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ali1234when i plug in my webcam the output volume on my soundcard changes. how can i debug this?11:27
ali1234/lib/udev/rules.d/90-alsa-restore.rules looks like a good place to start11:28
ali1234found it. the udev rule is actually broken12:14
ali1234RUN+="/usr/sbin/alsactl nrestore $attr{number}" - but $attr{number} is unset here, so it restores the volume on all cards instead12:15
ali1234bug 126830113:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 1268301 in alsa-utils (Ubuntu) "udev alsa restore restore rules are broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126830113:38
YOURBESTFRIENDI'm trying to fix some bug21:42
YOURBESTFRIENDI need help21:43
YOURBESTFRIENDthis is the channel for One Hundred Papercuts, right?21:59
ochosirobert_ancell: ping23:02
robert_ancellochosi, hello23:03
ochosii quickly wanted to ask you something about lightdm, greeters and powermanagement23:03
ochosii would like to set the timeout for the monitor to shut off (dpms off) to a lower value if lock_hint=true23:04
ochosiis there a sensible way to implement that on the greeter-level, or is it something that would have to go in lightdm?23:04
robert_ancellit would have to be in the greeter level23:04
ochosii haven't really looked into setting these kind of settings yet, so far i've only managed to force it to blank23:05
robert_ancellthere's no code in liblightdm-gobject for this at the moment. If there's an appropriate X api (xrandr?) to wrap we could put some there23:05
ochosiyeah, haven't really investigated properly23:05
ochosii was just wondering whether the greeter *can* even change these kind of X settings23:05
ochosi(cause this would go through the X11 screensaver extension i guess)23:06
robert_ancellochosi, I think you have to use the X idle timer, which means you need some sort of service monitoring it23:06
robert_ancellservice = greeter in this case or gnome-settings-daemon (which is what we do for unity-greeter)23:07
ochosithe problem i see is: if i change the timeout for X in the greeter (which doesn't seem problematic as long as the greeter is a lockscreen), if someone uses VT8 to log in (while the session in VT7 is locked), they would "inherit" that X setting, no?23:08
ochosiso their monitor would go into dpms off after 1 minute e.g.23:08
ochosior is that assumption mislead because the login/session would reset these values?23:09
robert_ancellochosi, each X server would have independent settings23:12
ochosibut since lightdm opens another X server upon locking, the user logging in there would inherit those settings23:13
robert_ancellnot sure what you mean by inherit, but the session would handle the idle timer for :1 and the greeter for :0 so the behaviour would be set by the greeter and session23:15
ochosiok, what i meant is this. active session in vt7 -> lock (i.e. dpms timeout of 1min in greeter on vt8) -> other_user logs in on greeter on vt8 -> session on vt8 still has that timeout of 1min dpms23:17
ochosii guess in your case things are really different cause you have the omnipresent gnome-settings-daemon23:17
ochosiwe have xfce-session, which doesn't touch those X idle timer values23:18
ochosi(and which isn't present in gtk-greeter)23:18
ochosirobert_ancell: anyway, it's not your problem as i said myself now :) so thanks for the heads-up, i'll try to implement it in gtk-greeter somehow23:19
robert_ancellah, I see what you mean23:19
ochosijust implemented fake transparency, so i think we can almost emulate the look of unity-greeter ;)23:19

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