mrp123hi all04:06
mrp123Just submitted this bug and patch. Is anyone else affected by this?04:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 1268250 in software-center (Ubuntu) "software-center fails to display reviews" [Undecided,New]04:09
* TheLordOfTime doesn't use software center, so he wouldn't know.04:13
TheLordOfTimeI'd suggest leaving that bug be, it'll be seen soon enough, I think04:13
TheLordOfTimeand if anyone else is affected by it it'll have people confirm it04:13
TheLordOfTimemrp123: but I'd also suggest that you provide steps to reproduce if necessary, so it can be tested by people who look at that package04:14
mrp123Ok. I wasn't sure what to write about reproducing it. It just happens no matter what.04:15
TheLordOfTimethen there's no need for reproduction steps, so long as you've mentioned what OS and what version you're using04:15
TheLordOfTimeI will ask you to give me the page you're looking at in software-center to see if I can reproduce this04:16
TheLordOfTimebecause although I don't use software-center it *is* installed04:16
* TheLordOfTime just uses the command line :P04:16
TheLordOfTimeso I can at least look :004:16
TheLordOfTime:) *04:16
TheLordOfTimemrp123: at a most basic level, confirmed, but i did encounter a software-center crash error so i have to check that before I can say I can confirm your bug04:18
mrp123It happened for Stellarium, Midnight Commander, GeoGebra and any other I looked at.04:19
TheLordOfTimemrp123: confirmed looking at 7zip but I see a time-date string crash too so meh04:19
mrp123Thanks Lord ^^. I don't understand that last post04:20
TheLordOfTimemrp123: do you have the traceback that you can add into the bug?04:22
mrp123I can reproduce it and put it there.04:23
TheLordOfTimemake sure it doesn't have any personal information in it, and is just the traceback04:24
TheLordOfTimei have traceback here and I'd like to see if it matches what you had04:24
TheLordOfTimeto make sure i'm seeing the same bug04:24
TheLordOfTimemrp123: i commented on the bug asking the traceback to be attached, especially since I want to see if I'm seeing the same stacktrace04:25
TheLordOfTimesame (or similar)04:25
mrp123won't be a minute, will have to replace reviews.py with the original one to reproduce it.04:26
TheLordOfTimei ain't going anywhere :P04:26
TheLordOfTimemrp123: note that "bodgy patches" don't usually end up being accepted.04:27
* TheLordOfTime also swears he's seen another bug on this, but doesn't remember where it is04:27
mrp123Another bug report? I have seen a post on UbuntuAsk about it04:32
mrp123Seems to be the same bug, but I searched for a bug report and It hadn't been submitted.04:33
mrp123Oh and I updated the bug description with the traceback :)04:33
mrp123And about using the command line instead of the software-center. I'm still learning my way around Ubuntu and I can never get the richness of detail about the program with apt-cache. (Maybe theres something I don't know about yet)04:36
TheLordOfTimemrp123: well the software-center adds some nifty other things to Ubuntu04:36
TheLordOfTimebut i'm old school and I don't usually use anything outside the repositories that're standard :p04:37
TheLordOfTimeso i can get by on my own :)04:37
TheLordOfTimewithout software-center04:37
TheLordOfTimebut meh04:37
mrp123What ever works I suppose. I've recently changed my OS from windows. So far there's alot that I have come to enjoy (Especially the package management).04:40
mrp123About the bodgy fix, it was all I could manage and it fixed my problem at least.04:43
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cristian_cI've opened this bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/97260412:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 972604 in linux (Ubuntu) "168c:001c [HP Compaq Presario C700 Notebook PC] Wireless led button doesn't switch colors" [Low,Triaged]12:42
cristian_cI was linked to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Upstream/kernel and I've read it12:42
cristian_cI need some info12:42
cristian_c'Please take care that when you provide the below information, you should be booted into the newest available upstream mainline kernel only. Failure to do this will have negative unintended consequences.'12:42
cristian_cwhich of the two kernels?12:43
cristian_cAny ideas?12:43
