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mhall119popey: you probably have to do some trickery to get a full download of the specific revision instead of an image diff02:17
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tvosspitti, good morning :) qtubuntu-sensors is in landing sheet now, and the Mirv set the cmake branch to approved06:20
pittitvoss: good morning -- great to hear! so it should auto-merge into trunk soon?06:20
tvosspitti, yup06:21
pitticool; I'll work on qtubuntu-sensor tests then this week06:21
x245475233nexus 506:27
imjmhello developers, this is imjm06:28
imjmi want to know about ubuntu for my device06:29
tvosspitti, great, that sounds good06:30
tvossimjm, just ask your questions then06:30
x245475233any link for the status of development for Nexus 5?06:34
x245475233preview release06:36
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Guest82215What is Ubuntu Touch like on the Nexus 4 these days?  I tried it at one point, but had problems with the keyboard and the UI kept hanging.  How are things coming?06:51
x5255252any news about nexus 5?06:56
tvossGuest82215, I use it as my primary phone these days. Glitches: yes, but very usable07:07
Guest82215tvoss, Does bluetooth function?  Specifically, can you use a bluetooth keyboard?  I sometimes use my phone as a laptop replacement that way.07:15
tvossGuest82215, I'm not sure tbh, would need to check. However, you can now dual boot android and ubuntu, so easier to keep Ubuntu Touch around on your phone07:16
Guest82215I've thought about going the dual boot route, but I only have an 8GB model, so I've been hesitant to do that.  But it's probably my best bet at the moment.07:18
Guest82215Thanks, tvoss.07:18
tvossGuest82215, sure, yw :)07:18
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dholbachgood morning07:45
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Mirvtsdgeos: Saviq: hi! I seem to have found out how to reproduce the ubuntu-ui-toolkit segfaults locally.. I wonder if you could help? at least I don't find any existing upstream reports yet. bug #126850709:03
ubot5bug 1268507 in qtdeclarative-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "V4 crash if executing a Qt Quick test without /proc mounted" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126850709:03
tsdgeosMirv: i can have a quick look09:06
tsdgeoslet me see if i can repro09:07
tsdgeosMirv: can i unmount proc on my running system and hope nothing will explode?09:07
Mirvtsdgeos: haha :) just a second, I'm ready for a reboot, I'll test what happens09:08
Mirvtsdgeos: it's possible, via sudo umount -fl /proc - system still works, and I can launch more gnome-terminals but not more firefoxes09:09
Mirvtsdgeos: I can then launch firefox again after sudo mount -t proc proc /proc09:09
Mirvso seems "safe" for short periods09:10
tsdgeosMirv: yeah happens here too09:12
Mirvif builders do their builds in similar procless chroot, that might explain why it isn't gotten locally normally when proc is mounted but is seen in the PPA.09:14
tsdgeosMirv: is not even qt09:16
tsdgeosit's just pthreads09:16
tsdgeosMirv: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6743566/ crashes if you don't have proc mounted09:16
tsdgeosMirv: basically i'd say not having proc mounted doesn't seem a good idea :D09:17
tsdgeosthat is the code inside Qt that's crashing when proc is not mounted09:17
tsdgeosi tried valgrind-ing it09:17
tsdgeosbut valgrind doesn't like the fact proc is not mounted either09:18
tsdgeosmaybe some error checking is missing in that code09:18
tsdgeoslet me see09:18
tsdgeosright checking the funcions return makes it not crash09:20
tsdgeosnot sure i can still make the Qt code be meaningful (i.e. that code that crashes is what i copied out from the Qt code that is crashing)09:20
tsdgeosit's not like i invented it from nowhere :D09:20
MirvI've compiled all the Qt modules themselves including tests at least without /proc, so it seems not too common to have that without error checks09:22
Mirvsince I tend to compile them locally on another machine inside chroot and I don't bother mounting the /proc usually09:22
tsdgeosi think i can make it not crash easily09:24
tsdgeosbut it seems that is the code used to check how big the stack is09:25
tsdgeosso may have side effects09:25
tsdgeosMirv: yes, running QML stuff needs pthread_getattr_np to succeed that needs /proc/self/maps to be there, don't think there's much we can do here, i don't think i'll be able to convince the Qt guys not having /proc around is a priority for them09:32
tsdgeosbut i can try09:32
Mirvcjwatson: do the builder build environments have /proc mounted? there is a crasher that happens when using pthread without error checking and /proc not mounted, and I wonder how it is on builders09:33
Mirvtsdgeos: if error checking is something usually done in that situation, I'd guess they'd accept a patch at some point even if not a priority09:34
tsdgeosMirv: the thing is that i can't see how to trivially add error checking09:34
tsdgeosthey are using the pointer to do nasty stack collection stuff from what i can see09:35
tsdgeosso they need that value09:35
tsdgeostrying to see if i can think of something that makes some kind of sense09:35
tsdgeosMirv: ok, ended up with https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,75282 seems to work enough for the unittests, let's see how the review goes10:13
WebbyITWith last two rev on Nexus 4 wifi doesn't work. I have no dual-boot. what could be the cause?10:17
sergiusensWebbyIT, you need the 4.3 radio firmware10:23
