sergio-br2it seems nvidia-331 is problematic with dual card graphics too... Bug #1268184 00:06
ubottubug 1268184 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-331-updates (Ubuntu) "nvidia-331-updates fails on Asus UX302LG with Nvidia GT 730M (Optimus Technology)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126818400:06
ochosibrainwash: yeah, setting the timeout to something lower is planned, but not very high on my list right now. it's something completely new, so pretty much the same as if you start investigating it... (feel free to ;))00:40
ochosibrainwash: also, there are now daily-builds of the xfce4-indicator-plugin, you might want to try to reproduce the layout bug you had with that: https://code.launchpad.net/~landronimirc/+archive/xfce-daily00:43
ochosibrainwash: ok, that package isn't ready yet, the packaging needs some tweaks...00:51
jjfrv8knome, I have a few hours tomorrow. Would, say, 15 to 18 work for you then? If not then, I should have some more time on Monday.00:54
knomemost probably not; monday sounds better00:55
jjfrv8ok, if you name a time on Monday after 14 or so, I can probably make that.00:56
knomemy schedule is pretty flexible, but i need to be off for some time around 14-16UTC; anything after that should work for me too00:57
knomewhat's the latest time that works for you?00:58
knomeheh, that's really late for me00:58
knomesomething like 20utc could be good00:58
jjfrv8that'll fly00:59
knomebut let's follow up on the schedule closer on monday00:59
knomeand thanks :)00:59
knomehow's life? keeping you busy?00:59
jjfrv8I'll check back with you on Monday01:00
knomehave a nice weekend!01:00
jjfrv8you too :)01:00
knomewill do01:01
knomewhere's skellat when you need him?01:15
lderando not know :P01:15
Noskcajknome, Probably doing weekend stuff01:15
knomeopen source is weekend stuff :P01:15
Noskcajgood point01:17
knomeoff for now, bbl01:25
knomeelfy, christoffer: meet each other09:11
knomeelfy, christoffer is running 14.0409:12
knome...also why i asked about the nvidia bug :)09:12
christofferthanks for the links to the bug reports knome 09:12
christofferwill look in to that in a few hours09:12
knomei just grepped the lastlog from this channel09:13
elfyhi christoffer :)09:18
christofferhi elfy 09:24
brainwashochosi: ok, so the plan would be to 1) call 'lock' instead of 'switch-to-greeter' when resuming the system 2) alter the screen saver timeout via set_saver() 3) make the timeout value configurable via lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf, default 60sec or less10:16
elfybluesabre: you're welcome :p13:30
elfymicahg: any idea when we can expect the livecd to login properly ? bug 125952513:31
ubottubug 1259525 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu & Xubuntu & Ubuntu Kylin lightdm session fails to start. user-session is not set" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125952513:31
MigouHi everyone! Bonjour tout le monde14:01
MigouMaybe it's too early in the morning?14:03
elfynot at all - just Sunday ;)14:04
Migouhi Elfy. well, i came here because I would like to suggest an -very small- improvement. I don't know if I'm on th right place.14:05
elfywell - depends - but probably the best place would be the mailing list :)14:09
Migoufor several years, when I happen to click ont he "Open with another application" option, a file chooser opens and it's on a default directory which is not "/usr/bin". Considering (nearly?) all the applications are in /usr/bin, it would be great if the default file chooser location was "/usr/bin".14:11
elfyI certainly understand that viewpoint14:11
Migougreat. well should I chose the xubuntu-users or xubuntu devel mailing list ?14:12
elfydefinitely the -devel list, but I'd read the content of this post to it by knome (Pasi) which should point you in the right direction 14:14
Migouthx elfy, i'll test on a fresh xubuntu install and post on the devel list14:58
elfyUnit193 or ochosi or anyone else - is there a reason why the tabwin dooby is defaulting here to room for 3 apps - rather than just go with what there actually is? 16:21
ochosielfy: that's the xfwm4 default17:22
ochosiin the tabwin branch that is actually fixed17:22
elfyok ochosi - wonder why I'd not noticed previously - perhaps because it wasn't black17:23
ochosiit always was black with greybird17:23
elfyok - I think probably my tabwin branch is being overridden by one of the other ppa's - mine is square edges17:23
ochosithat's xfwm4 default17:24
ochosiit has looked like that for the last 5 years without changes17:24
elfyochosi: really? how odd 17:24
