OverandNot sure if I want to ask in here or in some ubuntu-related channel, but I figured it was worth a shot.  VM host - Arch Linux, pretty up to date.  Running GNU Screen.  SSHed into several machines - one of which is running Ubuntu-Server 12.04.  And inside that, i've got a non-fully-functional terminal!  Like, I can't use less, I get "WARNING: terminal is not fully functional".  For what it's worth,01:05
Overander, cut off. For what it's worth, $TERM is "screen.linux" on the ubuntu system01:05
OverandWell, to resolev that issue, I just needed to install "ncurses-term" on the ubuntu system.02:19
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SpankyTrying to update my Ubuntu 10.04 Base (Zentyal).  Get the following:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6742414/02:56
SpankyAny good ideas to force the update?02:57
jkitchenSpanky: there's more than just that02:57
holsteinSpanky: yeah, they'll have to support it http://www.zentyal.org/ ..otherwise, 10.04 ubuntu is still supported on the server02:58
SpankyI tried most of this already and no dice: http://goo.gl/XcsLLd02:59
holsteini know, i would just want to get "sudo apt-get update" to complete without error02:59
holsteincould be any custom package or source ppa that they add though02:59
SpankyI guess it may be time for updating to Zentyal 3.X Server (which is built on top of Ubuntu Server)...03:01
SpankyDoesn't 10.04 support / updates run out pretty soon?03:01
Spankyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases - Guess it's April 2015...03:02
holsteinSpanky: i dont konw what zentyal does, or what the support length is.. they could be based on 10.04, and support it for a shorter period than stock ubuntu,a nd that could break things.. or they could support it as long as they please03:03
SpankyYeah.  It's pretty much in-line with Ubuntu and is official Canonical supported branch product.03:05
holsteinSpanky: its actually not03:05
holsteinSpanky: its a different product.. it will be supported by them03:05
holsteinhttp://forum.zentyal.org/ is where i would start03:06
Spankyholstein:  I guess they lie on their web site then.03:06
MavKendo any of you use digitalocean?03:09
jkitchenI had a box there for a short while03:09
jkitchenthey don't have ipv6 (still) so I am not moving services yet03:09
MavKenI can get all of my static sites working but have many permission issues trying to get drupal or wordpress working03:10
MavKenipv6 probably wont be available with them until mid to late next year, they are in a feature freeze right now03:10
MarGulHi! When I put a test index.php (<html><body><?php echo "This works!"; ?></body></html>) in my webroot(runnig ubuntu server 12.04 and nginx) the text gets shown properly and all looks good. But when I then upload (through fileZilla) my own index.php nothing gets shown. Its just a blank page. Anyone have any suggestions were to start troubleshooting?03:12
MavKenyou have php installed?03:13
SpankyMarGul:  http://serverfault.com/questions/110699/ascii-vs-binary-vs-auto - FileZilla defaults to ASCII on install and that may not be what you want.03:15
MarGulMavKen: Yes I have php installed. When I run that test file (with php in it) everything works fine03:16
MarGulSpanky: Okey, I will take a look at it :)03:16
SpankyMarGul:  For all the dirty details and the "WebMaster" pissing match that ensued see:  http://trac.filezilla-project.org/ticket/423503:18
MarGulSpanky: I had FileZilla set on Auto transfer before and changed it to binary. Still doesn't work. The thing is when Im in my webroot I can see the files and it all looks good. But I just get a blank page03:26
MarGulI also tried to upload to my server, with same settings just a different webroot, and that worked just fine03:27
MarGulI did that old upload like 10 days ago. Now I just changed my webroot on my virtual host file. Added that folder, and now I just get a blank page. What bothers me is that my test.php works just fine. But my own site do not work03:28
codexon 13.10, is qemu-kvm (as a service) replaced by something else?04:05
codexI noticed it's not longer available for restart - if you use tasksel to install the Virtual Machine group04:06
sheptardcodex: lib-virtd04:07
codexInteresting. So libvirt is no longer separated from qemu/kvm, or is it just a hook of some sort?04:10
codexI noticed qemu-system-x86 also replaced kvm04:10
codexwhich I had read about already04:11
BadBoY__i installed ubuntu-serever 13.10 on my system having amdA10 64bit arc. Then while starting it always gets stuck on bluetooth: failed applying patch. what should i do?07:59
