InHisName1any Pidgin users here ?   I want to increase the depth of how old things get before they fall off the retention. #cisco is less than 24 hours deep.  Want at least 36 - 48, if I can change it.04:47
ChinnoDogKyleYankan: Where are you located? And, are there repeater networks we can both reach?05:33
lazypowerMorning rmg5111:07
jedijfChinnoDog: congrats and you got general too!13:32
jedijfChinnoDog: look for w3wan in your area - should have a repeater - it's allstar system13:32
jedijfi talk to one of the core members usually every morning from 5-6am tim13:34
ChinnoDogThere is one in DC14:33
sadinmorning all14:37
sadinlong time no irc :D14:37
ChinnoDogI get nothing on 2m from DC and get blips of static from 70cm.14:37
ChinnoDoghi sadin14:37
sadinIm stuck in bed ChinnoDog got my wisdom teeth out14:38
ChinnoDogI am 15 floors up. I should be able to receive a lot.14:39
KyleYankanChinnoDog: what radio are you using?14:44
ChinnoDogBaofeng UV-5R Plus14:44
KyleYankanYour building might be the problem. Concrete, steel, etc. Try taking a walk?14:45
ChinnoDogI was on the porch yesterday trying to get a different signal14:46
ChinnoDogI could go to the roof.14:46
ChinnoDogI heard CW on the 70cm station a few minutes ago.14:46
KyleYankanWhich 70cm station? A lot of repeaters and some users use it to identify their call.14:46
ChinnoDogI don't hear any beacons on it. 447.675 in DC14:47
ChinnoDogwanrepeater.net says call is K3WS14:47
KyleYankanI mean, the CW counts as a beacon AFAIK14:48
KyleYankanAlthough many also use a voice announcement as well14:48
ChinnoDogI thought that repeaters have an automated message to repeat their call sign.14:48
ChinnoDogSo.. the CW could have been it? I can't understand morse yet. :-p14:48
ChinnoDogoh. Well there was actual reception14:49
ChinnoDogI am still in my apartment14:49
ChinnoDogIf I knew my call sign I would send a test.14:50
KyleYankanYeah, you definately don't want to transmit until then.14:51
KyleYankanSome repeaters( 50/50 in my area) will play a confirm tone when you tx to them.14:51
KyleYankanAs in You key up "K3YLE mobile listening in"14:51
ChinnoDogI just wanted to listen in to people so I could get a better idea what I should sound like.14:51
KyleYankanand a second lat erhe repeater goes: "*Beep*" and sometimes identifies then14:51
KyleYankanw3wan has a broadcastify link14:52
KyleYankanor tune a few repeaters into the baofegna nd scan14:52
KyleYankanbut first, forgive my typing14:52
KyleYankanJonathanD: You're the worst. Go get your ham license.14:53
KyleYankanand/or upgrade my linode14:53
KyleYankaneither or.14:53
ChinnoDogI will need to make a list of nearby repeaters.14:57
KyleYankantheres websies14:57
KyleYankanrepeaterbook comes to mind14:57
ChinnoDogIs that the best way? And do they have /all/ of them?14:57
KyleYankanand its what I use.14:59
KyleYankanin fact, Chirp can pull right from it14:59
KyleYankanif you have a programming cable14:59
JonathanDwe can all leave freenode, start hamnode15:02
KyleYankanless netsplits15:03
JonathanDmore Id argue.15:03
JonathanDat least ircds dont sleep15:03
ChinnoDogI have a cable and installed Chirp, have not used it for programming yet.15:06
ChinnoDogThis is complicated. lol17:27
ChinnoDogWhere does Chirp show the firmware version??17:27
ChinnoDogI guess it doesn't for this radio.17:32
jedijfChinnoDog: chirp works19:27
jedijfand wan activity now19:27
jedijfif your listening i'll key up - i'm on web transceiver19:27
jedijfChinnoDog: ping me when you're listening19:28
jedijfi want to try web transceiver now19:28
ChinnoDogNot yet. I am gathering local repeaters for my radio.22:51
ChinnoDogQ: Why do nearly all the repeaters have a 88.5hz tone squelch? I see that in Chrip. How am I even supposed to know to set that?22:52
jedijfChinnoDog: ctss is the one that matters - like 3kz is mostly 131.822:54
