GeeWizzAre you her? Not at all crazy. Just trying to gibe a heads up. Thought you might appreciate that. That's all.00:00
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge00:00
ubottuSince Ubuntu 9.10, a !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details00:00
ubottuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates00:00
mrpizzafaceI was wondering if anybody here could help me install UBUNTU 12.04 LTS on a 32 GB Flash Drive from  windows "not the live CD the ful Ubuntu installation"00:00
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging00:00
MonkeyDustcatalase_  use /msg ubottu if you want to read a lot of factoids00:00
catalase_ok sry00:00
catalase_thx u00:00
apb1963hitsujiTMO: Screenshot http://snag.gy/0ZYEX.jpg  Notice the SWAP column... the first process has 1.1G swapped out.00:00
catalase_MonkeyDust, i believe that apache 2.4.7 provides substantial benefit over 2.2.2200:01
GeeWizzHelping the community. Thats what I do.00:01
catalase_does Ubuntu believe that 2.4.7 is unstable and provides no substantial benefit?00:02
catalase_i think they are mistaken00:02
MonkeyDustcatalase_  dunno, I don't use it00:02
spearheadcatalase_, it probably just came out too late to be included... they might be including it in 14.04 but I'm not sure...00:03
mrpizzafaceI was wondering if anybody here could help me install UBUNTU 12.04 LTS on a 32 GB Flash Drive from  windows "not the live CD the ful Ubuntu installation"00:03
apb1963mrpizzaface: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/00:03
catalase_spearhead, when do you think they will release 14.04?00:04
MonkeyDustcatalase_  april00:04
k1l_catalase_: as its said in the name: april 201400:04
daftykinsmrpizzaface: grab universal USB installer from pendrivelinux.com as apb1963 suggests00:04
mrpizzafaceapb1963: ill check it out00:04
catalase_k1l_, oh i did not know this00:04
spearheadcatalase_, the ubuntu release numbers are the year released and the month00:05
HisaoNakaidaftykins: Hey, tis, contrapunctus from a sec ago. Turned out I had photorec running alongside, causing gparted to fail 8|00:05
rwwi wish release numbers were 14/04 or something instead00:05
spearheadand they always release a new one every 6 months00:05
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HisaoNakaidaftykins: (or that's what I think it was, for when I closed it, gparted worked after that)00:05
daftykinsHisaoNakai: ah ok :)00:05
spearheadcatalase_, thus 13.04, 13.10, 14.0400:05
catalase_i see00:05
catalase_do you think i can manually upgrade to 2.4.7 apache?00:05
catalase_or would u advise against it00:06
SchrodingersScatcatalase_: I believe in you.00:06
catalase_i believe in me to, SchrodingersScat00:06
MonkeyDustcatalase_  ubottu told you how, but that it is at your own risk00:06
mrpizzafaceapb1963: so when i install the ubuntu installation to the USB will it be the live CD or the Full install where it will save me files ect. ect.00:06
GeeWizzBest be careful who you "believe" in.00:06
catalase_MonkeyDust, adding a ppa?00:06
apb1963mrpizzaface: Pretty sure it's the full install.. but I'd have to read the web page to be sure.00:07
GeeWizzSmelling bacon? Uh oh. Better trust your nose!00:08
dudey1hey folks. I've been trying to set up an IM server to message people  within my LAN so I can securely talk to other in the house.. so I use this guide ( http://www.thefanclub.co.za/how-to/how-setup-im-voip-server-using-openfire-ubuntu-1204 ) cause it seems to get me closer (more close then the openfire read me file) to having the service then anything else. But when I get down to the dpkg command , it says it can't find the program even though I change directo00:08
k1l_GeeWizz: please stick to ubuntu support in here00:08
mrpizzafaceapb1963: ill get back to you on that im installing :P damn windows ya  know ? hold all of us down :(00:08
GeeWizzOh this is support.00:08
dudey1yes GeeWizz, if someone's trying to get you to buy drugs without knowing you, it's probably a cop fishing for his dinner00:08
k1l_!ot | GeeWizz dudey100:09
ubottuGeeWizz dudey1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:09
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/  - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring00:09
FireStormsWhat's the IRC channel for Linux Mint?00:09
GeeWizzOkkk don't say i didnt warn ya!00:09
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:09
FireStormsGeertJohan, thank you :]00:10
skorpiohi, i have tried to change my computername but changed /etc/hostname before /etc/hosts00:11
skorpionow gedit wont function anymore using sudo00:11
skorpiowhat can i do?00:11
GeeWizzJenna Stafon. Actually.00:12
GeeWizzIf irc.00:12
PessimistWhy would you need to edit /etc/hosts, skorpio ?00:12
GeeWizzBeeeeee careffullll00:12
MonkeyDust GeeWizz stop00:12
daftykinsskorpio: you'll have to boot a liveCD/USB then edit it from there, or hold left shift at boot and go into recovery mode00:12
DrGrovBen64: Thanks for the kind help last night, got it thanks to your kind advices on how to fix /home right :) Big thank you from the bottom of my heart.00:12
skorpiothanks , daftykins00:13
hitsujiTMOapb1963: swap isnt swap space at all. swap = res + virt. virt includes the size of process's executable binary, the data area and all the loaded shared libraries. the same shared lib will get counted for every process that uses it. so counting the cumulative value is not reliable00:20
apb1963hitsujiTMO: so you're saying that, that SWAP column is meaningless in terms of calculating swap space used/needed?00:21
hitsujiTMOapb1963: exactly00:21
RavenHi, how can I rename devices plugged in to my machine? For instance, I want to rename a webcam.00:22
apb1963hitsujiTMO:  ok but it's saying that ONE process is using 1.1G ... so the fact that other processes are counting the same files is not important at the moment.   1.1G still a valid number in terms of swap spaced used, for that one process.  Yes?00:24
hitsujiTMOapb1963: but its not swap. it include all memory. its just a badly labeled column00:25
NictraSavios_I'm not sure if this query belongs here or Ubuntu+1, but since this question affects multiple distrobutions I think its very "general". My question is: Can the 14.04 daily be considered "reliable" (not stable, I know that awnser). Basically, is my system one day going to be comepletely broken and unusable, or will it just be bugs here and there? Which should I use if I have a hybrid gpu, 13.10 or 14.04?00:26
linguiniI have an ubuntu guest that occasionally fails to reboot.  I want to see messages from the kernel when it is rebooting rather than fancy splash screens so I can look for clues.  How can I do this?00:26
apb1963hitsujiTMO: then it's also badly documented.  The man page states "00:27
apb1963SWAP  --  Swapped size (kb)00:27
apb1963          Memory  that is not resident but is present in a task.  This is memory that has been swapped out00:27
apb1963          but could include additional non-resident memory.  This  column  is  calculated  by  subtracting00:27
apb1963          physical memory from virtual memory.00:27
FloodBot1apb1963: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:27
apb1963sorry floodbot, my bad.00:27
hitsujiTMOapb1963: my apologies. its virt - res. but the key here is to look at what virt is too.00:29
NictraSavios_P.S. If my question does belong in ubuntu+1, let me know please :).00:30
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jeffryccan somone help me with my head set and kubuntu desktop  tey dont seem to work together00:30
k1l_NictraSavios_: if you need to ask about that, i would not suggest you use development releases.00:31
mrpizzafacei have a question if i start a VM running the Ubuntu live CD can i install from the live CD to a USB flashdrive00:31
hitsujiTMOapb1963: virt: It includes all code, data and shared libraries plus pages that have been swapped out and pages that have been mapped but not used.                        So it includes data thats neither resident in ram or swap. So its data that has yet to be loaded00:31
k1l_NictraSavios_: they are quite gut theese days, but there is always the chance that something will make the system not boot at all. i suggest you stick to 13.10 so far00:32
NictraSavios_k1l_, Heh, well its not exactly an obvious question. At least, I don't think so. Stability is obviously gone with a daily, but the impact on my daily work is not so obvious, since as you said, they are mostly trivial these days. But, alright, thank you!00:33
k1l_NictraSavios_: according to murphy the heavy bugs come in when you really need a running system :) in the end its your choice00:34
NictraSavios_k1l_, Haha, true! I guess as the releases get more tame I get more a sense of security with betas.00:35
hitsujiTMOapb1963: sorry, it includes the shared libs + data thats not yet loaded.                   hence the presumed bloat.00:35
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apb1963hitsujiTMO: that's also confusing...  SWAP column is code+allocated data area+shared libs+swapped out pages?00:39
hitsujiTMOapb1963: +data that could potentially be loaded00:40
hitsujiTMOapb1963: -actual ram used00:40
Gallomimiahi is kernel 3.12 in the official release now?00:41
=== goose_ is now known as Guest47963
apb1963hitsujiTMO: isn't that covered by "allocated data area" ?  It can't know what data hasn't been loaded, unless it knows what data hasn't been loaded... a bit of a catch 22... so it would have to be pre-allocated by the program... i.e. static data areas within the program, used or not.00:42
Gallomimiamust be. autoremove is taking out kernel 3.1100:43
apb1963hitsujiTMO: Bottom line, it makes my head hurt and I don't think it's a useful number at this point.00:43
xangua!info linux | Gallomimia00:44
ubottuGallomimia: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (saucy), package size 1 kB, installed size 33 kB00:44
hitsujiTMOapb1963: allocated data would be data that is loaded into mem. If you "open" a file on the drive, it doesn't necessarily mean it has to get loaded into memory, but it still needs to be addressed. that addressing space gets included in virt00:45
Gallomimiahuh... odd.00:45
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apb1963hitsujiTMO: right. that's what i'm saying00:46
hitsujiTMOapb1963: yeah. so its a number you can typically ignore00:46
apb1963hitsujiTMO: anyway, as you already stated... SWAP is not swap.  :)00:46
apb1963gotta love it00:47
apb1963thanks again00:47
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poleslavHello everyone, i dont know if anyone here remembers me, but I'm having graphics problems,when i click and drag the selection pops up in slow motion basically, i just did a fresh install of either 13.04 or 13.10, not sure which was on the flash drive. When i was in the install screen it wasnt in slow-mo but after booting from the disk it was00:55
smacktalkhow do I move a process to the background00:57
lickalottadd an & to the end of the commad line00:58
hitsujiTMOsmacktalk: or with some running apps: ctrl + z00:58
jgcampbell300is there a way to get more than 254 ip addresses on my network01:00
MonkeyDustsmacktalk  if you used ctrl-z, then use 'jobs' to show them and fg [number] to bring it to front01:00
hitsujiTMOjgcampbell300: use a larger subnet. like the network01:02
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poleslavBefore i logged in even then everything worked smoothly, but once i logged in the menus went back to being slow-mo basically01:04
poleslavAnyone have any suggestions01:04
WhyAskWhyUbuntu Is a Bunch OF FAGGOT ASS STUCK UP BITCHES01:04
jgcampbell300hitsujiTMO, thats what i was just reading on ... do you have a link to some good info i could read up on ?01:05
richi_Hi. How can i run test for disk errors before system start becouse i need to check my entire hdd?01:06
hitsujiTMOjgcampbell300: i'm afraid its like 14 years since i covered that so don't really know any "recent" resources.01:06
jgcampbell300hitsujiTMO, ok thanks01:07
hitsujiTMOjgcampbell300: cisco's usually a good resource: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk365/technologies_tech_note09186a00800a67f5.shtml01:08
Oogsometimes ssh login takes a really long time. trying to see why from logs but there is nothing in auth.log even after changing log level to verbose then debug3...?01:11
zack_hay can someone help me out01:13
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »01:13
jeffryJust say what you need help with and somone can see if they can help you :)01:14
zack_well i need help geting minecraft for free01:15
zack_a little redictulios i know01:15
daftykinsleave now and this will go painlessly01:15
jeffryIts posable but illegal in most cases01:15
jeffrySo [please dont try01:16
zack_not nessalry01:16
zack_ive bin on youtube all day01:16
jeffryIf you mean a free avvount ask your parents maby a friend01:16
zack_verry funny01:16
jeffryI'm not being funny01:17
k1l_zack_: no illegal advises in here.01:17
zack_i gust dont have a credit card01:17
OogUseDNS was the problem01:17
zack_and its not illegal01:17
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zack_im just bord out of my mind01:18
zack_i just need some advise01:19
ahmadmorning guys i just wanna know how exactly do we modify linux? its an open source right?01:19
jeffryyes it is :)01:20
ahmadthen how do we modify it?01:20
ahmadhow can anybody made a distribution01:20
jeffryI'm not sure I never have01:20
ahmadi see01:21
jeffryTry youtube i have see videos on how to make them01:21
ahmaddamn great idea01:21
ahmadill check it out01:21
jeffryNp :)01:21
Oogimagemagick identify: unrecognized list type `weight' - ideas? i need to use convert with caption and different font weight but cant01:22
jeffryahmad,  oh and do you mean a free account or a cracked launcher cause cracked launchers don't abide by the mine craft TOS01:22
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AcidRain2013when im editing menu items. how do i add an item that will run a python script. like if the script is script.pl. i want it to run that script in terminal like "script.py --help" and then stay in that directory01:26
jeffrey_fanyone ever install the full Java JDK?01:27
xangua!java | jeffrey_f01:27
ubottujeffrey_f: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.01:27
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FloodBot1dominic__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:36
soahcccHey guys. I have a fairly old notebook here. I tried 12.04 but it fails because the CPU doesn't support pae. According to a askubuntu thread I tried the netinstall but it fails with video mode error. Would I have better chances with an older version or rather less chances?01:36
Aikaranyone have any idea what could throttle my connection (ubuntu) to my server (ubuntu) on a complete system level, all protocols? It is IP based, as SFTP and HTTP both are throttled, but If I VPN I dont get throttled, and my speeds are fine to other servers01:36
Aikarand ive freshly reinstalled ubuntu, and every system on my network is throttled to my server01:36
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VivekanandaI have used axel quite often but a lot of the times some sites say unable to connect. what does that mean ?01:40
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bluetechAnyone here know of a way to have a slideshow background on more then one monitor (3 total)? With different wallpapers for each monitor.01:46
cvtsxcan someone help me with puttygen via terminal please01:46
bluetechnitrogen and variety can only slideshow the same image on all the monitors01:47
bluetechwell nitrogen can change diff wallpapers on each but does not have a slideshow feature01:48
cvtsxHow can a load a .pem in puttygen via terminal?01:49
Bashing-omsoahccc: There are other version of 'buntu that support non pae. I beieve lubuntu is in that catagory, also there are ways to implement "fake pae", Then again it takes some hosses to run the flagship editions of ubuntu, which is where Lubuntu shines !01:51
jgcampbell300so ... im trying to figgure out if i have this right ... if i build a network of .. and put printers on desktops on laptops on servers on etc ... i would have to setup vlans for each range to speak to each other ?01:58
jgcampbell300or would i have to go with something like a subnet of
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jacob_Hello my JACK audio server will not start, anyway to fix? http://www.anony.ws/image/kWQP02:07
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Euclidisall right. all right.02:09
Klagid_Making a new server :D02:11
evilbithi all. I'm installing from ubuntu-12.04.3-server-amd64.iso  and notice that auditd isn't among the packages. is there a way to get that package installed during the initial install?02:11
pikarenis anything more than 4gig of ram neccessary?02:13
DrGrovHi, should I really turn on the firewall in Xubuntu or just leave it be?02:13
Klagid_Turn it on02:14
soahcccBashing-om: I tried Lubuntu (13.10) and it complained about pae too02:15
soahcccBashing-om: Oh no it was 12.10, my fault :)02:16
bluetechis it possible to add kde wallpaper features in ubuntu?02:17
jeffrey_fpikaren:  the more RAM, the merrier.  I barely use the first 1GB of RAM....However, if you run anything that could take more, you will start seeing slowing as the system scratches to swap02:18
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Euclidisbluetech: I don't think so. What exactly?02:22
bluetechthe ability to have wallpapers change on multiple monitors automatically02:22
bluetechkde can do this02:22
Euclidisbluetech: You can install any software able to slideshow.02:26
DrGrovHow do I change permission for VLC skins I have sudo copied to /usr/share/vlc/skins2?02:26
DrGrovThe others I sudo copied there worked but not the 2nd part I copied a bit after.02:27
bluetechthat is true but they each can only enable the same wallpaper per monitor02:27
bluetechi have 3 monitors02:27
peroi'm trying to install gdk-pixbuf but am getting a package not found in apt-get - what obvious thing am i missing? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdk-pixbuf02:27
impossiblehow do i check what graphics drivers i have nstalle02:28
OerHeks!find gdk-pixbuf02:29
ubottuFound: libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0, libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0-dbg, libgdk-pixbuf2.0-common, libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev, libgdk-pixbuf2.0-doc02:29
OerHeksimpossible, open terminal: lspci | grep -i VGA02:29
impossibleOerHeks, thanks.02:31
Euclidisbluetech: You could try sinchronize monitors?02:32
bluetechi am not familar with that02:33
bluetechi search google and the software center02:33
perohow do i install lib32-gtk2 on 64bit ubuntu?02:33
jeffryGuy is there a way i can convert a java exe file into a jar02:34
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Euclidisbluetech: Neither do I am.02:36
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EuclidisOerHeks: I'm running 13.04 and would like upgrade to 13.10, but, doesn't works even I had check the 'any new version' on software updater.. Can you... ?02:40
lonniemsg ubottu !dvd02:41
OerHeksEuclidis, that should be the right setting, idk02:42
EuclidisOerHeks: What you mean with 'idk'?02:43
EuclidisOh... I Don't Know...02:44
OerHeksidk idont know ( what could be wrong)02:44
OerHekssupport ends somewhere this month02:44
EuclidisYes. I know...02:45
EuclidisIt is why I am concerned..02:45
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TYDIRocksI'm installing Ubuntu 13.10 on my external HDD. I'm currently on the last screen where I choose my name and password. I pressed continue and it's been stuck at that screen for the past 5 mins, should I quit the installation and restart it?02:55
TYDIRocksThe HDD is brand new so it hasn't been formatted/partitioned before if that helps02:56
jeffrey_fTYDIRocks: Is it formatting???  (disk light?)02:58
TYDIRocksjeffrey_f: the light is flashing02:58
yaverotrunning 12.10 in a VM, need to add a dns server as first choice; all access via ssh.02:59
=== k3nt_ is now known as k3nt
jeffrey_fTYDIRocks: Let it go. If the disk is large, it can be a while02:59
TYDIRocksjeffrey_f: alright thanks. It usually doesn't go to the installation progress screen till it's done formatting?02:59
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terrencecant manage to connect to ps3 for media streaming03:18
=== Mars is now known as Guest47339
n2iHi all! Should I use BtrFS or ZFS for ~ 200G partition which is used to store data?03:25
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RarrikinsAre there any Intel integrated video proprietary drivers?03:36
RarrikinsOK, thanks.03:37
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
Bashing-omsoahccc: Sorry I got carried away to other things, See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE03:41
PKKid2OK this is very weird and I don't know whats going on. -- It seems my PC is reverting state every time I reboot.  I'll update a few packages in apt and after reboot it appears they never installed.  I was also trying to install cinnamon, and after i install and reboot, apt thinks it was never installed.  The dropbox app keeps re-downloading the same 5 files every time I reboot.03:43
BadBoY__i just bought a new system having amd a10 and preinstalled with dos, i want to use ubuntu server for the system, where should i look for. It does not have partitions done and i need to do it from the very scratch. please help03:44
grahamsavagehey for really large screens (i.e. 35"+) is there any way of having artificial regions?03:45
grahamsavagei.e. for locking windows too etc.. kinda like having multiple monitors except on the one screen03:45
PKKid2OMG this is insane! -- I just wrote a file to my home directory "imhere.txt" and reboot and now its gone.  My PC is definetly reverting state to some weird state on every reboot03:48
PKKid2installed software goes missing, dropbox keep redownloading everything03:48
centrxIs this your computer?03:49
PKKid2im on it now03:49
centrxThere is software that does that, but it is usually installed on purpose03:49
PKKid2Do you know the name of it?03:49
DarthEaronhey, i get a black screen that returns me to the login screen when i try to log in. i already checked my xauthority file and the ownership seem right. anything else i can try?03:50
centrxPKKid2, Windows System Restore?03:51
centrxPKKid2, It could be in the BIOS too. I do not know of Linux software that does that off the top of my head03:51
PKKid2Hmm, I havent done any Bios updates or anything of that nature03:52
centrxDarthEaron, Did you recently install/upgrade some new software?03:52
vegntorucMy USB WiFi adapter does not show up in the network manager but I can see it in lsusb03:52
PKKid2The only thing is I was trying to install cinnamon to see if it works03:52
PKKid2and upon reboot, its like it was never installed03:52
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DarthEaroncentrx: not anything i would think relavent... i did a sudo apt-get upgrade...03:52
=== hungry is now known as spearhead
PKKid2"Windows System Restore?" -- Are you sure this would be on Ubuntu!?03:53
=== erkules_ is now known as erkules
centrxDarthEaron, You could try booting up in single-user mode/maintenance mode and look at the log files for X and so forth03:53
centrxPKKid2, It was a joke, I don't know Linux software that does that03:53
centrxPKKid2, I do know there is hardware that will do that. Like if you run a public kiosk that people might mess up, you just restart and it is back to normal03:54
PKKid2centrx, Sorry, missed the joke.. Not in a good mood when my computer is being stupid makes me miss the obvious. ;P03:54
RarrikinsPKKid2: Yeah, that's what you use if you install Linux and you want to go back to the last restore point.03:54
DarthEaroncentrx: when i try to use hnome-shell i get an error sating failed to load session "gnome"03:54
PKKid2Rarrikins, I'm glad my problem is a joke to everyone. :(03:55
DarthEaroncentrx: tried reinstalling gnome-shell and im about to do a reboot.03:55
jeffrey_fRemove .ICEauthority (rename).  go in through terminal session (CTL-ALT-F1).  Come back to login gui ALT-CTL-F703:56
PKKid2I guess the next question is, how do I see everythign that was installed in the last week?03:57
jeffrey_fDarthEaron: Remove .ICEauthority (rename).  go in through terminal session (CTL-ALT-F1).  Come back to login gui ALT-CTL-F7.  It will be recreated on login03:57
PKKid2I know the date this started heppening because I have a programming project I was working on at the time03:57
PKKid2I can look at the timestam of those files03:57
centrxPKKid2, You could look in /var/cache/apt/archives and ls -lt03:58
PKKid2January 4th03:58
DarthEaronhey, just did reboot and nothing03:58
centrxPKKid2, That should have the download dates of the packages, assuming you did not install a package and version that was already downloaded03:59
moopzoopmy display is 1024x600, sometimes i get settings windows that are larger than my screen, any recommendations on how i can see the parts of these windows that go off the screen?03:59
PKKid2there is a "partial" folder with Jan 4th on it03:59
PKKid2and nothing in it03:59
thom_rmoopzoop, is your display resolution set to match your screen resolution?03:59
DarthEaronit might be because of me installing the nvidia drivwers04:00
Rarrikinsmoopzoop: You can press alt-space, move, and move it around.04:00
=== brandon is now known as Guest90158
moopzoopthanks, Rarrikins04:00
=== Guest90158 is now known as reffcap
Bashing-omsoahccc: Did you get my last (belated !) ?04:01
DarthEaronif i delete my xorg.conf, will it be regenerated?04:01
Rarrikinsmoopzoop: Remember the underlined letter for move. You can press that on the keyboard to select it when the Alt-space menu is hidden outside the screen.04:01
reffcapanhone know how to get to the linux mint irc04:01
PKKid2The last things installed in apt-get history is "remove stockfish"04:01
moopzoopalt-f7 works too04:01
PKKid2that has nothing to do with anything04:01
Rarrikinsmoopzoop: Oh, cool.04:02
reffcapive been trying to figure out how to stream to twitch from ubuntu anyonw know how04:02
PKKid2I also installed gcolor204:02
PKKid2I think I have to completly reinstall Ubuntu... :(04:03
PKKid2Maybe I'll go with Mint. :P04:04
reffcaplinux mint is goo i have zorin os ultimate if you want it PKKid204:04
PKKid2reffcap, I have no clue what zorin os ultimate is04:04
centrxIt sure sounds awesome though04:05
OerHeksmint and zorin are not supported here so be carefull.04:05
jeffrey_fDarthEaron: Remove .ICEauthority (rename).  go in through terminal session (CTL-ALT-F1).  Come back to login gui ALT-CTL-F7.  It will be recreated on login04:05
reffcapits really good04:05
Unforgivenwhen you have problem in mint and zorin, dont say your distro, just state the problem in here, theyre likely very similar04:06
reffcapim not going to post videos about it im just handing out options to linux04:06
PKKid2DerHeks, thats fine.  Ubuntu won't let me save any files anymore.. so its useless to me now anyways. :P04:06
reffcappkkid did ubuntu not bring anything up when you logged in04:07
OerHeksPKKid2,  i blame cinamon, as you stated yourself earlier, it can wreck unity04:07
reffcapjust your desktop background04:07
PKKid2reffcap, It just acts like I did nothing since Jan 4.  ALways reverts back to the state of Jan 4.04:07
reffcapyou could either reinstall or get a new os04:08
PKKid2OerHeks, It was happening before today.  I noticed it first yesterday but didn't think anything of it.  Today I confirmed it was just reverting state04:08
reffcapthose are the quick ways04:08
PKKid2OerHeks, And I didn't try installing cinnamon until an hour ago04:08
PKKid2I know I've installed the same updates on this system about 8 times now..04:09
PKKid2they just keep reverting back to Jan 4th state.04:09
reffcapare you getting my IM PKKid204:11
jeffrey_fDarthEaron: Did it work?04:11
DarthEaronjeffrey_f: sorry just came back to tty2, where is ICE authority located, i dont see it in homefolder04:14
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
DarthEaronjeffrey_f: im about to reboot, ill let you know how it went04:15
=== IAmNotThatGuy is now known as Mohi
jeffrey_fDarthEaron: It is in your home folder /home/UserID/.ICEauthority04:16
DarthEaronjeffrey_f: it did not work...something i noticed in tty...i get a message saying something like plymouth not found...i cant get back to the message, tty scrooled to far04:18
BadBoY__i just bought a new system having amd a10 and preinstalled with dos, i want to use ubuntu server for the system, where should i look for. It does not have partitions done and i need to do it from the very scratch. please help04:19
jeffrey_fDarthEaron: does it let you stay in the terminal session?04:19
DarthEaronjeffrey_f: yeah, im in tty talking to you right now with irssi. your asking weather i can tty on this machine right?04:21
jeffrey_fDarthEaron: OK....Looks like a package problem.  Looking for something at the moment04:23
TheLordOfTimeis there a way to file a crash bug from a .crash file?04:23
DarthEaronjeffrey_f: thanks by the way, cant really google right now04:23
jeffrey_fok...text only?04:24
DarthEaronjeffrey_f: yeah man im stuck on tty...no gui except a login screen. when i try to log in it gives me "failed to load session "gnome" "04:25
n2iHi everyone! My CPU is Core i5 M520 with Intel® Hyper-Threading, what MAKEOPTS= should I use? '-j5' or '-j8'?04:25
DarthEaronthats with gnome-shell, when i try unity it just gives me a black screen and then returns to login screen04:25
DarthEaronjeffrey_f: i installed fluxbox and that works. so maybe i need to reinstall somehting?04:26
DarthEaronjeffrey_f: but i already did sudo apt-get purge gnome-shell and reinstalled it. maybe if i do autoremove after that?04:27
jeffrey_fDarthEaron: sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop then sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-gnome-desktop    Do not restart. This could effectively leave your system without GUI (which probably isn't an issue right now anyway)    then sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop  and finally   sudo apt-get autoremove04:28
DarthEaronjeffrey_f: ill give this a try04:31
jeffrey_fDarthEaron:  There are 4 commands there......was trying to keep IRC etiquette keeping to a single line, but it looks ugly04:31
DarthEaronjeffrey_f: this is weird, it saying neither is installed. dont see how that happened.04:32
DarthEaronbut they show up in gui login screen....huh04:32
jeffrey_fDarthEaron: Could be the problem.  sumtin got borked!04:33
DarthEaronworking on installing now. i may just break down and reinstall....i really need to make a new partition specifically for my home folder04:35
=== zopsi_ is now known as zopsi
jeffrey_fDarthEaron: Desktop or laptop?04:37
DarthEaronjeffrey_f: desktop...this may be related, but is just after i installed virtualbox and now that i got fluxbox to work, when i try to start the vm gui crashes back into login screen.04:38
KalelCan anyone have a look on my problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6736540/04:38
mr-techguyI am from Atlanta04:39
cvtsxcan i upload files through putty?04:39
SchrodingersScatcvtsx: I think you normally use psftp or maybe they have a pscp or something.04:40
mr-techguyI am trying to use putty and SSH over to my laptop that next to me04:40
mr-techguyi can ping it04:40
Gavinwu@cvtsx please use filezilla04:40
mr-techguybut i can open putty04:40
KalelThank you.04:41
mr-techguyi keep getting access dined04:41
cvtsxSo i can upload through filezilla?04:41
SchrodingersScatoh, right, filezilla should be able to sftp04:41
pmitrosWhat's the right way to share files between Ubuntu machines these days? scp/sshfs is a bit too slow. I'd prefer not to open up too many security holes, however.04:41
