Stravvalorie: I'm building using the kdesrc-build script. I guess it's pulling the sources from git.00:04
Stravvalorie: as you suggested, I went to kde-devel and nepomuk-kde for this issue but got no response so far.00:04
Strav(Here's the issue I'm having: http://pastebin.com/3tVqKamb (line 62))00:05
valoriedo you have the soprano-devel packages installed?00:07
valorie!info soprano00:07
ubottuPackage soprano does not exist in saucy00:07
valorieapt-cache search doesn't find it either00:08
Stravvalorie: I have libsoprano-dev installed as well as libsoprano4 and soprano-daemon...00:08
Strav(at the very least, I believe your apt-cache should list them)00:09
valorieone would think so00:09
StravYou have kde-backports enabled?00:09
Stravand you don't have those packages?00:10
valorieI got an empty answer00:10
valoriewhich is odd00:10
valorieI just updated this machine today00:10
Stravhmmm. let me see what's their origin on my machine.00:10
valorieooooo, maybe I don't have backports on this box00:10
Stravorigin: ubuntu main00:11
* valorie updates again00:12
valorielots and lots of libs00:13
Stravfor soprano you mean?00:14
valorieno, just added backports and am updating00:15
valoriewhen it's done I'll check again00:15
valoriemeanwhile: your build folder is new?00:16
valoriein other words, have you built before and been successful, but now are unsuccessful?00:16
Stravnope. Brand new build folder. I succeeded in compiling most kde modules except nepomuk-core and kderuntime (which also seems to depend on soprano)00:17
StravOne odd thing is that nepomuk-widgets build correctly but also depends on soprano. My guess is that there are some soprano plugins that I might be missing.00:19
valorieI'm no expert on building from source, although I do it almost daily for amarok00:20
valorieand have done it for phonon and its backends00:21
valoriebut that is nothing like building KDE00:21
valorieany particular reason you are building KDE modules?00:22
Stravnp :) I try to get a response from #nepomuk-kde or #kde-dev.00:22
StravYes. I wish to write a small fix for the Solid library (of course I don't need to build all of KDE for this but I in case I wanted to fiddle with some more of it, I though it might be a good thing to try).00:23
valorieI think both of those chans are worth asking in, and waiting around for00:23
valoriewhich at this time of day is almost guaranteed00:23
valoriemost of the devels will be in Europe00:24
valorieand it will be Sunday morning there00:24
StravYep. I'll check back in a few. Thanks again for your time it's very appreciated!00:24
Strav(and actually, my fix to Solid is directed at an Amarok issue I belive I told you before... regarding the indexing of autofs mounted collections - and Amarok re-indexing the whole thing each time the connection is lost). Turns out Solid forgets about autofs mounted location each time they're disconnected (while it should list them and set "accessible" to false).00:26
Strav... Would also be nice if there was a config gui for autofs. IMHO, it's pretty much the best auto mounting solution available for linux (one that doesn't hang your file explorer if the connection is suddenly lost). But I find very few people are aware of it.00:28
valorieI am/was not00:30
valoriebut thank you very much for trying to fix the bug00:30
Estersioswhat is KDE paste?00:42
valorieyou mean the URL?00:46
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Estersios_dizzy: yes00:48
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amundsenwhich is the kde version in kubuntu now? has it been updated to 4.11.5 ?01:18
tsimpson4.11.3 in Saucy, 4.12.0 in Trusty (development branch) and the Kubuntu Backports PPA for Saucy01:24
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denysoniqueIf I choose the Oxygen theme after logout all my Qt apps are using gtk-oxygen instead of native oxygen04:38
denysoniqueok I somehow fixed that05:58
denysoniquebut how can I get the kde globalmenu work for GTK apps as well05:58
denysoniqueI remember it used to work before05:58
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James0rtrying to install mplayer but getting broken packages i can't resolve with synaptic10:44
James0rhere's my error http://dpaste.com/1547710/10:45
