diddledanI think I want a pizza00:01
daftykinsat midnight :o00:01
diddledanmidnight feast :-p00:05
daftykinsi've been murdering twiglets all evening00:06
* diddledan sings the twiglet zone music00:06
daftykinsthere was music!?00:06
* penguin42 murdered an Aldi chocolate Reindeer earlier - it was very nice (and cheap)00:06
diddledanI love murdering chocolate creatures of all kinds00:07
Elionspopey: Are you there? I have a question I need to ask you00:07
diddledanI killed a chocolate santa the other day00:07
diddledanElions: always to the left00:08
Elionspopey: What plugin do you use to post your podcast automatically to an RSS feed? I don't know if you remember me but i'm Azelphur's friend who was trying to set up a Bitcoin Podcast00:08
ElionsSee, our RSS poster at the moment seems to make it impossible to put out podcast on Itunes00:08
Elionsali1234: Yup. Bitcoin00:09
ali1234my favourite bitcoin website shut down today00:09
popeyElions: hello00:09
Elionsali1234: That's a shame. Which one was it?00:09
ali1234good guy op didn't steal all the funds, so there's that00:09
popeyElions: wordpress + podpress00:10
diddledanbitcoins are a bit of a wild west atm00:10
diddledanlots of early scams00:10
diddledanit'll settle down I guess like the west did00:10
Elionspopey: Thank you. I was looking for it but wordpress' search engine is basically useless.00:10
diddledanso we'll end up with all the beautiful people there making movies00:11
daftykinsElions: the admin pages have a plugin search mechanism00:11
ali1234that's the same thing00:11
Elionsdaftykins: Yeah, that's the one I was using00:11
ElionsAnyhow, thank you very much popey. Sorry if I interrupted anything, mate.00:11
ali1234if you need custom wordpress plugins i can do write them for you00:11
Elionsali1234: We're good for now, no worries.00:12
ali1234Azelphur: i can turn my lights on and off with the g19 keys now :)00:21
ali1234i probably made everyone's doorbell ring on my street while developing this00:26
ali1234and all their garage doors open and car alarms turn on and off00:26
penguin42what hardware is that?00:27
ali1234the plugs are from maplin but they don't sell them any more00:28
ali1234and the AVR board is a minimus3200:29
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ali1234also i used a RTL-SDR to look at the signals, with rtl-433, gqrx, and gnuradio-companion00:29
penguin42oh that's tiny00:29
penguin42(and cheap)00:30
ali1234the minimus board is also tiny and cheap00:30
ali1234actually everything involved was cheap00:30
penguin42I'd played with gqrx and the rtl-sdr but hadn't come across gnuradio-companion - I played with the rtl when stuff was still a bit touchy, I should try again00:30
ali1234there is a fairly good ppa with it all now00:30
ali1234gr-companion is like a drag and drop filter graph editor00:31
ali1234it's not very easy to use00:31
ali1234and it crashes a lot00:31
penguin42oh, maybe I did use that - I certainly edited a gnuradio graph - but didn't have the patience to do anything smart with it00:32
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foobarrylooks nippy out there today07:42
MartijnVdSwe're having clear skies, blue with bits of red07:43
mappsyeas  foobarry07:44
mappsits kinda cold07:44
mappswhen i walked back from the casino was cold;/07:44
MartijnVdSApparently it's 0°C outside here07:44
MartijnVdSmapps: did you win? :)07:44
mappsdont play really i just go for a beer07:45
mappshorrible places07:45
mappsthe UKs lowest07:45
mappseveryone there will tell you they 'broke even' or 'won a few quid'07:45
mappsso casinos must operate on good faith;p07:46
foobarrypink/blue skies out there, frost on the field and the car07:49
foobarryyou get free sandwiches in casinos to07:49
foobarrycan't imagine the beer is exactly great07:50
foobarryi just had a sudden urge to play gribbly's day out on the archimedes07:58
foobarrythat was a hard game07:58
mappsgoing to London Dungeons next week:D08:03
mappswent to the amsterdam one on our ;last day there08:04
foobarryi want a rasp pi to run RISC OS!08:04
MartijnVdSfoobarry: http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads bottom of the page?08:06
foobarrythe "want" in that sentence was the rasp pi..i don't own one08:11
MartijnVdSAh, I assumed everyone had one (or several) by now :)08:11
shaunowhy not?  I thought pretty much every had 3 or 4 by this point08:11
foobarryi don't have anything with hdmi or dvi in the house08:13
foobarryand i had a nslu2 already for my low power needs08:14
foobarryi have a short term urge to play my old acorn games again08:17
MartijnVdSfoobarry: RPi also has Composite out08:17