SchrodingersScatKalel: looks like those aren't all supposed to be installed at the same time?04:42
cvtsxGavinwu: How?04:42
pmitrosThere's nfs, samba, and a million others. I'm wondering what the right one to use is.04:42
SchrodingersScatcvtsx: login to your server using filezilla with the ssh credentials you have.04:42
=== jje is now known as Guest76040
KalelSchrodingersScat: I know, quantum-physics boy...04:42
SchrodingersScatpmitros: rsync04:42
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
mr-techguyhello can some on help me04:43
qinpmitros: ubuntu one? google drive? rsync? how sshfs is security hole?04:43
cvtsxok, and what if i use a pem key?04:43
cvtsxwill they accept that?04:43
uratacoI was just going to say, the cloud04:43
=== Guest76040 is now known as jje
SchrodingersScatqin: saying he doesn't want to open them.  Like by adding something silly like ftp.04:43
pmitrosgin: scp is not a security hole. It's just slow. I'd like to do something fast, and as a file share.04:43
cvtsxjust plugin for my mc server04:44
pmitrosgin: The major upside of scp is security.04:44
qinSchrodingersScat: ftp is not a hole it is lack ;)04:44
pmitrosrsync would presume I want complete sets of files both places. I really want to transfer individual files. File system mount is ideal.04:44
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
SchrodingersScatmr-techguy: double check the username/login you are using.04:44
jeffrey_fDarthEaron:  I'm walking away from my comp for a few, just let me know how it worked.04:44
mr-techguywhen i login i put in my user name and it see it along with the ip04:45
mr-techguybut when I plug in the password it says access dined04:46
mr-techguynow let me ask what if I use the same password for both computer04:47
mr-techguywill that make a diff04:47
pmitrosSo at least of nfs vs. smb, is there a prefered one these days?04:47
qinmr-techguy: are you talking about ssh login?04:47
mr-techguyI use the same pass word for both computer s04:48
mr-techguywhen i login04:48
qinmr-techguy: lets say A is server and B is client, so04:48
qinmr-techguy: from B: ssh user_of_A@A_server with pasword of A user04:49
mr-techguyI get it04:50
Bashing-omKalel: How did you install the proprietary graphics driver ? maybe purge it and then (re-)install ? install method matters.04:51
Solartemusis there a list of reccomended phones for ubuntu-for-android?04:52
qinmr-techguy: and make sure to comb throught: man ssh; man sshd; man sshd_config; right whole thinky will work from A to B too, if you will install sshd on B, so you can tunnel yourself04:52
qinSolartemus: was ubuntu for android relased, or you mean Ubuntu Phone?04:54
Solartemuser is it not released yet?04:55
qinhm, next year I will edit it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_for_Android04:57
SolartemusI see04:58
Solartemusqin, no eta?04:59
FroodleCan't get second monitor to work.  Works in Win7.  Using AMD CCC to set second monitor to "Multi-display desktop with display(s) 1" and then prompted to reboot.  Works at the login screen, but once the desktop loads, the second monitor goes back to "disabled."  Can anyone help me?05:01
qinSolartemus: I do not really know.05:02
jeffrey_fDathEaron: Anything??05:03
=== joshua is now known as Guest46895
FroodleNever mind, I used the built-in Displays utility instead.  (Which didn't work before...)05:07
pr0tMy wifi cuts out all the time on ubuntu, does anyone else have this problem?05:08
rakeshubuntu not shutting down properly .can any1 help?05:10
asdofindiarakesh, what is happening when you press shut down?05:10
rakeshasdofindia:it jst gets hanged in the ubuntu(violet) screen05:11
sassyaprilhow to install less on ubuntu 12.04 ?05:12
xanguasassyapril: install less what¿05:12
qinsassyapril: what ubuntu are you running?05:12
sassyapril12.04 lts05:12
qinless is default05:12
sassyaprilxangua: its not working.. that's why i'am asking05:12
asdofindiarakesh, try pressing "Esc" while it is stuck. It might show some error. Or, maybe try this: go to virtual console by pressing ctrl+alt+F1, then do shutdown05:13
rakeshasdofindia:ok i shall do that.i hv another problem.the wifi gets hanged after sometime.is that due to torrent download.wats the solution05:14
asdofindia"hanged" as in? disconnected?05:15
rakeshasdofindia:well it shows the wifi as connected but there no work done.neither does it(connection) gets disconnected05:16
qinsassyapril: sudo apt-get install -f; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install less; if you talk about pager.05:17
asdofindiarakesh, like, is it very very slow? or does it not connect at all?05:17
sassyaprilqin: i am talking about less for CSS. i got the way. thanks :)05:17
qinsassyapril: use vim.05:18
user1000i am trying to install ubuntu 13.10 but during install it wont let me opt out of a ubunto one account?  how can i skip this05:20
rakeshasdofindia:no  work .its 0bytes/sec.05:21
Aaronuser1000, skip the process05:21
user1000Aaron: it won't proceed05:22
iKillCypherso Im trying to run ubuntu on my vm and it failed05:22
user1000Aaron: it just stays there05:22
rakeshasdofindia:the console ctrl+alt+f1 displays login:  .do i need to type shutdown here followed by my password05:22
Aaronuser1000, restart the installation05:23
iKillCypherthis kernel requries a x86-64 cpu but only detected a i686 cpu unable to boot05:23
iKillCypherany help?05:23
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
user1000Aaron: really? can i actually skip it if i do or will it happen again05:24
iKillCypherno one here can help me out?05:25
jeffrey_fiKillCypher: Details?  Error messages?  need more info please05:27
iKillCypher<iKillCypher> so Im trying to run ubuntu on my vm and it failed05:28
iKillCypher<iKillCypher> this kernel requries a x86-64 cpu but only detected a i686 cpu unable to boot05:28
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
jeffrey_fiKillCypher: OK.  You need a 32 bit version then05:30
iKillCypherI need a 64 bit version for android05:30
Ben64then make a 64 bit vm05:30
Ben64the virtual machine you set up is 32 bit, so 64 bit ubuntu will not run on it05:31
PKKid2I asked earlier, but maybe I'll fair better luck this time..05:31
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
PKKid2Any idea why every time I reboot my filesystem reverts back to Jan 4th?05:31
Ben64PKKid2: you're going to have to explain what that means05:32
elepfonitusben64 if it's virtual box you have to have "64" in the machine name for it make it 64 bit05:32
iKillCypherbut my windows is 32 bit05:32
Ben64elepfonitus: no you don't05:32
elepfonitusis that only true for windows vm?05:32
Ben64iKillCypher: then you probably cannot make a 64bit VM05:32
PKKid2Ben64, If I update atp packages, create a file in the home dir, or do anything.. then reboot, its like I never did anything.05:32
jeffrey_fiKillCypher: Exactly why you can't use a 64 bit install.....05:33
PKKid2Ben64, Every time I reboot, it prompts me to download the same updates.  Dropbox downloads the same file updates.. etc..05:33
Ben64PKKid2: pastebin the output of "mount"05:34
iKillCypheroh :( nvm thanks05:34
rakeshhi all,plz help :wifi connection gets hanged in ubuntu 12.04.05:34
PKKid2Ben64, http://pastebin.com/14PkBBbw05:34
Ben64PKKid2: i don't see anything strange there. open a terminal, type something like "touch testfile" and reboot, it should be there when you get back05:36
PKKid2Ben64, Thats the test I did about an hour, the file was gone on reboot.05:37
Ben64PKKid2: try using the livecd and running fsck on it?05:37
PKKid2Ben64, Could this be a strange SSD drive thing?05:38
PKKid2Ben64, I guess Im asking what you might be thinking..05:38
Ben64PKKid2: i have no idea, never heard or seen anything like it05:38
PKKid2Ben64, Yea.. me either, lol.  But at least my PC is working, despite it being very annoying.05:39
PKKid2OK I'll run fsck, be back..05:39
__bhdoes anyone know why sound might not be working on a minimal install of Lucid on a Macbook 2,1?05:39
__bhi've run alsamixer and unmuted everything05:40
Bashing-omPKKid2: Here is one thought, is "root" mounted read only ?05:40
__bhfrankly i've no clue how to troubleshoot this05:40
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gamma7272linux drivers Multimedia Keyboard Oklick 780L кто подскажет как решить проблему не работает колесо на клаве05:42
MindkontrolHello everyone, I am trying to setup vpnc via command line to access vpn, but keep getting no response. I can ping the vpn server fine. Anyone familiar with setting up vpnc via command line?05:42
gamma7272kve не определяет клики на колесе клавы, а система у меня ubuntu 10.04 lusid  ядро 3.12.705:45
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
=== fego is now known as Guest83694
pr0tI have an Atheros AR9462 running Ubuntu 13.10 and my wifi is extremely unreliable I tried adding some paramters to /etc/modprobe.d/ath9k.conf but same result, anyone have any ideas?06:09
zack_my wine is not runing any exe files and i have know idea what im doing with this program06:09
poeticrpmzack_, what happens when you open a terminal to the directory location of the .exe you want to launch and run it that way? For example: wine game.exe06:11
zack_i dont use the terminal06:11
zack_will you privat chat me06:12
poeticrpmpr0t, run lspci from a terminal and find the wirless device. Do a google search for your problem with that device ID and see if it turns up anything06:12
zack_poeticrpm:plz privat chat me06:13
poeticrpmzack_, why?06:13
poeticrpmits better to answer questions here so others can see06:13
pr0tpoeticrpm I did they all say to add parameters into ath9k.conf I did that but still my wifi is HORRIBLE06:13
zack_it will be easyer for me to keep track of our convercation06:14
poeticrpmpr0t, see if any other wireless drivers are available for the card is what I mean. Atheros cards have a few drivers that arent up to snuff- you might be able to blacklist the driver that its using now and have it use another06:15
poeticrpmzack_, there isnt many people here. Just ask here so others can help if they know something I dont06:15
poeticrpmmany people writing here*06:15
pr0tpoeticrpm I searched for using the compat-wireless drivers but can't find them for kernel 3.11.x06:16
zack_well do you have a diognostic06:16
zack_a bug error actualy came up once06:16
poeticrpmzack_, I gave you one- fire up a terminal from where the .exe is, and run it with: wine <nameofapp>.exe06:16
maxxsire_ I'm not sure if I'm in the right channel but I have Ubuntu Studio installed on my computer and have had no trouble with it for over a year now. Could run it for days with no performance problems. But in the last month or so after about an hour or so of starting up Ubuntu Studio it starts to get real sluggish even if I don't open many programs. The longer the computer is on the more sluggish it acts. What does this mean and what ca06:17
maxxsire_*days in a row*06:17
zack_what command06:17
maxxsire_lso, only about 5-15 percent of my CPU and about 10-30 percent of my RAM is being used at any time. Then applications like Firefox begin to crash.06:17
poeticrpmpr0t, can you give me the device ID?06:17
poeticrpmzack_, what is the .exe you are trying to run, and what directory is it in?06:18
zack_desktop/minecraft installer 1.6.206:19
pr0tpoeticrpm: the device id is 168c:003406:19
poeticrpmzack_, as an example, you would type: wine "/home/zack_/Desktop/minecraft installer 1.6.2"06:20
zack_my thing is zsw06:20
poeticrpmyou have to make sure all spaces, capitals and such are right06:20
poeticrpmpr0t, gimme a few06:21
poeticrpmzack_, i dont know what you mean dude06:21
zack_my username is zsw06:21
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
poeticrpmpr0t, im looking at this bug report: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4920106:24
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 49201 in network-wireless "168c:0032 Wifi connection unstable -- Atheros AR9485 ath9k" [Normal,Closed: code_fix]06:24
zack_poeticrpm_,can you find someone else who might give me a diaoginostic06:25
pr0thrmm, says fixes are in 3.11, but I am running 3.11.0-1506:25
poeticrpmpr0t, let me help zack_ a sec and then ill look through it some more. We might be able to sub the ath9k for a different driver, but im not sure. Most of the time these types of issues happen your screwed if you cant find another driver. This bug report has some tips that might help if we cant find another driver, and they dont revolve around any .conf files06:25
pr0tmaybe I'll just move up to 3.12.7 and see what happens06:26
poeticrpmzack_: the terminal IS the diagnostic! wine "/home/zsw/Desktop/minecraft installer 1.6.2"06:26
poeticrpmpr0t, a kernel update is always a possible driver fix. Gonna keep looking in that report and for a sub driver06:27
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
poeticrpmzack_: paste the output here if its short, or in a pastebin if its lon06:27
zack_No such file or directory06:28
poeticrpmyou arent givine me the right location then. Move the .exe file to your home folder, and rename it to: mincraft.exe06:29
poeticrpmthen run: wine /home/zsw/minecraft.exe06:29
poeticrpmand see what it says06:29
poeticrpmzack_, ^06:29
zack_i alredy have a file called minecraft.exe06:30
poeticrpmpr0t, you will have to reboot for that new kernel to take effect. you grabbing it from a kernel ppa?06:30
poeticrpmzack_, ok, then rename it: minecraftinstaller.exe06:30
poeticrpmand run: wine /home/zsw/minecraftinstaller.exe06:31
ZAKhanI have setup a software raid which installing the ubuntu 13.10 and it works fine, now I want to add another drive to the raid .. can someone pint me to a guide or help me out here?06:33
pr0tpoeticrpm: im looking for one06:33
gamma7272зря игнорируешь что я тебе отписал с драйверами и как решить проблему06:33
pr0thopefully all goes well since I am running this on a chromebook06:33
ubottugamma7272,: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.06:33
poeticrpmpr0t, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/06:34
zack_zsw@zsw-E-4610D:~$ /home/zsw/Desktop/minecraft installer 1.6.2 bash: /home/zsw/Desktop/minecraft: No such file or directory zsw@zsw-E-4610D:~$ /home/zsw/home/downloads/minecraftlauncher.exe bash: /home/zsw/home/downloads/minecraftlauncher.exe: No such file or directory06:34
zack_thats my output06:34
BitwiseHello. I'm trying to connect to my bridged connection I made using network-manager. When I attempt to connect I get this: http://screencloud.net/v/h85H06:35
poeticrpmzack_, you need to learn a few things about directories in linux to make this work bud. Linux users have a directory in /home. my username is poeticrpm, so my location is /home/poeticrpm06:35
=== bill is now known as Guest16490
zack_idk dude06:36
poeticrpmzack_, you need to put the mincraftinstaller.exe in your user location: /home/zsw06:36
zack_i did06:36
poeticrpmso the final directory path would be: /home/zsw/minecraftinstaller.exe06:36
poeticrpmthus, you would run from a newly opened terminal: wine /home/zsw/minecraftinstaller.exe06:37
zack_ok its in downloads though06:37
EsoRoticaHello folks, I'm attempting to get a backlight on a laptop to turn off when the screen saver activates. I've tried several methods and I'm able to successfully get the backlight to turn off  with vbetools, but dpms does not get the job done. any ideas?06:37
poeticrpmi told you to move it to your home folder. Im sorry, that wasnt clear- when someone says that, they usually mean move it to /home/zsw06:38
zack_its not a file06:38
poeticrpmpr0t, any luck?06:38
poeticrpmzack_, I thought you said it was a .exe file?06:38
pr0tdownloading right now06:38
poeticrpmwine has to have a .exe file to run06:38
pr0tbut its taking forever since my wifi is buggy :P06:39
zack_its a exe program06:39
EsoRoticapoeticrpm: Looks like he needs to move it home before that command will work..... mv ~/Downloads/minecraftinstall.exe ~/06:39
maxxsire_ Am I on the wrong channel for my questions?06:40
poeticrpmpr0t, you should be able to dpkg -i the kernel package if you cant set up the ppa. I didnt see the usual ppa page, but the page I linked you has the kernel to download06:40
poeticrpmEsoRotica, you are right. I just want zack_ to understand directories a little better so he doesnt have these issues later06:40
zack_i dont us the command prompt much06:41
KLVTZHas anyone had success installing Adobe Bridge via Wine on GNU/Linux Distro?06:41
ubottuKLVTZ,: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu06:41
cfhowlettKLVTZ, details and/or recommendations would be on the wine site06:41
poeticrpmzack_, thats fine. Its not for everyone. The command line is the best way to get feedback when crap doesnt work though06:41
=== Momo|Off is now known as MomoNasty
zack_i actualy have xubuntu06:42
poeticrpmzack_, so have you gotten it moved to /home/zsw?06:42
zack_no i cant06:42
poeticrpmzack_, makes little difference. Xubuntu is awesome- I use that as a backup OS06:42
poeticrpmzack_, why not?06:42
zack_its a program06:43
Mindkontrolcan anyone help me troubleshoot a vpn connection via command line? I am using vpnc and have the *.conf setup06:43
KLVTZcfhowlett, thanks!06:43
poeticrpmyou can move a program- linux sees a .exe as just another file. Right click on the minecraftinstaller.exe and move it from the downloads folder to /home/zsw06:43
zack_ 这吸06:44
=== parduse is now known as Guest46419
zack_wrong one06:44
poeticrpmMindkontrol, you might want to try #archlinux or #gentoo honestly. I think most of the pros are asleep here. Dont tell them youre on Ubuntu though!06:45
Ben64thats not a good idea06:45
poeticrpmBen64, why not? :P06:45
Ben64because ubuntu is not arch nor gentoo06:45
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
poeticrpmBen64, I cant imagine the differences are beyond Mindkontrol06:46
zack_hay what if u logged into my desktop and had a look06:46
Mindkontrolpoeticrpm: actually, i am using raspbian06:46
EsoRoticaHello folks, I'm attempting to get a backlight on a laptop to turn off when the screen saver activates. I've tried several methods and I'm able to successfully get the backlight to turn off with vbetools, but dpms does not get the job done. any ideas?06:46
Ben64Mindkontrol: then you should be asking in #raspberrypi06:46
poeticrpmMindkontrol, haha, I dont even know what that is06:46
Ben64poeticrpm: the point is we don't want to encourage people to break channel rules06:47
poeticrpmBen64, Im on Arch right now, and im trying to help Ubuntu guys: some things are universal06:47
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
zack_can anayone else help me06:47
poeticrpmBen64, oh, well I didnt realize that was against the rules. My bad06:47
EsoRoticazack_: All you need to do is move the file. Do it the same way you would in windows. copy it out of the downloads directory then into the /home/zsw directory06:47
poeticrpmzack_, dude, im really TRYING to help you.06:48
zack_how its not a ile06:48
poeticrpmzack_, EsoRotica makes a good point- its just like windows.06:49
Ben64zack_: what is the problem you are encountering?06:49
EsoRoticaAre you saying that you havent downloaded the file? You said it was in your downloads firectory06:49
Mindkontrolpoeticrpm: thanks for the advice06:49
=== Mars is now known as Guest42835
poeticrpmzack_, yes it is. .exe windows programs ARE files06:49
zack_my wine wont run an exe program and i dont have anay more ideas06:49
Ben64zack_: open a terminal and type "notepad"06:50
Ben64it should open up windows' notepad06:50
BitwiseHello. I'm trying to connect to my bridged connection I made using network-manager. When I attempt to connect I get this: http://screencloud.net/v/h85H06:50
Ben64if not, something is wrong with your wine06:50
poeticrpmpr0t, any luck dude?06:51
zack_ok now what06:51
pr0tstill trying to download :(06:51
EsoRoticaDid it open notepad zack_?06:51
pr0tmight just download on this laptop and transfer it via usb key06:51
EsoRoticaZach_ why dont you just type wine ~/Downloads/minecraftinstaller.exe into your terminal06:51
poeticrpmpr0t, yeah, prolly best06:52
linuxlitehow do i download windows06:52
poeticrpmzack_, agree with EsoRotica do that06:52
Oddityhow do i shot webs06:52
EsoRoticaOddity: Get bit by a radio active spider.06:53
Ben64zack_: what are you trying to run anyway06:53
zack_dnt work06:54
EsoRoticazack_: can you give a more detailed progress report, what was the error?06:54
zack_im trying to run a minecraft installer06:54
Ben64zack_: you know, they make minecraft for linux. why run it in wine?06:54
zack_wine: cannot find '/home/zsw/Downloads/minecraftinstaller.exe'06:55
ZAKhanI have setup a software raid while installing ubuntu 13.10 and it works fine, now I want to add another drive to the raid .. can someone point me to a guide or help me out here?06:55
zack_cuz i can get it free this way06:55
Ben64zack_: sorry, we don't support piracy here06:56
zack_its not piracy06:56
thom_rbuy it and run it natively in Linux.06:57
zack_i got it from the webpage minecraft.net06:57
zack_i cant afford anayway06:58
poeticrpmEsoRotica, dpms doesnt shut the screen off?06:58
EsoRoticapoeticrpm: It will blank the screen, but it will not shut off the backlight06:58
poeticrpmEsoRotica, just as a baseline, does xscreensaver turn the screen off if you try it? I wrote a script for this at some point, but I used dpms without issue06:59
EsoRoticaIIRC, Gnome-screensaver is the default and Xscreensaver is not installed.06:59
EsoRoticaI'll go grab it I suppose07:00
Ben64yeah i made a script to turn off my monitor when the screen blanks07:00
poeticrpmEsoRotica, yeah, youre prolly right. I use XFCE and openbox so..07:00
EsoRoticaBen, are you using vbetool?07:00
thom_rMate 1.6 is coming to 14.0407:00
Ben64also tied it into blueproximity, so when i enter the room the screensaver disables and my screen turns on, it's awesome07:00
poeticrpmBen64, that IS awesome. Never thought of that07:01
EsoRoticaThats fantastic, Sadly the laptop I'm configuring is for a friend and a new inductee to *nix.07:01
Ben64"xset dpms force off" might be the command you want to do though07:02
EsoRoticaI was able to convince him to buy 8 GB DDR3 and an 840 evo 250GB SSD, so its a good start for him. this things a rocketship07:02
Ben64could have it check periodically for screensaver activation, and run that if it is true07:02
EsoRoticaBen64: The only way I am successfully able to get the backlight to go off is with vbetool, dpms off will blank the screen but not the backlight07:03
EsoRoticazack_: see the private messages  I sent07:03
Ben64EsoRotica: oh, well i'm on a desktop.07:03
zack_i dont know how to see it07:03
poeticrpmEsoRotica, out of curiosity, what is the dpms command you are using? Also, have you tried setting a sleep command before blanking/dpms is actually ran? I believe I had to do that when manually invoking the screensaver since even a pixel of movement would have dpms fail but NOT the blanking (since most screensavers accomodate a few pixels movement)07:03
EsoRoticaYeah ben, thats the one frustration. The monitor also doen't report EDID properly07:04
EsoRoticapoeticrpm: There is some validity to it. let me attempt with sleep proceeding07:04
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
EsoRoticaSame result.07:05
poeticrpmEsoRotica, xset dpms force off07:06
EsoRoticaHere is what I've attempted:   xset dpms force off; (with or without proceeding sleep command) does successfully blank the screen, but the backlight stays on07:06
zack_EsoRotica check msg07:07
EsoRoticausing "sudo vbetool dpms off" will blank the screen and disable the backlight   [Do not attempt this without knowing that you will need to type sudo vbetool dpms on into a blank screen]]07:07
EsoRoticaThe screen will not wake without the secondary command07:08
zack_i have xubuntu<EsoRotica07:08
poeticrpmEsoRotica, you could do a really ugly hack and have an exception for that command in sudo, but I dont know how youd go about waking the screen. Maybe a keyboard shortcut to run the command? Tried xscreensaver? I doubt it will work if dpms doesnt07:10
EsoRoticaThats just the thing, I have a feeling dropping back to nvidia generic may also do the trick.07:10
poeticrpmdidnt even consider that07:11
EsoRoticaAdditionally, having to train a new user a non-standard behavior just isnt the way to go.07:11
poeticrpmyou got me07:11
EsoRoticaI'll attempt X real quick07:12
poeticrpmEsoRotica, http://pastebin.com/84acAmve07:12
EsoRoticamaybe it will run the mode differently.07:12
poeticrpmthats a script I found but never used awhile ago07:12
poeticrpmthe bash script I wrote used dpms (like this python one does), so it prolly wont help either. Its also on my desktop which im not at07:13
EsoRoticathre is no i option07:13
* poeticrpm gives up07:14
poeticrpmgood luck07:14
EsoRoticaToo fun07:14
EsoRoticaThis does look prmising though07:15
EsoRoticaLooks like it will just sit and capture any input.07:15
poeticrpmpretty much07:16
EsoRoticaAh, gotta get this set in Xscreensaver... Gnome-screensaver wouldnt allow this.07:16
pr0tpoeticrpm: so I am running 3.12.x now and still same wifi issues07:21
poeticrpmpr0t, ok, hold on07:22
poeticrpmpr0t, ok, and what was the issue with compat-wireless?07:26
pr0tcouldn't find any for my kernel07:26
=== Mars is now known as Guest26324
poeticrpmpr0t, any for the new kernel? any for a kernel in the ppa?07:27
Nothing_MuchQuestion, on Launchpad, is it possible to revoke the Ubuntu code of conduct?07:28
pr0tno, none :(07:28
poeticrpmonly other thing I can think to try is to blacklist the ath9k module and see if the ath5k driver works, How hold is the laptop?07:28
poeticrpmNothing_Much, huh? what do you mean?07:28
PatrickDickeyHi everyone. Is there a way to force the LiveCD to load the minimal vesa drivers? My video card isn't supported out of the box at all. I have to install, then install the AMD drivers to get my desktop to work.07:28
Nothing_Muchpoeticrpm: I signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and I think it applies to outside of launchpad, such as the subreddit.07:29
poeticrpmpr0t, I am on Arch atm, so I had a look here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Wireless_Setup#Atheros07:29
PatrickDickeyNothing_Much: Why would you want to revoke it?07:29
pr0thrm ath5k doesn't seem to work with my card07:29
Nothing_MuchPatrickDickey: I don't think I can live up to its conduct. :(07:29
Nothing_MuchAt least in the subreddit07:29
PatrickDickey!Code of Conduct | Nothing_Much this might give you information on that.07:30
ubottuNothing_Much this might give you information on that.: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct  | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv07:30
poeticrpmpr0t, hmmm.. does ndiswrapper even work anymore? Thats all I can think of07:30
PatrickDickeyI'd say if the subreddit isn't a "part of the community" then you shouldn't have to worry.07:30
EsoRoticapoeticrpm: Whould I save this gist as a sh or py?07:30
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
poeticrpmits python, so I .py07:31
Nothing_MuchPatrickDickey: I can't figure out which websites it applies to07:31
poeticrpmi want to stress I didnt write it- I tried it and then made a bash script. Also, I believe its a python2 script, not 3. Not sure if it makes a difference in this script07:31
=== MomoNasty is now known as Momo|Off
PatrickDickeyNothing_Much: do you have a link to the subreddit, by chance?07:32
Nothing_MuchPatrickDickey: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/07:32
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Nothing_MuchIf it's a community that follows the COC then I need it revoked, if not then how would I add my flair? :)07:33
PatrickDickeyNothing_Much: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/l5b3x/members_and_canonical_employees_claim_your_flair/ I guess I don't see where you'd have a problem. If you don't apply for a flair, then the CoC doesn't necessarily apply to you. And if you want to apply, then you follow those directions.07:35
PatrickDickeyAnd Nothing_Much, are you a member of the ubuntu-members group on launchpad?07:36
Nothing_MuchPatrickDickey: Oh no, I'm not, I don't normally add myself to those groups because I can't comprehend a lot of reading sometimes07:36
Nothing_MuchWhen it comes to actually programming and contributing aside from being a loudmouth promoter.07:37
PatrickDickeyThen, I wouldn't think the CoC applies to you on the reddit site. Since you're not acting as an official Ubuntu representative, I mean.07:37
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Nothing_MuchI'm really not sure, this is a problem of mine and I apologize for it07:38
Nothing_MuchIs there a way I can contact official Ubuntu members?07:38
PatrickDickeyI wouldn't apologize. It's not an off-topic subject. I think there's a link at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership07:39
Nothing_MuchPatrickDickey: Oh man... I can't figure this stuff out.. :( I'll just head out for now07:41
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
PatrickDickeyNothing_Much: There's an email link in the FAQ. But my interpretation is that unless you're a member, or you're posting on the wiki or forums, then it doesn't apply to you.07:42
contrapunctusHey folks.07:45
PatrickDickeyHey contrapunctus.07:46
contrapunctusI'm using udisks in a script to mount disks at boot (and set the script to not require a sudo password in the sudoers file), but while it works, the directories are inaccessible for anyone save the root. chmod, chown, no difference...thoughts?07:47
=== gmachine_24_ is now known as gmachine_24
sharperguyHow can I edit the ubuntu wiki? I can see some errors in the Joomla tutorial but it said "login to edit" and now I'm logged in there seems to be no edit button07:57
PatrickDickeysharperguy: You probably have to get permission. There should be some information about how to become an editor.08:00
peyamDoesn anyone know how I can change "peyam@peyam:@ in terminal to just "Peyam"?08:01
sharperguyPatrickDickey: doesn't really seem worth it if all I want to do is change some backticks to quotation marks :/08:04
The_johnhi there08:06
The_johnhw r u08:06
thom_rgood, do you have a support issue?08:06
The_johnwell ijust needed some info08:07
The_johnwhat exactly is an inode in linux08:07
=== HisaoNakai is now known as contrapunctus
Corbinhey folks, I've been warned that UEFI makes shopping for a laptop really difficult. How much truth is there to this?08:07
thom_rwhy would you need to worry about UEFI?08:08
CorbinBeen told it has some lockdown that makes it so you can't install linux on some/most models. I'm here to see if that's remotely close to the truth.08:09
jiridoHi i have problem updating as it hangs on bad signatures. i were here some days ago and got help but we got stuck as updating the sinatures did not seem to help. I hoped it would go better today :) http://pastebin.com/mEF4fqXA08:09
Corbinsome windows 8 conspiracy or something. My friend may just be misinformed/dumb.08:09
thom_rthat is not the truth. It might have been the truth a few years ago when UEFI first came out. That isn't a problem at all now.08:09
contrapunctusI'm using udisks in a script to mount disks at boot (and set the script to not require a sudo password in the sudoers file), but while it works, the directories are inaccessible for anyone save the root. chmod, chown, no difference...thoughts?08:09
thom_rif the specific distro doesn't have EFI keys(Ubuntu does) then install it in legacy mode.08:09
CorbinI'd be installing either ubuntu or mint, so I'm probably fine in that regard08:10
Ben64Corbin: just so you know, mint is not supported in this channel08:10
thom_rI will warn you about Toshiba laptops. All the ones I've messed with, I've had to manually install the wireless driver08:11
CorbinI am aware, not really asking for mint specific support08:11
contrapunctusCorbin: Ben64: That still does not really mean that one can't just say Ubuntu instead of Mint :p08:11
