CyLHi, I've created a $HOME/.local/bin directory and throwed a few executables in the and added that directory to my path, somehow bash is not able to find that files, any clue?:01:03
knomeCyL, did you mark them as executables and if you are running from a terminal emulator, did you relaunch the emulator?01:06
HypothesisFrogI'm trying to connect to a new router by ethernet. A TPLink w8960n. I just can't seem to connect at all.01:53
HypothesisFroghow do I fault find the problem?01:53
MaxwellHi everyone01:54
MaxwellIf anyone can help, I have a technical question:  My system sounds, internet sounds, and Banshee are all working just fine.  However, both VLC and Spotify are completely silent when I play music or play a video.  Why is that happening?01:55
xubuntu082Hello! Anyone fixed the wifi correct password rejection bug yet?04:37
holsteinxubuntu082: whats the bug#?04:37
xubuntu08213.10 32 bit -- I enter the correct wpa2 password but authentication is rejected - wont connect04:39
holsteinxubuntu082: do you have the bug #?04:39
holsteinxubuntu082: is it with your specific chip?04:39
xubuntu082no it's specific to debian based distros going back several years but I dont know if its been reported on xu04:40
xubuntu082I've tried both a realtek 8185 and atheros 9200 based mini pci04:40
holsteinxubuntu082: im currently connected to wpa without that issue. so, id say, assuming if it was a bug, it has been fixed, and you are experiecing another issue04:41
holsteinxubuntu082: lots of folks connect to wpa04:41
xubuntu082well interestingly tails live 7 is the only distro from the past 3-4 years that works for me with wpa2 on my laptop04:41
holsteinxubuntu082: yeah? i have been using wpa for years. no trouble on any linux04:42
xubuntu082and I know tails is debian based but what did they fix?04:42
holsteinxubuntu082: i dont think "they" fixed anything.. i think it could be something on your end04:42
xubuntu082well I've tried wicd and the default wireless managers from ubuntu, xub, debian, mint, etc. they all fail the same way04:43
xubuntu082but there is nothing wrong with the laptop or wireless cards - they work in windows and Puppy 4's.04:43
holsteinxubuntu082: they all succeed the same way for me and many others. no one usually comes and says "wpa doent work".. it works04:43
xubuntu082Kernel issue?04:43
holsteinxubuntu082: i dont think so, friend04:43
holsteinxubuntu082: i have that kernel, and im typing over wpa with an atheros chip04:44
xubuntu082well this is wpa2, and the hardware is ok - I'm not sure what to check with xub or other distros.04:44
holsteincould be something with the router04:44
holsteinxubuntu082: wpa2.. same04:44
xubuntu082no, tried two routers. one dd-wrt, the other stock netgear04:44
holsteinxubuntu082: check and try different configurations on the router04:44
xubuntu082tried static and dhcp04:44
xubuntu082hidden ssid, open ssid04:44
holsteinxubuntu082: sure.. but you are configuring them each time.. so try different configrations04:44
holsteinxubuntu082: can you connect with no encryption?04:45
holsteinthen, use the machine and the router you can connect to, and mess with the settings in wpa, keeping in mind that it does work for many if not all04:45
xubuntu082now in order to get video to work I have to acpi=off nomodeset. but the wireless card is still detected and scans04:45
xubuntu082it just wont connect. wpa supplicant bug?04:46
holsteinxubuntu082: i have experienced out at access points in public places not being able to connect before04:46
holsteinxubuntu082: i dont think its a bug, friend04:46
xubuntu082well the last version of ubuntu that supported this hardware is 9.0404:46
holsteinxubuntu082: im on .. with wpa and wpa2.. using that kernel and that suplicant..04:46
holsteinxubuntu082: the hardware vendor supported 9.04 last?04:47
xubuntu082yes, ubuntu 9.04 and Debian 504:47
holsteinare you trying to use those 9.04 drivers? i would just use what is in the kernel04:47
xubuntu082no I dban prior to every install04:47
holsteinxubuntu082: im not following04:48
xubuntu082fresh install. no upgrades04:48
holsteinxubuntu082: whats is 9.04 referecing?04:48
xubuntu082ubuntu 9.04 worked with my very common ati video card and the realtek wireless card. but good luck finding 9.04 repos that are still online04:49
xubuntu082I'm running a gateway ml-3109. Doesn't support pae or kms but I've disabled kms at boot and I run the non pae kernel04:49
holsteinxubuntu082: 9.04 is EOL... but, those drivers might have been removed from the modern kernel, but should be able to be added if you need them. 9.04 repos are down, intentionally04:49
xubuntu082problem is the drivers are still there the cards scan, they just don't connect04:50
holsteinxubuntu082: if you are not using a kernel from the repos, that could be the issue.. you would need to try and get support from whom ever is providing the drivers04:50
xubuntu082some issue with wpa2 is my theory since the drivers are supplied by ubuntu04:50
xubuntu082or debian04:50
xubuntu082or mint. I haven't messed with the drivers04:50
holsteinxubuntu082: im on wpa2.. so, if that helps you with the theory04:51
xubuntu082what hardware are you using?04:51
holsteinxubuntu082: folks connect to wpa regularly04:51
