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Jose__hi can I create private cloud storage and computing with #juju06:00
Jose__@markthoms ho06:06
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mbruzekhello marcoceppi I have a few questions18:28
marcoceppimbruzek: go for it18:28
mbruzekI am reading that Amulet can be installed via pip.  How does one add something so pip can find it?18:29
marcoceppimbruzek: if you're on Ubuntu, just apt-get install amulet18:34
mbruzekYeah I saw that18:34
marcoceppimbruzek: as for pip, you just `sudo pip install amulet`18:34
mbruzekI am just a curious person and have used pip before, but don't know how you get your code in the pip repos18:34
marcoceppipip is a package management tool for python, so you install pip with the pip package; then just pip install <package>18:35
marcoceppiyou'll need sudo for amulet as it modifies system paths18:35
marcoceppipip amulet and apt-get amulet will conflict with each other though18:35
mbruzekBut how does pip know where to find amulet?18:36
marcoceppimbruzek: PostScript18:36
marcoceppimbruzek: https://pypi.python.org/pypi18:36
marcoceppihuh, maybe I didn't put it on pip yet18:36
marcoceppioops, only charm-tools and charmworldlib are on pypi. So you can't install amulet with pip yet18:37
mbruzekOk I see the Python Package index.  Thanks marcoceppi18:38
marcoceppinp o/18:38
jaywinkhi. Anyone tips on how to modify image-metadata-url of bootstrapped machine? I bootstrapped to an openstack cloud with the image metadata hosted locally but of course the bootstrap instance cannot connect to my computer so I cannot deploy anything :)18:50
mbruzekhi jaywink I am guessing that your computer is not on the same subnet as your OpenStack instance?18:55
jaywinkmbruzek, no :P I can upload the image metadata somewhere but the bootstrap was kind of tricky due to this cloud being in beta so wondering if I can modify the config on the bootstrap instance to use another metadata url18:57
marcoceppijaywink: you can't modify it once bootstrapped, iirc; you'll need to destroy, put the image-medata somewhere accessible, then rebootstrap18:57
jaywinkmarcoceppi, ok :/ tnx18:57
* mbruzek defers to marcoceppi 18:57
marcoceppijaywink: I'd check with one of the devs tomorrow, maybe fwereade would know, but they're usually not on during the weekends18:58
marcoceppifrom what I understand it's not a trivial process18:58
jaywinkbtw what has happened to http://streams.canonical.com? it has gone empty18:58
jaywinkmarcoceppi, maybe I will raise I bug. I can think of a use case in a production environment if the metadata needs to be moved or is moved for some reason - recreating everything just to change the metadata url doesn't sound ideal :)19:00
marcoceppijaywink: I'm not sure about the streams URL. The metadata is either stored in the object store or in the mongodb database. If it's the former, you should be able to download, overwrite it, then upload it again. If the latter it's going to be a bit more complex19:01
marcoceppijaywink: check the bucket you defined as control-bucket if any of the files have the metadata information in there19:02
jaywinkok tnx will check19:02
jaywinkmarcoceppi, nah only tools in the objectstore afaict19:15
marcoceppijaywink: hum, it's probably in the mongodb database then19:15
jaywinkno prob, will raise a bug. thanks!19:17
popeyI am running juju 0.7+bzr628+bzr633~precise1 on 12.04, and i have done a deploy of cs:~popey/precise/yacy-5 and expose, but it doesn't seem to get an IP19:41
popeywhere's the best place to start debugging?19:42
popey2014-01-12 14:18:00,948 Machine:0: unit.deploy INFO: Started service unit yacy/119:42
popey2014-01-12 19:42:52,581 INFO Service 'yacy' was already exposed.19:42
popey2014-01-12 19:42:52,584 INFO 'expose' command finished successfully19:42
popey        public-address: null19:43
marcoceppipopey step 1) don't use 0.721:14
marcoceppipopey: latest recommended stable is 1.16.5 from ppa:juju/stable21:15
marcoceppiif you don't want to add a PPA, consider using the cloud-tools archive (since you're on 12.04)21:15
popeyalan@homeserver:/etc/apt/sources.list.d$ cat juju-pkgs-precise.list21:20
popeydeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/juju/pkgs/ubuntu precise main21:20
popeythats my current ppa in use21:20
* popey adds that ppa21:20
* popey destroys and starts again21:22
popeyjuju now needs mongo21:26
popeywhy didn't it install that as a dependency rather than echo some lines telling me how to use apt. how odd21:26
* popey regenerates config21:37
popeyalan@homeserver:~$ juju debug-log21:41
popeyPermission denied (publickey).21:41
popeyERROR exit status 25521:41
popeyalan@homeserver:~$ juju expose21:41
popeyerror: no service name specified21:41
popeyinconsistency detected! (all other errors are "ERROR", but that one is "error:"21:42
popey\o/ got it working, thanks marcoceppi21:49
marcoceppipopey: debug-log doesn't work on local provider22:14
marcoceppialso, the errors should all be lower case, the ERROR exit status is an error message from SSH just being passed through to the client22:15
marcoceppipopey: to fix the mongodb issue, you should just install juju-local (which should be the package it tells you you need instead of saying "oh just install mongodb"22:16
* marcoceppi wanders offline again22:16

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