Kilosmorning all05:09
Kiloshi Private_User hows things?05:26
Kiloshi Gotango 07:44
GotangoHi Kilos07:47
GotangoKilos i went to the AMD website and typed my graphic cards details. I got this08:32
GotangoAMD Catalyst™ 13.1 Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver 08:32
Gotango102 MB13.11/21/201308:32
GotangoAutomated installer and Display Drivers for Xorg 6.9 to Xserver 1.12 and Kernel version up to 3.408:32
GotangoBut ubuntu already got the Xorg thing here on my lappy08:34
Kilosit will merge what is needed08:36
GotangoThe drivers above support English only.08:36
GotangoThe display driver requires POSIX shared memory to be enabled on the system.08:36
Kilosbut i told you to use the additional drivers tool08:36
GotangoKernal Sources package is no longer required if Kernel Header package is installed.08:36
Gotango32-Bit packages must be installed for 64-Bit Linux drivers to install or work.08:36
Gotango*These sites are community resources, and are not supported by, or affiliated with AMD in any way08:36
Kilosuse additional rather08:36
GotangoI dont know if additional drivers picked up the same drivers as above08:37
Kilosalways try to use what the pc wants to get08:37
Kilosadditional reads the hardware and gets the right stuff08:37
GotangoOkay, why is Xorg here on my lappy08:37
Kilosthats what makes the screen work08:38
GotangoOr is it an old version of Xorg08:38
Kilosoh ya you havent upgraded so could be08:38
GotangoHow do i check Xorg version08:39
Kilosbut additional will sort it08:39
Kilosdont worry about it man the os knows what is needed08:39
GotangoOkay hope so08:39
Kilosthats why the additional drivers utility was added08:40
GotangoWhen i have enough data i will tick the activate button at additional drivers08:40
Kilosand do the upgrade08:41
Kilosthen everything will be better and faster08:41
GotangoUpgrade will upgrade everything, including programs like gimp, which was 20mb , the newer version is 50mb08:42
Kilosdo you use gimp?08:42
Kilosdo you know gimp?08:42
GotangoCant i choose what gets upgraded08:42
Kilosin the update manager yes08:42
GotangoYes i used it on windows08:43
GotangoUse gimp here too08:43
Kilosyou can untick things in update manager08:43
Kilosbut not at random08:43
GotangoI dont want things upgraded that i will never use, just the important stuff i want upgraded08:44
Kilosthere are lots of security upgrades that you need to keep the pc safe 08:44
Kilosfind what you dont use and ask here08:44
Kilossome work with other things so you cant remove them but there will be things i had installed that you dont need08:45
GotangoI download from trusted souces ,and hardly visit xrated websites. i dont need that much security08:45
Kilosthose we can remove from cli08:45
Kilosthere are crackers out there as well08:46
Kilossecurity isnt only for sites08:46
GotangoWhat things did you install08:47
Kilosi dunno08:47
Gotangonvidia is stil here08:47
Kilosdidnt we remove it08:47
GotangoYou said not to08:48
GotangoHow to uninstall nvidia08:48
Kilosyou can look in synaptic at what is installed and right click remove from there but read what else it wants to remove before you tell it ok08:48
Kilosif you see it wants to remove ubuntu-desktop then cancel that08:49
Kilosor you go black screen08:49
GotangoThere is alot of nvidia stuff in synaptics08:50
Gotango39 nvidia packages08:51
Kilosthat show installed?08:51
Kiloswe then removed nvidia-17308:51
GotangoSome got a green tick some dont08:51
Kilosgreen tick is installed08:51
Gotangonvidia-173 is installed green tick08:52
Kilosbgut maybe its better to wait till you have done additional drivers before you remove them08:52
Kilosremove that08:53
Kilosand nvidia-173-updates08:53
Gotangook, uhm fglrx has not got a green tick when i type ati08:54
Kilosif needed it will install from additional08:55
Kilosadditional installs what is needed08:56
Gotangook , i will do the additional driver first , then after decide what to upgrade from Update manager08:57
Kiloslook if gwibber and thunderbird are installed09:12
GotangoNothing for them in search09:14
GotangoI use opera for email too09:14
GotangoI see games in synaptic aswell. Is the software center an extension of that09:19
Kilosyes synaptic and software centre use the same repo09:20
Gotangooh ok09:22
Kilosbut i like synaptic because its much faster and more user friendly i thinkk09:24
GotangoYeah Sofware center always hangs , after its crashed my pc i'm not going there again09:26
Kilosmost likely because its not upgraded09:26
Kilosdont forget that system has all desktop stuff installed09:27
GotangoWill have to add it to upgrade list then09:27
Kilosdont just untick random stuff in the pdate manager when you update09:28
GotangoYou mean Upgrade 09:28
Kilosalso in synaptic you can make packages lock on the installed version09:28
Kilosbut thats better to do after first upgrade09:29
Kilosyes sorry upgrade09:29
GotangoWhats meant by "lock on the istalled version "09:30
Kilosso it never upgrades 09:30
Gotangooh ok 09:31
Kilosyou can check the installed gimp for example and if it does everything you want you lock that version09:31
Kilosbut after the first upgrade09:31
Kilosthat dvd might not have fully installed/updated the apps09:32
Kilosfirst update/upgrade is very important09:32