* elfy cleans his glasses17:25
elfygood lord - so it is ... 17:33
ochosielfy: well i'll take that as a compliment for the new tabwin ;)17:34
elfynever noticed that - you can tell I'd be 'really' good at designing themes ... 17:34
elfyochosi: yea :p17:34
elfyso - when we get these things really - will it have the nice rounded corners - I assume that's the plan - now that we've got black being new out of the way lol17:35
ochosiand you'll also be able to click into it with the mouse17:37
ochosiwhich is quite nice when there are many windows17:38
elfyyea - I saw that fleetingly, I could pin to Unit193's ppa I think - not that worried though 17:39
elfylderan: wooho - I see that MP :p17:51
elfyshall look at it and see if it makes sense to me 17:52
elfynope ... 17:52
lderanhopefully will have a few basic ones up before the end of the day17:54
elfynice :)18:01
slickymasterafternoon all18:11
lderanhello slickymaster :)18:16
slickymasterhi lderan. Hope everything is fine with you18:17
lderanthat it is thank you18:17
lderanhow about yourself?18:17
slickymasterfine thanks18:17
slickymasterbut what are you thanking me?18:17
slickymasterlderan, ^^18:18
lderanfor hoping everything is fine :P same reason for your thanks18:20
elfyhi slickymaster 18:23
slickymasterhi, elfy 18:23
slickymasterI was about to ping you18:24
slickymasterregarding https://code.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/minorchanges/+merge/20128418:24
elfyI thought you might - just check them and then when we know they're ok - I'll merge them and update tracker18:24
slickymasterthat was my doubt? I'ill just review them since I don't have permissions for merging18:25
elfyyep - I just want another set of eyes on them - thought you'd not mind18:25
elfychecked the testcases for this week's call yesterday18:26
elfyI've got some others as well - I think they're re removal of the old post-install test, but they can wait18:26
slickymasterI'll start on them and I think that by tuesday you'll be able to merge them18:27
elfywaiting for bluesabre with the mugshot one as well18:27
elfyslickymaster: no rush, I'll be calling at the end of the week18:27
slickymasterok, but I'll done before that18:28
elfyta :)18:28
elfyoff for a bit now18:29
Noskcajlderan, I think we're meant to be making a different autopilot branch for xubuntu, rather than adding to ubuntu-autopilot-tests19:07
lderanah ok19:07
elfyNoskcaj: did nick pronounce on that yet? 19:17
Noskcajelfy, Not from what i've seen. But i agree we should. 19:17
elfyso did I - but he is the boss :p19:17
elfyNoskcaj: yea - you mentioned it and he ignored it :p19:23
elfyI'll try and remember to mention it tomorrow19:23
elfybluesabre: did you get anywhere at all with mugshot? ppa and camera - if not - is it likely before mid-week - reason being I'm doing a package test call at the end of the week - if necessary I'll tell people not to test if currently19:32
elfyslickymaster lderan Unit193 - I made a XubuntuQA user for the trello thingy - you can use that one to assign things to the team 19:34
lderanawesome :)19:34
elfyyou'll see I have been swapping E for an X :p19:35
bluesabreelfy, try installing gstreamer1.0-tools19:53
bluesabreppa-wise, I'm using trusty and the mugshot ppa, theres def. a package in there19:53
elfyahah - it's there now :)20:04
elfybluesabre: ok - cool, so I can check the testcase now, I think the other day I had issue with the other ppa - I've got dev-daily here20:05
slickymasterelfy, line 37 of the abiword testcase is missing a tab20:09
elfyslickymaster: could you comment on the MP - I'll forget otherwise :)20:12
elfythen I can do any fixes at the same time :)20:12
slickymasterok, I'll do it20:13
slickymasterbut I'll review all of them, first20:14
elfythere is somewhere there you can comment - you don't need to do anything to the code itself20:14
slickymasteryeah, I know20:18
elfyjust checking - sounded like you were off to change line 37 :p20:19
slickymasterno, no :)20:19
elfybluesabre: so for people to test mugshot atm - they need to install dev-daily PPA/mugshot/gstreamer1.0-tools - that right?20:21
bluesabreyeah, I'll try to update the dependencies to include that now20:22
knomeMigou, hello20:29
knomejjfrv8, 16UTC would be good for me tomorrow20:29
Migousalut knome :)20:30
Migouoops, hi knome20:30
knomeMigou, i'm not sure i follow your comment; i don't seem to have any problem with it20:30
MigouIndeed, I tested on a newly installed xubuntu, and there is no problem20:31
knomewhenever i select "open with other application", i get a list of apps instead of a file location chooser20:31
