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MacSlowGreetings folks!08:01
* greyback waves from Cape Town08:01
MacSlowgreyback, enjoying the sun? :)08:01
greybackMacSlow: yep, it's warm & sunny. We're inside working hard however08:02
MacSlowgreyback, I know :)08:03
greybackMacSlow: welcome back. Have a good holiday?08:03
MacSlowgreyback, thanks... basically yes... but my moving-plans didn't work out as planned... so it's a bit of a mixed bag :)08:04
greybackMacSlow: ah, I wasn't aware you were planning to move. Same city? Same country? :)08:04
MacSlowsame city... but now after more than seven weeks still no i-net in the new flat :/08:05
kgunnMacSlow: you surface...welcome back08:05
MacSlowkgunn, thanks08:05
tsdgeosare you having scoperegistry at 100% too?08:10
MacSlowhey tsdgeos08:10
tsdgeosMacSlow: welcome back08:10
MacSlowtsdgeos, thanks08:10
tsdgeosMacSlow: have you dist-upgaded? can you reproduce the cpu usage of scoperegistry being at 100% all the time?08:17
MacSlowtsdgeos, just doing all the updating right now... I'll report back if I see that too here08:19
MacSlowtsdgeos, getting > 1GBytes work of updates :)08:20
MacSlowtsdgeos, typical for a frist day after holiday :)08:21
tsdgeospstolowski: hi ho, can you reproduce the cpu usage of scoperegistry being at 100% all the time?08:27
pstolowskitsdgeos, hi! i don08:30
tsdgeosmissing 't or extra n?08:31
pstolowskitsdgeos, i don't have the full setup with unity8 atm, so I can't right now08:31
tsdgeospstolowski: this is on the desktop08:31
tsdgeoshappens both in unity7 and kde08:31
pstolowskitsdgeos, ah, so it's not when real client talks to it?08:31
tsdgeosi haven't tried starting unity8 tbh08:32
tsdgeoslet me see if that makes it happy08:32
pstolowskitsdgeos, ok, I'll take a look and let you know08:32
tsdgeosunity8 is segfaulting now :-S08:35
tsdgeoscome on!08:35
tsdgeosi have http://ppa.launchpad.net/unity-team/demo-stuff/ubuntu/08:37
* tsdgeos bets something went wrong in there08:38
sil2100jamesh: hi! Just a note - when testing mediascanner2 on Friday, I noticed that it was using far more CPU than mediascanner08:43
jameshsil2100: in general use, or when idle?08:43
jameshI mean, when scanning or when idle?08:43
sil2100jamesh: I guess that when it was idle as well, top was mentioning a 3-4% CPU usage all the time, and my phone strangely started generating more heat then usually on idle08:44
jameshsil2100: okay.  I'll take a look.08:44
sil2100jamesh: thanks08:45
tsdgeospstolowski: MacSlow: purging ppa:unity-team/demo-stuff from my system made stuff go back to normal08:46
MacSlowtsdgeos, thanks for the hint!08:46
pstolowskitsdgeos, ok. i'm not using this ppa atm08:47
tsdgeosi was because i was told it was needed for the new scopes to work or something08:47
tsdgeosbut may have changed08:47
tsdgeoslet's see if the capetown people show up and we can ask them08:47
pstolowskitsdgeos, don't get me wrong, this ppa is ok and the way to go. but perhaps something broke there08:49
jameshsil2100: out of interest, if you stop the upstart job and run mediascanner-service-2.0 from a terminal, do you see the same CPU usage problems?08:51
sil2100jamesh: will check a bit later, I just clean-flashed my device with the newest image08:52
jameshsil2100: thanks08:52
sil2100jamesh: but I only tried running mediascanner through upstart on Friday, so no direct-launching08:52
jameshsil2100: yep.  I've done most of my testing from a terminal, so I was wondering if the different environment triggers the problem.08:53
jameshI'll test it out myself, but thought I'd mention it up front as a possibility.08:54
pstolowskitsdgeos, I can confirm 100% cpu with scoperegistry in trunk09:34
tsdgeoscool, tx09:34
didrockshey Saviq09:45
