adomHate finding out my screen session has been killed.15:07
adomtrying to find some players and a DM for a new Pathfinder campaign in the Richmond area if anyone wants to join. might be a drive for anyone in the DC area, but figured I'd check.15:09
adompm if interested, as im often /away and check in from time to time15:09
ChinnoDogWhat is Pathfinder?15:19
adomits what D&D4 should have been.16:24
adombasically identical to D&D, but it was designed by some of the D&D team that left Wizard when they released version 4 because, like most D&D fans, they believed version 4 was blasphemy in the D&D franchise.16:25
adomdisclaimer: i wasnt into D&D during that time, this is just what ive heard from multiple D&Ders16:25
adombut Pathfinder is great, i've played a couple times now and its fun16:26
adomfor more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pathfinder_Roleplaying_Game and http://paizo.com/prd/16:32

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