GotangoWhat do you mean after the first upgrade. I dont want to upgrade gimp ever09:32
GotangoGimp works fine as it is now09:33
Kilosthats why i say check if it does everything you want 09:33
Gotangogedit aswell09:33
Gotangoopera aswell09:33
Kilosthen you can untick that when you upgrade09:34
GotangoGood, thats what i wana do09:34
Kilosyou can open update manager and see how many meg it says it must download09:35
GotangoI just want the core system stuff to upgrade. The user programs left as it is09:35
GotangoHow do i do that09:37
Kilosopen it09:37
Kilosit shows how much is needed near the bottom09:37
GotangoIt shows nothing09:37
Kiloslemme see09:38
Kilosdoes it say there are updates to install?09:38
Kilosmine is up to date so it says there is nothing to update09:39
GotangoIt says : There are no updates to install09:39
Kilossurely you see the packages there it wants to upgrade09:39
Kilostick the check button09:40
GotangoNope its blank in those boxes09:40
Kilosthe check is same as sudo apt-get update09:41
GotangoWhat is it downloading now in the check09:42
Kilosit is updating it self so it know what is out there09:43
Kilosupdating not upgrading09:43
GotangoI had to cut the connection yesterday it got to 10MB with sudo apt-get update09:44
Kilosupdate only checks what is available and tells synaptic and software centre and update manager what is available09:45
Kilostold you the first sudo apt-get update is about 20m09:46
Kilosupdate manager is now doing what you didnt finish with apt-get update09:47
GotangoOk i will let it work09:47
GotangoI guess so09:49
Kilosvery frustrating being restricted with data09:52
Kilosthats why when 8ta brought out the 2+1 for less than voda charged for 500m i jumped09:53
GotangoIt finished the update , but didn't give the any number at bottom, still blank boxes09:54
Kilosyay then you can close it and open synaptic09:55
GotangoI will try telkom mobile, i just hope my modem accpets the sim, it wont accept vodacom09:55
Kiloswhat modem09:55
Kilosyou might need to unlock it if it is cellc branded09:56
GotangoMy usb stick modem with cellc sim in09:56
Kilosya man make and model09:56
GotangoNope its from portugal and unlocked already09:56
Kilosthey can be unlocked to accept all sims09:56
Kilosok well lets hope then09:57
Kilosyou have a cell phone09:57
Kiloswith data cable09:57
Kilosi used mine as a modem for a long time, that was slow09:58
GotangoNope , my phones screens broken , i only got the ub modem09:58
Kilosif its only the screen it can still work as a modem09:58
Gotangoya , the phone has only dialup speed09:58
Kilosubuntu sees it09:58
GotangoThe usb stick got broadband HSDPA 09:59
Kilosthis is iff your modem doesnt see telkom sim09:59
Gotangolol i cant even read an sms09:59
Kilosbeing hsdpa capable is useless it the provider cant provide the 3g09:59
GotangoWill get a phone when i need one10:00
Kilosim just saying if modem dont see telkom sim you can use fone10:00
Kilosno need to buy one10:00
Gotangoya that true, wish telkom mobile works and has 3G coverage here. Telkom got a big office in town10:01
Kilosubuntu doesnt need the phones screen to work to connect10:01
GotangoThe phone also dont pick up usb cable, so it needs to be flashed too10:02
GotangoAnyway i will cross those bridges when i get there10:03
Kilosbut dont worry about that yet10:03
GotangoSo what now in synaptic10:03
Kilostry telkom sim first and hope it works then you smiling10:03
Kilosok type in gimp10:03
Gotango66 results for gimp10:04
Kilostick on one10:04
Kilosone thats installed10:04
Kilosthen go to package and tick lock version10:05
Kilosyou can lock whatever you dont want to have upgraded at a later stage10:05
GotangoYou mean the main gimp program10:06
Kilosyou can do it to them all10:06
GotangoI cant see the main gimp file10:06
Gotangoif it had something like gimp.exe i will understand thats the main one but it doesnt10:07
Kilosit must be there at the top10:09
Kilosgimp then gimp-data10:10
GotangoI think i found it 13MB . 10:12
GotangoIts got a green lock now and shows red10:12
Kilosis that the size of the installed version or is that what it wants to fetch still10:12
Kilosok open terminal10:13
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall gimp10:13
Kilosthen see what aptitude says10:13
GotangoAt the size it says 13MB and at the download row it says 0 MB10:14
Kilosoh aptitude wont work iff synaptic is open10:14
Kilosok you can lock all the installed gimp packages10:15
GotangoDo you wana test if gimp will reinstall10:15
Kilosand opera10:15
GotangoThe following packages will be REINSTALLED:10:16
Gotango  gimp 10:16
Gotango0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 reinstalled, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.10:16
GotangoNeed to get 0 B of archives. After unpacking 0 B will be used.10:16
GotangoE: I wasn't able to locate a file for the gimp package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.10:16
GotangoE: I wasn't able to locate a file for the gimp package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.10:16
GotangoE: Internal error: couldn't generate list of packages to download10:16
Kilosdo it10:17
Kilosoh my10:17
GotangoDoes that mean the lock worked10:17
Kilosoh its because it isnt in the cache10:17