MartijnVdSdon't know the quality of it.. but it exists08:17
foobarryit happens occasionally and i faff around with the emulator and leave after a sub standard experience08:17
foobarryyeah, prob no worse than the arch games quality for these purposes08:17
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mappsmorning popey09:58
mappsgoing back home monday:D09:58
mappsback to good net09:58
mapps75mbit ftc and 100mbit cable:D09:58
* mapps is stuck on 6mbit here;/09:58
mappsgotta brave the underground on monday again10:03
mappsipad/netbook/nexus7 should be enough:D10:03
mappsi have a nook:D10:04
mappsipad air/ipad mini/nexus7/dell xps12 miini/dell xps i7/samsung nc1010:05
mappsthose are my 'portables'10:05
MartijnVdSmapps: XPS 12 with the rotating screen? :)10:05
mappsand my beloved iphone 5:)10:05
mappsyes sir10:05
* MartijnVdS has one of those.. yay work 8-)10:05
mappsi buyed my dad one for his birthday also10:05
mappstheyre expensive10:05
mappsbut nice10:05
MartijnVdSI wanted the Ubuntu edition 13" but it was sold out at the time (just before the new model launched.. but I needed a work laptop to work on..)10:05
mappsits a good quality laptop10:06
mappsits quite pricey..no?10:06
MartijnVdSIt is10:06
MartijnVdSbut I didn't have to pay, so it's good ;)10:06
MartijnVdSI've disabled the touch screen though10:06
mappsso iil be taking10:07
mappsiphone 5/ipad air/ipad mini/nexus7/dell xps12/dell i7/samsung nc1010:07
mappsthat enough?10:07
mappsfor a week10:07
MartijnVdSwhere? why? :)10:07
mappsback to my fathers10:08
mappsgoing home for a week10:08
mappsto Surrey10:08
MartijnVdSWhen I go away for a week I take my chromebook and my phone10:08
MartijnVdSmaybe my kindle10:08
mappswhen i go abroad10:08
MartijnVdSxoom, work laptop and older VAIO stay at home10:08
mappsi take my iphone 5 and my netbook10:08
mappsmy big laptop is too big..i dont pay for luggage10:08
mappsso i just use hold luggage :)10:08
mappsso a netbook is better10:08
MartijnVdScarry-on you mean.. hold luggage tends to cost money :)10:09
mappsahh yes10:09
mappsso hold is the pay ?10:09
MartijnVdSThe stuff take with you (hold in your hands) = carry-on10:09
mappsi meant carry on plane10:09
mappsmy normal laptop takes too much space on my bag10:09
mappsso i use my netbook10:09
MartijnVdSThe "belly of the aircraft" where checked bags are stored is called the "hold" 8-)10:09
mappsaha so thats hold luggage10:10
MartijnVdSYes, this is weird ;)10:10
mappsi liked KLM10:10
mappsthey were good10:10
mappsi used e-barcode thing10:10
mappsi went to work and both printers were broken so i had no choice had it sent to my phone10:11
mappsscanned it a manchester10:11
mappsthen on amsterdam someone came and looked at it10:11
mappsbut still really easy:D10:11
mappsboarding pass on phones10:11
MartijnVdSlast time I flew, I went with Easyjet. Checked in a month before the flight 8-)10:11
mappshaa yea with some u can10:12
mappsyou flew KLM?10:12
mappsthey only let you check in 24 hour before10:12
MartijnVdSno, EJ10:12
mappsno i mean have you ever10:12
MartijnVdSI flew to London City once with KLM10:12
mappsstill nice to be able to use your phone..ryan air dont let u...so if you forget the bordon pass you pays 70quid per person10:13
MartijnVdSand to SF and back10:13
mappsbut with KLM i can checkin upto 30mins before flight..and there's free wifi at airports so could do it on my phone10:13
MartijnVdSRyanair makes it easy to make mistakes, and expensive to correct them10:13
MartijnVdSand that's where they get most of their money10:14
MartijnVdS"People are stupid" :)10:14
shaunoI've honestly never had a problem with ryanair10:15
MartijnVdSshauno: Sure, if you read everything before clicking and check for typos in your name, everything is fine10:16
MartijnVdSshauno: though in-flight drinks are on the expensive side.. but on a 2 hour flight shouldn't need too many drinks really10:17
shaunois "I can spell my name" really a difficult bar to set?10:17
MartijnVdSbut most people just click through, mistype their names, don't see that luggage = extra money10:17
shaunoyeah, inflight purchases are actually their revenue stream10:17
shaunothe rest is high because to force people to double-check stuff so they need less staff10:18
MartijnVdSshauno: Three people in front of me in the Easyjet line had to have their misspellings fixed. And were angry that they had to pay.10:18
MartijnVdSI'm assuming Ryanair typo rates are similar10:18
shaunowell trained customers = cheaper customer service10:18
MartijnVdSthough the relative luxury of that KLM flight to San Francisco is nice :)10:19
