brobostigonmorning plod11:32
plodbore da11:42
plodwie ghets11:42
plodgood morning11:42
brobostigonnot bad, and you?11:44
plodyeah pretty good11:51
plodstressed to high heaven11:51
plodbut pretty good regardless11:51
brobostigon:) :(11:51
plodWe are due our first kid ever so soon11:58
plodbut as you can imagine its like a crazy can of worms hehe12:00
plodany news with you?12:16
brobostigonnot really, except for the JC/DWP forcing me to do workfare/MWA.12:21
plodwell sorry to hear that, not a fan of some of the changes happening atm myself13:49
brobostigonyes, they have lost there minds in certain respects.13:51
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