RealNWOkubuntu is better than ubuntu11:30
Dzzhi guys12:04
Dzzi;ve got problem. after 2 weeks of offline i wanted to start my Lubuntu 12.04 but got problem during booting:12:05
Dzz"no suitable module for running kernel found [fail]"12:05
Dzzany ideas what could happen?12:05
Dzzi can boot into console, lan works, internet works12:06
BluesKajDzz, have you tried upating and upgrading ?12:08
Dzztried sudo do-release-upgrade but it said no new release found12:09
BluesKajDzz, no , i mean sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade , your packages might upgrading no the OS12:11
BluesKajnot the OS12:11
Dzzjust did it12:12
Dzzthe following packages have unmet dependencies12:12
Dzzlibgl1-mesa-dev-lts-quantal : depends : libdrm-dev (>=2.4.24)12:13
Dzzmesa-common-dev-lts-quantal : depends: libdrm-dev12:13
Dzze: unmet dependencies.12:14
BluesKajDzz, are you using a proprietary graphics driver or one from a ppa source ?12:16
Dzzi've got some standart grafics card on my motherboard.12:16
Dzzjust tried to load from live cd kubuntu 11.04 and it booted ok12:17
BluesKajDzz, in order to upgrade to the next kubuntu version you have to turn off the LTS only upgrade in the upgrade manager12:18
BluesKajor update manager12:19
Dzzhow to do that from console?12:19
BluesKajDzz, do you have separate / and /home partitions ?12:20
Dzzsame, on one hdd12:20
BluesKajok Dzz , run this command , then reboot , and try updating and upgrading your packages , sudo dpkg --remove --force-depends libgl1-mesa-dev-lts-quantal12:24
Dzzok will try now12:28
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DzzBluesKaj, same problem. it stays with black screen12:50
Dzznot black but with some trash like it was trying to switch modes and frozen12:51
BluesKajok have you tried nomodeset in /etc/default/grub , use nano to edit in the console12:57
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:57
BluesKajDzz, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"13:00
Dzzno i haven't. will do that now13:04
DzzBluesKaj, same problem. stays on corrupted screen13:09
BluesKajDzz, corrupted ?13:11
Dzzi mean black screen with trash13:11
BluesKajtrash , what kind of trash , text or graphics or ?13:11
Dzzpartically grey and some blue and green periodical lines13:12
Dzzpartially, i mean13:13
BluesKajdid you do sudo upgate-grub after editing /etc/default/grub ?13:15
Dzzjust did it via grub menu -> grub update13:21
Dzzit loaded into graphics mode, grey screen with big gear on it. and frozen.13:24
BluesKajok , can you get to the virtual console an install mesa-utils13:26
Dzz5 dots were blinking and then became grey and it stays on place. however when i pressed alt-ctrl-del it rebooted.13:26
Dzzwill try now13:27
Dzztried apt-get install mesa-utils and got error unmet dependencies13:37
Dzzlibavahi-client3, libavahi-common3, libglu1-mesa, libpixman-1-0...13:37
BluesKajDzz, then i recommend a reinstall, this doesn't look promising13:42
Dzzyeah, seems to be the best way. i wonder what could happen because last time i was booting it two weeks ago there were no problems13:43
Dzzhow to reinstall it with keeping all my current settings on desktop? widjets, notes, and so on13:44
Dzzhuh, tried autoclean and dpkg repair via grub menu and rebooted several times and finally it booted13:50
Dzzbut with low resolution kinda 800[60013:50
BluesKajok , perhaps a graphics driver upgrade is in order13:52
BluesKajaddtional drivers13:52
James0rwow i'm unable to even post a question on kubuntuforums. feeling very useless right now13:52
James0rwhat does "An error has occurred James0r! You must have 1 posts in order to post links. Your current post count is 0." mean?13:53
James0rdoes that mean I have to respond to someone else's post before posting my own question?13:53
James0rnot sure what it means by "link". i have no "links" in my post13:54
BluesKajJames0r, what's your issue with kubuntu first of all?13:54
James0rtrying to install mplayer, have an unmet dependency13:55
James0rtried using apt-get install -f and i'm getting this --> http://dpaste.com/1547841/13:55
daemongnomehave installed kde connect13:56
daemongnomejust installed kde connect a coupe of days ago, now when i get a text message it comes up in my notifications13:57
