jxshxxAfter an upgrade to 13.04, I can't get internet through ethernet cable.  The wireless was busted before the upgrade.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!01:41
holsteinjxshxx: "busted"?01:41
holsteinjxshxx: the hardware is broken?01:41
jxshxxholstein: Would seem so.  When I checked for drivers, it told me the device was not working01:42
jxshxxholstein: But the ethernet worked for the upgrade01:42
holsteinjxshxx: i usually test with a live CD, or with an operating system the device vedor states supports it, to be sure its not broken01:43
holsteinjxshxx: otherwise, you are mentioning things which could be indicitive of failing or bad hardware.. i would start troubleshooting (of course after making backups of data) the memory and hard drive tests from a live CD01:44
holsteinjxshxx: you'll want 13.10 anyways.. 13.04 is about EOL01:44
jxshxxholstein: It was probably 13.10  I upgraded in terminal.  Didn't pay attention.  Not a numbers guy :)01:45
holsteinjxshxx: if you try the 13.10 live cd, and it works, you can assume a few things. the installed system is the issue, and not the hardware, though, it still could be a bad hard drive01:46
jxshxxholstein: Everything else works, just no internet.01:47
holsteinjxshxx: everythign works but not the internet from a live CD?01:47
jxshxxholstein: No, in it's current state01:47
holsteinjxshxx: do you understand what i mean but "live CD"? this is an easy way to remove your currently installed system from the equation without breaking your currently installed setup in any way01:47
jxshxxholstein: Yes.  Shouldn't I be able to do that with the cd I have of the previous version?01:48
holsteinjxshxx: sure, but, that doenst answer all the questions.. that is a different kernel, so, if all works on the 13.04 live CD, you cant assume the issue is with the live CD, it could also be that your hardware supports the 13.04 kernel and not the 13.10 one01:49
jxshxxholstein: I get it.  This is on an old laptop.  It's more a dvd player than anything now, but it'd be nice to be able to plug it in.  I was running 13.04, so it was after the upgrade to 13.10 that the ethernet quit.01:53
holsteinjxshxx: i would back up the data, and be prepared for a fresh install, and work through the following questions. does my hardware support 13.10? is my hardware broken? can i get to a desktop and use all the hardware from a 13.10 liveCD.. if so, a fresh install would be what i would do01:55
holsteinan install takes about 8 minutes01:56
holsteinyou can look in "lspci" and see if the system is seeing the hardware.. also, ifconfig in the terminal01:56
jxshxxholstein: The good news is there's nothing to back up.  Popping in the 13.04 cd now to see if it lets me connect w/ the www01:59
jxshxxholstein: I'm IN!02:01
holsteinthats what i would use to download 13.10 and make installation media02:03
jxshxxdownload 13.10 through the 13.04 cd?02:04
holsteinjxshxx: im just saying, thats how i would proceed..02:05
jxshxxholstein: Alrighty then!  Thanks for your help.  I wouldn't have thought to test via live cd.  Genius ... plain and simple.  Take no guff from any soul, and have a lovely eve.02:10
holsteinjxshxx: good luck.. and if you want to check, ifconfig in the terminal can really help you see if the network devices are showing up02:17
YaMoonSunI want to use my 4GB flash drive to create a multiple boot installer using YUMI from pendrivelinux - Which option should I choose to for alternitive install?03:19
holsteinYaMoonSun: just try the alternate ISO.. i dont know how well it works with yumi.. havent tried it03:19
YaMoonSunYou're not much help then.. I'm already 'just trying' lol03:20
holsteinYaMoonSun: cool.. enjoy!.. i dont think any documentation for either state the alternate iso's work03:21
YaMoonSunThey're not detected by yumi simply by choosing lubuntu is why I asked - Where are you located?03:22
holsteinYaMoonSun: i would start with something from here, if the errors are similar http://askubuntu.com/questions/194401/cant-install-alternate-cd-from-usb03:23
YaMoonSunI know you think you're helping, but long story short, tl;dr03:25
holsteinYaMoonSun: i *am* helping.. as a volunteer. the way to use that iso should be similar if the error message is similar03:25
holsteini used to do that with unetbootin and the ubuntustudio iso's03:26