WebbyITsergiusens, this is weird, I have Ubuntu Touch since september I haven't flashed Android since then...10:24
WebbyITsergiusens, so, I have to flash Android 4.3 and then reflash Ubuntu Touch?10:25
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sergiusensjust the radio image10:25
WebbyITlet my try, thanks10:25
Mirvtsdgeos: and first approval already! I'll do a test build with that included.10:32
davmor2Morning all10:52
Saviqdidrocks, "TypeError: expected tuple for callback user_data", rings a bell?11:01
Saviqdidrocks, and it's python-gi11:02
Saviq-gobject doesn't affect11:02
Saviqpitti, didrocks said you might now something of the above ↑?11:03
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didrocksSaviq: yeah, really looking like the warning/check in latest changelog11:04
pittiSaviq: do you have a pointer to the code that causes this?11:04
didrocksSaviq: stupid question, do you have a tuple as the callback in your code (even if you don't use it)?11:04
Saviqpitti, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/trunk/view/head:/tests/autopilot/unity8/shell/emulators/create_interactive_notification.py11:04
cjwatsonMirv: yes they have /proc mounted11:05
Saviqdidrocks, not sure ↑ that's the code that triggers it11:06
Saviqdidrocks, action_callback I think11:06
pittiSaviq: https://developer-next.gnome.org/libnotify/0.7/NotifyNotification.html#NotifyActionCallback says that the callback just receives one user_data argument11:07
pittiSaviq: I don't have an off-hand idea, I'm afraid; could you turn this into something small and runnable and file a bug report?11:08
didrockspitti: it seems it started with latest python-gobject, do you think it's a side-effect of the additional checks or it started to show a real issue in the code itself?11:10
pittididrocks: it's more likely to be a regression; but I don't have a firm idea yet11:11
didrocksok ;)11:11
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pittitvoss: I figured out the cmake/gtest/QtPlugins integration now and committed a first sensor API integration test case: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~pitti/qtubuntu-sensors/integration-tests/revision/4611:49
tvosspitti, great, let me have a look11:50
pittitvoss: I'll make it more Qtish now and drop some C stuff (mkstemp/write -> QTemporaryFile etc., but this part was copy&pasted from platform-api)11:50
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tvosspitti, ack11:51
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asacrsalveti: !!11:58
asacwake up mate11:58
ogra_asac, mup him :P11:58
asacnah :)12:00
asacnot important enough12:00
asaci think he first checks public comm before checking /msg when getting up, so pinged him here :)12:00
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Laneycan I read D-Bus annotations using QDBus somehow?12:18
Saviqpitti, bug #126857812:25
ubot5bug 1268578 in pygobject (Ubuntu) "Notification callback causes exception in gi" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126857812:25
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pittiSaviq: thanks12:51
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nik90tvoss: ping13:10
nik90tvoss: (related to app lifecycle)13:11
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tvossnik90, shoot13:20
nik90tvoss: when the clock app is running a timer and is sent to the background by navigating to the dash etc, how does clock app signal that the timer is completed to the user?13:23
nik90tvoss: I read a small part of https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ij8RtPsR_eYMW3mys8Gu1Y2CVFZpjXdMpdIjIGZ1SCA/edit#13:24
nik90tvoss: where Zygmunt mentions that the clock app has to let the system know to trigger a notification in a certain amount of time which in turn will trigger a snap decision.13:25
nik90tvoss: am I right? If yes, any idea how the clock app sends a message to the system?13:25
tvossnik90, first of all: yes, the clock app needs to hand over to the system to complete this task. Second: libnotify should be your friend here. I don't know if we have a qml binding, yet.13:27
tvossthostr_ is the best person to ask here.13:27
nik90tvoss: but how does the clock app detect that it has been sent to the background by the user?13:28
nik90tvoss: is there some sort of platform api for that?13:28
tvossnik90, sure, your app is being informed of about to be suspended13:28
tvossnik90, you then have a grace period to clean up/setup notifications and such13:28
nik90tvoss: ok..do you happen to know the qml api for that? something like onSuspended: create notification ?13:29
nik90or where I can find the docs for that13:29
tvossnik90, yup, something like that13:29
tvossmhall119, can you help nik90 here?13:29
tvossnik90, sorry, but I rarely use the qml apis myself13:30
nik90tvoss: no worries13:30
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pittikalikiana, tvoss: to confirm, in qtubuntu-sensors we currently only support accelerometer and orientation, no light and proximity, right?13:34
tvosspitti, correct13:35
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asacChickenCutlass: !!14:03
sil2100greyback, ricmm_: hi guys, any progress on getting https://code.launchpad.net/~ricmm/unity-mir/sidestage-reenable/+merge/198489 merged in?14:04
annerajbgood day!14:17
plarsdidrocks: who was it that was looking for the qmlscene crashes? We have some more of those showing up again14:21
didrocksplars: earlier, it was Mirv14:21
annerajbany updates on cm-11.0 based ubuntu touch??14:22
plarsdidrocks: also, I thought the dialer-app crash was supposed to be fixed, at least according to  bug #125784414:22