knomeand even if i select a custom command, the default folder is indeed /usr/bin...20:31
MigouOn my computer too, it turned back to normal.20:32
Migouso, keep on the good work :)))20:32
knomeMigou, if you are interested in helping, we have several tasks todo and not yet assigned this cycle...20:34
Migouwhy not.20:35
elfywhy not indeed :)20:36
Migoubut something not too time consuming please ^^20:36
Migouwhat would you suggest?20:36
knomeMigou, if you are interested in quality assurance, we always need more testers for example20:37
knomeMigou, or if you prefer writing, we would always do well with more hands on getting documentation and other user-facing stuff in better shaep20:38
slickymasterYes, Migou we're always needing testers: http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/306/builds20:38
Migouthat means, installing the beta release and giving feedback?20:38
knomeMigou, installing the (now alpha) development release and sending testing reports20:39
slickymasteryes, Migou. Make sure you don't forget to login at the tracker, otherwise the tests won't be accounted20:39
Migoui'll do that. 20:40
knomeMigou, if you need help, you can ask this channel; elfy is our QA lead, slickymaster is a team member also working with QA20:41
knomeand i happen to be the monkey steering the ship20:41
elfyMigou: are you subscribed to the -dev mailing list and/or in the xubuntu-testers group on launchpad - if you are then you'll get told what and when we're testing20:42
elfyif you aren't do one or the other :)20:42
Migouyeah, elfy is very efficient at QA. He was the first to answer me20:42
elfyonly because I saw you asking :)20:42
MigouOk, i'll subscribe the dev mailing list20:43
Migouif you need some competences regarding french language, i'm your man...20:44
slickymasterMigou, https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-testers20:45
knomeMigou, you can translate the documentation into french20:45
knomeMigou, https://translations.launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs20:45
elfydo we need it trasnlating into en_AU ... :p20:46
knomei'm happy as long as i can keep it translated for finnish ;)20:46
Noskcajelfy, yep ;)20:47
elfyNoskcaj: lol - I did check you were online before I asked 20:47
Migouknome, you're from finland?20:47
knomeMigou, yep20:47
Migounice to meet you20:47
slickymasterwatch out Noskcaj, elfy might be weaving a web20:48
knomeyou too20:48
Migouis there a way to install an iso withour burning a CD ?20:48
Migouso it requires a blank usb key, right?20:49
elfyMigou: you can install it to a usb - I use unetbootin20:49
Migoucause i've got a 32 usb key, but it's a bit sad to sacrifice it :D20:50
sergio-br2are there things to be translated to portuguese (br) ?20:50
sergio-br2i think i can help20:50
knomesergio-br2, how different is that from portuguese?20:50
knomeslickymaster translated the docs into portuguese already20:50
sergio-br2hum, ok20:50
drcMigou: You can use gparted to partition the USB, then unetboot to install to that partition and the rest of the USB stick is still available for use.20:51
Migoui'll try this.20:51
slickymasterwell knome, it's a bit the spoken english in the states and the spoken english in england20:51
slickymastera b it like20:51
knomeslickymaster, you mean, like en and en_AU :P20:52
slickymasteryeah, quite20:52
slickymasterthere are differences in slang, mostly20:52
knomei wonder if it's different enough to warrant a separate translation20:53
sergio-br2about qa, i'm doing some hardware testing, but there is no qa to trusty. I have 3 (maybe 4) different hardwares here20:53
knomei mean, sure, if people want to port it, but it's quite a lot of work, and if strings change, it's double the work to maintain both languages20:53
knomesergio-br2, no qa to trusty? what do you mean?20:53
sergio-br2*no hardware qa to trusty, i mean laptop.qa20:54
knomesergio-br2, i see trusty daily in there20:54
sergio-br2there is only to saucy beta.20:54
elfynot sure that's being used 20:55
slickymasterknome,  from that point of view, there's no reason to maintain two separate translations even because there's an official orthographic agreement signed between the two countries20:55
knomeslickymaster, :)20:55
elfyknome sergio-br2 it only appears to be ubuntu things in there anyway20:55
knomeelfy, yes, but hardware stuff is the same in all flavors, so...20:55
knomei don't know how the laptop tracker is supposed to be organized20:56
* elfy is waiting for Scotland to seperate from England and then get loads of karma for setting up en_HA20:56
knomei'd ask balloons20:56
