfSo each one should have its lines ?22:13
bekks_Myself: replace the last multiverse with universe too.22:13
_Myselfsrc ?22:13
bekks!universe | _Myself22:14
ubottu_Myself: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.22:14
_MyselfAre src repos needed ?22:14
hitsujiTMO_Myself: source repos are only needed ... if you want the source22:18
jeffrycan someone help phonon does not detect my usb head set22:19
* fergal32 waves hello22:27
jeffryHello :)22:27
fergal32anybody knows howto disable ipv6 privacy extensions under ubuntu 13.10?22:28
jeffryDang i wish i could remember22:28
fergal32jeffry: ^^22:28
jeffryI did it before but now i forgot :P22:29
fergal32jeffry: shame on you :D22:30
jeffryHere this may help a bit even know its for enableing22:31
bekksjeffry: http://blog.ginkel.com/2012/05/disabling-ipv6-privacy-extensions-in-ubuntu/22:32
fergal32jeffry: nope, tried that already.22:32
spearheadfergal32, ^^^22:32
fergal32using =0 instead of 2 of course. ;-)22:33
fergal32bekks: tried that too didn´t work22:33
bekksfergal32: "didnt work" means what?22:33
fergal32still shows enabled22:35
fergal32ip -6 show addr wlan022:35
fergal32sorry, ip -6 addr show wlan022:37
fergal32global temporary dynamic blablabla22:37
=== PaulW2U is now known as pcwhite
helphelpHow to fix the computer?? Typed sudo shred -ufz ~/* (or something like that)22:39
helphelp  One &^%@&& advised me to press alt+f2 and then type the above. And i did it... on my Dad's computer. He's furious now. How to fix this?22:39
Calinouhelphelp, ...22:40
Calinounothing to do22:40
Calinouthe data is definitely erased22:40
Calinouyour whole home dir is gone22:40
helphelpCalinou: Awww..... but my dad is furious...22:41
helphelphe banned me from using his computer!22:42
fergal32figured out how. had to do it under method=auto22:42
smacktalkhow do I kill a process...first I need to find the process22:42
hitsujiTMOhelphelp: not only has it removed the files but its overwriiten the files so they cannot be recovered22:42
fergal32now ip -6 addr show wlan0 works perfectly22:42
fergal32jeffry: thanx22:42
fergal32bekks: thx for your help22:43
fergal32have a nice evening22:43
fergal32i´m off22:43
smacktalki got it ps aux | grep22:43
=== Momo|Off is now known as MomoNasty
Calinouhelphelp, can you think before using commands next time?22:44
helphelpi cant22:44
helphelpcus i cant use computer22:44
helphelpdad forbid me22:44
Danielc1234Need Java on our server for an extension we are going to be using. Seems there is on concrete way of doing this. Can someone tell me the proper way to install on ubuntu?22:45
helphelpshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shitshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shitshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shitshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shitshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shitshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shitshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hi22:45
helphelpshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shitshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shitshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shitshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shitshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shitshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hits sthis shitshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shits hi22:45
hitsujiTMO!language | helphelp22:46
ubottuhelphelp: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.22:46
jeffrysomeone should slap a virtual fine/ticket on that helphelp dudes ip :P22:47
Danielc1234I agree22:47
daftykinsi'm sure it was trolling anyway22:48
daftykinssurely nobody lacks the presence of mind to do something like that :P22:48
spearheadjeffry, he got kicked and banned... that should be enough...22:48
Danielc1234can someone tell me the proper way to install java?22:50
daftykinsDanielc1234: there are tens of guides online for how to do it22:50
rww!info default-jre | Danielc123422:51
ubottuDanielc1234: default-jre (source: java-common (0.48ubuntu2)): Standard Java or Java compatible Runtime. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.7-48ubuntu2 (saucy), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB22:51