BluesKajJames0r, I have to ask , have you updated/upgraded packages lately?13:57
James0rBluesKaj: yeah pretty often13:58
BluesKajJames0r, ok , try sudo dpkg --configure -a14:00
James0rBluesKaj: okay done.14:01
BluesKajnow , sudo dpkg --clear-avail14:02
James0rBluesKaj: okay.14:02
BluesKajok update and upgrade14:02
BluesKajand prhaps a dist-upgrade, there's anew kernel available which might upgrade the kernel modules14:04
James0rBluesKaj: okay updating now. not sure if it's a big deal but a couple launchpad lines come bcak 404 error when i update14:04
BluesKajJames0r, those are repos sources, do have ppas ?14:05
James0rBluesKaj: not sure i totally get the difference. would ppas be repos i add after install?14:05
James0rBluesKaj: ok updated and upgraded. no new packages installed14:07
James0rBluesKaj: or upgraded14:07
BluesKajyes , most launchpad repos are ppas , check in /etc/apt/sources.list.d14:07
James0rBluesKaj: yeah i have a few14:08
James0rBluesKaj: some i added for cairo-dock, conky, qwinff and a couple others looks like14:09
BluesKajJames0r, ok , one of those could also be the source of your dependency troubles14:09
James0rBluesKaj: http://dpaste.com/1547877/14:09
BluesKajmplayer should install without dependency probs14:10
James0rBluesKaj: yeah at some point all hell broke loose with dependency problems. it might have been around the qwinff install time14:10
James0rBluesKaj: should i delete the qwinff list files and update+upgrade?14:11
BluesKajit might work , dunno\14:12
James0rBluesKaj: okay. i'll give it a shot.14:12
James0rBluesKaj: gonna have to save this one for another night. thanks anyway for your help14:15
BluesKajJames0r, ffmpeg does the same job as qwinff14:16
BluesKajqwinff could be the source of your problem14:17
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zorgborgdoes anyone know if start up disk creator program is suitable for extracting win7 iso file to disc? (yes i have a legit copy)15:47
BluesKajzorgborg, for dual boot?15:56
zorgborgBluesKaj: yes, i already have kubuntu on my laptop ofc, need to put win7 back on to sell the laptop (eventually)15:57
zorgborgBluesKaj: got the empty disc space ready for it15:58
BluesKajzorgborg, if you install windows normally you'll lose grub , but boot-repair can restore grub afterwards, I'm not familiar with the disk creator as far as windows is concerned15:59
Poisoned_Dragonzorgborg, extract iso to disk?16:00
BluesKajboot repair is handy to have around btw16:00
zorgborgBluesKaj: ah didn't consider that, boot-repair as in just using partedmagic etc16:01
BluesKajno, zorgborg  , boot-repair is an OS by itself for booting the boot-repair cd or usb16:02
zorgborgBluesKaj: oh right, hadn't heard of that, ta16:03
Poisoned_Dragonbot fail16:03
BluesKaj!info boot-repair16:03
ubottuPackage boot-repair does not exist in saucy16:03
zorgborgPoisoned_Dragon: haven't tried extracting iso yet with start up creator, just wondering if it will put it's own little thing on the disk that might confuse windows (like it puts an exe and stuff when you extract a linux iso)16:04
* Poisoned_Dragon is still confused.16:05
BluesKajzorgborg, install windows to your NTFS partition, however windows will want to install to the first partition on the drive otherwise it will refuse to install , that's been my experience , usually /dev.sda16:08
BluesKajerr /dev/sda16:08
Poisoned_Dragonreelly? I never had windows complain that it had to be on the first partition.16:09
zorgborgBluesKaj: i have kubuntu at the end of my HDD, so im assuming win7 will have no problem installing as first partition16:09
Poisoned_DragonIn fact, OEM installs of Windows are usually on the second partition because the first is reserved for recovery.16:09
BluesKajzorgborg, exactly16:09
zorgborgBluesKaj: thanks for reminding me that i have to format the empty space to NTFS tho, oops16:10
BluesKajPoisoned_Dragon, yes, the windows installer will create the recovery partition iirc16:11
Poisoned_DragonNo, no... it doesn't.16:11
Poisoned_DragonI'm talking about OEM implementations of Windows.16:12
Poisoned_DragonRetail installs just install. No option to create a recovery partition.16:12
BluesKajwell, that's been my experience anyway as long as the partiton is assigned /dev/sda16:13
