NoskcajI'm trying to merge xchat-gnome, do i really have to list all of the ubuntu delta?01:01
slangasekyou should detail what changes you're dropping as part of the merge and what changes you're keeping, yes01:02
NoskcajThere goes the next hour of my life01:02
Logan_Noskcaj: Yes. As unfortunate and annoying as it is.01:12
NoskcajThe changelog takes up my entire screen just for the remaining changes01:14
jtayloryou don't need to keep the rebuild lines :)01:15
Noskcajjtaylor, that's without the rebuild lines01:17
Noskcajnow if this FTBFSes, i'm going to cry01:17
jtaylorupdating the changelog is usually the faster part of merging01:17
jtaylorbuild it first, then update the changelog01:17
Logan_Yeah. I usually just write "Merge," then build, and then do the changelog if it works.01:18
Logan_And, yes, I have accidentally uploaded merges with just "Merge" in the changelog in the past due to this. :P01:18
jtayloroften its just copy paste the old message, add new ones and then drop what you dropped during the merge01:18
jtaylormake sure its complete01:18
jtaylorfuture mergers will thank you01:18
NoskcajIs anyone here a DD? Could you review http://mentors.debian.net/package/testdrive ? It's an ubuntu program, but i'm sure someone in debian would like to use it.01:22
Logan_Noskcaj: I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be native.01:23
Logan_Unless the team is planning on maintaining it in Debian...01:24
NoskcajLogan_, Yes, i'm part of the team. it should be.01:24
NoskcajHow would i fix http://paste.ubuntu.com/6735963/ ?01:40
Logan_Noskcaj: Which package is that?01:43
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NoskcajLogan_, xchat-gnome02:12
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dokodirecthex, when do you plan for mono to migrate to trusty?10:37
brainwashdoko: hey, do you consider setting up a PPA for bash 4.3 rc1? or is it possible to install the debian package on a ubuntu system without running into trouble?10:46
dokobrainwash, did you check https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash, other versions?10:47
brainwashdoko: oh, I did not =S10:49
brainwashthanks :)10:49
brainwashdoko: sadly the i386 package failed to build10:50
dokoinfinity, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/162258611/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-ppc64el.python2.7_2.7.6-5_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz11:12
dokodh_shlibdeps -a11:13
dokodpkg-shlibdeps: error: no dependency information found for /lib/powerpc64le-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0 (used by debian/libpython2.7-stdlib/usr/lib/python2.7/lib-dynload/future_builtins.powerpc64le-linux-gnu.so)11:13
directhexdoko, have been trying to work through the migration blockers14:42
directhexas & when my schedule allows14:42
directhexthe problems report is a little difficult to parse, mind you14:43
cjwatsonlooks like basically banshee and tomboy now14:46
directhexyeah, banshee is going to be a problem. banshee itself is migrate-able, and it's beta for the new gtk3 version. but the banshee-community-extensions package has not been updated to gtk3 yet, so right now a) it ftbfs and b) the binaries are useless14:52
directhexi'll do tomboy though14:52
directhexa hyperair would be handy at this point14:53
dokodirecthex, banshee-community-extensions doesn't have any reverse dependencies, so we could demote it to -proposed14:56
directhexdoko, huh, i thought the amazon/u1ms plugins were in b-c-e. apparently not14:57
directhexi'm test building a patched tomboy in a ppa, will upload it if it works14:58
directhexbuild would have failed by now if it was going to15:02
hyperairdirecthex: uh yeah i'll get to it.15:11
hyperairhang on, a gtk3 bce hasn't been released15:12
directhexhyperair, nope. mass porting effort needed upstream, i think :/15:12
* hyperair groans15:12
hyperairthat'll take a while15:12
hyperairhow about the dbus# stuff? is that all taken care of?15:12
directhexyeah, transition complete in sid15:13
directhexand in theory in trusty-proposed now15:13
hyperairoh cool nice15:13
directhexcjwatson, doko, ok, tomboy all built. if b-c-e gets demoted, that *should* be everything?15:26
directhexYMMV. IANAL. IDDQD.15:26
dokodirecthex, what about tangerine?15:36
dokoand libapache2-mod-mono?15:37
