xubuntu381about how long does it take to install nvidia drivers?03:26
delt3 weeks - 1 month03:26
deltjk.... what are nvidia drivers?03:27
xubuntu381at the rate its going i would say at least 1 day03:27
holsteinxubuntu381: not long.. depending on network speed..03:27
holsteinxubuntu381: maybe 3 to 15 minutes03:27
xubuntu381it says applying changes03:27
holstein!nvidia | delt03:27
ubottudelt: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto03:27
xubuntu381does applying changes mean its been downloaded and installed03:28
holsteinxubuntu381: what is saying what exactly?03:28
xubuntu381software updates windows additional drivers03:28
xubuntu381i am trying to install proprietary drivers03:29
holsteinxubuntu381: i always refer to the link above03:29
holstein!info nvidia-current03:29
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304): Transitional package for nvidia-current. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.88-0ubuntu8 (saucy), package size 4 kB, installed size 34 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)03:29
xubuntu381so you do not use proprietary graphics drivers03:32
holsteinxubuntu381: i do if i need them03:32
xubuntu381i looked at the list of compatible cards but did not see mine03:33
holsteinxubuntu381: nvidia may not provide support for you r card in linux03:33
xubuntu381gtx 660 ti03:33
holsteinxubuntu381: you can just try it.. as long as you are comfortable setting it up, and blowing out the xorg.conf03:33
xubuntu381blowing out sounds dangerous03:34
holsteinxubuntu381: its not03:34
holsteinxubuntu381: you will run the nvidia tool which will put an xorg.conf in place that will specify the proprietary driver. if you reboot and that doesnt work, you should konw how to go in from a live CD, and remove that03:35
holsteinor boot a recovery kernel and remove it and the driver03:35
holsteinxubuntu381: i see nothing in my searching that makes me think that card is not supported03:37
holsteinxubuntu381: this is not necessarily something you should try, since you are not having this issue, but it does make me think the driver will work http://askubuntu.com/questions/283789/nvidia-driver-for-geforce-gtx-66003:38
keith_I'm trying to add software and starting the 'ubuntu software centre' results in a blank window never loading.  Am I doing this wrong?04:21
keith_Ok, thanks guys.  I'll try another distro then.  If you want people to use your distro it might help if the software update program actually worked!04:24
peyamI want to dowload some theme for my xubuntu 13.0409:13
peyambut some of them dont work09:13
peyamwhat s the deal?09:13
baizonpeyam: they have to support both gtk2 and gtk309:14
peyamwhy both?09:14
peyambaizon, this one didnt work for me09:15
Sysipeyam: did you put it to /usr/share/themes or /home/$USER/.themes ?09:16
peyamand user09:17
peyamit does work but it leaves a little space from the previouse theme09:17
peyamso it give two colors that dont match09:17
Sysiyou can try logging out and back in, but if it doesn't work after that you need to contact the creator of the theme09:18
peyamtried all of it but didnt work. no problem. there are other themes09:19
xubuntu467Hey guys. One recommendation - try using ubuntu regular, size 9 for your system default in xubuntu.09:22
peyamyes. thats what I do09:23
peyamI use terminus size 8 for terminal09:23
xubuntu467it seems as everything falls in it's right place in xfce that way :D09:23
mautog1theres any body there how to update my kernel if im using ndiswrapper driver?10:38
recon_lapxubuntu is messing up it's sessions and creating unusable sessions, it occasionally seems to leave windows open without control bars which make the GUI unusable, clearing out the sessions atm. think it has something to do with multi able screens and screen size.10:39
recon_lapmautog1: been a while, but what type of problems are you having updating kernel?10:41
mautog1i have trouble updating my kernel because of ndiswrapper driver10:42
recon_lapmautog1: you mean that ndiswrapper stops working after you update you kernel ?10:43
mautog1can i update my kernel if im using ndiswrapper or not?10:45
cfhowlettmautog1, first define the "trouble" you're having10:45
recon_lapmautog1: years ago I use to compile and update my own kernal, so sure you could, but are you up to the job :)10:46
recon_lapanyways, can you remove broken saved session from the gui?10:53