apb1963Anyone know how to get java working on chrome?  I'm unable to get java to work.  kubuntu 12.04.316:14
zorgborgokay scap that start up disk creator can't even open the win7 iso file....16:16
zorgborgapb1963: tried installing icedtea plugin?16:16
apb1963zorgborg: yes16:16
BluesKajPoisoned_Dragon, my w7 version is a legit corporate version that my daughter gave me, so it may act differently to OEMs16:17
zorgborgapb1963: got all it's dependencies/openjdk environment?16:18
Poisoned_DragonCorporate version, eh? Gotta research that one.16:18
BluesKajapb1963, did you install kubuntu-restricted-extras?16:18
apb1963zorgborg: I don't know... how do I check?16:18
Poisoned_DragonBluesKaj, W7 Enterprise?16:19
BluesKajapb1963, just try to install it or look in muon16:19
apb1963BluesKaj: I don't remember... I can try that now?16:19
zorgborgapb1963: go to muon package manager or synaptic16:19
BluesKajPoisoned_Dragon, no , Ultimate16:19
apb1963BluesKaj: installing kubuntu-restricted-extras now16:20
apb1963zorgborg:  are you talking about the same as BluesKaj?  Or..... what?16:20
BluesKajapb1963, then you should be good to go, yo'll be asked to agree to terms16:20
zorgborgapb1963: yeh, just follow their instructions16:21
BluesKajapb1963, muon, apt and software sources all use dpkg to install apps , they're just front ends for dpkg16:21
apb1963BluesKaj: is kubuntu-restricted-extras different than ubuntu-restricted-extras?16:22
BluesKajapb1963, kubuntu-restricted-extras is for the KDE desktop16:22
BluesKajon kubuntu16:23
apb1963BluesKaj: so than installing ubuntu-restricted-extras is either wrong or insufficient?16:23
BluesKajif you're on ubuntu then it's ubuntu-restricted-extras16:23
apb1963isn't kubuntu just ubuntu using kde ?16:24
apb1963i'm still confused about that16:24
BluesKajnot exectly but close16:24
apb1963well i'm pretty sure I installed kubuntu-desktop16:25
BluesKajapb1963, what desktop are you using?16:25
apb1963pretty sure... but not positive16:26
apb1963actually I think i'm using plasma-desktop ??16:26
apb1963is there a way to be sure?16:26
apb1963man it's installing a TON of stuff16:27
BluesKajyes, open a terminal ,  kde4-config --version16:28
apb1963Qt: 4.8.216:28
apb1963KDE Development Platform: 4.12.016:28
apb1963kde4-config: 1.016:28
BluesKajplasma-desktop is kde16:28
apb1963so I still don't know?16:28
tarun#join nitdgplug16:29
BluesKajno you have kde16:29
apb1963and that's not kubuntu?16:29
apb1963no i'm pretty close to positive.... 99%... that I installed kubuntu-desktop...  I went back and made a list of all my installs using the output of history... and kubuntu-desktop is in there.16:31
BluesKajyes it shoiuld be kubuntu if that's what your iso was when you installed the OS16:31
apb1963hmmm... I don't remember what my iso was... I should be able to find it... hang on.16:31
BluesKajwhy do i get the feeling  my leg is being pulled here :)16:32
apb1963dunno... you have a cat or a dog?16:32
apb1963I used debootstrap to install that iso16:32
apb1963like I said... I went back and made a list out of all the apt-get installs I did... kubuntu-desktop is on that list16:33
BluesKajapb1963, give us a screenshot of your desktop16:34
apb1963so, I have no idea what the heck I have... since you're telling me I have kde but not kubuntu.  Still confused over the distinction16:34
apb1963You mean with all my windows minimized?16:34
BluesKaji did not say you don't have kubuntu , you said you aren't sure , all indications show that it's kubuntu16:35
BluesKajwhich file manager do you have ?16:36
apb1963I use dolphin from time to time... but most of the time I use the terminal...16:38
apb1963 <BluesKaj> no you have kde16:39
BluesKajapb1963, where's your panel ?16:39
apb1963BluesKaj: what panel?  what do you mean?16:39
BluesKajyou have kde as well , the terminal command showed it16:39
apb1963oh you mean across the bottom? Not sure why it didn't show up... let me try again16:40
apb1963http://snag.gy/z2G6I.jpg  that's better16:42
apb1963I was doing "window under cursor" instead of "full screen" is why16:42
apb1963maybe this is why I have so many problems... I have both??16:43
BluesKajdo youn see a choice of desktops on the login page, but you do have kubuntu alright , see the "K" kicker , that's the KDE menu launcher16:46
