dholbachgood morning07:40
nik90Requesting reviews of https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/trunk/+activereviews09:00
nik90popey: ^^09:00
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Make Your Dream Come True Day! :-D09:34
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nik90WebbyIT: ping11:19
WebbyITnik90, pong11:19
nik90WebbyIT: hey thnx for the review. But I had a question regarding the settings MP11:19
nik90tabs does have a count property11:19
nik90I do not see it in the web page you linked11:20
nik90but I see it in the Qtcreator docs11:20
nik90can you verify?11:20
nik90WebbyIT: Also when you are in the stopwatch tab and press Ctrl+Tab it goes back to the clock tab. And this works properly on my laptop11:20
WebbyITnik90, mhh, on my laptop this doesn't work and if I add console.log(rootTabs.count)  I receive 'unknow'11:21
nik90WebbyIT: http://imgur.com/U8oMgfD11:21
timpfrom Tabs.qml:11:22
timp    /*!11:22
timp      \qmlproperty int count11:22
timp      Contains the number of tabs in the Tabs component.11:22
timp      */11:22
nik90WebbyIT: can you check your ui toolkit version?11:22
timp    readonly property alias count: tabsModel.count11:22
nik90timp: that's the one. thnx11:22
nik90timp: I should ask mhall119 to update the online docs11:22
nik90timp: not listed here http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-1.0/Ubuntu.Components.Tabs/11:22
timpnik90: I see. they are outdated. Best ask mhall11911:23
nik90timp: will do11:23
WebbyITapt-cache policy qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin11:24
WebbyIT  Installed: 0.1.46+13.10.20131011.2-0ubuntu111:24
WebbyIT  Candidate: 0.1.46+13.10.20131011.2-0ubuntu111:24
nerochiarooSoMoN: morning11:26
nik90krnekhelesh@nik90-lenovo-ubuntu:~$ apt-cache policy qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin11:26
nik90qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin: Installed: 0.1.46+14.04.20131216bzr911saucy0 Candidate: 0.1.46+14.04.20131216bzr911saucy011:26
nik90WebbyIT: 13.10 or 14.04?11:27
WebbyITnik90, 13.1011:27
nerochiarooSoMoN: just saw your message about the tests. due to the accident yesterday i'm temporarily without my phone (not at home right now) but I'll check as soon as I can11:27
nik90WebbyIT:do you have the SDK ppa?11:27
oSoMoNnerochiaro, sure, no worries11:27
WebbyITnik90, mhh, I think yes, have to check11:28
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nerochiarozsombi: was the fix for the statesaver released already in the trusty archives ?11:28
nik90WebbyIT: because if you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk, the latest rev is 913, and I have 911.11:28
zsombinerochiaro: there was no release recently from SDK11:28
zsombinerochiaro: I think first we need to get 5.2 in11:29
nik90WebbyIT: looking at your version number, it hasnt been updated since 11th october 201311:29
nerochiarozsombi: can you point me to the MR where the fix is, so that I can use the binaries from CI to test, at least ?11:29
WebbyITnik90, this is embarassing, I hadn't the PPA :/ Sorry, I update all and review your  branch again11:30
nik90WebbyIT: no worries11:30
zsombinerochiaro: it's linked to the bug, https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/stateSaverNestedLoaders/+merge/20080011:30
nik90WebbyIT: I added the ppa only after 14.04 was released11:30
nik90zsombi: ping (alarm API related)11:31
zsombinik90: pong (everybody is looking after me when I'm trying to go to lunch :) )11:32
nik90zsombi: in that case, go ahead..i am in no hurry11:32
zsombinik90: ;) if it's short, I can stand still11:33
timpzsombi: hello11:34
timpzsombi: this is quite important,11:34
timpzsombi: enjoy your lunch :p11:34
zsombitimp: :P:P:P:P11:34
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nik90zsombi: ok, I noticed that alarm.cancel() doesn't change the alarm manager count11:34
WebbyITnik90, approved both, sorry again11:44
nik90WebbyIT: no worries11:46
nik90WebbyIT: can it be top approved or should I get another review?11:47
WebbyITnik90, yes, right, I'm a bit sleepy today11:48
nik90WebbyIT: there could be a potential conflict between the 2 branches since they change the same file. But I can fix that if it happens11:50
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timpnik90: I think I have the solution for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/125991712:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 1259917 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Using a Qml Loader in combination with Pagestack and Tabs results in incorrect positioning" [High,In progress]12:44
timpnik90: this branch should fix it https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/pageHeight I'll create an MR12:44
nik90timp: awesome!12:45
timpnik90: here is the MR https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/pageHeight/+merge/201382 feel free to test it :)12:45
timpnik90: with that branch, you'll need to change the anchors in your code12:46
nik90timp: yeah I saw the code diffs12:46
nik90timp: I have no idea how to build the branch to test it12:46
timpnik90: jenkins will create the .deb files in the MR, we just need a bit of patience for that12:47
timpnik90: or if you don't want to install, you can check out my branch and qmake && make && source export_modules_dir.sh and then run your app as usual12:48
timpnik90: that's the best probably, it won't change anything on your system. let me know if you want to try and you need help12:48
nik90timp: I want to try building the source, since I like to test other branches as well12:49
* nik90 runs the commands12:49
timpnik90: bzr branch lp:~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/pageHeight12:49
timpcd pageHeight && qmake && make12:49
timpand then "source export_modules_dir.sh" will make you use that branch with your apps from then on in that terminal window12:50
* timp lunch, back in <1h12:51
nik90timp: I get an error on qmake && make -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/6744448/12:51
nik90timp: talk after lunch12:51