Gotangothe cache was updated when i updated it10:18
Kilosi keep all packages and add them to the cache before updating but you didnt download gimp so there isnt a package to reinstall from10:18
Kilosthe cache is in /var/cache/apt/archives/10:19
GotangoThat should not be a problem10:19
Kilosmaybe ive forgotten that command lemme thing10:19
GotangoIf i ever want to install a new version of gimp i just uninstall this one and install the new one10:20
Kiloswe set your synaptic to save your downloaded packages so you archives will grow then ill give you the command to save them to another place10:20
Kilosyou just unlock it and do sudo aptitude reinstall gimp10:21
Gotangooh ok10:21
Kilosit will then get a later version if its there10:21
Gotangomysql is here now and php10:22
Kilosthen you can install what you need10:23
Kilosim waiting for you say ubuntu rocks10:23
Kiloswill keep feeding you till you realise it10:23
GotangoI am happy with ubuntu, but until this heat on this lappy is fixed i will keep on having this ubuntu headache10:25
Kilosyou need high pressure air10:25
GotangoI know , that will help a bit10:26
Kilosdo you know how many fans it has10:27
Kilosif 2 isnt one dead10:27
Kilosyou need to talk to lappy peeps about that10:27
GotangoNope only see one fan on a heat sink10:29
Kiloslater kernels are normally more efficient10:31
Kilosubuntu gets better with each upgrade10:31
GotangoI'm using 3.2 , it was kernel 3.510:31
GotangoI chose older version at boot10:31
Kilosmost likely 3.5 is better10:31
GotangoI dont see 3.5 there anymore10:32
Kilosthe upgrades are to improve things10:32
Kiloslook in synaptic10:32
Kilosthen reinstall10:32
Kilosif i have things right the upgrades are like adding service packs on xp or so10:33
GotangoOnly 3.2 stuff there now10:33
Kiloswell when you have data well sort it with aptitude10:34
Kilosbut use as is now10:34
Kilosagain you just changed things without knowing what they do10:34
Kilosalways ask first10:35
Kilosyou only revert to older things if the new one doesnt work10:35
Kilosi go eat10:35
GotangoThe fan blew like crazy so i changed it to older version10:36
GotangoOk enjoy lunch10:36
Kiloshmm... 10:57
Symmetriahrm I need a few new suits for the first time in ages13:10
SymmetriaIm finding myself being invited to things I am so not prepared for 13:10
Kiloshaha getting civilised13:45
* Kilos greets14:27
GotangoWb Kilos14:27
Kilosare you starting to get used to ubuntu?14:28
GotangoYes i am14:29
Kilosit groes on you unity does14:29
Kilosthe old gnome2 was much easier to learn14:29
GotangoI see many settings options i see in forums are not included in my ubuntu14:29
Kilosthere must be something hidden or not activated14:30
Gotangolike the "Personal" tab in System Settings > Appearences are not there14:30
Kilosdo you see 4 rows of icons14:30
Kiloslemme see14:31
GotangoWhere ?14:31
Kilosthat whole row?14:31
Kilospersonal is the first row14:31
Kilospersonal hardware and system14:32
Kiloshardware has 2 rows14:32
GotangoThere is only "Look" and "Behaviour" tabs in Apearences settings no "Personal"14:32
Kilosoh my14:32
Kilosoh thats right14:33
Kiloswhat more do you want there14:33
GotangoOne row in Personal , 2 rows in hardware , and 1 in System14:34
Kilosya thats right14:34
GotangoI added ubuntu-tweak , it shows in Personal14:35
Kiloswhat do you want to tweak14:36
GotangoThe themes and look of unity14:36
Kilosi thought you dont want fancy stuff14:36
Kilosthere was another thing14:37
GotangoI like Verdana font so i replaced Ubuntu system font using ubuntu-tweak14:37
GotangoNo i wana get rid of the fancy stuff , animations and stuff14:37
Kilosfor your text?14:37
GotangoNo luck with that14:37
Kilosthere is a thing called myunity you can install but i forget what it does14:38
GotangoFor everything14:38
KilosMaaz, google myunity for 12.0414:39
MaazKilos: "Install MyUnity 3.0 on Ubuntu 12.04/11.10/11.04 (New Release ..." http://www.noobslab.com/2012/02/install-myunity-30-on-ubuntu.html :: "Where can I find My Unity to download - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/199492/where-can-i-find-my-unity-to-download :: "Customise Ubuntu 12.04 With myunity - YouTube" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz4MaK2LXgE14:39
Maaz:: "MyUnity — Ubuntu Apps Directory" https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/precise/my…14:39
GotangoIts the same as ubuntu-tweak14:39
GotangoCan only make minimal changes, and gives another less intense version of Software center14:40
Kiloswell sooner or later youll have it doing what you like14:40
Kilosi never used software centre14:40
Kilosoh another thing, ubuntu will tell you when it needs a reboot14:47
Kilosyou dont reboot with every app you install14:47
GotangoWhy is that14:47
Kilosnormally only kernel and network manger stuff need a reboot14:48
Kilosits linux14:48
GotangoYeah same on windows14:48
Kiloslinux only needs a reboot with serious stuff14:48
Kilosai! xp i had to reboot with everything i installed 14:49
Kiloswhen i ran the motherboard software it rebooted 7 times on its own14:50
Gotangolol ya that was a pain when i had a xp desktop 14:50
Kiloswe used to mock, "you moved the mouse, windows needs to reboot"14:50
Gotangohaha they had minds of there own14:51
Kilosi am running 7 but cant remember how often it needed to reboot14:51