holsteinif you dont find it helpful, no worries.. you can always try #ubuntu since there is a larger more active support community there, and you can reference yumi and *any* alternate iso there03:26
YaMoonSunWell, I just made an educated guess and so far no error - I'll try to boot up in a virtual drive once I finish adding installers. I don't know if I can keep adding after I leave the program.03:27
YaMoonSunNo one ever talks in there, I keep getting the bot.03:27
uBUXUBuhi lubers05:12
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FoarsHow would I go about burning the latest Lubuntu ISO to a disc? The typical Ubuntu instructions don't work with Ubuntu. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto#Burning_from_Ubuntu07:55
YaMoonSunSo why does Richard Stallman call Ubuntu spyware and does that also apply to Lubuntu? =/08:15
FoarsIf I remember correctly, the search function in the Unity dock. When you search using it, that data is sent to Amazon or something.08:16
FoarsLubuntu doesn't use Unity, so no YaMoonSun.08:16
FoarsYou can disable that spyware feature before it even collects anything though.08:17
YaMoonSunThanks, also, with 1GB memory should my swap partition not exceed 1024mb?08:19
FoarsNot sure.08:22
YaMoonSunAh, alrighty =308:23
FoarsI'll come back later.08:29
YaMoonSunAlright - I think I need a reboot myself. =308:30
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noahsamgabeIs anyone here?20:49
geniinoahsamgabe: Best to just ask a question if you have one, and then to see if anyone takes up an answer :)20:57
zleapnoahsamgabe, how can we help?20:59
noahsamgabeoh, I just clean installed Lubuntu on my old laptop and I have a dark screen with no icons on the left. There are a few icons on the very bottom left that I can get to, but I would like a nice appearance on the screen and icons showing on the left. please21:00
noahsamgabedang, I just cleaned installed lubuntu21:00
noahsamgabeam new with all of this.21:00
zleapso you need to change the desktop wallpaper then and general appearance21:01
noahsamgabeyes, please      i see no icons on the left21:02
zleapyou can put icons on the desktop if you want21:02
noahsamgabeyes, need some wall paper21:02
noahsamgabeand icons21:02
zleapright click, desktop preferences21:02
zleapfor icons to applications right click and new shortcut21:03
noahsamgaberight clicking brings up add to desktop or properties21:03
zleapare you clicking on a blank area of the desktop21:04
noahsamgabeleft clicking on my laptop brings up desk top preferences box21:05
zleapok i right clcik here and select that from a menu that comes up21:05
zleapwhat version are you using21:05
noahsamgabeo.k. so go to create new and then to shortcut?21:06
zleapyou can then add shortcuts to programs, if you know the name of the program as in what is executed when you r un it21:07
zleapwhat do you want to add21:07
noahsamgabeWell, I thought I downloaded 14.04, but at first it said 13.10 and at the end it said 14.0421:07
zleapok get to a terminal window, and type lsb_release -a21:08
zleapthat will tell you what you are running21:08
noahsamgabeI have Ubuntu on another computer and it's icons come up on the left and i can go into appearances and pic one, but I don't seem to know how to do that here in Lubuntu.21:08
noahsamgabeo.k.   want me to go to a terminal still?21:09
zleapdo you have an icon bar going down the left hand side on the other computer21:09
zleapmaybe that is running ubuntu, this channel is for lubuntu which runs on xfce, ubuntu runs unity21:10
noahsamgabeI am on Lubuntu now which I have clean installed on my daughter's old computer. It has a black screen and no icons on the left. Should I still go to a terminal for you?21:11
zleapyeah can do21:11
noahsamgabeo.k. hang on21:11
noahsamgabek   got it21:11
zleapbut that may simply tell you what version you're running lubuntu is based on ubuntu so it gives ubuntu version21:11
zleaplsb_release -a21:12
zleapgives you info on what you are running21:12
noahsamgabelsb  command can't be found21:12
zleaplsb_release -a21:13
zleapthere is an underscore between lsb and release21:13
noahsamgabegotcha    o.k.    It says Ubuntu Trusty Tahr    14.04     yes!21:14
zleapah so you are running lubuntu 14.04 which is the development / testing of the next release due in april 201421:15