shaunowell yeah, I wouldn't want to go that far with bargain basements10:19
MartijnVdSThey just put the drinks cart somewhere and made it a self-serve bar 8-)10:19
shaunothere was an outfit a few years back doing london to hong kong for 75GBP.  that both interested & terrified me10:20
MartijnVdSshauno: I'd figure out a way to get sleeping pills before boarding that10:21
MartijnVdSwake me up when we've landed10:21
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:21
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon10:21
brobostigonmorning MartijnVdS10:21
shaunoI guess I'm just glad for ryanair because they've led me on a lot of strange trips that wouldn't have happened otherwise10:33
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)12:34
penguin42Hey BC12:36
dogmatic69_what can I use to monitor traffic on my network?12:51
dogmatic69_eg: usage by user / sites etc.12:51
penguin42dogmatic69_: It depends a bit how your network is setup and what you want to measure12:59
penguin42dogmatic69_: When you say 'by user' is that which particular machine or a particular logged on user?12:59
dogmatic69_ye, machine / ip13:03
dogmatic69_just simple home network with router -> machines13:03
dogmatic69_I guess something like bind on one, with the router configured to use it as dns?13:03
dogmatic69_mostly what machines are accessing13:04
penguin42ok, so by IP isn't too bad13:05
dogmatic69_ye, everything has a static IP address13:06
penguin42there are things like iptop that you can watch current behaviour; longer term recording hmm not too sure13:06
dogmatic69_something like ntop?13:06
penguin42dogmatic69_: If you force stuff through a squid cache it's easy to record what urls are being accessed13:07
penguin42yeh like ntop was what I was thinking of13:07
dogmatic69_not sure if that can do network wide?13:07
dogmatic69_squid cache?13:07
penguin42dogmatic69_: squid - it's a http cache13:07
dogmatic69_does ntop cover the whole network?13:08
penguin42it covers what that machines network can see13:09
ali1234hmm.... i appear to have found a bug in systemd13:21
penguin42report it/fix it13:25
dogmatic69_penguin42: just installed ntopng. awesome compared with last version...13:26
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1268301 in alsa-utils (Ubuntu) "udev alsa restore restore rules are broken" [Undecided,New]13:33
penguin42ali1234: Hmm that's going to cause some fun behaviours - now search for all bugs where people are finding the sound on one card doing something odd13:40
ali1234i'm testing if it happens in fedora13:40
ali1234i don't see how it can be anything other than systemd/udev causing it, because nothing else involved has changed - not even upstream13:41
ali1234fedora avoids the problem by not using that $attr{} construct at all13:42
ali1234systemd tests take ages to run :/14:03
ali1234it's impossible to search for any real information about systemd because of all the blog posts complaining about it14:40
penguin42yeh - my experience so far is it generally works quite well14:43
ali1234$attr substitution doesn't work on fedora either :/14:55
MooDooafternoon all15:05
penguin42ali1234: Is that supposed to be $ATTRS{number} ?15:05
ali1234penguin42: no. that is something totally different15:06
ali1234it's not supposed to be $ATTR{number} either, which is also a different thing15:06
penguin42ali1234: Oh, it does conveniently have the value 0 :-)15:06
ali1234yes but it won't be accepted by the format string parser15:06
ali1234it will just be passed through verbatim15:07
ali1234one way to make the script work is by just putting $number15:07
ali1234but $attr{number} is supposed to work according to the documentation15:07
penguin42now is it the docs or the code that's wrong?15:09
ali1234that's what i'm trying to figure out15:10
penguin42I suggested the ATTR{number} because that's the format udevadm info prints it in15:11
ali1234$attr does something different15:12
penguin42are you sure? the stuff from udevadm looks like the sysfs files of the same name15:12
ali1234yes it is15:12
ali1234that's where it comes from15:13
ali1234try it if you don't believe me (i already have)15:13
penguin42no, I'm fine to let you find the potholes15:13
ali1234http://paste.ubuntu.com/6739002/ <- put that in /etc/udev/rules.d/99-test.rules15:14
ali1234then sudo udevadm control --reload-rules15:14
ali1234then udevadm test --action=add /class/sound/controlC015:14
penguin42ali1234: Is the problem here that you're doing it on controlC0 rather than the card0?  There is no number file in /sys/class/sound/card0/controlC0/   but there is in /sys/class/sound/card0 ?15:17