Kilosi think also lots with the mobo driver14:51
GotangoSo it good that things improve, to sort out the bugs 14:53
Kilosthats how linux works14:53
Kilosa release is brought out and there is a built in bug report goody  and then dev guys worldwide work on it and in the next update/upgrade its fixed14:54
GotangoYa all programs works that way14:54
GotangoGreat thats how it should be14:58
Kilosso have you got your web design tools?14:58
GotangoNot yet, dont wana risk installing it and something happens with the upgrade that makes me lose them15:01
Kilosyou then saw there is nothing to upgrade15:02
GotangoMysql is a background service and makes the cpu work harder. I wana sort the driver issue first15:03
GotangoWhen this lappy is cool enough i will install them all15:03
Kilosis mysql and sqlite similar stuff15:04
Kilosnm i dont need to know that15:05
Gotangothey got the same syntax, but different ways they organise there databases15:05
Kiloshead too full already15:05
Gotangolol, the head has infinate space15:06
Kilosnot mine. half my brain leaked out15:06
GotangoWhy do you say i got nothing to upgrade ?15:06
Kilosyou said update manager was empty15:07
GotangoIt says nothing to update yes15:07
Kilosif there was upgrading it would have showed the packages15:07
Gotangobut what about that first upgrade thing ?15:07
Kilosthe reastersys tool must have sorted that15:08
GotangoYou said it will be large download15:08
Kilosyeah well there is a new kernel but i dont know why you didnt get it15:09
GotangoSo i dont have to waste so much data then15:09
GotangoWhat new kernel 15:09
Kilosif you do audo apt-get upgrade it should show you15:09
Kilosan improved one i think15:09
Kiloslemme look what i have in here15:09
Kiloslinux-headers 3.2.0. 58.8815:11
Gotangolinux-headers 3.2.0. 57.8715:13
Kiloslinux-image 3.2.0-58.8815:13
GotangoThose are big files hey15:14
Kilosnormally they about 50m together15:15
Kilosup to 80m15:15
Gotangolinux-image files show 113mb by me 15:15
Gotangolinux-headers 56mb15:16
Kilosbut those you dont choose, ubuntu chooses them as updates come15:16
GotangoThose ones are already installed15:17
Kilosya the images show 113m but download of 38m15:17
Gotangooh ok15:17
Kilosyes dont worry about them15:17
Kilosif we can get a debdelta server going somehwere then we can save like 80% on upgrading15:18
GotangoSo i will just tick the activate button at additional drivers when i got the data15:18
Kilosbecause the server only supplies what you need15:18
Gotangodebdelta sounds interesting15:19
GotangoSo SA dont got one15:19
Kilosi dont think ubuntu has one anywhere15:21
Kilosonly mint i think it was15:21
Kilosoh no debian15:21
Gotangooh ok15:21
Kiloswhen you have data you run 15:21
Kilossudo apt-get update && sudo aptitude upgrade15:22
GotangoThere is nothing to run though15:22
Kilossave that command15:22
Kilosaptitude upgrades kernels too15:22
GotangoI hope  it improves things 15:23
Kilosyes it will but im sure your heat is inside15:23
Kilosdust build up15:24
Kilosarent lappies supposed to be service 15:24
Kilosor do peeps use them till they crash then buy new ones15:24
GotangoNope this is a second hand lappy, service expired long agao15:25
Kilosim asking are they supposed to have services like cars do15:25
Kilosi know my desktop needs a good blow clean every 2 months or so15:25
GotangoWell the components are very hard to find compared to aa desktop. When you service it you will wait for many months for the correct part15:26
Kilosi mean just clean outs15:27
Kilosyour fan blows out right?15:27
Kilosso where does air get in for it to blow out15:28
GotangoWell this lappy never go a good cleanout before, and lappies are usually poorly ventilated15:28
GotangoJust the fan outlet is open everything else is closed 15:29
GotangoNo air can get in from other placed 15:29
Kilosthey say there are air vents15:30
Kilos3. If you use your laptop/notebook on such a surface that it block air inlets then that could be a problem for overheating. and this goes for new notebooks to15:31
GotangoMy lappy is on a table all day15:32
GotangoI dont see othe air vents though15:32
Kilostry a good hard suck on the vents15:32
Kilosand spit out the dust15:32
Gotangolol i got a lung problem , i will definatly land n hospital if i do that15:35
Kilosread that whole article15:35
GotangoThe thing about AMD being hotter than Intel may be tru15:35
Kilosthe comments say hp all have that prob15:35
Kilosmaybe someone further down will say where to drill some vents15:36
GotangoThat heatpad melting thing bothers me15:37
GotangoI will have to try opening this lappy more to find out 15:37
GotangoIf i can get to the heat sink and fan and some components around it i can clean it with toilet paper15:38
Kilosmaybe one can buy them separate15:38
Kilosthen you will need thermal paste too15:39
Kilosthats heavy, R50 a tube i paid15:39
Kilostube thinner than a pencil15:39
Kiloshi psychicist why so quiet15:40
Gotangofirst i wana try totaly opening this thing15:40
Gotangothen will take other steps if i should15:41
Kilosyou gotta be careful they hide clips all over and many screws15:41
Kiloslappys are horrible to work on15:42
GotangoYeah i saw them, i layed out the screwes in the shape the lappy so its easier to put back15:43