directhexdoko, i don't see why those are blocked from transition15:40
cjwatsondoko: you're looking at the wrong update_output block, I suspect.15:48
cjwatsondoko: Look at the *first* one mentioning mono after the initial one-by-one pass.15:48
cjwatsonWhich looks like b-c-e, tomboy, and rdeps.15:49
doko    * amd64: banshee-extension-lastfmfingerprint, banshee-extension-lirc, banshee-extension-mirage, tomboy15:49
doko    * armhf: banshee-extension-lastfmfingerprint, banshee-extension-lirc, banshee-extension-mirage, tomboy15:49
doko    * powerpc: banshee-extension-lastfmfingerprint, banshee-extension-lirc, banshee-extension-mirage, tomboy15:49
dokoand what do the following ones describe?15:50
cjwatsonThat's p-m trying different subsets15:50
cjwatsonSometimes that succeeds where the biggest set doesn't, e.g. if it pulls in fewer transitions15:50
cjwatsonI haven't bothered inhaling the full algorithm since I don't usually need to care15:51
directhexcjwatson, like i said, fixed tomboy should be built & waiting in -proposed, and b-c-e can be demoted to ease transition15:57
directhexif that fixes it, hooray15:57
xubuntu928while installing i've noticed that i get a notice concratulations you have chosen to install xubuntu 13.10 however it's the 14 alpha language is dutch16:31
xubuntu928not sure if this is an known issue, it's ofcourse a minor issue16:32
xubuntu928however where can i findout or report such things16:32
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Ofloojoy, .. i can see it's installing english help files however i've chosen the language to be dutch16:34
Ofloonevermind my earlier remark16:37
Ofloonow it's downloading the dutch help files16:37
Oflooman i hope this is going to work my r9 card driver only support up to kernel 3.12 i see it's installing 3.1316:40
cjwatsondirecthex: looks like doko did that16:44
cjwatsondirecthex: and mono is transitioned, yay16:44
cjwatsonthanks for your work16:44
directhexoof, that was painful16:45
directhexhooray though16:45
directhexwould have been hella embarrassing to ship 2.10 in *another* release16:45
stgraberxnox, hallyn: FYI I'm just making sure I handle upgrades properly and will upload http://paste.ubuntu.com/6739735/17:27
stgraberI noticed that one because I monitor "debsums -sa" on my servers and just noticed that 14.04 boxes report subuid and subgid as modified conffiles...17:27
hallynstgraber: thanks - i guess that should go up to the debian pkg as well17:49
stgraberhallyn: I don't think Debian has support for it yet, it looks like an Ubuntu change at the moment.17:52
stgraberalright, got some transition code working to clear the conffile flag on existing installs, we should only have to carry that bit until 13.10 goes EOL so not too painful. Uploaded18:01
infinitydoko: I see that succeded on a retry.  Did something else get changed to "fix" it, or was it a weird transient error?19:00
infinityjibel: What's going on with the linux autopkgtests?  That looks like testbed explosion, not test failures.19:04
Ofloohi, .. installed xubuntu 14 but wen i run compiz i get compiz (core) - Error: Plugin 'opengl' not loaded.19:06
Oflooi did downgrade the kernel to 3.12 due to videocard driver issues19:06
Oflooan other thing i've noticed is that when plug in an usb stick it doesn't automount19:09
Oflooi had the same issue in 13.1019:10
NoskcajOfloo, Try #ubuntu or #xubuntu19:27
infinitydoko: Ahh, looks like the system somehow got wedged and dpkg/dpkg-query were segfaulting.  Weird.  Cleared up now.19:56
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YOURBESTFRIENDshit guys21:07
YOURBESTFRIENDI'm trying to fix some bug21:07
YOURBESTFRIENDbut I can't21:07
YOURBESTFRIENDwhere can I get help21:07
TJ-YOURBESTFRIEND: In #ubuntu where we were already helping you21:08
NoskcajCan someone try and work out what's causing https://code.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/ubuntu/trusty/xchat-gnome/merge to ftbfs?21:26
Laneydirecthex: it needs applying to exp21:33
directhexwhat does?21:34
YOURBESTFRIENDisn't there like some menthoring program for newbies?21:37
Laneynew upstream, dbus#2 patch21:39
Laneyunless it's already in that version, in which case nothing to do21:39
directhexLaney, i didn't think to look in exp, since trusty package is 0ubuntu122:15
directhexyeah, you're right22:15

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