didrocksSaviq: we have 2 reliable autopilot tests failures on unity8 since Friday evening09:45
didrockshappened on the 4 images produced on mako09:45
didrockshttp://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/125:20140113:20140107.1/6032/unity8-autopilot/ on the last run for instance09:46
Saviqmzanetti, can you have a look please ↑09:47
Saviqmzanetti, or delegate at least09:48
Saviqdidrocks, can you get us a list of packages that changed? u8 wasn't released for a few weeks now09:48
didrockssure, one sec09:48
didrocksSaviq: /!\ the list is big, but it seems mostly gstreamer related09:49
didrocksSaviq: it started with those changes: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/20140110.1.changes09:49
didrocksI don't see anything striking me though09:49
didrocksas you are not using python3-autopilot I guess09:50
Saviqdidrocks, yeah, not yet09:53
didrocksSaviq: keep us posted, we are not promoting any image before having your expertise on what regressed (if it's a real issue) you09:53
Saviqdidrocks, will do, running the suite on my mako now09:56
Saviqtsdgeos, mzanetti, bug #1268525 btw10:02
ubot5bug 1268525 in Unity 8 "There's no build-dep on liblightdm-qt5-*-dev and -2 is hardocoded" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126852510:02
Saviqwe  got FTBFS10:02
tsdgeosSaviq: do you want us to fix it *now* or can we wait for mterry?10:07
Saviqtsdgeos, it can wait, just making you aware10:15
dednickSaviq: what's USC in terms of unity/mir?10:22
anpokunity system compositor10:25
tsdgeosdednick: can you review https://code.launchpad.net/~allanlesage/unity8/autopilot-indicator-page-title-matches-widget/+merge/196991 ? seems your name is in there :D10:27
dednickahha, yeah, that would make sense10:27
dednicktsdgeos: ok10:28
tsdgeosdednick: since the running of autopilots seems to be borked on the CI at the moment please make sure you run the whole autopilot suite and it succeeds for you10:35
Saviqpete-woods, any idea how https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/5eef1d661e41b06e44728924231b45e26457dbb7 could be happening?10:36
Saviqgreyback, https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/86923190-7b60-11e3-978e-2c768aafd08c ideas about this stacktrace?10:38
pete-woodsSaviq: that's weird, there hasn't been a new release of libusermetrics in quite a while10:38
Saviqpete-woods, well, we might have never seen that, simply - whoopsie upload got enabled on the phones very recently10:39
Saviqtsdgeos, we saw https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/06fd8687e02be79bfdb8ed6a820caf9f727581ed before didn't we?10:39
* tsdgeos clicks10:40
greybackSaviq: never seen that before. Nothing obvious comes to mind10:40
tsdgeosi do remember that10:40
tsdgeoswas a total red herring10:40
tsdgeosgot fixed by just making the shutdown stuff happen correctly10:41
tsdgeosis it back?10:41
tsdgeosseems so10:41
Saviqtsdgeos, last example is January 210:41
tsdgeoswell we never made shutdown really work well10:41
Saviqtsdgeos, https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/a339c5de-742a-11e3-893e-e4115b0f8a4a10:41
Saviqdidrocks, it's python-gi/python-gobject10:42
Saviqmzanetti, you're off the hook for the ap failure10:42
didrocksSaviq: do you have more infos that we can share with pitti?10:43
didrocks(maybe on #ubuntu-touch?)10:43
mzanettiSaviq: thanks10:43
tsdgeosSaviq: yeah it's one of the multiple "we still don't shutdown correctly all the time" crashes10:43
tsdgeosSaviq: do we want to put more effor in getting that fixed now?10:43
didrocksSaviq: ah, or the issue is in the test itself and the warning is triggering an issue?10:45
tsdgeosdednick: you have a few branches up for review, want me to tackle some of those? or you have someone in mind to check them?10:46