Kiloslol then still the clips15:43
Kilosill stick with desktops15:43
Kiloseasy access15:44
Gotangolol desktop is way easier maintenance15:44
Kilosi love mine even though they are old15:45
GotangoThats good, take care of them they will care for you15:45
GotangoI thought of converting this lappy to desktop15:46
GotangoIn a box with extra fans and stuff15:46
Kiloswhew theyve given me many grey hairs15:46
Kiloshow you gonna do that15:46
Kilosthats an idea though15:47
Kilosi have a scrap one here the has broken charger board and keyboard15:47
Kilosand spares arent easy to find15:48
Kilosand costly15:48
GotangoJust the bottom part of the lappy , sticking it to a box size shape the same with 2 more fans and ventilation paths15:49
GotangoYeah the chargers for these things are hard to find15:49
Kilosthe prob is the screen connector cable15:50
Kilosi have a charger but the small pc board that the charger connects to is broken15:50
Kilosphysically broken15:50
GotangoWell everything stays the same just the bottom is open to let extra airflow in15:51
Gotangolol mine too, but its the pin inside the connector thats broken15:52
GotangoBut works fine after a few adjustments15:52
Kilosthats how this one started too and then lots of bits and pieces were broken when peeps tried to strip it15:53
Kilosoh you dont need antivirus but you can use a firewall15:54
Kilosthe built in one is gufw15:54
Kilostiny package15:54
GotangoThats good will try it 15:55
Kilosanjd you dont need antimalware or any of those things16:00
Kilosalso no registry cleaner16:00
GotangoThats good , but i never used them on window either16:01
Kilosbeen a good day16:05
Kilosyou didnt once say you want windows back16:05
Gotangolol , its like i lost a pet dog of mine, you get over it after a while and like the new puppy :)16:06
Kilospity you didnt like kubuntu16:08
Kilosits very lekker but again totally different16:09
GotangoSo this week i wana try if i can clean this pc inside. And get the drivers . Hopefully everything will be fine after that16:09
GotangoI hear kubuntu use more resourses than ubuntu16:09
Kiloswhen its open maybe look if you can drill some vents for it so the fan sucks air past mobo and cpu16:10
GotangoI would've prefered Xubuntu though, just the basic interface is waht i want16:10
Kilosit is a bit heavier but does lots of thing faster than unity as well16:11
Kiloswell you can install xubuntu-desktop when you have data16:11
Kilosand chhose which gui to boot from16:11
GotangoHope telkom mobile works then16:12
Kilosthey have coverage maps online16:12
KilosMaaz, google telkom mobile coverage map16:13
MaazKilos: "Coverage - Telkom Mobile" http://www.telkommobile.co.za/coverage/ :: "Mobile > Coverage Map - Telkom Business" https://business.telkom.co.za/coverage/tm.html :: "Telkom 3G/HSPA Coverage Map: Cape Town - MyBroadband" http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/215720-Telkom-3G-HSPA-Coverage-Map-Cape-Town :: "Telkom's W-CDMA plans and coverage - MyBroadband"16:13
Maazhttp://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/138389-Telkom-s-W-CDMA-plans-and-coverage :: "D…16:13
GotangoIn a mybroadband forum i saw the coverage maps are out of data16:13
Kilosthen you can fone free from the telkom sim16:14
Kilosand the operator will tell you16:14
Gotangohmm , no way to check before i buy the sim 16:14
Kiloswhere is ceres16:15
Kilosand where are you in ceres16:15
GotangoBella Vista , its about 2 km outside ceres16:15
Kiloswhich direction16:16
GotangoWhat do you mean16:16
Kilosnorth south east or west of ceres16:17
Kilosand where is ceres16:17
GotangoNorth i think , in the Western Cape16:17
Kilosnear what major city16:20
Kiloswhat direction from capetown16:23
Kiloshate these maps things they just waste data16:24
GotangoNorth east16:24
GotangoThey sound complex16:24
Kilosgrr it doesnt scroll away from there16:25
Kiloswe ask someone tonight16:25
Gotangovodacom got 3g here, but they been around a long time16:26
Kiloswhen you go for the sim ask at the telkom shop16:26
Kiloseven the post office should know16:27
Gotangohmm will have to check if there is a telkom mobile store in town16:28
Kilosi see it on my paper map but the coverage map wont scroll that far away from capetown16:28
Kilospost office checkers etc16:28
Kilosclicks spar etc too16:28
GotangoI dunno about that R49 promotion thing though, do you pay it when the sim is rica'd16:29
Kilosyes you take proof of residence with16:30
GotangoYa i know about rica16:30
Kilosyou by your folks?16:30
Kilosi get my sis to do all that for me16:31
GotangoI mean the R49 to who do you pay that and how will you know its not just regular airtime you put in16:31
Kilosso sims in her name16:31
Gotangooh ok16:31
GotangoSo when you buy a R149 data bundle you get 2GB for that16:35
Kilos2g +1g night surfer16:36
Kilosfrom 11pm to 5am16:36
GotangoOther network asks the same price for 1Gb16:37
GotangoDoes that bundle expire16:37
Kilosend of the next month16:37
Gotango60 days16:38
Kilosso i try put new one in at the month beginning16:38
Kilosits not from bought date for 2 months16:38
Kilosits valid till the end of the next calender month they call it16:39
Gotangooh ok16:39
GotangoSo i have to check if telkom mobile even have any kind of 2G coverage here, before i can use it16:42
