pleia2philipballew: oops, just saw your meeting announcement00:39
philipballewpleia2, no worries!00:39
philipballewI figured you were either traveling or jet lagged so I just went and send it.00:40
philipballewbut then again, you are always kinda traveling these days.00:40
pleia2so jetlagged that when I do get around to sending it, I don't check if someone else sent it first ;)00:40
pleia2not traveling again until scale!00:41
philipballewpleia2, no worries. I'll be at the meeting. (If I am not tweet or call or text and I'll hop on)00:41
philipballewSCALE is an easy two hour car ride for me in reavol's car...00:42
pleia2I am trying to convince mjoseph to take the train down00:42
philipballewpleia2, iirc, you can take one that goes along the coast.00:43
pleia2the coast starlight00:43
philipballewand trains have wifi00:43
philipballewso there is that00:43
philipballewI was gonna look at megabus, greyhound and train prices to show at the meeting tonight in hopes people will buy them and come down...00:44
philipballewalso pleia2 I hear Southwest has some really good deals :) :)00:45
pleia2I don't fly off alliance ;P00:46
pleia2need my FF miles!00:46
philipballewyeah, Southwest if the only sac to san diego direct so I do them for that. I like Us Airways, but have never had good luck with United.00:46
philipballewby us air, I mean old us air...00:47
philipballewnot American00:47
pleia2heh, united is awful00:47
philipballewI spent the night at sfo because United canceled my flight...00:47
pleia2I flew them honolulu to sfo this morning (or last night, I am not really sure what day it is)00:47
pleia2on united00:48
pleia2unattentive staff, grumpy counter people00:48
philipballewBut they still make money because they go everywhere.00:49
philipballewThey fly into small towns, and big towns.00:50
pleia2sfo is a united hub, so I end up on them annoyingly frequently00:50
pleia2but usairways is moving to oneworld with the merger, so I won't anymore after march00:51
philipballeware you going to stay with them now though?00:51
philipballewwith us air going to American?00:51
pleia2I was going to switch to united, but it turns out usairways is going to keep some of their international partnerships (which is really the important thing for me)00:52
darthrobot`Title: [US Airways | Codeshare partners]00:52
philipballewalso going through Sky Harbor all the time is what sells it to you.00:52
pleia2no more Lufthansa, which makes me sad :\00:53
* philipballew has never left north America...00:53
* philipballew does however leave the country three times a week as he can see the border from his house.00:53
pleia2I'd never even left the country until 2008 (I was 27)00:54
pleia2went to canada!00:54
pleia2then in 2009 I went to england, and the rest is history ;)00:54
philipballewpleia2, your passport must look cool.00:55
pleia2it'll look empty soon (name change)00:55
philipballewAh, i hear marriage can do that.00:56
philipballewI got a new passport a few months ago, but I use a passport card for most of my travels across the border.00:56
nhainespleia2: I believe you can submit your old passport and get the pages transferred!01:39
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pleia2who all is here for the meeting? :)03:01
* eps waves03:01
philipballewoh hey everyone03:01
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/14January1203:02
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/14January12 - Ubuntu Wiki]03:02
pleia2meeting agenda, mostly just scale :)03:02
pleia2#topic Scale12x planning03:02
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale12x03:02
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale12x - Ubuntu Wiki]03:02
pleia2philipballew: care to fill us in on any updates?03:02
philipballewWe are still looking for any volunteers who want to help.03:03
pleia2my main conference talk was accepted (yay!) so I'll be coming and speaking at ubucon too03:03
* rww added himself to the volunteer list03:03
pleia2philipballew: any news on booth number/placement?03:03