didrocksSaviq: the commit is https://git.gnome.org/browse/pygobject/commit/?id=7193f05010:46
didrocksSaviq: I guess you have an implicit type conversion in your test?10:47
dednicktsdgeos: be my guest!10:47
Saviqdidrocks, here's the failing thing: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/trunk/view/head:/tests/autopilot/unity8/shell/tests/test_notifications.py#L29110:48
didrocksnothing shocking on first look10:49
Saviqdidrocks, but it might actually be the script that's failing10:50
didrocksSaviq: that sounds more plausible10:50
Saviqdidrocks, I'm digging more10:51
didrocksthanks! good hunt :)10:51
tsdgeosdednick: how does https://code.launchpad.net/~nick-dedekind/unity8/lp1264678-indicator.misalignment/+merge/200866 relate to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ux/+bug/1253804 and https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/fix_tabs_ordering ?10:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1253804 in Ubuntu UX "[regression] Indicator icons don't match the settings they display" [Undecided,New]10:55
tsdgeosare they both fixing the same? or is it different issues that trigger a similar problem?10:56
dednicktsdgeos: hm... looks like it, but the mp for that bug doesnt seem to be the same.10:57
tsdgeosdednick: two questions10:58
tsdgeosdednick: can you reproduce the errror somehow? and is that something we can unittest?10:58
dednicktsdgeos: yeah, give me a minute and i'll work out the steps. I'll have to investigate possible unit test, only happens under certain circumstance11:01
tsdgeosdednick: oki, it'd be cool if we could get a unittest11:02
tsdgeosto proof the code indeed fixes something, since the change seems mostly a code shuffling to my untrained eye11:03
tsdgeosdednick: maybe explain in the commit log why this shuffling actually fixes it?11:03
dednicktsdgeos: essentially the fix is 116-118 :)11:03
tsdgeosdednick: looking at 116-118 don't you think this is something that should be fixed at the Tabs level?11:11
tsdgeosi mean if the model changes the Tabs should react to it automatically, don't see why you should tell it to update11:11
dednicktsdgeos: no, it's to do with the filtermodel data changing because of an indicator visiblity change.11:11
tsdgeosbut still11:12
tsdgeosyou have11:12
tsdgeosmodel: filteredIndicators11:12
tsdgeoswhy doesn't Tabs update itself?11:12
tsdgeosthough i see you're using the "old" Tabs11:12
tsdgeosyou can feed it a model now instead all those weird Tabs thing11:12
tsdgeosi guess the old tabs as not very good11:13
dednicktsdgeos: it's because of this line: readonly property int currentMenuIndex : filteredIndicators.mapToSource(tabs.selectedTabIndex)11:13
dednickthe currentMenuIndex needs to change when the visibility of an item with a lower index changes.11:13
tsdgeosdednick: still not convicing me :D11:15
dednicktsdgeos: hm11:15
tsdgeossure i agree that has to update11:15
tsdgeosor maybe yes11:15
* tsdgeos looks at it again11:15
dednicktsdgeos: actually, i've unconviced myself now..11:15
dednicknot that it's a word..11:16
dednicktsdgeos: while this way works, it's a bit roundabout and not very efficient11:17
tsdgeosi got it now11:18
tsdgeosit's not that you want selectedTabIndex to "change", it's that you want currentMenuIndex to get updated11:18
dednicktsdgeos: yeah11:19
dednicktsdgeos: but i think IndicatorRow should probably be doing the updating and notifying the MenuContent.11:21
tsdgeosdednick: you lost me there :D11:21
tsdgeosdednick: so i get you're reworking it?11:25
dednicktsdgeos: investigating it :) i'll try work on a unit test as well11:26
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tsdgeosdednick: i can't reproduce https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-34351 with my self compiled 5.2.111:39