rwwinstall that package ^22:51
Danielc1234rww that is the thing, I'm not very good at IT, so I was hoping to find a doc that gave steps.22:52
hitsujiTMODanielc1234: sudo apt-get install default-jre22:52
jeffrywelll daftykins  i did the first time i used linux22:54
Danielc1234hitsujiTMO I got this error     dpkg: error processing tzdata (--configure):22:55
hitsujiTMODanielc1234: whata the output of: cat /etc/issue22:56
Danielc1234hitsujiTMO  this.... Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 \n \l22:56
hitsujiTMOYou may want to ask in #debian then22:56
Danielc1234hmm k22:57
david38400Any help with my webcam22:57
spearhead!details | david3840022:59
ubottudavid38400: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."22:59
CalinouDanielc1234, you should update to 7 too22:59
Calinou6 will soon not be supported22:59
Danielc1234Calinou Thanks I will look into it.23:02
Danielc1234Calinou would you happen to know what my issue is? I went over to debian, but dead.23:02
Calinouit has less users, be patient23:03
CalinouDanielc1234, there should be OpenJDK installed by default23:03
CalinouI doubt you need oracle java23:03
david38400spearhead: Thanks. When I connect to Skype I can see the other person ok. When i click to turn on my webcam it doesnt work properly the image splits in to and keeps flickering so you cant see properly23:04
[Ethos]What version is out of 14.04 for testing?23:05
spearheaddavid38400, have you tried this site? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam/Troubleshooting23:07
[Ethos]what's going to be new features in 14.0423:07
spearhead!trusty | [Ethos]23:07
ubottu[Ethos]: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+123:07
[Ethos]aside from driver support23:07
flaknick flag_graph23:07
susanthere is someone on here cant quite remember their name hijtsimoto i think?23:08
spearheadsusan: hitsujiTMO23:08
susanspearhead: thanks23:09
david38400spearhead: will try thanks23:09
[Ethos]where can I download Trusty Tahar 14.04 Alpha or Beta release.23:10
susanhitsujiTMO: thanks for the help. i think it worked but i dont have a wifi connection to test it out23:10
spearhead[Ethos], ask on #ubuntu+123:10
hitsujiTMOsusan: cool. hopefully things should be ok.23:11
susanyea we will see  :)23:12
EuclidisWhat can i do about my KDE? All gtk app uses gnome rather plasma desktop.23:12
EuclidisShould I remove all Unity desktop?23:12
[Ethos]you can logout23:13
[Ethos]and change the session type23:13
[Ethos]type kde23:13
MonkeyDustEuclidis  no, unity is a shell over gnome323:13
[Ethos]Might just want to install Kubuntu23:13
jjavaholicI have been experiencing many sound issues with the upgrade to 13.10 and it is only getting worse23:14
jjavaholicmy main problem is listed as problem number 8 at the top of this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto23:15
EuclidisI've got installed e-full from official repository. I really like it, but, gtk app uses gnome as default. I do not like it.23:15
NoiroAre there any better DVD readers for Ubuntu? Default Video reader is throwing errors23:15
jjavaholicSound only plays through headphones or internal speakers (not through attached audio sets)  how would you suggest I go about debugging it?23:16
eth2ser/fav -23:16
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EuclidisMonkeyDust: I want to use only KDE.23:16
EuclidisNo gtk or gnome. Plasma desktop23:17
contrapunctusHi, I was trying to install Ubuntu on a notebook, and was setting up partitions with gparted. I needed to delete the last one out of four primary partitions to make an extended partition, and make an ntfs (data), ext4 (root) and swap partition. However, gparted gave an error when it came to the ex4, saying that '/dev/sda6 is apparently in use by the system; will not make a filesystem here!'. This is from the liveboot. Please he23:17
MonkeyDust!purekde | Euclidis23:17
ubottuEuclidis: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »23:17
EuclidisMonkeyDust: Good..23:18
EuclidisWho is managing 'ubottu' ?23:19
daftykinscontrapunctus: are you still in the live session?23:19
contrapunctusdaftykins: Yeah o.o23:19