recon_lapwell, going to logout and see if there are gone!!11:04
recon_lapjust on a side note, my xubuntu install has a habit of locking up requiring a hard reboot, never been able to get any clue as to why this happens. anyone got suggestions?11:08
xubuntu101good morning11:55
xubuntu101i have a desktop with xp and the latest xubunto iso on dvd11:55
xubuntu101how do i install xubunto11:55
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot11:57
* cfhowlett wonders why he'd need to dual boot an all but dead WindowsXP but "Good luck with that."12:08
alfatauhello all. I just installed a fresh Xubuntu 13.10 64bit. How to choose the screensaver? I found this tutorial (https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/first-xubuntu) which tells i should find a setting-manager widget to do the task. However, i've no screensaver section in settings-manager. Can you help me? thank you in advance.13:32
nikolamwhat kernel should I use, to stop machine going to a halt if some app is gone crazy? (like vlc is tonig for me currently on 12.04 LTS 32bit)15:05
nikolamI started logging in in Console and via ssh to machine and it's been 15 minutes waiting for command prompt now15:06
nikolamwith large disk usage...15:06
nikolamgeat multitasking , one might say...15:08
* nikolam pulling he's hair off15:08
nikolamoh it was actually gmusicbrowser, that killed my machine, probably started on right click on dozen of mp3 files15:18
elfywell, I'm not able to tell you if a different kernel would make much difference - but when I've let gmb loose on the 36k of music files here I've been perfectly able to carry on doing other things15:25
nikolamwell, here it blocked machine.15:43
nikolamafter being able to kill it, everything sort of backed to normal15:44
nikolamI sort of remember there is soem sort of app or setting, to reserver some portion of cpu etc, for management and not give everything to apps, but Ii sort of don't remember anymore15:45
peyamwhat do u think about this? http://s27.postimg.org/suqeww89v/Peyaam.png16:30
jimcois xubuntu officially supported by canonical?16:58
Myrttiwhat do you mean by "officially supported by canonical", exactly?16:59
jimcoUbuntu - Unity + XFCE = Xubuntu17:00
Myrttido you mean if Canonical offers customer support for Xubuntu users? or if Xubuntu development is supported by Canonical? or what?17:01
jimcoum official derivative, security patches ,etc17:01
jimcolike they say remix version is not officially supported17:02
MyrttiCanonical has no hired personnel doing development for specifically XFCE/Xubuntu as far as I know17:02
pleia2it's an official flavor, but all that means is that canonical holds the trademarks and we work with the Ubuntu release team to test, spin up and release the ISOs17:02
jimcoMyrtti, well the dev part17:02
pleia2other than that it's community supported17:02
Myrttisecurity patches are supplied by canonical to bits that xubuntu shares with the mothership17:03
jimcoactually even i;m confused by the term "Officially Supported"17:03
pleia2jimco: can you point to where "they say" a remix isn't supported?17:04
jimcoand is xfapplet no longer available?17:04
jimcowanted to use global menu17:04
pleia2typically with remixes they add their own packages outside the ubuntu archive entirely, with xubuntu all the software is in it17:05
pleia2xfapplet is in the xfce4-goodies package17:05
Sysiindicator-appmenu should still work17:06
Sysi..or has gtk3 broken that too17:08
jimcopleia2, http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/prefer-gnome-shell-download-ubuntu.html17:08
pleia2jimco: ah, the gnome remix is now an official flavor as well (that article is pretty old)17:09
jimcowas looking in the debian repos couldn't find it anywhere17:09
pleia2you want to look in the ubuntu repos17:10
pleia2(unless you are using debian, in which case you're in the wrong channel)17:10
jimcopleia2, well i'm settling for xubuntu anyway i have a core2duo @2.2ghz with 2gb ddr2 ram going for amd64, all ok?17:11
jimconah but i have  #! running but the q was for saucy17:12
pleia2should work fine17:12
jimcowhat kind of performance boost will i get on this crappy vaio? though core2 has em64t will i get any benefit?17:14
pleia2that's a pretty subjective question, you should give it a try and find out if it works for you :)17:16
