nexus7-nobootanyone know why the final boot into touch on nexus 7 gets stuck on the Google load screen?00:35
nexus7-nobootjoin #ubuntu-touch00:39
r3pwnHey, can someone help me with a build real quick?02:52
shootingironHey there, i was thinking of buying a samsung s3 and running ubuntu on it, is that possible?05:42
shootingiron... is there a place where i ca find out if it runs on that phone?05:42
shootingironI'm really wondering if ubuntu phone is mature enough for me to use, i'm not a power user.05:46
BarneyssHi, I have bandwith limit internet and I want to try Ubuntu-Touch, may u tell me how MB needs to download ? THANKS08:27
BarneyssI Find it, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/  It's about 400 MB ! WoW . Thanks Mr Self ;-) ,  np :D08:31
flyankurHey, I just installed Ubuntu Touch on Nexus4. How do I access terminal & other core linux functionality on this ?09:24
shiggitaysorry... was cross device copy pasting10:07
flyankurHey, I just installed Ubuntu Touch on Nexus4. How do I access terminal & other core linux functionality on this ?11:18
ogra_flyankur, either throug the terminal app (but there is currently a bug that breaks the emter key) or via adb11:26
flyankurogra_: Thanks :)11:44
fattestis there a patch to fix calls/sms for Samsung galaxy s212:46
WebbyITI have a strange behavior with keys.onPressed, every time i press a button is evocated twice... Somone know from what might be causing this?14:42
nik90WebbyIT: link to code?14:46
WebbyITnik90, calc app, you can try on trunk14:47
nik90WebbyIT: ah ok14:47
WebbyITnik90, it's not a sdk bug, I tried on a 'clean' app14:47
nik90WebbyIT: so when you press a button on the keyboard, it is invoked twice?14:49
MyNickisNicholasHello is there any one here that works on the reminders app or Ted Gould ?14:50
WebbyITnik90, right, just add console.log('Pressed') on line 186 of SimplePage.qml14:50
* nik90 is trying14:51
nik90WebbyIT: I dont have that issue14:52
WebbyITnik90, ??? this is so weird!14:53
WebbyITmhh, let me check a couple of things...14:53
nik90WebbyIT: by the way I noticed a minor issue. When you press on a key and that is received in one of the loops, you are supposed to set event.accepted = true to ensure that the event signal doesn't keep propogating14:56
nik90WebbyIT: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qml-keys.html14:56
nik90look at the sample code14:56
MyNickisNicholasmhall119: do you know of anyone that works on either the reminders app or the tracking-arch ?14:57
nik90MyNickisNicholas: contact David planella, michael zanetti who work on the reminders app14:58
MyNickisNicholasI am trying to make a click package and it is just not working.  the package builds and installs but is no where to be found on the phone14:58
MyNickisNicholasthanks nik9014:58
nik90MyNickisNicholas: also try on Monday, since no one is here on sunday14:59
MyNickisNicholasnik90: been trying to do this for 2 days I got so sick of trying to build from command line that I made a --click option to my app to build the click14:59
MyNickisNicholasit builds installs and what not but is no where to be found :(14:59
nik90MyNickisNicholas: are you referring to the reminders app or your own app?15:00
MyNickisNicholasmy own app but I uses the "flow" of the reminders app to make the C++ to build the package15:00
nik90MyNickisNicholas: ah15:00
MyNickisNicholasaka copy the folders and what not and calling qprocess to call click build <myInstallDir>15:01
nik90MyNickisNicholas: If I remember correctly, they have a script which builds the package and then pushes it to the phone15:01
MyNickisNicholasyeah that is what I used there is a function in there to build it on the phone.  that is great but doe no good for me as end users can not do that15:01
MyNickisNicholasbecause they can not use apt and also because.  there is no qmake or anything like that installed15:02
nik90MyNickisNicholas: Since your question is specific to building that click package, contact mzanetti (michael zanetti) who created that script15:02
