jyorww: :'( Quite a few SF Resistance cargress and double park and other terribly dangerous bs just for a game.05:49
jyorww: Regardless of faction, El Goog has you now. :)05:50
rwwthe Enlightenment person around here cargresses, it is sill05:50
rwwi will not do that, walking is better for one :P05:50
jyoAll the weight you loss from walking around is offsetted by beer at meetups.05:50
blitzwhat is a cargress?05:55
jyoblitz: Ah, sorry. Was responding to the Ingress talk earlier in the channel. Cargress is a derogatory term referring to players of the Android game Ingress who insist on risking public safety by playing the game via car rather than walking.06:01
jyoBeergress on the other hand is highly encouraged, especially cross-faction.06:02
jyoNow back to our regularly scheduled silence and join/quit churn.06:03
blitzIngress is the real life rpg type game?06:04
jyo4Square meets Capture-the-Flag, sorta. There's also a backstory about aliens and stuff if you're into that sort of thing.06:05
blitznone of it really appeals06:06
jyoIt's fairly social and also a good excuse to walk around and explore your neighborhood(s).06:09
blitzI don't need an android game to do that :306:10
jyoAll the better!06:10
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