tsdgeosdednick: what were you using? ppa 5.2.? can you try again?11:39
dednicktsdgeos: i'm back on 5.0.2 now11:40
tsdgeoslet's put a reminder then :D11:40
dednicktsdgeos: when did 5.2.1 become available? Saviq tried with 5.2 before i think11:41
tsdgeosdednick: it did not, i'm compiling from git11:42
dednicktsdgeos: ok11:42
dednickhmm. damn, cant remember how to reproduce this damn bug11:44
tsdgeosdednick: you have lots of  enabled: menuData && menuData.sensitive || false that could just be  enabled: menuData && menuData.sensitive11:57
dednickumm... maybe? not really sure about the qml && evaluation. Saviq told me to use the || ,  although that may have been for string and such.11:59
dednicktsdgeos: is it actually documented somewher?11:59
tsdgeosdednick: for a string makes sense, but for a bool?11:59
tsdgeosi mean you are doing bool || false12:00
tsdgeoswhich is always the first bool, no?12:00
tsdgeosanyway doesn't hurt either12:01
tsdgeosso if it works12:01
tsdgeoslet leave it there :D12:01
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tsdgeoswhat's causing https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/unity-phablet-qmluitests-trusty/900/console ?12:26
Saviqgreyback, ideas ↑? something changed in mir's headers?12:27
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tsdgeosand why it works for me12:29
greybackricmm_: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/unity-phablet-qmluitests-trusty/900/console12:31
tsdgeoswhat's libunity-mir-dev 0.2+14.04.20140108.1bzr168pkg0trusty0-0ubuntu1  ?12:36
tsdgeosunity-mir only has 162 revs12:36
tsdgeosgreyback: i repeat12:37
tsdgeos<tsdgeos> what's libunity-mir-dev 0.2+14.04.20140108.1bzr168pkg0trusty0-0ubuntu1  ?12:37
tsdgeos<tsdgeos> unity-mir only has 162 revs12:37
tsdgeos<tsdgeos> ¿?12:37
greybacktsdgeos: sorry, network here dodgy12:38
greybacktsdgeos: that's a mystery to me12:38
tsdgeosit's coming from somehwre called  http://naartjie/archive//head.unity8/12:38
tsdgeosfginther: do you know what's that ↑ ?12:39
tsdgeosSaviq: ↑ ?12:39
greybacktsdgeos: so hte path /usr/include/mirserver is missing as a header include path, seeing why12:39
tsdgeosgreyback: my current thinking is that somehow that unity-mir package is picking up the cmake stuff from tvoss and it's broken because of that12:39
tsdgeosbut i'd like to know what that bzr168 mean12:40
greybacktsdgeos: that's my suspicion yeah.12:40
Saviqtsdgeos, that's a local archive that's built when autolanding unity-mir12:43
tsdgeosSaviq: any idea why the bzr rev is off?12:43
Saviqtsdgeos, it's a per-stack (hence head.unity8) - all packages that are built in -autolanding jobs get put there12:43
Saviqtsdgeos, good question, it should be 16212:44
tsdgeosso basically the cmake port broke unity-mir it seems :D12:44
tsdgeosbad us all for not anticipating it12:44
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Saviqtsdgeos, so cmake's not installing that header?12:48
tsdgeosSaviq: i think the problem is that the pkg config of old unity-mir included more includepaths than the new one12:48
Saviqtsdgeos, ah possible12:49
tsdgeosRequires: ubuntu-platform-api mirclient mirserver Qt5Core12:50
tsdgeosis gone12:50
tsdgeoswhich most probably causes that include stuff missing12:51
tsdgeosSaviq: greyback: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-mir/requires_pkg/+merge/20138512:53
greybacktsdgeos: heh, beat me to it :)12:54
tsdgeosand now12:54
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greybacktsdgeos: approved13:01
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SaviqCimi, ping13:28
CimiSaviq, pong13:28
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tsdgeosSaviq: i'll continue landing stuff manually while otto is borked14:10
Saviqtsdgeos, yup14:10