penguin42so it's right, there is no number attribute on controlC015:18
penguin42and $attr only says to use an entry from a parent device if a previous KERNELS/SUBSYSTEMS/DRIVERS/ATTRS tests selected a parent15:19
directhexit's that time again! :D15:57
penguin42MS license price negotiation time?15:58
directhexLatest release: Release4 (2014-01-08u1) (released 2014-01-12)15:59
directhexi should probably sleep more...16:00
popeygot a normal torrent url pls?16:04
popeyodd, not downloading anything here16:10
popeymagnet is in transmission though16:10
popeyah, magnet on laptop can see my vps tho16:10
popeythats better, chugging along now16:11
shaunoI see popey.com on mine :p16:11
popeydoes yours resolve ip to host or did you look it up?16:11
shaunoit resolves16:12
directhextransmission doesn't resolve here16:12
directhexi see deluge, 2xtransmission, and one generic libtorrent16:12
popeyi have 1xtransmission and 2xrtorrent16:13
shaunoI'm using https://code.google.com/p/transmisson-remote-gui/ because it's running on a box elsewhere16:13
* popey leaves it running while going to make cottage pie i think16:14
ali1234i got up to 60 ratio on the last one16:33
popeyyeah, same here, was peak/troughy, but quite popular16:34
directhexanother slow torrents day. thanks, bt16:36
* daftykins jumps on the torrent16:43
daftykinshmm looks like you announced it a bit sooner this time, tonnes on it already? :D16:46
ali1234i'm at ratio 1 and i've only downloaded 25% of it16:47
daftykinsyeah it's ground to a halt ~the 27% mark16:47
diddledanwhat we torrenting?16:48
daftykinslatest steamos again from directhex16:48
directhexlet me see what i can do16:48
diddledanhmm, should I plop a torrentbox up somewhere to helpout?16:49
popeyits bottlenecked on directhex upstream atm16:49
foobarryany risc os users here?16:50
penguin42not for about ooh 15 years16:51
shaunolol, that's cute; 'someone' shows up as Guernsey, but it has no idea what flag to assign to them16:51
foobarryi heard risc os is now open source16:54
daftykinsshauno: :D16:54
daftykinsshauno: do i have an addy or just IP?16:54
daftykinsassuming your client resolves16:54
shaunoa name, bbdhome2-blahblahblah16:54
shaunoit just looks a tad silly in the UI because everyone else has flags16:55
daftykinsfancy not having the Guernsey flag =|16:56
diddledanlol, nice: http://retro.apebox.org/index.php?section=six&rant=irc.rant <-- I been nosey16:56
daftykinsi am insulted!16:56
popeyfile a bug ☻16:57
diddledandoes guernsey even have a flag?16:57
* popey mashes spuds16:57
diddledanI mean there's like three people there, what are the chances one of you has a spare rag? :-p16:57
shaunointeresting, I can't checkout svn on this 3g connection.  it doesn't make it through o2-ie's mangler16:59
directhexok someone else on BT just connected, 1.12MB up now16:59
daftykinsdiddledan: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fa/Flag_of_Guernsey.svg16:59
diddledanyeah, but that's wiki.17:00
diddledanand it looks decidedly like dicky the lion heart's shield17:00
popeyclick "days" and spot where directhex releases yeoldesteamos17:06
shaunowell boo.  there's nothing in the zip of flags to say where they got it from17:07
shaunoif it makes you feel better, comcast via ipv6 isn't getting a flag either.  so not only are you not alone, but you might be the future17:09
daftykinsyeah i've spotted the IPv6-ers get nothing17:10
daftykinswoohoo complete17:12
shauno:(  the list got really boring now17:14
shaunoI'm not sure there's any solution for this, but I find it interesting that the ipv6 client appears to be connected by both 4+6, and is being served as two separate peers17:15
daftykinshow funky17:33
daftykinshow did you spot the v6 matching the v4s?17:33
shaunotwo customers on the same ISP with the same % complete, just looks suss17:37
shaunocustomers, clients, peers, whatever.  I've been at work since 6am :(17:38
foobarrypenguin42: i'm trying to remember an archimedes adventure game that starts with you being guarded in a train carriage...know it?17:40
penguin42foobarry: No, I didn't play much games on the Arch17:41
ali1234foobarry: text adventure?17:41
foobarryyeah ali123417:42
ali1234was it an infocom one?17:42
ali1234was it corruption?17:43
foobarryi was just looking at the corruption wiki17:43
foobarryfrom memory i'm thinking it might be.17:43
foobarryhow did you get out of the carriage?17:43
foobarryask for the toilet?17:43
ali1234i dunno?17:44
ali1234i'm just googling17:44
foobarrymaybe corruption came out at similar time17:44
ali1234did it have graphics like that?17:44