yolandamorning jamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~yolanda.robla/charm-helpers/get_hostname/+merge/20134708:45
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cvtsxHello, has anyone hosted a minecraft server? I need help with something10:08
melmothcvtsx, my nephew is hosting one10:13
cvtsxmelmoth can you tell me how to get plugins working? i got my bukkit server up and running10:14
cvtsxand the plugin in my plugin folder10:14
melmothif i remember correctly, you "just" need to unzip the archive un the plugin folder and restart the server10:14
melmothit will create template config file for the plugin, set whatever you want in them, restart the server10:15
melmothhere you are10:15
cvtsxhow do i restart the server?10:17
melmothcvtsx, when i start the server, i end up with a "shell" on the server. I think stopping it can be done with "quit" or "exit"10:20
melmothnot sure, i m not using that stuff regulalry, havent touch it for a year or so10:20
cvtsxyeah, i am using putty also10:21
Davieyjamespage / rbasak: Planning to go to FOSDEM this time?11:24
jamespageDaviey, not this year - I think rbasak is going tho11:48
Davieyjamespage: :(11:50
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zulrbasak:  hey are you going to merge the new puppet?14:09
rbasakzul: oooh. Yes, I can take that. Our delta is small - it might just be a sync.14:13
zulrbasak:  ack14:13
jamespagezul, if you fancy trying it - https://launchpad.net/~mysql-ubuntu/+archive/percona/+packages14:20
jamespagepercona-xtradb-cluster for trusty14:21
jamespagecan't upload it yet as block on a licensing issue with OpenSSL14:21
* jamespage sighs14:21
rbasakDaviey: I'll be there. Are you going?14:21
zuljamespage:  ill try to find some time to try it out14:21
zulf u beanstalkd14:23
jamespagezul, any ideas on ryengs's query re library versioning for 5.6?14:32
zuljamespage:  lemme go check14:34
zuljamespage:  nope :(14:36
TJ-apache2 with userdir.conf ... despite "Options ...+ FollowSymLinks +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch" and checking the owners do match, the symlinked file isn't shown and there are no log-file clues as to why... what might I be missing?14:43
TJ-my bad: symlink was faulty!14:59
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zulsmoser: this is what i was seeing with euca2ools http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6745283/15:57
smoseryou probably need to give it a arch then. its a change in behavior, but generally a sane one.15:59
qhartmanI'm working on getting some Xen VM's running on my remote server, running 12.04. I have DOM0 running happily, and when I attempt to install 12.04 via a netboot image, it seems to get stuck right after getting network info16:08
qhartmanI see ocassional error messages that say something about a framebuffer, so I added fb=false to the boot options, but that hasn't changed the behavior16:09
qhartmanAny suggestions? My googling hasn't turned up anything that seems immediately useful.16:09
qhartmanFor reference, I'm (roughtly) following the guide found here: http://www.bentasker.co.uk/documentation/linux/188-setting-up-xen-on-ubuntu-12-0416:10
smbqhartman, Could it be a problem with the virt bridge?  For netboot to work you have to configure a transparent bridge manually (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/Xen)16:13
qhartmansmb, The DOM0 is using the bridge interface to talk to the world, so I _think_ the bridge is configured right, and the vm seems to get it's dhcp config. I'll poke around for methods to test that, if you don't have any immediate suggestions.16:14
smbqhartman, One issue can me the MAC address of the bridge. If not specified manually I found some references that it could change to the lowest connected to the bridge and that may change just when the virtual NIC comes up16:16
qhartmansmb, Interesting. I've not run into that using more usual bridge configs. I'll check that out. Thanks for the suggestion.16:17
tomixxxi have a problem with maas: problem is, that nodes added to maas-server stay in state "commissioning"16:19
tomixxxthey never change to state "ready"16:19
tomixxxand i dont know why...16:19
tomixxxis anyone able to help? ;)16:20
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pmatulis_tomixxx: try #maas16:45
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jamespageadam_g, if you have 10 - https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/precise/nova-compute/resize-fixes/+merge/19926616:55
jamespageI'd forgotten about it16:55
tomixxx@pmatulis: ty for link :-)17:10