ubot5bug 1257844 in dialer-app "dialer app crashes during autopilot tests" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125784414:22
plarsdidrocks: but http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/125:20140113:20140107.1/6032/dialer-app-autopilot/ seems to indicate otherwise14:23
didrocksplars: we didn't get any new release of dialer app requested14:23
plarshmm, I wonder why he marked it fix-released then?]14:23
didrocksI guess we are waiting a landing ask from bfiller14:24
didrocksplars: well, it's an upstream task14:24
didrocksnot dowstream14:24
bfillerplars: this shouldn't have been marked fixed released, we have not figured it out yet14:25
plarsMirv: there are a couple of qmlscene crashes in the maguro results from today if you are looking for some still14:25
plarsbfiller: ack, thanks14:25
bfillerboiko: any progress on this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dialer-app/+bug/125784414:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1257844 in dialer-app (Ubuntu) "dialer app crashes during autopilot tests" [High,In progress]14:26
asacpitti: is it better from your perspective to implement a workaround in unity8 for the pygi regression (compared to just backout pygi changes?)? whats the real fix?14:28
pittiasac: if you need to fix it right now, you can add the workaround (it won't hurt after the fix)14:28
pittiasac: I need to catch simon feltman about this, but he's asleep, so will need to wait until tomorrow14:29
asacpitti: so just reverting the pygi isnt feasible technically? point is that unity8 would have to land with a workaround and unity8 is pretty big beast14:30
asacwe can do that, but from outside perspective i see both options as valid and would choose whatever is less work :)14:31
asac(assuming that we solve this problem upstream anyway)14:31
pittiasac: certainly it's feasible14:31
asacpitti: so is the change/workaround in unity8 the right thing to do? if its the right thing anyway, i would go the unity8 route; otherwise only if its more work than a revert upload ..14:34
* asac still wonders how python is hitting us at all in phone14:34
asacthought we dont do python there :/14:34
pittiyeah, I thought that, too14:34
pittiasac: currently testing a reversion of the corresponding commit in pygobject14:34
asaclet me also ask in bug why we use python14:35
asacor directly here14:35
didrocksasac: autopilot?14:35
asacoh :)14:35
ogra_asac, we obviously ship a lot more python since friday http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/20140110.1.changes14:35
didrocksogra_: well, not relevant to the current discussion14:35
ogra_asac, system-image uses python all over the place too14:36
didrocksasac: the unity8 revert is risky, we are going to use latest trunk of unity8, and so, way more code14:36
asacogra_: on the device?14:36
asacdidrocks: i know. we woul dhave to cherry pick land14:36
pittiasac: it's from unity8's emulators, so only for tseting14:36
asacwhich we also can do of course14:36
ogra_system-image-cli is all python afaik14:36
pittishouldn't be actual functionality from the phone14:37
asacright. but doesnt matter14:37
pittibut if this wreaks havoc, I can upload pygobject14:37
asaconce we have not 100% we cant land anything anymore as it might hide new regressions etc.14:37
asacpitti: it would help a lot... we will soon have image == trunk, then it would be easier to land just cherry picks for unity8 and friends14:37
asacat least the costs forunity8 workarounds should go down then14:37
boikobfiller: nope, I am still trying to find a way to reproduce it14:39
bfillerplars: any ideas how to help boiko reproduce/debug the issue with dialer?14:40
plarsbfiller, boiko: you don't see it by just running the dialer-app autopilot tests on mako?14:40
boikoplars: nope, I see another issue, but not this crash that causes the QUbuntu's cannot create application instance message14:41
plarsboiko: what issue are you seeing?14:41
boikoplars: so, there is one test for incoming calls, after the call is accepted (and the snap decision is dismissed), dialer-app gets focused again, and the screen turns black14:42
boikothis one I can reproduce all the time14:42
plarsboiko: I'm installing 125 locally right now, let me see what I can do14:43
boikoplars: ok14:45
mterryogra_, so no more maguro builds?  Effective when?  Does this mean I don't need the results of your nested-mode testing on maguro?14:45
ogra_mterry, ?14:46
ogra_mterry, we might drop support for it but i dont see a reason why we should stop building it14:46
ogra_comes with no extra cost14:46
timpwow. is it intentional in the latest image that the phone vibrates hard on every tap?14:51
timpah not every tap, but many14:51
mterryogra_, sorry, got disconnected.  asac's recent mail to ubuntu-phone is what I was talking about14:52
ogra_asac, err, why should we stop doing builds ... we can just stop doing tests, it costs us nothig to leave builds running14:52
ogra_asac, i agree if they start to cause work we should probably drop them14:52
pittiSaviq, asac: pygobject uploaded14:53
ogra_mterry, sorry, hadn't seen the mail14:53
ogra_(i see it now)14:53
davmor2timp: it is the start of haptic feedback14:53
davmor2asac, didrocks: time for me to chat with my boss about getting an n4 then apparently  meh14:54
ogra_rsalveti, seen asacs mail ?14:55
didrocksdavmor2: right ;)14:55
Laneycan you still get nexus 4s?14:55
didrocksthanks pitti!14:55
timpdavmor2: good to have a start :) but I hope in the end it will be a bit more subtle :)14:55
davmor2Laney: no14:55
asacdavmor2: yes, absolutely!14:59