The_john@thom_r i was asked today why does inode no doesnt change incase of cut n paste and change in caseof copy paste08:11
thom_rThe_john, I don't know the answer to that question. Hopefully someone else can help you in that regard08:12
Corbinthom_r: i wasn't really looking at toshibas anyway, thinking a dell, asus, maybe even a sony if I feel like splurging but to be honest I haven't done significant research into laptops in 3 years.08:12
zack_hello i need some help runing a exe file. wine will not run it directly.so i need to know the command to run it manualy08:13
The_johnanybody with an ans or a hint?08:13
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
fobelxwhat is a good tool to preview images?08:13
Corbinas long as I can install ubuntu or mint (i mean ubuntu sorry) without any problems besides the normal linux compatibility issues that have always existed, I'm happy08:13
zack_i was never good with commands08:14
thom_rCorbin, you should be able to install it on just about anything. If you can, take a live usb and test it out on a display model08:14
Corbinnot a bad idea, I have the newest mint release on a usb already. just have to make sure frys doesn't get angry at me for trying08:15
zack_hello i need some help runing a exe file. wine will not run it directly.so i need to know the command to run it manualy08:15
jiridoHmm it seems like libssh2-1 dont come from a autenticiated suorce and that i cant update08:15
jiridoCan i be hacked?08:16
thom_rzack_, just get the Linux version of Minecraft08:16
Unforgivenzack_: not all exe work , basically double click will run it, what application are you trying to run08:16
zack_its not that08:17
thom_rwhat is it now?08:17
zack_i alredy tryed that08:17
Corbinthom_r: thanks for the help, I'm going to start my hunt for my new laptop now08:17
zack_it wont respond08:17
Unforgivenzack_: then you try me what this 'exe' are you running? or check it on winehq database if that software could work08:18
Unforgivenvery serious typo08:18
=== j_f-f_ is now known as j_f-f
zack_what i dont speck robot hacker08:18
Ben64zack_: again, we cannot help you with piracy08:19
zack_i alredy have minecraft08:19
zack_yo will u guys help or not08:21
thom_rzach_ what is the name of the program you are trying to install?08:21
=== marc_ is now known as Guest36633
Ben64thom_r: its a pirated version of minecraft08:21
Unforgivenoh thats bad, dont help him08:22
b0xim trying to get compiz plugin 'put' to work, so i can move windows from one monitor / output to another08:22
b0xhowever i cant get it to fire08:22
Ben64Unforgiven: exactly08:22
b0xnor can i 'expand/fullscreen' a window without it going back to the original monitor08:22
b0xanyone familiar with this?08:22
zack_帐户生成器 program name08:23
zack_mind yr one bizness ben6408:24
Ben64!piracy | zack_08:25
ubottuzack_: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o08:25
Unforgivenzack_: speak english, there is an indian ubuntu channel if you need it08:25
zack_that was chinese thats the program name08:26
PatrickDickeyzack_: check at apps.winehq.org to see if others have been able to get whatever exe installed. Otherwise, if it's NOT a pirated or questionable program, you could try PlayonLinux. If it IS something you didn't purchase, then I suggest you check in ##nowhere.08:26
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
zack_i have minecraft08:27
thom_rzach_ what is the english name of the program?08:27
Ben64帐户生成器 translates to "Account Generator" so I'd have to guess a fake minecraft id generator08:28
zack_it cant be translated but if it could be it would be somthing like profile genrator08:28
thom_rsounds fishy to me08:29
zack_and no ass head its so i can make an account faster08:29
Corbinmake an account faster, because giving them your email takes too long08:29
Ben64that sort of language is not allowed here zack_ , neither is this offtopic discussion. find someone else to help you pirate, we shall not.08:30
zack_ok boot me then08:30
thom_rzach_ | language!08:30
Unforgiven!language | zack_08:31
ubottuzack_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.08:31
thom_rdang, I did it backwards08:31
zack_that means donkey08:31
Ben64whats the point? just leave. you're not getting support for that here. you can try asking #winehq for wine help, but they won't help you with piracy either08:31
Unforgiven!ubuntu-cn | zack_08:31
zack_no i dont have to08:31
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
k1l!guidelines | zack_ stick to the guidelines and keep this channel clean for ubuntu support, thanks08:32
ubottuzack_ stick to the guidelines and keep this channel clean for ubuntu support, thanks: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:32
zack_what do u have aganst me anay way08:32
zack_this a free for anayone to use08:33
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
PatrickDickeyzack_: I don't think it's you personally. It's more a case of if you're trying to do something illegal, then in theory Canonical and anyone who helps you can get into trouble for it.08:33
l9anyone that could help me understand why ipconfig reports no trafic on eth0 ?08:34
l9ifocnig sorry08:34
Ben64l9: you mean ifconfig? and how are you seeing no traffic using that?08:34
PatrickDickeyl9: Does it show an IP address for eth0?08:35
l9Ben64: ifconfig reports RX and TX as 0.0 B08:35
l9PatrickDickey: yeah08:35
l9the lo has 1.5GB08:35
PatrickDickeyl9: What is the IP Address that it's showing?08:36
l9PatrickDickey: it shows my home network ip
Ben64l9: are the RX and TX packets non-zero?08:36
PatrickDickeyl9: Are you able to ping anything?08:36
l9Ben64: just one 0 on both08:37
l9PatrickDickey: sure i reach everything on the network08:38
PatrickDickeyl9: Out of curiosity, does collisions have anything other than 0?08:38
l9for me it looks like all trafic goes trough lo08:38
PatrickDickeyl9: And how about outside of the network?08:38
Ben64strange for lo to have 1.5GB too, mine shows 111MB after 3 weeks of uptime08:38
l9RX has dropped 165 packets08:38
* PatrickDickey has 401366 for lo and 66034397 for eth008:38
l9 RX bytes:1589690775 (1.5 GB)  TX bytes:1589690775 (1.5 GB)08:39
l9after 21h uptime08:39
l9thats the lo08:39
Ben64very unusual08:39
Unforgivenare you using some kind like ssh tunneling to local port?08:39
l9Unforgiven: I was thinking the same thing so i did a nmap of localhost but no port showed up08:40
PatrickDickeyl9: Are you on the computer right now? Or are you in here from a different computer?08:40
Ben64even if it was a tunnel it'd have to go out on a different interface08:41
l9on the computer now08:41
l9only interfaces that shows up are eth0 and lo08:41
Ben64l9: can you pastebin "ifconfig -a -v"08:42
Unforgiveni am on wifi, using ssh tunnel for my browsing, so the traffic of my browsing goes to lo08:42
Ben64Unforgiven: still would have to go out on wlan0 or whatever or you wouldn't be able to do anything08:43
UnforgivenBen64: not really it will goes to local port first and yeah it also will hit the wlan008:43
bekksUnforgiven: Thats nonsense. An ssh tunnel doesnt make traffic magically go to lo.08:43
Unforgivenso both are increasing in traffic08:43
=== Moo is now known as Guest12987
l9i did a netstat dump of the trafic on eth0 just too make sure there actually are trafic there and there was :P08:45
Unforgivenl9: so how big was the traffic on eth008:46
PatrickDickeyl9: You might want to install ethtool and run it to see what the status of eth0 is. Pastebin the results of that. You'd use sudo ethtool eth0 without anything else to get the information.08:46
l9PatrickDickey: http://pastebin.com/y6TxNjs708:48
l9thats sudo ethtool eth008:48
=== comrade is now known as Guest4685
=== Mars is now known as Guest38571
PatrickDickeyl9: Try sudo ethtool -S eth0 (should show the network statistics)08:53
l9no stats available08:53
l9starting too look like this computer might be comprimised or something08:54
Corbinokay folks, anything I should know about this sony laptop with regards to ubuntu or is it most likely fine? (I am googling for the answer as well, just a shot in the dark if anyone already has an answer) http://tinyurl.com/pnj7j4j08:55
PatrickDickeyCorbin: I can tell you that if you're looking at Toshiba laptops (I bought one for Black Friday in the US), you have to use xforcevesa to boot the Ubuntu Live CD. and then you'll have to manually install the drivers from AMD for the video card (and probably the wireless card also).08:57
l9PatrickDickey: a tcpdump of the trafic http://pastebin.com/EhX3VaZk08:58
oscargotHi, are kernel workqueues meant for one time tasks or can I use them for repeated tasks as well? Thanks!08:58
Corbinare intel4000 graphics fine? there's not a lot in this price range that has different than the 400008:59
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
bekksCorbin: Depends on your requirements.08:59
theuserso i download 12.4 LTS check the checksum. and make a boot stick.... tried with the boot stick tool and the unetboot etc etc... and no matter what i always get a broken stick... i've tried 4different brand new sticks on 5 different computers and the same shit every time08:59
Corbinmy most graphically intense games are minecraft and FTL so as long as it does those and can output 1080p to my TV fine i'm content08:59
PatrickDickeytheuser: do you have another computer that you can try booting it with? Just in case it's not the USB Stick, but something with the computer you're trying to install it to.09:01
PatrickDickeyl9: I'm not sure what to tell you. Sorry. It's obvious that you're able to get online and surf the net (since you're here). As for why the statistics aren't showing up, it could be something with the driver or something else altogether.09:02
GernonDelft by Boch Royal Sphinx, toilet, toilet dolls, ceramics, rarity09:02
FloodBot1Gernon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:02
theuserPatrickDickey: im pretty sure i said 4 different sticks and 5 different computers09:03
theuseron 2 continents09:03
PatrickDickeytheuser: It could just be that the sticks don't work properly. What brand are they?09:04
l9PatrickDickey: hopefully it is just the driver and not what I fear it might be. Right at this moment i dont trust my computer and the files on it...09:04
PatrickDickeytheuser: What I mean is that they might have a virtual CD-ROM in their firmware or something else that's being booted instead of Ubuntu.09:04
theuserPatrickDickey: Kingston, SanDisk, Corshair, and some other stick that has no brand09:05
PatrickDickeyWell l9, I can tell you that it's harder to hack Linux. And especially if you're running behind a NAT.09:05
theuserPatrickDickey: oh they mostly boot.... but "disk" check fails and install attempts fail...09:05
PatrickDickeytheuser: Is there any reason why you can't use an Optical Disk?09:06
IdleOneYou are certain the computers are set to boot from USB and they are capable of doing it?09:06
theuserPatrickDickey: the utter and complete absence of drives other than an old IDE drive that nothing i have will accept09:07
PatrickDickeytheuser: You could try an alternate disc for 12.04. I'm pretty sure that's still available (I think it was in 12.10 or later that they dropped the alternate).09:07
theuserPatrickDickey: already downloading it09:07
PatrickDickeytheuser: When you try booting, does it at least get to the installation screens? Or does it crash before that?09:08
newuserhello, all i just replaced windows8 with 8.1 and now during boot i am not able to see ubuntu i mean its directly booting to windows09:09
theuserPatrickDickey: I moved from Slack to Ubuntu in like 08-09  and it was fairly stable and fine... past year ive been running in to shit with ubuntu.... really not the good system it once was09:09
IdleOnetheuser: please keep the language clean09:09
newuserif i reinstall grub2 will it solve my problem?09:09
Corbinnewuser: might have overwritten the boot loader during the update. reinstall grub probably will fix09:10
theusernewuser: yes09:10
newuserok thanks guys will try to reinstall grub2 using live usb09:10
PatrickDickeyuefi | newuser You might need to use this information09:10
PatrickDickey!uefi | newuser You might need to use this information09:10
ubottunewuser You might need to use this information: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI09:11
newuserPatrickDickey: no uefi09:11
PatrickDickeyAhhhh. then it's a simple case of reinstalling Grub2.09:11
PatrickDickey!grub2 | newuser09:11
ubottunewuser: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:11
newuserPatrickDickey: ty09:13
l9PatrickDickey: yeah i agree with you on that, I guess seting up iptables wouldnt hurt tho09:13
jiridoIs ther some other Ubuntu suport channel one can try to get help on if one have no luck with geting a response here?09:13
PatrickDickeyNo problem newuser.09:13
=== p3rinceTest_ is now known as p3rinceTest
PatrickDickeyjirido: What was your question.09:13
jiridowell.. i try to update but get a problem with libssh09:14
bekks!details | jirido09:14
ubottujirido: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:14
jiridoit says that it is from an unsecure suorce09:14
ArielX_anyone know PHP here09:14
jiridosudo apt get09:14
bekksjirido: Pastebin the entire command and its output. "sudo apt get" is an invalid command.09:14
jiridosudo apt-get update giver errors09:14
PatrickDickeyArielX_: I've done some PHP coding, but I wouldn't say I "know" it.09:14
bekksjirido: Then pastebin the output.09:15
bekksArielX_: You better ask in ##php I guess.09:15
ArielX_PatrickDickey: men... I bought this formtoemailpro.php and tried different means to have it email me form on my web page still I can't... Does anyone know how to go about this.... the error message I receive is Please complete the name field etc09:15
jiridoiv tried to update the signatures a couple days ago by advice here but it seamed not to help09:15
PatrickDickeyArielX_: You'll want to follow bekks advice. ##php will be the place to ask.09:16
ArielX_[NickServ] ArielX_ is not a registered nickname.09:16
ArielX_* #php: Cannot join channel (+i) - you must be invited09:16
ArielX_* #php: Cannot join channel (+i) - you must be invited09:16
ArielX_* ##php: Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services09:16
FloodBot1ArielX_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:16
bekksjirido: There are a) no errors, but warnings only, b) there is no warning about libssh, but only about the foreign software source you activated, like google and stuff. That messages have entirely nothing to do with libssh.09:16
kostkon!register | ArielX_09:16
ArielX_!register ArielX_09:17
ubottuArielX_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode09:17
jussiIm looking for a basic image editor for ubuntu - just changing background colours, cropping and other small edits. any recommendations?09:17
BackgammonYou know.09:17
bekksjussi: gimp09:17
BackgammonThe typical effect of using the !register script to inform newbies about how to register just results in them typing !register [nick]09:17
jussibekks: gimp is a bit overboard for what i need. something simpler09:18
PatrickDickeyAnd ArielX_ if you bought it, then you should be able to get support from whomever you paid. That's why you paid them.09:18
BackgammonI think this situation could be improved.09:18
ArielX_msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER ArielX_ dzyjpgryxhvt09:18
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bekksArielX_: Now it is time to change your password.09:18
BackgammonFirst off, you'll want to remember that password.09:18
BackgammonSecond, you don't actually have to capitalize those commands.09:18
BackgammonAnd I'm sure you've figured out that you add / as the first character to send an IRC command.09:19
PatrickDickeyArielX_: you need a / before the nick, and as bekks just said, you need a new password.09:19
PatrickDickeysorry the  msg not nick... :S09:19
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biomanI've installed ubuntu studio because I had crackles/clicks issues with my USB DAC. This didn't change anything. So I decided to use aplay from alsa. It seems better. But I can't find any alsa config file O_o Wgere are they ?09:20
jussifound pinta, seems ok. laters.09:20
jiridook, but why cant i update? it says that i try to install libssh2-1 from unautenticated source09:20
PatrickDickey!pastebin | jirido Please pastebin the results of apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade09:21
ubottujirido Please pastebin the results of apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:21
jiridook, but why cant i update? it says that i try to install libssh2-1 from unautenticated source / PatrickDickey ok09:21
PatrickDickeyjirido: Until we see exactly what you're doing, we really can't help you out. Sorry.09:21
biomananybody please ?09:21
ubottubioman,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/09:23
PatrickDickeybioman: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1646655 might point you in the right direction.09:23
* PatrickDickey thinks google should be added to the list ubottu gives out for patience.09:23
biomanPatrickDickey: I've searched... no ~/.asounrc and no /etc/asound.conf09:24
PatrickDickeybioman how about /usr/share/alsa ?09:24
ubottugiginfo,: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:25
jiridoVARNING: Följande paket kunde inte autentiseras! libssh2-109:26
jiridoInstallera dessa paket utan verifiering [j/N]? j09:26
jirido it meens it asked me to install without werification an i said yes!09:26
jiridoIt seemed to work09:27
jiridoPatrickDickey: but how smart is it to install libssh without verification? and still why?09:28
VlanXit's not possile for me to enable the Compiz Cube function on my system, how can I check if it's the VGA's fault?09:28
PatrickDickeyjirido: If you know that the source is trustworthy, then it should be OK. But, I think you have more problems than just that. You had quite a few badsigs in there (signature verification errors). You might want to look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/131601/how-to-overcome-signature-verification-error for help.09:29
newuser1what is the correct command to mount a drive as to reinstall grub2?using a live usb09:29
PatrickDickeynewuser1:  it should be in the wiki page for Grub2.09:30
biomanPatrickDickey: thank you. But It just crackeled :( wtf ?09:30
* PatrickDickey typically just creates a directory in mnt and then mounts it normally mount /dev/sdaX /mnt then update-grub09:31
newuser1PatrickDickey: yes it is i am little confused my ext4 partition is sdb3 and i am using sudo grub-install /dev/sdb309:31
PatrickDickeybioman: I'm not sure. Sorry. I'm not a sound person. You could always try in #ubuntu-studio and see if there are people in there.09:31
biomanPatrickDickey: ok thanks09:31
newuser1PatrickDickey: ok ok thanks09:31
PatrickDickeynewuser1: You probably want to use grub-install /dev/sdb then. You typically want it in the bootloader, not the partition. Unless you have a reason to put it in the partition, that is.09:32
newuser1PatrickDickey: yes i want it in bootloader only09:32
PatrickDickeynewuser1:  then it's /dev/sdb for that drive, or /dev/sda for the first drive. Whichever bootloader you want it in.09:33
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
PatrickDickeyAnd newuser1 it's typically in whichever drive boots first.09:33
newuser1PatrickDickey: thanku very much09:34
PatrickDickeyNo problem newuser1. I hope it works out for you. I'm actually installing Ubuntu in UEFI mode, so I can keep my recovery partitions intact. So, I feel your pain, sort of.09:34
bekksjirido: Nothing in your paste indicates that libssh is going to be installed from an trusted source, I even explained your paste to you.09:36
bekksjirido: If you are concerned, uninstall all software from untrusted sources, and disable those sources.09:36
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
andyfiednuts, is there a simple way to recursively get pcmanfm to change permissions?09:50
newuser1friends please help me http://paste.ubuntu.com/6737542/ all i want is to reinstall grub using dual boot and not able to see ubuntu, directly booting to windows8.1 NO uefi system is 4years old09:53
oxmoxhi i have some trouble with a kernel i want to make it keep adding a "y"  msg i get  "The changelog says we are creating 3.11.10+12+y However, I thought the version is 3.11.10+12+"09:56
fredbarnshey guys, im running xfce on ubuntu 13.10, everytime i close my laptop lid...the screens locks (good!) and when i unlock it (from gnome-screensaver) it will display the display settings dialog "xfce4-display-settings --minimal". how to prevent this?09:58
SASDOEanyone here know how to get prompted for a section when typing man open for example? By default it'll open section one.10:04
SASDOEI want the "what manual page do you want" question10:05
SASDOEAnd I've been through man man a couple of times now, trying -a -S -k etc10:08
POVaddctSASDOE: i don't think there is such a prompt option10:08
lionrougehi ppl10:08
lionrougeyesterday i updated my Ubuntu and now it freezes at boot10:08
lionrougei booted from liveusb10:09
lionrougehow can i figure out what went wrong?10:09
POVaddctSASDOE: so if you want the syscall manpage if open you'd say   man 2 open10:09
SASDOEPOVaddct: There has to be such an option since I had it before!10:10
POVaddctSASDOE: i have never seen man prompting the section10:10
POVaddctSASDOE: maybe if was a shell function wrapping man?10:10
SASDOEIt could've been a shell,10:10
SASDOESomething like apropos would do it no?10:11
SASDOEMaybe I'll have to write it myself10:11
SASDOEPOVaddct: do you know I can get a list of relevant sections?10:12
_MyselfI have 2 little questions10:12
_MyselfIs there a command to check GPU clock and a command to check if 2d acceleration is working ?10:13
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
=== [olf-folks] is now known as olf-folks
_MyselfIs there a command to check GPU clock and a command to check  if 2d acceleration is working ?10:18
VlanXstill anything to playback MSS2 codec wmv's?10:19
_MyselfWhat ?10:19
newuser1please help me http://paste.ubuntu.com/6737542/10:20
oxmoxfredbarns i testet it on my desktop with no screensaver and it works fine10:20
VlanXMyself: u mean 3D, right?10:23
SASDOEPOVaddct: can you tell me output for apropos open?10:23
SASDOEor man -k open10:23
SASDOEor anyone else for that matter10:23
_MyselfNo, i meant 2d acceleration10:24
POVaddctSASDOE: way too many output. i just checked the manpage of man.10:24
SASDOEWay to many output?? I get "nothing appropriate", something must be wrong here10:24
POVaddctSASDOE: man -k open | wc -l    gives 102 here10:25
POVaddctSASDOE: i have installed manpages, manpages-de and manpages-dev10:25
SASDOEOk I ran mandb, but am getting a heavy set of errors..10:26
_MyselfI meant 2d acceleration10:28
_MyselfAnyone ?10:30
lionrougehow can iuninstall fglrx downloaded directly from AMD site?10:31
Ben64_Myself: can you move a window across the screen without a problem?10:31
Ben64then you have 2d working fine10:31
Neytirihow do i give a user access to a specific sudo command?10:32
_MyselfAnd the GPU clock ?10:32
Ben64_Myself: depends on which gpu and drivers you have10:32
_MyselfTo be more precisly, i have an IGP, Sis 661FX and im using its drivers at least is what it think.10:33
Ben64sorry, i don't know anything about SIS and it's horribly obsoleted by now anyway10:35
SwedeMikeNeytiri: I googled for <sudo spedific command> and found this: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/setting-up-user-to-use-sudo-for-specific-commands-856928/10:35
_MyselfYes :D10:35
jiridoPatrickDickey: Thank you! first solution in the post seemed to work well :)10:36
Neytirii'll give it a look10:37
jiridobeeks: Thanks to you also10:40
jiridobekks: yes thats your name.. Thanks alot! I'm satisfyed :)10:41
newuser1guys please help me http://paste.ubuntu.com/6737542/10:42
jiridoAnd say Thanks to PatrickDickey also from me if yoy remember :)10:43
bingohello. From the point of view of a gamer wanting to put as much resuorces towards the game and not the OS experience. Which Linux dev do you think is optimal?10:47
cfhowlettbingo, steamOS10:47
bingoits not a steam game, does that matter?10:47
adnane_plz can some one help i cant install symfony on ubuntu10:48
=== parduse is now known as Guest76502
petrusbingo, archlinux - you have very high level of control over how to build your instance of the OS.10:50
nevynbingo: steam chose debian as the basis for their os..10:50
irvingd_Hi - bit of RAID advice? I've got 2 2TB drives that I want to set up with RAID 1. I'm going to move my home dirs over to this too. Should I do 2 partitions on each drive (1 for/home) and then 2 RAID 1s (one for each partition)?10:52
nevynirvingd_: I'd suggest a degraded raid5 rather than a raid110:52
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
bingocan i install arch and get online out of the box?10:53
ubottubingo,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:53
Ben64this is not the correct place to discuss arch10:53
bingotrue ty10:53
irvingd_nevyn: why's that? because of the partitions or just in general?10:54
bingocan someone please tell me the arch channel?10:54
nevynirvingd_: in general. my preference is a single raid with lvm on top10:54
petrusbingo, #archlinux10:54
irvingd_nevyn: ah ok. If I were to stick with RAID 1 though - would the way I suggested above be the way to set up for 2 partitions? Or doesn't that work?10:56
nevynso what you're saying will work.10:56
nevynbut what I'm saying is more flexible and futureproof10:56
nevynin particular you can add more space by adding a single 2tb drive to it10:57
nevynand partitions are stupid and limiting10:58
=== dv__ is now known as dv_
nevynirvingd_: ^^10:58
irvingd_nevyn: I didn't really want to partition - but wondering how else to get /home sorted. Still quite noob :) Thought I'd need 2 partitions - 1 for /home and one for everything else10:58
nevynirvingd_: partitions are dumb. they're difficult to make bigger reliably10:59
Ben64irvingd: just a suggestion, but you may want to avoid raid altogether10:59
nevynok this I gotta hear.10:59
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marandihi guys , i have a huge problem , my graphic chipset is AMD Readeon HD 4550 but ubuntu wouldnt find any driver in Additional Drivers .. what should i do ?!11:02
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irvingd_nevyn: yeah - I'd rather not partition if I can help it. The 2 disks will have home dirs and a huge amount of media files / email / etc. How would I get /home mounted / available without partitioning?11:04
RealNWOmarandi ati has drivres on their homepage11:07
=== gartral|away is now known as gartral
nevynBen64: what was your suggestion?11:09
vaskozllooking for the line(s) to change to make AltGr in to Meta_R11:09
vaskozlcurrently on /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us11:09
nevynirvingd_: do you anticipate needing more storage ever.11:09
Ben64nevyn: to avoid raid11:09
vaskozlanyone quickly know the answer?11:10
marandihi guys , i have a huge problem , my graphic chipset is AMD Readeon HD 4550 but ubuntu wouldnt find any driver in Additional Drivers .. what should i do ?!11:10
irvingd_nevyn: yes. I think I need to research what degraded raid 5 on 2 disks is though :) How does that help me if one goes pop?11:10
nevynirvingd_: so it's the same11:11
nevynirvingd_: the advantage is you can extend it on the fly by adding another disk11:11
nevynand if you're using lvm as I suggest you can grow the whole thing11:11
nevynso it looks like this11:11
nevynphysical disks with a partition which is type linux autoraid11:12
nevynassembled into an md0 which is the pv for an lvm vg which you carve lv's out of for /home and /11:12
irvingd_nevyn: sounds interesting - esp as I'm likely to have another 2TB disk freed up soon when I move the OS over to SSD11:13
nevynirvingd_: so to extend my scheme...11:14
nevynyou add the new physical to the md0...11:14
nevynwhich becomes a non-degraded 3 disk raid 511:14
nevyn(4tb usable)11:14
marandihelp me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee11:14
nevynyou then extend the /home lv in lvm using lvextend11:15
nevynand extend the filesystem11:15
nevynthese are all operations that can be performed online while the system is up and in use.11:15
nevynirvingd_: ^^11:15
irvingd_nevyn: I like it. So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to go the partition route + raid 1 for now - if nothing else just to learn a bit more about mdadm etc. Then, when the SSD comes thru, I'm gonna do a whole bunch more work and move over to RAID 5 + lvm11:16
irvingd_yes its a huge waste of effort - but enjoyable :) Really appreciate the advice!11:17
nevynif you get an ssd..11:17
nevynyou should us dmcache...11:17
nevynunder lvm.11:17
nevynso you have md -> dmcache -> lvm -> /home or /11:17
irvingd_sorry, I meant raid 5 would be for the 3 2TB disks11:17
irvingd_not the ssd11:18
nevynso the ssd for dmcache?11:18
irvingd_it sounds interesting...11:19
irvingd_but still need a completely isolated part for the OS so can upgrade etc without blowing everything out. Guess just lvm for this?11:19
nevynjust put the os on a seperate lv11:19
irvingd_nevyn: sounds fun! so will try the 2 raid 1's (/home, /blah) on the 2 disks today, wait for the ssd and then set up the whole dm-cache, lvm next week :)11:21
nevynirvingd_: also. if you do raid 111:21
_MyselfOh, had just run "sudo lshw -class video" and saw that my GPU clock is 66Mhz instead of 20011:21
nevynyou have to back everything up to migrate11:21
_MyselfAny toughts ?11:21
irvingd_nevyn: but thats ok - I've got more than enough room. By the time im using any serious space, I'll have the raid 5 in place :)11:21
nevynhrm. famous last words...11:22
bilegtcheck out my final product. http://www.thecutestgeek.com/wildguppy11:23
irvingd_nevyn: just out of interest though - if you've got multi partitions and thus multi raids - they all still function fine independently? If so - thats good to know - as googling seems a bit sketchy on this11:24
nevynyeah. but partitions are sucky limited and inflexible.11:24
irvingd_nevyn: but only until next week :)11:25
nevynlvm is far more elegant it has names instead of numbers.11:25
nevynthey can be modified on the fly. (shrunk/grown)11:25
nevynthey can be moved between underlying things on the fly11:25
irvingd_Gonna cut my teeth on mdadm with the simple dumb set up, and put next w/e aside to do your full suggested setup with dm-cache etc11:25
nevynirvingd_: I'd leave raid alone and just do lvm rather than that.11:26
l9j sickbeard11:26
irvingd_nevyn: :)  We'll see! Thanks, been really helpful!11:27
_MyselfMy GPU isnt running at the excepted clock. 66Mhz instead of 200Mhz11:27
nevyn_Myself: which gpu with which driver?11:28
_MyselfAn IGP to be more precisly, SiS 661/741/760.11:29
_MyselfI just want 2d acceleration and right clock11:29
_MyselfYes, integrated, a SiS 661/741/76011:30
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_Myselfnevyn, my IGP is SiS 661/741/76011:36
nevynno idea...11:37
devarsh_reveladoI am trying to connect a (beaglebone )H/W to my ubuntu laptop. for  USB to UART cable i am using to get the consol log output as well. but i am not able to get that. can any1 help me to find out the cause for the same? i am getting consol window using "Screen" but not getting any damn logs on it11:42
_MyselfWhats the command to know my xorg version ?11:42
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
kohuio /join #sunday11:46
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glitsj16_Myself: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep "X Server" is one way to find that11:46
=== nodejs is now known as whiskers75
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_MyselfMy IGP/GPU driver were built for other xorg version (7.1), actually i have 7.6 (i think) who recommends me to downgrade ?11:55