adam_gjamespage, lgtm.  is there a corresponding  nova-c-c change?18:00
semiosisjamespage: ping, re https://code.launchpad.net/~semiosis/ubuntu/trusty/glusterfs/fix-for-126806418:29
MavKenIf I have /etc/skel/public_html/ and wordpress in the public_html directory then set all permissions, will those carry over for each new user?18:38
sarnoldMavKen: the files themselves will be copied into new home directories; probably the permissions bits will stay the same, but the owner ought to be set to the owner of the new home directory19:03
DelemasAfter a 13.04 to 13.10 upgrade my server logs are getting spammed every 6 seconds by systemd-logind as per: http://pastebin.ca/2535595  Anyone know why?19:03
sarnoldDelemas: you may wish to try asking in #ubuntu-desktop, I believe more the folks who would know about that are in there19:06
DelemasOk will do thanks.19:06
TheLordOfTimeis there any way to rsync or tarball up data and retain file permission settings?19:09
hitsujiTMOtar -p should retain permissions19:10
hitsujiTMOTheLordOfTime: tar --help | grep permissions19:10
TheLordOfTimehitsujiTMO: thanks19:11
DelemasAfter a 13.04 to 13.10 upgrade my server logs are getting spammed every 6 seconds by systemd-logind as per: http://pastebin.ca/2535595  Username is not logged in. Anyone know why?19:12
sarnoldDelemas: wrong chan :) hehe19:13
zulsarnold: any hope of beanstalkd getting done soon?19:15
sarnoldzul: depends if it builds for me..19:16
zulsarnold: should build now..fixed it this morning19:16
sarnoldzul: yay! <319:16
TheLordOfTimeany one know why I wouldn't be permitted to rename these files?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6746435/19:28
TheLordOfTimethe user teward is my user so i'm kinda at a loss o.O19:28
sarnoldTheLordOfTime: filenames are part of the containing directory; what are permissions / owner of the . directory?19:28
sarnold(ls -ld .)19:28
ikoniaTheLordOfTime: what's the error you get when you try to rename them ?19:29
TheLordOfTimesarnold: ikonia: probably better if i give you the full ls -alshF that I use, and the line before it on the command line showing the path I'm in...19:30
TheLordOfTimeikonia: mv: cannot move `nginx-settings.tar' to `etc_nginx-settings.tar': Permission denied19:30
* TheLordOfTime was trying to rename it so he would remember where everything goes when he extracts the tarballs19:31
ikoniaTheLordOfTime: root:root no permissions for nonroot to move19:31
sarnoldTheLordOfTime: yeah, user 'root' can rename those files because root has rwx in that directory; you can either change the directory's group owner to teward, change the directory owner to teward, or bust out sudo19:31
* TheLordOfTime facepalms19:31
TheLordOfTimeof course >.>19:31
ikoniaTheLordOfTime: remember, move is not rename19:31
TheLordOfTimeikonia: yeah, i know... *facepalm*19:31
ikoniaoops ;)19:31
TheLordOfTimei feel like a noob >.>19:32
TheLordOfTimebut, I guess even the best sysadmins sometimes screw up like this and forget things19:32
ikoniadon't be silly19:32
ikoniaeasy to make silly slip ups19:32
TheLordOfTimeit happens to the best of us19:32
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etohey does anybody here run ubuntu server with systemd?19:37
Delemaseto: Seems to be the default with 13.10...19:40
sarnoldit isn't full systemd, upstart is still the init daemot; but some of the systemd-provided services are being used to replace the old consolekit and provide other gnome-required services19:41
etoDelemas: i hear the desision was not yet made19:42
etosarnold: i mainly interested into server thing19:42
Delemasah k my mistake...19:43
etosarnold: i run arch on all my boxes but would be bit scared to run it on server19:43
etosarnold: but i already have some crap i made which already uses some systemd features19:44
etodo you think server edition will move to systemd in the future?19:44
sarnold14.04 LTS will use upstart; it is unlikely future version will move to systemd, but I won't promise that..19:45
etosarnold: given i have no clue about apt, and other ubuntu specific things, i guess i would need to learn all that anyway if i wanted to run ubuntu for server19:48
etothis would be experimental machine for now to test things out, do you think it would be worth the time?19:48
sarnoldeto: I think it's always worth investing time to learn new things; a few quick hints about apt that made it more fun for me: apt-get update  will update the indexes; apt-get -u dist-upgrade will upgrade the packages to newest in the indexes; apt-cache search <foo> will search package names and descriptions for <foo>19:50
