tonywas just using ardour3 and a plugin crashed it. Now both ardour and ardour3 are missing from the applications menu?00:00
beefsaladyeah, when i bought this laptop I had to use a daily build of the debian installer to get something on it...then had to roll my own kernel00:03
beefsaladthis PC is spiffy new hardware, so i may have something in the BIOS misconfigured as well00:03
beefsaladUEFI is new to me00:03
* beefsalad facepalms00:14
beefsaladI dont think this is going to work with wireless00:14
holsteinbeefsalad: you shouldnt need any custom kernel to interface with uefi03:03
holstein!uefi | beefsalad03:03
ubottubeefsalad: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:03
holsteini would try and keep it simple.. try the stock images. the live ones, and report what is not working03:04
holsteinmost hardware supports linux these days03:04
* HarryHaaren notes holstein is a wizard with bots...03:04
holsteinHarryHaaren: :)03:04
delthow can i tell which process(es) are using the sound card?06:47
delti suddenly get no sound in firefox, but no other apps are open06:47
deltlogged out, log back in, still no sound06:52
angelhello i'm trying to connect sooperlooper no sound10:40
angelsoeone can help me to connect sooperlooper i did with jack but it's the only application that not functioning at all10:42
beefsaladdelt: lsof /dev/mixer i believe13:48
beefsaladholstein: thanks for the tips.  ubuntu mini at least gets through the installer.  now i am battling with boot13:54
skyemoor1st time here15:20
skyemoorJust installed US 13.10 in dual boot15:20
skyemoorCannot change screen resolution, is stuck at 1024x768 while laptop display goes to 1600x90015:21
skyemoorIt appears the actual display itself was not discovered.15:21
skyemoorWhat can I do?15:21
skyemoorI should note there are lower resolutions avaiable15:22
skyemoorRestatement of issue; The only resolutions I am able to select from are 1024x768 or lower. The display capability of the Dell Inspiron laptop goes to 1600x900, and I've run Ubuntu at the resolution on this monitor before.15:24
skyemoorVideo card is NVIDIA GF119M15:25
skyemoorWhat can I do?15:26
beefsaladwhich driver is X using?15:26
skyemoorHow do I find that out?15:27
beefsaladcheck /var/log/Xorg.0.log15:28
xequenceskyemoor: If you didn't install nvidia drivers separately, you're using the free ones, which are ok, but the proprietary ones might solve the problem for you15:29
skyemoorIt appears to be X.Org Video Driver: 14.115:30
skyemoorIs that what you were asking about, or is it something else?15:30
xequenceskyemoor: To install the proprietary drivers, do: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current. Or use the gui tool "Software Sources", in the additional drivers tab15:30
xequenceskyemoor: You'll also see which driver is in use there15:31
skyemoorIt says it will install dkms fakeroot(?) nvidia-304 nuvidia-current and several others15:32
skyemoornow looking under Software sources, and it gives me many options (confirms X-Org drivers)15:35
skyemoorincludes "Using NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel, and VDPAU library from nvidia-319 (proprietary and tested)15:36
xequenceinstalling prorietary drivers means a kernel module needs to be built for it. This is where dkms comes in, and fakeroot15:36
xequencedkms also makes sure each time the kernel is update, a new module is built for it automatically15:37
skyemoorIs it more straightforward to go with the driver I just noted above from "Software Sources?15:37
xequenceIT's the same thing15:37
xequenceTo see all the options, do: apt-cache search nvidia15:38
skyemoorok, if what you say about dkms is true, then I'll go the command line route15:38
xequenceYou'll see nvidia-319 as one of the installable packages15:38
xequenceThe gui makes things simpler. Doesn't really matter15:38
xequenceI usually go with either nvidia-current, or nvidia-current-updates15:38
skyemoorThere are 4 options under Software Sources, 2 for 319, 2 for 30415:39
skyemoorAm taking the Software Sources route15:40
xequenceOnce you've installed, if for some reason X is not loaded, and all you see is a command prompt, all you need to do is login, do: sudo apt-get remove nvidia-<version>, and things will be back to normal15:40
xequence...after reboot, that is15:41
xequenceThat's the worst thing that can happen, btw15:41
skyemoorOk, downloading (will take a while, on WiMAX)15:41
skyemoorI'm guessing you do a bit of midi, by your uname15:44