asacdavmor2: there is a PO approved for something related... CC me on the mail you send to jfunk15:00
davmor2asac: I'll talk it through with jfunk fisrt15:00
asacok tell him to talk to me :)15:01
asacogra_: happy to explain to you the details in private conversation later today or tomorrow morning15:02
rsalvetiogra_: yup15:02
* rsalveti checks backlog15:03
ogra_asac, i just think we should keep them building and just drop them from the tools (phablet-flash etc) so people can still effectively fiddle around with them15:03
asaci know that you think that.15:03
rsalvetimterry: we still want to support it officially for a couple of weeks15:04
rsalvetimterry: do you have any issues with maguro specifically?15:04
mterryrsalveti, there is a bug in u-s-c that ogra_ found.  I have a fix in hand, just needs to be tested.  Was curious how much I should bother with it.  But sounds like yes15:05
ogra_rsalveti, both, grouper and maguro currently block the nexted mir mode15:06
ogra_both require some work15:06
rsalvetiright, we'll land the grouper fix probably later today15:06
ogra_(hybris and some testing)15:06
rsalvetimterry: but yeah, please push the maguro fix forward15:07
ogra_mterry, where are these debs, the MP doesnt have a link15:07
mterrythat's weird15:08
ogra_did you get them in the mail ?15:08
ogra_(i'm not subscribed to that one)15:08
mterryogra_, no15:09
annerajbrsalveti, any updates on cm-11.0 based ubuntu touch ports?15:11
annerajbor rather merging cm-11.0 framework to ubuntu phablet frameworks.15:11
rsalvetiannerajb: got the first working image for mako (nexus 4), but still fixing some final issues15:11
annerajbrsalveti, any public repos that i can start looking at?15:11
rsalvetiannerajb: not yet, will upload it later today15:12
rsalvetistill a bunch of diffs locally :-)15:12
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mterryogra_, well I guess just build it the old fashioned way.  Doesn't take too long15:13
mhall119nik90: what API do you need help with?15:14
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kenvandinetedg, bfiller: i proposed a branch for UAL which constructs the appid from the triplet15:19
nik90mhall119: the platform API to detect if the clock app is going to be suspended or not15:19
nik90mhall119: a little backstory..when the clock app is running a timer and is suspended, it is supposed to send the system a message that the timer is running15:20
nik90mhall119: but first I need to get a signal when the app is going to be suspended15:20
bfillerkenvandine: nice15:21
tedgkenvandine, Ah, cool.  I'll take a look, did you grab all the tests too?15:23
kenvandinei added tests15:23
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mhall119nik90: ok, and where should that signal be? which component?15:27
nik90mhall119: in the timer page I guess, where if the signal is triggered it checks if the timer is running and if it does then do something special like sending a message etc15:29
kenvandinetedg, only think i don't like is it adds a click depends to the lib15:30
tedgkenvandine, Yeah, that should hopefully switch to a libclick depends here in a little while, which is better.15:30
kenvandineit's not enough to meet the need of url-dispatcher though15:31
kenvandinei don't think anyway... but it's a start :)15:31
mhall119bzoltan1: what version are we going to call the SDK for 14.04?15:33
mhall119nik90: I mean in the SDK APIs, where would you expect this to be documented?15:34
nik90mhall119: oh that..let me check15:34
nik90mhall119: I am guessing under platform services with a title "App Lifecycle"15:36
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plarsboiko: ok, I was able to reproduce it here at home too15:38
mhall119nik90: hmm, I don't know if there is such a component15:39
mhall119in QML anywya15:39
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cwaynecyphermox: bah, after scrapping my MR cus of failing on maguro, now we go and drop maguro support :)15:44
cyphermoxthe what?15:44
cyphermoxyou mean on the customized image or on all images?15:44
dholbachcyphermox, https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg05889.html15:45
cyphermoxdholbach: thanks, I hadn't looked yet15:47
* cyphermox dives right into code, not email in the morning15:48
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
kenvandinetedg, any insight into why CI is failing for me?  It's failing to generate the source package, can't find click.pm, but i didn't make any packaging changes and click-dev is a build dep15:54
kenvandinei'd assume this isn't a new problem...15:54
tedgkenvandine, Hmm, no I thought we'd fixed it.15:54
tedgkenvandine, Basically the build system can't install new dh hooks.  They have to already be there.15:54
tedgkenvandine, So fginther needs to install the click-dev into the base image.15:55
kenvandineah... fginther ^^15:55
tedgBasically it fails on the original dh_clean before it installs the deps.15:55
kenvandinemaybe this is fallout from the transition they did recently15:56
tedgkenvandine, He'll probably want a link to your failure :-)15:56
kenvandinefginther, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/upstart-app-launch-trusty-amd64-ci/61/console15:56
cwaynedpm: any chance for the call for community help translating today?  the dialer-app, messaging-app and address-book-app are almost completely untranslated, seems bad :(16:01
fgintherkenvandine, got it, I'll take a look after my meeting16:01
kenvandinefginther, thx16:01
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MacSlowhm... since when does "adb poweroff" or "sudo shutdown -h now" no longer really shutdown a N10, but always cause it to reboot?16:04
