JonathanDhey lazypower10:29
lazypowerWhats  shakin10:29
JonathanDnothing yet.10:29
lazypowerI wish I could say the same. I've been up most of the night. Finding it hard to sleep. I start my new job today10:30
lazypowerMorning rmg5110:32
JonathanDhi rmg5110:33
JonathanDlazypower: cool on job.10:33
lazypowerThanks. I'm pretty stoked as you can tell.10:34
pvl1lazypower what job11:53
lazypowerpvl1, i joined the Canonical Juju team11:53
lazypowerLife Achievement unlocked11:54
pvl1what is that11:54
pvl1juju team11:54
lazypowerThe most amazing kind of deployment orchestration.11:54
lazypowerand a solid promo video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yoIdgdqzLk11:55
pvl1that's so awesome, congrats dude. you must be excited as a kid in a candy store11:55
pvl1kinda jealous not gonna lie11:55
lazypowerYou know it. I've been fanboy'ing like crazy ever since I got the call11:55
pvl1they found you or did u apply11:57
lazypowerA bit of both11:57
lazypowerI met Marco Ceppi at a stack overflow meetup in DC 3 years ago, we've been best of friends ever since, he encouraged me to apply11:58
lazypowerso, its been a 2 way street11:58
pvl1hm, social networking11:58
pvl1so where is the office11:59
lazypowerI think my big plus is that I have some chef experience and I was working on a competing project in my spare time, so i've got a level of working knowledge they are looking for.11:59
pvl1and what will you be doing11:59
lazypowerHome base for canonical is in the UK, there's a maryland satellite office for the eastern seaboard.11:59
lazypowerI'll be working on the juju tools, charms, supporting charm authors, providing community support, this is all first hand witness to what the team does now and speculation. I won't know my core duties until today.12:00
pvl1so u have to drive to maryland12:00
pvl1or u work from home12:00
lazypowerWorking from home12:02
lazypowerI say working on a competing product - sounds like i was writing deployment orchestration. I was looking into chef's orchestration tools that are starting to mature into a beta state is a more accurate description.12:03
lazypowerpvl1, they have open positions12:03
pvl1psssht I wish. no official experience. all self taigjt12:07
lazypowerSame here. I've been working for a marketing firm the last 3 years12:12
lazypowernot exactly where I thought I wound find myself buried ins ervers up to my neck that required configuration management.12:12
lazypowerBut it would be a crime for me not to point out they offer employment based on merit, not based on years experience or title.12:13
waltmanlazypower: Awesome! When can we put you on the schedule to talk about juju at plug and/or fosscon?12:33
lazypowerwaltman, anytime you like. I've been hacking around on it since the end of November12:41
lazypowerWait we have a fosscon here in PA?12:44
lazypowerWhat have I been doing with my life?12:45
pvl1when is next fosscon12:51
waltmanI don't know that they've announced dates yet, but it's traditionally held on the hottest Saturday in August.12:53
pvl1oh kool I can make that12:54
JonathanDpvl1: aug 912:57
JonathanDor is it 812:57
JonathanDit's not announced yet though.12:57
waltmanit will be whichever date is supposed to be hottest in the (very) extended forecast :)12:58
JonathanDwhat waltman said12:58
JonathanDoh it looks like I have a venue contract12:58
JonathanDmaybe I can announce now.12:58
JonathanDvenue + keynote = announcement12:58
JonathanDby the way, our keynote is looking for a place to bunk, if anyone would like to offer.12:59
waltmandoes he have rules about also bunking his pet parrot?13:00
JonathanDOh, you don't know the keynote yet :)13:00
waltmanI do not.13:01
JonathanDJohn Hall.13:01
JonathanDto my knowledge, he does not have a parrot.13:01
waltmanDidn't he used to work with Oates?13:01
pvl1idk who that is. are we supposed to show up witjh our irc nickd or actual names13:02
JonathanDpvl1: it's not uncommon to put your irc nick along with your name on your nametag13:02
waltmanI confess I don't have the slightest idea who John Hall is.13:02
waltmanoh, Mad Dog?13:02
JonathanDDrexel grad, also known as yes that.13:03
JonathanDhe's going to give us a past present and future history of open source.13:03
JonathanDwith some philly tie ins, I think.13:03
pvl1I like13:03
* waltman notes that his first name is "Jon", not "John"13:04
pvl1I wish I had a linux job13:04
JonathanDwaltman: ah, you'd think I'd get that right.13:04
JonathanDOf all people13:04
JonathanDI think I don't because everyone is John.13:04
waltmanJonathanD: also juju is going to be talking about juju at plug!13:04
waltmaner, lazypower13:04
waltmanbreakfast &13:05
JonathanDwhat is juju?13:05
JonathanDand which plug?13:05
JonathanDwaltman: are you coming tomorrow?13:05
JonathanDI hear someone scraping ice :(13:05
JonathanDthat means I'll have to as well :(13:05
waltmanI hope to, but I'll be late. I'll be in my boss's class until 6:30.13:05
JonathanDI should make sure I'm going I suppose.13:06
lazypowerwaltman, Who is juju? Do you have a team member speaking about it?13:09
lazypowerJonathanD, Juju is the best thing to land since sliced bread. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yoIdgdqzLk13:13
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else13:15
JonathanDI think my graphical issues are related to the dual GPU setup on this machine.14:47
InHisName1any Pidgin users here ?   I want to increase the depth of how old things get before they fall off the retention. #cisco is less than 24 hours deep.  Want at least 36 - 48, if I can change it.14:59