penguin42why do you say 'of the two kernels' ? If it's latest upstream then that's only one12:58
cristian_cpenguin42, before, I've installed the latest upstream kernel for my release12:59
cristian_cpenguin42, then, I've installed the kernel showed by the user13:00
penguin42 'showen by the user' ?13:00
penguin42I don't understand where that comes from?13:01
cristian_c'I've also tested the latest upstream kernel (3.8.13-03081314) for my installed ubuntu release'13:01
cristian_c'cristian, thank you for your comments. Could you please test the latest mainline kernel available via http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.13-rc5-trusty/ and advise to the results?'13:02
cristian_c3.8.13 vs 3.13-rc513:02
penguin42Reporting upstream I'd always report on the latest - i.e. 3.1313:03
penguin42cristian_c: However you're saying 3.13 doesn't change colour at all13:04
cristian_cpenguin42, 3.13 aggravate the bug13:05
penguin42cristian_c: Be careful - it might be a completely different bug13:05
penguin42cristian_c: Still, if it happens on the upstream kernel then you should report it, but I'd report what you're seeing on 3.13 and put a note saying what used to happen, but it's important to report what you're seeing on the latest upstream13:06
cristian_cpenguin42, in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelMainlineBuilds:13:06
cristian_c'In order to choose which is the closest mainline kernel to any particular Ubuntu release you can use the Ubuntu to mainline mapping table, which contains mappings from Ubuntu releases and pockets to mainline versions.'13:07
penguin42cristian_c: But if you've tested on 3.13 that's what I'd report upstream13:07
cristian_cI was suggested from you to install http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.8.13.14-raring/13:08
cristian_cpenguin42, ok13:08
penguin42right, but that was a while ago!13:08
cristian_cI'll report upstream about 3.1313:08
cristian_cpenguin42, understood :)13:09
penguin42cristian_c: And for reporting upstream you always want latest13:09
cristian_cpenguin42, but before the led changed color with echo none > "/sys/class/leds/ath5k-phy0::tx/trigger"13:10
cristian_cecho phy0radio > "/sys/class/leds/ath5k-phy0::rx/trigger"13:10
cristian_cinverted but changed13:10
cristian_cand with 3.13 no, the switch from connected to disconneted is much slower13:10
cristian_cpenguin42, I'd like to be solved the original bug, too13:11
cristian_cpenguin42, for that, what should I do?13:12
penguin42cristian_c: I don't really know how that bit of stuff works so don't know, but if in 3.13 everything works except the LED then the two bugs might be related13:17
cristian_cpenguin42, Is the same bug but aggravated13:18
penguin42cristian_c: That's really difficult to say without knowing how the code works13:19
cristian_cpenguin42, but I've opened the report for the original bug13:20
cristian_cI've not undestood if the fixing the regression, the original bug is interested13:21
cristian_cor it solves only the regression13:21
cristian_cin the first case it's needed only the upstream report13:22
penguin42cristian_c: I don't think you can do anything except report what you're seeing in 3.13 but explain when you do that what used to happen and what's expected13:22
cristian_cpenguin42, it's an old bug, that I reported13:22
cristian_cfrom old ubuntu releases, never worked on it13:23
cristian_cin the old bug: the led light is blinking (red/blue)13:24
cristian_cif I use the workaround, I can switch colors, but they are inverted13:24
penguin42yes, I understand what you're saying - but unless you're prepared to debug the code yourself, the only thing you can really do is report the upstream bug13:25
cristian_con all the kernel (except 3.13)13:25
penguin42cristian_c: What about 3.12?13:25
cristian_cpenguin42, instead, with the 3.13 it's aggraveted because the the switch between wifi on and off is very slow and the LED does not change color by pressing the button before or after performing the workaround.13:26
cristian_cpenguin42, I've not tried 3.1213:26
penguin42cristian_c: The upstream guys only care about very recent13:28
penguin42cristian_c: If you can show a regression and point them to exactly which version regressed they might be interested; so like if you can show the LED stopped working between 3.12 and 3.13 say they might be help13:28
