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* ppisati -> goes for some more coffee...08:04
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smbppisati, You are a weird person. Rising much too early for a Monday morning. :-P08:46
* smb may just get done with cup #108:46
ppisatismb: after the christmas/end of year vacation, i'm trying to get back to my early schedule... not as easly as i would like to, but i'm getting there... :)08:47
smbBah. Who ever would want an early schedule... and even voluntarily08:48
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* apw finds he gets more done if he can drag self out of bed earlier10:05
smbapw, You mean before us steals your time with idle chatter. :)10:13
apwsmb, hehe ... before i feel compelled to read email actually10:21
smbapw, Don't destroy all my believe. You actually read email sometimes. 3:-)10:23
apw*slap* ... i do, just not yours10:23
brendandam i missing something, that there are no kernels on : http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/reports/sru-report.html10:24
apwbrendand, everything seems to be released indeed.  wasn't this cadance cycle extended by a week to allow settling for 12.04.410:27
brendandapw, the last email said prep would start on the 6th10:27
brendandseems like promote-to-proposed hasn't quite been done yet10:28
ppisatiseems like latest T kernel is not happy on omapX:10:31
ppisati[   18.513641] [<c068a640>] (panic+0xa0/0x1f4) from [<c0055be4>] (complete_and_exit+0x0/0x1c)10:31
apwppisati, sounds like you get to have some fun today10:41
apwppisati, it has a heap of config updates in it, but they in theory are for ppc64el not for arm10:41
apwppisati, any luck :)12:30
apwrtg, fyi i pushed an -rc8 rebase which is working fine here on my lappy, not uploaded it yet as the previous upload hadn't made it out even :)13:18
apw(though it has now)13:18
rtgapw, cool13:18
apwthough i am a bit supprised to be seeing -rc8 and not final13:19
rtgLinus said he was gonna do an -rc8 being at Linux conf AU and all13:19
apwahh he is traveling, yeah13:20
rtgapw, I'll prolly get the trusty LTS uploaded to the c-k-t PPA today13:20
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ppisatiapw: not yet, but i suspect it's a problem between an old bootloader and the new kernel13:56
ppisatiapw: latest T works fine on other arm hw though13:56
apwhenrix, i have re-wacked the ti-omap4 cves in trusty and added support to keep them so15:13
henrixapw: ack, thanks15:14
apwhenrix, and for completeness lts-raring-next is now being used15:24
henrixapw: oh, that also makes sense ;)15:24
rtgapw, any reason not to upload the -rc8 rebase ?17:09
apwrtg, none that i know of, i was mearly waiting for the previous version to clear on sunday17:18
rtgapw, ok, then I'll finish packaging and do some test builds17:18
rtgapw,  -2.18 will clear before this pile is ready17:19
apwrtg, yeah it has all cleared out now17:23
apwas in all in -release now17:24
rtgapw, cool. I pushed the changelog, but haven't tagged yet17:24
apwBenC, any luck with the 3.13 rebase ?19:06
jdstrandminor nitpick> I think the kernel scripts may be adding trailing whitespace to CVEs19:12
jdstrand'-devel_linux-ti-omap4: needs-triage'19:12
jdstrand'+devel_linux-ti-omap4: ignored '19:12
jdstrandthat is when performing an import from the kernel tree19:13
jdstrandeg, active/CVE-2013-292919:19
apwjdstrand, that'd be my fault19:20
apwjdstrand, should be fixed now, for new ones it flips, which is just that ti-omap4 which has not yet gone19:21
jdstrandok, thanks :)19:21
apwjdstrand, i added a new phase to wack 'ignored' releases, and got it wrong :)19:22
BenCapw: In progress. Sorry, traveling to Dallas tomorrow and that's slow me down a bit. 19:24
apwok thanks19:32
apwjust making sure i didn't miss it somewhere19:32
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* apw wanders to where there is beer19:46

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