elfyHA being short for haggis20:56
knomeelfy, en_HAH20:56
slickymastersergio-br2, one thing you can do is to register your hardware ate https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Hardware20:56
sergio-br2yeah, i did it20:57
sergio-br22 hardwares profiles20:57
elfyknome: I've never really seen much reference to laptop.qa - certainly not in the last cycle and a bit - perhaps autopilot has taken over from it20:57
knomeno idea20:58
slickymasterelfy knome , I think https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-laptop-testing is still active20:58
elfymight be - but if you follow it to the /plans/laptoptesting - it is old21:01
sergio-br2so, only important is iso and packages qa?21:06
elfysergio-br2: as far as I am aware yes21:06
brainwashbluesabre: mugshot only creates a copy of the selected picture (~/.face) and does not use accountsservice?21:07
sergio-br2and for iso, alpha 1 or daily? i'm not using alpha 1 anymore21:07
brainwashbluesabre: and I noticed that menulibre is present twice in the settings manager (personal + system subsection)21:08
elfysergio-br2: always daily unless there is a CURRENT call for a specific alpha/beta test21:08
elfyin fact you should only be able to report to the one we want testing :)21:09
elfywe mark them ready or closed or remove them if necessary21:09
bluesabrebrainwash: to my understanding, thats all that needs to be done (.face)21:17
bluesabreand I'll fix the menulibre multiple menu items21:18
elfybluesabre: is menulibre2 close? 21:20
brainwashbluesabre: well, setting the picture via accountsservice seems to be the better method, on top of that, it would be nice if the picture could be copied somewhere to / (in case the user has an encrypted /home)21:22
brainwashor just ignore the people who encrypt /home?21:23
ali1234it should use a default image in the case of encrypted home21:28
brainwashby design?21:29
bluesabreelfy: very21:30
bluesabrewill have the release this week21:30
bluesabrebrainwash: I'll look at the accountsservice api21:30
elfybluesabre: excellent - we can forge ahead soon getting testcase up and testing done on it :)21:33
bluesabresorry I haven't gotten it done sooner, life has been getting in the way increasingly these past few weeks21:34
elfybluesabre: no worries - even if I do whine a lot :p21:34
elfywe all have one of those :)21:34
knomenot sure of myself, but if elfy says so...21:39
elfyknome: yep - you have a r/l - I noticed you saying you were going out earlier - or was it a lie :p21:40
elfyand you just lurked for 5 hours ... 21:40
knomehaha ;)21:41
* drc heard that he <was> going out, until the knomette said he had to wash up first, so he just lurked.21:41
elfymusthave been in #shimmer or something then :p21:42
knomei'll leave that undisclosed21:42
elfyknome: you about tomorrow at all - I'm not working so more or less whenever21:52
knomeelfy, trying to catch up with jjfrv8 at 16utc if that works at all for him; after that's good22:01
elfyok - will be feeding kids at the zoo about 18-19~UTC22:01
elfyshouldn't take too long anyway :)22:01
knomeafter that works as well22:02
elfyok - would be handy for me to know how many people are on the -dev list as well if you've got that raw data22:03
knomei do22:04
knomei can get it for you right now22:04
elfythanks 22:05
elfywell - that'll do - night all22:21
ochosibrainwash: i would presume that this could be a solution: http://www.x.org/archive/X11R7.6/doc/man/man3/DPMSSetTimeouts.3.xhtml23:33
ochosii'm just worried that if a new session gets started on VT8 after someone from VT7 has locked their session, they would inherit the DPMS setting (as xfce-session doesn't touch those values)23:33
ochosiwell, unless powermanager gets fixed up to take care of that23:34
ali1234wouldn't it be a totally new X server instance?23:34
ali1234so it shouldn't keep anything like DPMS23:34
ali1234but don't quote me on that23:35
ochosiyou mean the greeter on VT8 and the session on VT8 (after logging in) are different X-server instances?23:35
ali1234but that instance shouldn't inherit anything from VT723:36
ochosibut that is my concern23:36
ochosiok, what i meant is this. active session in vt7 -> lock (i.e. dpms timeout of 1min in greeter on vt8) -> other_user logs in on greeter on vt8 -> session on vt8 still has that timeout of 1min dpms23:36
ali1234ah yes, that could be a problem i suppose23:37
ochosialthough well23:37
ali1234make the greeter undo whatever it does?23:37
ochosiif i can modify those settings, i can also query and reset them...23:37
