dsmythiesbzr is complaining that we do not have "prestine source" (or something) anyhow.00:00
* godbyk has no idea what that means.00:00
dsmythiesme neither, something to do with 13.10.2 I suppose coming after we setup 14.0400:01
dsmythiesI have been meaning to ask on the mail list.00:01
dsmythieseverybody: I wonder if history is needed for translation string migration?00:03
KI7MTI like the ubuntu-manual way, if I want 13.10 .. I go get it and go from there .. in 14.04 .. I dont need 13.10 for the most part.00:03
knomeno, aren't those moved with .po files00:03
godbykdsmythies: It isn't. The strings don't pay attention to branches.00:03
godbykdsmythies: The strings are independent of branches.00:03
dsmythiesO.K. thanks.00:03
godbykdsmythies: No problem. :)00:04
KI7MTgodbyk, just for info .. when you start fresh with ubuntu-maual  .. how is that different from what happend with ubuntu-docs00:06
godbykKI7MT: I don't understand the question. Can you rephrase it?00:06
KI7MTgodbyk, lol .. I dont either.. lol . actually you answered above what the real question was, why do we need 117m of history for each release.00:08
godbykFor the manual, I create a new, empty repository and then I manually copy over files from the previous repository into the new repository.00:08
KI7MTIf I check out lp:ubuntu-docs/trusty .. I shouldnt' really get allot of rev's, as there's not been that many.00:09
godbykSo each new repository resets history, basically.00:09
KI7MTyeah, that makes since to me, for what we are doing, there's no real need for major regression .. with the kernel, yeah i can see why that would be a wanted item.00:09
KI7MTbut for docs, each version has a wall, release date to EOL.00:10
KI7MToutside of that, who cares really, get the previous or follow on versions.00:11
KI7MTIt makes sense to pill the source files from the previous version, just for the base, but there's no guarantee all the .page files will be used, or even wanted.00:12
KI7MT* to pull00:12
dsmythiesKI7MT: are you knowlegable about wordpress?00:25
KI7MTdsmythies, Not particularly, I've sent up allot VPS / Vhosts that use WP. Did did the Apache + Nginx caching + CDN work for them.00:27
dsmythiesKI7MT: do you know if older versions had wp-content at /var/lib/wordpress/wp-content but newer have it at /usr/share/wordpress/wp-content ?00:31
KI7MTNo I dont know that.00:31
dsmythiesKI7MT: Thanks.00:32
knomedsmythies, sounds like something that's related to the ubuntu package more than wordpress itself00:32
dsmythiesknome: I am just wanting to deal with: https://bugs.launchpad.net/serverguide/+bug/1264963 , which is a trivial bug, but I need to figure out this one thing.00:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1264963 in Ubuntu Server Guide "Wordpress configuration apache site information wrong" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:33
dsmythiesknome on my computer it's at /usr/share/wordpress/wp-content (note: I don't actually run WP, I installed way back when I was checking the wp doc addition)00:35
dsmythiesI think I'll just delete this alias: Alias /blog/wp-content /var/lib/wordpress/wp-content becuase it doesn't currently work anyhow.00:37
KI7MTshaunm__, If you around, is there an IRC channel, other than the web IRC we can use for gnome-docs ?01:26
shaunm__KI7MT: #docs on irc.gnome.org01:43
shaunm__gnome's irc channels aren't on freenode01:43
KI7MTshaunm__, Thank you.01:44
KI7MTshaunm__, GIMPNet == irc.gnome.org ... no wonder I cold not find it :-)01:48
shaunm__oh, yeah01:49
shaunm__it was GIMP's irc network first01:49
KI7MTshaunm__, do we have to go through the NickServ registration and all that like we do for freenode?01:52
shaunm__KI7MT: no, gimpnet's not as strict about that.01:54
KI7MTOk, thanks, I found gnome Wiki about IRC info, having a read there.01:55
KI7MTwow, I just installed gnome-shell and did some checking. Allot of the things I'm seeing in the .page files is making allot more sense.02:54
KI7MTIs the long term goal to Have (1) Desktop Help .. or .. is it to have Keep them separate for Unity, Gnome, Touch etc?02:55
KI7MT*have / keep02:55
KI7MTFor example, in gnome3, The Online Accounts Interface is very different to what is in Unity .. and the available service selections is 3 v.s. like 9 in Unity.02:59
shaunm__KI7MT: we've basically given up on having a single desktop help. gnome and unity have just diverged too much03:47
shaunm__but a lot of the things mallard does are shaped by our attempts to do so03:47
KI7MTshaunm__, Yes, seems Mallard is the right tool for the Job ... I think the Unity side has to look hard at everything at this point.03:50
KI7MTshaunm__, I just did a quick grep and there's like 76 or so files in ubuntu:docs that still have if:choose tags in them.04:13
KI7MTdsmythies, I was on the 14.04 workstation emails.19:16
KI7MTdsmythies, Im to the point now where I'd recommend reverting to r324 and cancel the pending MP .. and when there a decision about all the open issues. maybe of these issues are outside the scope of the MP/19:20
KI7MT*when a decision is made19:20
KI7MTdsmythies, As for the needed files, if you not using yelp-new why do we need page.stub or .tml files?19:22
dsmythiesKI7MT: files: That is a different subject than files as a result of building the html19:23
KI7MTdsmythies, for instance, see ubuntu-docs/C/{unity-stubs,templates}19:23
dsmythiesKI7MT: there is some e-mail about why the stub files are there. I'll tyr to find it.19:24
KI7MTdsmythies, I think you should just revert to 324 and rejst the pending MP .. then with the powers to be, get a consensus on the open issues.19:24
