elfybrainwash: 2 or 3 reboots/cold starts since yesterday - nothing with the unity-greeter07:10
elfyali1234: I've forgotten what you said a while back - what is that's stopping indicator-applications from working in gtk3 ind panel? 08:41
brainwashelfy: so you should add lightdm-gtk-greeter to the list of affected packages09:41
brainwash+ a comment containing the package version09:43
bluesabrehey elfy, brainwash10:32
bluesabrego ahead and ping ochosi too10:33
bluesabreI can start work on my fix for the graphical corruptions today10:35
elfybrainwash: funny that - did it this morning :p11:03
elfyhi bluesabre 11:03
bluesabrehey elfy11:03
bluesabrehow are things?11:04
elfypretty good thanks - you?11:04
bluesabresetting up my new ubuntu vps11:05
elfyyour graphical corruptions comment - is that this stuff = bug 126774211:05
ubottubug 1267742 in xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (Ubuntu) "Screen artifacts appear after restart and cold boot" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126774211:05
bluesabreyeah, that should be it11:05
bluesabrewe had hoped that by properly setting the image with x, the problem would be resolved11:05
elfyokey doke - just checking - I know we spoke about it pre-xmas, but then I've not seen you much since11:05
bluesabresince it doesn't, I'm going back to using GtkImage assuming everything with that works correctly11:06
elfyI trust you to know that isn't gobbledygook :p11:07
ochosibluesabre: hm, what exactly is up? i feel like i've been missing something here..12:06
bluesabreochosi: the graphical corruption in the login screen with nouveau and other drivers12:07
ochosi"with nouveau and other.."? :)12:07
ochosi= all drives?12:07
bluesabreand *potentially* other drivers12:07
bluesabrebetter? :)12:07
ochosiah the garbled background12:08
bluesabrethats the one!12:08
ochosiwell at least that doesn't make things unusable12:08
ochosibut it's a long-standing one12:08
ochosiand iirc there wasn't much we could do about it12:08
ochosiyou added some workarounds but not sure they worked12:08
bluesabrethe gtkimage branch I was using fixed it with gtk12:08
ochosiyou used a gtkimage for the bg?12:09
bluesabre1 gtkimage per display12:09
ochosii see12:09
ochosiwhy not a window?12:09
ochosior a gtkdrawing-area that we could draw into with cairo?12:10
bluesabreyeah, we could probably do that12:10
bluesabreI figured gtkimage was the simplest though12:10
bluesabresince we are already making a pixbuf, we set the image to that12:10
ochosiyeah, if we wanna forget about the cross-fading fast :>12:10
ochosiyeah, but from a pixbuf, drawing with cairo is just as easy12:10
bluesabrek, so that sounds reasonable then12:11
ochosigdk_cairo_set_source_pixbuf(..); cairo_paint(cr);12:11
* ochosi has done lotsa cairo stuff this week12:11
ochosinot sure you read it, but i implemented a proof-of-concept for making avatars circular12:11
ochosiwe could also check how unity-greeter sets the background12:12
bluesabrewe could hack on that today12:13
bluesabreif you're around12:13
elfyhi ochosi 12:17
ochosibluesabre: yeah, i mam12:22
ochosibrb, lunchtime12:22
ochosihey elfy 12:22
ochosiok, i'm back12:42
ochosielfy: whazzup?12:42
ochosibluesabre: when is a good time for you? now?12:43
bluesabreochosi: soon, migrating my server atm12:43
ochosiokeydokey, just ping me12:44
ochosiwe should also look at what exactly we wanna fix in the greeter12:44
ochosibackground drawing is one thing12:44
ochosirelated is cross-fading, which i looked into last night12:44
ochosiand custom avatar-drawing, which is highly optional12:44
elfyochosi: did you know I reported this bug yesterday and marked it as a security issue 12:55
elfyI'd not ever thought of it like that till I restarted and came back to someone's forum login details/infractions/e-mail on the login screen12:56
ochosibut it's a kinda long-standing issue12:56
elfyyea - I remembered evntually last night seeing it with xmir 12:56
ochosiwe'll try to fix it for real this time12:57
ochosii guess it'll take some refactoring of the code12:58
ochosimaybe you can test something tomorrow or on monday13:01
elfyyep - not working here till Thursday (hopefully) so just shout out :)13:02
ochosibluesabre: i just checked out unity greeter and it seems that everything is within one main window13:18
bluesabremakes sense13:18
ochosiwe should probably refactor our code to do that as well...13:19
bluesabresince we're using cairo, we could do the same with GtkOverlay (but only once we kill gtk2)13:19
ochosibut it's a lot of refactoring to be frank13:19