Kilosall thier towers are 3g16:42
Kiloshsdpa 16:42
GotangoWhat is the difference between All Networks and Telkom Mobile Net? All networks – All networks internet bundles is available on Telkom Mobile’s network and MTN roaming Telkom Mobile – Telkom Mobile internet bundle is available only on Telkom Mobile’s network. Subscribers will be required to check for coverage at16:43
Kilosthats if they have a transceiver on the tower near you otherwise they roam to others16:44
Gotangooh ok16:45
Kilosim lucky i can see my tower out the window here16:47
Kiloshi not_found 16:47
not_foundhi uncle Kilos, thanks16:47
GotangoI'm close to one aswell16:48
GotangoHi not_found16:49
Kiloswell hope telkom has a unit up there16:49
not_foundGotango: hi, winning with ubuntu yet?16:49
GotangoI hope so too Kilos16:49
GotangoJust the heat issue not-found, everything else works great16:50
Kiloshahaha he hasnt said he want win back all day not_found 16:50
Kilosim winning16:50
KilosGotango, when you strip it look for places to drill vent holes16:51
Kilosthere are lotsa peeps with heat probs with hp lappies not_found 16:51
Kilospoor design, no air intake vents16:52
GotangoThis thing is build so tight. will see if i can etch out some creative vent grooves16:52
not_foundwell was it running hot on windows?16:52
Kilosdont you start blaming buntu as well16:53
GotangoNope was cool on windows, just the 3D games was heating it16:53
not_foundthus it isn't really a hardware problem then...16:55
Kilosits better since he clean it a bit by blowing by mouth16:56
not_foundbetter := good16:56
Kilosbut need strong air to clean properly16:56
GotangoYeah i need to activate the proprietary drivers , that must fix the issue totally16:57
not_foundwhich drivers are those Gotango?16:57
Gotangothe drivers for the graphics card. Its now listed as : "Unknown" by ubuntu16:58
Kilosati amd stuff16:58
GotangoI switched it on this morning and the screen was blank for a long time. I had to restart the pc again it worked again17:01
Kilosbet that had you worried17:01
not_foundhmmm... hybrid graphics intel and amd?17:01
Kilosyou forget you did that touch /forcefsck command17:02
Kilosso it was doing a file system check17:02
GotangoNope kilos i rebooted before that last night17:03
Gotangonot-found what is hybrid intel and amd?17:04
Kilosnot_found, also he installed from a remastersys dvd i made here on desktop17:04
Kilosso might be some thing needed to make the install lappy happy17:05
Kilosthe graphics drivers should help17:05
not_foundGotango: does the laptop have intel and amd graphics and the ability to switch between them etc.17:05
GotangoI ont know about that not_found . Its an ATI radeon HD 3200 graphics card is all i know17:06
not_foundwell the "community" documentation has this --> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI17:07
GotangoKilos you think you Nvidia drivers are conflicting with ATI ?17:07
Kilosmight be or they just struggling to make something work they werent designed for17:08
not_foundsounds to me like you guys are just making life more difficult than it needs to be :p17:09
Kilosno man i had nvidia-173 installed here for my card and remastersys made the dvd to suit similar hardware17:10
Gotangonot_found i dunno how to check if its an hybrid graphics 17:10
Gotangofglrx is not installed here17:11
Gotangonvidia-173 is still installed here17:12
not_foundif the install had been made with the normal iso from ubuntu then this would have been simpler...17:12
not_foundeasiest thing in my opinion is to remove the nvidia drivers...17:12
not_foundsudo apt-get remove nvidia*17:13
not_foundthat should do it17:13
not_founddepends on what the driver is called of course17:13
GotangoYou sure it wont break anything17:13
not_foundwhat make and model is the lappy Gotango (will search to see if it is hybrid)?17:13
GotangoXorg ATI stuff is running the graphics here17:14
Kilosyes not_found but then he wouldnt have it updated17:14
not_foundGotango: nothing in life is guaranteed17:14
GotangoIts a HP Compaq 61517:14
Kiloshe hasnt got 200m upgrades to do this way17:14
not_foundso at least a compatible driver is in use so don't worry about the nvidia stuff17:14
not_foundok, it doesn't use hybrid graphics17:15
Gotangohmm ok thanks for checking not_found17:15
GotangoI feel like wanting to do sudo apt-get remove nvidia*17:17
not_foundwon't make much of a difference either way I would imagine17:17
not_foundthere are some threads online with people complaining about the heat on this lappy, but not that much17:17
not_foundbut we could try and install the propriatery amd drivers... only issue is they tend to be pretty big <100mb and with some of the dependencies can go much bigger17:18
GotangoI will try cleaning out dust in it and making more room for airflow , that will help aswell17:19
GotangoI can manage with 100mb , will get the drivers in the week17:20
GotangoHopefully everything works as expected17:20
not_foundlike I said, there might be a lot of other stuff it also needs and then it becomes much bigger than 100mb...17:22
Gotangooh , like what other stuff17:23
not_foundoften times it needs things to help it compile the driver to work on your system, most of these don't come pre-installed on an ubuntu system as many people will never need them... and then there may be outdated pieces of software than the system will want to update before continuing to ensure it works etc. etc.17:25