etosarnold: let's say i want to compile some application extensions and such, this is dead easy on arch, as any given (library)package contains everything necessary (headers etc). I heard once, that there is split in ubuntu universe, between normal (for use)packages and "development" parts, correct?19:54
etosarnold: also ubuntu has some managemnt glue stuffed in, which regenrate actual control/config files, correct?19:54
sarnoldeto: correct, the headers are in -dev packages; "apt-get build-dep <foo>" will install all the packages needed to recompile the <foo> package19:57
sarnoldeto: the configuration mechanism is 'debconf'; support for it varies from package to package19:57
etosarnold: is it safe to have those *-dev packages on production server?19:57
sarnoldeto: yes19:58
etosarnold: for example on bsd they doesn't seem to have similar split either19:58
etosarnold: any reason this split was made or this was adopted from debian?19:58
sarnoldeto: adopted from debian; they figured that most users don't compile most of the time, so the bandwidth and storage could be saved by not including the headers in every package19:59
etosarnold: understood - that is good for desktop boxes  and laptops, but not so useful on server correct?20:00
sarnoldeto: the server admins I know aim for fully-reproducable server systems; they'd prefer to compile the few packages they need to compile themselves in a reproducable format such as .deb packages using sbuild20:01
sarnoldthen those packages can be distributed to their servres as needed20:01
etosarnold: i see that is similar to freebsd, where you build packages one box and then deploy them to rest20:02
patdk-wkyep, no need for headers on deployed boxes, only build ones20:03
etosarnold: what if one server is powerful enough - virtualisation? eg have builder and rest of the boxes in vms?20:04
etopatdk-wk: ^ sorry sarnold20:04
patdk-wkI have a build box, I do my work on20:04
patdk-wkthen my other server just fetch it via normal updates20:04
patdk-wkbeen doing that forever with rhel and ubuntu20:05
patdk-wkbut not sure what you mean about powerful enough20:05
etopatdk-wk: well currently the iron runs vmware and virtualises four servers20:06
patdk-wkmy builders are normall like 2gigs ram, and 2cores20:06
patdk-wkthe one I build illumos on though, is 8cores, and 8gigs ram, it takes a long time to build20:06
etopatdk-wk: this some is some blade box, there is antoher decomissioned one which returned "home" and is lying here unused. i wanted to try replicate current setup used for production myself on it, but i wanted to give sytemd try20:09
etopatdk-wk: seems like there are systemd packages in ubuntu "repos" but those are slightly outdated20:09
etosorry for asking such stupid questions arch and freebsd is everything i used so far20:11
strixUKhi.  problems booting a fresh install of ubuntu 13.10 server.  / is on raid1+lvm.  booting  recovery mode shows md starting /dev/md0 okay, but then i get: device-mapper: table: 252:0: linear: dm-linear: device lookup failed etc, and i'm dumped to an initramfs shell.20:48
strixUK/proc/mdstat indicates that the device is okay, and lvm pvs/vgs/lvs show the expected output, but /dev/mapper is empty (apart from control); also, booting recovery mode from the installation dvd can mount everything okay20:49
strixUKmd0 is "degraded" (the second disc is not yet available), which causes boot to have kittens when it tries to assemble the array, so i shrunk md0 to just one member (so md is now happy), but lvm booting off the install is not.20:49
geniistrixUK: Is your initrd built with raid support?21:00
TheLordOfTimedoes `python-software-properties` get shipped with the server ISOs?21:20
sarnoldTheLordOfTime: check output of seeded-in-ubuntu software-properties21:21
TheLordOfTimesarnold: looks like it's in the dailies in Trusty, any way to see if it's seeded in other releases?21:23
sarnoldTheLordOfTime: no idea, sorry21:25
TheLordOfTimesarnold: maybe -release would know?21:26
TheLordOfTimei mean i could pull the manifests but i'm lazy :P21:26
TheLordOfTime(because add-apt-repository doesn't come with the 12.04.3 server ISO and i'm wondering if it does in later seeds)21:26
TheLordOfTime(and that's part of python-software-properties in the older releases)21:26
semiosisjamespage: ping21:35
strixUKgenii: no idea, but i would hope that the stock initrd had raid+lvm support if the installer allows those options.22:03
strixUKgenii: in any event, the kernel evidently can /see/ both the RAID array and the LVs, because they are visible in /proc and lvm respectively22:03
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