BluesKajno, you just haven't installed all the required plugis due to using the mini iso16:46
apb1963my choice of desktops is pretty small....  I stay logged in unless forced to reboot... so I don't recall off hand.  I could switch users and check?16:47
apb1963BluesKaj: there's more?16:47
apb1963doing another update now16:47
Poisoned_DragonI thought the kubuntu-desktop meta packages it suppose to pull them in.16:47
BluesKajapb1963, I don't know what you have and don't have16:47
apb1963it's bringing down Debian Base System Miscellaneous files right now... only 60K though.16:48
BluesKajkubuntu-restricted-extras isn't included as default even on a full kubuntu iso install16:48
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats16:49
BluesKajdarn bot just confuses things16:50
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apb1963I have default, kde plasma workspace and failsafe16:58
apb1963And java crashed and my load shot up to 1316:59
apb1963when I pretended to switch users but then didn't.16:59
apb1963and then apport-kde failed to recognize the package17:00
zorgborgmanaged to extract win7 iso just fine with k3b, thanks for info guys17:00
BluesKajzorgborg, now the fun starts :)17:01
apb1963load is back down to 0.60ish and seems to be working on reducing itself lower.... 0.45... .38...  32....17:01
zorgborgBluesKaj: yeh, dreading it when i get round to it!17:01
apb1963.27 ...17:01
apb1963etc :)17:02
apb1963<BluesKaj> do youn see a choice of desktops on the login page, but you do have kubuntu alright , see the "K" kicker , that's the KDE menu launcher  <<< this is why i'm confused... you say I have kubuntu but you tell me I have the KDE menu launcher and that kubuntu is not the same as kde.  I'm lost.17:03
zorgborgapb1963: kde is the graphical desktop environment of kubuntu, while plain ubuntu has gnome as its desktop environment (DE), hence the k in kubuntu17:06
apb1963zorgborg: so then kubuntu is ubuntu running kde17:08
apb1963in any event java on chrome still isn't working... and that's much more important to me17:10
BluesKajapb1963, don't use chrome on linux , install chromium-browser17:13
apb1963here we go again.... I thought chrome and chromium-browser were the same?17:13
apb1963well, other than java... chrome seems to work.... although it does sometimes have load issues...17:14
Poisoned_DragonI use chrome with openjdk just fine.17:15
Poisoned_DragonIn fact, all my linux installs use Chrome with openjdk17:15
zorgborgPoisoned_Dragon: same here17:16
apb1963 does this link work for you guys?  http://www.pogo.com/games/chess?pageSection=ag_list1_pl_chess2#game:robots  Does the actual game come up?  or does it eventually fail with an oops?17:16
apb1963because mine fails17:16
apb1963which is what started this whole expedition17:16
Poisoned_Dragonlol, I don't have openjdk-jre on this laptop. lol17:17
Poisoned_DragonHow odd of me.17:17
apb1963what's even odder is now I'm not showing I have any java installed..  dpkg --list | grep jdk17:18
apb1963ok this shows grep java http://paste.ubuntu.com/6739697/17:20
apb1963although I could have sworn grep jre yesteday showed results17:20
zorgborgapb1963: asked me if i wanted to allow the site to run icedtea, trys to loads, then just says oops java is required blah blah17:20
Poisoned_Dragonapt-cache policy openjdk-7-jre17:20
apb1963zorgborg: so then it's not me??17:21
zorgborgbut java stuff normally works fine for me in chrome17:21
zorgborgso might just be that game17:21
apb1963zorgborg: none of the java games work for me on that site17:21
apb1963  Installed: (none)17:21
apb1963  Candidate: 7u25-2.3.10-1ubuntu0.12.04.217:21
apb1963but the java test site they point you to... does detect i'm running 7-45 or something17:22
zorgborgapb1963: try running this jmol of dna http://www.worldofmolecules.com/3D/dna_3d.htm see it that works17:22
apb1963ii  oracle-java7-installer                   7u45-0~webupd8~6                              Oracle Java(TM) Development Kit (JDK) 717:22
zorgborgapb1963: might take a few seconds to load17:24
Poisoned_Dragonsudo update-alternatives --display java17:24
Poisoned_Dragonsee which version is being offered.17:24