foobarrynot corruption17:45
foobarryfirst scene is you in a train carriage17:45
ali1234mentions something about a train17:47
foobarryhmmm doesn't seem to be the one from my memory,17:51
foobarryit was certainly an earlier arch game , trawling through the mag scrolls ones17:51
bigcalmdirecthex: just nabbed your latest torrent. I am currently seeding beta1 & beta2. What should I drop (if any)?17:52
bigcalmbeta1 got to a ratio of 0.4. beta2 got to 30.1 :)17:52
directhexbigcalm, drop everything that isn't release 417:53
directhex(i've simplified the version numbering now, too)17:53
daftykinsshauno: weekend work O_O17:55
shaunoit's not that bad17:55
shaunoI had thursday/friday off, will have monday/tuesday off, and enjoy two shifts with no adult supervision17:56
shaunoeg; the most I've done in the last 2 hours, is try to figure out why this client has no gg.png17:58
daftykinscan i have a job?17:59
popeywheee 5MB/s18:18
daftykinshaha, my brothers latest toy is a quadracopter18:49
daftykinsthe views of Guernsey are quite nice in this one18:49
bigcalmThat's incredibly steady18:50
bigcalmNo wind I'm guessing18:50
daftykinsit was pretty good yesterday18:51
bigcalmSounds like a herd of strimmers18:51
popeywhih one is it?18:52
bigcalmIt appears to be in the 'gaming' category, bit odd18:53
daftykinsyeah i thought that18:54
bigcalmIs it a live feed back to the controls, or is it only available once downloaded?18:55
bigcalmI want one now18:55
daftykinsi was given the vid link and that's all i know unfortunately18:55
daftykinsi suspect it was just a goPro attached18:59
bigcalmTime to do my duty and be in the sitting room while Dancing on Ice is on. Hooray for laptop and headphones!19:01
bigcalmIt's nice to spend time together, even if we're doing different things19:02
bigcalmToday's big outing was to Dreams19:02
daftykinsanything but that :'(19:02
penguin42did you fall asleep?19:02
bigcalmSpent over 1.2K on a new mattress :S19:03
popeyu mad bro19:03
diddledanby eck that's alotta dough19:03
bigcalmI'm looking forward to sleeping well once more19:03
popeyi should coco for that amount19:03
penguin42hmm, I can see how that can happen; I spent about 700 on one probably near 7 years ago - and that was a custom size but only a bit over single19:03
popeyI'd expect to never wake up19:03
penguin42bigcalm: Temper ?19:03
bigcalmI think it was something like 1.1K for the mattress and then extra for the delivery and wotnot19:04
bigcalmpenguin42: amazingly no. We didn't find the Temper as comfortable19:04
penguin42bigcalm: Was it a clone of a temper or a more normal one?19:04
bigcalmpenguin42: more normal one. I should go and find the receipt19:05
penguin42nod; mine is a Temper clone19:05
diddledanthat's the one that makes you feel weightless (according to the advert)19:05
bigcalmpopey: made use of wedding money. Only way we could ever entertain the idea of a new decent mattress19:05
penguin42diddledan: Which is rubbish - they are comfy but not that weightless19:05
diddledanI think waking up feeling weightless might make my mind go madder than it already is (at least for the moment)19:05
popeyour mattress was bought from amazon while laying on the old one.19:06
popey"Alan, order a new mattress"19:06
popey"How about this one?"19:06
popey"Looks good"19:06
diddledanpopey: lifestyle of champions19:06
popey"Ok, I'll be here on monday"19:06
daftykinsbrother says he had first person view showing lots of telemetry19:06
penguin42popey: Do you have it on subscription?19:06
popeyhah, no19:06
diddledanif you pay more on amazon they'll be kind enough not to show you adverts19:06
daftykinsso he has goggles for it @_@ http://www.fatshark.com/19:07
diddledanI wonder how adverts will work on a mattress though19:07
popeyamazon is one giant advert19:07
popeyI am sure I tested my RPi powered by a USB battery but I can't remember how long it lasted19:08
popeywondering how long the battery would last powering Pi and two motors, scuttling around19:08
diddledansurely that'll depend on the size of your epeen.. erm.. battery19:09
bigcalm£1,284.98 Sotheby19:09
diddledanso 13 hours at 1amp delivery19:09
diddledanbigcalm: did you just fish out the receipt, you geek?19:10
popeymight need to get a newer Pi19:10
bigcalmdiddledan: yes, I paid on my personal debit card. Needed the amount so that I can transfer it from the joint account19:10
diddledanwhy is it when a person from a known category of society comments on another person's membership of that same category it isn't as offensive as when a third person who isn't a member does so in the same manner?19:11
