rick_h_cmaloney: yea, the codex alera stuff is ok. Nice quiet story time. Not mind bending, but kept interesting enough. Every once in a while I'd catch myself going "Oooh, good word there, well played"02:28
rick_h_audible reader did a pretty good job with it02:28
cmaloneyVery cool.02:28
cmaloneyJim Butcher does write rather well02:28
rick_h_yea, the writing, as far as structure and such is really well done02:29
rick_h_the story is ok. It's not epic, but it's above your average by a notch.02:30
rick_h_and like everything, you have to mentally just skip over a few things :)02:30
cmaloneySadly there's a lot of middling fantasy out there.02:30
cmaloneyI did like Dragon's Ring and Dog and Dragon02:30
rick_h_meh, I read some middling stuff. It's casual time for me so I probably put up with more than some02:30
cmaloneyNot sure it's stand-out but it definitely had some humor to it02:31
rick_h_I just put The Hurog Duology on my wishlist to go through next02:32
rick_h_rated pretty high02:32
cmaloneyWill check it out02:33
rick_h_I've got the first book to something like 4 series downloaded to check out02:33
rick_h_figure read the first and if it's any good go through the rest02:33
rick_h_which is what ended up happening with codex alera02:33
cmaloneyI'm half-assedly reading The Lord of the Isles02:33
rick_h_hmm, 3 stars02:34
cmaloneyit's part of a longer series02:34
cmaloneyWritten well but starting off really slowly.02:34
cmaloneyGood morning13:15
rick_h_nothing like starting the morning off buying woot wine. I feel like I should be sneaky buying alcohol at 8am http://wine.woot.com/offers/harvest-moon-rrv-pinot-noir-313:18
cmaloneyrick_h_: What posessed you? :)13:41
cmaloneySounds like it'll be a middling wine13:41
rick_h_well ratings on cellertracker are low 80s to low 90s13:41
rick_h_and I like other pinots from that area of sonoma13:42
cmaloneyrick_h_: Piece of advice: Winde scores are rubbish13:42
rick_h_point is mainly some people like it and I like some from that area13:42
cmaloneyI used to go by those scores and frankly I don't think there's any difference between an 88 and a 9213:42
rick_h_it's all personal taste13:42
cmaloneyrick_h_: Yeah, no worries. Will be interested to see what pans out. :)13:43
cmaloneyJust feels like a fire-sale on a not-particularly-outstanding year.13:44
rick_h_well, this is my second one13:44
rick_h_the first one came with a nice note from the vinyard "come out and taste our wines, join our wine club, get more wine here"13:45
rick_h_so feels more like a sales/trial kind of thing13:45
rick_h_based on that one buy13:45
cmaloneyAh, OK.13:45
cmaloneyIt's a wine business card. ;)13:45
rick_h_yea, "buy two get one free and check out our catalog"13:46
cmaloneybrousch: http://dadmetal.bandcamp.com/album/dad-metal-vol-i18:36
brouschMight be worth getting my headphones out to listen to at work18:39
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cmaloneyrick_h_: Stop trying to woo my wife with numbers. ;)20:17
rick_h_oh boy, whoops20:19
rick_h_damn phone20:19
brouschIt was too funny to ignore20:20
rick_h_I completely missed it20:20
brouschNow I have to turn my lewd remark into a frowny face20:21
rick_h_hah, and the sounds of 10,000 technophiles screaming 'noooooo' is heard across the land http://www.engadget.com/2014/01/13/google-acquires-nest/?ncid=rss_truncated21:12
rick_h_it does make me hold out hope for connected home gadgets though21:14
rick_h_googleio showed off all that stuff 2 years ago and been nadda since21:14
brouschJust make your own with raspberrypis and sensors21:15
rick_h_I've got enough to do than dealing with a bunch of little rpi programming and such21:15
greg-gone company to rule your whole life. from your kids photos to your house temperature (oh, and did we mention that we have the audio recording from those thermostats? oh yeah, that too)21:15
rick_h_yea, double edged sword. I just want to be able to control it all from my phone. Each company doing their own thing is annoying21:16
rick_h_but hate to put all your eggs in the one basket21:16
greg-gspeaking of rpis, I kinda want to get one to treat as a mini server21:16
jrwrenomg, google!!! I blame NEST for selling to them :)21:16
jrwrengreg-g: $29 at microcenter right now. get two!21:17
brouschYou'll also need an SD card (class 10)21:17
greg-gwas thinking about getting the NOOB card21:17
greg-gI want as little futzing time as possible21:18
brouschbah, you just use dd to write the image21:18
brouschdd bs=4M if=myrpi.img of=/dev/sdb21:18
greg-gafter that, install ArkOS or something and play21:18
jrwrenbeagleboneblack was pretty good server OOTB.21:18
* greg-g looks21:18
jrwrenit comes with onboard storage, so just plug it in, it DHCPs and you can SSH to it.21:18
brouschNo, the image is the base OS, usually rpi debian edition21:19
greg-gbrousch: ArkOS installs on top of that, I believe, no? or did I misunderstand ArkOS?21:19
brouschI hadn't heard of arkos21:20
greg-gI guess it is the whole OS21:20
greg-gbut yeah, dd that on to the sd card21:20
brouschgreg-g: It looks like ArkOS has a script you download and run on your desktop. It creates the arkos image on the SD21:22
brouschI assume it does the dd for you21:22
brouschBut there are crazy installers and such that are for people who don't know how to dd an image. I find them harder to use and less reliable than dd21:22
* greg-g nods21:27
jrwrenwtf is ArkOS?21:40
jrwreni've only used openelec :]21:40
greg-gjrwren: the new sexy in self-hosted stuff21:47
rick_h_http://google-opensource.blogspot.com/2014/01/a-better-way-to-explore-and-learn-on.html is interesting. Building tooling on top of github to overcome UI issues22:21
rick_h_I wonder how this will work over time as big players get into github since it's closed.22:22

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