MyNickisNicholasping mzanetti15:02
nik90MyNickisNicholas: but why would your users want to build a script? Won't you be distributing through the app store?15:02
MyNickisNicholasmzanetti: I dont know if you remember me I gave you zeroconf15:02
nik90I meant build a click package?15:03
MyNickisNicholascorrect but I can not test my click because it is not working :( that is my full issue15:03
WebbyITnik90, thanks15:03
WebbyITnik90, YEAH, you saved my day: I addded a if/else on keysOnpressed and this caused the wrong behavior,15:04
WebbyITnik90, I added event.accepted = true and now it's all ok :-)15:04
MyNickisNicholasexample: i take all my apparmor and desktop and plugins and qml files and copy them to a folder in my build dir called Install  I then  click build install  and it builds the click but once I install it installs to /opt/mypackageName    but it is not in the scopes of Unity815:05
nik90WebbyIT: u r welcome :)15:05
nik90MyNickisNicholas: ok15:05
MyNickisNicholasadb push <myclick> /home/phablet/   ;   adb shell  ; su - phablet ; sudo click install  <my click>15:06
nik90makes snese15:06
MyNickisNicholaseverything goes to opt but never shows up in the dang unity8 scopes15:06
ogra_MyNickisNicholas, you cant use "click install" like that ...15:07
MyNickisNicholasI have tried on 13.10 and 14.04 and built in chroot and it builds (debian package )15:07
MyNickisNicholasogra_: Oo15:07
MyNickisNicholaspk-con ?15:07
MyNickisNicholasogra_: how do I install a click on the phone ?15:08
ogra_also use "sudo -i phablet -i " su has a different env than sudo15:08
ogra_pkcon install-local /path/to/*.click15:08
MyNickisNicholasogra_: I should just use root ?15:08
MyNickisNicholasphablet user ?15:09
ogra_click packages needs to be installed by the user15:09
ogra_as i said: sudo -u phabelt -i15:09
MyNickisNicholasI will try right now15:09
ogra_and then pkcon install-local ...15:09
MyNickisNicholasyeah I missed that sorry ogra_15:09
MyNickisNicholasogra_: what is the outline(file stucture)  for a click n=know where I can get examples ?  like what should it look like under /opt/click/<myapp>   I am wondering if I hould build my click package from a chrooted debian package that I exstract or if I should just use the source code.15:11
ogra_uh, dunno, there is a wikipage somewhere on the ubuntu wiki15:12
MyNickisNicholasexample: should I build the [package via chroot and sbuilder -> take deb package exstract it and use them files. Or should I just use what is in my build dir15:12
ogra_there is some way to cross compile click packages, but dont ask me how15:13
* ogra_ has never packaged anything that needed compiling ... only webapps and some QML ones 15:14
MyNickisNicholasogra_: yeah cross compilation works great with cmake and sbuilder/chroot15:16
ogra_no, i mean via click15:17
ogra_there is some magic you can cand to the click build command15:17
ogra_(something with "click chroot")15:19
MyNickisNicholasogra_: IT WORKED !!!!!15:21
MyNickisNicholaslets see if it launchs15:22
MyNickisNicholasogra_: gets to be 1st alpha tester for my app ?    ......15:22
MyNickisNicholasit does not launch the app correctly but at least I am getting somewhere lol15:23
MyNickisNicholasogra_: thanks again and also thanks again for hanging out with me in Copenhagen smoking "ciggs" and   talking to me about Ubuntu and debian there15:34
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popeyHm. Rotation seems broken in 124 on mako20:33
* popey wonders what that's a bug in20:35
popeybug 126837220:39
ubot5bug 1268372 in mir (Ubuntu) "Rotation broken in #124 on mako" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126837220:39
dakerpopey: i remember mhall119 saying that20:40
mhall119daker: it was broken on some earlier version, I have r121 on my phone right now and it works20:56
mhall119still broken on grouper afaik20:56
popeymhall119: do you know if it's possible / easy to flash back to previous version with system-image-cli? I can do it with phablet-flash..22:46

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