_Myself My IGP/GPU driver were built for other xorg version (7.1),12:00
_MyselfMy IGP/GPU driver were built for other xorg version (7.1),  actually i have 7.6 (i think) who recommends me to downgrade ?12:00
gordonjcpso how long before 13.10 is out of alpha-test?12:04
glitsj16gordonjcp: you mean 14.04?12:05
cfhowlettgordonjcp, as 13.10 has been released already ...12:06
cfhowlettHexSquid, greetings12:06
_MyselfMy IGP/GPU driver were built for other xorg version (7.1),   actually i have 7.6 (i think) who recommends me to downgrade ?12:06
HexSquidHi folks. I'm on Ubuntu-gnome 13.04. When I try to 'Connect to Ubuntu One' from the backup app nothing happens, any ideas?12:07
gordonjcpcfhowlett: before it's been tested?12:08
sooMy system has windows7.  want to take back of C drive only was using REDO backup. should i also include the 100MB partition or not ?12:08
foofoobarHi. I just updated to 13.10. My laptop FN-keys work successfull under gnome, however they do not work anymore under i3wm (different window manager). What can I do ?12:08
cfhowlettgordonjcp, 13.10  has been alpha'd, tested, and released already.12:09
cfhowlettsoo, it's only 100 mb?  why NOT include it?12:12
gordonjcpcfhowlett: so they didn't catch all the crippling bugs that render it unusable?12:14
gordonjcpcfhowlett: or did they only test it with people who use en_US keyboards?12:14
gordonjcpcfhowlett: and who never need to play back audio files12:14
glitsj16_Myself: what is the actual problem you're experiencing? i don't think downgrading your xorg stack is even feasible or advisable ..12:15
soocfhowlett: your point of view is right! i was thinking over it because if i restore this partition. Will this create any problem to my system or not. as the 100mb partition is system reserved12:16
_MyselfI have the drivers installed and that, but really dont know if they're working proper12:16
_MyselfMy gpu has 66Mhz clock instead what i set in Bios (200Mhz)12:16
cfhowlettsoo, I've not had the pleasure of doing a system restore, but I would think better to have the backup than not.  Sorry, I can't advise better than that12:17
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glitsj16_Myself: i'm not familiar with the SiS, but have you looked at your /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see if that reports any excessive warnings or errors?12:19
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soowhiskers75: i agree window sucks!12:19
_MyselfI really dont know how to determine if an error is danger or not, will pastbin12:20
glitsj16_Myself: what version of ubuntu are you running? and what desktop environment?12:20
_Myself12.04 LTS with Xorg and Fluxbox12:22
glitsj16_Myself: thanks, do pastebin that log file yes12:23
_MyselfFor some reason i cant select the text propely in Xterm >.<12:24
malinusI get "The following packages have unmet dependencies: libcurl4-openssl-dev : Depends: librtmp-dev but it is not going to be installedE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."  when installing libcurl4-openssl-dev, when trying to install librtmp-dev I get " librtmp-dev : Depends: libgnutls-dev but it is not going to be installedE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.". Then I'm trying to install libgnutls-12:24
malinusdev, but then I just get "libgnutls-dev : Depends: libp11-kit-dev (>= 0.4) but it is not going to be installedE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."12:24
malinusWhy does apt-get hate me :(?12:25
glitsj16_Myself: there's an app you can install that makes that easier .. sudo apt-get install pastebinit && cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit .. that will give you an URL you can show here12:26
malinusSo yeah, which steps can I take to make apt-get behave?12:31
yaccmalinus apt-get install -f12:31
andyfiedmalinus: aptitude can deal with broken packages a bit better than apt iirc12:32
malinusyacc, yeah, already done that. didn't result in anything though.12:32
malinusandyfied, I'm still terrified of aptitude. What should I do?12:32
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andyfiedmm, that's i'm not dead sure about12:34
andyfiedbut an aptitude update then upgrade might help some bits12:34
googhow do i get an ip address from a host name?12:34
malinusgoog, host12:34
googmalinus: ah that was easy thanks12:35
malinusI really don't feel like reinstalling the system just because apt-get can't do its just properly. At this rate I might as well not use any package manager :|12:35
googtry Docker?12:36
* malinus apt-get purge apt12:36
andyfiedmalinus: try sudo aptitude update && upgrade first12:37
malinusandyfied, yes I've done that too.12:37
glitsj16_Myself: yes i've taken a look .. there seems to be a problem loading the sis driver, so it falls back to a framebuffer12:38
andyfiedmalinus: have you tried to remove the broken packages then reinstall them?12:38
knightshademalinus: http://askubuntu.com/questions/140246/how-do-i-resolve-unmet-dependencies12:39
glitsj16_Myself: besides that it looks good, so you're not in danger of blowing up your machine or anything like that .. you can see that on line 105 of the paste12:39
malinusknightshade, thanks I'll look into that12:39
_MyselfSo what can i do ?12:39
_MyselfI should reinstall xorg ?12:40
glitsj16_Myself: the problem is with the driver, reinstalling X won't solve that .. i'll have a look around and report if i find any bugs on that12:41
_MyselfOk thanks12:41
glitsj16_Myself: can you check if you have the xserver-xorg-video-sis installed? run apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-sis and paste the output please12:42
_Myselfsure sure12:43
glitsj16_Myself: i think that comes installed by default, but you never know12:44
YaMoonSunIs there an alternitive installtion disc for ubuntu lts? One that uses the debian installer for systems with less than 1gb of ram?12:46
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_MyselfKubuntu ?12:46
_MyselfUbuntu server ?12:46
cfhowlettYaMoonSun, lubuntu and xubuntu are better for low spec systems12:46
ubottuYaMoonSun,: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD12:46
_Myselfglitsj16, it is in portuguese but ok, : http://pastebin.com/975GSUNF12:49
glitsj16_Myself: no problem, i only need to confirm if it is installed12:51
_MyselfSoo ?12:53
glitsj16_Myself: i see you have the xorg-edgers version installed, which is fine .. unfortunately it looks like you can't really do much about it, as the SiS card is quite esoteric and closed source .. it won't give you 3D hardware acceleration but besides that it seems to work fine12:54
_MyselfYea, i only need the right clock and 2d acceleration12:55
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glitsj16_Myself: do you have a configuration option with that card, something like sisctrl?12:56
glitsj16_Myself: "which sisctrl" to find out12:57
_MyselfI really didnt understood12:57
_MyselfI saw an open source driver made for diferent xorg version12:57
_MyselfWill that help ?12:57
glitsj16_Myself: http://www.winischhofer.net/linuxsisvga.shtml is the only thing i could find, it is from the developer itself, but that seems to have stopped development in 200912:59
glitsj16_Myself: if you have another site with info, please share, perhaps there's more you can do than that i'm finding12:59
_MyselfThat is the exactly site i was talking about13:00
_Myselfmy english again...13:00
glitsj16_Myself: no problem, nothing wrong with your engllish, alas the card looks very under-supported13:00
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CzupaAm I the only one whose whose dropbox client can't connect with dropbox?13:00
_MyselfYea :/13:00
cfhowlettCzupa, yes.13:01
ubottuCzupa,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:02
glitsj16_Myself: i got the info on the possible sisctrl command from that site .. that's kind of like a GUI configuration tool you could use to set clock etc .. but i'm afraid that's not available on your specific card/driver combo .. running "which sisctrl" would confirm you have that or not13:02
jostDoes someone know a good tool to get data (e.g. font sizes, font names, ...) from a photoshop file? GIMP can't handle text layers, and does not show everything as in the original...13:04
Czupasfhowlett; I have problem with dropbox client, I'm running Ubuntu 13.10. This is how tray icon looks like: http://i.imgur.com/Shc8Lzs.png13:07
cfhowlettCzupa, assuming proper installation, any number of things could be at play - most unrelated to ubuntu.13:08
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_MyselfSo, glistsj16, i should try the sisctrl ?13:09
cfhowlettCzupa, fwiw, my client connects and I can see the www.dropbox.com from China.13:09
glitsj16_Myself: if you have it yes, that looks to be the only way you could at least try to configure the card13:09
_MyselfI dont have it, should i download it ?13:10
_MyselfI do sisctrl and nothing, command not found13:10
Czupa<cfhowlett> Ok so I'll try reinstallation13:10
glitsj16_Myself: yes i think you're out of luck on this one .. unfortunately .. that site does have the source available, you could try to build it manually13:11
cfhowlettCzupa, I'd suggest otherwise13:11
cfhowlettCzupa, delete the configuration folder and reconfigure13:11
_MyselfActually i only know Lua Script, i need to know C++ to build it ?13:11
glitsj16_Myself: http://www.winischhofer.net/linuxsispart4.shtml#download .. look at #6 .. but it only supports kernel versions 2.4 to 2.6 .. and you don't need to know C++ no, just follow the instructions under #6 on that page13:13
adacHow do I find out which device is the one for the memory card13:13
Czupacfhowlett ; .dropbox is the configuration folder, isn't it?13:14
cfhowlettCzupa, correct.  nuke that and restart the configuration process13:14
glitsj16_Myself: sorry i messed up, it is #7 you need to look at13:16
_Myself<No problem13:16
glitsj16_Myself: and #4, which offers a GTK2 tool if you can build it13:16
James0rtrying to install mplayer and getting that i have broken packages. can't resolve it with synaptic. here's the errors i get from synaptic http://dpaste.com/1547710/13:17
Czupacfhowlett ; There's unexpected error, when I try to log in. I can login to dropbox web page without any problems.13:18
cfhowlettCzupa, confusing - error messages?13:18
OflooI wonder, .. I've just noticed that 13.04 is only supported until january this year so 9months, .. however I also noticed that 13.10 stinks and 13.04 is way more stable then 13.10 why is that?13:20
cfhowlettOfloo, hardly a technical description of specific issues which might be solvable.  For extended support, install the LTS version; currently 12.04 but 14.04 will be out in 3 months.13:21
OflooI understand lets say the volume bar icon it has been a bug since the release13:21
Czupacfhowlett ; It is in my native language so my translation may be the same as in the english version; "An unexpacted error occured. Try again later."13:22
Oflooi installed it last week the bug is still there13:22
OflooThere is several things wrong with it yet none of witch are solved since the release13:22
cfhowlettCzupa, huh.  well, try later , certainly.  the fact you can access the website is good.  I'd *guess* the solution is in proper configuration.13:23
OflooNo it isn't it there was a if line that was supposed to included whether it was 32bit or 64bit13:23
Ofloopoint is that people sine the release delivered a solution and that it hasn't been implemented bothers me13:23
Oflooso makes me wonder13:23
cfhowlettOfloo, I'd *guess* that with the more limited lifespan, more effort is devoted to higher priority bugs.  fixes may or may not be backported.13:24
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OflooSo I can assume that 14.04LTS is going to be more stable?13:24
cfhowlettOfloo, less cutting/bleeding edge, more stable ...13:25
Ofloocfhowlett: well i only can assume since it is being released in 3 months as stable13:25
cfhowlettOfloo, my $0.02; unless you have a specific and definite need for the latest/greatest shiny version, just run LTS.  Fewer headaches by far.13:26
Ofloocfhowlett: I've been running linux for more then 10years however that hasn't always proven to be true.13:28
fpghost84Can anyone tell me the purpose of the command "postrotate  invoke-rc.d rsyslog rotate > /dev/null" when using logrotate to rotate logfiles (in my case iptables logs)?13:28
cfhowlettOfloo, point taken.  Just sayin' that it works well for me.13:28
Ofloonoted, ..13:28
Yud_Zroccfhowlett: I know I am still using 12.04 LTS13:28
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/13:28
OflooI guess i'm going to wait untill 14.04 releases and then find out ;)13:29
Ofloothank you for your answers13:29
cfhowlettOfloo, best of luck and hope that the next version is closer to your specifications and expectations13:29
Ofloooh if i continue to run 13.04 for like 3months will that mean there's no security updates for the remaining 3 months?13:29
Yud_ZrocQuestion: Using the 12.04 Studio Uduntu version. I want steam to start up automatically...how do I correct this issue?13:30
cfhowlettOfloo, once it hits End of Life that's all she wrote ...13:30
Oflooic then i better downgrade to 12.0413:30
cfhowlettYud_Zroc, system settings > Session and startup > application autostart13:30
hitsujiTMOOfloo: you'll also not be able to install any new software from the repos13:31
cfhowlettYud_Zroc, or go into system settings > session and startup and save the session13:31
OfloohitsujiTMO: hmm, ..13:31
Yud_Zroccfhowlett: Thankyou13:31
cfhowlettYud_Zroc, be safe, have fun13:31
Ofloothank you, .. it's kinda fucked cause i just installed the os, .. yesterday and i just have it the way i wanted :p after 13.10 horror week13:32
Ofloooh well13:32
Ofloothanks anyways13:32
glitsj16_Myself: yes?13:33
Yud_ZrocOfloo: I know the feeling, I am using 12,04 but im usoing xfce for studio ubuntu, and I am up to my knees in crash reports lol13:33
_Myselfhttp://www.winischhofer.net/linuxsispart4.shtml Sorry, dont know which instalation guide i should do. Can you tell me the chapter and the sectiion ?13:34
MunsterOfloo, FWIW I just installed 14.04 here and all seems well , an older desktop but works ok13:34
Yud_ZrocMunster: How is 14.04?13:35
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
OflooMunster: maybe i try and run the alpha, .. cause i'll be running it in 3 months anyway13:35
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+113:35
cfhowlettMunster, older desktops might prefer xubuntu or lubuntu ...13:35
_MyselfOr server versions...13:35
glitsj16_Myself: sure, look at 4. SiSCtrl (SiS/XGI Display Control Panel) .. it's a longshot though, seeing the source dates back to 200513:35
Munstercfhowlett, well 6 yrs old and it's still ticking away here13:36
cfhowlettMunster, nice!   on vanilla ubuntu?13:36
James0rcan someone help me out? trying to installer mplayer but i'm getting unmet dependencies. apt-get install -f gives me this --> http://dpaste.com/1547841/13:36
Munsteri switched to kde this time, cfhowlett13:36
fpghost84Anyone know why  one often sees "invoke-rc.d rsyslog rotate > /dev/null" as a postrotate command in logrotate?13:37
antonio__2 giorni a new york13:39
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: reloads the config13:39
cfhowlettantonio__, do you have an ubuntu support questions?13:39
hitsujiTMO!it | antonio__13:39
ubottuantonio__: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:40
_Myselfglistsj16, ive found it but didnt found anything about setting the GPU clock on it.13:40
k1l!list > antonio__13:40
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: I use this command in an iptables rotation script I got from somewhere a while back to rotate my iptables logs, but recently I've noticed from anacron mails:  "The script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart job, but rotate is not supported for Upstart jobs."13:40
ubottuantonio__, please see my private message13:40
cfhowletthitsujiTMO, is THAT what he was doing?13:40
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: is there a more up to date way to do this config reload with upstart then?13:40
foofoobargnome 3.8 removed media key handling from gnome-settings-daemon and moved it to gnome-shell. How can I get this functionality to a different window manager? Is there a way to install the "old" gnome-settings-daemon?13:40
glitsj16_Myself: too bad, i think you're actually 'lucky' it works at all, i've seen a few bug reports that report the driver segfaults on 12.10 and above .. not very good news i realize that13:41
fpghost84hitsujiTMO:  I can't seem to find any info from ryslog or elsewhere about this "rotate" option13:41
_MyselfOk, will install it13:42
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: instead use: service rsyslog reload > /dev/null13:42
_MyselfJust really dont know how to do it well >.< sorry13:42
_MyselfLets query for proper talk ?13:42
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: that was the sysv way to reload. service should be used instead with upstart13:43
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: thank you very much. Do you know where I could read more about these things, I'm somewhat curious...I read the rsyslog man but it didn't shed much light. Maybe I should read more about upstart13:43
glitsj16_Myself: it's the regular 3 step ./configure .. ./make .. ./make install routine, i can't tell you much more :)13:43
fpghost84hitsujiTMO: thanks, very useful to know13:43
hitsujiTMO!upstart | fpghost8413:44
ubottufpghost84: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/13:44
_MyselfWhat apps do i need ?13:44
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fpghost84hitsujiTMO: thanks ok, so these invoke-rc.d type commands are outdated sys V Init commands, that had various options such as "rotate", but the newer upstart way is simply "service ... reload". Cool13:46
_Myselfglistsj16, what programs do i need ?13:46
hitsujiTMOfpghost84: more or less. lots of changes with upstart as regards the init process mainly, but yeah, use the service command13:47
glitsj16_Myself: it mentions libglib2.0-dev libgtk2.0-dev and libx11-dev .. so install those and give it a shot13:47
Yud_ZrocWhy does ubuntu use OpenJDK instead of the standard JDK from Oracle?13:47
k1l!away > dziegler_off13:49
ubottudziegler_off, please see my private message13:49
glitsj16_Myself: if you never did any manual building on that machine you'll also need to install build-essential13:49
Burrito!away > Burrito13:49
ubottuBurrito, please see my private message13:49
hitsujiTMOYud_Zroc: because the oracle jdk licence doesn't allow for redistribution stupidly enough.13:50
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fpghost84hitsujiTMO: thanks13:51
Yud_ZrochitsujiTMO: Thats unfortunate for them. Should I worry about developing with OpenJDK for cross platform capabilitys or does that not matter (Ubuntu is my development OS)13:51
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hitsujiTMOYud_Zroc: for the most part it shouldn't matter. But, generally speaking, unless you're developing just for OS that contain OpenJDK then you should stick with the the Oracle JDK, or at a minimum testing on the Oracle JRE. It's not difficult to instll at least13:55
hitsujiTMOYud_Zroc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java <- oracle jdk install instructions should be here13:56
Yud_ZrochitsujiTMO: thankyou so much...i was about to ask for that.... lol13:56
Vostok_testHello, brand new user just testing out Empathy :)13:56
hitsujiTMO!test | Vostok_test13:57
ubottuVostok_test: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )13:57
Vostok_testI've noticed that I'm getting a much slower download speed on torrents than with windows. 400kbs vs. 1mbs .. My ports in Transmission are forwarded correctly, is there anything else that could be causing this?13:58
gordonjcpVostok_test: prevailing conditions13:58
Vostok_testgordon - I'm not sure I understand?13:59
yaccAnyone using an A2DP headset with Saucy?14:00
Vostok_testI don't suppose there are any League of Legends players in here are there? ;)14:01
yaccVostok_test, torrent download speed can vary greatly over time.14:01
yaccVostok_test, it can go from 10MB/s to 0B/s in seconds and back again a minute later, ...14:01
Vostok_testIt can vary greatly with Ubuntu, but bot with Windows?14:02
hitsujiTMOVostok_test: depends on the turrent you're downloading and number/quality of seeders vs leechers14:02
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Vostok_testRight, I'm aware of that. Based on the # of peers I should've had a blazing download speed.14:03
Vostok_testand seeds*14:03
Vostok_testperhaps it was an isolated incident14:04
freeroutehi, I want to connect to my home network from the Internet using openvpn, so I tried following this guide (http://www.howtogeek.com/60774/connect-to-your-home-network-from-anywhere-with-openvpn-and-tomato/) but I don't have a router which is capable of having openvpn. So could I install the openvpn server on a machine that I have in my home network?14:05
Vostok_testI would prefer to use the Deluge client over Transmission, but Deluge gives a warning saying "no incoming connections", depsite the BT port rage being successfully added in router.14:06
freerouteso basically it's like my computer ---> Internet ---> home router ---> PC running OVPN. Is that possible? Would I then be able to ping machines in my home network from there?14:07
Vostok_testIs there a trick to show the tabs for a window on ubuntu without maximizing the window?14:07
xsinickVostok_test: Linuxmint14:08
Vostok_testis that an alternate distro?14:08
freerouteVostok_test: yes it's based on Ubuntu but I have no idea why xsinick recommended that14:09
freerouteseeing as AFAIK in Mint there are no tabs in windows.14:10
Vostok_testOk, so in order for me to see the 'Conversation' - 'Edit' - 'Tabs' - 'Help' menus I have to maximize this window then mouse over the header?14:10
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
EaglemanI got an APC UPS and i am controlling the UPS with a seperate Ubuntu machine, there is also an ESXi machine attached to the UPS however i got one problem. When the power goes off and everything shuts down ( both the Ubuntu machine and ESXi machine (ssh) ) if i then replug the power when the UPS went down ( within 30 seconds ) Both machines start up and after a few seconds the UPS switches back14:11
Eaglemanto the battery and then after like 40 seconds the UPS turn off and then on aigan, the same happens and its stuck in a boot loop. I did found a topic on the internet about people having the same issue: http://forums.apc.com/thread/7758 I am now using the script from the user root21, but this isnt the real solution. Does anyone know how i might "fix" the "boot loop" ?14:11
Vostok_testdoes my question make sense?14:11
=== contrapunctus is now known as HisaoNakai
_Myselfhow to unpack tar.gz ?14:11
freerouteVostok_test: can you take a screenshot?14:11
Vostok_testis it ctrl+print screen on ubuntu?14:12
xsinick_Myself:  right click on it and extract here14:12
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
hitsujiTMOVostok_test: you mean the menu? thats always in the top bar14:12
_Myselfubuntu ?14:12
_Myselfserver ?14:12
hitsujiTMO_Myself: tar xf file.tar.gz14:12
_MyselfTo a folder14:12
Vostok_testhow do I see top bar menu choices without maximizing the window14:12
xsinick_Myself:  in command line or desktop14:13
freerouteVostok_test: I think it's just print scr14:13
_Myselfcommand line14:13
hitsujiTMOVostok_test: as long as its the focused window the menu should be there. just gotta mouse over the top bar.14:13
_Myselflike zip file.zip -d directory14:14
_MyselfBut with tar.gz14:14
Vostok_testtook screenhot, is there a 'paint' equilivient on ubuntu?14:15
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xsinick_Myself: tar -xzf tar-file-name.tar.gz14:15
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
Vostok_testOk, it's clear that I need to read more about the most basic tasks using ubuntu. I'll do that, then come back if I still have questions. :)14:16
freerouteVostok_test: AFAIK it's already saved in the pictures dir14:16
pikarenis apple a better company compared to nintendo14:17
hitsujiTMO!ot | pikaren14:18
ubottupikaren: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:18
freeroutepikaren: that's like comparing apples to mushrooms14:18
EaglemanI got an APC UPS and i am controlling the UPS with a seperate Ubuntu machine, there is also an ESXi machine attached to the UPS however i got one problem. When the power goes off and everything shuts down ( both the Ubuntu machine and ESXi machine (ssh) ) if i then replug the power when the UPS went offline ( within 30 seconds ) Both machines start up and after a few seconds the UPS switches14:18
Eaglemanback to the battery and then after like 40 seconds the UPS turns off and then on aigan, the same happens and its stuck in a boot loop. I did found a topic on the internet about people having the same issue: http://forums.apc.com/thread/7758 I am now using the script from the user root21, but this isnt the real solution. Does anyone know how i might "fix" the "boot loop" ?14:18
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
__raven_do you know about a way to display a changing textline out of a textfile on a position on the screen? something like a tail -f overlay14:21
_Myselfwhen i do ./configure it shows permission denied various times14:23
_Myselfand cant find blablabla14:24
_Myselfno such file or directory14:24
_Myselfi should chmod ?14:24
glitsj16_Myself: those instructions seem to assume you're root, i'd try to put the source files in a dir under your ~ and try agazin14:25
glitsj16_Myself: *again14:25
_MyselfOh, id forget to type sudo14:25
_Myselfconfigure: error: ERROR: ***** X11 header (xf86vmode.h) not found ******14:26
=== TwinkleH1od is now known as TwinkleHood
_Myselfglistsj16, everything fine only this : configure: error: ERROR: ***** X11 header (xf86vmode.h) not found ******14:26
glitsj16_Myself: as i said before .. the source for that sisctrl dates back to 2005 .. i'll try to look around if there's something you can do, hang on14:27
glitsj16_Myself: that should be part of libxxf86vm-dev, so also install that14:28
_MyselfOther error : ERROR: ***** X11 header (Xvlib.h) not found ******14:30
knightshade_Myself: install libxv-dev14:30
EaglemanI got an APC UPS and i am controlling the UPS with a seperate Ubuntu machine, there is also an ESXi machine attached to the UPS however i got one problem. When the power goes off and everything shuts down ( both the Ubuntu machine and ESXi machine (ssh) ) if i then replug the power when the UPS went offline ( within 30 seconds ) Both machines start up and after a few seconds the UPS switches14:31
Eaglemanback to the battery and then after like 40 seconds the UPS turns off and then on aigan, the same happens and its stuck in a boot loop. I did found a topic on the internet about people having the same issue: http://forums.apc.com/thread/7758 I am now using the script from the user root21, but this isnt the real solution. Does anyone know how i might "fix" the "boot loop" ?14:31
_MyselfWhy dont you make a topic in ubuntu forum ?14:31
_MyselfEagleman dont use IRC to huge questions or problems >.<14:31
_MyselfIt looks like spam14:31
EaglemanSince when is that a rule...14:32
_MyselfOnly a Tip14:32
Eaglemango annoy someone else14:32
knightshade_Myself: you can use the content search at packages.ubuntu.com to find out wich package you need, if a header file is missing14:33
glitsj16_Myself: i don't have the hardware and have no clue really on the SiS GPU internals, i just read the same web page as you do :)14:33
TJ-glitsj16: _Myself: I missed the start of the issue, is it to do with the xorg sis driver crashing, or no 2D acceleration?14:35
sjgpixEagle, you should try powering cycling the machines seperately14:35
vaneaI have a script http://pastebin.com/Jx8k4aL2 that classifies all files from a folder in subfolders, each subfolder having only 8 files. But I have files with such names 0541_2pcs.jpg. 2pcs means two pieces (copies). so I would like the script to take this into count when dividing files to each folder. e.g. a folder may have 6 files and this 0541_2pcs.jpg which literally means 2 files and so on, depending on the number indicated in 14:35
glitsj16TJ-: the driver seems to work fine according to _Myself's Xorg.0.log, only without 2D acceleration indeed14:36
vaneacan anyone help me?14:36
TJ-Eagleman: Let me get this correct: UPS goes offline, server-monitor receives message from UPS and sends shutdown instructions to each server? UPS (now on battery) and PCs restart... and then shutdown almost immediately?14:36
TJ-glitsj16: _Myself:  see bug #1066464  and the PPA https://launchpad.net/~dtl131/+archive/mediahacks/+packages14:37
ubottubug 1066464 in xserver-xorg-video-sis-lts-raring (Ubuntu) "Please patch xserver-xorg-video-sis for Saucy and Raring (was: SiS driver crashes Xserver with EXA acceleration)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106646414:37
glitsj16TJ-: this is his current Xorg.0.log --> http://pastebin.com/kyKingAK14:37
EaglemanTJ-, no apcupsd detects it is time to shutdown ( TIMEOUT, BATTERYPERCENTAGE or TIMEREACHED ), will shutdown Ubuntu and ssh the other machine to shutdown, will sent kill signal to UPS, UPS turns off after a few seconds, Power of off14:38
TJ-Eagleman: OK... and when you power up the UPS and the servers restart they then shutdown again?14:39
glitsj16TJ-: thanks .. _Myself: seems like there's a more promising route by adding the PPA TJ- showed14:39
TJ-Eagleman: I'm trying to be clear as to whether the UPS is on battery only, when servers are restarted?14:40
EaglemanTJ-, power up = line power comes back, UPS turns on, starts up PC's becuase they are configured like that in the bios, when pc boots it falls back to battery in a few secs, and the reboot loop starts14:40
_MyselfI should add the PPA he said ?14:40
TJ-Eagleman: The UPS falls back to battery? I don't get that? If there is line power why is it falling back to battery?14:40
EaglemanTJ- becuase something is wrong with the USB cable, if i unplug the usb cable when being in that process, it never falls back to battery14:41
glitsj16_Myself: yes that seems to be a better approach, worst-case scenario is that it doesn't improve your issue and you can purge the PPA again14:41
TJ-Eagleman: So isn't that a UPS issue? what model UPS is it?14:41
__raven_do you know about a way to display a changing textline out of a textfile on a position on the screen? something like a tail -f overlay14:41
EaglemanTJ- but yeh, im not sure about what is causing it14:41
EaglemanTJ- Back-UPS Pro 900, also look at: http://forums.apc.com/thread/7758?start=0&tstart=014:42
EaglemanTJ- it doesnt happen with Windows and the powerChute software.14:42
EaglemanTJ- I have had this issue with both CentOS and Ubuntu14:43
_MyselfHow can i add that PPA14:45
_MyselfI know how to add PPA's but just dont know what the PPA i should add14:45
dveimhow can i run executable file? Used chmod +x on it, but still "permission denied"14:46
glitsj16_Myself: ppa:dtl131/mediahacks14:46
malinusdveim, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions14:47
dveimmalinus: i changed permissions14:47
malinusdveim, so who is the owner?14:48
dveim-rw------- 1 dveim dveim  55180 гру 29  2011 matlab14:48
malinusyou need x too14:49
malinusyou only have read and write right now14:49
dveimbut chmod dont change it14:49
knightshade_Myself: ppa:dtl131/mediahacks14:50
dveimmb somehow it's linked: this file is located on windows ((rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,default_permissions,blksize=4096)14:50
hitsujiTMOdveim: is it on a readonly filesystem?14:50