timpnik90: hmm.. seems there are some build dependencies that I installed long time ago (and forgot since then)12:52
timpnik90: try to install qtdeclarative5-qtorganizer-plugin12:52
timpand "apt-cache search qtdeclarative | grep -i WhatsMissing" for the following dependencies that are not there. I'll help after my lunch.12:53
nerochiarooSoMoN: timp: zsombi|lunch: do you guys know if there's any relatively simple way to know what is changing a property value ? I have one that is mysteriously assigned a value and I can't figure out where it comes from13:11
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zsombinerochiaro: I kno whow to do that in C++...13:13
nerochiarozsombi: even if it's an object created in qml ?13:20
nerochiarozsombi: (a listview in my case)13:20
zsombinerochiaro: somewhat... you can get the property of a QML object in cpp then check if it has a binding: from that you may try to find who actually is involved in the binding, however usually that is not that simple :(13:22
nerochiarozsombi: sounds like more trouble than it's worth13:22
zsombinerochiaro: but if I remember correctly it is not really doable either in a cpp element13:23
oSoMoNnerochiaro, maybe using the QML debugger integrated in QtCreator? dunno how though…13:25
nerochiarooSoMoN: i tried that,  but for some reason I can't even start the app through the debugger13:27
zsombi(13.34.53) nik90: zsombi: ok, I noticed that alarm.cancel() doesn't change the alarm manager count13:29
oSoMoNnerochiaro, which app is it?13:30
zsombinik90: that means that the alarm was not deleted13:30
nerochiarooSoMoN: gallery13:30
nik90zsombi: but then when I restart the app, that alarm I deleted is no longer in the alarm manager13:30
nik90zsombi: besides I use the onCountChanged signal where I waited for about a minute to detect the alarm deletion13:31
zsombinik90: then the alarm deletion does not reach the Alarm service :s13:31
oSoMoNnerochiaro, you probably need to add_definitions(-DQT_QML_DEBUG) to the compilation flags13:31
nik90zsombi: okay, should I report a bug then about it?13:32
nik90zsombi: since I essentially use the code given in the examples13:32
zsombinik90: yes13:32
nik90zsombi: one more issue that I had with the API13:32
zsombinik90: and seems we again need renato for this13:32
nik90zsombi: when I disable an alarm using the switch code from the examples, sometimes it reverts the action immediately.13:33
nik90zsombi: although this happens ocassionally and also with the closest active alarm.13:33
zsombinik90: hmm, weird...13:33
nik90zsombi: I will report both these bugs and then we can figure it out with renato.13:34
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nerochiarooSoMoN: qtcreator doesn't seem to want to open the CMakeLists.txt file, it just blocks when I run cmake from its UI (and it doesn't matter if I had run it before from the cmd line)13:39
timpnik90: any luck with trying my branch?13:42
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok, fixed that, had to refresh the path to cmake etc in the qtcreator config13:42
nik90timp: I already had the Qt Organizer package installed14:11
nik90timp: the command after that returned nothing14:11
nik90apt-cache search qtdeclarative | grep -i WhatsMissing14:12
timpinstead of WhatsMissing you should try (part of) the name of the package that is reported missing14:12
nik90yeah I filled in some package name from the error message that I got14:15
* nik90 looks and tries again14:16
nik90timp: the only package it is complaining about is organizer, when I did grep, I missed libdeclarative-organizer which I just installed. But I still get the same error message.14:20
timpnik90: you have all of these? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6744833/14:22
nik90timp: yup I have all those installed14:24
timpzsombi: do you know what is missing here? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6744448/ is it related to the DatePicker?14:25
zsombitimp: it shouldn't be: there's a Qt module missing, the organizer14:26
nik90timp, zsombi: On that note, when I run the ubuntu ui toolkit on the phone using qtcreator, the pickers page is completely blank.14:26
timpzsombi: he says he has all the packages listed here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6744833/14:26
nik90on my laptop, the picker is fine14:26
zsombinik90: this picker gallery issue is really weird...14:28
zsombinik90: have you tried to launch it from terminal so you get some logs?14:29
timpnik90: I don't see why it is not working :s14:29
nik90timp: np14:30
nik90zsombi: yup got the logs14:31
nik90zsombi: one line error that I ntocied was [15:30:48] file:///home/phablet/dev_tmp/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gallery/Pickers.qml:185:13: DatePicker is not a type14:31
nik90zsombi: weirdly on my laptop, that is not an issue. Could it be the toolkit package on the phone  hasnt been updated?14:32
* nik90 is on r12114:32
zsombinik90: hehh????!14:32
nik90Did I say something absurd14:34
zsombinik90: "DatePicker is not a type" that was absurd14:34
zsombinik90: what's the toolkit release on the phone?14:35
nik90zsombi:  Installed: 0.1.46+14.04.20131216-0ubuntu114:36
nik90which seems recent enough (16th dec)14:37
zsombinik: it's pretty old... could you check whether the DaterPicker is in the system path?14:37
zsombinik90: ^14:38
timpzsombi: yes it is pretty old, but the newest release that we have :(14:38
timpso that's the one in the image for now14:38
nik90zsombi: how do I check that?14:39
timpnik90, zsombi latest release is r893. Datepicker was added in r894.14:39
zsombinik90: ls /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components14:39
zsombitimp: nik90: then no wonder the Picker tab is empty14:40
zsombinik90: I forgot the /Pickers path14:40
nik90zsombi, timp: I was surprised when I tried it in the clock app14:40
zsombinik90: yeah, it's not there14:40
nik90alrite so I guess we wait for an update14:40
timpI don't know if we can have a new release really soon... maybe we have to wait for the upgrade to 5.2?14:42
* timp not sure what's happening there.14:42
* nik90 is so glad to be on the PPA (13.10)14:43