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Bashing-omcontrapunctus: Make sure that swap - in that extended partition - is turned off.23:19
mojtabaI want to use cat to concatenate pretty large number of files, based on their first 3 letters of the file. Does anybody how can I do that? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6730784/23:19
daftykinscontrapunctus: can you share a screenshot of gparted, using say, tinypic.com ?23:20
hitsujiTMOcontrapunctus: is it a swap partition?23:20
contrapunctusBashing-om: It hasn't reached the swap partition creation step yet...23:20
contrapunctushitsujiTMO: No swap partition created or present in the past...23:20
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MonkeyDustEuclidis  type !ubottu to find out23:20
contrapunctusdaftykins: Sure, sec23:20
Anton__I need someone experienced to help me with ubuntu 13.04, I have internet connection and it works to browse the web etc but my network manager says that there are no internet devices available and whenever I try to add a VPN it gets greyed out23:20
Noirocan someone tell me a good program to stream DVDs?23:21
dudey1I use KD3 for all my DVD stuff23:21
mojtabaI want to use cat to concatenate pretty large number of files, based on their first 3 letters of the file. Does anybody how can I do that? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6730784/23:21
dudey1works best of all the programs I've found23:22
daftykinsAnton__: you need to install VPN handlers in order for there to be something clickable in network manager's VPN tab23:23
hitsujiTMOmojtaba: you know catting mp3s won't make valid mp3s right?23:23
NoiroI'm trying to play the DVD through VLC and it's not doing it, no error or anything, it shows the name for less than a second and quits23:23
MonkeyDustNoiro  try Xine23:24
mojtabahitsujiTMO: why?23:24
mojtabahitsujiTMO: What should I do then?23:24
NoiroMonkeyDust: Xine gets a few seconds in and errors out saying I don't have the rights.23:24
hitsujiTMOmojtaba: use avconv23:24
MonkeyDustNoiro  maybe the DVD is protected or so, does that make sense23:24
sophoclesanyone with help with apache config23:25
Noiroarn't most DVD's protected?23:25
sophoclesnamely even though i 777 my upload folders on wordpress23:25
MonkeyDustEuclidis  sophocles ... smart people here23:25
sophoclesi can't get files in and out from the firefox23:25
contrapunctuslol MonkeyDust23:25
hitsujiTMOmojtaba: install libav-tools and read thru http://libav.org/avconv.html23:25
contrapunctusdaftykins: http://tinypic.com/r/2zziyyt/523:25
mojtabahitsujiTMO: I have avconv installed already23:26
sophoclesi figure it has to do with apache config but not sure what23:26
hitsujiTMOmojtaba: avconv -i "concat:1.mp3|2.mp3|3.mp3" joined.mp3          should work23:27
hitsujiTMOmojtaba: the guys in #bash should be able to help you write a script that will automate the process23:28
mojtabahitsujiTMO: The problem is that, I want to combine them based on their first three digit number of the files, meaning 001* all together, 002* together, ...23:28
hitsujiTMOmojtaba: yes. #bash would be the best place to get help on that. its a dedicated channel to that sort of thing23:28
Anton__daftykins_: I have several VPS' that I need to install my VPNs on, can you fix 1 for me and tell me exactly how you did it. I can pay you with paypal for your time. Have googled my problems but nothing has worked so far.23:29
daftykinscontrapunctus: hmm, do you really need so many NTFS partitions? :)23:29
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mojtabahitsujiTMO: Thanks23:29
contrapunctusdaftykins: It was a Windows box before this, and they all have data which needs to be recovered, so...basically yeah :(23:29
daftykinscontrapunctus: looks to me as though the user data is only on sda3?23:30
dudey1Anton: What type of VPN are U trying to load on2 U'r ubuntu? OpenVPN?23:30
contrapunctusdaftykins: Windows magically managed to blast its own self out of the water, though, it seems. Re: sda3 I don't even know anymore :|23:30
daftykinscontrapunctus: well you see how it's got "used: 38.58GB" beside it?23:31
Cyanide133trying to automount a USB HDD on boot, when i edit the fstab using (/dev/sdb1 /mnt/ext auto auto,user,rw,exec 0 0) it just hangs at boot until i skip it. I am able to mount it in terminal after boot though23:31
