RAOFStupid partial-armhf-chroot stupid bastard of a thing.00:35
RAOFUm, why doesn't find_path actually stat the file it's looking for?01:36
duflu_RAOF: maybe because stat will give you the real answer, whereas it may be useful to retain a relative path like that passed in?01:42
RAOFduflu_: But then how does it find the file?01:43
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RAOFSpecifically - I can see that find_library stats for the library it's looking for, and indeed, find_library(GLIB_LIBRARY ...) is finding the glib library.01:44
RAOFHowever, find_path(GLIB_INCLUDE_DIR glibconfig.h ...) isn't statting glibconfig.h, and isn't finding GLIB_INCLUDE_DIR.01:45
RAOFOk, that's super annoying.02:04
dufluRAOF: I missed that, and hope it's not my lack of IRC stability that's annoying02:58
dufluIt's annoying me though02:58
RAOFduflu: Ah, no. I was just getting annoyed at cmake and our convoluted build system.03:22
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* RAOF wins the buildsystem wranger award!03:53
duflugcc wins the award for compiler most confused and lost by a missing parenthesis04:09
dufluI shouldn't have to switch to clang just to figure out what's wrong.04:10
RAOFduflu: Correct! Have export CC=clang; export CXX=clang++ in your .profile! :)04:11
RAOFOoh, we've gained a .clang-format directive.05:15
RAOFWhere is the configuration of the mako testrunner?06:33
RAOFAlso, how do we change it?06:33
RAOF(cf: http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-mediumtests-runner-mako/259/console , which is a failure because of a shiny new libumockdev0 dependency that's not getting resolved)06:33
sgx1hi, i haven't followed mir  for several months. did your developement focus change from lp:mir to lp:mir/devel ?07:03
duflusgx1: Yes07:03
sgx1I've a local lp:mir repository. is it possible to  create a a local lp:mir/devel from this and pull updates instead of 'bzr branch lp:mir/devel" ? i'm not familiar bazaar.07:15
duflusgx1: You should "bzr branch lp:~mir-team/mir/development-branch mydevbranch" so you can pull regular updates. But if you're not happy doing that then just download the source tarball: https://launchpad.net/mir/+milestone/0.1.407:20
sgx1what's the difference between  lp:~mir-team/mir/development-branch and lp:mir/devel?07:22
sgx1thanks anyway.07:28
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alan_galf__: just checking - you're happy with updates to expose-rpc-infrastructure?09:44
alf__alan_g: yes09:47
duflualan_g: I think we should usually try to wait for a minimum of 2 (human) reviews. Sorry I didn't get to it...09:49
dufluOh, perhaps it did almost get 209:50
alan_gduflu: Yeah. And it is low risk of breaking things09:50
duflualan_g: Well, start of a new mini-cycle too. So lower risk09:51
alan_galf__: can you land build-options-for-tests? (or abandon it)10:01
alf__alan_g: I will try to sync with CI today, to change the jenkins scripts. If I don't manage to do it today I will mark it as WIP, so it doesn't clutter the MP list.10:03
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greybackhey folks, what does the error message: what():  error during hwc set()14:05
alan_ggreyback: I don't recognise it, but sounds like something kdub might know. Do you have any more details?14:13
greybackalan_g: not really no, it pops up during random autopilot tests.14:13
greybackhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1262982 is best I could log about it14:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1262982 in unity-mir "Random mir failures running unity8 shell during AP tests" [High,Confirmed]14:14
alan_ggreyback: Hmm. The reporting code should be better - one of the points of boost exceptions is that they give file & line number.14:15
greybackalan_g: here's one instance: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-mediumtests-runner-mako/4625/artifact/results/log/unity8.log14:16
alan_ggreyback: there's nothing there that points me to the right place. Can you wait for kdub to wake up?14:20
alan_galf__: ^^ any idea?14:21
anpoksince when did this start to pop up?14:22
alf__alan_g: greyback: it's from mga::HWC11Device::post() (or less likely mga::HWC10Device::post(), depending on the device). I am guessing it has to do with screen blanking, but not certain.14:25
greybackanpok: not really sure, possible it's been around for a while14:25