tsdgeosmterry: hi ho, make sure you have a look at the bug Saviq assigned you14:10
Saviqtsdgeos, you know how to kick generic-land?14:10
tsdgeosSaviq: not really, i was planning of just doing it manually :D14:10
tsdgeosSaviq: but if there's a better way, i'm all ears14:11
Saviqmterry, bug #126852514:11
ubot5bug 1268525 in Unity 8 "There's no build-dep on liblightdm-qt5-*-dev and -2 is hardocoded" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126852514:11
Saviqtsdgeos, you find the autolanding job that failed: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/unity8-autolanding/933/console14:12
Saviqtsdgeos, and you restart the generic-land job: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/generic-land/21153/rebuild/?14:12
Saviqtsdgeos, approve the branch first14:12
Saviqtsdgeos, and then change FAILED to PASSED when restarting the job14:12
tsdgeosok, letme see if i can do it :D14:13
mterrytsdgeos, Saviq: that should be fine.  We don't actually link against liblightdm-qt5 yet.  Not until we split14:14
mterrytsdgeos, Saviq: we just staticly link against the fake -2 version we make14:14
Saviqmterry, hmm right14:14
Saviqmterry, somehow I can't build it on device because of that :?14:15
mterrySaviq, alright looking14:15
didrocksSaviq: any news on the test failing? (Didn't get a chance to read scrollback)14:21
Saviqdidrocks, pitti's filed a bug upstream14:22
didrocksSaviq: do you have the ref?14:22
Saviqdidrocks, bug #126857814:22
ubot5bug 1268578 in pygobject (Ubuntu) "Notification callback causes exception in gi" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126857814:22
Saviqdidrocks, and there's a workaround14:22
didrocksSaviq: do you plan to implement the workaround?14:22
Saviqdidrocks, yeah, doing so now14:23
didrocksthen, please put a landing ask for unity8 if good14:24
mzanettiMacSlow: hey, you're back14:26
MacSlowmzanetti, yup14:26
Saviqdidrocks, tsdgeos, https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/workaround-1268578/+merge/20142014:26
SaviqMacSlow, welcome back!14:26
mzanettiMacSlow: welcome back14:27
MacSlowmzanetti, but still burried in catch-up on everything :)14:27
MacSlowSaviq, thanks :)14:27
MacSlowlet's see if mumble still works ;)14:27
mzanettiMacSlow: I guess so... I received 123 mails in the last 4 hours... don't wanna know how many there are after 4 weeks :D14:27
MacSlowmzanetti, more than I feel is healthy ;)14:27
tsdgeosSaviq: you joning?14:30
tsdgeosgreyback: ↑  ?14:30
Saviqtsdgeos, not really14:31
greybacktsdgeos: ah ok, it's the sidestage code causing this problem, not trunk14:37
tsdgeosgood! (or not)14:41
Saviqmterry, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6744944/14:46
Saviqmterry, the failure on device U14:46
didrocksSaviq: ok, so no need for unity8 workaround I guess for now14:56
fginthertsdgeos, regarding libunity-mir-dev 0.2+14.04.20140108.1bzr168pkg0trusty0-0ubuntu1. The bzr version is based on the MP being merged, so it can be higher then the trunk branch. The package in the naartjie archive is also built from the last MP that passed autolanding (so the latest builds always replaces the last one regardless of the version number).15:16
fginthertsdgeos, This number is at least misleading, I'll see if I can find a way to improve it.15:16
tsdgeosfginther: that'd help, now that the number did not exist one could guess it was the latest, but if the number had existed one could have assumed the wrong code was in there15:17
fginthertsdgeos, I agree, it's a recipe for disaster15:18
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mterrySaviq, I just build unity8 fresh on mako with debuild fine15:20
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tsdgeosdandrader: do you have a sec?16:08
dandradertsdgeos, yes16:16