holsteinxubuntu082: every chip in the house.. broadcoms.. atheros.. whatever04:51
xubuntu082doubtful, based on my experience.04:51
xubuntu082I see some ubuntu forums back to 2010 with this issue but haven't found the bug report yet04:53
xubuntu082so apparently I'm not the only victim04:53
holsteinxubuntu082: sure.. we can find a person who cant connect with wpa, but its not a bug04:53
holsteinxubuntu082: folks connect... you are not a "victim" of anything regardless04:53
xubuntu082ok, frustrated potential user who can't afford to buy a new laptop every 6 months?04:54
holstein02:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)04:54
holsteinxubuntu082: i dont buy laptops every 6 months, and im using wpa204:54
holsteinxubuntu082: i do replace chips if they are problematic.. i replaced a new broadcom one because the driver support was hit and miss for me04:55
xubuntu082ok well I see forums from 2010 to 2013 with the password rejection issue - it appears to be fairly common04:55
holsteinxubuntu082: all i have constructive is this.. whatever issue you are having is not xubuntu related specifically, so you can go to the main larger #ubuntu community and mailing lists04:56
xubuntu082what confuses me is the iphone, ipad, and other laptop on my network use the same wifi password with no issues04:56
holsteinxubuntu082: i would not refer to it as "that wpa2 bug" since its really just your problem, it seems, and not a bug04:56
holsteinxubuntu082: i understand it can be frustrating, and im not "kicking you out".. just trying to get you to a larger community of help04:57
xubuntu082a person knowledgeable about xubuntu would have been familiar with this bug and efforts being made to fix it. forgive me for confusing you with a knowledgeable person.04:57
peyamDoes anyone know how I can remove peyam@peyam : in terminal and make it something like "Peyam says:"07:55
Sysipeyam: edit ~/.bashrc, if there's a line starting PS1= edit it and if not, create it08:09
peyamSysi, there is three ones08:09
Sysione without 00;35 or such if you're not using colored prompt08:10
Sysiif you pastebin the file I can tell which line08:11
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:11
peyamhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6737196/ Sysi08:11
peyamu see it Sysi08:15
Sysisorry got caught checking out something08:21
peyamI fixed it08:21
Sysiyou need to understand bash scripting to understand debian/ubuntu overcomplicated bashrc08:22
peyamyes I gues its time to learn08:22
peyamSysi, How do I write a new line in Bash? like \n in c08:26
lelohi all :)  anyone can help me with the issue "unable to find a medium containing a live file system"? on 13.1008:42
bekkslelo: Are you trying to boo a cd / an usb?08:50
leloan usb08:51
bekksHow did you create it?08:51
lelowith 'dd' command and with unetbootin08:51
bekksDid you check the md5sum of the iso before?08:52
lelomd5 and sha08:52
LinnakHi, I've installed compiz on XFCE Debian based distro.  I onyly want to use the magic lamp effect for minimizing windows, but if I start compiz --replace it changes the window border which is not resizable and sticks on the top right corner. I use greybird theme and greybird wondows, but the error message is: couldn't fing gtk-theme-manager for Aidwata or something like that. I've also insalled a couple of gtk window manager09:21
LinnakIt's Xubuntu actually. I've just copy paste on more IRC channel09:21
well_laid_lawnLinnak:  try in #compiz if no one here knows09:22
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz09:22
LinnakTher is noone on that channel09:23
well_laid_lawnprobably wrong time of day09:23
Linnakok. thanks09:24
peyamwhat you think about this guys?10:02
apothecariushey I have a really weird bug, most times when the computer boots up it has some sort of terminal on the screen, and when you press return it logs out10:40
jarnosWhy can't I run exo-desktop-item-edit by gksudo?14:00
vincentvdbergh1looks like my irc settings and networking settings work :P14:12
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Ofloohey, .. where can i put my findings, .. cause 14 looks nice so far however panel is broken, .. and the default language was/is bangladesh16:14
elfyOfloo: hi and welcome16:15
elfythat's a known bug :) bug 125952516:15
ubottubug 1259525 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu & Xubuntu & Ubuntu Kylin lightdm session fails to start. user-session is not set" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125952516:15
Ofloooh ok..16:15
elfyyou can boot it ok if you want to - top right for language and session menus - set language to english (or whatever) use xubuntu as username THEN set session to xubuntu and you should boot ok16:16
elfythanks for testing it though :)16:16
Ofloohowever the icon theme looks way better16:16
Ofloono i know how to change the language16:16
Ofloothough ;)16:16
Ofloostill on live cd16:17
Ofloowas trying to recreate the livecd16:17
Oflooi mean panel16:17
elfyok :)16:17
Ofloohow do i make the docky appear16:17
elfyyea - that's because you're in an xfce session16:17
Ofloothe default one16:17
elfylogout - go to tty1 or something rm the .config then log back in with the right session and it should work16:18
