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pittiGood morning05:54
DanChapmangood morning07:02
elfymorning DanChapman07:02
DanChapmanhey elfy how are you?07:03
elfyDanChapman: did anything come of the xubuntu autopilot branch conversation - lderan has started to get things done :D07:03
elfyand I'm good thanks - trust you had a good weekend07:03
DanChapmanelfy, I did mention it but I can't exactly remember the outcome. :-| I should have made a note, i'll traul back through the logs later. IMO after some thought I think the best solution will be to have a seperate directory in the current dev branch? I'll create the branch now and traul through the logs to see what was said :-)07:14
DanChapmanelfy, yes I had a good weekend thanks, nice and relaxed07:14
elfyok - all I could find was jackson asking nick and him not answering it :p07:14
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pittijibel: FYI, I just added http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=autopkgtest/autopkgtest.git;a=commitdiff;h=07ac168e5f and these all work; investigating further then07:34
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pittijibel: I now tried to change the hardcoded defaults to07:46
pittitimeouts = {'short': 2, 'copy': 2, 'install': 5, 'test': 1, 'build': 10}07:46
pittifor a ~ 9 s build (package pmount), and it still works; so this only seens to happen for long timeouts07:46
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jibelpitti, Good morning. I added print statement to monitor when and which timeout were set and everything seems correct08:20
jibelbut I didn't try with linux08:20
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slickymastermorning all09:54
knomeslickymaster, we should look/finalize https://wiki.ubuntu.com/slickymaster/LinksMergeSandbox at some point09:55
slickymasterknome: I'll ready when you'll want me too09:57
slickymasterI'll be ^^^09:57
knomei've no idea what to do with it next09:58
knomei'll ping in again in some time, i need to do real work now :)09:58
slickymasterknome:I think the next step will be to triage all those links in order to assess their merit10:00
knomeyep, probably10:04
knomebut we also need to think whether we want to have just the OtherResources page, or one more links page with... more links10:05
slickymasterknome: I think you should approach the all thing gradually10:07
slickymasterthe first step being that triage in order to see the universe of links that we will be left with, and afterwards make that decision10:08
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DanChapmanslickymaster, when is your membership meeting? I've been a little busy, but want to make sure i've added my testimonial10:08
slickymasterhi, DanChapman good morning10:10
slickymasterDanChapman: it will be held in February 6th, 2014 at 22:00:00 UTC10:10
DanChapmanslickymaster great so I won't miss it if i get it done this week :-)10:11
slickymasterDanChapman: I do appreciate that you haven't forget it and also your testimonial10:11
slickymasterDanChapman: I think I'll have to ping balloons to be sure that he won't forget it also ;)10:11
slickymasterDanChapman: thanks again, mate10:12
DanChapmanslickymaster, :-D no problem at all10:12
davmor2Morning all10:52
slickymastermorning davmor210:54
elfyhi davmor210:57
davmor2everyone have a good weekend?10:57
slickymasterdavmor2: besides the enormous amount of rain that kept falling all weekend long, yes10:59
elfyall good here in Blighty - or in my bit - and had a really busy weekend doing as little as I could get away with :)10:59
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slickymasterDanChapman: sorry for bothering you mate, but I've just thought it straight right now. You haven't write then testimonial yet, have you?12:27
DanChapmanslickymaster, hey no not yet mate, why's that?12:31
slickymasterDanChapman: it's just I haven't checked the wiki yet and I got confused,12:34
slickymasternevermid that, sorry12:34
slickymasterI'm off. Lunch time ->12:51
