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lazypowerWoo new ghost release today. I smell a charm upgrade in my future11:28
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popeyhmm. juju init && sudo juju bootstrap && juju deploy minecraft && juju expose minecraft, i can see no minecraft running16:26
popeythe expose works, it gets an ip, and I can juju ssh into the container16:26
popeylooking at the charm it should put it in /opt in the container, my container is empty16:28
popeyfor local, where is this logged?16:28
mgzwhat does juju status say?16:28
marcoceppipopey: https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/commit/349f9c7153c7a79ade358cce500d656ee591b8cf16:29
marcoceppipopey: https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/config-LXC.html#debug-log16:29
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6745466/ is juju status16:30
marcoceppipopey: yeah, the unit hasn't started yet, it's still in a pending state16:30
marcoceppipopey: tail -f ~/.juju/local/log/unit-minecraft-0.log should reveal what's going on16:31
marcoceppipopey: you've got an old cloud image16:31
marcoceppigit is used by juju-core internall16:32
popeywhere did that cloud image come from?16:32
popeyI just updated juju and destroyed everything and started again16:32
popeyhow do i update it?16:32
marcoceppipopey: can you show the output of `sudo ls -lah /var/cache/lxc/cloud-precise`16:33
popey-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 221M Jun 24  2013 ubuntu-12.04.2-server-cloudimg-amd64-root.tar.gz16:33
popey-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 220M Mar 25  2013 ubuntu-12.04-server-cloudimg-amd64-root.tar.gz16:33
marcoceppipopey: yeah, old images. Run `sudo juju destroy-environment`, then `sudo rm -f /var/cache/lxc/cloud-precise/*cloudimg*.tar.gz` then run your bootstrap commands above again16:34
popeythank you16:35
marcoceppinp, let me know if that doesn't resolve it for you16:35
ghartmannbtw, so far my experience with juju is excellent16:50
marcoceppighartmann: glad to hear!16:51
ghartmannI just though of giving a feedback on that16:53
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popeymarcoceppi: same again17:21
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6745793/ is my ~/.juju/local/log/unit-minecraft-0.log17:21
lazypowerpopey: are you bootstrapping on a 12.04 host?17:26
lazypowerOk, 1 sec17:46
lazypowerlet me try to reproduce what you're seeing17:46
lazypowerpopey: it completed here without a hitch. really odd, this must be due to the cloudtools marco was pointing at earlier. Its not ideal but you can work around this by entering a juju debug-hooks and sudo apt-get install git-core17:55
jcastronegronjl, hey did you get a chance to look at the mongo charm?17:57
marcoceppipopey: if it's still not working then there's something else wrong. no git package measn cloud-init isn't running, can you ssh ubuntu@<lxc-container-ip> for minecraft/0 and pastebin the /var/log/cloud-init* files?18:00
popeymarcoceppi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6746061/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/6746063/18:15
marcoceppipopey: here's the problem18:17
marcoceppicloud-init isn't able to install git18:17
marcoceppiI have no idea what that error means18:17
popeybug 96929918:18
_mup_Bug #969299: apparmor prevents dpkg-divert and localedef from working in a container <rls-mgr-p-tracking> <apparmor (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <lxc (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <apparmor (Ubuntu Precise):Won't Fix> <lxc (Ubuntu Precise):Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/969299>18:18
popeyfound via bug 93698118:18
_mup_Bug #936981: apt-get dist-upgrade fails to upgrade udev in lxc container <udev (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/936981>18:18
marcoceppiOH APPARMOR18:19
marcoceppiI thought this was fixed already18:19
popeyi am on lxc 0.7.5-3ubuntu6918:20
popeyguessing this is because I'm not using an ubuntu kernel on my server?18:20
popeyusing upstream 3.12.5 because btrfs18:20
marcoceppipopey: that shouldn't be an issue? I'm not sure wrt that18:23
jcastroI wonder if it's the LXC in 12.04?18:29
jcastrothere were other issues with juju and containers in 12.04 iirc.18:30
negronjljcastro: still working on it ... it's proven more difficult than expected.18:37
jcastrooh ok, but you've confirmed there's a problem?18:37
jcastrolazypower, we are not crazy!18:37
popeyshould I file a bug somewhere?18:37
marcoceppipopey: file one against juju-core I suppose. While it's not jujus fault they should be aware of it18:39
marcoceppiThe fixed LXC version needs to be in the cloud-tools archive18:39
marcoceppifor precise18:39
popeyoh, it's broken lxc?18:39
jcastroI think that's the problem18:41
jcastroI am not 100% sure though18:41
popeybug 126868918:44
_mup_Bug #1268689: juju on 12.04 can't install packages in lxc containers <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1268689>18:44
marcoceppipopey: there's a later release of lxc that works around this apparmor issue. It's not a problem in raring, saucy, or trusty AFAIK18:46
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thumperkirkland: ping20:03
thumperkirkland: can we organise a call some time this week20:03
kirklandthumper: pong20:03
thumperkirkland: I want to talk about closed network stuff20:03