ochosiat least if we wanna put everything in one window13:20
elfybluesabre: quick question re mugshot - I'm just checking the testcases, it assumes that it's installed - of course it's not there yet - is the PPA ok for people to use?13:20
ochosialternatively we could probably also just create a background_window that we paint separately. that should work i think...13:21
bluesabreelfy, yes, the ppa should be fine. mugshot won't change much at all13:21
elfyok - thanks13:21
bluesabreochosi: yup, thats an option (and my gtkimage code should be a good basis for that)13:21
ochosiyeah, it's basically the same, just with a different widget13:22
bluesabresince its a GtkImage on a background_window13:22
ochosithe drawing routine is pretty much the same as what i added in the transparency branch#13:22
elfybluesabre: except there's no trusty in there yet - can you do that before I do the call later in week?13:24
ochosisince we already have a global background pixbuf there, we can simply reuse it13:24
bluesabreelfy: oh! I'll do taht today13:24
bluesabreochosi: check if you can login:
ochosiphu, what was my pwd again :)13:29
bluesabremy problem too :P13:29
ochosiok, successfully logged in13:30
bluesabremy site is almost transferred now :)13:31
elfybluesabre: when you've got a mo - need to talk about mugshot bug13:32
bluesabreelfy: whats the bug?13:32
elfyno camera option13:33
elfythat's with the mugshot-dev-daily-trusty.list13:33
ochosibluesabre: good, so we can start with the greeter soon :)13:34
ochosibluesabre: imo, we should first finalize/merge the transparency branch, cause it'll help with the background stuff13:34
bluesabreochosi: already merged13:35
ochosioh :)13:35
bluesabreelfy, do you have gstreamer1.0-plugins-good installed?13:36
bluesabreok... :\13:37
bluesabreI'll get back to you on that13:37
elfyok - no rush, if I have to I'll make a note in the testing call not to worry about the camera for the moment13:38
elfybluesabre: also there is the help bug for it too - jjfrv8 reported that one recently13:39
bluesabreelfy: yeah, probably going to get rid of the help button altogether13:40
elfythat works too :p13:42
ochosibluesabre: personally, i would leave the whole background drawing routine there (for the cairo root bg) and just add the window on top of it13:43
ochosias opposed to what you did in the image-branch (replacing the rootbg with the window)13:43
bluesabreyeah, that was before the fixed rootbg13:43
ochosibluesabre: i've started to manually merge in the image branch13:58
bluesabreochosi: good luck :)14:02
ochosiyeah, might need it :)14:02
ochosiit builds, but i haven't touched your glist stuff yet14:03
ochosibluesabre: hm, it still builds and works...14:10
ochosican you use/test nouveau?14:10
ochosiif so, i can push it to a new branch14:11
ochosiand if it works like this, i'll do away with the gtkimage and draw in the window directly with cairo14:11
ochosi(and after that we could look into the fading)14:17
ochosibluesabre: please test and let me know: https://code.launchpad.net/~lightdm-gtk-greeter-team/lightdm-gtk-greeter/background_window14:22
elfywell - all I can say is - checking testcases is a whole lot more boring than writing them - and that was boring enough14:28
ochosibluesabre: ok, i managed to run a quick test14:29
ochosithe background is fine now14:29
ochosibut but but14:29
ochosiwhen you log in, because of the retain-permanent stuff, the garbled stuff comes up for a split-second14:29
ochosibecause it's in the rootpixmap14:30
ochosino idea why that one is so garbled14:30
ochosisilly nouveau14:30
elfyindeed :p14:31
ochosiit really seems to be a nouveau-only problem14:31
ochosihave never seen that with any other driver14:31
elfyyep - I can install nvidia and it's fine14:32
ochosihm, so with a bg-image everything is fine in the login-transition14:32
ochosithe corruption now seems to only happen with setting a bg-color in the greeter.conf14:33
ochosialso, fake transparency breaks with that14:33
ochosibluesabre: ^14:33
ochosii think the security issue is still less grave when the garbled stuff only comes up for a very short period in the login14:35
ochosi(in comparison to having it there on the login screen where you have time to take notes)14:36
bluesabreochosi: could we draw the root pixbuf after the window is visible?14:41
ochosibluesabre: sure, but what diff would that make?14:43
bluesabredunno, but worth a short14:44
ochosipersonally i don't think we can do much about the login-transition with nouveau14:45