TJ-Eagleman: Fascinating... and I'm still reading that thread :)14:50
dveimresult of mount14:50
EaglemanTJ-, indeed, i've been trying to find a "fix" for this issue for like 2 days straight now14:51
hitsujiTMOdveim: copy it locally. windows filesystems dont have unix permissions14:51
Anton__hey guys, I have ubuntu 12.04 and my internet works, I can browse the web etc, but my network manager says that there are no network devices available and therefore I can't add a VPN14:52
dveimhitsujiTMO: ok, actually coping it atm, it's too big14:52
TJ-Eagleman: The only thing occurs to me right now is that when the PC powers up then some USB ports may have 5VSB applied with a very low current threshold... I'm wondering if the non-standard APC USB connection (it has an RJ45 connector!) is detecting that as some kind of fault condition and shutting down to protect itself14:52
EaglemanTJ- would i be able to test that?14:53
EaglemanTJ-, i was on another irc channel last night and someone suggested this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Teralink-ADuM4160-USB-Isolator-board-/261369101784?pt=US_Home_Audio_Amplifiers_Preamps&hash=item3cdacffdd814:54
TJ-Eagleman: You could use a volt/amp meter on the lead I suppose. I'm not suggesting it is the cause, and I'd have thought APC technicians in that thread would know the internals much better than me14:54
MunsterAnton__, install network-manager-vpn* whatever vpn protocol your vpn service runs14:54
TJ-Eagleman: let me finish reading... its intruguing... just got to page 214:55
Anton__Munster I tried but the VPN connection gets greyed out after I've added it14:55
=== Matrixiumn is now known as CaveJohnson
MunsterAnton__, pptp, openvpn or ?14:55
Anton__http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/827/3c9b.png and my internet connection works since I can browse the web14:57
MunsterAnton__, so you installed openvpn client and network-manager-openvpn , and received a username and pw from the vpn service , correct ?14:58
Anton__Munster yes but the problem is that my network manager can't detect my network device even though I can browse the web14:58
TJ-Eagleman: See post 29 paragraph 414:59
Anton__Munster_, and I use a VPS15:00
navinHi every one. I am using ubuntu 12.04 now I want to install KDE in that what is the proceedure15:00
EaglemanTJ-, its very hard for me to understand it since i do have no knowledge of electrical "troubleshooting" and terms.15:00
TJ-Eagleman: The UPS believes there is an overload on its outputs and shuts down15:01
TJ-Eagleman: Do these PCs have monitors attached or are they headless?15:01
MunsterAnton__,  open a terminal , run sudo dhclient eth0,  if you're using ethernet15:01
__raven_do you know about a way to display a changing textline out of a textfile on a position on the screen? something like a tail -f overlay15:02
EaglemanTJ- headless, i tried touching my pc with the Iron USB Shield, but it stays on 16w15:02
=== jack is now known as Guest54925
Anton__Munster it says "cannot find device eth0"15:04
_MyselfTJ, glistsj16, successfully added that PPA, did an update and an upgrade15:05
_MyselfShould i restart or what ?15:05
TJ-Eagleman: Have you tested the UPS with each PC connected on its own? I'd be interested if one or the other PC causes this... that might help get closer to the root cause15:05
glitsj16_Myself: yes do15:05
Munsterwell , dunno much about vps , so i guess I can't help much , Anton__15:05
EaglemanTJ- it switches to battery after the PC boots and when it beeps it switches over. doesnt seem to get under 50w15:06
MunsterBBL ...stuff to for a while15:06
TJ-Eagleman: So this will happen with only 1 PC attached... and both PCs cause it?15:07
glitsj16_Myself: did you install anything new from that PPA?15:07
EaglemanTJ- there is currently 1 PC attached, but if i unplug the USB cable just before restoring the power it never switches to the battery15:08
_Myself3 things wait15:08
_MyselfInstalled this new things : _Myself(+i)] [2:freenode/#ubuntu(+CLcjnt)] [Act: 1]15:09
_Myself[#ubuntu] _Myself(+i)] [2:freenode/#ubuntu(+CLcjnt)] [Act: 1]15:09
_Myself[#ubuntu] Nnosnaono15:09
_Myselfkkk, mistake15:09
TJ-Eagleman: What I think is happening is there is a design fault in the UPS... I suspect that the earth of the UPS AC outlets is at a slightly different potential to the ground of the internal UPS electronic DC supply... which would cause a difference the overload protection might detect15:09
EaglemanTJ-, but its not happening on Windows as far as i've tested15:10
_Myselfglistsj16, TJ, installed this new things : cryptsetup-bin libcryptsetup4 mountall15:10
TJ-Eagleman: I'd be checking the PCs also, to ensure the AC earth is connected well to the motherboard and chassis of the PC15:10
TJ-Eagleman: What Linux drivers are you using? Those provided by APC or the open-source packages?15:11
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
EaglemanTJ- apcupsd15:11
ArthurBorsboomHi guys, I like to have some help regarding releasing a newer version of a package. About two months ago, I have released a newer version of a sticky notes application called Xpad. It has been released on Launchpad, but I have a hard time getting it into the repositories.I have contacted some package maintainers, but they do not respond to my emails. Does anybody have a suggestion to get this newer version in the Debian/Ubun15:11
EaglemanTJ- i've ran both centos and ubuntu and windows on the same pc.15:11
_Myselfglistsj16, TJ, installed this new things : cryptsetup-bin libcryptsetup4 mountall15:12
TJ-Eagleman: which apcupsd version?15:12
glitsj16_Myself: those could be dependencies, not sure, the most important thing is either xserver-xorg-video-sis-lts-quantal or xserver-xorg-video-sis-lts-raring which actually contains an updated or patched driver for your card15:12
EaglemanTJ-, latest wuth apt-get install apcupsd15:12
_MyselfWill restart now then >.<15:12
_MyselfGL MYSELF15:12
glitsj16_Myself: yeah, goodluck15:13
PessimistArthurBorsboom, you probably contacted the wrong person(s)15:13
ArthurBorsboomHi Perssimist...15:13
ArthurBorsboomI have contacted two people... one is the maintainer of the Debian package, called Bart Martens.15:13
ArthurBorsboomDoes Ubuntu have the same system of package maintainers?15:14
glitsj16ArthurBorsboom: #ubuntu-packaging might also be able to answer your questions on that if you haven't already tried there15:14
ArthurBorsboomAh, thanks that might help. I will join that channel15:15
ArthurBorsboomI just need a push in the right direction :)15:15
googchenghi, pals!   how to install nautilus 3.6 in ub12.04.3 ?15:15
glitsj16ArthurBorsboom: very welcome, using xpad myself, nice and lightweight15:15
ArthurBorsboomI like it too, that's why I took control of development and released a newer version, with a lot of bugfixes and some new features.15:16
ArthurBorsboomIf your are interested to see what changed: https://launchpad.net/xpad/trunk/4.215:17
googchengnautilus 3.4 makes high cpu for kernel3.10.18 in 12.0415:17
glitsj16ArthurBorsboom: good to know that thank you15:17
glitsj16i'm still on the 4.115:17
ArthurBorsboomYeah 4.1 is the latest one in the repositories... exactly my point :)15:18
ArthurBorsboomI try to get it into the Debian/Ubuntu repositories, but until now, I fail to do so... which is a waste of development time ;)15:18
ArthurBorsboomI am new to the release procedure, so therefore I need a little help.15:19
glitsj16ArthurBorsboom: i understand, hopefully someone in #ubuntu-packaging can help getting things moving, especially for the upcoming 14.04 LTS15:20
ArthurBorsboomFor now there is no response in #ubuntu-packaging... do you have other suggestions?15:20
glitsj16ArthurBorsboom: not really sorry, i'm just a user volunteering on this channel15:22
TJ-Eagleman: Have you/are you able to test the UPS with a laptop/notebook with the USB cable connected to see if that does the same thing?15:22
_MyselfStill getting that error at the log15:22
_MyselfCan i remove the driver and then install it from a specific repo ?15:22
ArthurBorsboomNo problem. You at least helped me in providing a new channel.. :)15:23
MarkDaviescan I safely use gparted to modify partitions on a disk from which I booted a system (assuming that I don''t modify the boot partition)?15:23
glitsj16_Myself: argh, seems a stubborn card to get going15:23
_MyselfSo, can i ?15:23
_MyselfOr should i ?15:24
TJ-Eagleman: From everything I've read I suspect 2 things are coinciding: 1) the apcupsd USB driver isn't toggling some flag on the UPS when it shuts down (which the Windows driver is doing) and 2) a temporary leakage current from the PC to the UPS via the chassis ground is causing spurious overload protection to cut in15:24
glitsj16_Myself: that seems to be the only PPA that offers the sis driver so you can only drop back to what precise offers by purging the PPA15:24
daftykinsMarkDavies: it's really not that much work to boot a LiveCD, so just play it safe15:25
_MyselfNo, xorg edgers or something has that drivers too15:25
glitsj16_Myself: i assume you added xorg-edgers because the original driver in precise also didn't work good for you?15:26
_Myselfalso i have the X-something repo too15:26
_Myselflemme check15:26
glitsj16_Myself: x-swat?15:26
MarkDaviesdaftykins: OK. And the second question: applications like "gparted" tell me that one needs to be root in order to run them. But then Ubuntu doesn't even have root user. How can I deal with it nicely?15:26
EaglemanTJ- and 2) a temporary leakage current from the PC to the UPS via the chassis ground is causing spurious overload protection to cut in15:27
TJ-_Myself: glitsj16: I'd recommend using "apt-cache policy <package-name>" to confirm *which* package is installed15:27
EaglemanSo it must be suggestion 1)15:27
MarkDaviesshoud I use sudo privileges?15:28
TJ-Eagleman: Could be both... do you get the same issue with a laptop/notebook attached (try with it taking power from the UPS, and being totally unplugged)15:28
_MyselfWhats the name of the driver ? ( xorg-blablCa-bla-sis )15:28
EaglemanTJ- Laptop with windows or linux15:28
TJ-Eagleman: The 'flag' I propose could be a "temporarily ignore overload state when restarting" thing15:29
__raven_do you know about a way to display a changing textline out of a textfile on a position on the screen? something like a tail -f overlay15:29
Darin_1I can't seem to figure out last version of Ubuntu that supported SquashFS 3.115:29
EaglemanTJ- Laptop with windows or linux? i got 2 laptops with both windows15:29
_MyselfWhats the name of driver package ?15:30
MarkDaviesOK, it's enough tu use sudo application15:30
_Myselfxorg-video-something-sis ?15:30
glitsj16_Myself: xserver-xorg-video-sis .. follow TJ-'s advice and check with .. apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-si*15:30
TJ-Eagleman: Linux, so you can replicate the same scenario15:30
_MyselfYes, what im doing15:30
ArthurBorsboom@glitsj16: thanks mate... I am in contact in ubuntu-packaging... leaving this channel now.15:30
EaglemanTJ-, yeh that wont be an option, maybe if i install it on a usb stick15:31
glitsj16_Myself: paste the output of that so we can confirm15:31
EaglemanWhich failed last time15:31
glitsj16ArthurBorsboom: no trouble, best of luck with the developing15:31
glitsj16__raven_: conky should be able to do that15:33
TJ-Eagleman: Use a liveISO on a USB stick? Also, please check the grounding... see this article: http://www.schneider-electric.us/support/index?page=content&country=US&lang=EN&id=FA15742215:33
lolcatis there an easy way to setup ati graphics?15:33
lolcatgraphics is dead now so I cant really google15:33
_MyselfThere it is15:34
lolcat_Myself: ...15:36
lolcatI dont have a browser15:36
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
TJ-_Myself: glitsj16 Looks to me as if the PPA I suggested isn't even available as an option, which would explain why there is no improvement15:36
_MyselfWhat ?15:36
hitsujiTMOlolcat: have you the driver installed?15:37
lolcatI tried installing fglrx but now I donno15:37
glitsj16_Myself: looks like you still have the xorg-edgers driver installed and running, try to temporarily purge that PPA or download the .deb from the mediahacks PPA and install that thru .. sudo dpkg -i /path/to/the/deb15:37
TJ-_Myself: That output shows you're using the Xorg Edger's driver... which most likely will not contain the patch that has been applied to the package in the other PPA15:37
MarkDavieslolcat: dpkg --list | grep fglrx15:37
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest21100
glitsj16TJ-: yes i just noticed that, appreciate the input15:38
hitsujiTMOlolcat: can you run the following: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log15:38
_Myselfso mannually install the deb package or purge xedger ppa ?15:38
hitsujiTMOlolcat: and copy the url it generates to here15:38
lolcatsure, two seconds15:38
_Myselfwill purge xedgers PPA15:38
glitsj16_Myself: the xorg-edgers PPA probably offers you much more packages, it is up to you to decide if you need all those15:39
lolcat_Myself: I installed at least one ppa15:39
lolcatnot sure what it was named15:40
EaglemanTJ- give me like 20 minutes15:40
hitsujiTMOlolcat: can you also give us the output of: date15:41
TJ-Eagleman: OK... I'm still reading up on other possibilities15:41
EaglemanTJ-, if i dont get this issue solved before the 26th, i will send this UPS back15:41
lolcathitsujiTMO: sø. 12. jan 16:44:0015:44
hitsujiTMOlolcat: is this a desktop or laptop?15:44
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest6956
lolcatNow lightdm starts but when I enter my password it doesnt do anything15:45
schnitzlhwoto add with ufibootmgr a win8.1 entry?15:45
lolcathitsujiTMO: laptop15:45
MarkDaviesHas somebody managed to set up wifi for Ubuntu without that manager from KDE environment?15:45
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
hitsujiTMOlolcat: ok, atm its loading the intel driver so you should at least have something on the screen.15:47
lolcathitsujiTMO: I get to lightdm now15:48
navinHi I want to install KDE How to do it ?15:48
schnitzl!kde > navin15:49
ubottunavin, please see my private message15:49
schnitzl!kde > schnitzl15:49
ubottuschnitzl, please see my private message15:49
schnitzlmm. worked. hehe15:50
schnitzlhowto add with ufibootmgr a win8.1 entry?15:50
SteakumzGood morning!15:50
hitsujiTMOlolcat: ok. as far as i know, to switch to the dedicated gpu you must run: sudo aticonfig --px-dgpu && sudo service lightdm restart        and to switch back to the intel gpu run: sudo aticonfig --px-igpu && sudo service lightdm restart15:51
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )15:52
hitsujiTMOlolcat: you should also be able to switch in the AMD Catalyst Control Center15:52
EaglemanWhy am i not able to install packages by using apt-get using the LiveISO of ubuntu?15:53
hitsujiTMOEagleman: you may need to add sources and run sudo apt-get update first.15:53
EaglemanWhich sources?15:53
hitsujiTMOEagleman: have a look what defined in /etc/apt/sources.list          if its only main, then you may need to add: restricted universe multiverse15:55
Eaglemanin which one is apcupsd in?15:55
hitsujiTMOEagleman: universe15:56
TJ-schnibbl0r: "efibootmgr -b $BOOTNUM -c -l /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi -L 'Windows 8.1'  "  ... and assign the appropriate boot entry number to BOOTNUM15:58
schnitzlTJ-, guess you mean me?15:58
TJ-schnitzl: Yes, sorry... tab-complete is annoying sometimes15:58
EaglemanhitsujiTMO, how would i add it?15:59
schnitzlTJ-, yea. :D same here. okay...gonna try  that one. give me a min15:59
TJ-Eagleman: It's in "universe"15:59
hitsujiTMOEagleman: just edit the line and append universe after main15:59
TJ-funkt: Headers/Footers belong to Sections; create a new section for each different header you require16:00
hitsujiTMOEagleman: so instead of the line: """deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu precise main""" have it """deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu precise main universe"""16:00
kostkon!caps | funch16:00
ubottufunch: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.16:00
EaglemanYeh, but the terminal is spamming errors in my face16:01
kostkon!caps | funkt16:01
ubottufunkt: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.16:01
funkthow do I use a section in libre office?16:01
funktyeah cheers16:01
kostkonfunch, sorry16:01
hitsujiTMOEagleman: what errors exactly?16:01
schnitzlok. TJ-  its a little more complicated than i thought. i dont have yet the /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/blah files and/or directories. the win8.1 system partition came from an image backup done with clonezilla. is there anyway to fix that?16:01
hitsujiTMOEagleman: can you pastebin the current /etc/apt/sources.list16:02
heavyammoHey, could anyone tell me a Ubuntu OCR text recognition piece of software please?16:02
schnitzlplan is to just  restore win8.1 with clonezilla then add it to efi.16:02
Eaglemanno i cant since i am on the liveiso16:02
_MyselfIm back16:02
TJ-schnitzl: Yeah... look in the \Windows\boot\EFI\ directory; you can copy that directory directly to the EFI system partition16:02
funktGot it many thanks!!!!16:02
_MyselfTJ, i was not here16:03
malimbarHello! I'm looking for help to reset lightdm - I screwed around with configuratoin files nad now it's completely broken (had to install gdm just to login)16:03
schnitzlTJ-, ok. this will take me some time since i first have to restore that win stuff. thx man. i will call in when i am done16:03
_MyselfThe Purge command only removes the Repo right ???16:03
EaglemanhitsujiTMO, its not working when adding universe16:03
glitsj16_Myself: hi again, purging a PPA also drops the packages from that PPA back to their original versions from the regular ubuntu repos16:04
rob_____1how do i quit with irssi16:04
hitsujiTMOEagleman: can you try: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list16:04
TJ-Eagleman: the line will be something like "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu saucy main universe"   and then you must do "sudo apt-get update"16:05
_Myselfok, but i added the Repo by sources.list16:05
_MyselfNot by PPA16:05
EaglemanTJ- i got that16:05
TJ-Eagleman: what version of Ubuntu is it?16:05
Eaglemansomething like that D:16:06
EaglemanAlright it works now, was about to jump out of my window16:06
malimbaris there a way to completely reset lightdm to default settings?16:06
glitsj16_Myself: can you pastebin the output of apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-sis, we can check what you have right now and look into the PPA situation later on16:07
TJ-malimbar: Maybe "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm" but not sure it'll remove any custom entries in the config files; check out also the files in "/etc/lightdm/"16:07
hitsujiTMOmalimbar: http://askubuntu.com/questions/66533/how-can-i-restore-configuration-files16:08
malimbarTJ-, should I just delete the files in /etc/lightdm?16:08
glitsj16_Myself: still showing driver from xorg-edgers .. we need to take a look at your /etc/apt/sources.list if you added that manually in there, sp pastebin that also16:10
TJ-malinator: No!16:10
TJ-malimbar: No!16:11
apb1963Anyone have java working on chrome?  I'm unable to get java to work.  ubuntu 12.04.316:11
malimbarwell, good thing I didn't do that16:11
EaglemanTJ- got my Live USB now, what did i had to test?16:11
_MyselfSo Yes i added mannually at sources16:12
_MyselfShould i remove it ?16:12
_MyselfSo Yes i added mannually at sources16:13
_MyselfShould i remove it ?16:13
glitsj16_Myself: that's not the recommended way to add a PPA so i'm not sure on this one .. let's see .. if it was me i would comment out the xorg-edgers line in /etc/apt/sources.lis and add the PPA first thru regular means, then purge it with sudo ppa-purge .. seek confirmation on this here before doing so, as i'm not sure16:14
glitsj16_Myself: the logic being that if you just comment out the xorg-edgers line you're apt isn't actually going to downgrade anything back and you still won't see the driver package you need to install .. you can work around this though but this routine should be a lot safer16:17
malimbarhitsujiTMO I'm trying the one you gave and restarting with lightdm.16:17
geekswhich is the best flight simulator for Ubuntu Linux16:17
gordonjcpgeeks: flightgear16:18
geeksWhat should be the Specs of computer to run the flightgear??16:19
EaglemanTJ-, i attached the laptop to my ups, installed everything, and i am now simulating a power outage16:22
TJ-glitsj16: If the bug-fix PPA has been added you can force that package to be installed using "sudo apt-get install <package-name>=<exact-version-string>" ... "apt-cache policy <package-name>" will obtain the exact version string16:22
TJ-Eagleman: Yay :)16:22
EaglemanTJ-, after the UPS went off i booted up my laptop, and the UPS went to battery once aigan16:23
Eaglemanit will soon get cut off from power16:23
TJ-Eagleman: Is that with the laptop taking power from the UPS16:24
glitsj16TJ-: yes thanks, just waiting on _Myself to give the go ahead16:24
Eaglemanbut ofcurse the laptop still has a bettery16:24
TJ-Eagleman: Can you try it again with the laptop not connected to the UPS power outlets?16:24
EaglemanTJ- with the ups cable still attached?16:25
TJ-Eagleman: Yes... having its own battery is useful since the laptop should continue logging any output from the UPS into the apcups log file... we hope!16:25
TJ-Eagleman: Yes, with USB attached16:25
EaglemanTJ- dont expect to much from logs, there is almost no usefull info16:25
nico_hello, is somewhere where I could speak french ? :)16:25
EaglemanTJ- and with the USB cable still attached it will still shutdown the laptop16:25
TJ-Eagleman: Really? well you might get some overload warning logged16:25
_MyselfWill be right back16:26
SchrodingersScat!ubuntu-fr | nico16:26
glitsj16!fr | nico_16:26
ubottunico_: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.16:26
nico_thank you !16:26
glitsj16nico_: ce n'est rien, bon chance16:26
EaglemanTJ- and with the USB cable still attached it will still shutdown the laptop16:26
EaglemanSo i am not sure what you want16:27
TJ-Eagleman: The scenario you need to set-up is: USB cable connected. Laptop on battery power, not connected to UPS outlet. Use something like apctest to simulate the power-down so the UPS gets the shutdown signal but the laptop stays running... then when you restore power to the UPS the laptop can log all messages immediately16:28
malimbarhitsujiTMO, that didn't seem to work. lightdm still doesn't load, and comes up with the error16:28
TJ-Eagleman: I think it'll be option #1 in apctest16:29
Anton__My network manager doesn't detect any networking devices even though my internet works and I can browse the web. This is a problem since any VPN that I add gets greyed out - http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/827/3c9b.png16:29
b3knn_would you use LVM when installing ubuntu 13.10 server virtually ?16:29
EaglemanTJ- amd if there are no logs?16:30
Anton__I use a VPS16:30
TJ-Eagleman: I see in "man apctest" there is interesting info against "option 7)" ... about adjusting sensitivity to avoid the UPS switching to batteries.16:30
TJ-Eagleman: Tell it to log more!16:30
generalwhat <???16:31
EaglemanTJ- i am afraid we can troubleshoot all we want, but will never find a solution, i am loosing hope16:31
aaghis there a channel dedicated to UEFI problems_16:31
hitsujiTMOmalimbar: can you: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo pastebinit /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log16:31
EaglemanTJ- i adjusted sensitivity before, didnt help16:32
TJ-Eagleman: That's good to know16:32
glitsj16!alis | aagh: not sure but you can search for it16:32
ubottuaagh: not sure but you can search for it: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*16:32
TJ-Eagleman: I'd suggest you post to the apcupsd user mailing list with this; especially pointing out how using the Windows USB drivers the UPS behaves on restart but using the apcupsd USb driver the UPS seems to go into an overload protection mode16:33
aaghGRUB UEFI installation guides talk about grub2-install which isn't included in packages and the ones that only mention the available grub-install talk about --target option which doesn't exist16:34
=== revagomes__ is now known as revagomes
hitsujiTMOmalimbar: that should generate a url at the end. just copy the url here16:34
EaglemanTJ- i will never get the answer in time, i can bring back this UPS and get my money back within 2 weeks16:34
Eaglemandidnt restart the apcupsd service and now it shutdown, another 5 minutes to waste16:35
TJ-aagh: "grub2-install" is written purely to make it clear that "grub-install" v1 cannot do UEFI boot manager stuff16:35
malimbar2hitsujiTMO, http://pastebin.com/zdKiiwCn16:35
aaghhttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB_EFI_Examples#K450_IdeaCentre look at the end of the page16:36
TJ-aagh: If you've installed GRUB v2 the "grub-install" has the "--target" option16:36
TJ-aagh: "apt-cache policy grub2"16:36
saskslayerI removed xorgedgers from sources.list, added xorgedgers throught PPA, removed throught ppa-purge and still cant upgrade the drivers. Any thoughts16:36
TJ-aagh: Have you got the UEFI system partition mounted at /boot/efi/ ?16:37
saskslayerI removed xorgedgers from sources.list, added xorgedgers throught PPA, removed throught ppa-purge and still cant upgrade the drivers. Any thoughts16:37
jacob_does anyone have any experience running robocode on ubuntu 13.10? i downloaded it but it doesn't launch16:37
hitsujiTMOmalimbar: is this ubuntu or kubuntu or which?16:37
=== nico_ is now known as eyhtern
glitsj16saskslayer: ow you're back .. so what does apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-sis-lts-* output now?16:38
basic6_how could i fix this error (upgrading mint 15 -> 16)? http://paste.debian.net/75773/ (libmatekbd-common)16:38
m-jrHello,everyone .Happy to join the group.16:38
=== whiskers75 is now known as meow
aaghTJ-: I have it mounted at /media/fuevoiqnquivn/boot/efi16:38
ZeroDividedHello, is there a guide for updating the AMD Catalyst drivers? Can I just run the installer, or do I need to uninstall anyting?16:38
=== meow is now known as whiskers75
saskslayerOh sorry16:39
gordonjcpso short of ditching 13.10 altogether, is there a way round the crippling keyboard layout bug?16:39
aaghTJ-: I'm using Ubuntu Live CD16:39
bekksgordonjcp: Which bug? Never experienced it.16:39
TJ-aagh: OK, you'll need to use "--efi-directory" then16:39
gordonjcpbekks: it switches to en_US every few seconds16:39
Beldarbasic6_, Mint has their own channels and support. This error is a perfect example why it's not supported here, mate is not even in the ubuntu repos.16:40
aaghyes, I was looking to using the line I on that page I linked16:40
gordonjcpbekks: 13.10 is completely unusable because of it, on a variety of different machines16:40
bekksgordonjcp: Never experience it, on various machines.16:40
gordonjcpbekks: oh well16:40
glitsj16saskslayer: yes?16:41
gordonjcp13.10 is a disaster16:41
kb94anyone can help me on dd command to repair my write protected flash drive ? :(16:41
bekkskb94: If it is write protected, dd will not be able to write on it.16:41
gordonjcpbetween the keyboard bug, the corrupt fonts bug, and the various other weird issues16:41
saskslayerIt is xserver-xorg-video-sis or xserver-xorg-video-sis-lts-* ???16:41
gordonjcpkb94: is there a write-protect switch?16:41
gordonjcpkb94: is it made by Sandisk?16:42
malimbar2hitsujiTMO, default ubuntu, though I played with kde and gnome-shell installs on top of it, deleted them, and then tried to change settings manually when lightdm didn't look right16:42
gordonjcpkb94: possibly with a different logo16:42
gordonjcpkb94: throw it away16:42
glitsj16saskslayer: the new PPA offers xserver-xorg-video-sis-lts-quantal and xserver-xorg-video-sis-lts-raring for precise but they seem exactly the same so install either one of those16:42
gordonjcpkb94: they are total shite16:42
gordonjcpkb94: they last a couple of dozen writes, before they fail16:42
gordonjcpkb94: they're a complete waste of money16:42
bekksgordonjcp: SANDisk cads do work here for years - flawlessly.16:43
gordonjcpbekks: cards yes, USB sticks no16:43
bekksgordonjcp: usb stick do work here too, flawlessly.16:43
gordonjcpbekks: every single one we've had, has failed16:43
gordonjcpbekks: all sooner rather than later16:43
gordonjcpdifferent sizes, different batches16:43
bekksgordonjcp: Not a single one we had died in years.16:43
gordonjcpbekks: <shrug>16:43
andyfiedi've never had a failed sandisk and i got 3 USB, 2 SD and 2 mp3 players16:44
Beldargordonjcp, You should know better then fud and personal opinions and partially hidden swearing here.16:44
gordonjcpbekks: every single one we've had16:44
kb94gordonjcp: flash drive contain some garbage data and a hot girl's photo whom I don't know16:44
glitsj16gordonjcp: if you don't rely on en_US layout you might try to remove that layout alltogether through the system settings > keyboard layout16:44
saskslayerDidnt get it16:44
gordonjcpkb94: oh well16:44
gordonjcpglitsj16: I have16:44
saskslayerCant we use /query ?16:44
glitsj16saskslayer: yes16:44
gordonjcpglitsj16: it makes no difference, it constantly switches back to en_US16:44
gordonjcpbekks: in the last year I threw out 1600 faulty Sandisk USB sticks16:44
kb94gordonjcp: i tried the dd command, but it gives me an error : Read Only File System16:45
bekksgordonjcp: We didnt throw out a single one.16:45
gordonjcpbekks: Sandisk took the first ten or so back and replaced them, but the replacements failed too - then they didn't want to know any more16:45
bekkskb94: dd on a readonly filesystem will not work.16:45
gordonjcpkb94: yup, it's knackered16:45
glitsj16gordonjcp: strange indeed, i'm still on 13.04 waiting to jump to 14.04, also many issues on 13.1016:45
bekkskb94: Either mount the filesysten as read write, or dont5 write onto it.16:45
kb94how to mount it as read/write ?16:46
gordonjcpglitsj16: this is by far the most annoying one16:46
bekkskb94: sudo mount -o remount,rw ...16:46
gordonjcpkb94: if "sudo mount -o remount,rw /path/to/disk /path/to/mountpoint" doesn't do it, nothing will16:46
gordonjcpkb94: it most likely is faulty16:46
EaglemanTJ- as expected no usefull logs16:47
Andreasare there paid programmers working on ubuntu or just pure volunteer work? how they make the money?16:47
schnitzlAndreas, wikipedia?16:47
BeldarAndreas, Canonical has some paid staff.16:47
EaglemanTJ-, brb gonna eat for 30 mins16:47
kb94thanks a lot gordonjcp,bekks and others. I'll try this16:48
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
jimi_Is there any issues doing   vga monitor -> dvi adapter -> pc ?   i tried it this morning and the screen went all wonky16:50
Pessimistjimi_, should it be the other way?16:51
Andreascanonical ltd soon at breaking point for profitability and money made by service provision (wiki)16:51
jimi_Pessimist, what do you mean?16:51
TJ-Eagleman: OK... it looks like a systemic problem16:51
bekksAndreas: Thats a very good issue for #ubuntu-offtopic :)16:52
kb94mount: cannot remount block device /dev/sdb1 read-write, is write-protected16:52
bekkskb94: Then replace the entire device, it is broken.16:52
Pessimistjimi_, pc is a video source, not the monitor. Also this isn't a ubuntu related issue16:53
jimi_Pessimist, yeah, cause it works fine in windows, but only goes wonky in ubuntu16:53
kb94sandisk sucks16:55
=== Guest83694 is now known as fego
jhutchinsjimi_: Pay attention to what the resolution and scan rates are in windows and what driver it's using, any other details, then work with something like xvidtune or xrandr to get the same settings in Ubuntu.16:56
=== brown is now known as Guest3014
telechello. i'm trying to use my cellphone as modem, but it not work16:57