MacSlowdid the method for shutting a device down change recently?16:04
oSoMoNelopio, hey, I just filed bug #1268640 (related to some code you manually merged in lp:ubuntu-calendar-app apparently), would you mind confirming it?16:05
ubot5bug 1268640 in Ubuntu Calendar App "Autopilot tests (try to) stop maliit-server" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126864016:05
ogra_try: sudo poweroff -f16:05
MacSlowogra_, good lord... ok I'll try :)16:05
ogra_(not sure if anything changed on N10, but that should alsways power off a device)16:05
MacSlowogra_, but why would a simple command like poweroff need the force-option? :)16:05
elopiooSoMoN: can it wait ~1 hour?16:05
oSoMoNelopio, sure, no urgency16:06
elopiook, I'll be back with you.16:06
ogra_MacSlow, it tells the kernel to power off immediately16:06
ogra_(no shutdown process)16:06
MacSlowogra_, ok16:07
MacSlowogra_, thx16:07
sil2100dpm: hello!16:13
dpmcwayne, sorry, on a call, I'll get to it tomorrow morning, this time for real!16:14
dpmhey sil210016:14
sil2100dpm: https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/account-plugin-evernote/more_minor_fixes/+merge/201450 <- these are the final small fixes to packaging that are needed before we can release16:14
sil2100dpm: after those are in, I'll test and publish ;)16:15
dpmsil2100, nice and easy to review, makes sense, approved. Are you taking care of the merge? I see you already did the latest merge. Otherwise I can look at it after the call16:17
boikoplars: how did you reproduce it? just running phablet-test-run? or anything different I have to do?16:18
sil2100dpm: all is ok, thanks for approving!16:24
dpmsuper, thanks16:24
elopiooSoMoN: that's not my code, at least not while being awake.16:31
elopioI might be blamed because I touched everything to fix pep8.16:31
elopiobut I've been working with the osk last week, so I can probably help you.16:31
MyExHatesMeButMyHello there I am trying to use libstartup-notification in my cmakelists file and it can not find it did the name change in 14.04 or was it  replaced by something ?  thanks16:32
MyExHatesMeButMyI also can not get autopilot to be found by cmake :(16:33
oSoMoNelopio, well I don’t have time to work on this myself, was just pointing out the problem and hoping you could acknowledge it16:33
elopiooSoMoN: yes, I agree with everything you say on the bug. I confirmed it.16:34
elopioI'll try to make some time to take a deeper look, but this week it's going to be hard.16:34
oSoMoNelopio, cool, thanks, hopefully balloons can work on it16:34
elopiowhat I'll do this week is the text field emulator, hopefully with nice support using the OSK emulator.16:35
elopioso it will be a lot better for tests, they won't have to pay a lot of attention to the OSK.16:36
* balloons wonders what is up16:36
pittitvoss: do you happen to know a cmake+Qt project where a test uses signals/slots?16:37
pittiI'm currently fighting my way through those, trying to connect a sensor's readingChanged() to a slot in my test code16:37
elopiooh, this is so weird. This is my branch, merged as rev 168: https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-calendar-app/autopilot-1.4/+merge/19263116:37
tvosspitti, got a pastebin for me?16:38
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MyExHatesMeButMypitti,  I am not him but unity8 does that16:38
elopioit has none of that code related to maliit. I suppose they added some code and merged it all together.16:38
tvosspitti, got a pastebin for me?16:38
pittitvoss: if I just send this to a "normal" method, it never gets called; so apparently I need the Q_OBJECT+Q_SLOTS+moc stuff16:38
pittitvoss: yes, sec16:38
pittiMyExHatesMeButMy: ah, good16:38
tvosspitti, you need automoc enabled16:38
pitti$ cat obj/tests/test_sensor_api_automoc.cpp/* This file is autogenerated, do not edit*/16:38
pittienum some_compilers { need_more_than_nothing };16:38
tvosspitti, or you use QMetaObject::invoke16:38
pittitvoss: that gets built16:38
pittitvoss: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6745521/16:39
pittitvoss: I just added the Q_OBJECT and Q_SLOTS bits; without those, it compiles but the slot never gets called16:39
tvossyup, Q_OBJECT AND Q_SLOTS are needed unfortunately16:40
MyExHatesMeButMypitti,  do you know what is up with autopilot not getting founf by cmake in my app ?  in cmakelists.txt ;  include(autopilot)        declare_autopilot_test(directions directions.shell ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/tests/autopilot/)16:41
MyExHatesMeButMycmake says that it can not find autopilot :(16:41
pittiMyExHatesMeButMy: I'm afraid I've never seen autopilot being used like that16:42
MyExHatesMeButMythanks for looking16:42
pittiMyExHatesMeButMy: sure you don't mean add_subdirectory() instead?16:42
MyExHatesMeButMyit is stange it use to work16:42
MyExHatesMeButMypitti,  I have that else-where16:43
MyExHatesMeButMydo you think that I should use find_package ? maybe16:44
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pittiMyExHatesMeButMy: no, no; autopilot isn't a cmake/C thing, it's just a command that your test suite calls16:46
MyExHatesMeButMy<< python n00b and knows nothing about autopilot just trying to add some tests to my app16:46
tvossfginther, can you help MyExHatesMeButMy16:47
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tvossfginther, he has got some issues with adding autopilot tests16:47
* MyExHatesMeButMy goes back to the documentation but is lurking16:47
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fginthertvoss, sure, I'm in the middle of a meething, but will get back to MyExHatesMeButMy soon16:48
