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asymptote9xHow can I have my LoCo account deleted ?17:28
omnidanasymptote9x: what exactly do you mean?17:29
asymptote9xI have a Ubuntu LoCo account showing on loco.ubuntu.com.  I want that account removed.17:31
asymptote9xI am able to login to the account but I do not see any type of user control panel to modify or delete my account details.17:31
omnidanasymptote9x: it's linked to your launchpad account17:31
omnidanif you leave the team on launchpad you shouldn't be on the page anymore17:31
asymptote9xwhen you say "shouldn't be" do you know for a fact that will remove my account or are you just guessing ?17:39
omnidanit doesn't remove your account, it removes the listing on the loco page, you can also delete your launchpad account17:40
omnidanand I think if you are listed as a team contact, an admin will have to delist you17:40
omnidanasymptote9x: ^17:42
asymptote9xI deactivated my launchpad account17:43
omnidanasymptote9x: ok, what loco are you talking about, and what's your launchpad account?17:44
asymptote9xI don't know if I'm part of any loco17:46
asymptote9xnow my launchpad account is gone but the loco account is still there17:46
omnidanyour launchpad account is your loco account, they are linked17:46
omnidancan you please show me where you are still listed as a member?17:46
omnidanasymptote9x: ^17:48
asymptote9xomnidan can I send you a pm by typing /m omnidan17:51
asymptote9xI'm using the webchat so I can't right-click on your name and use the pm function17:52
asymptote9xoh I think I got it17:52
omnidanjose: around?17:54
joseomnidan: yep, what's up? :)17:54
omnidanjose: can you help asymptote9x remove his loco account page? he got his launchpad account deactivated but it seems like his loco page is still there17:56
joseomnidan: sure, let me read the backlog and I'll be back here in a second17:56
joseasymptote9x: hey! glad to help. may I have the link, please?17:57
asymptote9xjose sent you a pm17:58
joseasymptote9x: let me contact one of the LTP admins to get it deleted asap, the LoCo Council doesn't have enough rights for it17:59
joseI'll take care from this point on18:00
asymptote9xok jose I'm making some eggplant parm so I'll be back in a bit18:00
josesure, no worries18:00
joseasymptote9x: hey, were you an admin of any team or something?18:12
joseadmin or contact18:12
dakerjose: can you fill a bug report for it?18:13
josedaker: will do18:14
asymptote9xjose: I don't think so.18:29
asymptote9xjose: to be specific I don't believe I was an admin or a point of contact.18:29
joseI'll file a bug in a couple mins, need to finish something over here18:29

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