ochosi(apart from filing a bugreport against nouveau wrt root-pixmap)14:45
elfyochosi> i think the security issue is still less grave when the garbled stuff only comes up for a very short period in the login14:45
elfythat's fine as long as someone doesn't get called away 14:46
ochosicalled away?14:46
ochosinot  sure i get what you mean14:46
elfycould be at work or something - just saying - then it's sitting there till you come back14:46
elfywhat do you mean no?14:47
ochosiwith the current patch, it's only visible for a split-second *after* you've entered your password14:47
ochosiso that's exactly my point, it can't sit there anymore14:47
elfysorry then - not read the whole scrollback :)14:47
ochosino worries ;)14:47
elfyjust make it part of the 45 second grey bit lol 14:48
ochosiyeah, more or less14:48
ochosinothing much we can do about that it seems14:48
elfywith the current patch, it's only visible for a split-second *after* you've entered your password14:48
elfythat would certainly allay my worries14:48
ochosierr, why are you parroting me? :pü14:48
brainwashfor any user?14:48
elfyochosi: just so you know what I'm saying is fine :p14:49
ochosielfy: hehe, ok14:49
brainwashso copying the strategy of unity-greeter is not possible?14:49
ochosibrainwash: what is the strategy of unity-greeter?14:50
brainwashdon't know, but it works without any corruption14:50
ochosiwell now the bug happens *after* the greeter, so it14:51
ochosi's a bit out of our hand14:51
ochosinow it's a question of how the session/xfwm starts up i'd say14:51
ochosicopying the root-pixmap in xfwm4 is actually what should now produce the corruption, ironically14:52
brainwashok, so it breaks the seamless transition :(14:52
ochosifrom how i understand things, nouveau breaks the seemless transition, yes14:52
brainwashdo you use the patched xfwm4?14:52
brainwashor properly built I mean14:53
brainwashmonitor root pixmap14:53
ochosii use Unit193's PPA14:53
ochosianyway, you test it, you're the login-transition expert ;)14:53
brainwashI can only test with intel/AMD14:53
ochosiknowing whether it works with that is also helpful14:54
elfygiven instructions I don't need to think about I can test with nouveau and nvidia14:54
brainwashright, but it would help even more, if this stuff would be available for everyone to test (daily image)14:55
elfyof course14:55
* elfy has been banging that particular drum since October :p14:55
elfyI'd apologise - but I'll be doing the same thing in May - so it hardly seems appropriate :D14:56
brainwashwe still don't know when new fixes/features will land in the official repo?14:58
elfyno idea15:03
ochosibluesabre: actually i think the branch fixes it for me more or less15:41
ochosisince there is no more visible corruption in the greeter anymore, it's also not retained anymore15:41
ochosiso after one more reboot i don't see those crazy artifacts anymore15:42
ochosiwas only retained the first time when i hadn't used the fix15:42
ochosiso if you can confirm that, i'll work on drawing the bg with cairo instead of loading it into the gtkimage15:42
knomejjfrv8, i need to catch you some day so we can sit down and go through the documentation blueprint to check the actual status and reassess what's realistic to achieve this cycle, and further see how we're laying that out15:45
elfyhi knome 15:46
knomehey elfy15:47
elfyknome: need 10 minutes at some point soonish, just not now - early next week maybe? 15:50
knomeworks for me15:50
elfyok :)15:50
eric_the_idiotbrainwash, I found a way to cause the xfdesktop theme issue, just need time to write and test a fix. Hopefully tomorrow.16:58
bluesabreochosi: awesome19:12
bluesabreI'll check that out shortly19:12
ochosibluesabre: oh, nice, you're back :)19:12
bluesabrewe had stepped out for a few minutes, but our car died, so a few minutes became a few hours19:12
bluesabrebut now all is well19:12
ochosioh, sorry to hear :/19:12
ochosimight not be around for much longer this evening (well, it's 8pm here)19:13
bluesabrethats cool19:14
ochosibut if you give me some test-results, i'll take care of the cairo-drawing to the latest on monday (might go for a trip tomorrow)19:14
bluesabreI'll let you know if everything works19:14
ochosiok thanks19:15
ochosialso, the transparency with bg-color-only needs another check19:15
bluesabrek, I'll have a look19:16
bluesabreok, looks like my site is usable again19:20
ochosii have a local version here with cairo drawing already btw19:21
bluesabresmdavis.us/doku or wiki.smdavis.us19:21