pr0tI want to get Ubuntu installed on my HP chromebook 14, is http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.com/ the article posted on october 15th still the instructions that should be followed?23:31
daftykinscontrapunctus: if the Windows install is dead, do you really need to install to the end of the drive?23:31
Anton__dudey1: yes, OpenVPN. But my problem is that I have an internet connection and can browse the web but my network manager doesn't detect any internet devices and any VPN that I add gets greyed out23:32
contrapunctusdaftykins: True, but either gparted or ground disk usage is being inconsistent with the other; for neither seem to reflect the other :s23:32
dudey1sudo apt-get install openvpn bridge-utils network-manager-openvpn-gnome23:33
contrapunctusdaftykins: I can't install on sda3 (recovery data, if not a false alarm), and there's no space before that :s23:33
dudey1try that Anton, I put OpenVPN on my system all the time..23:33
daftykinspr0t: contrapunctus but the Windows install on sda1 is broken?23:33
daftykinsoops double highlight, sorry pr0t23:33
dudey1after U type that in, you should have a openvpn option when U goto "add vpn"23:34
contrapunctusdaftykins: I believe so, the computer is failing to boot Windows.23:34
dudey1anton: from what I understand, U need the bridge utilities, openvpn program, and the gnome openvpn plugin to get the option23:34
contrapunctusdaftykins: What's stopping gparted, though? o.o23:35
daftykinscontrapunctus: hrmm, so what's the story with this laptop? are you helping fix it? wouldn't it be best to recover their data?23:35
dudey1after that, U just enter your credentials and vpn will work almost immediately.. I like private internet access, they give U 5 clients you can hook up and you can torrent with them for 40 some dollars a year23:36
daftykinscontrapunctus: well it's a pretty messy partition setup so i'm asking all these seemingly unrelated questions to see if maybe there isn't a better way for you to go about what you're doing :)23:36
apb1963hitsujiTMO: I'm still having a hard time with this.  top reports:23:36
apb1963mem=$(free  | awk '/Mem:/ {print $4}')23:36
apb1963swap=$(free | awk '/Swap:/ {print $3}')23:36
apb1963oops.... scratch that23:36
Anton__dudey1: my nm-applet just randomly disappeared, do you know how to enable it again?23:37
contrapunctusdaftykins: Yeah, fixing it for someone, and I need to get it into a bootable state first - Windows or Linux, whatever first...23:37
daftykinscontrapunctus: you don't have any external hard disks you can recover the data onto then? why do you need a working install?23:38
dudey1anton: did it disappear after U entered the command?23:39
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contrapunctusdaftykins: Don't have any external drives around. :s And it's required for it's owner's work :)23:39
k1l_!away | dziegler_off23:39
ubottudziegler_off: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»23:39
dudey1I'd say if it disappeared after U entered that command, try restarting the system..23:40
Anton__dudey1: i think it disappeared after I restarted my network23:41
Cyanide133need help trying to automount a USB HDD on boot, when i edit the fstab using (/dev/sdb1 /mnt/ext auto auto,user,rw,exec 0 0) it just hangs at boot until i skip it. I am able to mount it in terminal after boot though23:41
apb1963hitsujiTMO: bekks: top reports: "Swap:  8388604k total,   321656k used,  8066948k free,   580360k cached"  but it also reports that 1 process has 1.1G swapped out, plus a total of perhaps 3G or more in other processes swapped out.  So, the numbers don't add up.  Very confusing.23:41
daftykinscontrapunctus: ok, can you use paste.ubuntu.com to paste the output of "mount" in a terminal please?23:42
daftykinscontrapunctus: also brb i'm just making a drink23:42
Anton__dudey1: can you fix this for me if you get login details for my VPS? I can send you some money through paypal. I really want to get this fixed23:42
contrapunctusdaftykins: Hm...brb23:44
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stefieich habe eine frage .. vieleicht kann mir hier einer helfen ?23:46