jedijfChinnoDog: repeater networks are the way to go - like w3wan if it's in your area - then within the region you can stay 'connected' as they are linked22:55
jedijflinked repeater networks22:55
jedijfand practice manual entry with your baofeng - there will be a time when you need it - while i waited for my callsign to hit the database, i listened and got to know my baofeng22:57
ChinnoDogI already screwed around with that it a bit. That was confusing.22:57
ChinnoDogI need a manual for my radio. I can't find one online and it didn't come in the box.22:57
jedijffrequency mode - only the a - menu 11 - 13 -27 then freq of offset - menu 27 again22:58
jedijfChinnoDog: the niklor site - best stuff22:58
ChinnoDogOh wait. There is a manual I used that was in the box. It has more info than I thought.22:58
ChinnoDogI didn't understand the info in it before but since reading stuff online now I do.22:58
jedijfChinnoDog: the manual has been re-written - use the miklor site - look for newest for your rig22:59
KyleYankanI just use chirp. I get too annoyed with the menu22:59
jedijfhttp://www.miklor.com/uv5r/   <<<has *all* the answers23:00
ChinnoDogIt is a uv-5r+. The "*" is the problem.23:01
ChinnoDogjedijf: Why do they all use DTCS Code 23?23:03
ChinnoDogAnd, why do they use 23 receive DTCS? I thought that the repeater usually removed the tone when it broadcasts.23:03
jedijfyou need to hear the tone so you know when the transmit is done - wait - then key up so everyone doesn't step on each other23:04
jedijfjust set frq - ctss (both) save - then offset freq and save again -23:05
jedijfthat's manual ^^^23:05
jedijfonly the a band in freq mode23:06
ChinnoDogI thought the repeater broadcasts without the tone though23:06
jedijfthat's the save band (not b)23:06
jedijfthey say that - but they don't23:06
ChinnoDogi.e. If I get a direct communication the tone will be there. If it comes through repeater then no tone.23:06
jedijfyou won't hear until you set - that's old info23:06
ChinnoDogNow I am extra confused. Why won't I hear until I set it?23:07
ChinnoDogI thought that if I disable the tone I hear all chatter.23:07
ChinnoDogmeaning the receive tone23:07
jedijfthat was test stuff - real life - if you are setting the channel - when you put in the ctcss - bam - you will hear if there is a transmit23:07
jedijfmaybe that's why your area is dead23:08
jedijfput in the ctcss'23:08
ChinnoDogoperator error.23:08
ChinnoDogWhy do I need it on to receive??23:08
jedijfnah, i thought the same thing - that's why, get all this out the way while you wait for callsign to drop23:09
jedijfto hear23:09
jedijfyou'll see - nike23:09
jedijfjust f'in do it23:09
jedijfhold on i'll link you one of my chirp csv's23:10
jedijfi pulled that original file from the repeaterbook chirp feature iirc23:17
ChinnoDogI just programmed a bunch of stations in23:23
ChinnoDogPretty much every 2m and 70cm station within 8-9 mi23:23
jedijfyou'll see, some may have great coverage - the w3wan repeater in philly covers an amazing amount of ground23:32
KyleYankanit's pretty decent.23:34
jedijfKyleYankan: and it's 100 feet lower than another repeater, but gets out further - heard some tower talk the other day23:35
KyleYankanBetter antenna / more power?23:36
jedijfyeah aa3e is 100 ft higher - don't know - they were just ragchewing - could just be a propagation thing23:36
jedijflike how n3kz philly has weird coverage23:36
jedijfbut dstar aa3e kicks butt23:37
jedijfn3kz covers well south and west - not so much north and east - it's physically at u of p - i hit kop from home, can't hit philly23:38
jedijfw3wan is in roxborough - tower central for the philly area23:39
jedijfok time to gamble - in ac for the weekend23:40
jedijfalmost bedtime23:40
KyleYankanSeeya jedijf. I'm packing up to head home23:42

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