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slickymasterI'm back <-14:49
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slickymasterballoons: thanks a lot for that. I really appreciate it.15:57
balloonsslickymaster, np :-)15:57
elfyballoons: !!! caught you15:59
elfyballoons: so - this is brought to you all the way from stgraber - elfy: that's a config option, so balloons should be able to enable it16:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1210728 in Ubuntu QA Website "Report a testcase bug missing from package tracker" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:01
balloonselfy, :-) let me look16:02
elfythanks :)16:02
balloonselfy, I've already set the"URL for testcase bug reporting "16:04
balloonsit's set to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests/+filebug16:04
elfythen something is broken16:05
elfygo there and find the button for it16:05
balloonselfy, looks like packages and laptop tracker didn't have it16:06
balloonshave a look at them now16:06
elfycheers balloons :)16:06
elfyEXCELLENT :D16:06
balloonsnice find.. I only had it config'd on iso16:06
elfythanks - that makes life a whole lot easier :)16:06
elfywell I did report it in October ... just saying :p16:07
balloonslet me look at the other bugs in there actually..16:09
balloonselfy, I see this actually; https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qa-website/+bug/126342916:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1263429 in Ubuntu QA Website "Install (auto-resize) test-case does not list pre-requisites" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:13
balloonsmisfiled, so I moved it.16:14
elfyhow did I do that :(16:15
elfyoh - thought it was one of mine lol16:15
balloonselfy, lol, no not one of yours16:16
elfyI do try and keep on top of manual testcase bugs16:16
balloonsjust thought you or slickymaster might be interested in tweaking that case :-)16:16
elfyslickymaster is busy doing something for me :p16:17
elfythere was another one like that ^^ I saw16:17
slickymasterhalf way through it, elfy :)16:18
elfyyou think you are - not told you about the other one :p16:19
slickymasterelfy, balloons, 1263429 concerns ubuntu specifically, I think16:19
elfyballoons: bug 1205009 121073216:20
ubot5bug 1205009 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Auto-resize iso test assumes drive has to be resized" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120500916:20
elfybug 121073216:20
ubot5bug 1210732 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Test ID 1301 Autoresize" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121073216:20
elfyall kind of tied up together - one looks half finished - sorry16:20
elfyslickymaster: yea - but we use the same image testcases16:20
balloons^^ indeed.. just worthwhile looking at how we spell out our tests cases16:21
balloonsalways a good thing to have a read and make sure things are straightforward, with no hidden assumptions16:21
slickymasterI'm off17:54
slickymasterbbl ->17:54
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Letozaf_mzanetti, hi20:17
mzanettiLetozaf_: hi20:19
Letozaf_mzanetti, I think I need some help to run reminders-app tests on the device, I have tried both with adb shell launching autopilot and with phablet-test-run but I could not launch them, can you help me ?20:20
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mzanettiLetozaf_: sure20:21
Letozaf_mzanetti, thanks :)20:21
mzanettiLetozaf_: can you start the app on the device?20:21
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Letozaf_mzanetti, yes using ./run_on_ubuntu_touch.sh -h20:21
mzanettithe -h is not needed (actually it should print some help with -h)20:22
mzanettilet me prepare my device20:22
Letozaf_mzanetti, :) yes it works also without the -h :P20:22
mzanettiLetozaf_: hmm... so jenkins installs the deb packages and runs them20:25
mzanettiLetozaf_: just running it from the build dir does not work currently20:25
mzanettiballoons: how do autopilot tests work nowadays? do they use upstart to start the app?20:26
Letozaf_mzanetti, ok20:26