apb1963zorgborg: just getting a gray box... after giving permission17:24
zorgborgapb1963: yeh stick with it, i got a gray box for a fair few seconds17:25
apb1963Poisoned_Dragon: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6739727/17:25
apb1963zorgborg: well, I don't know if something happened between the gray box and now, but the end result is a black box with a little icon at the top of it.17:27
Poisoned_Dragonzorgborg, does icedtea work with oracle java?17:27
zorgborgPoisoned_Dragon: no idea, pretty sure im using openjdk17:28
zorgborgPoisoned_Dragon: don't really trust oracle java, assuming its diff from openjdk (it is isn't it?)17:28
Poisoned_Dragonopenjdk is a distributable friendly version of Oracle java.17:29
zorgborgPoisoned_Dragon: yeh, ive got openjdk 6 installed17:29
Poisoned_DragonShould be identical in function.17:29
zorgborgah i see17:29
BluesKajhmm , seems jav is no longer included in restricted-extras17:30
not_foundI stopped using kubuntu some time ago because with 13.04/13.10 any install I do much of the numerical data in dolphin will show in numerals used in the uae where I am currently living and nothing I have found to change it back to the basic 1234567890 we normally use?  is this a knows issue and/or is there a fix?17:31
Poisoned_DragonNo... Now a days, you need to use the webupd8 ppa to get an easy install of oracle java.17:31
Poisoned_Dragonbrb, gotta reboot.17:32
zorgborgive got openjdk-6-jre-lib, openjdk-6-jre, openjdk-6-jre-headless, icedtea-6-plugin, icedtea-6-jre-jamvm and icedtea-6-jre-cacao installed17:32
Poisoned_DragonWhy not use openjdk-7?17:33
Poisoned_Dragonand icedtea-717:33
apb1963now I'm getting the molecule... it only took forever.17:34
zorgborgapb1963: do you by any chance have a not-so powerful computer, hence why you installed the mini-iso?17:34
apb1963zorgborg: I installed the mini because I was using debootstrap17:35
zorgborgapb1963: no idea about that17:35
apb1963zorgborg: I didn't have a CD big enough to hold a full version... the biggest I had was 700MB and it wasn't big enough17:36
apb1963but the computer isn't so powerful either... it's a P417:36
zorgborgi see17:36
apb1963and all of my flash whatchamacallits have live versions on them except for one that has some docs I need.17:37
apb1963where "all" is like... 2 I think17:37
apb1963no... 317:37
apb1963yeah... 2 live flash cd's and 1 with docs17:38
apb1963got another website with java on it I can test against?17:39
apb1963the box went black again17:40
BluesKajok, java works , didn't notice that previously17:41
apb1963ok if I click on the other molecules, they work17:42
apb1963I guess maybe it timed out or something???17:43
apb1963so I guess it's pogo that has problems then17:43
apb1963in fact... I probably didn't need those restricted extras at all17:44
BluesKajfor media codecs you do17:44
Poisoned_DragonJust loaded the pogo site with jave. no joy17:45
Poisoned_Dragonthe dna molecule app is working17:45
apb1963BluesKaj: for what purpose?  I had hulu and youtube working no problem17:47
apb1963now chrome is sucking on my cpu17:48
apb196319% currently17:48
Poisoned_Dragonapb1963, pogo is running17:48
apb1963that's huge17:48
apb1963Poisoned_Dragon: you have the chess game?17:48
Poisoned_Dragonum... hmmm.17:48
apb1963I don't know what that response means.... lol17:49
Poisoned_Dragonnvm, I got oops from pogo17:49
BluesKajapb1963, they run on flash, there are other multimedia codecs included in the restricted extras , chrome has an embedded flash plugin17:50
zorgborgPoisoned_Dragon: btw, i might've installed openjdk 6 cos it gets critical updates form canonical, jdk 7 doesnt apparently17:51
apb1963BluesKaj: yeah i'm just not sure I need it... can I simply uninstall it, or is that going to break something now?  I can't afford to break things it's my only computer and breakage is not an option17:52
BluesKajpogo works with jdk717:52
Poisoned_DragonBluesKaj, the game in question is a java game. But, it doesn't recognize icedtea as a valid java plugin.17:52
Poisoned_Dragonjava.com can't verify either.17:52
BluesKajwell , it works here on chromium17:53
apb1963java.com says: You have the recommended Java installed (Version 7 Update 45).17:54
apb1963Although my load climbed to just under 317:55