ochosiso as soon as you greenlight me, i'll push19:21
bluesabrek, one sec19:21
bluesabrehm,background_window crashes in my test-mode19:23
bluesabrethere we go19:24
bluesabrecrashes with no wallpaper19:24
ochosibluesabre: what happens with wallpaper?19:32
ochosithen we have to set a big TODO for background colors :)19:33
ochosiand i can push my current code19:33
ochosicause it also works with wallpapers19:33
ochosiwell in fact i might have to account for multi-monitor situations...19:34
ochosibluesabre: ok, try what i just pushed19:37
ochosior tomorrow19:37
bluesabreI'll look into it19:37
Noskcajterminal 0.6.3 is now in trusty-proposed20:13
bluesabreNoskcaj, is that your doing? :)20:16
Noskcajbluesabre, Yeah, bur finding a sponsor is difficult as always20:17
brainwashno auto sync :(20:18
Noskcajone tiny patch20:20
brainwashNoskcaj: any news regarding power-manager? it's kinda important, because saucy is affected too20:20
brainwashand people continue to complain about this20:20
Noskcajbrainwash, no, sorry. I suggest you go and ping corsac a lot20:20
brainwashwhat about your PPA then?20:21
brainwashit could be used instead (meantime)20:21
brainwashvia SRU20:22
brainwashor is that a bad idea? like it creates too much overhead20:22
Noskcajbrainwash, If someone else could do the SRU, that should be fine.20:22
ochosibluesabre: crash? details?20:37
bluesabreochosi: lightdm --test-mode, window pops up, I see the shape of the login window, lightdm dies20:37
jarnosbrainwash,  I have made some reports: https://bugs.launchpad.net/lightdm-gtk-greeter/+bug/1268099 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/x11-xserver-utils/+bug/126808021:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 1268099 in LightDM GTK+ Greeter "Should use outputs enabled on host" [Undecided,New]21:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 1268080 in x11-xserver-utils (Ubuntu) "Changing screen settings by xrandr fails" [Undecided,New]21:23
brainwashjarnos: I suggest reporting the xrandr issue upstream21:27
brainwashit might get lost on launchpad21:28
brainwashwithout anyone caring about it21:28
brainwashochosi is running a multi monitor setup, so he can take a look at issue #121:29
ochosibluesabre: weird, gotta check it out21:47
brainwashochosi: what do you think about this.. an extra menu entry, panel item and/or key binding in gtk greeter to blank the screen on demand22:11
brainwashin case the user does not want to wait 10min until the next screen blank22:11
brainwashor is it planned to reduce the timeout to like 1min or less (similar to xscreensaver)?22:14
brainwashso check for lock_hint while initializing the greeter and if it's set call the set_saver() function22:25
jarnosI think esc key could be one way to enable screen saver, "i3lock --dpms" uses that.22:28
brainwashreducing the timeout to 1min or so seems to be the way to go22:30
brainwashxscreensaver even has this visual indicator to show the amount of time until the screen blanks again22:31
brainwashwhile the session is locked and the user is required to type the password to unlock it22:32
jarnosbrainwash, i wonder, if I should have reported the xrandr bug against xorg, instead of x11-xserver-utils. Now the bug report does not contain any information about graphics driver and hardware.22:39
=== PaulW2U is now known as pcwhite
brainwashjarnos: true, but x11-xserver-utils is the correct package22:39
brainwashwell, it might not be xrandr's fault after all22:40
brainwashit's just a tool to manipulate the settings22:41
brainwashthe X server implements the randr extension22:41
brainwashjarnos: an upstream report would inform the code maintainer(s)22:42
brainwashoh, new upstream version of xfce4-terminal available in trusty :)22:46
brainwashnow with solarized theme22:47
brainwashcolortheme I mean22:47
jarnosbrainwash, xfce4-terminal has nice set of command line options :)23:01
brainwashjarnos: new ones?23:15
jarnosbrainwash, I don't know.23:15
brainwashI actually never use xfce4-terminal23:16
jarnosbrainwash,  --hold is handy, -x may be to23:16
brainwashI only open it to confirm bugs23:16
brainwashbut a new release it still awesome23:17
jarnosbrainwash, how? 23:18
ali1234i've started using terminator23:18
brainwashjarnos: I mean that a new version of a core application is something great23:21
brainwashand if we adopt them early, then we got more time to test until the final release23:23
jarnosbrainwash, do you mean I should report the xrandr issue upstream against xorg?23:48

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