BobJonkman1Hi all! We're in https://chatb.org/#ubuntu-ca03:19
BobJonkman1OK, I've blinked out, but aruna and zykotick9 are still in chatb.org04:13
zykotick9i'm actually gone as well.  doesn't seem to work from trisquel :( well it works a bit...  too bad.04:15
BobJonkman1I think it's a lot more band-width intensive than it needs to be.04:26
BobJonkman1From what I was told by someone who actually inspected the source, it's pretty minimal. So I'm guessing that it's just cranking out the video stream as fast as it can acquire it from the camera, taking as much bandwidth as it can get. Then when a third person comes online the other two peers have no remaining bandwidth to share.04:28
BobJonkman1It's peer2peer, but not multicast04:28

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