anpokbut not started to happen, like mid of last week?14:25
greybackalf__: that would be a possibility anyway14:26
greybackanpok: think longer14:26
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anpokhm i have issues building for android15:32
anpokthe hwcomposer_defs.h defines a set of HWC_DEVICE_API_VERSION_X_X macors that map to HARDWRE_DEVICE_API_VERSION_2 .. which should be defined hardware.h15:34
anpokbut hardware.h only has HARDWARE_DEVICE_API_VERSION15:35
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anpokah ok cleaning up the var/apt/cache/ helps16:15
kdubanpok, old versions of android-headers needed a patch for that, which went in mid-december16:18
anpokkdub: I had two versions of them downloaded, and both of them installed - for some reason the older one won16:26
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kdubalf__, alan_g so with the db-optimize branch, the proposed design is set to keep the gl rendering in the compositor class16:48
kdubwith the sequence being DisplayBuffer::optimize(), Renderer::render(), DisplayBuffer::post()16:49
kdubwe could also just have DisplayBuffer::post(gl_rendering_functor), which I didn't go with because I wanted to keep the responsibility to GL-render out of DisplayBufferr16:50
rsalvetikdub: hey, got one issue with mir when porting to 4.416:51
kdubrsalveti, i'd be surprised if there wasn't one or two issues :)16:51
kdubwhat is seen?16:51
rsalvetikdub: seems the qcom devices dropped the rendering support on fb devices16:51
rsalvetikdub: so fb->post doesn't work anymore16:51
rsalvetiseems that this is not an issue with sf as it uses the hwcomposer for post16:51
kdubwell, we should be able to use hwcomposer for that one too...16:52
rsalvetikdub: yeah, seems that's the only issue16:52
rsalvetikdub: we should probably use hwcomposer by default for that unless it's not available16:52
rsalvetiwhich might be what sf is doing already16:53
kdubrsalveti, we use hwcomposer as default, and fall-back to the fb module16:53
rsalvetioh, cool then16:53
kdubso something isn't loading in hwcomposer, then we try fb, and that doesn't work either16:53
kdubi'd guess that...16:53
kdubhwcomposer is now like version 1.2 or something16:53
kdubnot a lot of code change for us, but we currently fail if we detect version 1.216:54
rsalvetikdub: oh, ok16:54
kdubrsalveti, i could try the image and see if i can bump it to work16:54
rsalvetilet me check, but I think mako is using 1.216:54
rsalvetikdub: yup, will publish one image in a few16:54
kdubrsalveti, cool, thanks16:54
alf__kdub: it could be DisplayBuffer::post(unoptimized_rendering_functor) with unoptimized_rendering_functor(list of surfaces). DisplayBuffer doesn't need to know anything about GL in particular16:55
rsalvetiI/SurfaceFlinger(  652): Using composer version 1.216:55
rsalvetikdub: ^16:55
rsalvetiin theory android 4.4 already supports even 1.316:56
kdubyeah, so my hope is that i can just bump the versioning checks in mir, and it should work16:56
kdubthe api is not much different between 1.1, 1.2, and 1.316:57
kdub(there were bigger jumps in api between fb module, 1.0, and 1.1)16:57
rsalvetiright, cool16:58
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anpokkdub: is it possible that the hwc cherry picks a few buffers in the middle of the array?17:07
kdubanpok, sure, if its possible17:09
kdublike, if you had 4 tiled windows, it could pick the lower-left one, although in the array its between two gl composited ones17:09
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anpokkdub: who is using setScreenPowerMode?18:54
kdubanpok, where do you see that symbol?18:56
anpokso somebody wires it with powerd?18:57
anpokor is it maybe used from a qml script?18:57
kdubyes, that signal comes from dbus18:58
kdubright now, that's powerd, but it could come from anywhere i suppose18:58
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RAOFrobotfuel: How are the mako test images set up? Specifically, can I get another package installed on it (or, better, get the test script to run ‘apt-get -f install’ after its dpkg run so that added dependencies get resolved automatically)?23:56
robotfuelRAOF: It's been a while let me look23:58
RAOFrobotfuel: cf: http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-mediumtests-runner-mako/259/console23:59

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