KI7MT* .. reject19:24
dsmythiesKI7MT: I was hoping godbyk would have commented by now. I was thinking to accept the pending MP and move on for now.19:25
KI7MTdsmythies, As for now, there are too many open policy issues that need to be resolved19:25
godbykdsmythies: Which MP?  I'll take a look at it in just a moment if you like.19:26
dsmythiesKI7MT: There is no about at all on the index page now. Maybe that is what gunner was commenting on.19:26
godbykI have to get caught up on all the ubuntu-docs emails, too.19:26
KI7MTdsmythies, Also, the Build Page need fixed, it tells you to install yelp and the required files, if we not using yelp, why install it?19:26
dsmythiesThe one that fixes the one that already was accepted.19:27
KI7MTdsmythies, I know there is no "About"   there no need or it, it's a mute point for Unity Desktop Help, as the footer is totally different.19:27
dsmythiesKI7MT: I'll look at the build page. as far as I know everythhing that is says is needed is needed.19:27
dsmythiesKI7MT: No it is not. Is is identical. Do not confuse yelp help with the html. They are different.19:28
KI7MTWell On my 14.04 desktop install and all the normal make builds, nothign shows the "About" info. The only way I can see "about" info is build using yelp, which you've said I shold not do.19:29
dsmythiesWhat? I did not. I said to not use yelp-build, but rather use yelp-build via the make command19:30
KI7MTyes, that's what Im saying, not to use yelp-build ..19:30
dsmythiesTo test a local branch browse to the file, say index.page and select "open with" and select "help", which will use yelp.19:31
dsmythiesThat is what I did in those screen shots.19:32
dsmythiesAll three method use the built in "help" system, which uses yelp.19:32
KI7MTIm so confused with the methodoly here, it just makes no sense to me what so ever.19:32
dsmythiesKI&MT: O.K. Lets start again. And lets leave html out of  completely for now...19:33
dsmythiesKI7MT: O.K. Lets start again. And lets leave html out of  completely for now...19:33
KI7MTIm gonna go take a break .. BBL19:33
dsmythiesKI7MT: O.K.19:34
dsmythiesgodbyk: https://code.launchpad.net/~ki7mt/ubuntu-docs/online-accounts-update/+merge/201135 that benjamin merged, but that needs ...19:41
dsmythiesgodbyk: https://code.launchpad.net/~ki7mt/ubuntu-docs/accounts-files-patch/+merge/201182 to be complete, but...19:42
dsmythiesgodbyk: all you reaaly need to do is look at my e-mail with screen shots and it shows all 3 side by side (proposed, the way it was, and GNOME)19:43
godbykdsmythies: Okay, I'll take a look. Thanks!20:00
KI7MTdsmythies, Im back, this is my recommendation, and i'm sticking to it. Reject my proposed MP, and revert to r324 as I clearly do not understand how the build system works and should not have proposed changes until I do.20:18
dsmythiesKI7MT: at this point we can not. as now MPs are stacked onto it.20:19
KI7MTdsmythies, You can not what? reject the MP or revert to 325?20:20
dsmythiesRevert. Which in my mind means we really need to accept the new MP because it fixes the existing one.20:21
dsmythies* the existing, already merged, one.20:23
KI7MTdsmythies, the fixes are minor, it's the policy that really needs to be resolved.20:26
dsmythiesKI7MT: I know, and sorry for the frustrtion. I see that gunners new MP adds to differences that already exist between UNITY and GNOME in keyboard-layouts.page20:28
KI7MTdsmythies, an easy way to do it would be, accept the mp, then revert just the edited files, and re-commit, that should keep things in line elsewhere.20:28
dsmythiesKI7MT: I know.20:29
dsmythiesKI7MT: I didn't mean to create a saga.20:31
KI7MTdsmythies, like I said int the email I sent last night, there's things that need to be resolved and published before people spend more man hours creating more issues.20:32
KI7MTdsmythies, In other words, we need written guidence.20:32
knomewritten and brief but to-the-point20:35
knomei can most definitely help get https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam in shape, but not sure how useful i am with the content20:36
knomei think it's better to 'release early, update often' than try to create something perfect in the darkness20:36
KI7MTknome, indeed, the nice thing about a vcs is you can always go back if it's busted.20:39
knomei was talking about the wiki, but that has versioning too :)20:39
KI7MTknome, I always work by, make a decision, stick by it, if it fails, put measure in place to prevent repeat-failures, and move on :-)20:50
knomeworks with docs.20:51
KI7MT:-) life an death tings probably not a good approach .. but most other things is ok :-)20:51
KI7MTdsmythies, so what's the final verdict here?21:07
KI7MTdsmythies, I suppose, another option, commit the MP, create a bug, assign to me and make me fix it ! :-) that will at lest get things moving again.21:29
dsmythiesKI7MT: I'll commit the MP. Then we'll WAIT for the discussion to catch up, but meanwhile can catch up with the other MPs.22:37
KI7MTdsmythies, Ok, there's another one line fix coming for legal.xml.23:01
dsmythiesKI7MT: I think gunner is doing the legal.xml fix and adding to his already pending MP. Check with him.23:08
KI7MTdsmythies, Ok23:08
KI7MTdsmythies, I sent a note out, but I don't see it included in his current MP on launchpad.23:18
KI7MTdsmythies, re Gunnar's MP - I'd merge it, and bug / task list the remaining item .23:43
KI7MTassuming your happy with the other edits of course.23:44

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