diddledane.g. kids at school yelling "GEEEEEEEK" vs me calling bigcalm a geek just now19:12
daftykinsthe pot and the kettle are on better terms19:12
diddledandoes the pot call the kettle the word beginning with N that those of the opposing chroma value aren't allowed anywhere near?19:13
diddledanat the risk of being mildly offensive I think the phrase should be changed to "wassup my racially equivalent male sibling?!"19:15
shaunodiddledan: what have I told you about thinking too much?19:15
diddledanshauno: it's a curse19:15
diddledanshauno: I'm good at foot-in-mouth disease19:16
daftykinsin some ways i wonder if the words' power/value would be destroyed if we all just chose to use it from one day forward19:17
shaunoI've just figured out that toys that I thought were broke, aren't.  which is almost as good as having new toys to play with19:17
bigcalmAha, I think I've found the mattress on the website: http://www.dreams.co.uk/mattresses/pocket-spring-mattresses/sotheby-mattress19:17
diddledanshauno: bedroom antics getting spicy?19:17
shaunoeven better!  a hf upconverter for this lil sdr dongle wotsit19:18
diddledanbigcalm: it only works for 40 days and 40 nights? that's somewhat biblical at least19:19
daftykinspopey + bigcalm the copter appears to be: http://www.dji.com/product/phantom-2/19:19
bigcalmdiddledan: if after 30 days, and before 40 days) one is unhappy with the mattress, one can change it for another one19:19
bigcalmdaftykins: ta19:20
daftykinsyou can program it to follow waypoints via GPS O_O19:20
bigcalm£352 from the 1st site19:20
diddledandaftykins: bigcalm: this cross-purpose conversation looks weird - I read a statement about a mattress being replaceable followed by a comment that you can set it to use gps19:21
daftykinsbigcalm: i think my brothers getting all the toys in before the plan to have a baby with his Mrs succeeds!19:22
diddledanbecause we all need a mattress that takes you down a narrow lane in the middle of the night19:22
daftykinsdoesn't yours?19:22
diddledanit hasn't done so yet, but then I haven't plugged it in.. ever19:23
diddledanso it's probably got no juice19:23
daftykinsunder-utilised :(19:24
diddledanlet's leave my personal life out of this :-p19:24
daftykinsamusing email19:30
ali1234certainly not 100% true19:58
daftykinsi hardly need fact to keep it entertaining ;) was just one of a contacts many emails19:58
daftykinsi'm somewhat surprised you went out of your way to check19:59
ali1234it's what i do20:00
daftykinsCaptain Buzzkill :D20:01
ali1234this one is real: http://www.uproxx.com/webculture/2013/06/this-cease-and-desist-response-is-pretty-amazing/20:02
ali1234shauno: HF upconverter allows it to receiver lower frequencies right?20:04
shaunothat's the plan20:05
ali1234how much would that type of thing cost and can i build it myself?20:05
shaunoit's not going so well, but that's the idea.  to move 0-30 to 100-130  (better ones have a 125MHz LO so you don't get clobbered by the broadcast band)20:05
ali1234does it not shift *everything*?20:07
shaunonooelec have a variant for about $40, which has a better reputation than mine ('ham it up').  mine was about 20e from hungary20:07
ali1234i know nothing about radio20:07
shaunoI actually have very little idea how it works myself.  I know that you start with an input signal and a local oscillator.  after that, "a stork brings it"20:08
penguin42ali1234/shauno: It's pretty simple20:09
penguin42ali1234: What you do is you multiply/mix a sine wave oscillator with your signal and out of that mixer you get   signal+sine and signal-sine frequencies20:09
penguin42ali1234: You then put a filter in to keep only the bits you're interested in20:10
penguin42ali1234: The process is called heterodyning20:10
shaunoI just view it as being a superhet backwards20:10
penguin42why backwards?20:10
shaunoinstead of using a VFO to bring it down to an IF, I'm going up instead20:10
ali1234big words20:11
ali1234penguin42: i went and bugged the systemd people about the alsa problem and one of them sent a patch to alsa-devel20:11
penguin42shauno: You have to be a little careful to make sure the LO and the products you get from it land outside where ever your filter is20:11
penguin42ali1234: Ah cool20:12
shaunoI'm not sure there's a filter doing it this way?20:12
penguin42shauno: You don't necessarily need one as long as you're careful about which bit of the output frequency range you're looking at20:13
ali1234wouldn't you just do the filter in software anyway?20:13
shaunoI understand that in normal usage, you have a variable oscillator, a fixed output frequency, and you filter each side of the output frequency20:13