xequenceNot really. I just liked the name15:45
xequenceI do midi too though15:45
xequenceI'm the project leader for Ubuntu Studio, btw :)15:45
skyemoorWhat are your preferred tools15:45
xequenceFor midi?15:45
xequenceI mostly use pd for most things15:46
xequenceFor midi I don't have a preferred choice really15:46
xequenceI like ardour3 since it has jack midi support. Alsa midi can suck pretty bad15:47
xequencepd == pure data15:47
xequencegraphical programming language15:47
xequenceIt's in the repo, if you want to have a look. A tidier, and more expanded version is pd-extended, available in ppa:eighthave/pd-extended15:47
skyemoorMust say it is new to me. Is it strictly for graphics?15:48
skyemoorOk, that did the trick! Much appreciated, and I'm going to take a look at pd15:50
skyemoorHave a great day, and thanks for heading up the Ubuntu Studio project15:50
xequencepd is for audio first, but also does video16:02
holstein!audio | delt16:04
ubottudelt: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.16:04
holsteinbeefsalad: you will "battle the boot" if the live CD wont boot on the hardware. i like to see a live CD boot up to the desktop, then i know the hardware supports the drivers in the kernel16:04
holsteinif i have issues getting to a live desktop, i know that, 99% of the time, even if i do get linux to install, it wont boot cleanly. the installed system will have the same issues the live CD has16:05
beefsaladholstein: i think i may have had a bad burn unless ubuntustudio has changed a lot from ubuntu.16:06
holsteinbeefsalad: "think" wont really help.. you can confirm then in the installer.. disk integrity check.. or..16:07
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows16:07
beefsaladthe mini installer works fine.  i am aparently past UEFI issues as the minimal install works.  my problem now is fakeraid16:07
holsteinbeefsalad: ubuntustudio *is* ubuntu.. it would be more likely you can boot ubuntu 12.04, and you are trying ubuntustudio 13.10.. with the version differences being the issue16:07
beefsaladwell... current plan is to just install the ubuntustudio-video package on this install16:09
holsteincurrent plan should be, boot the desktop, apply updates.. reboot.. test16:10
holsteinthen, you can add what software you like16:10
beefsaladsilly me, used to work where my kickstart does that by default16:11
xequencebeefsalad: Ubuntu Studio uses a different kernel from other Ubuntu flavors. linux-lowlatency does not have a signed kernel compatible with UEFI security16:14
xequenceThe plan is to have it ready for 14.0416:14
xequenceholstein: ^16:15
holsteinyou can always install and try the generic kernel16:23
santtuHey, I'm new to Ubuntu Studio and was wondering if it is the only way to upgrade from 12.04 to 13.10 by a DVD?16:28
santtuI mean, is it impossible to upgrade via the upgrade manager16:28
holsteinsanttu: it is16:36
holsteinsanttu: i wouldnt16:36
holsteinsanttu: you will go in order.. 12.04 to 12.10 to 13.1016:36
holsteinsanttu: 12.04 is an LTS, and 14.04 will be.. i would just wait, and you will be able to go 12.04 to 14.0416:36
santtuOkay. And is there a feature for upgrading on the DVD or does it require a fresh install?16:36
holstein14.04 will release in april (04) af 2014 (14)16:37
holsteinsanttu: nothing "requires" anything16:37
holsteinsanttu: if you want to upgrade from the internet, you do.. you use the upgrade manager16:37
holsteinwhen 14.04 releases, it will present you with the option to upgrade to 14.0416:37
holsteinif it doesnt automatically in april, you can ask here16:38
holsteini *always* prefer a fresh install16:38
holsteini find, best case, an upgrade takes a little less than 6 hours or so, and the newer kernel supports everything and the system boots16:39
santtuOkay. The upgrade manager doesn't show me 12.10. It says there aren't any upgrades available.16:39
holsteinif i get a live CD for the new version, i can see it running first-hand and test it in person.. and an install takes less than 20 miutes16:40
holsteinusually 8 minutes16:40
santtuBut I guess I'll just burn the image and make a fresh install16:40
santtuthanks a lot16:40
holsteinsanttu: you arent offered upgrades from lts to non-lts automatically16:40
holsteinjust from, as stated 12.04 to 14.04.. lts to lts16:41
santtuOh, i see.. I was just recalling upgrading from lts to non-lts on ubuntu a few years ago, but I guess I'm wrong16:42
holsteinsanttu: no.. its not "wrong".. its not offered by default16:42