Poisoned_Dragonapb1963, try this game... http://multiplayer.needformadness.com/game.html18:05
Poisoned_Dragonit's java and works on my end18:05
Poisoned_DragonDunno why pogo and java.com don't like me.18:05
apb1963Poisoned_Dragon: works18:15
BluesKajI'm running kubuntu 14.04 so the different plugins aren't available by default , or so it seems18:17
BluesKajPoisoned_Dragon, jdk7 works on the need for madness game18:20
Poisoned_DragonMe too, BluesKaj.18:21
Poisoned_Dragonapb1963, you said you were using Kubuntu 12/04?18:21
apb1963Poisoned_Dragon: yes18:23
Poisoned_DragonWell, that actually shouldn't matter.18:24
Poisoned_DragonYou're using Oracle Java.18:24
Poisoned_DragonSo, unless it's a distro thing....18:25
apb1963installing the restricted extras I think was a mistake for me.18:26
apb1963It's really impacting my system18:26
apb1963it's sluggish18:27
apb1963and that's a serious problem for me18:27
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apb1963oh crap it seems to have killed my sound as well18:30
apb1963no.... sound is ok.. it's just my softphone that doesn't have audio now... which is of course critical for me18:31
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Poisoned_Dragonok, I'm starting to think the java thing is distro dependent. On my desktop, which uses Ubuntu Studio 13.10, I can view any java content.18:42
apb1963Poisoned_Dragon: including pogo?18:43
Poisoned_DragonI never tried pogo on it.18:44
Poisoned_DragonBut, I'm having issues looking at web connected security cams that use java to stream audio.18:44
Poisoned_DragonAnd that's on kubuntu 12.0418:44
apb1963fixed my sound... but system remains sluggish18:46
apb1963even the mouse is jerky18:46
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BluesKajapb1963, the restricted extras won't affect your sound or mouse, it's only codecs not drivers18:55
apb1963BluesKaj: TONS of things came down when I installed it.  It had to have been more than just codecs.  And while I believe you in regard to sound and mouse, the mouse is being affected by the general responsiveness of the system, which has deteriorated19:08
BluesKajapb1963, what's your graphics gpu/driver, sudo  lshw -C display , check the configuration string19:12
apb1963sudo: lshw: command not found19:21
BluesKajno :19:21
BluesKajapb1963, sudo  lshw -C display , copy ans paste it into the terminal19:22
apb1963sudo: lshw: command not found19:23
apb1963copied & pasted19:23
BluesKajinstall lshw19:24
apb1963it's very strange... because that was working a week ago19:26
apb1963configuration: driver=radeon latency=019:26
apb1963oh interesting..... there's two displays... the second one has no driver and is "UNCLAIMED"19:27
apb1963whoa... two different product strings19:28
apb1963product: RV370 [Radeon X300] & product: RV370 [Radeon X300 SE]19:28
apb1963best to see this for yourself...  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6740422/19:31
BluesKajodd they're from the same series , unless lshw is misreading it , what does, lspci } grep VGA, give?19:36
BluesKajerr lspci | grep VGA19:37
Poisoned_Dragonpipe fail19:37
Poisoned_Dragonif it's a laptop, it might be a disabled ext. vga port.19:38
BluesKajwell, BBL , stuff to do19:40
apb196301:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RV370 [Radeon X300]19:48
apb1963BluesKaj: ^^^19:48
apb1963BluesKaj: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RV370 [Radeon X300]19:48
BluesKajapb1963, check your driver,  in the terminal, apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-radeon20:08
apb1963what is it i'm looking for?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6740818/20:42
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Poisoned_DragonI'm a sad panda.23:14
Poisoned_DragonI just tried out the Alpha release of Trusty and kernel 3.12 still has issues with the intel 82855 chipset. :(23:15
Poisoned_DragonLooks like old tech will just have to be replaced, after 2017.23:16
jarkkoi got 13.10, how to get 14.04 ppas installed?23:54
Poisoned_Dragonthere are no ppas for 14.0423:54
jarkkothere isnt?23:57
valoriejarkko: there are dailies23:59
valorieor the alpha23:59
jarkkobut they are only images?23:59

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