josepleia2: hey, want me to migrate to the wiki>07:43
PaulW2URe the bad link that keeps appearing - http://askubuntu.com//stackexchange.com/sites, I think it should be "http://askubuntu.com/ and http://stackexchange.com/sites" It needs to be deleted or amended but I've left it for someone else to decide what to do with it16:31
josePaulW2U: let me fix it16:32
joseI'll see if I can fix the script at some point16:32
joseoh, looks like a bug when parsing the text16:34
PaulW2Ujose: Ok, I see that you've deleted the link(s), so I've changed "Top 5 Questions" to "Top Questions" as per last week16:40
josehmm, where is that?16:41
joseoh right16:41
josegood catch, thanks :)16:41

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