MyExHatesMeButMycool fginther  just ping me when you get some free time16:48
MyExHatesMeButMyI love this IRC channel !16:48
tvossfginther, thank you, very much appreciated16:54
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fgintherMyExHatesMeButMy, I don't know much about cmake, so I might not be real useful but... autopilot is installed to /usr/bin/autopilot with the python-autopilot package. It's just an executable python script17:00
savagejenI don't suppose anyone has gotten ubuntu touch running on the chumby?17:02
savagejenmay be incompatible, idk17:03
MyExHatesMeButMythanks fginther  yeah I myself know nothing about autopilot and am just learning. But it seems like all apps have it and I guess that My app should also . Only thing is I wish it was c++ lol17:03
bzoltan1mhall119:  it could be 1.1 or 2.0 ... or we can stick to the 1.0 with updates17:03
fgintherMyExHatesMeButMy, lp:autopilot-gtk executes autopilot tests from cmake, you might give that a look17:07
MyExHatesMeButMythanks fginther17:07
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om26erWill Sidestage now work on 7" tablets ? given we wont officially support the Nexus 10 ?17:26
mhall119bzoltan1: when will you decide on which of those it will be?17:27
ogra_om26er, the new N7 has a fullHD resolution17:27
ogra_so it should work there17:27
om26erogra_, but I thought it was kept limited to certain screen size. Since lets say nexus 5 is a fullHD phone but clearly it wont have sidestage17:28
ogra_iirc it was bound to resolution17:28
mhall119I thought it was based on gridunit size17:29
popey\o/ consensus17:29
mhall119that is, how many gridunits wide the screen is, not how many pixels there are in a gridunit17:30
MyExHatesMeButMywhy not just use QScreen ?17:31
MyExHatesMeButMydoes not work on mir ?17:31
MyExHatesMeButMyor does qt-mir have its own class for screen info ?17:31
MyExHatesMeButMyanyone else in here using GPS in there app ?  It takes forever for it to work. meaning that I have to wait like 15 minutes for it to start working on the phone.17:34
MyExHatesMeButMyshuts on and off like crazy also17:35
mhall119bzoltan1: what is this? find /home/mhall/ -name *img17:39
mhall119it grinds HDD every time I launch the SDK17:40
MyExHatesMeButMyexample of code that takes 15 minutes for the GPS to kick in  http://pastebin.com/RpCf2hxJ17:40
MyExHatesMeButMymhall119,  that looks for anything with the name *.img17:40
mhall119MyExHatesMeButMy: I know that, I just don't know *why*17:40
MyExHatesMeButMymaybe find /home/mhall/ -name "*img"17:40
mhall119and since I have a lot of files under ~/, it takes a long time17:40
sergiusenspopey, https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/118/17:40
fgintherkenvandine, the missing cli-common-dev issue should be resolved. I've rebuilt https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/upstart-app-launch/appid_from_triplet/+merge/20143317:41
MyExHatesMeButMymhall119,  what is it looking for a emulator ?17:41
popeysergiusens: ack17:41
kenvandinefginther, thx17:42
MyExHatesMeButMymhall119,  I would figure that Qdir and Qfile would take care of all of that and would not run external command17:43
popeysergiusens: approved17:43
mhall119MyExHatesMeButMy: I have no idea, I just want it to stop :)17:43
MyExHatesMeButMybut who knows maybe that would slower but I doubt it.17:43
MyExHatesMeButMybzoltan1,  what is it for ?17:43
MyExHatesMeButMybzoltan1,  and why not QDir and QFile to find it ?17:44
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cwaynehey mardy, just saw ssweeny's MR finally went through!  Should we setup a landing ask, or should we wait til all 3 click-related MR's go through?18:03
mhall119pmcgowan: https://plus.google.com/u/0/106250186908628485422/posts/WejtdUeFsBC18:07
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pmcgowanmhall119, great, I expected someone would18:13
mhall119pmcgowan: it seems (reading older posts in that community) that they're stuck needing 4.4 support too, what's the status of that?18:14
pmcgowanmhall119, very soon, working in the lab kind of thing18:15
* annerajb anner can't wait for 4.4 to start on LG G2 Series18:16
mhall119pmcgowan: is there anything we can release to people like them who are trying to port to a device that needs it?18:21
pmcgowanmhall119, rsalveti would have the latest, I think its close18:23
rsalvetimhall119: pmcgowan: in progress, hope to be done by the end of this week18:24
mhall119rsalveti: can you let that G+ community (linked above) know when it's available for them to try with their port?18:26
rsalvetimhall119: sure, everybody will know :-)18:26
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boikoplars: so, any suggestions on how to reproduce the dialer-app's crash on smoke tests?18:39
plarsboiko: I ran the provision script like we run in the lab, which really just combines all the steps you need like phablet-flash, the network setup, etc18:42
plarsboiko: then I just ran the jenkins.sh script to reboot the device and run the dialer-app tests18:42
boikoplars: where can I get this jenkins.sh script?18:43
plarsboiko: are you unlocking by hand and running autopilot directly I guess?18:43
plarsboiko: lp:ubuntu-test-cases/touch18:43
boikoplars: yep, launching the tests using phablet-test-run on desktop18:43
plarsboiko: let me try it like that also18:43
boikoplars: thanks for the link, I will check it out18:44
plarsboiko: ok, I got it by running phablet-test-run dialer_app also18:49
plarsboiko: dialer-app version I have is 0.1+14.04.20131209-0ubuntu1 - same as you?18:50
