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TheNumbersanyone able to get 1920x1080 in a lubuntu guest VM (VMware Workstation 10)?01:32
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jiridoHi im on lubuntu 12.04 and i cant update because libssh2-1 seams to be from an not authorized source and sudo apt-get update gives some strange errors.. http://pastebin.com/mEF4fqXA08:49
jiridoI have tried to solve this by updating signatures but it did not seem to help?? I would be greteful for help as i have no clue to what to do08:51
ArthurBorsboomHi guys, I like to have some help regarding releasing a newer version of a package.15:04
ArthurBorsboomAbout two months ago, I have released a newer version of a sticky notes application called Xpad. It has been released on Launchpad, but I have a hard time getting it into the repositories.15:05
ArthurBorsboomI have contacted some package maintainers, but they do not respond to my emails. Does anybody have a suggestion to get this newer version in the Debian/Ubuntu repositories.15:06
koell!seen jono21:23
ubottuI have no seen command21:23
koellubottu: do u know lubuntu?21:34
ubottukoell: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:34
koellnever mind21:34
holsteinkoell: may i help?21:35
zleapkoell, how can we help21:38
koellholstein: zleap thank you, im just curious about, why the bot doesnt know the !seen command :)21:38
holsteinkoell: its not coded to21:39
zleapnot sure21:40
koell!lastseen jono21:40
koell!lastseen jono*21:40
holsteinAFAIK, the bot has no application like that21:40
holsteinits more for factoids and support21:41
koellholstein: im wondering, met jono bacon last time in this channel :)21:41
* zleap watching san diego vs denver21:41
holsteinkoell: jono is on regularly.. you can alway query the nick21:41
holsteinkoell: there are ways to leave memo's within freenode21:42
zleap /msg memoserv send <user> message i think21:42
zleapwithout the leading space of course21:42
zleapthat works on the other server we used for the dcglug before moving to freenode21:43
koelldo u know where ubuntu's hq is located? do they have local offices? would be really cool to work there or in a debian based company :D21:44
zleapi know they have an office near london UK21:44
holsteinkoell: you would want to volunteer.. or just apply for a position21:45
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu21:45
koellholstein: im looking for an internship and thought canonical would be a cool company to start look at21:45
zleapkoell, that could be your way in to paid posts, if you contribute a lot of stuff you get noticed by everyone not just ubuntu people so someone may take you on and that can lead to other things21:45
koellzleap: im not really a big fan of paid blog posts.21:47
zleapi mean things like code, testing, documentation etc21:47
koellzleap: sure thats always a good way to start21:49
holsteinkoell: just decide what you would like to do.. most folks start by volunteering to get experience21:50
holsteinkoell: there are no real "internships" AFAIK, but i dont run the company in any way21:50
zleapi was looking at the uk vinspired site,  however the seemt o be for only under 25's  and yet their terms and conditions say opportunities should comply with UK discrimination law but be only open to under 25's21:51
zleapwhich makes no sense, i was going to see if we can promote the ubuntu community on there, as volunteering opportunities21:51
koellholstein: thank you. i think thats the problem. i need experience but most companies would like to have a minimum experience of 3 years.21:52
zleapyeah that sounds about normal21:52
holsteinkoell: the process i descibe, and link above *is* that experience21:52
zleapI have put a poster on the devon adn cornwall Lug site under get involved about benefits of being part of the community21:52
zleapcontributing code etc21:53
koellholstein: zleap what do u guys working on in real life?21:54
zleapi work in a school but have sent stuff in to the lubuntu wiki21:54
zleapalso been working on some python / raspberry pi stuff, personal projects but also to help out an after school computer group i am involved with21:55
holsteinkoell: we can discuss in the #lubuntu-offtopic channel.. /join #lubuntu-offtopic and we will discuss21:55
koellzleap: really cool.21:55
koellholstein: oh im sorry. didnt know that channel exists. sure21:56
holsteinkoell: no worries21:56
zleapi may do a poster and link to http://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/21:57
zleapwhich is easier for people to type in to a browser, the contribute to ubuntu one has a mix of upper / lowercase letters which confuses people when it doesn't work21:58
zleapwhere can i download the ubuntu logo thing like on the website22:00
holsteinzleap: right click on it22:00
holsteinzleap: koell1 has /join #lubuntu-offtopic22:01
zleapthat doesn't work22:01
zleapi am off, but will see what i can come up with for the docs team22:42
zleapi am off, anyway22:43

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