timpnik90: if you are in a hurry to test it, you can go to https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ppa/+packages?batch=75&memo=75&start=75 and click on  ubuntu-ui-toolkit - 0.1.46+14.04.20131216bzr911trusty0  and download and dpkg -i the armhf packages manually14:43
timpperhaps the ppa works for phone also14:44
nik90timp: no hurry :).. I was thinking of using the picker for setting the alarm, but we are still brainstorming the designs..but nice to know.14:45
zsombinik90: you should not use that! you should wait till you get PickerPanel!!!14:46
zsombinik90: DatePicker is a prerequisite for the PickerPanel, to be able to embed in dialogs, sheets if necessary14:47
nik90zsombi: ok, I wasn't aware of that.14:47
zsombinik90: by using PickerPanel you should be able to use DatePicker according to the UX guides: in OSK panel while on phone and popover while on other form factors14:47
nik90oh that's nice.14:49
* zsombi eod, C U tomorrow!15:02
nerochiarotimp: do you know if listviews and gridviews have a signal that I can attach to to know when the list has finished creating all the delegates for the current view ?16:03
timpnerochiaro: no, I don't know16:03
timpnerochiaro: with delegates you mean all the items in the list? I'm not sure if that is possible, since you can have very long lists, and not all items in it may be instantiated at one time16:04
timpnerochiaro: I think the list frees memory for items that are not in the current view16:04
nerochiarotimp: that's what i understand too. but the items in the current view are not all created and laid out immediately, apparently16:06
nerochiarotimp: sometimes they take some time to be created and doing things while this happens seems to mess up my list16:06
timpnerochiaro: so you want to know when the current view is done?16:07
nerochiarotimp: exactly16:07
timphmm.... http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/qdoc/qml-qtquick-listview.html#populate-prop says When the view is initialized, the view will create all the necessary items for the view, then animate them to their correct positions within the view over one second.16:08
timpjust an idea, perhaps you can set that Transition, and see when the transition is called/finished?16:08
nerochiarotimp: seems like worth a shot. so basically put a script action at the end and do what i need to do16:09
timpyeah. although if there is a signal called before the transition it would be better to use that16:09
nerochiarotimp: i haven't found any16:09
timpnerochiaro: nope, I also don't see it on http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/qdoc/qml-qtquick-listview.html16:10
nerochiarotimp: i'm trying something like this, but i never get any output:         populate: Transition {16:12
nerochiaro            ScriptAction { script: { console.log("HEYO") } }16:12
nerochiaro        }16:12
timpnerochiaro: weird, looks similar to the examples on http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/qdoc/qml-qtquick-viewtransition.html under "Restrictions regarding ScriptAction"16:16
nerochiarotimp: it might be that for some reason the add transition is used instead of populate. see http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/qdoc/qml-qtquick-gridview.html#add-prop16:18
timpnerochiaro: I don't know. I guess you have to experiment a bit16:19
nerochiarotimp: yeah, i'm doing that.was just asking in case you had seen this before16:20
nerochiarotimp: thanks for the tips16:20
timpno, I haven't used it before16:20
nerochiarooSoMoN: om26er: what's the best way to disable some tests temporarily ?16:30
nerochiaroi don't want to go and comment them out16:31
om26ernerochiaro, expectFailure()16:32
nerochiaroom26er: have an example that uses it ?16:32
om26ernerochiaro, actually: @unittest.expectedFailure16:33
nerochiaroom26er: ok, i'll do that, thanks16:33
oSoMoNnerochiaro, I would use @unittest.skip(reason)16:33
oSoMoNnerochiaro, and add a comment to state that this is temporary16:34
nerochiarooSoMoN: @unittest.skip("Temporarily disable as it fails in some cases, supposedly due to problems with the infrastructure")16:34
nerochiarooSoMoN: makes sense ?16:35
oSoMoNnerochiaro, yup16:35
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok, pushed to the branch, let's see what CI says16:38
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nerochiarotimp: is there a way to programmatically hide the MainView header ?16:54
nerochiarotimp: i mean, are we supposed to be able to do that ?16:54
MyExHatesMeButMynerochiaro,  yes header.height = 017:05
nerochiaroMyExHatesMeButMy: right. assuming that it will still hide/show normally after doing that17:06
MyExHatesMeButMyMainViewer{ ... ...   header.height:{something === true ?  0 : whatever the source code says the height is }17:06
MyExHatesMeButMynerochiaro,  make a signal that can open and close it in the mainviewer17:07
nerochiaroMyExHatesMeButMy: that sounds a bit hackish ;)17:07
MyExHatesMeButMyI am a bit hackish lol17:08
MyExHatesMeButMynerochiaro,  what are you tryin to do ?17:08
nerochiaroMyExHatesMeButMy: restore the state of the app to what it was before closing it. this sometimes needs showing or hiding the header17:09
MyExHatesMeButMynerochiaro,  a database is out of the question ?17:09
nerochiaroMyExHatesMeButMy: yes. trying to use the StateSaver from the sdk to do it, which works fine. it's just that i need a clean way to restore the header.17:10
MyExHatesMeButMynerochiaro,  what is StateServer ?17:12
MyExHatesMeButMyI can not find any docs on that17:12
MyExHatesMeButMyoh statesaver and not server17:14
nerochiaroMyExHatesMeButMy: yes, StateSaver17:14
MyExHatesMeButMynerochiaro,  you can not add it to the mainviewer like MainViewer{ StateSaver.properties:"header.height"}17:16
nerochiaroMyExHatesMeButMy: yeah, but as we said before this will prevent the normal header functionality from working17:18
MyExHatesMeButMynerochiaro,  what about the property   "active"17:24
MyExHatesMeButMywhat does that do ?17:24
nerochiaroMyExHatesMeButMy: not sure, i'll try that in a bit17:24
MyExHatesMeButMyyeah I would try that17:24