boikoplars: same version18:51
boikoplars: what output you get when running the tests?18:52
plarsboiko: none, just that it ran 6 tests in 72.400s and OK18:52
plarsboiko: I'm didn't run verbose there18:52
plarsboiko: in the lab, you can see all the output clicking on the tests - the tests all pass though18:53
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plarsboiko: so perhaps it's just crashing at the end?18:53
boikoplars: no idea :/18:53
plarsboiko: it does just end up at a black screen at the end - or is that just the other issue you described?18:54
boikoplars: that might be the other issue I described18:54
boikoplars: in the output it says it is due to a known Mir crash18:54
plarsboiko: I'm watching the directory a bit more closely this time18:57
plarsfor the crash file18:57
plarsboiko: does seem to show up right at the end18:58
plarsboiko: with -v, and watching for the file to show up, it looks like it happens toward the end of the test_incoming test, around the time it hangs up. I see the incoming call, and hear the ringtone start to play before it hits hangup and that's about the time I see the crash file show up19:04
boikoplars: so, the screen turning black happens right after the snap decision is dismissed (when clicking accept), and the focus get back to the app19:12
plarsboiko: any chance that's all related to the crash we're getting?19:33
plarsboiko: the timing of it is certainly in line19:33
boikoplars: maybe, but I'm not totally sure yet19:35
boikoplars: just testing something with real calls before switching back to debugging this19:35
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loolslangasek, sergiusens, beuno, popey: I changed click-sync.py from lp:click-sync into: get-all-clicks.py as: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6746725/ real quick20:23
slangaseklool: ObNamingBikeshed: clearly this should be named get-ALL-the-clicks.py20:24
beunoget-_ALL_-the-clicks.py please20:26
popey401 here20:26
sergiusenspopey, you need oauth credentials ;-)20:26
* popey files a bug against lool20:27
popeyhow do I get that?20:28
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nessitahello everyone20:28
beunopopey, lool, nessita here can help you get those credentials20:28
beuno(if you give her context :))20:29
nessitamay I please have some context?20:29
loolsergiusens: the auth credentials didn't work  :-(20:29
loolI get a 401 too20:29
loolnessita: hey, trying to get some credentials to pull all free click apps from the app store with a local client20:30
loolnessita: apparently we have one such setup already with a format like http://paste.ubuntu.com/6746701/20:30
nessitalool: are you hitting staging or prod?20:30
sergiusenslool, hmm, well you just need to generate some; let me try again; they may have accidentally expired20:30
nessitalool, sergiusens: that dict of credentials has empty strings, which are not valid (I guess you already found out that much :-))20:31
sergiusensnessita, he wants those fields filled with your help ;-)20:31
loolsergiusens: will generate some20:31
nessitalool: you need to grab credentials from the phone itself, or from an desktop box?20:31
loolnessita: desktop20:31
loolbut I think sergiusens has pointed out a script that might help20:32
loollet me try that20:32
nessitalool: staging or prod?20:32
nessitaso I provide the proper command20:32
nessitaok, building the curl query20:33
loolsergiusens: bah trying to install the click-toolbelt thing I ended up with errors in easyinstall of "stevedore"20:34
sergiusenslool, just wait for the magic curl line20:35
sergiusensoauth is black magic to me20:36
nessita1hum, network hiccup20:37
nessita1lool: replace email and password with values from an existing account https://pastebin.canonical.com/102880/20:37
loolnessita1: thanks!20:37
nessita1lool: hum, let me confirm the url20:38
nessita1I tried it IRL and got an error20:38
sergiusensit says staging20:38
nessita1sergiusens: remove it! :-D20:38
loolof course my password has a single quote20:38
lool          <p>There's no page with this address in the Ubuntu One service. Check that you entered the address correctly and try again.</p>20:40
nessita1lool: yeah, missed a /oauth suffix. New command, IRL tested: https://pastebin.canonical.com/102882/20:42
=== nessita1 is now known as nessita
nessitalool: did it work?20:44
loolnessita: looking at your new URL20:44
nessitaif you are considering using your canonical account it will fail requiring 2fa, let me know and you can send the next otp via the query as well20:45
lool    "message": "2-factor authentication required.",20:45
lool    "code": "TWOFACTOR_REQUIRED",20:45
loolnessita: Yup, OTP would be nice  :-)20:45
nessitalool: add "otp": "123456" to the json encoded dict sent as data in the POST20:46
nessitaof course 123456 has to be the next valid otp for you20:47
loolworked, thanks20:47
nessitalool: is this something you need to automate or is this procedure enough for your needs?20:48
loolnessita: it's fine for now; thanks!20:50
loolslangasek: so with https://pastebin.canonical.com/102882/ + "otp": "123456" in the request, I get credentials that I filter down to these http://paste.ubuntu.com/6746701/20:51
loolslangasek: then this get-all-clicks.py script http://paste.ubuntu.com/6746884/ works with: mkdir d && ./get-all-clicks.py --credentials-file ~/.click-credentials d20:51
loolfeel free to rename it to get-\*-clicks.py20:52
slangaseklool: no way to get these without having to pass passwords on the commandline?20:52
popeynow i get TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'openid'20:53
