josedaker, cjohnston: hey, can we have user asymptote9x removed from the LTP?18:00
josenot sure if it has to be manually done or it'll sync with LP (he deleted his LP account)18:00
dakerjose: what's his username ?18:01
josedaker: asymptote9x18:01
dakerstill there18:02
dakernot removed from LTP18:02
josewill it sync with LP at some point?18:03
dakernot sure18:03
dakeri mean this needs to be done manually18:06
josedaker: like, how so?18:08
joseneed to poke IS?18:08
dakerthe only solution i see is using code because this is the first time i am getting this request18:09
dakerwas he an admin of a team or something ?18:10
josenot sure, lemme check18:11
josehe just poked me on #ubuntu-locoteams18:11
cjohnstonjose: why are we wanting to remove a user?21:23
josecjohnston: because the user wants to be removed21:23
cjohnstonis there something specific that they want removed?21:23
dakercjohnston: http://loco.ubuntu.com/asymptote9x21:25
dakerthis ^21:25
cjohnstonI'd have a chat with mhall11921:27
dakerwill add a filter to not show profils if user.is_active=False21:28

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