MyExHatesMeButMyItlooks like it kills everything17:26
MyExHatesMeButMyyeah the only thing that I can think of besides the header.height.  would be to make states and transitions for the mainview . again hackish17:28
nerochiaroMyExHatesMeButMy: i'll ask tim or zsombi tomorrow, if there's no way to change it cleanly now we will see if anything can be added17:36
MyExHatesMeButMynerochiaro,  you know anything about GPS ?17:36
nerochiaroMyExHatesMeButMy: no, sorry17:37
MyExHatesMeButMyyeah It takes forever for it to work. meaning that I have to wait like 15 minutes for it to start working on the phone.17:37
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EnderLanceHi I have a problem uploading my app to my Ubuntu Touch running phone...18:15
MyExHatesMeButMyEnderLance,  what is the issue ?18:16
EnderLanceWell, first off my device isn't detected by my machine...18:18
EnderLanceThis is fairly new, and it was working yesterday...18:18
MyExHatesMeButMyso adb can not find it EnderLance  ?18:21
MyExHatesMeButMylike from the terminal18:21
EnderLanceI did adb shell and adb devices, no resultss18:22
EnderLanceI went into nautilus but I can't mount it...18:22
MyExHatesMeButMywhat is your android sdk version and when was the last time you updated ?18:22
EnderLanceI updated Ubuntu Touch two days ago... Saturday.18:22
MyExHatesMeButMyupdate and and Upgrade restart and see if it is still happening. EnderLance  what is the phone ?18:24
EnderLanceThe phone is LG Nexus 4...18:24
EnderLanceAnd Ok. I'll try that. Brb18:24
MyExHatesMeButMyhuh yeah that should be picked up by adb18:25
EnderLancewow, I'm doing 1 MB per second... /)_-)18:25
EnderLancenvm it sped up18:26
EnderLancesry meant 1 KB per second... XD18:29
EnderLance1 MB would be nice...18:29
ahayzennik90, Victor made a script for me last night that transfers the music-app on the device. It does however require a writeable image and will overwrite the existing app, but it is better than nothing :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/6741921/18:47
popeyahayzen: can you not make a click and push and install that with pkcon?18:49
ahayzenpopey, i haven't successfully done tht :/18:49
ahayzenpopey, either get white screen or it says tht grilo isn't installed18:49
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  I know how to get around that but it takes some work18:51
MyExHatesMeButMyfor c++ apps that is18:51
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, popey we are guessing the grilo issue is due to app confinement?18:51
MyExHatesMeButMywhat is the branch ?  and is grilo allowed18:52
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, lp:music-app18:52
MyExHatesMeButMychecking it out know18:53
MyExHatesMeButMynow *18:53
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, we are guessing when we move over to the mediascanner service it will 'just work' with run on device in QtCreator18:54
MyExHatesMeButMyI bet I have never been a fan of grilo tbh18:54
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, a useful stopgap18:54
MyExHatesMeButMyit is a great api but hard to work with and kinda buggy18:54
popeyahayzen: i have been using that script of balloons which i use to pull from trunk (or any random branch) and push to the device as a click18:59
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6746288/ that one18:59
popey./test.sh lp:music-app music_app18:59
ahayzenpopey, hmm tht didn't seem to update the 'real' one for me ...i'll try again18:59
ahayzenpopey, it runs the autopilot tests fine18:59
MyExHatesMeButMyit is not packaged with it but should work with it19:00
MyExHatesMeButMythat is not a c++ app but pure qml.19:01
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, yep it is ubuntu-sdk19:01
popeyahayzen: may need to just restart unity, what branch can i test with here? trunk?19:01
ahayzenpopey, yeah trunk...u should see sheets from artists/playlist now19:01
popeyi managed to wipe my phone completely over the weekend19:01
popeyphablet-flash "--bootstrap" and whiskey not recommended!19:02
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  yeah but is that lib installed on the device (grilo ) and can you connect to it ?19:02
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, i think we get a special case19:03
ahayzenpopey, hehe i do tht all the time to ensure a wipe :) ...anyway dinner be back in an hour or so19:03
MyExHatesMeButMyI would 1st check to see if it is installed if it is not installed then welll.... if it is installed and you can not use it then you are going to have to include this lib in that package which is not that hard to do19:03
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, it is installed because the packaged app runs19:03
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, anyway brb19:03
timpnerochiaro|afk: Page.title = ""19:26
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, back...maybe the grilo needs to be embedded into our click package?19:51
EnderLanceHi I'm back19:52
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  yeah that is what I was sating :)19:52
MyExHatesMeButMysaying *19:52
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, :)19:52
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  but that is kinda dumb19:52
MyExHatesMeButMyshouuld be able to use it19:52
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, yh :/ but confinement an tht19:52
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, and it is until we move to the mediascanner service... so did u manage to get it running on the device or not?19:53
EnderLanceguys, how do I import a .cpp file into a qml file and use the object?19:53
MyExHatesMeButMyyeah I would make a C++ package with CMAKE and not qmake and add the libs19:53
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  sorry I was hacking on some C++ trying now19:53
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, thanks but surely we don't need to go too much into the c++ route?19:54
* ahayzen checks that this doesn't actually work19:54
MyExHatesMeButMynah just to add the lib till the mediaservices are landed I would asy19:54