slangaseklool: seems to not be working for me, anyway20:53
* lool ran this on his laptop in a "sh" instance to avoid shell history20:53
loolpopey: you have to filter down to the list in http://paste.ubuntu.com/6746701/20:54
loolslangasek: which part doesn't work for you?20:54
slangaseklool:     "message": "Provided email/password is not correct.",20:54
slangasek    "code": "INVALID_CREDENTIALS",20:54
loolslangasek: that's with your login.u.c credentials?20:55
loolI had to escape my password as it had special chars20:55
popeyah, thanks20:55
popeyhope we don't kill the store, all beating it up like this ☻20:55
loolslangasek: BTW there is no actual <> around the email or password20:55
loolpopey: if we do it's a good test20:55
slangaseklool: yeah, I didn't put any there20:56
popeyalan@deep-thought:~/all_the_clicks$ ls -l *.click | wc -l20:56
popeyworking here20:56
beunopopey, lool, I welcome the scalability testing  ;)20:56
loolit's about 54M of downlaod20:56
popey50M of that is one click20:56
popeythe bitcoin one20:56
loolpopey: ah note that I dont see UK-only apps20:57
loolI do see the FR-only apps though20:57
loolbeuno pointed out that this is geofiltered20:57
popeybe interested to know how many we each get20:57
* lool quickly uploads 10 webapps20:58
loolfor 10 French websites20:58
* popey uploads webapps depicting french presidents in compromising situations20:58
loolslangasek: I guessed you used an actual 2fa OTP code?20:59
loolslangasek: no idea what else could be in play; perhaps nessita can help20:59
popeydodgy characters in password?20:59
slangasekno comment20:59
slangasek(there are no escaping issues in my command ;)21:00
* lool goes off for dinner21:02
slangaseklool, popey: so instead of having all of us fight with credentials, does one of you want to post the batch where I can grab them?21:03
popeyslangasek: sure21:04
* lool uploads21:06
popey100 total21:07
slangasekpopey: ta21:09
loolmy upload bandwitdh sucks!  :-)21:10
slangasekpopey: 100 total? http://people.canonical.com/~alan/click/click_list is 98 lines long21:15
popeymy bad21:16
popeyi was doing ls ☻21:16
popeydidn't realise there were not just click files in there21:16
popeyalan@deep-thought:~/all_the_clicks$ ls -l *.click | wc -l21:16
sergiusenslool, add a space in front of the command and it won't go into history with bash at least21:31
barrywhere's the right place to get qt5.2, e.g. as a build-dep for ubuntu-ui-toolkit?21:34
sergiusensbarry, probably one of the qt5 edgers ppas21:37
sergiusensI think Mirv sent out and email wrt21:38
barrysergiusens: cool, thanks.  i'll check the archives21:38
geniibarry: Apparently https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ppa but it looks like  "ubuntu-ui-toolkit 3 days ago Failed to build: amd64 armhf i386" might be problemmatic21:44
barrygenii: yeah, that's the one i'm trying to build locally.  looking21:45
Aaron1011I just saw that development on Ubuntu Touch for tablets is going to be focused only on the 2013 Nexus 722:12
Aaron1011About how long will it be until it's possible to get a build of Ubuntu Touch for it?22:13
sergiusensslangasek, popey lool there are no armhf packages here: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/click/click_list22:20
sergiusensit's not 'all clicks' per se :-)22:21
sergiusensthe query itself doesn't return them either22:22
dakersergiusens: yep i do have 9apps, i only see 8 of them22:22
slangaseksergiusens: well, er, that's decidedly unhelpful for what I'm trying to do then22:23
sergiusensslangasek, I imagined it was about that; reason for checking22:23
sergiusensbeuno, is there a query that we can ru that would return the list of arch specific packages?22:25
beunosergiusens, you can filter by arch, yes22:25
beunolet me find the query parameter...22:25
sergiusensor a !all :-)22:26
beunomaybe JamesTait is around?22:29
popeyslangasek: any particular package you're expecting to see?22:33
slangasekpopey: no, I don't know anything about what is or isn't arch-dependent in the app store22:33
popeyoh okay22:34
popeybitcoin is an arch dependent one22:34
popeyand its not in https://search.apps.ubuntu.com/api/v1/search?q=22:34
slangasekbut it's the arch-dep ones that I need to look at :)22:34
beunosergiusens, https://search.apps.staging.ubuntu.com/api/v1/search?q=architecture:armhf22:36
beunoand https://search.apps.staging.ubuntu.com/api/v1/search?q=architecture:amd6422:36
beunowould be !all, I think22:36
popeyslangasek: ok, modded script, am getting all the armhf ones too, will upload those to the same place22:37
slangasekpopey: cheers :)22:37
heathkhOn the GalaxyNexus running Ubuntu Touch, the camera app can only take pictures (not video)... Is this a UI issue or is video recording not supported by the underlying platform / libraries?22:38
popeythats more like it22:51
sergiusenspopey, \o/22:54
sergiusenspopey, for the sake of it; have you seen any amd64 or i386 packages?22:54
popeysergiusens: not tried.. lemme see22:55
popeyslangasek: lots in http://people.canonical.com/~alan/click/ now22:56
sergiusenspopey, just in case you haven't noticed; make sure the staging part is removed :-)22:56
popeyi did22:57
sergiusenspopey, no i386 or amd64 :-)23:00
sergiusensnot many armhf either23:00
sergiusensslangasek, ^^23:00
sergiusenssome seem improperly added as such23:00
popeyyeah, none23:01
sergiusenslool, I'd say it's safe to call for a recompile for framework-14.0423:02
sergiusensor whatever it's going to be called23:02
slangasekpopey: thanks, snarfing23:07
annerajbrsalveti, any luck with uploading cm-11.0 hardware libs?23:49
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