Gotangooh i thought ubuntu had c compiler built in. Thats probably beyond a gig . Ai! Thanks for the help though not_found 17:29
Kilosit wont be a gig man17:30
Kilosif you know the correct driver you can look for it in synaptic the right click install and it will tell you what extra packages are needed and how big the download will be then you close synaptic without installing17:31
not_foundshouldn't be a gig...17:32
not_foundand it is stuff like kernel headers etc. that it needs to compile the driver against the kernel you are using etc...17:32
not_foundit all depends what you already got and what it wants / needs17:32
GotangoOh ok , i understand 17:33
GotangoAtleast there is an option to check the size. All i know is the base driver is 102MB17:34
GotangoDoes Xubuntu have these issues too17:38
Gotangolol , that changes my whole view of ubutnu and linux17:38
not_foundthe only difference between all of the *buntus is the default interface and some of the pre-installed applications17:40
not_foundwhy did you decide to try ubuntu Gotango?17:40
Gotangoi always wanted to use ubutnu. Just now that i'm unemployed and got this second hand laptop with no windows dvd to revert to when windows broke. I thought i will get ubuntu , atleast then i will have a dvd i can reinstall from. Windows was still working though , was my choice to erase it in favour of ubuntu. now i have to live with the consiquinces17:44
not_foundwell the good news is that it is possible to get the PC working and working well and even better than when it was using windows so I wouldn't worry to much... the big pain for you now is the fact that it is "different" and that you are not "familiar" with the world of linux... in a very short while you can became much more acquainted and much happi17:46
not_founder I am sure17:46
not_foundyou are on a good irc channel for assistance and even making some new friends :)17:46
not_foundbut it will take some time, patience and sometimes bumping our heads to figure it all out17:47
not_foundthe biggest pain is the fact that data in SA is so expensive and most everything comes from the web these days17:48
GotangoYeah not_found, i like the linux way of computing. I have no issue with the UX of it even better than windows. Just the toll on the hardware i was'nt expecting. The help i get here is some of the best in the world , you guys are awesome holding the fort for ubuntu-za. I prefer typing commends to clicking icons , its kinda fun lol. 17:52
GotangoYa SA got the highest internet rates in the world. I will have to do damage control for ubuntu, but i'm not going back to windows again17:53
not_foundjust note that most issues with linux and hardware isn't linux's fault.  the hardware manufacturers don't want to open source there drivers and often don't support linux as well as we like (and often not at all)... you can thank Microsoft for a lot of that17:56
magespawngood eveniing18:02
Kiloshi age18:03
Kiloshi magespawn 18:03
magespawnhey Kilos 18:03
Gotangoyeah the linux community does alot to port those drivers to it platform. lucky the worlds eyes are opening and in the future linux software and hardware with be smoothly intergrated. We're just at the beginning of that reform, so some must face the penalty for that, guess i'm one of those18:03
Gotangohi magespawn18:03
magespawnhey Gotango 18:03
magespawnwhat machine are you using Gotango ?18:04
KilosHP Compaq 61518:05
Kiloswhew hard work scrolling back to find stuff18:05
magespawni have had generally really good experiences with hp and linux18:05
Gotangoty Kilos18:06
GotangoThats good to know magespawn18:06
magespawnmy one machine is a Compaq nx 6110, currently running Kali Linux18:07
GotangoNice magespawn , i'm sure its working good 18:09
magespawnnever reallly had a problem but was not really up to the task of running unity, so i have always had one of the other 'buntu's on it18:09
* not_found wanted to use kali linux to hack his own wifi just because... didn't want to install so just used ubuntu :p18:09
magespawnnot_found, did you use kali or backtrack?18:10
magespawnGotango, what are you struggling with?18:11
GotangoThe only hot spots are the fan outlet and the mouse pad, all other parts of the laptop is cool18:12
magespawnhow old is the laptop?18:13
magespawnmaybe it just needs a good clean18:13
magespawnthe heatsink fins on the inside of the laptop tend to get clogged with dust and lint etc18:14
GotangoI will try cleaning it more tomorrow, the fan calmed down a bit yesterday when i tried to clean it18:14
magespawndo you feel comfortable taking the laptop apart?18:15
Gotangoyeah i saw alot of dust buit up on the fan18:15
GotangoIts second hand with no warrenties, so its good to mess with it18:16
not_foundmagespawn: it was the latest edition of kali about two months ago... I think the issue is the lappy I was using has a silly cpu and kali doesn't come with an appropriate kernel... but all the same apps are available to install in ubuntu so I just did that... used reaver to get my own password :p18:16
magespawnthe dust on the fan is not too serious but if the heatsink is blocked the heat has nowhere to go 18:17