MyExHatesMeButMyEnderLance,  what ?19:54
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, this works for autopilot http://paste.ubuntu.com/6746288/19:54
EnderLanceMyExHatesMeButMy, do I know you?19:55
* MyExHatesMeButMy is trying to find his usb charger lol19:56
EnderLanceanyways, my friend wrote a project for me to hack around with, but I can't install it to my device...19:56
EnderLanceSo I created a new project and copied the important files over19:57
EnderLanceThe C++ class object isn't working in the QML code...19:57
EnderLanceAnd I don't do C++, do Idk how to fix that....19:57
MyExHatesMeButMyEnderLance,  did you expose it ?19:57
EnderLanceWhat do you mean by that?19:58
EnderLancelike, make it in the same folder as the QML file?19:58
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  found it I almost thought that my wife took it to work with her lol19:58
MyExHatesMeButMyEnderLance,  no all things c++ must be exposed to QML in order to use it19:59
ahayzenpopey, MyExHatesMeButMy, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6746288/ with the #run it bit stripped out works after a restart \o/19:59
EnderLanceOk... How do I expose the class?19:59
MyExHatesMeButMyEnderLance,  with a registration type19:59
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  yeah I am having issues with ssh20:00
MyExHatesMeButMyports that is20:00
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, adb shell ?20:00
EnderLanceugh... I feel like that's something I need to write.... it is, isn't it?20:01
MyExHatesMeButMyyeah Just fixed it and sending to the device20:01
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  bad news20:02
MyExHatesMeButMy file:///home/phablet/dev_tmp/music-app/music-app.qml:26 module "org.nemomobile.grilo" is not installed20:02
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, haha thts wht i usually get20:02
ahayzenpopey, so the script did work...i just needed a restart doh! ...thanks :)20:02
MyExHatesMeButMylets look a the C++ path20:03
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, the script popey posts works :)20:03
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, comment out the section in #run it and then restart aftet install20:03
MyExHatesMeButMyscript ?20:04
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6746288/20:04
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  are you the maintainer of this app ?20:04
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, erm sortof...part of the music-app-team20:05
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, https://launchpad.net/~music-app-dev20:05
ahayzenballoons, ping20:06
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  this is what I would do .  though I am not a smart person all the time20:06
balloonsahayzen, pong20:06
ahayzenballoons, more autopilot issues ..sorry :( ....20:06
ahayzenballoons, I've moved some properties around so they are now under the player object rather than the mainView. However autopilot fails with State not found for class '*' and filters {'objectName': 'player'}.20:06
ahayzenballoons, https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/mediaplayer-simplify/+merge/20126520:06
MyExHatesMeButMybecause there is issues with stock  images and the plugin not being there and users can not install packages (read only file system) I would make add these plugins to the package and build that way. file a bug on the grilo20:07
balloonshey MyExHatesMeButMy :-)20:08
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, it works installing from the click store though (and it is in the default images anyway)20:08
balloonsahayzen, so you are wondering why that happens?20:08
MyExHatesMeButMyhey balloons how you been ?20:08
ahayzenballoons, it just can't seem to see the new Player object20:08
ahayzenballoons, why and how to fix :)20:09
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  trying that now20:09
balloonsahayzen, can you see it in vis?20:09
ahayzenballoons, see wht?20:09
ahayzenballoons, the object i'm referring to is the MediaPlayer20:09
balloonsahayzen, the player object20:09
ahayzenballoons, it is the object that plays the music not a UI object20:09
balloonsMyExHatesMeButMy, I've been doing well. Excitied by what's happening this cycle20:09
balloonsahayzen, ahh20:10
balloonsI see the player.qml file20:10
ahayzenballoons, basically moves some of the properties around to tidy up so they have gone from mainView -> MediaPlayer20:10
balloonsright.. so is there a mediaplayer object?20:10
ahayzenballoons, yep i didn't know where to put the objectName .. in the player.qml or the Player{} in the music-app.qml20:11
balloonsI'll just have to pull the source20:11
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  are you changing the header color of MainView ?  seems to pop in and out of ambaince and suru20:11
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, it is a bug20:11
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/123909320:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 1239093 in Ubuntu Music App "Artists tab header transparency/hiding is inconsistent" [High,Triaged]20:11
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  why not set the themes in a setting ?20:11
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, they are mainly in Style.qml20:11
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  you have a phone and what not I have a example20:12
ahayzenballoons, the player is here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/mediaplayer-simplify/view/head:/music-app.qml#L40320:12
ahayzenballoons, i didn't know whether the objectName: "player" goes there? and then search for a type of Player? or u put it in the MediaPlayer in the player.qml?20:13
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, wht do u mean?20:13
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  see pm20:13
balloonsahayzen, based on the qml I would assume a search for MediPlayer object, with name of "player"20:14
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  please do not share that that much as it is pre-alpha20:14
