KI7MTdsmythies, You still around ?02:12
dsmythiesKI7MT: I am around, sort of. Not actually at my desk much right now.03:30
KI7MTdsmythies, I jsut wanted to let you know, I understand now, the diff between yelp-help, yelp-build preview and browser view using help.03:40
KI7MTdsmythies, Im also sending out a summary of the "About" copyright issue, and hope we can get some traction on that situation.03:41
KI7MTdsmythies, well I tried to send it out, email being held my mailman because it's over 40kb .. LOL.. I knew I should have bought him an xmas present :-)04:09
dsmythiesKI7MT; O.K. thanks for the notes. Yes, limit for list e-mail is really small.04:32
KI7MTdsmythies, Basically, I went through and grabbed the footers of 4 different flavors of "Abouts" that were using, mine included, and asked fer some guidance.04:34
dsmythiesKI7MT: Thanks for looking into it. Hopefully we can make it consistent across the entire document.04:35
KI7MTdsmythies, All we really need is somebody to tell us what should be used, then the team make a decision on how to implement it.  The only reason I went to the files themselves, was I was having trouble getting legal.xml to format correctly. That's the best way I think,. one file (;egal.xml), and just add the linky04:37
KI7MTThe if there's any changes needed, just update legal.xml .. and it's changed in all files.04:38
KI7MTdsmythies, I have that on my list of To-Do's .. fix the accounts files one this is all straightened out.04:39
dsmythiesKI7MT: I like one the one change fixes all approach.04:39
KI7MTYeah, that's the best way .. using the xref link to legal.xml04:40
KI7MTIt's doing the same thing, adding it locally to the file, or calling the link.04:40
KI7MTdsmythies, And i also see why you asked about the icon, looking at all the apps in System Settings .. theu all use the same first two lines to open System Setting, only thing is,  it's Unity, should we not be trying to use Dash as much as possible?04:45
KI7MTdsmythies, I tried to find a default Key-Setting for opening System Settings, but it appears you have to create your one key bindings for that one.04:46
dsmythiesKI7MT: Here I go again... I don't know. I am not actually very experienced at using unity, or even any linux desktop at all. At the root of it, I am a server guy.04:48
KI7MTdsmythies, It's the Super Key .. tap it, and dash appears, then type like system and all the apps starting with system appear, That's why I added the little Globe looking Icon, that's the Online Accounts Icon.04:50
KI7MTBut, now that Ive done that, my files don't look like the others, so I created another deviation, which is not the right way either.04:51
dsmythiesKI7MT: Oh my... Don't get me started on the "SUPER" key. Since I only have a VNC connection for graphical I/F, and for other yet to be solved reasons, the "SUPER" key doesn't work for me.04:52
dsmythiesdrove me nuts late last cycle.04:53
KI7MTYeha, that probably a bit of an issue for you I'd imagine.. lol04:53
KI7MTsuper key is awsome .. if you can master the shortcuts there, Unity is a pretty powerful tool.04:54
KI7MTdsmythies, Somtimes, VM is not all it's cracked up to be :-)04:54
KI7MTThis latop is dual boot, I keep the current LTS on one side, that the next LTS on the other, and y work station, al be it, unstable as it is, is native 14.0404:55
dsmythiesKI7MT: VM: yes, I am well aware. I seem to have considerable grief with my VMs sometimes.04:56
dsmythies I have to go...04:56
KI7MTI use VM's more for servers, Never had allot of luck with DE's04:56
KI7MTOk CU tomorrow.04:56
slickymasterknome: you around and with 1 minute to spare?16:50
slickymasterthe last edit page on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cuda goes back to September, 201216:55
slickymasterwould you consider it abandoned?16:56
knomei'd mark it for deletion16:56
slickymasterI'm asking because in what CUDA is concerned I'm completly in the dark16:57
knomeme too16:57
slickymasterknome, I've marked https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cuda as a candidate for deletion by adding <<Include(Tag/Deletion)>> to it17:24
phillwknome: can you ask slickymaster to contact https://launchpad.net/~amrith92 and ask his views on support? I use the edit history to try and get a response from the last couple of editors.20:00
KI7MTdsmythies, You around today ?21:39
dsmythiesKI7MT: I am around now. I'll be working on the Serverguide for maybe the next hour or two.22:00
KI7MTdsmythies, ahh ok .. Are you the only one working the server guide?22:01
dsmythiesKI7MT: Right now I'm not sure. Peter Matulis (the proejct driver) has signed up to review several sections, but I'm not sure where he is with those.22:04
KI7MTdsmythies, is there a spreadsheet for the server guide like there is for Desktop or how are you tracking items ?22:05
dsmythiesKI7MT: Serverguide tracking is done right on the serverguide "getting started" page. see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/UbuntuServerGuide . I'll edit that page shortly, but I am going to do a couple of bug reports just now.22:07
KI7MTdsmythies, don't let me interrupt you .. was just curious.22:08
dsmythiesKI7MT: O.K. The bug reports are trivial, so I have capacity for divertions.22:11
KI7MTdsmythies, I seen that matric before, I like that format, was thinking on doing AppArmor and phpMadmin until I saw it was all DocBook .. DB makes my head hurt22:11
dsmythiesKI7MT: I struggle with DocBook, but just use whatever was done before an an example.22:12
KI7MTOpenVPN was another one that needs re-worked, I get allot of quesitons in Ubuntu IRC abotu that one.22:13
dsmythiesKI7MT: Any serverguide help would be greatly appreciated. By far, I am not a subject matter expert in a great many areas of server.22:14
KI7MTI'll see if I can get something done .. Im on this Security and Privacy stuff for Desktop, and I made of list of things needing fixed on the accounts stuff I did.22:15
dsmythiesKI7MT: but I don't want to distract you from your DeskTop conributions either.22:15
KI7MTdsmythies, got your email .. I like the Ubuntu Docs Team thing too .. I'll have to look, or maybe godbyk can let us know, I think ubuntu-manual copyrights that way too, Ubuntu Docs Team.22:24
KI7MTdsmythies, Im going back to the legal.xml method ..  we need to know what to do about the personal copyright pages.22:25
dsmythiesKI7MT: Give the doc list time to chime in on the subject. It's a global list, and many are asleep right now.22:31
KI7MTdsmythies, yeah, Im in no hurry plenty of other things going on.22:31
KI7MTdsmythies, Actually, I think I have a solution that may please both sides of the fence on the Author / Editor thing. Need to test it first though.22:34
dsmythieseagles0513875: Here on IRC, a couple of months ago, plus or minus, you were mentioning something about an issue with samba. I wasn't on IRC at the time. Did you ever file a bug report about your issue?22:34
KI7MTdsmythies, Who's thr driver for Desktop Help 14.0422:40
KI7MTdsmythies, I gonna write a bug for the accounts stuff, will assign to myself, but want to make it clear what needs doing.22:42
dsmythiesKI7MT: A bug report is always a good idea.22:44
KI7MTdsmythies, I need input on the Security & Privacy stuff anyway ..22:45
dsmythiesKI7MT: DeskTop drivers for 14.04 would be the doc e-mail list, I suppose. And of the all the Doc committers: godbyk, bkerensa, "little girl", and myself work on, and I suppose help to drive, the DeskTop doc.22:47
KI7MTdsmythies, Ok, I thought there was normally a driver for each release cycle.22:48
KI7MTdsmythies, while Im editing these files again, wht do you thing about using the Start for Important  items23:50
KI7MTdsmythies, never mind, it's not in the figers/folder ..23:53

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