holsteinsanttu: you *can*.. you'll just have to go from 12.04, to 12.10.. then to 13.10.. and use that for a few more months.. then to 14.0416:43
holsteinwhy not just wait and do it once? instead of, best case, maybe getting all this done in about 15 hours?16:43
santtuYeah I'll wait16:43
santtubtw, do you happen to know anything about the support of Lumia phones?16:46
santtuStudio doesn't seem to even notice the phone16:47
santtuI heard there is a better MTP support in 13.10 and thats actually my interrest for the upgrade anyway16:48
holsteinsanttu: why would it "notice" them?16:48
holsteinsanttu: ubuntu is the operating system.. lumia is always welcome and encouraged and able to support whatever operating systems they choose16:48
holsteinubuntustudio *is* ubuntu with a focus on media production.. you might have a better chance in the larger #ubuntu community finding someone interested in and well verse in telephony16:49
santtuwhat I am trying to say is that I can't transfer anything between my phone and my computer16:49
holsteinotherwise you can contact the lumia team, and let them konw you are interested in using the product in linux.. and ask them to support it16:49
holsteinsanttu: most phones mount as a hard drive.. a "mass storage unit"16:50
santtuYeah I know16:50
santtuBut it doesen't mount at all16:50
holsteinsanttu: maybe its a format that linux cant read.. have you researched if *any* OS can mount it as a hard drive? whats the file system?16:51
santtuI dont "see" the phone on my computer at all16:51
santtuwell everything else has work fine till now16:51
santtuUsb-sticks and older mp3-players have worked fine16:52
santtuI was reading on a ubuntu forum that windows phone 8 and android are using some kind of protocol that doesen't work too good on 12.0416:53
santtuAnd I have actually no idea about the filesystem, and the phone doesen├Ąt tell me anything16:54
holsteinsanttu: the company can.. have you searched about the phone?16:57
santtuyeah, i found something about 52016:58
santtuwait a sec16:58
santtuYour phone supports FAT32 for SDHC cards, exFAT for SDXC cards, with a single Master Boot Record (MBR) partition table.16:58
santtu    Up to 32-GB SDHC cards using the FAT file system.16:58
santtu    64-GB SDXC cards using the exFAT file system.16:58
santtuThe internal user store is formatted in NTFS file system format.16:58
santtuthis one is 820 though16:59
santtubut I guess they use the same filesystem16:59
holsteinsanttu: thats what the phone can boot17:03
holsteinsanttu: "your phone supports"... you need to know how, if the manufactuerer allows, how it presents itself to the computer when plugged in.. which may be, "not at all"17:04
santtuYeah that information I didn't find17:05
holsteinsanttu: they may not offer it, so you wont find it if its not offered. you'll have to ask them "is it possible to mount my phone on a computer and if so, how?"17:06
santtuI guess17:06
holsteinsanttu: ubuntu nor linux will be able or allowed to provide that information..17:07
holsteinsanttu: i find "enable mass storage mode" http://www.asoftech.com/articles/windows-phone-enable-mass-storage.html17:08
santtutoo bad thats only for windows17:09
holsteinsanttu: ?17:09
holsteinsanttu: you try it, since they do not officially support linux and wont document "use the device like this in linux"17:10
holsteinsanttu: you will enable mass storage mode, in hopes that it allows the machine to boot in a format that windows can read it, which linux would be able to read as well17:10
holsteinlikely, fat3217:10
santtuBut I don't have a Windows computer, I've got only this linux17:12
holsteinsanttu: i understand that17:12
holsteinsanttu: you use the same method since you wont read "how to mount the phone in linux" on the site17:12
holsteinsanttu: the "mass storage mode" will likely work with linux.. you will try that and try mounting it17:13
santtuill give it a try17:13
holsteinsanttu: it should just show up as a mass storage unit.. fat3217:13
santtuinteresting. I can use my phone as a mass storage in nautilus, but not in thunar17:25
santtuand the filesystem is mtpfs17:27
resizt0rhello, when i try to open DVD Styler it pops up the language dialog, when i select my language nothing happens20:58
resizt0rwhen i try to run it in terminal it gives an x window system error20:59
ProBmx023Anyone there?23:49
ProBmx023my ub studio locked up at "configuring bcmwl-kernel-source"   :(23:50

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