ahayzenballoons, i'm sure i tried tht in one of the revisions lol20:17
balloonsahayzen, :-)20:17
balloonslet me run and see the erros20:17
popeyahayzen: huzzah20:17
ahayzenpopey, \o/20:18
ahayzenpopey, the reboot is a bit annoying but i can live tht :)20:18
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  that is a core app correct ?20:18
popeyadb restart unity820:18
popeythat would do it20:18
ahayzenballoons, in the latest revision it is * with the name player20:18
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, yep20:18
popeyoh, no it wont20:18
ahayzenpopey, do we cache the click packages or something then?20:19
popeywe cache desktop files i think20:19
balloonsahayzen, k, checking again20:19
* ahayzen is trying to understand why the restart is needed20:19
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  restart it from the adb need to restart the whole service20:19
popeyor some other sillyness20:19
ahayzenpopey, ah yes20:19
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  that is what is different I can not install to system wide dirs so it is installed under /opt/click.whatever20:20
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, ah20:20
MyExHatesMeButMydesktop file points there but itstill dont show up20:20
MyExHatesMeButMybut if I run ./binary --desktop_file_hint=/opt/blah/blahblah/app.desktop  it shows up20:20
MyExHatesMeButMyhas me ripping my hair out lol20:21
ahayzenoh god lol20:21
balloonsahayzen, oO return self.select_single("*", objectName="player"20:21
ahayzenballoons, hehe20:22
ahayzenballoons, i know python well....but autopilot not so well :P20:22
MyExHatesMeButMyballoons,  you are good at autopilot maybe you could help me make autopilot on my app ?20:22
MyExHatesMeButMyi do not know python nor autopilot20:22
balloonsMyExHatesMeButMy, fire away20:22
MyExHatesMeButMyballoons,  want a branch ?20:22
balloons#ubuntu-autopilot has folks even more skilled than me :-p20:22
ahayzenballoons, is tht for selecting UI items with the mouse?20:22
ahayzenballoons, hence the failure to find?20:22
balloonsMyExHatesMeButMy, not atm.. I've reached capacity20:22
balloonsahayzen, first :p20:23
balloons3 branches makes my head explode20:23
balloonsquite a mess to clean20:23
balloonsbut questions are perfect20:23
ahayzen1 branch with autopilot makes my head explode ;)20:24
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  you are in the UK correct ? can you test my app to see if the things work in the UK ?20:24
popeyi am uk20:24
popeysure can20:24
ahayzenballoons, so do i have to use a different selection method?20:24
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  click package20:24
balloonsahayzen, yes, your object type is not correct20:25
balloonsand you can't use * :-)20:25
ahayzenballoons, damn... so i use MediaPlayer for the type?20:25
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  I am insterested to see if the trains work and what not.20:25
* popey downloads20:25
balloonsahayzen, that's what I would expect20:26
balloonshowever since it doesn't work, we can dump the objects or use vis to see what it is20:26
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  I just finished writing a plug-in for Google speech recognition. it is not in the click but Text to Speech is20:26
ahayzenballoons, so we use something other than select_single?20:27
popeyMyExHatesMeButMy: you might want to run http://launchpad.net/click-reviewers-tools against your click package as it fails a few tests20:27
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  Oo20:28
popeyi run the test script against every click before installing20:31
popeyit sanity checks a load of things20:31
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  I am not getting error maybe I am running it wrong ?20:31
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  the command that I am running   ./run-tests /home/MY_AWESOME_NAME/Templates/directions-armhfbuilds/directions_0.1_armhf.click20:32
balloonsahayzen, just a sec20:33
ahayzenballoons, no problem... i'm just trying some changes i made20:33
balloonsahayzen, http://unity.ubuntu.com/autopilot/api/introspection.html.. print_tree is what we want20:33
popeyMyExHatesMeButMy: no, run bin/click-run-checks20:34
balloonsahayzen, try that.. dump the tree and it will help you find the object you want :-)20:34
ahayzenballoons, dump it from the mainView?20:34
balloonsahayzen, get as close as you can get to the object, then yea, dump :-_)20:34
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  but do I just pass the path-to-click  to that end of that command20:35
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  that is crazy them errors20:37
MyExHatesMeButMythere is no way in heck that I can run the app with out the binary20:38
MyExHatesMeButMyBut I will change things like WebView to UbuntuWebview but I hope that it does not look like crud after I do that20:39
balloonsfair warning ahayzen, I dumped the full main view.. it's a lot, hah20:39
ahayzenballoons, haha... i'm trying to get rid of test music i put on their...grrr rescan grilo20:39
MyExHatesMeButMyexample:      "desktop_Exec (reminders-app)": "absolute path '/opt/click.ubuntu.com/directions/0.1/usr/bin/directions %u' for Exec given in .desktop file.",     << how can I launch my app if I can not launch my binary ?20:40
ahayzenballoons, how do i tell it to do one test ./testscript.sh path/to/bzr music_app.test_name ?20:40
popeyMyExHatesMeButMy: yeah, you dont hard-wire the path20:40
popeyjust usr/bin/directions %u20:41
MyExHatesMeButMyand why does it think that it is reminders-app ?20:41
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  I tried that it does not launch :(20:41
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  these tools are cool ! thanks for pointing them out to me20:41
popeyit should if it's a click, installed on device20:41
balloonsahayzen, yes specify the full test name20:42
ahayzenballoons, cool20:42
balloonsI found playshape under /comubuntumusic/QQuickView/MainView/OrientationHelper/QQuickItem/QQuickItem/MusicToolbar/QQuickRectangle/QQuickRectangle/QQuickRectangle/QQuickRectangle/QQuickMouseArea20:42