Pessimisthave you tried it off and on again?16:58
telec[14603.390080] cdc_acm 2-1.2:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device16:58
jacob_E: Cannot find JRE, exiting..16:58
jacob_can anyone help me with this?16:58
telecttyACM0 dont exists in /dev16:58
Kitsune /msg NickServ identify liverpool16:59
Kitsunewhy is ubuntu download mirror so slow16:59
PessimistKitsune, we saw your password16:59
DJonesKitsune: Maybe new password time16:59
Kitsunedidnt work anyway16:59
MunsterKitsune, do those nickserv commands in the server textbox17:00
=== Kitsune is now known as RevTheory
telecdmesg shows ttyACM0 but it not exists :/17:00
xvzfhi there I upgraded 13.04->13.10 now network is broken. The system continuously reports System Program Error (translated from my language to English). What can I do to have network and do an apt-get update? nmcli dev list shows only bluetooth and wlan but not eth0.17:01
TJ-xvzf: What does "/etc/network/interfaces" contain?17:04
xvzfTJ-, a moment17:04
=== Guest13591 is now known as Freejack_
xvzfauto lo \n iface lo inet loopback17:07
xvzfTJ-, did you get interfaces content?17:08
TJ-xvzf: OK, that looks fine, it isn't interfering with Network Manager17:09
TJ-xvzf: does "ifconfig -a" list any interfaces with names starting with "eth"  ?17:09
hcumberdaleHi there :17:10
xvzfTJ-, yes, eth0 is the first17:10
hcumberdaleHaving problems with ginn. It won't find negative values for my touchscreen.17:10
TJ-xvzf: OK ... so there is an interface... so the likely problem is that network-manager isn't configuring it17:10
hcumberdaleso for example only zoom in PINCH mode is working :(17:11
TJ-xvzf: Are there any "Wired connection ..." files in "/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/" ?17:11
ubuntuwhat is the programming channel ?17:12
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest78231
Guest78231what's the programming channel17:12
xvzfTJ-, no, but now the eth cable is in this computer I use to irc. Should I try to plug it into the machine in question and see the mentioned directory?17:13
TJ-xvzf: Are there any files in that "system-connections" directory?17:14
EvidloIs it possible this pulseaudio error is preventin me from logging in? "Denied access to client with invalid authorization data."17:15
TJ-xvzf: If not, you'll need to plug in the cable and that should cause a new connection to be created. If it doesn't then manually create a wired connection in NM17:15
xvzfTJ-, there are 17 files17:15
xvzfnow try the cable17:15
xvzfcome in some minutes17:16
Runklegood morning17:17
Runklefor some reason, when my system boots, lightdm starts up.. then dies.17:17
Runkleif i run service lightdm as root, it'll start up and work just fine. so i'm kinda stumped17:18
hcumberdaleRunkle: error in x-server config? watched logs?17:18
Runkledoing so now17:19
unknown_Where can I find a programming irc (c++)17:19
Runklethe logs just have a +xx seconds,17:19
Runkleunknown_: a c++ channel ? tried #c++ ?17:19
unknown_nope not yet thanks anyway17:19
Runklehcumberdale: not an actual timestamp.. so thats weird.17:19
hcumberdaleRunkle: that's okay. Logs might begin with [ XX.XXX]17:20
Runklehcumberdale: is that tiemstamp relative to boot, or relative to last time i tried to start x?17:20
hcumberdalewatched /var/log/Xorg.0.log?17:20
Runkleyeah, i'm in there now.17:20
EvidloI'm having trouble with lightdm, too.  In my lightdm log, it shows a successful login, but then X just quits and lightdm comes back up.  This happens for all my wm's.17:20
hcumberdaleseeing any error message?17:20
Runkleunable to register client with session manager. that resulted in a 100+ page forum thread :)17:21
xvzfTJ-, I see no NetworkManager icon in the menu bar where it used to be, but when I try sudo NetworkManager it says that it is running already. How can I configure that?17:21
hcumberdaleRunkle: what caused the behaviour? update? fresh install?17:21
donvitoftp> send oscam.conf17:22
donvitolocal: oscam.conf remote: oscam.conf17:22
donvito200 PORT command successful17:22
donvito550 oscam.conf: Permission denied17:22
donvitowhy i cannot send files via ftp?17:22
Runklei disabled X about 6 months ago... and i forget if i used proper methods or not. so i'm here with tail between legs :)17:22
EaglemanTJ- you still here?17:22
hcumberdaleRunkle: question? does your user own his homedirectory? Is he able to write to $HOME ?17:22
Runklethis server just sits in my basement running samba most of the time, so i don't pay it much attention.17:22
Runklehrm. lemme check Xauthority17:22
Runkletis gud.17:23
hcumberdalesudo chown -R YOURUSERNAME:YOURUSERNAME /home/YOURUSERNAME/ << tried?17:23
Runklehrm. the thing is tho, lightdm shouldn't even run as my user on boot.17:23
Runkleit should run as root.17:23
unknown_How can I rename my nickname17:23
TJ-xvzf: It sounds as if network-manager applet is hiding or not started. In a terminal look for its process using "ps -ef | grep nm-applet". If it isn't there try starting it with "nm-applet&"17:23
TJ-Eagleman: I am17:23
hcumberdaleunknown_: /nick URNAMEHERE17:23
Runkleunknown_: google "how do i change my nickname on irc"17:23
EaglemanTJ- so what now?17:23
=== unknown_ is now known as unknown101
EaglemanI am out of ideas17:24
unknown101k good17:24
Runklehcumberdale: yeah, my file ownership is set fine17:24
unknown101irssi irc btw but anyway the guy below you helped me17:24
EaglemanTJ- are there any other programs around to control an APC UPS?17:24
xvzfTJ-, thanks, I try17:24
hcumberdaleRunkle: grep DENIED /var/log/syslog17:25
Runkleinitctl list |grep lightdm says stoped/waiting as soon as i boot.. but if i run service lightdm, then it starts fine.17:25
TJ-Eagleman: As I said, I'd post to the apcupsd-users mailing list and see if anyone can suggest anything.17:25
Runklehcumberdale: cool17:25
Runklehcumberdale: cupsd is teh only thing that is deied.17:25
amicrawler2012man the mac users are a bunch of jerks17:25
amicrawler2012not very helpful17:26
Runkleamicrawler2012: thats's irc in general :)17:26
Runklea lot of arrogant 13 year old nerd.s17:26
hcumberdalesudo dpkg-reconfigure << tried?17:26
unknown101Eclipse or Codeblocks for c++17:26
hcumberdalesudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm17:26
Runklehrmm hcumberdale did.17:26
Runklei even purged it and re-installed it.17:27
hcumberdalewow,... that's wired17:27
EaglemanTJ- someone else tried that, but his post got taken over by some guys argueing about some power stuff17:27
xvzfTJ-, it is running under lightdm user17:27
TJ-Eagleman: Well they are the experts17:27
amicrawler2012oh  is there any thing i can do to speed up the gui17:27
amicrawler2012the internet is slow17:28
Runkleamicrawler2012: teh gui of what?17:28
TJ-xvzf: Really? I thought it should run as the user logged in!17:28
Runklehcumberdale: i'm gona remove x org and lightdm logs, reboot and see what comes up before i even try to manually start lightdm.17:28
amicrawler2012i run 13.1017:28
unknown101Do I need a website to host an irc loby?17:28
icerootunknown101: no17:28
TJ-Runkle: Check the logs in "/var/log/lightdm/" ... especially the greeter logs17:28
RunkleTJ-: will do. just rebooting it now17:29
unknown101~iceroot do you know any good guide on how to do this?17:29
amicrawler2012oh i'm runing 64bit17:29
Runkleunknown101: google some things.17:29
icerootunknown101: #freenode17:29
oogkeHi people. Studying Java, I saw that this language uses UTF16 for characters. So I expected to see just 2 digits codes like \u00 and not \u0000. Why is it like this? Just because of UTF16 being bit-width variable? When I see \u0000, I think I'm using 32 bit and not 16. Am i wrong about this thinking? Thanks17:29
Eagleman7TJ- it will be to late before i will get a usefull solution ( if there even is any ) I am planning to bring back this UPS on tuesday so i will get my money back17:29
iceroot!google | Runkle17:29
xvzfTJ-, actually, I have found the one mentioned and now I see another with my user17:29
ubottuRunkle: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.17:29
jiridoResults for | Runkle on Google:17:29
TJ-Eagleman7: OK17:29
unknown101k let me google it ..17:29
icerootjirido: stop that17:29
Eagleman7TJ- thanks for the help17:30
TJ-Eagleman7: If you do get it fixed I'd love to hear how17:30
Runklealright... onboot no lightdm or X.org logs get created at all....17:30
Runkleinitctl list|grep lightdm says stop/waiting17:31
takeyourhatoffHi, I have had some hardware trouble, my boot disk failed, I fiddled around inside the box and now it works again, but my raid array (4x1tb raid5) is apparantly degraded so my machine refuses to boot, it dropped me to a busybox shell, where I mounted my boot disk and discovered why my raid array is degraded, mdadm now detects 2 raid arrays, one which is suppost to have 4 disks but only has one, and another which is also suppost 17:31
Runklehrm, i wonder if its enabled in upstart...17:31
jimi_i just did a clean install of ubuntu 13.... during the installation video works great, after installing i see the ubuntu loading screen, and then sometimes it logs me in, sometimes it doesnt... when it does log me in, my screen is weird. 1/2 of it is on one side, and half is on the other, like the toolbar is in the middle of the screen, etc.17:31
Runklei'll be embarrassed if its not :)17:31
hcumberdaleRunkle: ls -la ~/.Xauthority17:31
TJ-Runkle: I was getting at that!17:31
TJ-Runkle: Is there an "/etc/init/lightdm.override" ?17:32
Runkleno, just a lightdm.conf17:32
TJ-Runkle: Can you pastebin the contents?17:32
Runklesure one sec.17:32
xvzfTJ-, is it possible that the date in the menu bar hides the nm icon? I clicked on the date and now anything but the cursor is frozen, have to reboot17:33
=== dv__ is now known as dv_
TJ-xvzf: It sounds like something is badly wrong17:34
hcumberdaleRunkle: so manual start of lightdm works?17:34
Runkleyup. perfectly.17:34
hcumberdaleauto-login enabled?17:34
Runklewhen i start lightdm it coems up with a username list and a pw prompt.17:35
LihisHi! Is here a NVDIA gpu users that use Ubuntu 13.10 with nvidia 331.20 drivers? Latest Ubuntu updates (after thursday) broke my Unity.17:35
hcumberdalecan you disable autologin-user= in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf17:35
ActionParsnipLihis: try reinstalling dkms package, may give clues17:35
TJ-Runkle: Are you booting with "text" on the kernel command-line ("cat /proc/cmdline") ?17:35
jimi_how do i boot into single user mode?17:35
Runklehttp://askubuntu.com/questions/304418/lightdm-fail-to-start-automatically-after-last-update huh, see second entry.17:35
RunkleTJ i sure.. :)17:36
Runkleer i sure am.17:36
TJ-Runkle: That's why then17:36
Runklethat expains that.17:36
hcumberdaleis the greeter installed? dpkg -l | grep "greeter"17:36
ActionParsnipJimi_: add the boot option: text17:36
Runkledo i just remove it in that file or do i edit grub ?17:36
EvidloI'm having trouble logging in.  In my lightdm log, it shows a successful login, but then X just quits and lightdm comes back up.  This happens for all my wm's.17:36
TJ-Runkle: Read the "/etc/init/lightdm.conf" script... "text" inhibits auto-start of lightdm17:36
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
jimi_ActionParsnip, i think splash is off... doesnt gie me the option17:37
xvzfTJ-, indeed, but what the heck can I do to repair it?17:37
RunkleTJ i see. so how do i disable that text ?17:37
TJ-xvzf: Without hands/eyes-on, its rather hard to figure out17:37
ActionParsnipJimi_: you wont see it, you add it yourself17:37
Evidlojimi_: Hit e at grub and add 'single' to the end of the line that says Linux17:37
TJ-Runkle: You must have added that to the GRUB config; check "/etc/default/grub" and remove it, then do "sudo update-grub"17:37
jimi_ActionParsnip, i saying, i dont have the option to do that when i boot up, it just starts loading the os17:38
ActionParsnipJimi_: hold SHIFT at boot17:38
=== arjun is now known as Guest70038
frank_howdy is this the support channel?17:38
RunkleTJ-:  thanks for your patience and time. i'm trying a reboot now.17:38
ActionParsnipJimi_: then press E to (e)dit the boot17:38
ActionParsnipFrank_: yes17:38
RunkleTJ-:  that fixed it. thanks so much!17:39
frank_thanks. Im a new user. everything is working great for last two weeks but once and a while system freezes requiring hard boot17:39
frank_any thoughts on that? I can't find it in the user guide17:40
amicrawler2012yep i get that 2  as well on my laptop17:41
amicrawler2012a hard frezz17:41
frank_its a new current hardware system, 64 bit17:42
amicrawler2012frank is yours a desktop or a laptop17:42
amicrawler2012does your mouse  lock up17:44
frank_msi motherboard, kingston solide state hdd, intel processor17:44
frank_yes, sometimes the mouse locks, other times it still moves but wont click anything17:44
frank_oh yes wireless mouse and keyboard17:45
amicrawler2012humm what mouse17:45
amicrawler2012oh  well thats it17:45
amicrawler2012i dont use a wireless at all17:45
amicrawler2012just a mouse17:45
amicrawler2012is your batt good17:45
frank_so that should be the first place I test eh17:45
frank_works otherwise well17:46
amicrawler2012yep  as far as i can tell17:46
jimi_i think my issue is my radeon hd 6450 card is causing issues on boot/start of x17:46
LvMisesThere is a small tab above my home folder in 12.04 LTS with the number 4 inside a bubble.  I'm assuming this means I have 4 dialogue boxes or transfers running.  However, when I right click and select show copy dialogue I'm unable to close out of the file transfer.  When I restart it doesn't go away.17:46
LvMisesI CAN however make file transfers from and they add to the original number shown but it doesnt show their progress.17:46
jhutchinsfrank_: Hardware is most likely at times like that.  I'd see if a wired mouse & keyboard solved it, then go through and re-seat eveything.17:47
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amicrawler2012ubuntu  13 ?17:47
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frank_recent fresh boot of 13.10 and current upgrades17:47
amicrawler2012yep thats what i have as well17:48
frank_what do you mean by re-seat?17:48
amicrawler2012take out the usb and put back in17:48
frank_oh ok17:48
amicrawler2012turn off the computer 1st17:48
jhutchinsfrank_: Internal cards, modules, cables too.17:49
amicrawler2012then give it a try17:49
frank_yes. works great otherwise for long periods17:49
amicrawler2012then plug it all back in17:49
amicrawler2012i think it is still the wireless  system17:49
jhutchinsfrank_: Also might want to install lm_sensors and monitor temperatures.17:49
amicrawler2012do you have a wired mouse and key borad to test17:50
hcumberdalemultitouch gestures @ ubuntu are not working well :(17:50
frank_so this kind of problem wouldn't be tracked by logging?17:50
hcumberdale*with touchscreen17:50
bakchello all sorry for my english. I have little problem on my ubuntu. I want to use for skype  my webcam build-in microphone. But my buddy tell me if i am hear like Smurf. Is there somebody who know where can be problem?17:50
amicrawler2012you can check  var log17:50
frank_no I'll have to pick one up. Used to have a macbook pro until it died17:50
TJ-frank_: When a system just locks-up it usually can't log anything since the logger process gets no CPU time.17:50
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frank_yep thats what i thought. i remember having this problem years ago and figured it was the BM17:51
Eagleman7TJ- i might aswell use one of my own work arounds, seting up a raspberry pi with apcupsd, let it shutdown my esxi machine, when power comes back pc's need to manualy start up by pressing the button, Then i need a script on my router which will run after 2-5 min uptime, that will wake up ( WoL ) my PC's attached to the UPS. I think it could work17:51
TJ-frank_: For reseating, if you're not familiar with it, check this: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/ss/reseat-excards.htm17:52
LihisActionParsnip: Reinstall of dkms didn't help. If I try to start Unity from terminal it gives couple errors, eg "compiz (unityshell) - Error: GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object not supported"17:52
frank_thanks TJ17:52
TJ-Eagleman7: If it is new I'd also pester APC support on the 'phone17:53
Eagleman7TJ- i did that haha17:53
TJ-Eagleman7: since it occurs even without drivers being installed ... really? what was their response?17:53
Eagleman7TJ- it took her 5 minutes to enter my postbox address in the PC17:54
TJ-Eagleman7: *rolls eyes*17:54
Eagleman7TJ- i think there support thing is outsourced to India, with people trying to speak dutch and not understanding you.17:55
Eagleman7So calling them isnt helping much17:55
TJ-Eagleman7: One thing I forgot to ask you... when you said there is no problem when using Windows, were you using the Windows version of apcupsd or the APC powerwave drivers?17:55
Eagleman7TJ- i was using the powerchute software17:55
TJ-Eagleman7: If you use Windows and the apcupsd driver and that has the same problem, it'd confirm the idea that the usb driver isn't setting some shutdown flag that the proprietary driver does set17:56
TJ-Eagleman7: which would be well worth reporting to the apcupsd developers since it sounds like the protocol might have changed17:56
Eagleman7TJ- i dont really want to test it now since it will take like half an hour to setup everything up and going back to windows17:57
mariacarmelaxdcc send #917:58
TJ-Eagleman7: OK, well, those are obvious things to try anyhow17:58
ActionParsnipLihis: try reinstalling the package, watch for errors etc. Check you have the header files for your kernel.17:58
TYDIRocksCan someone tell me a) where I should put my x-chat folder and b) how to view directories such as / or /var in the file viewer? I can only view documents, music, etc. and it's rather frusturating17:58
* mariacarmela slaps mariacarmela around a bit with a large trout17:58
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: if you go up a folder you can view any folder in the filesystem17:59
TYDIRocksActionParsnip: Where is that action though? I only see the back and forwrd buttons18:00
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: its not obvious but you can view more than your hone folder. You can even run: nautilus / ,and it will open the file browser at the root of the file system.18:00
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: or click in the address bar and youbcan type the location you want18:01
TYDIRocksActionParsnip: Is there a way to get to that just through the gui though? I don't really want to have to terminal every time I want to go to the root folder18:01
TYDIRocksActionParsnip: My address bar doesn't seem to be editable...is that not enabled by default in 13.10?18:02
trismTYDIRocks: ctrl+L18:02
TYDIRockstrism: Ah there we go, thank you! I probably should have figured that the computer would be the root folder. No idea why I didn't think of that18:03
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: or the icon on the left of the address blobs. Or press ALT+F218:03
VlanXanyone know what permission is  -r--r-----  in numbers?18:03
ActionParsnipVlanX: 44018:03
TYDIRocksActionParsnip: My other question though. When I download packages and extract them, what is the best place to put those files?18:03
ActionParsnipVlanX: 4 is read, 2 is write, execute is 118:04
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: anywhere, except /proc and /dev18:04
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: these is no best place18:04
VlanXActionParsnip: perfect, thanks18:04
saskslayerGuys whats the key combination to switch between screens ?18:04
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: people often use /opt18:04
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: what are you installing?18:05
TYDIRocksActionParsnip: X-chat and Bitcoin18:05
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: xchat is in the repos18:05
TYDIRocksActionParsnip: Oh I was not aware, cool thanks18:05
saskslayerAnyone here with screen knowledge18:05
saskslayerI need to know the keystroke to switch between screens18:06
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: didnt think to search software centre first....?18:06
trismsaskslayer: switch windows in screen? ctrl+a n, ctrl+a p18:06
ActionParsnipsaskslayer: CTRL+ALT+Left and righ cursor, maybe18:06
saskslayerOk thanks18:06
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TYDIRocksActionParsnip: Eh I was kind of in a rush to download a client and didn't think of that. Trying to figure out why bitcoin isn't being found even though I added the repo18:07
saskslayerdoesnt work both18:07
saskslayerNo other window18:07
donvitowhats codename of 12.04?18:07
saskslayerWait lemme detach18:07
jimi_the bottom right hand of my screen says "unsupported hardware" in green letters... is that ubuntu? or something else causing that18:07
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue18:07
trismsaskslayer: ctrl+a c should create a new window with a command prompt18:08
xanguadonvito precise pangolin18:08
TYDIRocksActionParsnip: Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l18:08
daftykinsjimi_: that's your graphics driver18:08
saskslayerLemme close this screens O.o18:08
jimi_daftykins, ah, how do you get rid of it18:09
daftykinsjimi_: google that message, i'm sure there's some kind of file tweak/edit you can do - although there may well be a good reason it's showing up :D18:10
androidfr33kUbuntu 13.04 had a Nvidia graphics card and installed an AMD graphics card.  How can I fix this so it will boot into desktop properly?  If I hit ESC I see choices.  I am thinking I need to boot verbose to see messages.  I forgot the sequence hit ESC then choose kernel and edit somehow so it boots verbose?18:11
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daftykinsandroidfr33k: can you just swap back and remove the driver? or did the nvidia die?18:11
androidfr33kI can swap it I suppose no other way?18:12
LihisActionParsnip: Oh, and unity_support_test -p gives error that failed to load driver "swrast", everything else have yes except "GL vertex buffer object" and "Unity 3D supported".18:12
androidfr33kIs Ubunto 100% posix or if I move the drive to another PC will it boot as long as its the same graphics card or is there the ramdisk thing?18:13
ActionParsnip!find bitcoin | TYDIRocks18:14
ubottuTYDIRocks: Found: bitcoin-qt, bitcoind18:14
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: tried those?18:14
daftykinsandroidfr33k: well you should still get a shell when you boot, assuming it's X failing? in which case you might want to run "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old" and reboot18:14
TYDIRocksActionParsnip: Ah I guess I have to add the qt, thanks. I though about that but every other tutorial said only "bitcoin"18:14
androidfr33kI can try that to thanks18:14
donvitowhy i got nautilius error and my pid cccam crashes on ubuntu?18:15
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: again, search software centre18:15
androidfr33kI never get a shell so maybe its more than that I need to see the messages in a console boot.18:15
TYDIRocksActionParsnip: Well the software center doesn't have the most updated version18:15
androidfr33kit may be the ramdisk issue18:15
TYDIRocksActionParsnip: Anyways, thanks for all the help.18:16
daftykinsandroidfr33k: you've configured a RAM disk? 0o18:16
androidfr33kI think I am not using the right term.  the init ram something created with the kernel etc18:17
androidfr33kIts usually configured for the specific hardware and may cause a problem with you move the drive to another PC with a different motherboard etc18:18
daftykinsandroidfr33k: so rather than change graphics card you actually changed PC? :)18:18
androidfr33kthat had a AMD card rather than nvidia18:19
androidfr33kthats why I asked if Ubuntu was 100% posix18:19
Ralliashttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6740041/ <- That's my network configuration, but for whatever reason, when I do ifup tap it doesn't configure the IP addresses on tap. What am I doing wrong?18:20
daftykinsandroidfr33k: maybe give the 'nomodeset' kernel parameter a try too18:20
frank_I just set up myself as admin with password, with several accounts for testing. I copied a bunch of files into music folder in a client account, and I want to have access to them in my admin account. yes?18:20
androidfr33kok will try that18:20
TJ-androidfr33k: You can interrupt the GRUB boot-loader at boot-time by holding the SHIFT key down until the boot menu appears, then you can select an alternative boot entry. Sounds like you need to use the "Recovery..." option so you can see kernel messages and see if it drops to an initrd shell, or if it gets past that and sticks somewhere else18:21
androidfr33kad it at the boot prompt18:21
frank_i had to copy that message. thx18:22
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androidfr33kAh ok thanks TJ- and daftykins18:23
ActionParsnipFrank_: thats fine, make the file owner as the account you copied it to then assing the group owner to give the access you want, you can even make a new group to give access as you desire18:23
LvMisesIs there a way to edit my login screen in Ubuntu 12.04 with different skins?18:24
cheryl_cI want to set up wi-fi on my Dell Vostro 1500 laptop. Can someone please help?18:24
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Freewheelin_Franjust use Xconsole? Why no GUI interface?18:25
Jinxed-how do you modify the path variable in ubuntu 13.10 at the /etc/ld.so.conf18:25
Jinxed-my file currently has include /etc/ld.so.conf.d/*.conf and I was told to add /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib to the file18:27
Jinxed-I tried just adding those lines at the bottom of the file one after another18:27
Jinxed-but it didn't seem to work18:27
Freewheelin_Franhow to increase font size in xterm?18:28
WebJonasHi guys! Im just wondering wtf is up with mailservers? ive tried to install postfix/sendmail like 4 times and bricked my installation18:28
jhutchinsJinxed-: Generally there's no good reason to be messing with that.  What are you trying to do?18:28
WebJonasArent there an easy point and click mail server? using a VPS18:29
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jhutchinsWebJonas: No, mailservers are not point-and-click things (except for Microsoft).18:29
Calinouandroidfr33k, why would it have to be 100% POSIX?18:29
jhutchinsWebJonas: You have to actually study the documentation and understand how they work.18:29
WebJonasi could also use like gmail if i can send mail from my domain? arent there an easy way? :D18:29
Jinxed-jhutchins: install vimp18:30
jhutchinsWebJonas: Often a registrar will offer domain mail services, and yes gmail will do that for a fee.18:30
Jinxed-on second look with a ldconfig -v it shows my paths were added correctly18:30
Jinxed-which prob means that ffmpeg and my transcoding tools didn't install correctly18:30
LihisActionParsnip: Problem solved, reinstalled the nvidia driver.18:31
WebJonasAhh sure then ill make an image of this installation working flawlessly with node and nginx and try one more time carefull readup on the docs18:31
androidfr33kI always thought one of the attributes being 100% posix is the ability to move the OS from one similar piece of hardware to another18:31
androidfr33kIsn't that the idea behind a live linux distro?18:32
jhutchinsJinxed-: http://www.vimp.com/en/web/faq-installation.html18:33
Jinxed-jhutchins: yeah, I have been working off that18:33
Jinxed-for a week now18:33
Jinxed-lots of errors18:33
strixUKi seem to recall that ubuntu there used to be an 'alternative' installation image that included raid and LVM support etc18:35
strixUKis that still the case, or does the standard server image contain all of that stuff?18:35
jhutchinsstrixUK: That's all pretty mainstream these days.18:40
strixUKjhutchins: thanks18:40
jhutchinsstrixUK: Installing to software raid is still a bit adventurous.18:40
strixUKi'm pretty comfortable with the mdadm and the lvm tools (have used it lots in lab environments); only question is which install image has all the guff needed18:41
strixUKi'll also be installing xen on this box, which i have never touched before.  that (for me) will be the adventurous bit ;)18:42
cheryl_cwireless not connecting on Dell Vostro 150018:42
Beldarcheryl_c, Can you run in the terminal lspci and identify the wifi hardware to the channel.18:43
WebJonasSo guys one more question. Dovecot, courier or cyrus?18:46
WebJonasAs the easiest and would only be used by like max 10 people on a small dev box18:46
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cheryl_cBeldar: Is there a specific set of commands that I should use alongside lspci?18:47
Karty\join #hackerrank18:47
Beldarcheryl_c, depends on the hardware lspci should show all in general, you can copy and paste that to a pastebin and post the url.18:47
jhutchinsWebJonas: Dovecot18:48
saskslay1rto install xorg i only need to run "sudo apt-get install xorg xserver-xorg" right ?18:49
cheryl_cBeldar: dont know how to use pastebin but found out that it is a Broadcom BCM4311 802.11a/b/g/18:49
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx18:49
Karty\join #hackerrank18:50
BeldarKarty, /join18:50
OerHeksKarty /join #ubuntu-ops18:50
saskslay1rdfs <bx nduioº18:54
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DrGrovHello, running Xubuntu 13.10 64-bit. I have the default file manager installed (Thunar?). I wonder, what should I set the permissions to for group and others? As read-only or?18:55
DrGrovCam O18:55
DrGrovCan I somehow verify the permissions from the file manager or is it better to do with a terminal?18:55
Guest15188what is this xchat thing?18:57
andyfiedxchat is a client for irc18:58
andyfiedand irc is a system for chatting to people in rooms like this18:58
spearhead_DrGrov, you should be able to right click on a file and go to properties and there should be an area for permissions...18:58
Guest15188is this support center for ubuntu?18:58
DrGrovspearhead_: Ok, thanks. Have it now. I set up everything the same for my whole /home.18:58
spearhead_DrGrov, I always do it with terminal though...18:59
knightshade!topic | Guest1518818:59
ubottuGuest15188: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic18:59
DrGrovspearhead_: Ok, I will do it with the file manager, easier in a way to get it done that way.18:59
xanguaGuest15188: this is the official community suport chanel18:59
Guest18813I want to do a pastebin of my dmesg so someone can help me with my USB hub problems19:00
knightshade!paste | Guest1881319:00
ubottuGuest18813: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:00
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ActionParsnipGuest18813: please pastebin the output of: lsusb;lsb_release -a;uname -a ,as well as the dmesg output19:01
knightshade!pastebinit | Guest1881319:01
ubottuGuest18813: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com19:01
Guest18813I'm just going to type dmesg and copy its results into pastebin, ok?19:02
ActionParsnipGuest18813: install thebpastebinit package, then run: dmesg | pastebinit19:02
ActionParsnipGuest18813: also pastebin the command I gave19:03
mrpizzafacecan anybody here help me to install windows on a external HDD from ubuntu 12.0419:08
jhutchinsmrpizzaface: Really has nothing to do with Ubuntu.19:08
Guest18813What does this mean ... ? [   19.891124] hub 1-3:1.0: hub_port_status failed (err = -71)19:09
mrpizzafaceok lemme rephrase is there any way to start a iso from a file and let it acess USB devices ?19:09
ActionParsnipmrpizzaface: you need to boot to the CD and install, nothing to do with Ubuntu at all19:09
mrpizzafaceActionParsnip: ok19:10
ActionParsnipmrpizzaface: Grub2 can boot ISO files19:10
mrpizzafaceActionParsnip: Grub2 ? im not a linux user most of the time19:11