Letozaf_balloons, hi20:27
balloonsLetozaf_, mzanetti hello :-) Letozaf_ just the person I wanted to chat with today20:27
Letozaf_balloons, :)20:27
balloonsso we want to try and get reminders onto the dashboard this week.. or asap :-)20:27
balloonsI had a quick look at the app and tests finally20:27
Letozaf_balloons, I have two little tests ready but I wanted to test them on device first20:27
balloonsmzanetti, yes upstart20:28
mzanettiLetozaf_: so there are 2 options. either you install the deb packages for running them on the device or you fix the test suite so you can just run it from within ~/reminders-app/tests/autopilot/ on the device20:28
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balloonsmzanetti, basically they take the click package and install it. Then grab the source tree, pull out the tests, copy them to /home and run them from there20:28
mzanettiballoons: but I guess the tests need to be prepared to be able to do so, right?20:29
balloonsmzanetti, there's a basic shell to follow.. Any other core app should make things cleaer20:30
mzanettiLetozaf_: this could work too ^^20:31
mzanettiLetozaf_: and probably way to go20:31
balloonsmzanetti, we support 3 methods for launching generally.. local, deb, and click20:31
mzanettiballoons: yeah... just all of them are quite a bit of efforts to get running with autopilot20:31
balloonsLetozaf_, grab the __init__.py, test_XXX.py and emulators.py files/folders from another core app and strip them down as a base :-)20:32
mzanettiLetozaf_: so... to start over again (I assume we confused you by now)20:33
Letozaf_balloons, mzanetti a little bit :)20:33
mzanettiLetozaf_: if you use run_on_ubuntu_touch.sh -c it will produce a click package for you20:33
Letozaf_mzanetti, yes I tried that20:33
mzanettiLetozaf_: you need to install that20:33
mzanettiLetozaf_: after that, you should be able to run the tests from ~/reminders-app/tests/autopilot/20:34
Letozaf_mzanetti, so I just have to copy it over to the device in /tmp for intance and launch it ?20:34
mzanettiLetozaf_: no. it's already on the device in /home/phablet/20:34
mzanettiLetozaf_: you need to install it with this:20:35
mzanettisudo click install --user=phablet com.ubuntu.reminders-app...click20:35
Letozaf_mzanetti, ok let me try it20:36
Letozaf_mzanetti, probably I'm missing something as I get an error, where do you have to launch the command from ?20:38
mzanettiLetozaf_: on the device. log in with ssh. do you know how that works?20:39
Letozaf_mzanetti, yes I was on the device in /home/phabelt/reminders-app20:39
Letozaf_mzanetti, but I get FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'com.ubuntu.reminders-app...click'20:39
mzanettiok. the package should be in /home/phablet/com.ubuntu.reminders-app_0.1_armhf.click20:40
mzanettioh... I just typed in before and was to lazy to spell it out...20:40
mzanettithe ... should have been replaced with the version number and architecture20:40
Letozaf_mzanetti, I got the error, I have no com.ubuntu.reminders-app_0.1_armhf.click directory in /home/phablet as I re-flashed my device yesterday and did not launch the run_on_ubuntu_touch.sh -c command again20:42
Letozaf_mzanetti, I must first launch that20:43
mzanettiLetozaf_: its not a directory. its a file20:43
Letozaf_mzanetti, yes file, sorry :P20:43
mzanettibut ok. if you wiped your device you need to build the click package again (or copy it from the pc)20:43
Letozaf_mzanetti, I got the click package now under /home/phablet20:44
Letozaf_mzanetti, com.ubuntu.reminders-app_0.1_armhf.click20:45
mzanettiinstall it20:45
Letozaf_mzanetti, ok done20:46
mzanettiLetozaf_: great. now test if you can launch it.20:47
Letozaf_mzanetti, with phablet-test-run ?20:47
mzanettiLetozaf_: no, tapping on it in the applications scope20:48
mzanettiLetozaf_: if it doesn't appear in the applications scope, you can search for it and it should appear20:48
Letozaf_mzanetti, let me search for it, cannot se it in the application scope20:48
Letozaf_mzanetti, :( cannot find it... searching for reminders returns  nothing20:50