shaunothis thing has a fixed oscillator, and a wide output, so I tune around inside the output20:14
penguin42shauno: Yeh but in reality you tend to have multiple oscillators/mixers/filter stages20:14
penguin42ali1234: Yes but only if you're careful that the sets of outputs you get into your sampling don't alias to each other20:14
shaunothis one looks incredibly simple; http://www.ebay.ie/itm/181300457997  (the one I have, not necessarily the one I'd recommend)20:16
shaunothe shiney that's hard to read in the pictures is labelled 100M20:16
penguin42shauno: Oh that's neat20:18
penguin42shauno: So say you've got a signal at 10MHz, if I understand correctly you're signal will end up appearing at 90MHz and 110MHz on the output20:18
ali1234i know for a fact i have a 100Mhz crystal in my junk box...20:19
shaunoI believe that's the plan, yeah20:20
shaunoalthough so far it's not what I'd hoped for.  but it does seem to be working, I've found some SW broadcast bands20:20
penguin42shauno: Now, say you've got an incoming signal at 50MHz, you'll get an output at 150MHz and oh hmm 50MHz which will probably get confusing with the input20:21
ali1234http://blog.kf7lze.net/tag/up-converter/ <- this looks pretty simple20:21
shaunoa 100MHz LO wasn't the best idea though.  I know 'ham it up' have an option of a 125MHz xtal so you're not fighting the broadcast band20:21
shaunoali1234: you can go the other direction too.  I found someone who was bringing 8GHz down to something a cheap sdr could reach, which (plus a large dish) allowed him to copy the china mars thing20:24
ali1234on a slightly unrelated topic, is there any good oscilloscope software for linux?20:25
MartijnVdSJamesTait: "The last Monday of January is bubble wrap awareness day"</QI>20:30
DJonesFinally, a use for cats https://scontent-b-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/q71/999929_631936796891355_917710229_n.jpg Pillows :)20:53
shaunothey also make good draught excluders20:56
bigcalmOpened terminal, forgot why21:25
shaunoI do that with the fridge21:26
shaunooften when the fridge wasn't involved in the original plan at all.  just sit and stare for a little while, until I remember I was looking for a coffee cup21:27
daftykinsi have a thing with browsing onto my storage array, if i need to do something work related i go into the TV Series folder, if i need to do something TV series related i go into the work folder21:29
shaunoOH   that reminds me sherlock's tonight.  ta muchley21:32
MartijnVdSshauno: too late21:32
MartijnVdSit started an hour ago21:32
shaunotoo late is even betterer, it won't be on the webs until it's finished :)21:32
* bigcalm pats the PVR21:36
ali1234mythtv :)21:36
bigcalmOr DVR21:36
* bigcalm lets things get recorded21:36
bigcalmget_iplayer FTW!21:36
shaunoyeah I have one of those, but I don't get HD here.  74e a month and no HD21:37
shaunoand the UI is horrible.  it feels like the hardware is 4 years behind where the software thinks it is21:37
shaunoit was fine until they tried to be clever with transparent overlays.  oh well21:39
shaunoI guess I just generally dislike my ISP.  they sent me a letter telling me that if I continue to transfer this much, they'll have to bump me to a higher tier21:43
shaunoso I phoned them up and asked if I could have moar internets, and they had to admit they don't have a higher tier21:44
daftykinsgreat letter21:45
daftykinshow much are you pushing?21:45
ali1234iplayer is terrible quality :/21:46
shaunothe letter says 834GB, and appparently 'unlimited' is 50021:47
bigcalmali1234: not terrible for radio shows :)21:49
Myrttipopey: http://www.indiedb.com/games/catlateral-damage21:53
daftykinsshauno: perhaps it's easier to have two services to the same property :D21:53
bigcalmTime to buy a new laptop. This one can't cope with my very simple dev needs. *grumble*21:53
shaunothat I'm actually curious about.  I have two IPs off them and I shouldn't.  so I'm not sure if they're accounting for that21:54
SuperMatthttp://imgur.com/9QF7FFz <- this is me right now21:56
bigcalmDo I want to buy a Lenovo or Dell?21:57
* bigcalm pokes popey 21:57
bigcalmpopey: what laptop do you have?21:57
shaunowe're apparently moving to lenovo at work.  thinkpad->dell inspiron->hp probook->thinkpad.  I guess.21:57
shaunoI'm not complaining though.  it seems they've decided the best way to migrate to win7 is to just start issuing everyone new laptops21:58
daftykinsi suppose it takes away the time pressure21:58
shaunoI can't believe I'm excited about a windows upgrade.  I'll finally be able to use over 2.7GB of ram!22:00