ActionParsnipGuest18813: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue19:11
ActionParsnipmrpizzaface: itsbthe default bootloader in Ubuntu19:11
mrpizzafaceActionParsnip: oooohhhhhh19:11
ajkchatWhen I updated to 13.10 I lost everything on my top desktop bar.  No time, wifi, or any logos.  Any solutions?19:11
b1001Is there a git gui tool to use remotely with my VPS as git server?19:11
ActionParsnipmrpizzaface: a quick websearch would have told you that19:11
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mrpizzafaceActionParsnip: yeah i know but i ususaly come here since real people are usualy better than google19:12
TJ-mrpizzaface: You can do that using a virtual machine; "virt-manager" is the front-end for configuring native VMs in the GUI19:12
firtttexperiencing login issues in bUNTU1419:12
daniel1Hi, not ubuntu related but does someone know a good mailing list tutorial ? I dont know how I can post a question.19:12
ActionParsnipmrpizzaface: so you'd rather bother us than expend effort yourself. Nice attitude19:12
TJ-mrpizzaface: Then you can attach the external USB host device to the VM19:13
firtttIm sure im not the only one right. lol i cant type my pass19:13
mrpizzafaceActionParsnip: i dont mean it like that ...... its just i have had worse problems that this and i have been searching google all day .19:13
ActionParsnipfirttt: ubuntu 14.04 isnt supported here yet. Ask in #ubuntu+119:14
Guest18813ActionParsnip: Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l19:14
firttti hope the  best for the new release. it seems great except for thisnbug19:15
ActionParsnipfirttt: Trusty is not stable, so you may get issues. If you need a stable OS then reinstall with an older release19:15
Guest18813ActionParsnip: Actually Ubuntu 13.10 \n \119:15
ActionParsnipGuest18813: i saw19:15
Guest18813 19:16
ActionParsnipGuest18813: do you have the latest BIOS if your system uses one19:16
mrpizzafaceTJ-: thanks19:16
knightshadeGuest18813: please pastebin the output of lsusb19:17
Guest18813ActionParsnip: Mine is a MS-7502 motherbioard I've never flashed with a newer BIOS19:18
ActionParsnipGuest18813: check to see if the update fixes acpi and /or usb bugs19:18
Guest18813knightshade: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6740357/19:19
Guest18813ActionParsnip: Where do I look for a newer BIOS?19:19
knightshadeGuest18813: so you have a usb hub connected? does it have an extra power supply?19:20
ActionParsnipGuest18813: manufacturers website19:20
donvito12.04 lts support is till 2017?19:22
Guest18813knightshade: I have a USB hub with mic and headphone jacks (one each) and 8 USB ports, as well as SDRAM memory card reader19:22
b1001Is there a git gui tool to use remotely with my VPS as git server?19:23
DJonesdonvito: Yes April 201719:24
Guest18813knightshade: About ActionParsnip's suggestion ... about flashing my BIOS from the manufacturer's website ... I don't know which company built my particular mother board19:24
TJ-Guest18813: You might want to check out issues caused by the ehci_hcd driver; a common workaround to fix that is to 'unbind' that driver ... see for example bug #354832 and its comment #319:24
ubottubug 354832 in linux (Ubuntu) "impossible to unload ehci_hcd on detective hardware (since compiled in)" [Medium,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35483219:24
smrtz|nixHey, I forgot my ubuntu password. I'm in a live enviromnt now, but chroot isn't working.19:24
smrtz|nixI'm just trying sudo chroot /media/sda1. I've already mounted it there.19:25
smrtz|nixAny ideas?19:25
Beldarsmrtz|nix, You can reset it from a boot of the install, what is the chroot for here?19:25
smrtz|nixBeldar: Thanks for the responce.  I thought the only way to do it was boot up a live cd, and chroot in, then use the passwd commmand.  What would you do?19:26
TJ-smrtz|nix: Yes. You don't need to chroot. If you can generate a password in  the live environment for a new user, get the salted/encrypted hash from "/etc/shadow", and then paste that into the "/target/etc/shadow" for the user you need to fix. (Assumes you mount the other rootfs to "/target/")19:26
Beldarsmrtz|nix, here is a method. http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword19:27
karab44can I install 14.04 LTS and smoothly move to official in april?19:27
TJ-karab44: Yes. Any other questions ask in #ubuntu+119:27
Beldarsmrtz|nix, I have never forgot a password, so I can't specifically answer that.19:27
karab44Thank you TJ-19:28
knightshadeGuest18813: I don't know if updating the BIOS will help. I guess the problem is that the usb has not enough power. Does the usb hub have an extra power supply?19:28
smrtz|nixThanks for the help!19:29
dmibrid_jeffry: is that with chromium browser ??19:30
interdpthDoes the server version come with a UI or is it entirely prompt?19:32
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
morten77I think the server version is entirely textmode by default, it should be19:33
interdpthYeah, I was thinking so since it was a server. Wanted to be sure, thank you.19:34
k1l_interdpth: there is no Desktop on the server install19:35
gordonjcpinterdpth: of course it comes with a UI19:35
k1l_that is quite common for servers, not to have a desktop. but you can install one and make it into a desktop install19:35
gordonjcpinterdpth: how else would you interact with it?19:35
gordonjcpinterdpth: it doesn't have a *graphical* UI19:35
easyeasyI'm pretty sure i'm having the SSD lightdm issue19:37
easyeasyIs there a fix?19:37
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
k1l_easyeasy: which issue=19:37
jhutchinseasyeasy: "THE SSD lightdm issue"?19:38
k1l_!away | dziegler19:38
ubottudziegler: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»19:38
Beldareasyeasy, and what is the "SSD lightdm issue"?19:38
easyeasyupstart or lightdm initiates but it does so too fast or something to that effect19:38
easyeasydoesn't launch the greeter19:38
Beldareasyeasy, Never heard of that I have a SSD and lightdm.19:39
easyeasytried to set manually and no i'm stuck at plymoth or whatever the loading anmation19:39
jhutchinseasyeasy: Why don't you assume that this is NOT something everybody sees every day and give us some detail about the problem.  I know I'm runnning lightdm off of an ssd with no problems, but that's on Debian.19:39
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=== bonsoir1 is now known as eyhtern
easyeasysomething like this, it was shown for 13.04 and 13.10 as well https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/106641019:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 969489 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1066410 lightdm tries (and fails) to start too early?" [High,Triaged]19:40
easyeasybut in my case, 12.04 lts19:40
_nedrhello i installed nvidia bumblebee using instructions from http://askubuntu.com/questions/36930/how-well-do-laptops-with-nvidia-optimus-work/19:41
_nedrbut when i run optirun gedit say it says [ERROR]Cannot access secondary GPU, secondary X is not active19:41
easyeasybut now plymouth won't get past the animation to even get into cli after i had to set sleep 619:41
easyeasyin lightdm.conf19:41
easyeasythis is being done from minimal, just btw if that matters19:42
Beldareasyeasy, minimal meaning?19:43
easyeasyi just popped into tt219:43
jhutchinseasyeasy: I would start by disabling plymouth and turning off "quiet", then reading the boot messages.19:43
Beldareasyeasy, Not really an issue, same install as a live if you install a de from it.19:44
easyeasyj, where are those settings kept in ubuntu?19:44
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
easyeasyin /etc/init/lightdm.conf ?19:45
jhutchinseasyeasy: Easiest to change at boot, or /etc/default/grub19:45
jhutchinseasyeasy: I think you have been distracted by lightdm, it is only what you are calling the "greeter", really has no other function.19:46
easyeasyok so comment out the quiet19:46
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Merthi, i was use windows.. and im bored, i did delete windows and instal xubuntu.. how can i learn this system?19:47
k1l_Mert: just use it :)19:48
easyeasyok, so i rebooted, commented out grub's quiet19:48
easyeasylightdm claims started19:48
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Mertthank you :) but i want to be a hacker :))19:49
jhutchins!getting started19:49
ki7rwthey sure don't make it easy to install firmware or bios updates on a non-windows machine19:50
easyeasyki7rw, you can use the WinPE environment19:50
easyeasyok so lightdm is running, it's not going to the greeter19:51
=== eyhtern is now known as lait
nielwhat packages are responsible for things inside the lens19:51
easyeasyconfs are correct19:51
=== lait is now known as eyhtern
nielcause nothing is showing up in the lens19:51
bekksniel: The packages with "lens" in its names.19:51
k1l_niel: did you turn that off in privacy settings?19:51
nielna thats all I needed to know I am building unity on arch :P19:51
nielsketchy stuff19:51
Plouj-what's {ab} in this package's name: libboost1.53-dev{ab} ?19:52
ki7rweasyeasy: that's a pain to do also19:52
easyeasyok so lightdm isn't starting an xsession or whatever to get to the greeter19:52
easyeasysettings are correct as i set it using the lightdm-default-whatever -g greeter19:52
wolfy1339is there any way to add another user from a command-line command in ubuntu server 12.10?19:55
OerHeksPlouj-, where do you read that?19:55
easyeasyHow to get lightdm to start and go to the greeter?19:56
wolfy1339so now how do i switch user from the command-line19:57
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easyeasysu whateveruser19:58
YOURBESTFRIENDguys, how's the top bar called? menu bar?19:58
=== legrospauli is now known as eyhtern
easyeasyok, now i'm getting the blank cursor19:59
easyeasyon reboot19:59
kostkonYOURBESTFRIEND, top panel, and the bar on the left, launcher19:59
YOURBESTFRIENDkostkon: in which process does the top panel live?20:00
kostkonYOURBESTFRIEND, unity-panel-service20:00
YOURBESTFRIENDkostkon: thanks20:01
kostkonYOURBESTFRIEND, np20:01
easyeasyhaving the ssd issue listed here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/107015020:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 1070150 in Light Display Manager "Intermittent black screen or low graphics mode message" [Undecided,New]20:01
=== tabris|a1ay is now known as tabris|away
k1l_easyeasy: are you sure its a ssd issue? i am using ssds since pre 12.04 and never had issues with lightdm20:03
k1l_!away > tabris|away20:03
ubottutabris|away, please see my private message20:03
easyeasyIf you have any other suggestions please let me know. I already set the lightdm sleep to 10 :\20:04
patrickhey all20:06
Plouj-OerHeks: aptitude shows it: http://fpaste.org/67813/89557169/20:06
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trismPlouj-: I believe a is automatic and b is broken20:07
Guest88120can anyone point me towards a guide on safely setting up ssh on my home machine?20:07
=== Guest88120 is now known as comprehension
OerHekstrism +120:07
easyeasyok so i went to a different tty20:08
easyeasyhad to install xinit20:08
easyeasyX won't start20:08
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)20:08
OerHekseasyeasy, on what videocard?20:09
easyeasyradeon cedar series20:09
jhutchinseasyeasy: I think you have mis-diagnosed your problem.20:09
demon^eyeanyone installed and Ubuntu nvidia driver suggested by ubuntu ?20:09
OerHeksah, cedar trail ....20:09
easyeasyHD 5xxx20:09
jhutchinseasyeasy: Stop thinking about lightdm.20:10
jhutchinseasyeasy: You are not getting any graphics.  It's probably a driver problem20:10
easyeasyok, well i have xserver-xorg-video-radeon20:10
comprehensionOerHeks: was that a response to my question about ssh?20:10
demon^eyelet put it this way : when i install the recommended Nvidia driver by Ububtu the system dont load20:10
comprehensionmy concern was with the "safe" part of the question more than the mechanics of setting up sshd20:10
=== zz_dino82 is now known as dino82
OerHekscomprehension, yes, ubottu gave you the client instructions, or do you want the ssh service running on your desktop so you can login from an other place?20:11
OerHekscomprehension, safe, i think it can be safe, i would not use the regular port 22,20:11
demon^eyeso should i leave the default Nvidia driver than install the recommended by ubuntu ?20:12
easyeasyxinit says unable to connect to X server20:12
easyeasyno such fle or directory20:12
easyeasybut i have xorg core and the drivers installed20:12
easyeasycommon, etc20:12
TJ-easyeasy: Isn't lightdm/X already running? "ps -ef | grep X"20:12
easyeasyit says lightdm is already running20:12
easyeasyfor example sudo start lightdm says already running20:13
TJ-easyeasy: "sudo service lightdm restart" to - restart - it :)20:13
easyeasyok, correct, then TJ- , it goes to a blank black screen with the cursor blinking20:14
TJ-easyeasy: OK... so if it is running read the log files in "/etc/var/lightdm/" for clues20:14
TYDIRocksDoes the Ubuntu version of Firefox not support saving tabs when closing?20:14
easyeasybut it says /usr/bin/X not found20:15
TJ-easyeasy: what says that? a log-file entry? if so, which log? pastebin that output and surrounding lines20:16
easyeasythe path you gave me does not exist...20:17
easyeasy./etc/var ???20:17
TJ-easyeasy: I didn't give you that path?20:17
TJ-easyeasy: hahaha yes I did! I mistyped.... sorry! Not watching my fingers!20:17
TJ-easyeasy: OK... so if it is running read the log files in "/var/log/lightdm/" for clues20:17
* TJ- retires :)20:18
easyeasycan't launch X server X,  not found in path20:18
easyeasyX server stopped20:18
TJ-easyeasy: Well that's clear :)20:18
ubottuale: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:18
easyeasyok but I installed core common and the driver and kbd and mouse20:19
easyeasyare there any other requires20:19
come-dianhave you watched "Richard Stallman Talks About Ubuntu" Video on youtube?20:19
TJ-easyeasy: "dpkg-query -l xserver-xorg"20:19
come-dianHe said that canonical spy on us20:20
easyeasythose aren't all actually required20:20
easyeasyso i guess the question then is, what is the minimum for ubuntu without the massive package20:20
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
TJ-easyeasy: does dpkg-query report xserver-xorg is installed ("ii") ?20:21
easyeasyit spams a bunch of packages20:21
TJ-easyeasy: You're not helping; you need to answer specific questions accurately for us to be able to assist. You are our eyes and ears.20:22
easyeasyI installed xserver-xorg-video-radeon , the common package, the core package, the mouse and keyboard packages20:23
Left_Turnis the default ftp linux/unix program recommended/good?20:23
easyeasyam i missing anything required?20:24
jhutchinsLeft_Turn: For what?20:24
Left_Turni want to connect to an ftp server to download and upload files jhutchins20:24
demon^eyewhat nvidia driver should i use with Ubuntu ?20:24
jhutchinsLeft_Turn: The cli client is the basic implementation of ftp, it works.  Pretty much the same as any ftp client, same code.20:25
easyeasyminus the video driver, what are the minimum Xorg packages required for a desktop?20:25
easyeasycan anyone answer this queston?20:25
Left_Turnah ok great. ill give it a try... thanks jhutchins20:25
jhutchinsLeft_Turn: Most web and file browsers will do ftp as well.20:26
Left_Turnoh i see20:26
Left_Turnhmm let me try that 1st:)20:26
jhutchinseasyeasy: What is it you're actually trying to do?  Why not just a normal desktop install?20:27
demon^eyeNo help today...20:27
easyeasyWhat are the minimum packages to satisfy xinit and lightdm, because the depends are obviously wrong20:27
TJ-easyeasy:  I've asked you twice now for the result of a command that will assist, but you've not shown me it20:28
easyeasyI already showed output20:28
demon^eyeShould i use Nvidia driver fro nvidia site or use default what Ubuntu use ?20:28
jhutchinsdemon^eye: Your question is too vague.  There is the noveau driver which covers most cards, and there are proprietary drivers which have their own problems.20:28
easyeasyit spams every package20:28
easyeasyi'm not retyping20:28
easyeasy100 packages20:28
Flanneleasyeasy: Can you pastebin it?20:28
easyeasyi'm in CLI20:28
TJ-easyeasy: I don't see it. That wasn't a result of the command I gave; there'd only be at most one package listed20:29
jhutchinsdemon^eye: Start with the default driver.  If you have specific needs it doesn't meet, read some of the wiki's and forums about the proprietary drivers.20:29
ubottueasyeasy: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:29
nick1024Hii can someone tell me some android app to remotely  control my ubuntu....20:29
easyeasyi'm not putting that bloat on my system20:29
jhutchinseasyeasy: A full GUI Desktop environment runs less than 6G.  Don't sweat it.20:29
easyeasyNot really20:29
OerHekseasyeasy, besides your HD5xxx do you have a 2nd GPU ? ATI hybrid?20:29
easyeasyit pulls in recommends from new packages20:29
demon^eyejhutchins, : my concern it uses ubuntu default which doesnt reco them...20:29
easyeasythe default updater also pulls in the sdks20:29
jhutchinseasyeasy: Go ahead and install it, then use it to learn what you're doing.  THEN you can start understanding what is bloat and what isn't, because right now you just don't know.20:30
easyeasyWhy can't you answer a very normal question about requirements of the display server for your distro?20:30
TJ-easyeasy: "apt-get --no-install-recommends ..."20:30
easyeasyThe depends aren't depends20:30
easyeasywacom tablets are not required20:30
jhutchinsdemon^eye: Best answer is try it and see.  Mostly the free driver recognizes them and works, but may not have 3D acceleration or some other features.20:30
easyeasySis graphics and trident are not required20:30
easyeasyso if you please, what is the minimum X packages to run lightdm20:31
jhutchinseasyeasy: We're just fellow users.  Nobody has bothered to try to install X without the recommended dependencies, because that little disk space isn't worth that much effort.20:31
easyeasysure they have, they're called debian users20:31
jhutchinseasyeasy: GIVE UP ON LIGHTDM!!!20:31
demon^eyejhutchins, : when i use what recommended by Ubuntu it stuck and doesnt load , and cant even go to fallback driver20:31
jhutchinsdemon^eye: Ah, there we go, actual problem.20:32
easyeasyi did jhut, other than the deps are listed incorrectly20:32
jhutchinseasyeasy: You don't know enough to say that.20:32
easyeasywhat are the minimum packages required for X not including the display driver20:32
easyeasyI do, coming from Gentoo and Arch where this madness does not exist20:32
demon^eyejhutchins,  : yes , so i use version 309 not 319 since it stuck at boot... why is that ? its marked "recommended" ?20:32
easyeasyi haven't read all the defaults for each package which is why i'm asking20:33
easyeasyCan you answer or no20:33
easyeasyDo you know the default X packages for ubuntu to display without using metapackages20:33
easyeasyyes or no20:33
jhutchinseasyeasy: Fighting dependencies is not something for a new user to mess with.  Just go ahead and install it, learn to use it, learn the packaging sytem, and then you can figure out how to strip it down to a minimal install.20:33
easyeasyNo, no you can't20:33
easyeasybecause the metapackages require the BS20:33
jhutchinseasyeasy: I think perhaps ubuntu is not the distro for you.20:33
easyeasyfor example, the DRM mesa packages i have to live with20:34
TJ-easyeasy: Sounds like Ubuntu is the wrong distro for you... I'd recommend you try DSL20:34
easyeasybut the others not so much20:34
demon^eyejhutchins, : *304 instead 319...20:34
easyeasywhy? it doesn't require the metas20:34
=== b is now known as Guest16678
easyeasyThere is nothing I will use that rdepends on xorg meta20:34
easyeasynot one20:34
jhutchinsdemon^eye: Are you trying to use 13.03 or 13.10?20:35
demon^eyejhutchins, : no , 12.0420:37
jhutchinsHrm.  Should work with the default.20:37
jhutchinsWhat's the chipset from lspci?20:37
demon^eyeits 304 .... but recommended is 319...20:37
jhutchinsdemon^eye: demon^eye Just the numbers don't mean anything to me.20:38
demon^eyeand when set to 319 , bybye system need to reinstall20:38
jhutchinsdemon^eye: nonsense, you can fix it from the CLI.20:38
jhutchinsdemon^eye: Cna you figure out what's wrong from /var/log/Xorg.0.log?20:38
demon^eyejhutchins, : i am nit linux expert , i am just a newbie trying to fir in :)20:38
jhutchinsdemon^eye: Right, so this is the part where you learn to fix things from the CLI.20:39
demon^eyejhutchins,  : i am now on 12.04 after install it from the start...20:39
demon^eyewhat CLI stand for ?20:39
jhutchinsCommand Line Interface.20:39
demon^eyewelp i dont need to fix nothing that is new...20:40
Ben____Hi, I just installed ubuntu12 alongside windows7. but can't see list of wifi network20:40
YOURBESTFRIENDwhere can I find the code for unity-panel-service?20:40
demon^eyei JUST install it and dont have the wheel nor to power to mess with it , i need it to work that it20:40
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto20:41
demon^eyei dont get it why recommended driver (319) stuck all the system up20:41
demon^eyewill pick a look...20:41
demon^eye10x :)20:41
jhutchinsBen____: What wifi chipset do you have?20:43
Ben____don't really know20:43
Ben____working fine on windows20:43
marrrkAlright, I would like to do Android development in IntelliJ. I want to use Oracle java. Do I need version 6 or 7?20:44
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest1838
jhutchinsBen____: Linux is more do-it-yourself.20:45
jhutchinsBen____lspci -nn | grep -i net20:45
easyeasyBen___ unless you want to DIY instead of metapackages20:45
easyeasythen they're lying to you20:45
jhutchinsBen____: IN a terminal.20:45
k1l_Ben____: what does "rfkill list" give you?20:46
Ben____gives yes and no20:46
k1l_!paste | Ben____20:46
ubottuBen____: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:46
Ben____I can't access the ubuntu now i'm on windows20:47
Ben____is there a command to turn wirless on?20:48
k1l_Ben____: if it says blocked: yes    there is maybe some switch you need to press first20:48
Anton__I have a problem with setting this up on ubuntu. My internet works, I can browse the web etc, but my network manager doesn't detect any network devices and whenever I add a VPN connection it gets greyed out. It's a VPS20:49
Anton__Please help, I can pay with paypal if you help me20:49
TJ-Anton__: "VPS" - do you mean you rent a Virtual Private Sever at some Internet hosting facility?20:50
TJ-Ben____: Some Wifi devices require additional drivers that can't be distributed as part of the open-source operating system. So we need to know which precise device the system has. If you're on Windows you can start Device Manager, find the device, call up its Properties dialog, choose the "Details" tab and look for its ID string which will be of the form "VEN_?????&DEV?????&..." if you can show us that, we can decipher which device it is and what you're likely to20:54
TJ- need20:54
YOURBESTFRIENDwhere can I find the code for unity-panel-service?20:55
k1l_!info unity-panel-service20:55
ubottuPackage unity-panel-service does not exist in saucy20:55
YOURBESTFRIEND!info unity-panel20:56
ubottuPackage unity-panel does not exist in saucy20:56
k1l_YOURBESTFRIEND: no need for caps20:56
k1l_!info unity20:57
ubottuunity (source: unity): Interface designed for efficiency of space and interaction.. In component main, is optional. Version 7.1.2+13.10.20131014.1-0ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 1564 kB, installed size 4952 kB20:57
=== zenix` is now known as zenix`away
k1l_!away > zenix`away20:57
ubottuzenix`away, please see my private message20:57
YOURBESTFRIENDso I must look at unity's code?20:57
k1l_YOURBESTFRIEND: yes20:58
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jhutchinsYOURBESTFRIEND: What you need to do is figure out which package the program is in (unity), then get the source for that.21:03
widdershinsreally need a hand. I must record some video on my envy 17 laptop. usung saucy, the webcam works with google plus hangouts, but not cheese or some other programs i've used. help?21:04
TJ-YOURBESTFRIEND: here's a friendly shell command pipeline that'll locate the package containing an installed file: "FIND=unity-panel-service; apt-cache show $(dpkg-query -S $FIND | tail -1 | cut -d: -f 1) | egrep '^(Source|Package)' | sort -u  "21:04
widdershinsGTK+ doesn't work either21:05
TJ-YOURBESTFRIEND: To quickly install the source of a known package, do "apt-get source $PACKAGE_NAME"21:05
TJ-widdershins: Has the Google hangouts thing got an exclusive lock on the camera?21:05
widdershinshow would i check that, TJ-?21:06
TJ-widdershins: close down the Hangouts process?21:06
widdershinsI've done restarts and not used hangouts since, still no go21:06
TJ-widdershins: Is it a USB camera?21:06
widdershinsTJ-: laptop monitor21:06
widdershinsTJ-: i open cheese, i see myself so the cam is held by cheese at that time. i click video and "record a video" and the time-indicator freezes and the program locs21:07
TJ-widdershins: Probably connected via USB.... have you tried "gstreamer-properties"21:07
TJ-widdershins: ahhhh... that sounds like a bug in Cheese or the camera device driver21:08
TJ-widdershins: Check the log-files ... /var/log/kern.log for driver issues; /var/log/messages for the wider system, and ~/.xsession-errors for user-profile problems21:09
EvilDMPI have installed memcached from source. I have the scripts directory - what should I do with it to have memcached start up automatically?21:09
widdershinsTJ-: http://pastebin.com/hWR500Qm21:10
widdershinsTJ-: http://pastebin.com/izKDNjXm21:11
TJ-widdershins: The kern.log suggests that system has a few problems.21:15
TJ-widdershins: can you pastebin "lsusb"21:15
widdershinsTJ-: any way i could solve them?21:16
widdershinsTJ-: http://pastebin.com/EXbxV2Z421:16
TJ-widdershins: hmm, that last pastebin reports spam detection not a paste21:17
widdershinsodd... try it again? http://pastebin.com/EXbxV2Z421:17
TJ-widdershins: OK :)21:17
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TJ-widdershins: I think the camera might be "04f2:b3a6 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd"21:21
jcrubinohow do I set the directory a barebones install boots to?21:23
widdershinsYou have me hopeful. What can we do now, TJ-?21:23
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TJ-widdershins: I'm researching it21:27
jcrubinohow can I set the directory an install boots to?21:30
=== whitenite is now known as zz_whitenite
DenevienSo, I have a hosted box that uses Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit, and I use it for a ZNC. My problem is that when connecting to some networks, I either need to force users to use my IP v4, or force different v6s on them. I was told I need to set something up in my network interface to do the second one (which is apparently the better option). Anyone that can help with this?21:30
TJ-widdershins: I have to leave now... use the device info to research problems with that device. I'm not having a lot of success finding any clear diagnostics for the freeze issue if the logs aren't helping21:31
widdershinsthanks for your help, TJ-. Means a lot. :)21:32
widdershinswill do what I can and come back if i have to21:32
widdershinsCan anyone else advise me? This is not my first linux distro, but i'm at a loss to solve this21:32
JoshDreamlandis there a PPA with a newer Doxygen, somewhere?21:32
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EUCLIDISIs OpenBox from Ubuntu repository up to date?21:37
k1l_EUCLIDIS: which ubuntu21:38
k1l_!info openbox21:39
ubottuopenbox (source: openbox): standards-compliant, fast, light-weight and extensible window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.2-3 (saucy), package size 318 kB, installed size 1449 kB21:39
Waly007Is anyone here that could help me resolve some issues. I have been going at it for the last 12 hours21:41
Waly007but couldn't find any solutions online21:41
Waly007basically I have a laptop that just won't play nicely with grub221:41
Waly007if I turn the computer without the install usb in it won't boot21:42
BeldarWaly007, So it shows grub and n=boots with usb plugged in?21:43
k1l_Waly007: is this some uefi setup?21:43
Waly007it doesn't show grub21:43
Waly007my bios doesn't have any options for uefi21:43
Waly007but i do know that windows was in uefi mode21:43
BeldarWaly007, But boots to ubuntu with usb plugged in?21:43
EUCLIDISk1l_: 13.04..21:43
Waly007it boots to the live cd as I get the install disc with usb plugged in21:43
tiblockHi. I use ubuntu 12.04 and in "aptitude" instead of lines i see "lqqqqqqqqqqqqk" and other symbols. I can't google solution. What correct query for google for that problem?21:44
Waly007I have tried to do almost everything with boot repair21:44
BeldarWaly007, Grub is only an issue on installs, not a live boot.21:44
ubottuopenbox is a lightweight window manager. For instructions and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox21:45
Waly007it can't seem to boot21:45
k1l_EUCLIDIS: be aware that 13.04 is only supported this january21:45
BeldarWaly007, Did you save the bootinfo summary from bootrepair?21:45
k1l_EUCLIDIS: and its 3.5.0 in 13.04. so its quite recent21:45
Waly007nope. I have been going through different distros just in hope that one would work :(21:45
EUCLIDISk1l_: I know. I'm very concerned about it. I've got tried upgrade but I couldn't.21:46
Waly007I am currently in elementary os luna on live cd I can get the boot repair summary if you want21:46
BeldarWaly007, Honestly your description is highly confusing, I cannot even tell if you have an install, or not.21:46
Waly007I installed it21:47
Waly007but it won't boot21:47
Waly007so I have to use live usb to try and troubleshoot it21:47
BeldarWaly007, That bootinfo summary is very important to save for any present state your in.21:47
Waly007aha ok21:48
Jeeves_MossI have a master/slave setup of BIND9 sertup, but I'm getting "zone TessaWhite.ca/IN/internal: refresh: unexpected rcode (SERVFAIL) from master ", what am I doing wrong here?21:48
Waly007i am getting that just give me a min21:48
Waly007should I apply recommended repair21:48
Waly007or just get the boot summary21:48
BeldarWaly007, If you look on the bootrepair webpage it has a link to the developers thread at the ubuntu forums, posting that summary there will get you the best help.21:49
Waly007aha ok21:49
Waly007thanks beldar21:49
Waly007but what could really be the issue like. I have looked at it from all angles21:50
Waly007just wiped the HD completely clean using gparted21:50
BeldarWaly007, No problem, good help here sporadically, however there are people on the UF focused in this area is all21:50
BeldarWaly007, If you had a uefi setup then you have a gpt partition table, that can be dealt with, but by help from those knowledgeable in the scenario you are in.21:51
Waly007yeah i did have a gpt partition as I had windows 7 installed21:52
=== Zojic is now known as hello
BeldarWaly007, I'm hesitant to advise any more than "seek appropriate help" just to be safe here is all. I believe one can make a msdos table and go legacy boot and use the mbr, that is what I would do if possible.21:53
Beldarhaving no MS21:54
Waly007well I did make a msdos table but my bios have no option to go to legacy mode21:54
Waly007I did install that way as well but the bios doesn't have legacy mode so, I kept getting the same headache of not being able to boot21:54
Waly007btw where should I seek help regarding boot repair21:55
Waly007I went to the sourceforge repository and they don't have any support forums21:55
uwwhens 14.04 gonna come up21:55
k1l_uw: like its in the name: april 201421:56
BeldarWaly007, I would make that bootinfo summary and post it here. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10871917#post10871917  Include what you have told me here a msdos and no windows.21:56