mzanettiLetozaf_: did the install command throw some error?20:50
Letozaf_mzanetti, no : sudo click install com.ubuntu.reminders-app_0.20:51
Letozaf_Selecting previously unselected package com.ubuntu.reminders-app.20:51
Letozaf_(Reading database ... 0 files and directories currently installed.)20:51
Letozaf_Unpacking com.ubuntu.reminders-app (from com.ubuntu.reminders-app_0.1_armhf.click) ...20:51
Letozaf_Setting up com.ubuntu.reminders-app (0.1) ...20:51
Letozaf_mzanetti, yes 0 files installed20:51
Letozaf_mzanetti, that 0 ...20:51
mzanettihmm... this looks like dpkg output20:51
mzanettioh indeed... click looks the same nowadays20:52
mzanettiLetozaf_: hmm. looks ok20:52
mzanettiLetozaf_: can you restart the device and see if it appears?20:52
Letozaf_mzanetti, I will, now20:53
Letozaf_mzanetti, sorry nothing changed after reboot it's still missing in the applications scope and if I search for reminders, nothing is displayed20:55
mzanettiLetozaf_: gimme a minute, I'll uninstall it from mine and try to reinstall the latest version20:56
Letozaf_mzanetti, thanks20:56
mzanettiLetozaf_: hmm... works here21:04
mzanettiLetozaf_: check if this exists:21:05
mzanetti /opt/click.ubuntu.com/com.ubuntu.reminders-app/21:05
Letozaf_mzanetti, yes got that directory21:07
mzanettiLetozaf_: and this one: /home/phablet/.local/share/applications/com.ubuntu.reminders-app_reminders-app_0.1.desktop ?21:07
Letozaf_mzanetti, in /home/phablet/.local/share/applications/ got a lot of other files but com.ubuntu.reminders-app_reminders-app_0.1.desktop is missing21:09
mzanettiLetozaf_: ok. then its not isntalled correctly...21:10
mzanettiLetozaf_: one last check: /opt/click.ubuntu.com/com.ubuntu.reminders-app/0.1/reminders-app.desktop21:10
mzanettidoes that exist?21:10
Letozaf_mzanetti, yes got it21:11
mzanettiLetozaf_: can it be that you forgot the --user=phablet when installing?21:11
Letozaf_mzanetti, could be, did it in a hurry, will re-launching the command help fix this ?21:12
mzanettiLetozaf_: no, but you can fix it with this:21:12
mzanettisudo click register --user=phablet com.ubuntu.reminders-app 0.121:13
Letozaf_mzanetti, ok did it ...21:14
mzanettinow it should appear in the installed applications. maybe only after a search for reminders21:14
Letozaf_mzanetti, yes.. it's there21:14
mzanettiLetozaf_: now, do you have the code for the app already in /home/phablet/reminders-app/ ?21:15
Letozaf_mzanetti, I think so but let me check first21:15
mzanettiif not, just use run_on_ubuntu_touch.sh once21:16
Letozaf_mzanetti, yes I got the code21:16
mzanettiLetozaf_: ok. now we should be able to run the tests doing this:21:16
mzanettiLetozaf_: cd reminders-app/tests/autopilot/21:17
mzanettiLetozaf_: autopilot run reminders_app21:17
mzanettiLetozaf_: however, it doesn't seem to work. and I think we should gix that21:17
Letozaf_mzanetti, yes I got DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NotSupported: Unable to autolaunch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X1121:17
mzanettiLetozaf_: are you trying to launch it as root?21:18
Letozaf_mzanetti, yes21:18
mzanetti(you should not - run autopilot as user)21:18
mzanettihow did you log in into the device btw?21:18
Letozaf_mzanetti, adb shell21:18
mzanettiLetozaf_: on your pc, open your ~/.bashrc and put this at the end:21:20
mzanettialias sd='adb shell start ssh; adb forward tcp:2222 tcp:22; ssh-keygen -f /home/mzanetti/.ssh/known_hosts -R [localhost]:2222; ssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no phablet@localhost -p 2222'21:20
mzanettiLetozaf_: replace mzanetti with your username on the pc21:20
* Letozaf_ is doing i21:21
mzanettiLetozaf_: then close and open the terminal again and use "sd" to connect to the device instead of "adb shell"21:21
Letozaf_mzanetti, done :)21:22
mzanettiLetozaf_: ok. now you're logged in as user and have the terminal configured correctly so you can use editors on the device21:22
Letozaf_mzanetti, cool thanks21:22
mzanettinow try again. the error should be another one. and thats the one we need to fix21:23