lazypowerSince there is no configuration option, its probably hard coded in the plugin.15:03
InHisName1lazypower:  meaning it's not changeable ?15:14
lazypowerDoesn't appear to be, no15:16
lazypowerThis is why i use a bouncer like ZNC with a history plugin. Regardless of my connection statistics I get replays from the rooms i'm in with a lifetime retention. Not an ideal solution for your question but a viable alternative.15:17
ChinnoDogI tried ZNC for awhile but decided it was too complicated for everyday use.15:18
ChinnoDogI had it figured out but it was too much work.15:18
lazypowerThere's a few alternatives like smuxi, and rygel15:18
lazypowersorry, not rygel - quassel15:19
lazypowerthe big draw to quassel is the baked in bouncer, and an android client.15:20
ChinnoDogI use weechat. There is also an Android client for it and I don't have to deal with BNC commands.15:21
JonathanDI'm very close to just reinstalling :/15:26
lazypowerJonathanD, still unable to figure out the gfx issues?15:34
JonathanDlazypower: yes, I made it much worse :P15:42
lazypowerOh man, i love that feeling </sarcasm>15:43
JonathanDNow I boot to a blinking black curosor and cant even ctrl alt F115:44
lazypowerboot into single user mode15:45
JonathanDstill not sure how to fix, once I do15:45
lazypowerremove your X11 config and re-run nvidia-xconfig15:45
lazypowerpray it gens a good configuration15:45
pvl1I'm pretty good with x11 n stuffs15:49
pvl1what's the issue JonathanD15:49
waltmanpvl1: you should go to plug north tomorrow night and fix JonathanD's config before the main talk.16:04
pvl1what time16:10
pvl1and north is in montco right16:11
waltman7, but you'll want to get there earlier in case you run into any problems with JonathanD's machine :)16:11
pvl1isn't bluebell south west16:20
waltmanIt's southwest of Doylestown.16:24
pvl1I might be able to get a ride16:26
waltmanIt's near the Plymouth Meeting mall, if you know where that is.16:29
JonathanDyay I have a gui!16:29
waltmanpvl1: never mind, he got it working :(16:29
JonathanDnot really16:29
JonathanDI'm using the intel card instead of the nvidia16:29
JonathanDso I can function.16:29
waltmanwhat kind of computer?16:29
JonathanDalso I learned how to fix it and get into a recoverable state if I break it again.16:30
pvl1JonathanD I've had to do the same several times16:30
JonathanDwaltman: thinkpad with dual cards, intel and nvidia16:30
pvl1pretty pissed neither ati nor nvidia want to support waylanf16:30
JonathanDthe dual card thing has never worked well on ubuntu16:31
waltmanJonathanD: I thought you were all about macbooks these days!16:31
JonathanDwaltman: I use my macbook every day.16:31
JonathanDIt shows me pretty graphs while I work on my thinkpad16:31
KyleYankana dashing console?16:37
ChinnoDogKyleYankan: What is the "radar ping" noise I keep hearing?16:38
JonathanDKyleYankan: lol no16:38
JonathanDzenoss stuff.16:38
KyleYankanChinnoDog: On a repeater? not sure. Most repeaters do a pingy-type of nosie when someone transmits to mark the end of it. Like a roger beep.16:39
ChinnoDogBut that is all I hear. Speaker comes on, there is a ping noise, then it goes off. No voice.16:39
JonathanDI need a utility to read cad files.16:39
KyleYankanMight be someone kerchunking.16:40
KyleYankanKerchunking is when someone keys up a radio, and doesn't say anything.16:40
ChinnoDogNow I hear a transmission with lots of pings and some strange noise.16:40
ChinnoDogNow there is much garbage on the channel16:41
ChinnoDogI turned up squelch setting. Seems better now.16:44
MutantTurkeypvl1: give it time16:48
MutantTurkeywayland is still too new to have it worth investing in16:48
MutantTurkeyno corporate partners will be using it for years16:48
MutantTurkeyI don't even like wayland. Why couldn't they have just revised the x11 protocol? X12?16:48
KyleYankanI'm looking forward to the wayland yutani merger.16:49
KyleYankanWeyland-Yutani: Building a better working world.16:50
=== lazyPower_ is now known as lazypower
ChinnoDogKyleYankan: jedijf: I am in the FCC database. I am KK4WIZ!17:09
KyleYankanNice. Sweet call.17:10
ChinnoDogIt is. I lucked out.17:10
lazypowerwaltman: is your guest speaker Marco Ceppi?17:11
lazypowerWell this morning it was asked if special lodging for the parrot would be required17:12
waltmanno, I was joking that it might be rms.17:12
lazypowerYeah... *that* guy...17:13
* lazypower chuckles softly to himself17:13
waltmanmaddog seems like he'd be a rather more pleasant house guest.17:13
waltmanin fact, he's friends with rms and has some very funny stories about him :)17:13
waltmanmaddog as the persona of a kindly old wizard from the elder times.17:15
JonathanDMy communications thus far have been pleasant17:37
KyleYankanJonathanD: if we house maddog, will I be required to shield the light of anur?17:39
waltmanIs that what you're calling the bear light these days?17:43
KyleYankan.wiki Secret Fire17:44
KyleYankanQueenbee? :-( i forgot17:44
waltmanthe interesting thing about maddog is that he's a geek, but he also was a VP at DEC for a number of years so he has people skills too.17:45
JonathanDI'm waiting for waltman to offer his living room...17:45
JonathanDvenue secured with all our requirements, I have a contact, we have the deposit, all ahead full17:45
KyleYankanOh... We're gonna do fosscon again?  Ok....17:47
KyleYankanJonathanD: make me a shirt that says "Life"18:05
KyleYankanand I'll hand out lemons at Fosscon18:05
JonathanDSo I have dual monitor (on intel) but compiz doesn't work.21:13

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