darkxstHi Noskcaj04:38
darkxstanychange you can package this up in a new source package? https://github.com/darkxst/displayconfig04:39
darkxstfor Bug 122876504:40
ubot5bug 1228765 in Ubuntu GNOME "Need to implement DisplayConfig dbus interface within Unity" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122876504:40
darkxst(not quite ready to upload yet, but is close enough to start testing on ppa's)04:41
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czubietaI'm having a hard time installing/removing languages05:19
czubietathrough the control-center, 'cause the +/- signs aren't there05:20
czubietayou can see a screenshot here http://imgur.com/uFe1fSO05:22
czubietaI have Ubuntu Gnome 13.1005:22
czubietaanyone awake?05:27
philwyettThose language packs are packages and if you wanted to remove them, you would have to via a package manager or the terminal. I would not recommend it.05:28
czubietaThat's what I'm trying not to do05:29
czubietaThere just to be a button to add new languages05:29
czubietaand one to apply the changes systemwide05:30
czubietabut I can't see any of these options anymore05:30
philwyettThere have been many changes.05:31
czubietayes they are re-doing all the gnome "experience" more user friendly and touchy05:33
czubietabut there mush be some way, right?05:33
czubietaIf there is no other option but to do it via synaptics05:33
philwyettVia the package manager is the best as I can see at present.05:36
czubietaok, thank you then05:37
czubietagood night05:38
Noskcajdarkxst, Without opening the link, it sounds like you already have. plus i should get motu soon so i'm waiting for then07:05
darkxstNoskcaj, its not packaged yet07:06
NoskcajI should be able to get to it sometime this week then07:06
darkxstand its going to be a long process getting it into, so trying to get it ready asap (will need NEW, MIR etc)07:07
darkxst^into trusty07:07
Noskcajok. I can't really do much work until the 14th, but i'll get to it. Any chance you could send me an email about it since i'll probably forget?07:08
Noskcajdarkxst, Do you think libgnome is worth merging? It appear to just be a partial fix of ubuntu's changes + changing it to oldlibs07:12
darkxstisnt that extinct?07:13
Noskcajyeah. still in main though07:13
darkxstprobably only used in gtk2 apps07:15
darklight_Has gnome 3.10 landed in 14.04 or is it still ppa only ?11:05
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UallasHello World!18:02
roastedhello friends21:09
Noskcajdarkxst, Next time you can, could you finalize https://code.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/+junk/geoclue-2.0 so we can upload it? I'm going to start on display config now, but i'm going to brisbane today, so i won't finish it that soon21:27
NoskcajAlso, what should the version of displayconfig be?21:28
ubot5Debian bug 733901 in geoclue "geoclue: package geoclue-2.0 in parallel to geoclue 0.12.99" [Normal,Open]21:40
darkxstdisplayconfig can be the same version as mutter, i.e. 3.10.221:41
darkxstgeoclue, need try get the changes into debian first if possible, though I never got a response on that bug21:43
NoskcajMaybe ask on #debian-gnome?21:45
NoskcajI just linked the bug to him21:47
Noskcajhim = debian maintainer21:47
Noskcajdarkxst, You know the situation better than me, you should be talking to bigon21:56
Noskcajand i have to go now, bye21:56
xdaimonhow are you?23:26
bigongood good and you?23:27
xdaimonwell :) are you familiar at all with the inner workings of the gnome 3 lock screen?23:29
bigonask your question I'll see if I can answer it23:31
xdaimonI have a python script. it runs a while True: ..... time.sleep() loop. I can't get it to keep executing through the lock screen.23:33
xdaimonI'm trying to find out how I need to write my script or how I need to execute it to keep it from going to coma like this23:34
bigonyou mean that the script stops when the lockscreen is running?23:34
xdaimonafter a few minutes in lock yes. The loop does not continue executing even after I unlock.23:35
xdaimonit works if i leave the terminal open23:35
bigonan how are you starting the script?23:36
xdaimonbut if I use one of many ways to separate python from the terminal it stops executing like I said above. lol i dont understand it23:36
xdaimonive tried a few ways.23:36
xdaimon(python script.py) &23:36
xdaimon(nohup python script.py) &23:37
xdaimonor even having the script start at boot from a shell script23:37
xdaimonlike ....... python script.py &23:38
bigonpython script.py, then ctrl-Z, bg, disown << this should work23:38
bigonnohup python script.py << should work too23:38
bigonor you could start it with: alt-f2 in gnome-shell23:39
bigonand then type the commands there23:39
xdaimoni will try your first and third suggestions. nohup python script.py will tie up the terminal and bg 'ing it and disowning nohup python script.py doesnt work as i've tested it extensively23:40
xdaimonafk for one moment23:40
xdaimonbtw here is a simple script ive been using to test it all23:40
bigonyou really want to run it in gnome-terminal23:43
xdaimongood question i havent considered anything else23:46
xdaimoni just ran python /home/xdaimon/test.py in an AltF2 box23:47
xdaimonlocked the screen, waited a few minutes, and my program is reporting 5 minutes runtime23:47
xdaimonand python is still in the process list of system monitor23:49

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