tsdgeosdandrader: so i'm doing the organicgrid16:16
tsdgeosand since it's mostly "lineal" i'm doing the same deal of storing the m_firstVisibleIndex and a list of QList<QQuickItem*>16:17
tsdgeosnow the thing is that due to the ordering inside a 6-module of the indexes16:17
tsdgeoswhen i'm going down in index number to find which index is not visible anymore16:18
tsdgeosit may happen that the index 4 of the "6-module" is not visible but the index 5 is16:18
tsdgeossee the UX spec for the positioning16:18
tsdgeosso i was thinking that maybe i should create the delegates in the modules of 616:19
tsdgeosand not individually16:19
tsdgeoswhat do you think?16:19
dandraderdidn't get this "6-module" story16:19
tsdgeosdo you have the ux spec open?16:19
dandradertrying to open it but google drive seems very slow16:20
dandradertsdgeos, it's the "Future Dash : UX spec"?16:23
tsdgeosdandrader: yep16:23
dandradertsdgeos, so, what about it16:24
tsdgeosdandrader: so in the organic grid16:24
tsdgeoseach 6 delegates for a module16:24
tsdgeosand are positioned in that 3x2 way16:24
dednicktsdgeos: that MP is ready with tests now. Few changes though... now "realigns" if the visibility of indicator which is currently open changes.16:25
tsdgeosdednick: oki, will check tomorrow16:25
dednicktsdgeos: ta16:25
dandradertsdgeos, what do that ux text mean by a "module"?16:25
tsdgeos"a module is all the cards needed for the repeating pattern, 6 cards"16:26
tsdgeosit's in the description16:26
tsdgeosok, so now read again what i wrote at the beginning and see if it makes sense16:27
tsdgeosif not i'll try to rephrase it16:27
tsdgeos<tsdgeos> ok, so now read again what i wrote at the beginning and see if it makes sense16:28
tsdgeos<tsdgeos> if not i'll try to rephrase it16:28
dandrader_tsdgeos, so this organic grid can scroll horizontally or vertically?16:30
tsdgeosin the dash vertically16:30
tsdgeosi'll adapt it later for scrolling horizontally so we can reuse it in the gallery-app16:31
tsdgeosbut for now asume it's only vertically16:31
dandrader_tsdgeos, I got the scenario but didn't get what's your problem16:33
tsdgeosmy problem is what should i do :-)16:34
tsdgeoswhen index 3 is not in the vertical area we create16:35
tsdgeosbut index 516:35
tsdgeosdo i create index 3, 4 and 5?16:35
tsdgeosor do i create 6 too?16:35
tsdgeosand the same when deleting up16:35
dandrader_tsdgeos, ah, ok. I don't think there16:35
dandrader_there's a problem16:35
tsdgeosbecause something got out of bounds16:35
tsdgeosso i'm suggesting to treat the modules as single entities for "bounds" checking16:36
dandrader_in creating the items between indexes 2 and 516:36
tsdgeosso that i either create the 6 module16:36
dandrader_even though they're not yet visible16:36
tsdgeosor delete the 6 module16:36
dandrader_if that makes the code simpler16:36
tsdgeoscertainly does16:36
tsdgeosand it should not incur in a huge memory "waste"16:36
dandrader_it's no waste. it's similar to the "buffer" technique, where you also create the delegates that are very close to the visible rect16:38
tsdgeosthat's of course buffering16:39
tsdgeosit's just a "more generous" buffer :D16:39
tsdgeosok, i'll do that then16:39
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karniAnyone flashed trusty-proposed today? I'm having problems starting the phone after having installed the demo-stuff ppa along the instructions (as usual after flashing the phone).21:31
karniIt seems the backlit is on, and it briefly flickers something (anything) on every 8 seconds or so. Can't restart unity from shell, core dumped.21:31
karninot even sure if whatever it's blicking is meaningful, because I can only tell *something* blinks.21:32

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