bekksWhat is a "F2FS" partition?00:04
jtaylorpartitino with f2fs filesystem on it00:12
jtaylorif the kernel supports it you can probably install onto it00:12
jtaylorit should be supported, but can't currently check00:12
bekkswhats a f2fs filesystem? never heard of that00:13
jtaylorfilesystem for flash devices00:14
jtaylorrelative recently went into the kernel00:14
bekksah, ok.00:14
user82bekks, sorry did not see your message on time00:34
user82last i checked the installer did not detect the partition with f2fs as usable, even though technically it should be do-able00:36
user82that was 13.10 however00:36
beyondcrHello, I am trying to figure out how to install this version of fglrx https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/2:13.101-0ubuntu604:14
beyondcrcould anyone turn me in the right direction?04:14
beyondcrshould there not be a install script?04:19
holsteinwell, there are scripts with the package from the manufacturers site04:19
holsteinbeyondcr: maybe you can get that particular version there04:19
beyondcrholstein: this is the only version I found that supports kernel 3.13 at the moment04:20
holsteinbeyondcr: it will be packaged from the manufacturers version04:21
beyondcrholstein do you mean to pull the installer scripts from the manufacture and try to install?04:28
beyondcrI believe this version was patched to support kernel 3.1304:29
holsteinbeyondcr: i mean, get that version you need from the manufacturer04:29
wgrantbeyondcr: Are you running trusty already?04:29
wgrantIf so, that version of fglrx is the default.04:30
holsteinshould be in the repos of 14.0404:30
wgrantEnsure that your system is up to date.04:30
beyondcrThanks let me take a look!04:30
ActionParsniphey guys10:18
ActionParsniprunning Lubuntu Trusty and added the Racefinity theme to make LXDE look like 'normal' Ubuntu. Transmission seems to be disobeying the theme though10:19
ActionParsnipIs Transmission setup to use a different theme setting somewhere for menus10:20
ActionParsnipis the issue, also File, Edit, Torrent are similarly coloured.10:22
ActionParsnipfunnily though, transmission-qt is fine10:22
ActionParsniphey guys, is Transmission not fully ported to GTK3 ?10:42
ActionParsnipor are bits still on GTK3?10:47
brainwashActionParsnip: does your theme support for gtk3 apps?10:52
ActionParsnipyes, everything else is fine10:53
ActionParsnipbrainwash: check the ravefinity theme10:53
brainwashis only this particular theme affected?10:54
ActionParsnipbrainwash: i'll have a check. I have emailed the guys10:54
ActionParsnipbrainwash: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/transmission/+bug/126853010:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 1268530 in transmission (Ubuntu) "LXDE / Openbox theme not obeyed." [Undecided,New]10:54
ActionParsnippics and everything :)10:55
brainwashyou should get at least the raring package of this theme10:57
ActionParsnipadding the Oneiric version seems to make things better. I'll see if there is a raring version10:57
brainwashbut still, trusty ships with gtk 3.10, so this theme might be outdated10:58
brainwashit needs to support the recent version of gtk310:58
ActionParsnipbrainwash: yeah I suspect this is the issue10:59
brainwashso this report could be invalid10:59
ActionParsnipbrainwash: possibly, lets see. I told the ravefinity guys the issue, hopefully they will make a Trusty branch on the PPA :O11:01
ActionParsnipbrainwash: its a great theme otherwise11:01
ActionParsnipbrainwash: I like the default ubuntu theme11:02
ActionParsnipbrainwash: thanks btw :)11:07
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ThomasBI'm in desperate need of assistance12:52
ThomasBWhen I start up 14.04 with the Unity session, the launcher doesn't start up at all12:53
ThomasBIf I ctrl alt F1 and do DISPLAY=:0 unity --replace, the launcer starts, ubt none of my unity settings have been retained12:53
ThomasBand they don't save either12:53
ThomasBThere's no indicator applet as well12:54
BluesKajHey folks13:28
livram79_how can I try Ubuntu with XMir?13:43
popeywhy would you want to do that?13:47
elfypopey: because they've just been told that xubuntu isn't looking at it at the moment13:50
elfynot liking the responses so far it seems13:51
popeywhy would xubuntu (or anyone) be looking at it?13:52
elfyI think that the guy that set up the image with it for us when we looked last cycle still has it kicking about - but we're not looking at it :)13:53
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ThomasBi reinstalled <_<14:50
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geniiKnown issue with networking after latest updates? dhclient broken right now for me.16:21
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BluesKajgenii, using NM ?17:12
geniiBluesKaj: Even setting it manually in /etc/network/interfaces wasn't working for dhcp, only static17:45
TJ-genii: any reports in "/var/log/syslog" as to what was going wrong?18:04
geniiI'll revert it to dhcp and see if I can get any useful info. Back in a while.18:06
geniiTurns out that dhclient command wants to update other stuff not directly related to the ethernet adapter.. eg: mail settings. So when some files in /etc/mail are gone that it's expecting, release and renew of ip by dhcp fails19:33
geniiBluesKaj: I guess it's to prevent error messages from your mail program like sendmail or postfix from logging unnecessary error messages while network is down19:41
BluesKajok genii, I'll take your word on that :)19:43
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kaimasthey i try to create a .deb but during the build process some files are created and I get "dpkg-source: error: cannot represent change". any ideas how to work around this?21:06

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