kirklandthumper: sure20:04
kirklandthumper: I'm in another call at the moment20:04
thumperkirkland: I have a call with mramm shortly too20:04
thumperkirkland: could do later today20:04
thumperor tomorrow around this time?20:04
kirklandthumper: cool -- what's your timezone?  seems like an odd time to see you online :-)20:05
thumperkirkland: UTC+1320:05
kirklandthumper: let me grab a bit of lunch, and then I'll ping you today20:05
mrammkirkland: thumper: back... sorry trying to balance a lot of crazynes this week20:20
thumpermramm: sure, np20:21
jcastromarcoceppi, when you get a minute let's talk charm school20:34
jcastromost of it will be your availability20:34
marcoceppijcastro: lets do it now20:34
jcastrowhat's your availability on fridays for the next month?20:35
jcastrodo you have like 2 days in mind we could do?20:35
marcoceppiI'm out the 21st and 24th due to travel and this friday looks a bit heavy20:36
marcoceppi24th, 31st*20:36
marcoceppi7th is next available friday20:36
marcoceppithough we could do one this Thursday20:36
jcastroI'd like to give people more of a warning20:37
jcastromarcoceppi, how about 17th of this month?20:38
marcoceppi7th of feb20:39
marcoceppithis friday is heavy for me as for availablility20:39
jcastrooh right, sorry, dumb calendar indicator never highlights _today_ properly20:39
jcastromarcoceppi, how's 21 feb look to you wrt. the 2nd one?20:40
marcoceppijcastro: we'll be in LA20:40
marcoceppifor SCALE20:41
achianghi, i'm still trying to puzzle my way through juju + osx + vagrant. i've gotten as far as installing and configuring vagrant properly, and going to, i do successfully get a juju gui20:42
achiangquestion is, what's next? should i install juju from brew, and try to manipulate charms on the locally running vagrant image?20:43
achiangor do i ssh to the vagrant image (using the sshuttle technique) and develop charms there?20:44
marcoceppiachiang: you can just run vagrant ssh, that will log you in to the unit where juju is running20:44
kirklandthumper: I'm back from a very short lunch now20:45
marcoceppithe vagrant image is a self contained local environment with a working juju install achiang20:45
thumperkirkland: otp with mramm now20:45
marcoceppiif you want to drive any other environmnt, achiang, other than local, then you'll need to brew install juju and use that to drive ec2, openstack, azure, etc20:45
achiangmarcoceppi: ok, for what i'm playing with, i want to pretend the vagrant image *is* the cloud unit and do interesting things with it. so i think for me, i need to figure out how to open up some other ports on it20:46
marcoceppiachiang: not quite, the vagrant image is just an ubuntu machine. The LXC machines on that are the cloud20:47
marcoceppiachiang: the sshuttle is the port opening stuff20:47
achiangmarcoceppi: hm, ok20:47
marcoceppiso it's a bit of an inception. You have OSX, then you're running an Ubuntu VM, then you're running a small cloud inside that VM20:47
achiangbrain... melting ;)20:48
marcoceppiI mean, if you want to think of the vagrant image as the cloud, that's fine20:49
jcastro- Writing your own Juju plugins20:49
jcastro- Using Juju Bundles20:49
jcastroare the next 2 topics marcoceppi20:49
marcoceppibut it's a corner case achiang the local provider is special in what it does20:49
marcoceppijcastro: I like those, those are good topics20:49
marcoceppithe plugins is like a 20 min talk20:49
marcoceppibundles are probably 45-6020:49
jcastrobundles seem more useful for users for now20:50
marcoceppiyeah, rotate 'em around20:50
jcastrowhereas plugins is more advanced and for users20:50
jcastroso let's do bundles on the 7th?20:50
marcoceppiWe could even just do a quick ad-hoc plugins video20:50
marcoceppijcastro: yeah20:50
marcoceppimake it so!20:50
achiangmarcoceppi: ok, maybe the question i really want to answer is, "how do i deploy my own test charm onto this vagrant image?"20:51
marcoceppiachiang: cool, after running vagrant up; run vagrant ssh20:51
marcoceppithen run your juju commands from there20:51
achiangmarcoceppi: ah, ok20:51
achiangmarcoceppi: thanks, i'll play around with it20:52
marcoceppiachiang: np, let me know!20:52
kirklandthumper: want to turn that into a hangout?20:52
thumperkirkland: it is a hangout :-)20:53
dpb1marcoceppi: Hi, did you get a chance to look over that storage charm?21:15
achiangsome super minor feedback, but reading through the charm tutorial... i was skimming it and didn't realize that "vanilla" is actually the name of some software package21:25
achiangi saw this command line in step #2 - juju charm create vanilla21:26
achiangand thought that was the command to create an empty charm21:26
achiangwasn't until later that i realized that vanilla was something real21:26
achiangargh. just tripped over https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/123349721:34
marcoceppidpb1: Was just reviewing it now22:22
marcoceppiinitial thought, I like the structure of it, very interesting idea, I have some concerns about data handling but I'll be outlining it in the review tonight. bcsaller also has some opinions on it that he'll way in with on the bug report22:23
marcoceppiachiang: there's a way around that22:23
marcoceppiachiang: https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/config-LXC.html#debug-log22:24
dpb1marcoceppi: OK, looking forward to it, thx22:24
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