Letozaf_mzanetti, now I get ProcessSearchError: Process exited with exit code: -621:23
mzanettiLetozaf_: exactly... I don't know yet what its happening... must be someting in __init__.py in launch_test_application21:23
* Letozaf_ is looking at __init__.py21:25
mzanettiLetozaf_: seems the get_module_include_path doesn't have the correct path for the reminders qml plugin21:26
Letozaf_mzanetti, I think I left that out as didn't know how to put it in correclty21:26
Letozaf_mzanetti, how come the tests work on the desktop ?21:28
mzanettiLetozaf_: because you're running them from the build directory and this ../../../src/plugin works for that21:29
mzanettiLetozaf_: but now the plugin is installed in .21:29
mzanettias in, same directory where the rest of the app is installed21:30
Letozaf_mzanetti, oh I understand21:32
mzanettiLetozaf_: seems there's more to it... it tries to start the app from the builddir in /home/phablet/reminders-app/builddir/src/app/21:40
mzanettiLetozaf_: while it should do some upstart magic to start the installed click package21:41
mzanettiLetozaf_: do you think you can track that down and fix it like the other core apps autopilot tests are?21:41
Letozaf_mzanetti, I can try, I will take a look and let you know if I was able to21:42
mzanettiLetozaf_: ok21:43
mzanettiLetozaf_: well ideally it would work like this:21:43
mzanettiLetozaf_: if the tests file is installed in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ then it should load the qml file installed in /usr/share/reminders-app/21:45
mzanettiLetozaf_: if the tests file is located in /home/phablet/autopilot/ then it should start the installed click package with upstart21:45
mzanettiLetozaf_: if the tests file is located in /home/phablet/reminders-app/tests/autopilot/ then it should start the qml file from /home/phablet/reminders-app/src/app/21:46
mzanettinow, I understand this is somewhat overkill21:46
mzanettiballoons: can you tell us which are the required minimum?21:47
mzanettiI think the first one works already and is required by the upstream merger jenkins21:47
mzanettithe third one nearly works and is the easiest one to run and change tests/code on the device21:47
mzanettithe second one doesn't work right now but I'm afraid that's what the release jenkins wants21:48
Letozaf_balloons, my code is here: bzr branch lp:~carla-sella/reminders-app/new-reminders-app-tests21:48
Letozaf_balloons, if you need it21:49
balloonsnot sure I understand the question yet.. I'll nab the code :-)21:51
balloonsLetozaf_, it doesn't merge clean yet eh?21:52
Letozaf_balloons, is there one conflict ?21:53
balloonsLetozaf_, 2.. I just branched it direct21:53
mzanettiLetozaf_: yay! got it executed21:54
Letozaf_balloons, :)21:54
Letozaf_mzanetti, :)21:54
Letozaf_mzanetti, yay!!!21:54
mzanettiLetozaf_: in __init__.py change this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6747208/21:54
mzanettiLetozaf_: and in launch_test_qml this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/674721021:55
mzanettiLetozaf_: then it starts21:55
mzanettilocally from the build dir that is. the upstart job doesn't work yet21:56
Letozaf_mzanetti, launch_test_qml you added that21:59
mzanettiLetozaf_: no... its in tests/autopilot/reminders-app/__init__.py21:59
mzanettiLetozaf_: around line 5021:59
mzanettiLetozaf_: this is the complete function: http://paste.ubuntu.com/674723422:00
mzanettiLetozaf_: I just added the --desktop_file_hint parameter22:00
mzanetti(which btw shouldn't point to camera-app.desktop, but rather reminders-app.desktop)22:00
mzanettibut anyways, should get you started22:01
Letozaf_mzanetti, balloons  ok thanks I will look at this tomorrow evening, it's late for me now have to wake up early tomorrow :P22:03
Letozaf_mzanetti, think I got it but will try it out tomorrow thanks22:03
Letozaf_balloons, mzanetti night be back tomorrow22:06
balloonsnight.. ty Letozaf_  and mzanetti22:06
Letozaf_balloons, mzanetti thank you guys :D22:07

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