xubuntu_sorry wifi issues so any benefit?17:17
kohupleia2: sorry, but may i ask if you guys have any idea how many people use Xubuntu? (number of downloads, updates of xubuntu-base, anything, guesstimate?)17:17
pleia2kohu: no idea, there are mirrors all over the world so there are no centralized stats17:18
kohuoh, just one more :) the new panel indicators that will be in 14.04, they're pretty much the same as in unity? Will there be a cloud indicator for ubuntu one available also?17:20
pleia2kohu: I don't know about the first question, and the second isn't a goal, so if it works it may be incidental17:21
kohuthanks, pleia2:!17:22
amariHi, does anyone use this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/xfce-4.12 ? Is it safe and stable?20:06
elfyPlease note that these are pre-release versions, which may contain annoying bugs and/or crash. Use them at your own risk.20:07
elfyis what it says20:07
amarielfy: Yea I know but I would like to know if those packages work fine because I like to have some recent packages :)20:08
bekksIf you like running bleeding edge software, it doesnt matter wether it is stable :P20:09
elfyamari: well - I have it here - but then I'm testing a bunch of stuff for 14.0420:09
elfybekks: +1 to that20:09
holstein"bugs and crash".. if thats fine for your needs, then its fine20:10
elfyamari: and if you get issues - you might well be stuck getting support if it does give you issues20:10
amarielfy: Thanks, it seems then it is for more adventurous :) I will stay with the default stack then20:11
amarielfy: I assume 4.11 might come with 14.04 by default then?20:13
Aurum_I installed Xubunto 13.10 and it upgraded to 13.11 but I cannot reboot. I see a blue screen with Xubuntu and the rotating arc only went a few degrees and stopped.20:52
pleia213.11 does not exist, 13.10 was the last release, what exactly did you do?20:52
Aurum_I installed 13.10 x86_64 and it asked to update and loaded ~262 files. Then it asked to upgrade and that's when I think it loaded 13.11. Then:20:55
Aurum_sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates fglrx-amdcccle-updates fglrx-updates-dev20:55
Aurum_It recognized my Radeon HD 5970 2 gpus. I shutdown to add a second 5970 card and it stalls at the welcome blue screen.20:56
Aurum_sudo aticonfig --lsa (Is where it read my card.)20:56
Aurum_I believe it rebooted after the updates & upgrades and that worked fine. It's after DLing the amd driver that it will not boot.20:58
LinnnaHi, Is there anyone who knows remastersys well?21:04
resizt0ri am having a problem with dvd styler on a fresh install21:07
resizt0rit wont open21:07
alfatauhello all. I just installed a fresh Xubuntu 13.10 64bit. How to choose the screensaver? I found this tutorial (https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/first-xubuntu) which tells i should find a setting-manager widget to do the task. However, i've no screensaver section in settings-manager. Can you help me? thank you in advance.21:12
wabblaresizt0r: do you get any output when you call it from command line?21:12
resizt0rhold on i'll get it21:12
resizt0rok this is first error, when the language dialog comes up21:13
resizt0rXlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0".21:13
resizt0ri'll need to pastebin the next error21:13
resizt0rafter picking language21:13
resizt0rim using Ubuntu Studio which came with it pre-installed.. but its running xfce and nobody seems to be available to help in the ubuntustudio channel21:15
brainwashalfatau: you choose the screensaver by installing one and making sure that it runs in the background (if needed), small changes in /usr/bin/xflock4 might be also needed21:18
brainwashalfatau: xscreensaver is installed by default and should be configurable via settings manager > Screensaver21:19
wabblaresizt0r: hmm, strange error, I'm not familiar with DVD Styler or Ubuntu Studio, I can't help you there.21:20
Aurum_Anyone know a magic keystoke to get Xbuntu 13.10 to boot???21:31
kRushpress power button?21:31
resizt0rprobably a bootloader problem21:32
resizt0ri had a problem with the 13.10 install21:32
resizt0ri had to boot a liveusb, install boot-repair (you can find directions at the ubuntu forums), and fix the bootloader21:32
Aurum_Tried the power button a dozen times and tried reset.21:32
Aurum_resizt0r, I'll try that.21:34
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