roastedrandom question - since the newer gnome print utility is seemingly broken in ubuntu gnome, is there a way to make the action of clicking on "Printers" in system setting to call on system-config-printer instead?02:04
darkxstroasted, it is not completely broken, it just has trouble finding some network printers03:57
roasteddarkxst: it finds all network printers that I try to connect to, both here and at work. Problem is, 100% of the time it says failed to install printer.04:01
roastedI have yet to see it succeed with any printers, to be honest.04:01
darkxstwell we need to fix that, not work around it by bailing out to system-config-printer04:04
roastedsure. I just wasn't sure if given the team size/time/magnitude of other projects if it warranted that or if using system-config-printer was an easier solution.04:05
darkxstthere was Bug 1242658, but it doesnt really have any useful info04:05
ubot5bug 1242658 in Ubuntu GNOME "Can not add printer in Ubuntu GNOME 13.10" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124265804:05
roastedyeah, in my case all it simply says is failed to add printer04:06
darkxstcan you get logs from `gnome-settings-daemon --debug -r` and `gnome-control-center -v`04:17
xdaimonhey guys, anybody know why when i try to do a fork like this http://www.jejik.com/articles/2007/02/a_simple_unix_linux_daemon_in_python/ in python while running ubuntu-gnome with its default session manager gdm that my process is not parented by the top level init.  When I lock the screen gdm, seems to be, affecting the functionality of my python script and other scripts, like a sh proces with a sleep command.04:58
xdaimonvery confusing to me, maybe someone with some knowledge of gnome can hep05:00
xdaimon1if someone has an answer and i'm not here my email is gazingatstars.o7@gmail.com . i might loose connection my internet is shoty05:03
xdaimon1i also have tried many other things that have to do with how i issue my commands or what methods I use to separate myself from a console. dit.com/r/learnpython/comments/1v1rng/keeping_python_alive_through_gnome_3_lock_screen/05:06
darkxstxdaimon1, processes shouldnt get killed when the screen looks07:49
Noskcajdarkxst, What dependencies and binaries should be dropped from displayconfig?07:49
darkxstNoskcaj, for now just use mutter control file dropping cogl/clutter07:50
darkxstthere are a bunch more that can be dropped, but need to clean up configure.ac first07:51
Noskcajok. only other thing i did was some renames in binary name. I'll push it soon07:51
darkxstok, thanks07:51
Noskcajlp:~noskcaj/+junk/displayconfig is my WIP07:53
darkxstxdaimon1, the while loop is horrid! you can replace it with GLib.timeout_add_seconds(60, run)07:53
darkxstNoskcaj, there is no gir or libraries!07:55
darkxstit can probably just be a single file package07:56
darkxstthere will be the daemon file to go into /usr/lib/displayconfig/07:58
darkxstand 2 service files to go into /usr/share/dbus-1/services/07:58
Noskcajok. So i just make it "display config" and no .install file?08:01
darkxstyou will probably need to set --libexecdir08:11
darkxstfor the daemon to go in the right place08:11
NoskcajThis is too much effort. I never use gnome stuff and really only go here because of boredom. Plus i'm not meant to be on the internet right now. This is one of the things that you should do yourself i think, since you actually understand the package.08:16
NoskcajPlus i need to not be on the computer so i can convince my parents to let me meet a DD and get a keysigning08:17
xdaimon1i'll check out the glib functions thanks man.15:13
darkxstricotz, hi, convinced debian guys to rename geoclue-2.0 ;)20:49
darkxstroasted, please add more details to Bug 1242658 (and logs if you can get anything useful)23:35
ubot5bug 1242658 in Ubuntu GNOME "Can not add printer in Ubuntu GNOME 13.10" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124265823:35
roasteddarkxst: ironically I'm on ubuntu gnome now (haven't been for a few days). What command shall I run?23:36
darkxstgnome-settings-daemon --debug -r23:36
darkxstG_MESSAGE_DEBUG=all gnome-control-center -v23:36
darkxst^in seperate terminals so you can log both23:36
darkxstthen try adding a printer23:37
roastedonce I feed my kiddo I'll do that an dlet you know23:38
roastedthanks :D23:38
roasteddarkxst: I'm trying to install a printer but it's been hanging @ "installing" for about 8 minutes now23:58

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