ochosiin fact, this seems to be a good sample implementation: http://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/blockdpy.c23:37
ochosibtw, do you by any chance use the greeter with a static wallpaper?23:38
ochosi(i.e. not the one xfdesktop uses via accountsservice)23:38
ochosi(but the one defined in the greeter.conf)23:38
ali1234yes, but only because i have a newer xfdesktop installed, and the greeter/accounts service cannot get my user wallpaper23:39
ochosicould you do me a favor and test the latest greeter for me like that?23:39
ali1234my machine is currently saucy with a load of bodges installed23:39
ochosii'm mostly wondering whether fake transparency still works23:39
ochosiyeah, same here...23:39
ochosibut my accountsservice is somehow borked, i use xfdesktop from the 4.12ppa, which should have the accountsservice patch (or so i thought)23:40
ochosii just pushed a fix for using a fixed background color, but i can't test a static wallpaper23:40
ali1234if you select guest login that should be equivalent to no user wallpepr23:40
ochosicause it just has some old accountsservice setting that i can't seem to reset23:40
ochosiah right23:40
ochosiwell, as that one works, i guess we're safe23:40
ochosijust noticed after bluesabre had already merged my branch that the static color isn't handled23:41
ali1234the wallpaper loading code is very simple, i can't see any reason it would not work23:41
ali1234it all goes through the same function where you dup the pointer23:41
ali1234solid colour is handled differently23:41
ochosiyeah, with the exception of the color23:41
ochosianyway, i guess before i can look into the dpms thing, i have to fix the background drawing with nouveau :(23:42
ochosithere's always garbled stuff from previous sessions there as a background23:42
ochosi(only with nouveau, as far as i could determine up to now)23:42
ochosipretty consistently, yes23:43
ali1234as in you never see the correct wallpaper at all?23:43
ochosisome problem with how nouveau handles (or doesn't handle?) the root pixmap23:43
ochosii checked out unity-greeter, and that has a separate window for the background23:44
ochosithat implementation seems to work23:44
ochosiso i started working on that, just putting a separate window containing the same thing a the root-pixmap on top of it but below everything else23:44
ochosiand then drawing the background there with cairo23:45
brainwashochosi: http://www.x.org/archive/X11R7.6/doc/man/man3/XGetScreenSaver.3.xhtml23:45
ochosiit's annoying, i don't use nouveau, but since ppl get that by default in xubuntu with nvidia graphics, i guess we better make sure the greeter works with that23:45
brainwashjust to blank the screen23:45
brainwashnot to turn if off23:46
ochosibrainwash: why not turn it off?23:46
brainwashso no more plain blanking?23:48
brainwashjust force dpms23:49
ochosidunno, i'll try your suggestion first23:49
ochosiit's a lot easier to implement23:49
ochosibasically two lines i think23:49
brainwashlets stay with blanking and make it configurable23:49
brainwashbut the actual login screen should not be affected, right?23:51
brainwashonly unlock one23:51
ochosiyeah, it'd only affect lock-screens23:51
ochositesting this now, brb23:52
brainwashso we need to tell light-locker to trigger 'lock' instead of 'switch-to-greeter' when resuming the system23:52
brainwashto pass the lock_hint23:52
brainwashotherwise the lock screen will behave differently in this scenario23:53
brainwashand not blank after 1min or so23:53
ochosiok, that works23:55
ochosibut it has the effect i described earlier, so i need to first get the default values and the reset them before exiting the greeter23:56
ochosiso it really will be a very tiny patch in the end, i hope23:56
brainwashThe XGetScreenSaver function gets the current screen saver values.23:57
ochosii know23:57
ochosii'm just wondering whether we really want to make our greeter.conf file even longer23:57
ochosior just set sensible defaults23:57
brainwashso, should it be configurable via lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf?23:57
brainwashthe timeout value I mean23:57
ochosi(i mean setting sensible defaults is out of the question anyway)23:58
ochosii think i'll first implement them hardcoded, we can make them configurable later23:58
ochosii also want some more testing as to whether resetting the values works23:58
ochosii've also never really tested it in a multihead setup23:59
ochosii currently just get the default display, also when locking the display23:59
brainwashso multi monitor setups will cause some trouble23:59

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