magespawncool not_found 18:17
magespawnI like both of them18:17
not_foundonly took the lappy 3 days to get it >.<18:18
not_foundslow cpu is slow18:18
GotangoI pulled some wire through the heatsinks fins and got no dust from them18:19
Gotangobetween the fins*18:19
magespawnhere is a link to the service manual Gotango http://tim.id.au/laptops/hp/compaq%20610%20615.pdf18:21
magespawnnot_found, i use some of the tools for monitering my own network18:21
* not_found doesn't know enough to know what to monitor and why :p18:22
magespawnwork network that is18:22
magespawnbest way to learn is to play18:22
magespawnGotango, here is another http://h20565.www2.hp.com/portal/site/hpsc/public/psi/manualsResults/?lang=en&cc=us&sp4ts.oid=395841118:22
magespawnto paraphrase inetpro man pages18:23
Kiloshi theblazehen 18:49
theblazehennight all18:58
Gotangolol i've been ignoring big place where i can cut out heat18:58
Gotangonight theblazehen18:59
Gotangoi've put the laptop on four supporting columns, about 3 centimetres in the air, with a semi wet cloth at the base, now it more comfortable than before. There was alot of heat beneath there 19:01
magespawnneat trick19:02
magespawnthe machine should not be getting that hot though19:02
magespawnGotango, do you know anything about hardware?19:02
GotangoCould it be using too much power19:02
GotangoYes i worked with desktops before magespawn19:03
GotangoNot lappies though19:03
magespawnmaybe check the bios, on some machines there are settings to change fan speed and overclocking 19:03
magespawnsame general principles19:04
not_foundbios shouldnt have changed since switching from windows to ubuntu19:05
not_foundbut still worth a look19:06
GotangoI will check there in hp bios magespawn. Not sure if i saw settings to change hardware though, but will check that19:06
not_foundperhaps force the fan to run @ 100%19:06
magespawnmight be an idea to dismantle it, clean and reseat the heat sink, you would need heat paste if you do that19:06
Gotangonot_found why set it so high19:07
not_foundafter I opened and cleaned my lappy it was cooler... three days later it can't charge a battery any longer but that might not have been my fault :p19:07
magespawnlol @ not_found 19:07
not_foundfan @ 100% = coolest the lappy can run19:07
magespawni cleaned mine and managed to stop the keyboard working19:08
Gotangomagespawn i will do that but , not reseating the heat sink though19:08
Gotangolol only more noise with that option19:09
not_foundthe stupid keyboards using those silly zeroforce locks ugh!19:09
not_foundhad to try three times to get the keyboard working properly afterwords19:09
magespawnnot_found, it should also not be running hoter because of change of os, so who knows, lol19:10
GotangoI can remove my keyboard easily though. Have to be careful with the thin connecting cable19:10
magespawnribbon cable?19:10
GotangoYa ribbon cable, forgot its name :p19:11
magespawnthey usually have a connector straight on to the board, those can be delicate19:12
Gotangoyeah one has to be carefull if you didnt know about the ribbon cable and just pull out the keyboard , your toast19:13
inetproKilos: hoor jy die donderweer?19:30
inetprogood evening19:30
magespawnhey inetpro19:30
inetproohi magespawn19:30
Kilosohi inetpro ja dit donder baie hier19:38
inetproseriously need some rains here19:41
Kilosso dry we spit cotten wool here19:42
inetprojust started cutting the lawn the other day when it started growing nicely with all the rain, now it's suffering heavily with the heat19:46
Kilosjust started raining here nw19:46
Kilosnow too19:47
Kiloslots of lightning/thunder19:47
Kilosfunny the power hasnt died yet19:50
magespawnand there it goes20:07
somaunnHello everyone20:08
magespawnhi somaunn 20:10
somaunnmagespawn: it's quiet here today20:11
magespawnrelatively, was some chatter earlier20:12
somaunni can see that20:12
magespawnbit too early for some, and other need their sleep20:13
magespawni am also off, good night all20:19
somaunnwhat advice can you give me, i want to setup a recording room to do video recording for internet show like the one made by Hak5 but for french countries20:19
magespawnsomaunn, there is also a pod/video cast doen here in south africa called "Let's Talk Geek", they do that sort of thing, superfly works with one of the guys who was involved i that, so maybe ask when he is here next20:21
magespawnnow off to bed20:22
Kiloshmm... 20:26
Kilos<Kilos> funny the power hasnt died yet20:26
Kilospower died same time20:26
inetproKilos: it stopped there already? 20:29
Kilosya here too20:29
Kilosbut at least me got some for a change20:29
Kilosit normally blows past20:30
inetprostill falling a bit.. took a while to get here after you said it started there 20:30
Kilosspose i can go sleep now.20:33
Kilosnight all. sleep lekker20:33
inetproGood night oom 20:33
Kiloshi superfly toods superfly 20:33
inetprosomaunn: you want to talk to HawkiesZA20:38
somaunninetpro: why not ! will he provide me necessary infos20:40
inetproas far as I know he was very much involved with let's talk geek 20:42
inetprosee http://ltg.ltnet.tv/20:42
superflyinetpro: somewhat involved. more like his brother is involved20:53
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