philipballewI am also this week going to call Ema at System76 to see if they can bring an extra laptop or two for us to demo.03:03
philipballewpleia2, not yet, but we should soon.03:03
philipballewno matter what, we will get it.03:03
philipballewso not much to worry about there.03:04
pleia2rww: think I can put a box of booth goodies in your car? :)03:04
rwwpleia2: yep, that should be fine03:04
philipballewI have a banner here and I am I am getting a conference pack.03:04
rwwI'll probably be taking 2 or 3 computers down with me too03:04
philipballewI got Canonical to send us Nexas's to demo03:04
pleia2wow, nice03:04
philipballewthey arrived from the uk not long ago03:04
pleia2rww: cool03:04
philipballewall work and I will go over them with people.03:05
* pleia2 nods03:05
philipballewI am gonna see if we have any other stuff we should be handing out that is not in the normal conference pack as well.03:05
philipballewbe in Juju or anything else.03:05
philipballewfor sure.03:06
pleia2I'm trying to convince a couple projects to get their Ubuntu flyers done in time for us to print some for scale, we'll see03:06
philipballewpleia2, perfect. I think that if everybody working the Ubuntu booth would be wearing some sort of Ubuntu apparel that would also be good.03:07
epsDo we want candy again (if not, what would take its place)?03:07
pleia2eps: I think so03:08
pleia2I shall bring the dishes03:08
epsChocolate, not chocolate, loose, individually wrapped?03:08
pleia2the individually wrapped thing was good, scale flu considering :)03:09
pleia2no preference candy-wise though, I like candy, I like chocolate03:10
philipballewSome hand sanitizer for the booth for people who want to shake hands?03:10
pleia2yeah, I think that's on the list03:10
pleia2(no one signed up to bring it yet though)03:10
epsDon't look at me; TSA won't let me take that on the plane.03:10
pleia2I might see if I have the one from last year ;)03:11
epsDoes it have an expiration date?03:11
pleia2hopefully richard will have the ubucon site up soon too, I emailed him last week to offer some assistance03:11
pleia2yeah, but I think it's a few years out03:11
philipballewI also got cd's03:11
philipballewabout 200 desktop and server for 12.0403:11
* pleia2 nods03:12
philipballewthey are trying to get rid of them I think.03:12
pleia2didn't you read nhaines' blog post? ;)03:12
philipballewI glanced. :)03:12
epsAre they original 12.04 or a recent point release?03:12
pleia2I don't think they press point releases03:12
epsWhich means no hardware enablement stack. :-(03:13
philipballeweps, People do not care what release it is. They want an official CD because it says Ubuntu on it.03:13
philipballewPeople already are gonna be running Ubuntu.03:13
philipballewfew people try Ubuntu for the first time because they got a CD from a linux show.03:14
philipballewbut that is just what I would think.03:14
holsteinyeah.. too many variables03:14
epsThat's not my attitude when I visit the Fedora booth.03:14
holsteinbest case, they put it in in windows and read some autorun thing03:14
philipballeweps, Fedora does flash drives now iirc.03:15
holsteini just wanted a real one03:15
philipballewholstein, I can see that.03:15
epsFlash drives cost $$$. CD/DVD media is cheap.03:15
holsteini got a few 9.10 server cd's from akgraner back in the day.. i was stoked :)03:15
holsteinthen, i get a stack of 12.04 desktop ones i gave out03:16
philipballeweps, si amigo.03:16
philipballewholstein, I think the peple who take them from a linux event might give them out to their friends03:16
holsteinyeah, i mean, we already have access. or have already used them03:17
pleia2anyway, 12.04 is what we have, we don't really have the resources to change that03:17
philipballewyeah, true.03:17
holsteini think 12.04 is a good call03:17
holsteinits not a bad call03:17
pleia2we'll just explain that it's from 2012 and they can directly upgrade to 14.04 when it comes out in april03:17
philipballewtrue. I think that if someone wants to install a dofferent version they can install their own, and we can even show them how.03:17
rwwcould always offer to burn 13.10 to USB stick, i think we've done that before03:17