ahayzenballoons, haha blimey20:42
* ahayzen waits for script to run20:43
MyExHatesMeButMyok popey  I changed the lines in the desktop file and am rebooting lets see if this works20:48
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  ok it is working like you suggested but it is still not picking up the icon :(20:50
popeyMyExHatesMeButMy: you don't have a path to the icon in your desktop file?20:51
ahayzenballoons, i can't get it to output the tree to stdout or a file :/20:52
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  not sure. I think that it is there here is a paste of the desktop file http://paste.ubuntu.com/6746900/20:53
MyExHatesMeButMyline 10 is not correct ?20:53
balloonsahayzen, just run it and redirect stdout20:56
balloonsahayzen, or I can just paste the output20:56
ahayzenballoons, i'm running on device20:56
balloonsahayzen, I ran out desktop.. I'll paste it20:56
ahayzenballoons, as i'm on saucy and can't get autopilot 1.420:57
ahayzenballoons, thanks20:57
balloonsahayzen,  what do you mean you can't get 1.4?20:57
ahayzenballoons, some package thing...20:57
ahayzenballoons, music-app-autopilot : Depends: libautopilot-qt (>= 1.4) but 1.3+13.10.20130814-0ubuntu1 is to be installed20:58
ahayzenballoons, i just run it on device :P just takes me a bit longer to do things20:58
MyExHatesMeButMyThis GPS is driving me nuts ! only works sometimes20:59
ahayzenballoons, but yh probably easiest if u dump to pastebin and i try and find the obj21:00
balloonsahayzen, uploading now.. it's 6.3 mb of text, lol21:00
ahayzenballoons, blimey lol21:00
ahayzenballoons, so when i do find it how to i then access it?21:01
balloonsahayzen, apparently the ppa is being fixed so 1.4 will work on saucy21:02
ahayzenballoons, yey \o/21:02
popeyMyExHatesMeButMy: is that inside your click package?21:02
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  yeah that is /opt/click.blaah/myapp/0.1/myapp.desktop21:05
MyExHatesMeButMyI tried to placing the icon in the root dir and am going to see if it works21:05
MyExHatesMeButMystill no deals21:05
balloonsahayzen, compressed: http://ge.tt/2ee8G3E1/v/021:09
ahayzenballoons, thanks :)21:09
ahayzenballoons, so the searching begins21:10
ahayzenballoons, hmm can't see any of its properties :(21:12
balloonsahayzen, what do you mean?21:13
ahayzenballoons, well in the file u can see the child properties of the objs...so i searched for currentMeta and it didn't return a result21:13
ahayzenballoons, is it because it isn't a UI component?...or do i have to search harder :)21:15
MyExHatesMeButMysee no icon *Oo  http://imagebin.org/286645   popey21:15
MyExHatesMeButMytook that image with phablet-screenshot bash script21:15
popeyMyExHatesMeButMy: have a look in /home/phablet/.cache/upstart for most recent log21:17
MyExHatesMeButMythanks popey21:17
popeyshould be one for your app and upstart and may give a clue why it failed to load21:17
popeyor a unity log21:17
popeybut those logs are worth looking at21:17
balloonsahayzen, I found the components.. I didn't find the player component21:20
ahayzenballoons, autopilot can definitely see non UI components?21:20
balloonsahayzen, all objects should be shown21:21
balloonscourse, we only dumped main_view21:21
ahayzenballoons, hmmm but Player (MediaPlayer) is a child of main_view21:22
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  Ouch !   QObject::connect: No such slot QGeoPositionInfoSourceUbuntu::updateTimeout()21:22
balloonsahayzen, right.. we should see it21:22
MyExHatesMeButMybut still nothing about the icon21:22
balloonsahayzen, when is it created?21:22
ahayzenballoons, as soon as the app starts it is the media engine from QtMultimedia 1.021:23
balloonsahayzen, k, just confirming. I would expect to have seen it21:23
popeyMyExHatesMeButMy: anything in unity logs?21:23
ahayzenballoons, ...well i hope (assume) it does21:23
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  yes there is a couple of errors21:24
ahayzenballoons,  wht should we try now?21:24
MyExHatesMeButMyfile:///usr/share/unity8/Components/TileStyle.qml:34:16: QML QQuickImage: Failed to get image from provider: image://theme/directions21:24
MyExHatesMeButMy 21:24
MyExHatesMeButMyfile:///usr/share/unity8/Launcher/LauncherDelegate.qml:62:20: QML QQuickImage: Failed to get image from provider: image://theme/directions21:24
MyExHatesMeButMyfor both the Dash and the Launcher21:25
MyExHatesMeButMywhat is themes ?21:25
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, is when u say Icon { source:"directions"}21:25
ahayzenMyExHatesMeButMy, or whtever the syntax is ...21:25
MyExHatesMeButMyahayzen,  this desktiop file is driving me nuts that and the GPS21:26
MyExHatesMeButMymaybe because it is not in the store yet ?21:27
balloonsanyways, ahayzen yes I'm a bit confused, but doing many things at once21:31
ahayzenballoons, haha no worries... i won't mention the UITK merge tht is still failing :/.....21:32
ahayzenballoons, anyone else i can ask who may know?21:32
balloonsahayzen, I'm sure it is.. I don't have power over there21:32
balloonsI'm surpirsed tim didn't straighten that out21:32
ahayzenballoons, i'll have to poke him21:32
balloonsafaik, the tests ARE failing for the UITK merge. ;egit failures21:32
ahayzenballoons, i hardly changed anything as well lol21:33
balloonsahayzen, thomi is around.. ask him :-)21:33
balloonshe is the masta'21:33
balloonsahayzen, right, so might be something deeper, might not be21:33
ahayzenballoons, on #ubuntu-autopilot?21:33
ahayzenballoons, thanks21:33
MyExHatesMeButMyI think I got it popey  I think that the manifest.json was malformed. building new click....21:34
MyExHatesMeButMyIs there a way to un-install apps via pkcon ?21:36
MyExHatesMeButMyi tried pckon remove but it can not find my package, I think becuase it was built pkcon -install-local ?21:36
popeyi use click to unregister and remove packages21:41
MyExHatesMeButMy\o/ it worked popey ! now to figure out this GPS issue21:45
MyExHatesMeButMypopey,  you know any one that I can haggle about the GPS issue ?21:46