shauno(my current machine has 8GB of ram and windows XP)22:00
daftykinswork one?22:00
daftykinsouch >_<22:00
daftykinsuntapped potential22:00
popeybigcalm: x22022:02
bigcalmpopey: ta22:02
popeycurrent laptops on my list of "what I would like if someone else was paying" is dell xps and thinkpad x1 carbon22:03
popeythe new xps with touchscreen would be handy for me22:03
moreatipopey: the current base model macbook pro 15 works very well with Trusty. Down side is complete lack of upgradability, and fragility of Apple PSU22:06
shaunofragility .. physically?22:07
moreatishauno: yes, where the DC cable meets each end22:07
shaunoah, yeah.  I go through about one a year :/22:07
popeyi had one replaced after 3 years22:08
moreatishauno: if you can solder then just the cable is available on eBay for ~£1022:08
popeyout of warranty, apple replaced both the power board in the laptop and the external supply22:08
moreatino such luck here22:08
shaunomy current solution has been to get one for work and one for home, so I'm not rolling it up 4 days a week22:09
daftykinstheir length can be a downside sometimes, eh?22:16
bigcalmWhy is it so difficult to find high end screen res on lenovo and dell websites?22:17
bigcalmI don't want to just buy the most expensive thing22:17
shaunoit's not the length, it's that now and then they sacrifice sturdy for pretty22:18
shaunoapple basically suck at cables and mice22:18
shauno(mice because they hate buttons, which is a mooses dayjob)22:18
daftykinsbigcalm: i know what you mean, so many laptops are still restricted to the depths of 1366x768 instead of at least a 1080p panel22:19
bigcalmLooking at http://www.dell.com/uk/p/inspiron-15-7537/pd?oc=cn75305&model_id=inspiron-15-7537 as it's something that I can afford22:24
Azelphurbigcalm: that hard drive will drag the system down, forking out for a touch screen on a laptop isn't great imo22:31
bigcalmAzelphur: I'll be replacing the HDD with an SSD I already have spare. I don't care for touch screens. It seems the most affordable performance machine with high res screen though22:32
shaunoI think touchscreens are kinda personal.  some people love them, some people hate them (for me, if you leave a thumbprint on my screen I'll leave you unable to procreate)22:32
* bigcalm chuckles22:33
daftykinshehehe :D22:33
daftykinsyeah screen touching has always been a grating one for me22:33
shauno"you're pointing .. you're pointing .. noooo ... now you must die"22:34
shaunothe polish guy at work just grabs your hand and moves it away.  I wish I had that confidence.22:36
Azelphurbigcalm: if you're feeling brave, laptops are much cheaper in USA22:37
bigcalmNope, I'm a chicken22:37
daftykinsit's when they poke so hard you can see the LCD colours go funky22:38
daftykinsAzelphur: how're your super bandwidths sir?22:39
AzelphurIt's evening now, so fine22:39
* bigcalm tootles off to bed22:39
daftykinsAzelphur: oh right it's only in peak hours it sucks?22:40
shaunoI remember when I first got the internet.  I digitized my circadian rhythm; 'peak hours' became 'bedtime'22:42
Azelphursame, I was on free dialup22:42
shaunowe had the free dialup you paid for.  which makes sense according to BT22:42
shaunoiirc you could pay 15 squids/mo and get the calls free, or pay nothing and pay penny/minute for the calls22:44
shaunoboth they termed 'free'22:44
daftykinsi had to beg for AOL after years of 1p/min22:45
shaunoI just remember spending way too long on the phone to them trying to get the right dial-in number when I spent a week away from home22:46
shaunoat which point I was paying 1p/m for the call because I wasn't at home, and 15/mo for the account22:46
shaunoI think it just stands out because it was the first time I realised I was paying for the privilege of teaching tech support22:47
popeythe only reason I want a touch screen laptop is to test ubuntu touch apps ☻22:48
shaunoI'd love a touchscreen laptop if my laptop was small/light enough to wipe the screen off on my shirt22:49
popeyi find myself wiping the camera more than the screen22:50
Myrttiimgur is full of cats today it seems22:50
shaunoisn't that what the internet's for?22:51
popeyMyrtti: thanks for that cat link23:00
Myrttipopey: np23:03
ali1234a review of my predictions for 2013, made in 2012: https://plus.google.com/117474986382867317779/posts/iL21YorCLXf23:28
Azelphurali1234: I should do that sort of thing, people would stop telling me I was crazy xD23:29
shaunoAzelphur: how do I put this gently.  you are crazy.23:29
popeybigcalm: what did you order?23:31
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