rwwor 12.04.whateveritis03:18
philipballewrww, I could bring a flash drive with all the iso's on it they can barrow if they want to copy it.03:18
pleia2yeah, someone bringing isos would be good03:18
eps12.04.4 LTS by then03:18
pleia2philipballew: great03:18
holsteini have a user in my LUG trying to get with me to "update her system".. says she cant do wifi/skype/libreoffic.. someone else in the LUG set her up with a non-lts release, and im suspicous that that is the issue03:18
pleia2philipballew: want to add that to the wiki03:18
rwwphilipballew: or just stick it in the computer i will be bringing and dd03:18
rwwphilipballew: but yeah03:18
rwwi'll probably have some too03:18
philipballewpleia2, sure03:18
pleia2ok, anything else re: scale?03:18
epsJust the usual request ... if any locals have, e.g., Carl's Jr. coupons to bring them03:19
* pleia2 nods03:20
pleia2#topic team election03:20
pleia2#link https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2014-January/002356.html03:20
darthrobot`Title: [[Ubuntu-US-CA] Ubuntu California LoCo leadership election]03:20
pleia2jyo sent out the ballot a few days ago03:20
pleia2if you're in the https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-california team and have a public email address but don't have a ballot, contact him :)03:21
darthrobot`Title: [Ubuntu California in Launchpad]03:21
epsI don't believe I ever received a ballot, but given that there appear to be exactly three candidates for three positions, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion?03:21
pleia2..of course it's a vote of 3 people for 3 spots, but it's good for the team to get used to this process03:21
rwwstupid question: why are we having an election to put 3... oh, okay03:21
pleia2eps: you don't have a public email address on launchpad03:22
philipballewrww, because Elections are all the rage these days.03:22
epspleia2: I'm not convinced that's a bad thing.03:22
pleia2eps: sure, just means we don't have a way to send you a ballot03:23
pleia2if you want one, just show jyo your launchpad page and give him your address :)03:23
pleia2the poll will close tomorrow03:24
pleia2#topic Any other business03:24
pleia2anything else before we wrap up for the evening?03:24
holsteinsorry folks.. i didnt realize you were having a meeting when i was chattin earlier.. cheers!03:24
epsAny Ubuntu Hours coming up?03:25
rwwSF next/this week, I think03:25
pleia2ah yes, on wednesday03:25
darthrobot`Title: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]03:26
pleia2no debian dinner planned (did one last month, and I'm too tired this week)03:26
rwwpleia2: how big is box o' scale stuff?03:27
rwwBARTable size, or...?03:27
pleia2rww: bartable03:27
pleia2philipballew has a banner+tablecloth down south now, so no need to bring the ones I have here for once03:27
rwwwill grab it wednesday then, if it'll be ready by then03:27
rwwif not we can figure something else out03:27
pleia2sure, I'll put it together before wednesday :)03:27
pleia2alright, thanks for coming everyone03:29
darthrobot`Meeting ended Mon Jan 13 03:30:14 2014 UTC.03:30
darthrobot`Minutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2014/ubuntu-us-ca.2014-01-13-03.01.moin.txt03:30
* pleia2 seeks dinner03:30
epsThere's a Subway near you. ;-)03:31
philipballewI have eaten at the Subway.03:32
philipballewFinding cheap food in a big city can be hard sometimes.03:32
philipballewnot as hard as grocery shopping though sometimes.03:33
epsThere's a California-only Subway app for Android and iOS devices. http://www.zippyyum.com/Qrcode/DownloadApp/03:34
darthrobot`Title: [Error reading title]03:34
epsIt's ... entertaining.03:35
jyoYes, please poke me if you want a ballot before I close the poll tomorrow.05:53
raevolhappy monday -_-17:02
philipballewpleia2, Talked to Emma in Denver and they are gonna bring a few extra laptops for the booth.18:22
philipballewheck yeah raevol18:47
jyoAny more voters for the LoCo election? One more would push us over 35% turnout. ;)22:12

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