popeywhat device?21:46
popeyis gps turned on in your settings?21:46
popeythe n4 takes aaaaaaaaages to get a lock21:46
popeycan be like 20 mins21:47
popeyyou need to leave it at the window21:47
MyExHatesMeButMythen it turns itsself off and you are right it takes ages21:47
MyExHatesMeButMythere must be  fix for this lol21:47
popeythere is, AGPS21:47
popeybut that's not implemented yet21:47
MyExHatesMeButMyyeah my app is pretty much pointless with out gps21:48
MyExHatesMeButMysomeone will get to a turn then 5 minutes later it will tell them to turn21:48
MyExHatesMeButMythat is not good21:48
MyExHatesMeButMyIt is so strange I turn the GPS on and it turns itself off21:49
popeybug 1248973 maybe21:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 1248973 in Indicator Location "The location and gps check box don't stay checked" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124897321:50
MyExHatesMeButMyI guess it is what it is I could try and write some C++ with Geoservices and see if that works better21:51
MyExHatesMeButMyer still not working I am going to make a C++ plug in now22:02
MyExHatesMeButMybug 118265822:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 1182658 in location-service (Ubuntu Saucy) "Geolocation is not working in the browser" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118265822:02
MyExHatesMeButMybug 122742722:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 1227427 in address-book-service "Mobile Spec Suite crashes: Symbol lookup error in libqtcontacts" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122742722:02
nik90popey, mhall119: Please tell me this is good https://plus.google.com/113051860352311525753/posts/1YoDd8rGurF23:00
nik90nevermind wrongn link23:00
nik90sorry new link here -> https://plus.google.com/113051860352311525753/posts/E875HiR9y8r23:03
nik90it is regarding alarms design23:03
popeynik90: ooh23:08
MyExHatesMeButMygood golly miss Molly.   after stack traces debuging and valgrind and many other things including making a qt plugin. it turns out that it has notthing at all to do with QT But with Ubuntu Location Services.  that lib is screewed and buggy as all can be.  After looking that over and over again.  I am still un-able to fix the issue with out re-writing many of the files that are in the Ubuntu Location Services Classes.  WHY I ask you WH23:27
MyExHatesMeButMyY take something that works and BREAK it !23:27
MyExHatesMeButMynik90,  I asked my wife what she though about the clock app. She said that it was nice but needs a more simple way of setting alarms. She said that a digital clock would help. She could not figure out how to set a alarm.23:30
MyExHatesMeButMybut that said it is real nice.23:30
nik90MyExHatesMeButMy: a digital style is coming..I havent started on it yet, but tthat should be at most 1 day's work23:31
MyExHatesMeButMyyeah she is not tech savy so I though that she was a good person to ask23:31
nik90MyExHatesMeButMy: ofc, user testing is always required23:31
nik90infact I like to see how this design is received by users23:32
nik90not geeks like us23:32
MyExHatesMeButMythis Ubuntu Location Service really has me upset.  For now that is. time to take 2 steps back.23:34
mhall119MyExHatesMeButMy: did she try it on a device?23:35
mhall119swiping hands on a device is so much easier23:36
MyExHatesMeButMymhall119,  yeah it is the overall feel that she said that she did not like23:36
MyExHatesMeButMywell not that she did not like it but did not understand it23:36
mhall119ok, I suppose analog faces aren't everone's cup of tea23:36
nik90mhall119: +123:37
MyExHatesMeButMyexample: she had no clue at all as to how move the hands on the alarm23:37
MyExHatesMeButMyit was fun to watch23:37
MyExHatesMeButMyLike the Mum trys out linux videos23:38
MyExHatesMeButMyjust kidding well about the fun part that is23:38
mhall119I suppose "push the hand to the right time" is a physical analogy that younger generations might not catch23:38
MyExHatesMeButMyas nik90  said he is making a digital style23:39
mhall119yeah, covery both will be nice23:39
mhall119nik90 is pretty amazing23:39
MyExHatesMeButMynik90,  you going to use Picker for the digital clock ?23:39
MyExHatesMeButMyit is a AWESOME app and I use it all the time great stuff23:40
MyExHatesMeButMynik90,  if you like I can make it  right now I have to step away from my app due to the whole gps issue23:40
mhall119as soon as Alarms are fully functional, I will be officially retiring my DroidX23:41
MyExHatesMeButMythen again I just found the dang meat thermometer in the oven that she is cooking in.  sticking right into the roast soo.....23:42
MyExHatesMeButMygood stuff23:42
nik90MyExHatesMeButMy: No I wouldn't be using pickers for the digital style23:46
MyExHatesMeButMynik90,  what are you thinking about using ? Something custom ?23:47
nik90MyExHatesMeButMy: I will show the onscreen keyboard where the user can press numbers to set the hours and minutes. Simple enough instead of having to keep rotating the picker dial23:47
MyExHatesMeButMyGood Idea nik9023:47
nik90MyExHatesMeButMy: The text in the digital style will be exactly like the analogue one. The only difference between the analogue face will be hidden while the OSK keyboard will be shown23:47
nik90so nothing custom tbh23:48
nik90mhall119: thnx :D23:48
MyExHatesMeButMynik90,  no UbuntuShape behind the numbers ?23:48
nik90MyExHatesMeButMy: In the digital or the analogue style?23:48
nik90MyExHatesMeButMy: as of now, I am thinking no. But tbh only when I implement it will I know for sure23:49
nik90I keep experimenting stuff until I get it right :P23:49
MyExHatesMeButMythat is the way to go23:50
MyExHatesMeButMyIMHO at least23:50
nik90this anlogue alarm design is the 5th or 6th iteration23:50
nik90Both design and implementation wisse23:50
MyExHatesMeButMynice !23:50
MyExHatesMeButMynik90,  Just watched that video. Great Work ! Any plans for making the background color changeable ?23:58
MyExHatesMeButMynik90,  like a pop up that that has a RGB picker23:58

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