uwk1l_, do you know the day?21:56
k1l_uw: its in the release schedule21:56
uwi dont have browser rite now21:57
uwbut it's not that important21:57
uwi'm on 12.04 and looking ot upgrade i'll probably wait21:57
BeldarWaly007, Your looking for help from this user primarily, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2147295   and the developer.21:57
BeldarThose two are your best help21:58
k1l_uw: the LTS to LTS upgrade will be available for 14.04.1 release. that is some month later21:58
Waly007thanks beldar21:58
BeldarWaly007, No problem, I used to be on the UF and am familiar with those users.21:59
Seven_Six_TwoI installed a noarch rpm of keepnote (note taking) and I need to export the python path before I run it. I added the entry to bashrc and it runs when I do it manually. I edited /usr/local/share/applications/keepnote.desktop and now I don't have the launcher in my menu.21:59
EUCLIDISI cannot upgrade to 13.10. I really do not know what is happening.21:59
=== Mars is now known as Guest63978
k1l_EUCLIDIS: give more details22:00
=== hello is now known as Brave_Fart
Seven_Six_Twooops. wrong channel. if anyone knows why editing a .desktop makes it unlaunchable, please let me know.22:00
slvpltrls -lh /path/to/something.desktop22:01
slvpltrthen post it in a paste bin and link here22:01
slvpltr(cat it)22:01
EUCLIDISI want upgrade. I went in the 'software and updates' and checked the 'any version release'. I already update many times, changed the server.. anyway. No upgrade is available.22:02
EUCLIDISk1l_: ^22:02
k1l_EUCLIDIS: please pastbin "uname -a" , "lsb_release -a"22:03
jostMy mp3-player does not mount as rw, and I can't remount it rw. dmesg says 'sd 8:0:0:0: [sdd] Write Protect is on'. Google  does not help - how do I mount it as rw?22:03
EUCLIDISk1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6741251/22:06
ubottuluca: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».22:06
EUCLIDISk1l_: Is that really usefull?22:06
cheryl_cI need help installing the broadcom drivers for my dell vostro 1500. The wireless will not work on distro 131022:06
k1l_EUCLIDIS: did you run"sudo do-release-upgrade" ?22:08
k1l_EUCLIDIS: that is the command for upgrading to 13.1022:08
EUCLIDISk1l_: Good one. I did not know that.22:09
=== Tamis is now known as JesusGarcia
EUCLIDISk1l_: 'searching for new ubuntu release' .. Must happen now.22:11
Jinxed-is this the correct syntax to get a bash script to run via crontab?22:12
Jinxed-*/1 * * * * /var/www/scripts/sync_new_uploads.sh > /dev/null 2>&122:12
Jinxed-in crontab -e22:12
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boirehello every body22:12
cheryl_cI used wicd and got the following error: "Could not connect to wicd's bus interface22:12
=== bootlicker is now known as _daniel
Beldarcheryl_c, On a side note I looked up the computer model, there is a switch on the left side panel that controls the wireless.22:16
=== JesusGarcia is now known as CraniumMan
=== jayd is now known as HeadBoii
Beldarcheryl_c, Just wondering if it was off when you tried the broadcom install.22:17
=== CraniumMan is now known as HEADBOUY
=== _daniel is now known as HEADOFDAHEAD
DenevienI think my question got buried, so I'll post again22:19
DenevienSo, I have a hosted box that uses Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit, and I use it for a ZNC. My problem is that when connecting to some networks, I either need to force users to use my IP v4, or force different v6s on them. I was told I need to set something up in my network interface to do the second one (which is apparently the better option). Anyone that can help with this?22:19
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k1l_!nickspam | FARTUNTANGLER Guest16528 HeadBoii22:22
ubottuFARTUNTANGLER Guest16528 HeadBoii: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »22:22
italian_manager_hi guys anyone know wireless issue for dell XPS 13 ultrabook developer edition ( with ubuntu linux 12.04 ) ????22:23
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Beldar!details | italian_manager_22:24
ubottuitalian_manager_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."22:24
TheLordOfTimeitalian_manager_: pastebin the output of `lspci`22:24
TheLordOfTime!pastebin > italian_manager_22:24
ubottuitalian_manager_, please see my private message22:24
TheLordOfTimeif you can, or if you're connected via, like, ethernet22:24
italian_manager_hi lord22:29
italian_manager_i have pc disconnected now stay with another pc22:29
italian_manager_this is a problem that have very people with xps13 dev edition22:30
italian_manager_when i try to connect to wifi22:30
k1l_italian_manager_: did you try 13.10?22:30
IceGuest_77hi. im trying to install ubuntu but I have an HP laptop with windows 822:31
IceGuest_77I disabled secure boot and changed the boot order to cd but it doesnt work22:31
Beldar!md5sum | IceGuest_7722:31
ubottuIceGuest_77: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows22:31
italian_manager_pc, asking me so many times, to enter the password, after many attempts it connects, it remains only a few minutes and log off, start it up again until after 3 or 4 times crashes22:31
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=== Fenga is now known as FengaPapet
italian_manager_pc, asking me so many times, to enter the password, after many attempts it connects, it remains only a few minutes and log off, start it up again until after 3 or 4 times crashes22:33
IceGuest_77beldar so if its a good boot then what do I do?22:33
donvitoon ubuntu 12.04 installed xfce4 the terminal doesnt shows nothing when i type :(22:33
BeldarIceGuest_77, What release is the disc and desktop?22:34
Viking66713.10, can't play blu-ray disc (and I've only got the single one to try with)... steps I've followed are: grabbed every lib-bluray related thing I can see that's relevant... grabbed the KEYDB.cfg and put that into /home/zoombuggy/.config/aacs/22:34
YOURBESTFRIENDwhere can I find ubuntu 14.04?22:35
YOURBESTFRIENDthe daily release22:35
k1l_!trusty | YOURBESTFRIEND22:35
ubottuYOURBESTFRIEND: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+122:35
YOURBESTFRIENDI can never find it22:35
jostI've got an USB stick here that is read only, dmesg says its write protected. How can I mount it writeable?22:35
BeldarIceGuest_77, I ask for the release due to ubuntu has not fit on a cd for awhile is all. Take a look at this thread for uefi boots. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729522:35
Viking667so... what should I try next?22:36
rwwYOURBESTFRIEND: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/22:36
cheryl_cBeldar: switch was on22:36
BeldarYOURBESTFRIEND, #ubuntu+1 is the correct channel and the link you ned is. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/22:36
rwwYOURBESTFRIEND: (disclaimer: these images are unsupported and discussion of them belongs in #ubuntu+1)22:37
italian_manager_i paste22:37
Viking667you called?22:37
italian_manager_for you my output22:37
italian_manager_00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Device 0a04 (rev 09)22:37
italian_manager_00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device 0a16 (rev 09)22:37
italian_manager_00:03.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Device 0a0c (rev 09)22:37
FloodBot1italian_manager_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:37
italian_manager_00:14.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation Device 9c31 (rev 04)22:37
italian_manager_00:16.0 Communication controller: Intel Corporation Device 9c3a (rev 04)22:37
italian_manager_00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Device 9c20 (rev 04)22:37
italian_manager_00:1c.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Device 9c10 (rev e4)22:37
italian_manager_00:1c.2 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Device 9c14 (rev e4)22:37
Viking667ugh. I hate when they do tat.22:37
spearhead!paste | italian_manager_22:37
ubottuitalian_manager_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:37
k1l_italian_manager_: use a pastebin22:37
Beldarcheryl_c, You need the broadcom driver, I would give details of the problems you had to the channel, I doubt wicd is needed.22:37
YOURBESTFRIENDrww: how did you find the link?22:38
cheryl_cBeldar: I have the broadcom driver but don't know how to install it?22:39
Beldarcheryl_c, Did you look at the bots links on broadcom?22:39
Jeeves_MossI have a master/slave setup currently configed, and I'm getting "zone TessaWhite.ca/IN/internal: refresh: unexpected rcode (SERVFAIL) from master"  What am I doing wrong here?22:40
BeldarYOURBESTFRIEND, I found the link with 14.04 daily22:40
Jeeves_MossI have a master/slave setup currently configed, and I'm getting "zone TessaWhite.ca/IN/internal: refresh: unexpected rcode (SERVFAIL) from master"  What am I doing wrong here?22:40
IceGuest_77can anyone help me boot ubuntu in win 822:41
IceGuest_77HP 2000 series22:41
BeldarIceGuest_77, Did you look at the ubuntu link I sent you?22:41
Beldarubuntu forums22:41
IceGuest_77beldar no ill look now thx22:42
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jatti installed ubuntu 12.04 64 bit and it provided kernel 3.8 on another laptopo i also have ubuntu 12.04 installed but there the kernel version is 3.2, does anybody know why the difference? both systems are up-to-date22:42
BeldarIceGuest_77, Good, it has multiple scenarios due to manufacturers having differing uefi's22:42
k1l_jatt: the 12.04.3 install images have the enablement stack enabled by default22:43
cheryl_cdid not see any bots on broadcom22:44
k1l_!bot | cheryl_c22:44
ubottucheryl_c: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots22:44
Beldar!broadcom | cheryl_c22:44
ubottucheryl_c: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx22:44
jattk1l_: i see, so i get 3.8 only if I install from cd but not if I upgrade with apt-get?22:45
Beldarcheryl_c, You want to get used to using nicks here, you can tab complete them.22:45
k1l_jatt: if you installed with the older images you can manually activate the enablement stack22:46
k1l_jatt: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack22:46
ClientAliveMy servers don't start when the computer starts and I need them to do that. Does anyone know what I can do to fix it?22:46
k1l_ClientAlive: depends on the "servers" you are talking about22:47
jattk1l_: great thanks yes I installed an old image months back and then upgraded with apt-get will try your link22:47
ClientAlivek1l_: I have installed the bitnami ruby stack as well as their redmine. Some of the servers in question are: apache2, mysql, postgresql, and possibly others ( whatever is included in those two bitnami installations needs to start when I fire up the laptop ).22:48
ikoniaClientAlive: depends how you installed them, they should have provided an init script22:49
ClientAliveikonia: They are installed ( by thier installer ) in the directory I chose, as a self contained thing. I have chosen to instlall them in /opt/packages/<package name>22:50
alexanderuizalguien conoce algun programa para ubuntu para crear livecd22:50
ikoniaClientAlive: then they will not contain an init script as they are self contained22:50
ClientAliveI will browse those dirs to see if there is the script then. thx22:50
ikoniaClientAlive: contact the installer owner and ask them to make the correct init scripts available22:50
ikoniaClientAlive: there will not be init scripts in those directories22:50
ClientAliveikonia: Seems rather daunting to me to make contact with them ( but I could be wrong ).22:51
ikoniaClientAlive: I don't see why it is danuting to email the provider of a software package and ask for scripts that should be provided22:51
ClientAliveIf I can't find it now I will resort to that. Is there any teltale signs ( a certain naming conventioon ) to identify the init script? Is it like a make file where it will almost always be named "make" or "Make" ?22:52
cheryl_cBeldar: I downloaded and extracted the broadcom driver for my wirelesss. Can you help me install them manually by giving me the shortcuts to copy and paste in the terminal22:52
ikoniaClientAlive: there will not be an init script there22:53
Beldarcheryl_c, I have never had to install broadcom so the best I can do is the link. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx22:53
ClientAliveikonia: Isn't there a process for adding things to init via the command line ( such as there is with arch )?22:53
ikoniaClientAlive: "adding them to init" ?22:54
Beldarcheryl_c The link to the wiki works for most users.22:54
ikoniaClientAlive: a.) you need a script designed to be used with the init system of your distro b.) it needs to be included at the right run levels using the tools for that specific init system22:54
ClientAliveikonia: I recall durin an Arch instlal that a step in the install was to use some command to add certain services to init ( now they use something different than init though)22:54
ClientAliveok ok22:55
ikoniaClientAlive: I'd advise you to not reference arch as a bases for experience as it's a non-standard distribtuion22:55
=== kuba is now known as Guest84804
malgorathHas anyone successfully dual booted with windows 8.1 and Ubuntu yet?22:59
ClientAliveWhat might a scriptt called "ctl.sh" be? I see scripts of the same name in several locations on the system.22:59
ikoniaClientAlive: what part of "there will be no init script" am I not making clear /23:00
=== Guest84804 is now known as kubahaha
ClientAlivewell sir, I have added apache2 service in ubuntu before (although prior versions). Are you saying that I don't currently have something I would need to do it? Because that is not what I reclall. ( I have done this several times a couple years ago and done it in several different distros over time). I'm asking how to bc this is a different version of ubuntu than I've used before and bc it has been a long time since I did it.23:02
androidfr33kI want to boot to a Console.  I see to be having a problem booting to desktop and want to see all the kernel and module messages being displayed during the boot and end up in a console mode to examine more troubleshooting23:02
androidfr33kI already tried nomodeset and it boots fine to the desktop23:02
ikoniaClientAlive: you have not added apache 2 before as it's already included in the ubuntu distros that ship apache - so you don't know what you are saying23:02
ClientAliveLet's just take a simple example question: How does one add apache2 to init in ubuntu 13.10  -  manually23:02
androidfr33kIs there an INITTAB in ubuntu to setup boot23:02
ikoniaClientAlive: it's already part of the apache package, so you don't add it23:02
ikoniaandroidfr33k: no23:02
androidfr33kHow can one change user level boot?23:03
ikoniaandroidfr33k: you don't, it's locked to 223:03
ikoniaandroidfr33k: why do you want to change the default run level ?23:03
androidfr33kah ok so no way to boot to a console mode then23:03
ikoniaandroidfr33k: yes, you disable the window manager, or boot singleuser/recovery mode23:04
androidfr33kI want to be able to manual startx23:04
androidfr33kbut boot into a console23:04
ikoniaandroidfr33k: seems an odd requirement, but sure, just disable the window manager/login manager23:04
androidfr33kk thanks23:04
androidfr33kwhere do I do that?23:05
ikonia!upstart | adnane__23:05
ubottuadnane__: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/23:05
ikonia!upstart | androidfr33k23:05
ubottuandroidfr33k: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/23:05
ClientAlivehey ikonia you fucking asshole! I'm looking at the initscript for apache223:05
androidfr33kk thanks23:05
ikoniaClientAlive: you're looking at the init script - because it's already included23:05
jayseeHello. I've got a sorta weird driver bug i'm trying to resolve. I'm using a toshiba P870 laptop and recently installed windows (after ubuntu, fixed boot problems and such). Now, the issue i'm having is that the internal speakers refuse to activate. I've posted about this before on the forums but never got a response. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2179973 I've also found a post on the linux mint forums that s23:06
jayseeeems to have been resolved by simply updating his system. I'm wondering now if anyone can help me figure out what actually happened when he updated his system. What driver was installed/updated etc. Any help is much appreciated.23:06
androidfr33kit has something to do with the graphics driver unless I can get around this another way?  I don't see an xorg.config per say23:06
ikoniaandroidfr33k: that has nothing to do with starting/stopping X23:07
ikoniaandroidfr33k: why don't you tell us the problem and why you want this23:07
slvpltrdoes the system show that volume is available? does it see the device?23:07
androidfr33kok lets start over.  My system starts to boot but I get a back screen no desktop23:08
jayseeyes the system sees the device fine just as it did before i installed windows23:08
slvpltran OS would not change the hardware, but might have updated something - perhaps a firmware update via windows was applied?23:08
ikoniaandroidfr33k ok - that's more like it23:08
=== andyfied is now known as andyfied|afk
androidfr33kI can boot in if I modify the kernel line to nomodeset23:08
slvpltr!sound | jaysee23:08
ubottujaysee: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.23:08
slvpltrtry these?23:08
tomlowndesHi has anyone got any advice on how to duel boot mavericks and ubuntu on an macbook pro?23:09
slvpltrok lets look @ alsamixer23:09
slvpltrwere those all the channels detected by alsamixer in your thread?23:09
jayseeif a firmware update is applied when the windows driver is installed it must be unapplied when the driver is uninstalled, as sound works no problem after that23:09
androidfr33kor recovery choosing failsafe graphics mode23:09
slvpltrjaysee, that's why i said firmware rather than driver.23:10
slvpltrit could have updated your bios version if you ok'd it somewhere23:10
slvpltrthere are a lot of tools that do this sort of thing from inside windows23:10
ikoniaandroidfr33k: I suggest trying to build a summary question: eg: I'm using ubuntu 13.10 64 bit with an nvidia 123 graphics card, I'm using the propitary nvidia module and after enabling it, it only boots to a black screen. Any advice ?23:10
slvpltrthat would leave a change even across reboots, neh?23:10
jayseeid didn't udate the bios (uefi) version. I make sure to manually keep tabs on that23:10
Corbinhey folks, my googlefu is weak for this one, it may be too new of a model to have many results. Anyone have any advice on how to determine if I'll have any issues getting ubuntu set up on this guy? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683412609123:11
=== edwin is now known as komet
slvpltrdo usb speakers work?23:11
ikoniaCorbin: check the individual hardware components23:11
Shamrock13Can anyone help me with the speakers on my Dell laptop?23:11
Shamrock13Well, the sound card rather23:11
Corbinikonia: having a heck of a time finding those specs, i'll keep looking23:12
jayseei don't have usb speakers to test, though the headphone jack works fine23:12
ikoniaCorbin: I'd expect you to have some problems with that23:12
ikoniaCorbin: (as in that device)23:12
ikoniaCorbin: windows/secureboot is a risk, broadcom network card is a risk, so I'd see two risks there23:13
slvpltrright i forgot something jaysee23:13
slvpltrin the bios, there might be 2 options on what kind of sound or what sound card (usually fake) to use23:13
jayseei'll double check the uefi, but i don't recall there being an option for audio. brb23:14
Corbinikonia: i had thought by 2014 we'd be over wifi card issues for the most part. is ndiswrapper still a thing?23:14
androidfr33kI am using Ubunto 12.1064 bit with Advacned Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI: Barts [Radeon HD 6800 series}  This device is using the recommended driver Using x.org X server -AMD/ATI display wrapper from server-xorg-video23:14
androidfr33kIts boots to a black screen23:14
slookerHey guys.  I'm trying to get my mac mini to boot ubuntu and mac with refit, but when I choose the ubuntu partition from the refit menu, its telling me the firmware refused to boot from the selected volume. Note that external hard drives are not well supported by apple's firmware for legacy OS booting23:14
slookerCan anyone help me out?23:14
ikoniaCorbin: the year has nothing to do with vendors not making hardware spec available, ndis is not something I'd make a purchase depending on23:14
Corbinikonia: i know, just grumbling23:15
=== Liquid-VNC-Bot is now known as Brute-Force-BoT
ikoniaCorbin: email broadcom and grumble23:15
=== komet is now known as yasha
Shamrock13I've tried reinstalling alsa, and even after deleting everything and then reinstalling, the sound will still not work.23:15
Shamrock13Anyone think they can help me get it going?23:15
=== yasha is now known as Guest23771
Corbinikonia: ndiswrapper still does its job though, yeah? Last time I've had any wifi issues i just ndis'd it right up23:16
Corbinhopefully it'll work in this case if it comes to it23:16
ikoniaCorbin: it's not something I'd depend on as a solution23:16
ikoniaCorbin: I wouldn't buy an expensive laptop hoping that ndis will work on this card with this version23:16
ikoniaCorbin: I'd also check the secure boot options23:16
antithesis__How come Unity isn't universal like other DEs? Why would porting work need to be done if one wants to use it on a non-Ubuntu distro?23:16
=== Guest23771 is now known as rikki
ikoniaantithesis__ what do you mean not universal?23:17
jayseeas i had thought, nothing in the uefi settings about audio23:17
antithesis__ikanobori, the fact that you can't just install it on non-Ubuntu distros23:17
=== rikki is now known as panser
ikoniaantithesis__: you could, but other distros don't want it23:18
antithesis__ikonia, it's significantly more work than, say, getting GNOME 3 to work on those distros23:18
ikoniaantithesis__ I don't see why23:18
jayseeslvpltr: as i thought, nothing in the uefi settings about audio23:18
ikoniaantithesis__: it's jus a QT/compiz plugin23:19
ikoniaI don't see why it's any harder than any other desktop enviornment23:19
sadiikwhat !23:19
=== panser is now known as panzer
Viking667what's the latest version of libaacs0 at the moment for Ubuntu?23:20
bekksViking667: packages.ubuntu.com will tell you23:20
Viking667heh. Thanks. I'm chasing up a error (vlc can't play one particular bluray disc)23:21
androidfr33kIs there a way to see if there are other Graphics drivers installed and remove anything extra?  I am using Ubuntu 12.10, 64 bit with the AMD recommended driver but want to make sure there are no nvidia drivers23:21
ikoniaantithesis__: unless you installed them - there won't be23:22
treatsCan anyone point me toward some reference material on how to make unity barable or switch to gnome?  I don't like that it's selling me stuff out of the box...23:22
ikoniaantithesis__: I'd concentrate on fixing the issue rather than looking for random causes23:22
ikoniatreats: selling you stuff ?23:22
ikoniatreats: do you mean the amazon lens ?23:22
treatsunity is suggesting products that cost money23:22
ikonia!nolens | treats23:22
Viking667ugh. Seems it's not even IN default ubuntu.23:22
treatswhen I click the 'start' bar23:22
treats13.10, straight from the website23:23
ikoniatreats: let me give you instructions to disable the amazon lens23:23
ikonia!adlens | treats23:23
ubottutreats: If you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ23:23
ikoniathere you go23:23
thom_rI saw an article earlier that said Ubuntu is considering  replacing the software center with a software scope23:24
altinCould somebody help me understand why my Thinkpad T530 with i7 processor and 8GB Ram is so slow on UBUNTU, I can tell when I lock my screen and unlock it, it boots so slow as well,  I run Ubuntu 12.10 64bit with a 3.11 kernel and GNOME 3.8.423:25
Beldarthom_r, More of an offtopic issue see #ubuntu-offtopic23:26
thom_roops, sorry23:26
=== Shamrock is now known as Guest62062
=== Guest62062 is now known as Shamrock13
Shamrock13I tried reinstalling the driver again, but it will not work. I have analog and digital audio showing, but my laptop refuses to play anything23:29
Daemoenlo all23:29
Shamrock13Hey Daemoen.23:31
Daemoeni have one machine that for whatever reason, cannot grab tftp data, so i cant netboot the preseed file i have;  is it possible to load a remote preseed file even when installing from disc?23:31
Daemoen( ie, mixing netinstall with cd boot )23:31
jeffrey_fdaemoen: Grab the network installer  -->  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads23:32
Shamrock13Can anyone help me fix my sound issue, please?23:33
jeffrey_fShamrock13:  Post what the problem is and what you know so far.  If someone knows, they will answer23:33
yahyaacan someone tell me how to make the virtual desktops show in the bash pannel of kubuntu 13.10 to the left side like it was in kubuntu 12.10?23:34
Daemoenjeffrey_f: i think youre missing the problem here23:34
Shamrock13I do not have any sound on my Dell 17r SE laptop. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the HDA driver (DKMS), and I still am not receiving any sound.23:34
Daemoeni have a fully functional tftp pxe environment,  this one single machine has a bios glitch that prevents it from grabbing the tftp data, so im having to install via "cd"23:34
* jeffrey_f thinks Daemoen could be right. sorry23:35
Daemoeni want to boot cd, but still install via the preseed file ive written23:35
xanguaHello everyone, I am unable to see any bluetooth device in ubuntu 12.04 lsmod http://pastebin.com/HpAS28P6 .s23:35
Daemoenhaha, got it to work23:35
Daemoengood to know that you can simply use f6 and change the preseed file to a url on boot23:35
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eglxiangHow to setup Chinese input in Ubuntu with Xfce?23:37
eglxiangI installed unicon-imc2 from Ubuntu one23:37
eglxiangThen I don't how to switch to Chinese input23:38
eglxiangAnybody can help?23:38
portageHi, /cl23:39
mrpizzafacehey dose anybody here know how to make a HDD with the flags of being bootable from ubuntu 12.04 ?23:39
xanguaHello everyone, I am unable to see any bluetooth device in ubuntu 12.04, apparently this computer (hp G42-283LA) has some kind of bundled wifi/blueo tooth, if I hit the hardware key do enable/disable it enables/disables both but the wifi is working OK; is there any procedure I should take to see what's wrong or what am I missing? output of  lsmod http://pastebin.com/HpAS28P6 lspci http://pastebin.com/vRUaUJr723:39
xupHi, I want run this software, but I get: bash: ./this_software: Permission denied23:40
ikoniaxup: put execute permissions on the software23:41
ikoniaxup: please tell us what the software is as it may also be missing libraries based on ubuntu's setup23:41
xupikonia, some guy told me that if I ran halt would be ok23:42
ikoniaxup: what is the actual software you want to run23:42
xupikonia, one sec, will try23:42
nPegleranyone having any issues with Ubuntu 13.10 not wanting to display the on-screen keyboard after it has been enabled in the Accessiblity Options?  I cannot finish the installation without keyboard access on my Gigabyte touch screen x86 tablet...23:43
Shamrock13This is silly. I'm trying everything I can find online, but I'm not getting any kind of sound whatsoever.23:44
nPeglerShamrock13, have you tried going to the website for the manufacturer of the audio card in your system to look for a Linux driver?23:44
Shamrock13Honestly, I haven't just because I assumed Dell wouldn't make an audio driver for it.23:45
Shamrock13I'll check now.23:45
nPeglerWhat type of Dell system do you have? I can look up the audio card type and help you find a linux driver23:45
Shamrock1317r Special Edition23:46
Shamrock13The system tag is 8HRRCT123:46
nPeglerk I'll let you know if I can find anything23:46
Shamrock13Thank you so much23:46
mrpizzafaceis there any way i can get a Virtual box to reconize a usb hdd23:46
Beldarmrpizzaface, In the prefernces23:47
Beldarops | waltercool_23:48
mrpizzafaceBeldar: it says i need the expansion pack and i have it installed but it wont let me enable usb2.0 support23:48
Beldarwaltercool_ soory23:48
quidnuncCan anyone running 12.10 either confirm or deny that "cabal install entropy" fails? You need "apt-get install cabal-install ghc"23:48
waltercool_Beldar: Why? :S23:49
Beldarmrpizzaface, usb 2 support, does this computer have usb 2?23:49
ikoniaquidnunc: what don't you just tell us your problem, rather than other peoples23:49
Beldarwaltercool_, I did a ops call and accidentally used your nick23:49
nPeglerShamrock13, unfortunately Dell utilized a Conexant Audio Card... Conexant does not provide driver support for end users. You'll have to google Conexant Audio for linux and try to sift through that for something that works23:50
nPeglerI wish you the best of luck23:50
mrpizzafaceBeldar: USB2 and USB3 support i have it plugged into usb 2.0 at the moment23:50
waltercool_Beldar: Hahahha relax, shit happens23:51
nPegleranyone know how to get the on screen keyboard to show up on Ubuntu 13.10 after having enabled it on the Accessiblity Options?23:51
Beldarmrpizzaface, Not sure, I have never had to enable usb support.23:51
mrpizzafacebeldar ill try :P23:51
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mrpizzafacewell i can boot the iso :)23:52
Shamrock13nPegler, the worst part of it is that I had sound when I first installed Ubuntu, and then whatever I did took it away.23:52
Shamrock13I cannot get it back either. Ugh.23:52
nPeglerthat's really odd :-S23:52
xurhi all23:53
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Shamrock13I have absolutely no idea what to do.23:54
nPeglerI'm still learning Ubuntu myself :-S23:54
Shamrock13Yep! Me too!23:54
nPeglerI like the look of it and am actually trying to get it loaded onto my touch-screen tablet pc23:54
Shamrock13That would be pretty awesome.23:55
Shamrock13I love the look of Ubuntu23:55
Shamrock13I'll be right back. Have to restart and see if I got it fixed or not.23:55
SteakumzUsed Windows all my life, and made a New Years resolution to try Ubuntu in 2014..So here I am :)23:55
RealNWOwindows is better23:55
SteakumzI feel like somewhat of an idiot23:55
nPeglerWelcome to the linux world :-)23:55
RealNWObut ubuntu is the best linux, and sometimes u need linux23:56
SteakumzI'm really bummed to find out I apparently can't play League of Legends anymore.23:56
nPeglerI've used Fedora for a while, but it won't work on my tablet...23:56
SteakumzAlso, download speed 1/2 of what I was getting on Windows with torrents :/23:56
nPeglerthe exact same torrents?23:57
zeproxsame ports?23:57
Steakumztorrents with tons of fast seeds only hitting 500mb/s download speeds23:57
Shamrock13I'm back, and there was absolutely no luck.23:57
Steakumzdoubt the same ports, I went from Utorrent to Transmission23:57
daftykinsonly 500MB/sec? awww23:57
nPeglerthat could be the issue Steakumz23:58
nPeglersome torrent software works better than others23:58
SteakumzI mean 500kb/s sorry23:58
SteakumzWell, I wanted to use Deluge client, but even after port forwarding it says "no incoming connection", so maybe I'll keep tinkering with that client.23:58
xanguaJust found the solution to my bluetooth issue: As  of 2013.11.13 Bluetooth is working for RT3090. After installing bluez,  bluez-utils and any other bluetooth related packages you may need, run  "bccmd enabletx" as root. No need to dual boot with Windows, only  running the command. As the half-mini wireless card RT3090 is a combo one, the  bluetooth radio is embeded together with wifi. The bluetooth device  isn't listed in lspci. However, is is visible 23:59
nPeglerawesome that you figured it out :-)23:59

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