sleeziohello all..ok, i installed mythbuntu for the first time today, i chose the frontend/backend install...it worked fine on the machine i installed it(both backend and frontend), so i tried to connect to it via a remote machine with the mythbox plugin in xbmc, wouldn't connect to mysql database...so i thought maybe it was the install i chose...making it only work on the pc it was installed......so i reinstalled mythbuntu and chose primary backend t02:26
sleeziohis time...configured it...still can't connect via remote pc with mythbox(xbmc)..any ideas why?02:26
sleezioi tried to install a mythtv frontend from the software manager on remote machine, ran it, told me the database was 8 scheme versions behind?02:27
Hydr0p0nXsleezio, need to make sure that the myth database user is setup to connect from remote machines03:10
Hydr0p0nXalso, need to make sure the backend is configured to listen on something other than localhost03:11
sleezioHydr0p0nX: i figured it out, thanks for the reply03:34

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