cristian_cled has not never worked well13:29
cristian_cpenguin42, but I can't use the 3.12 kernel13:29
cristian_cbecause it's not in the ubuntu release mainline, I think13:30
penguin42cristian_c: OK, so report against 3.13 and describe what happens13:30
penguin42cristian_c: The difficulty is that this might only happen on your exact model of the laptop, and the guy who wrote the driver probably doesn't have one, so he might never have seen it and have no way of testing it13:30
cristian_cI'll try to report against 3.13 and if the regression is fixed13:30
cristian_cI'll continue to report the old bug in the launchpad report13:30
cristian_cpenguin42, sure, it's related to my laptop, I've always said so13:31
cristian_cto atheros wifi card13:31
cristian_cpenguin42, a question13:52
cristian_cpenguin42, how can I get the specific commit for the regression?13:52
penguin42cristian_c: That's very tricky; you have to do what's called a bisect13:53
penguin42cristian_c: I wouldn't even try doing that unless you're happy with building your own kernels13:53
cristian_cpenguin42, 'While booted into the newest mainline kernel only describe how the bug is reproducible in the latest mainline kernel only. If this is a regression, please note the specific commit. '13:54
cristian_cpenguin42, Here is told to report the note about the commit that makes the regression13:54
penguin42yeh, if you can't find the commit then just state it's in the 3.13 whatever kernel version13:55
penguin42cristian_c: If you can try 3.12 for example and say that it's a regression between 3.12 and 3.13 then that's better than it being being 3.8 and 3.1313:55
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YOURBESTFRIENDhello, I need help fixing some bug21:45
NoskcajYOURBESTFRIEND, What bug21:46
YOURBESTFRIENDNoskcaj: this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-keyboard/+bug/123774921:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 1237749 in indicator-keyboard (Ubuntu) "Icon does not change with theme switch" [High,Triaged]21:47
YOURBESTFRIENDit looks simple enough to fix21:47
YOURBESTFRIENDnot sure if it is21:47
Noskcajbranch the code and try21:48
YOURBESTFRIENDNoskcaj: not sure if the bug is in unity (unity-panel-service) or indicator keyboard21:49
NoskcajI can't help you with that bit sorry, i don't have unity installed21:51
YOURBESTFRIENDNoskcaj: isn't there some kind of menthoring program for newbie bug hunters?21:54
TheLordOfTimei think the mentors program disappeared...21:55
TheLordOfTimefor bug stuff at least21:55
YOURBESTFRIEND(  ;____;)22:00
TheLordOfTimeyou'd have to branch the code and see if it fixes it22:01
TheLordOfTimefor either indicator-keyboard or Unity22:02
TheLordOfTimethat's relaly the only way to test a fix for a bug, branch the code, patch the code, build it, test it.22:02
YOURBESTFRIENDnot sure what's missing though… the keyboard indicator and ubuntu cloud indicator have a similar bug, but not exactly the same…22:03
YOURBESTFRIENDso I guess they are bugs respective to the indicator themselves, would make more sense to me22:04
YOURBESTFRIENDbut yeah I will try22:04
YOURBESTFRIENDTheLordOfTime: is there an easy way to branch the code and use *my* version instead of the system one?22:05
TheLordOfTimesimilar but not the same is not the same :P22:06
TheLordOfTimeso the fixes might be different22:06
TheLordOfTimeYOURBESTFRIEND: i don't test Unity or indicator bugs, i almost exclusively test server packages only, so I can't advise you22:07
TheLordOfTimeultimately I never test things on my production (i.e. "actual install") environment, unless I have to22:07
TheLordOfTimei always try and reproduce in virtual machines where I can rebuild them if I accidentally obliterate the system with the patches22:07
TheLordOfTimeeven with server packages I maintain, I do that22:07
TheLordOfTimes/maintain/work on and maintain inside of PPAs/22:07
* TheLordOfTime doesn't officially maintain any server packages (yet)22:07
YOURBESTFRIENDI see, I should do that too, and maybe try to see if the bug is still there on 14.0422:08
TheLordOfTimeyeah i had to confirm a bug in the 14.04 packages, then in Debian, so I had to create two VMs, but at least THAT bug wasn't a UI bug22:09

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