cmaloneyrick_h_: Glad you seem to be liking Codex Alera. That's on my to-read list01:40
jsivakis beautfiulsoup4 missing from PyPI for anyone else? (it is for me)02:30
jrwren_try missingfrompypiorjustme.com :)  i've no idea03:16
jsivakI filed a bug on the pypi tracker03:17
jsivakdoes is show for you? (if you search for it form pypi's main page)03:17
jrwren_There were no matches.03:19
jsivakdid you get "Not Found ()"?03:19
jrwren_did you really search for beatfiul soup instead of beautiful soup?03:19
jrwren_i get this https://pypi.python.org/pypi/BeautifulSoup/3.2.103:20
jrwren_yar https://pypi.python.org/pypi/beautifulsoup403:20
jrwren_not found03:20
jsivakthat the version 3 package.. 4 is supposed to be out there as well.03:20
jsivakpip-tools is missing too03:21
jsivakbut, now that I use Chrome, I don't get the "Not Found ()" error, so one issue may be my plethora of Firefox plugins getting in the way. (cmaloney, be quiet).03:21
jsivakactually the main thing I was surprised to see was that beautifulsoup4 and pip-tools have "dissappeard" from pypi with seemingly no explanation.03:23
jrwren_you can get it from here: http://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/03:23
jrwren_i've no idea why it is gone from pypi03:23
jsivakI use urlwatch to monitor packages for updates and was surpised to see some packages go "missing"..03:24
jsivakthe packages are still present at http://pypi.python.org/simple.. so I'm guessing that "pip installs" will still work.03:24
jsivakI'm not in a bind, just found it very odd.03:24
rick_h_jsivak: using pip 1.5?03:52
rick_h_there were some big changes in that changelog that aren't backward compat that might cause isuses03:52
rick_h_jsivak: make sure to check out the stuff about external urls (which BS4 seems to be an externally hosted package) http://www.pip-installer.org/en/latest/news.html03:59
rick_h_I think if they want to host them externally they've got to check extra bits in pypi to get shown and such04:01
rick_h_but I upload all mine so not sure on the process off the top of my head04:01
jsivakthe mirroring support was/is dropped in pip 1.5 due to PYPI moving to the CDN network and the old mirror's being decommissioned in 2014.02.04:05
rick_h_jsivak: right, but the uploads vs links stuff has been going on with the CDN for a while04:06
jsivakYeah, but the BeautifulSoup4 PYPI page should "still be displaying" in pypi.. same goes for pip-tools. Unless those authors removed the projects, which I can't find any confirmation of.04:06
rick_h_or pypi removed them since they're just external links04:07
jsivakit just wierd.. its not causing me any strife now, I'm just curious how many other packages are "disappearing" from pypi.04:07
rick_h_more than a few it seems04:07
rick_h_that's from last week04:08
jsivakI haven't test this yet, but BS4 and pip-tools are still listed in pypi.python.org/simple.. so I'd guess  that 'pip install' will still isntall them.04:09
rick_h_well, try the -- flags in the release if you are on pip 1.504:09
rick_h_or downgrading to an older pip and seeing maybe?04:09
rick_h_I don't have them in my pypi mirror, but again, they're linked outside04:09
rick_h_so that's strange, since it's got a mirror'ed 'simple'04:09
jsivakI have copies local (on our sd2 system).. so the only reason I noticed them "go missing" was due to my scheduled url checks via urlwathc.04:10
jsivak(er, urlwatch)04:10
jsivaktx for checking; I'll have to see if my bug report gets any responses.04:12
rick_h_go to pycon and ask the people working on pypi :)04:12
rick_h_I've pinged alex garynor on twitter. I seem to recall him ping'ing some package authors about updating some stuff04:12
rick_h_it make pip faster if your packages were hosted and a checkbox was set or something04:13
rick_h_useful for CI runs and such04:13
rick_h_though download-cache ftw and such04:13
rick_h_jsivak: you see https://twitter.com/zzzeek/status/422165053899800576 ?04:15
jsivakrick_h_: regarding the pypy speeds?04:19
rick_h_jsivak: yea, 2x sqlalchemy benchmarks in a nightly release04:19
rick_h_so next pypy release might be interesting to try and see how much will/won't run04:20
jsivakI'll have to put pypy on the radar then.. :)04:20
jsivakstill surpised the pypy can get those kinds of speed improvements.04:20
jrwren_anyone ever use treesheets? http://strlen.com/treesheets/16:19
rick_h_never heard of it jrwren_18:23
rick_h_cmaloney: something to get you interested in woodworking http://www.hauspanther.com/2014/01/09/amazing-german-designed-cat-climbing-furniture/?utm_content=buffer839c6&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer18:28
cmaloneyrick_h_: hah18:36

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