Oflooi do love the now look, .. it's a lot more clean at least it gives that impression16:18
elfyOfloo: next time you have issues with a dev version - better to use xubuntu-devel or the ubuntu+1 channels - so we keep this channel for released versions16:18
Oflook thanks elfy16:19
elfyOfloo: yea - I have the gtk3 indicators/new tabwin and a few other bits and bobs here too16:19
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Ofloodoes this still exist, .. while ago when you had like drivers for 13.04 you could install backports to make them work i remember, ..16:36
Ofloothat feature does that still exist?16:36
elfybackports is still there - but there's nothing there in 14.04 as far as I know16:39
bekkselfy: yeah, backports is empty for 14.0416:40
elfybekks: ty for confirmation16:41
Orioacan someone help me i want to postion my seond monitor to the left of laptop monitor but keep task bar on the laptop monitor16:51
dieguezzhi, is it possible to install plex in xubuntu_19:26
holsteindieguezz: nothing about xubuntu prevents it.. AFAIK, plex has servers and clients for linux19:26
holsteinhttps://forums.plex.tv/index.php/topic/26727-how-to-plex-media-server-on-ubuntu/ is where i would start19:27
dieguezzty holstein19:31
spicypixelany highlights to what 14.04 brings over 13.10?21:05
knomespicypixel, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/21:06
spicypixelany of the major bugs listed on the alpha 1 page been squashed in the daily builds?21:07
brainwashspicypixel: just check the linked launchpad reports21:13
spicypixelwill do21:13
brainwashthese reports are used to track the status and progress21:14
spicypixelyeah, looking now21:15
spicypixelthe consensus seems to be the 64bit iso is a better choice now?21:16
knomebased on what information?21:17
holsteinspicypixel: i would just let the amount of ram you have help decide. "better" is always a matter of opinion and use case21:17
spicypixelhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/ >> *Promoting 64-bit images by default21:17
spicypixelyeah I have 8GB21:17
knomespicypixel, yes, under the title "Things to investigate"21:17
holsteinspicypixel: on the machines i have 8gb's on, i use 64bit21:18
knomespicypixel, ubuntu does that now by default, so it's probably something for us to consider as well21:18
spicypixelI thought it was a marketing issue and that the technical reasons for it being a good idea to promote it had been done, fair enough21:18
elfyI use it on this one with 4Gb21:18
spicypixelI'll download the 64bit iso and give it a shot21:18
knomewe technically have the same reasons to promote it over 32bit than ubuntu21:19
kRushI read systemd there.. *shudder*21:19
spicypixelnice, just reading about how xfce 4.12 got delayed21:20
spicypixelbeen a while since I used xubuntu, used it as my distro of choice back for 12.1021:21
jarnosHow do you use the "file:" thing with appfinder?21:27
xubuntu163is there an update for drop box to install the menu options that are available for Ubuntu.  for example, "copy public link"22:29
xubuntu163ill be right back the game is on...lol xbuntu RULES!22:29
SatanicDolphincan anyone help me? i was just wondering if you could get xubuntu to boot of a usb the same way as a harddrive?22:31
slickymasterSatanicDolphin, http://xubuntu.org/news/booting-the-xubuntu-usb-image-from-a-cd/22:32
slickymasterSatanicDolphin, sorry, wrong link22:32
slickymasterSatanicDolphin, http://xubuntugeek.blogspot.pt/2013/04/how-to-install-xubuntu-on-usb-device.html22:32
SatanicDolphinso this will run like a normal hd or will this prompt for installing it / trying it?22:34
jarnosxubuntu163, I guess not in Thunar. You may use Nautilus for those.22:35
slickymasterAfter installing it in the USB stick, it will run like a normal HD but you must change your boot settings so that your PC will boot on USB instead of HD22:36
slickymasterSatanicDolphin, ^^22:36
SatanicDolphinalrighty thank you :)22:36
spicypixelany easy way to have xfce emulate windows in respect to the titles in the panel at the bottom? right now when the title gets too long it just loops around to the second line slightly off screen instead of fading out or using ellipsis22:56
spicypixelbasically button labels are too long =\22:56
spicypixelhttp://i.imgur.com/7YvKAZm.png example, hexchat at the bottom22:57
spicypixelI get a feeling I am better off asking in #xfce but I didn't know if it was xubuntu specific22:59
xubuntu163how about getting xubuntu to connect to the internet faster.  there is a delay.  xubuntu on my 32 bit machine connects immediately23:01
holsteinxubuntu163: wifi? its likely related to the wifi drivers23:01
xubuntu163not wifi23:02
Orioagood question would be interested in knowing it as well23:02
xubuntu163the 32 bit version connectrs instantly23:02
holsteini would still tink the main difference would be the drivers, unless you have tried the 32bit and 64bit on the same hardware23:02
xubuntu163and we need a drop box update to link up folder stuff23:03
xubuntu163hmm so another ethernet driver might work bettr?23:03
Orioadoes anyone know how to set dual monitors so that second monitor is to the left of laptop monitor with out the task bar going to second monitor23:19
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