sergio-br2someone get nvidia-331 work after install? It seems that both Optimus hardware and only one nvidia card have problem with this driver00:33
sergio-br2*I'm in trusty, and get problem in 2 different machines00:34
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Fudgedamo if  icc-profiles is running with a pid try ubuntu-bug pid-number03:34
ThomasBi need my rhythmbox to support last.fm :(03:59
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pcwhitens identify Becky01015:30
glitsj16mp to 14.04, had issues also with 13.1016:45
kaimasthey all! my laptop has two batteries. is it possible to merge the estimated remaining time of battery life? It shows them seperatley which is not very intuitive18:11
trismkaimast: bug 88088118:13
ubottubug 880881 in indicator-power (Ubuntu) "Power indicator does not combine multiple battery status" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88088118:13
kaimastthanks trism!18:14
* penguin42 wonders whether it can tell that the two batteries are a related pair18:38
kaimastpenguin42: i think the easiest solution would be to add an option to merge the times.18:41
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karab44how is the progress on 14.04? How will it change til official release? Can I install it for daily usage?19:29
holsteinkarab44: you "can".. its not out yet, and should not be considered released til its released..19:30
k1l_karab44: if you need to ask about stableness, dont use alpha or betas19:32
k1l_and yes, a alpha/beta will update to final automaticaly19:32
karab44Yeah I know but I was just wondering how will it work for me when I use application mostly19:33
shapowhi, with regard to karab44's question does ubuntu+1 compare to arch linux?19:33
holsteinshapow: they are different products.. neither are tring to compare to the other. arch is a rolling release.. ubuntu 14.04 is a testing verison til its release in april19:34
k1l_shapow: arch is rolling release. that is quite hard to compare19:34
karab44So my question would be  will system behaviour be stable in daily usage of apps like IRC, Blender, skype. I usually don't use system features much.19:35
shapowit was to my understanding ubuntu+1 was the always-developmental version of ubuntu (aka rolling release) but according to holstein and k1l_ this is not so?19:35
karab44shapow: seems to be :)19:35
penguin42karab44: It's not too bad; but things do break from time to time - because things can and will break prior to release19:35
k1l_karab44: that is not the question. a "stable IRC program" doesnt help you if the kernel or the xserver doesnt run19:36
holsteinkarab44: if you want stable, use the stable release19:36
Beldarshapow, Rolling release no.19:36
penguin42karab44: But unlike Arch for example, Ubuntu tends to keep the last few kernels installed on the machine, so at least if the kernel breaks it's easy to go back19:36
holsteinshapow: correct, it is *not* a rolling release19:36
k1l_karab44: things will break. and most times when you need a running system to do important things. so again: if you need to ask the questions, stay away from development19:36
k1l_shapow: no its not rolling release. but +1 is always called the actual development release19:37
karab44I thought it's not that drastic :)19:37
karab44My idea was to use it carefully without using any fancy system features but only launch apps on it but I see now that it's not good idea either.19:38
penguin42karab44: Things like compilers, kernel etc have to get updated somewhere in the cycle, so it does happen - but then as it gets closer to release things stabilise out; current one should be a little better because it's aiming at LTS so it shouldn't be quite as drastic19:39
holsteinkarab44: ? its not a "bad" idea.. its just not a stable release.. its not the goal of 14.04 right now to make sure it doesnt break..19:39
shapowthank you all ^^19:39
holsteinshapow: the testing version of ubuntu doesnt necessarily have the latest packages. its not pulling from the latest testing version of debian, which could be viewed as "rolling"19:40
karab44but you said it can break "just like that" and I don't want my system breaks just because mp3 player runs in background.19:41
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BeldarYOURBESTFRIEND, What's up?22:45
FernandoMiguelnice nick22:46
YOURBESTFRIENDBeldar: trying to fix some bug, yo23:07
user82hi. does the trusty installer support installing the system to F2FS partitions?23:53

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