noahsamgabeohhhh    what should I do now21:15
zleapif you are happy running beta / alpha then carry on21:15
noahsamgabewhich means?21:16
noahsamgabewill this one make a difference in the long haul? Will this one work?21:16
zleapit could be  unstable etc,  could crash, due to new software being added21:16
zleapif you want stable install 13.1021:16
zleapif you want help with 14.04 join #lubuntu+121:17
noahsamgabesoooooooo   oh dear... ummm  o.k. install 13.10, but how long does it last or is supported?21:17
noahsamgabedo you think i'll be o.k. for awhile with this trial 14.04 until the real one comes out?21:18
zleapit may be21:18
zleapjust that it could be prone to issue,  as its testing21:19
zleapso people add stuff that needs testing so it could break things21:19
zleapas i said ask in #lubuntu+121:19
noahsamgabeyes, and I'll try #lubuntu+1       dang       alright...    thanks for your answers. I appreciate it.21:19
FoarsHow would I go about burning the latest Lubuntu ISO to a disc? The typical Ubuntu instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/communityu/BurningIsoHowto#Burning_from_Ubuntu don't work with Lubuntu.21:47
holsteinFoars: should work fine.. lubuntu *is* ubuntu21:49
holsteinFoars: you dont copy the iso to a disc.. you have to make a copy of the actual disk.. using the iso as the source, and the disc as the destination21:50
Foarsholstein if you have a look at that link, you can't follow the instructions on Lubuntu.21:50
holsteinFoars: im just tring to straigten the link out.. its 404'ing for me21:51
holsteinFoars: regardless, its the same for all the iso's.. you can dd copy all of them now as well21:51
holsteinFoars: i think it is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto#Burning_from_Ubuntu that you are looking at21:51
FoarsOoops: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto#Burning_from_Ubuntu21:52
holsteinFoars: is the issue you are running lubuntu? and using a different burner21:52
holsteinFoars: from *any* burner, that is the proceedure..21:52
holsteinFoars: make a copy of the disk.. the source is the iso, the blank disk is the copy..21:52
FoarsI guess I'll just have to look for some burning software, or try to fix my issue with my current burning software.21:54
holsteinFoars: whats the issue? what software? xfburn?21:55
holsteinFoars: you can always install brasero if that is what you are more comfortable with21:55
FoarsYes, xburn holstein. paste.ubuntu.com/6747224/21:59
holstein!info brasero22:00
ubottubrasero (source: brasero): CD/DVD burning application for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 3.8.0-1ubuntu3 (saucy), package size 148 kB, installed size 1048 kB22:00
holsteinsudo apt-get install brasero ...or from whatever package manager you like22:00
FoarsAlright, I'll try this. Thank you.22:01
Ahmuckhola.  is there a font viewer for lubuntu?22:16
holsteinAhmuck: i thought gimp opene them?22:23
holsteinopened* and edited22:23
Ahmucki'm looking for a way to browse fonts in directories or the system without having to open every one through gimp22:25
holstein!info gnome-font-viewer22:29
ubottugnome-font-viewer (source: gnome-font-viewer): font viewer for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 3.8.0-1build1 (saucy), package size 37 kB, installed size 184 kB22:29
holsteinAhmuck: i would just go with that..22:30
Ahmuckholstein: that is perfect.  thx23:47
FoarsIs there a channel for brasero? There's one one the gnome IRC, with only one other person there. Or should I just ask here?23:48
holsteinFoars: wont hurt to ask. you can also ask in #ubuntu, since its an ubuntu repo package23:49
AhmuckJoin us at our IRC channel: #brasero at irc.gimp.org23:50
holsteinAhmuck: i would just ask here, and if no one has anything, ask in #ubuntu.. if you want to join the gimps irc, go for it23:50
FoarsI'm there Ahmuck, you don't appear to be.23:51
FoarsJust me and hyperair.23:51
FoarsI get a "Size Estimation" dialogue box, itt reads: "Please wait until the estimation of the size is completed."/"All files need to be analysed to complete this operation." and has a progress bar with no progress. It's been sitting there for quite a while.23:51
holsteinAhmuck: sorry... Foars , i would just ask here23:51

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