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daftykinsstefie: #ubuntu-de if you prefer German23:47
daftykinsor here for English (:23:47
stefieahh ok thx ..23:47
stefiehow can ich do to that chan ?23:47
hitsujiTMOapb1963: can you pastebin a page from top so i can see what you're onabout exactly23:47
daftykins /join #ubuntu-de23:47
k1l_!de | stefie23:47
ubottustefie: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!23:47
dudey1I feel ya Anton.. I only know how to get openVPN up and runnin, I don't know what happened to make U'r applet disappear.. but network-manager is the thing that runs openvpn.. try sudo apt-get install network-manager23:48
dudey1maybe that'll bring it back23:48
fizyplanktonif i made a raw backup of my hard drive with something like dd if=/dev/sda of=backup.img, can i restore that to a hard dive with a larger capacity with dd if=backup.img of=/dev/sda23:48
dudey1I never restart the network cause it never seems to work, I just restart the entire system..23:49
k1l_fizyplankton: yes, but the partitions will stay at the old smaller sizes. you need to change that manually afterwards23:49
daftykinsfizyplankton: yes but it'll likely then be smaller, if it was from a new enough version of Windows you might then be able to (in Windows) resize the partition23:49
mrpizzafaceI was wondering if anybody here could help me install UBUNTU 12.04 LTS on a 32 GB Flash Drive from  windows "not the live CD the ful Ubuntu installation"23:49
daftykinsfizyplankton: you may also look into ntfsclone23:50
fizyplanktondaftykins: i believe ive used g4l before to upgrade to a bigger hdd from a physical drive. can it run thru the network?23:50
apb1963 hitsujiTMO: yeah, trying to do that now... can't find the right options  to get the equivalent of  "Op" from the command line.23:51
daftykinsfizyplankton: i'm not familiar with 'g4l'23:52
apb1963hitsujiTMO: I'll just do a screenshot23:52
mrpizzafaceapd1963: it is a $ before the command to make it a root acess terminal23:52
apb1963mrpizzaface:  huh?23:52
fizyplanktondaftykins: okay. i suppose i can just use gparted. ive done that many times23:52
dudey1anyone here have experience installing an OpenFire server on their desktop?23:52
mrpizzafaceapb1963: to get the equlivent of"OP" from the command line is $23:53
k1l_!sudo | apb1963 in case you mean that23:53
ubottuapb1963 in case you mean that: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo23:53
apb1963k1l_: uh... no, not the question.23:53
apb1963mrpizzaface: can you be more specific with an example please?23:54
k1l_apb1963: then please explain what you mean with "op on command line"23:54
apb1963k1l_: First, run top.  Then press O, then p.23:54
mrpizzafaceapb1963: same as K1l_ please explain more of what you are tring to do23:54
apb1963mrpizzaface: see above23:55
k1l_apb1963: unknown command for o ( or O or 0)23:55
apb1963k1l_: Capital O23:55
mrpizzafaceoh and also while we are conversing i would like to ask of any knowleadge of installing the FULL version of ubuntu 12.04 on a USB flashdrive without going through the "Live CD"23:56
daftykinsfizyplankton: no, NTFS can be resized itself with Vista or newer. use diskmgmt.msc23:56
k1l_apb1963: which ubuntu are you talking about?23:57
apb1963k1l_: 12.0423:57
GeeWizzHey guys there is some girl in here trying to sell me drugs her name Is jenna and she uses different nicks all the time be careful.23:58
dudey1GeeWizz, do I smell bacon.. ha ha ha23:58
GeeWizzDamn drug addicts that's not what I come here for!23:58
fizyplanktondaftykins: the backup is only ubuntu23:58
MonkeyDustGeeWizz  simply /ignore her23:58
fizyplanktondaftykins: ext323:58
mrpizzafaceGeeWizz: i smell a crazy person ?23:58
GeeWizzYeah I'm just trying to warn the good linux users23:59
daftykinsfizyplankton: ooh, sorry misunderstood.23:59
catalase_can someone please explain to me why apache 2.4.7 is not the latest when i apt-get apache2 from ubuntu?23:59
MonkeyDust!latest | catalase_ here's why23:59
ubottucatalase_ here's why: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.23:59
xangua!latest | catalase_23:59
ubottucatalase_: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.23:59

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